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The Matrix Museum

A Science Webquest for Students

Designed by Jennifer Verschoor for the Consultants-E

Introduction / Tasks / Process / Resources /

Evaluation / Conclusion


Congratulations!! You will be in charge

of designing a new
You have just been exhibit called "Animal
hired as the and Plant Nutrition".
new Museum Guide There is going to be
an Open Day where
expert scientists
will visit the museum
and evaluate future
Be ready to work hard and impress your visitors!!!
In this webquest you will work in pairs to prepare a leaflet for your

Your tasks will be the following:

 Investigate the links provided in the Process section. Study

them together with the Worksheet.
 In pairs you must take the quiz prepared by some of your
visitors that are expert scientists. They must have to decide
if the museum will continue opened.
 Be really to impress them by creating a wonderful leaflet to
hand in to the visitors and show them you are the best
Museum guide because of all your knowledge. This will
attract more visitors and you will be able to save the
museum from closing down.
 Once you finish your leaflet you will give a presentation to
the visitors.
 Be sure to read the rubrics so you know what is expected of

Be ready to impress your visitors.

The future of the museum is in your hands!!!


In this part of the webquest you must work in pairs. Take a look at all
the links provided before taking the quiz created by the expert
scientists. Follow the instructions carefully. There are three different

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Pre-activities Take the Quiz Prepare a leaflet

prepared by the and
Vocabulary and scientists give a
knowledge present
Part 1
Before you begin you must take a look at the following sites.
Remember to print the worksheet to have a better understanding of
some of the links and complete the blanks where necessary.

Let´s begin by understanding the meaning of system. Take a look at

the following link and complete the questions. Write your answers in
a sheet of paper.

What is a system?

Describe different systems

Why can´t systems work alone?

Animal Plants Respiratory System


Digestive Video on The respiratory system

system of Photosynthesis:
different animals Circulatory system
As you watch the
Stages in the video complete The circulatory system
Digestive the worksheet
process In this provided. Closed and Open circulatory
link only read systems
the title where it How plants and
says: Stages in animals differ
the Digestive
process. Plant nutrients

Digestive The flow of

System: Take a energy through
look at points I plants and
and II 1 animals

Digestion What plants do

with sunlight
The digestive
Prepare a salad

Part 2

Now that you took a look at all the material you are ready to take the
quiz created by the best scientist experts.
Click here to start the quiz.

Remember to read every question carefully and good luck!!!!

Part 3
You will be assigned to work in pairs by your teacher. In pairs you

will create a leaflet to hand in to the visitors. Add the

following items to the leaflet:

• title (name of the animal or plant you have chosen)

• draw digestive or respiratory system (neat, colourful)
• label parts (correct spelling, neat, and clear)
• Add “Did you know facts” for example: Did you know that
plants use energy from the sun to change carbon dioxide
(CO2 - carbon and oxygen) and water (H2O- hydrogen and
oxygen) into starches and sugars. This is called
• Take a look at this leaflet as an example.
• Then you will give a presentation explaning you leaflet to the
rest of the class.

To complete this task the following links may also help you:

• Digestive Systems covers vertebrates, sharks, birds, rabits,

horses, koalas, cattle, deer, sheep: the descriptions are brief,
but there are some good line drawings of the digestive
• Comparison of Structures and Functions in the Six Kingdoms:
Just take a look at plant and animal kingdoms

Just have these extra resources:












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