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Date: 29th of April 2015
Grade: 7th
Level: Intermediate
Number of students: 15
Text Book: Intermediate High Flyer
Unit: 11 Unless I get to bed, ...
Lesson: First Conditional
Content: Grammar: Present Simple, Future Simple
Time: 50 minutes
Type of lesson: Revision and Consolidation
Methods and techniques:
a) main method: Communicative Approach
b) elements of: audio-lingual and audio-visual approach, PPP
c) techniques: presentation, conversation, explanation, matching, gap-filling
Skills developed: listening, speaking, writing, reading
a) cognitive: At the end of the lesson students will be able to:
fill in the blanks correctly when sentences are given;
match the if clauses with appropriate sentences;
state a sentence when pictures are shown.
b) affective:
making the Ss confident in the ability to use the language;
creating interest in the topic;
using English while playing
Materials: blackboard, magnetic board, flashcards, handouts

Name _____________________________________

Date _

If Clause Type 1
1. Fill in the right tense of the verbs in brackets:
a) I __________________(do) the washing up if my mother _________________(ask) me.
b) Sam ________________(buy) the books if he __________________(have) money.
c) Jack ________________(be) healthy if he ____________________(eat) more fruit and
d) If you ______________(invite) me to your party, I __________________(come).
e) I __________________(send) you a postcard if you ______________(give) me your
f) If I _____________(have) problems with my computer, I _________________(bring) it
2. Choose the correct form of the verbs in each sentence:
If you press/ will press that button, the bell rings.
If you wear your coat tomorrow, you arent/ wont be cold.
If I feel/ will feel tired, Ill go to bed earlier.
If you will come/ come home late, David will be sad.
If it rains/ will rain next week, we will go fishing.
If I go to work tomorrow, you ll do/ do whatever you like.
If my mother is/ will be sick, Ill do all the work.
If we will leave/ leave early we wont miss the train.
If he goes fishing tomorrow, I go/ will go with him.
3. Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets:
If I have enough money, I _________(buy) a new pair of jeans.
They ________(win) if we support them.
The police _________________(arrest) him if he doesnt obey.
I ___________(take) you to the cinema if you ________ (finish) your homework in time.
If you ___________(make) the beds, I ___________________(wash) the floor.
We ______________(stay) at home if it ________(rain).
4. Match the following clauses to make sentences:
a. You wont be late for work...

1. if he keeps smoking like that.

b. If I wake up late...

2. if you get up early.

c. I will show you my new game...

3. if I have his number.

d. My grandfather will get sick...

4. if you go to bed late.

e. You will be tired in the morning...

5. if we have milk and eggs.

f. We will make some cakes...

6. I will not have time for breakfast.

g. I will phone Mark...

7. if you come to my house.

5. Translate into English:

Dac va ploua, nu vom merge la plimbare.
Il voi ajuta dac m va ruga.
Dac nu mi voi termina tema, nu m duc la cinema.
Dac voi avea timp, voi face acest lucru.
Dac voi avea bani, voi cumpara o main.
Ii spun s te sune dac l voi vedea.
Sunt fericit dac vei veni la petrecere.
6. Choose the right option:
1 What will you do if it .?
a. will rain
b. rains
c. snow
2 All my friends..fun if the music is great.
a. have
b. has
c. will have
3 The rabbit .afraid if it meets the lion.
a. is
b. will be
c. will is
4 Who will give you money if he .?
a. dont have
b. wont have
c. doesnt have
5 Mother time to cook if you dont help her.
a. doesnt have
b. has
c. wont have