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Following Stalins death there was a struggle for power.

Nikita Kruschev would rise in power bringing a new way of communism with him
shows unique and different than predecessors, so he has an identity:
softy man nikita
return to people control of original communism
socialist democracy, freedoms
rather than iron fist of corrupted stalin
better international PR (need good to spread ideology and combat capitalism and trade)
stalin: no freedoms, no fresh perspective
looked bad interactions with international community
cos berlin crisis starved out the society, denied western aid
eastern germany industry and people shipped out into the soviet

Khruschev delivers his destalinization speech

this elaves ripples throughout the 2nd world
mao and il sung hated it (cos were ironfisted bartards stalinfetishists)
others were encouraged that they would be able to leave the warsaw pact
* wtf? let us listen: Hungary and Poland believe given autonomy enough to leave
Strongest challenge to communist system(Hungarian Uprising)
Learned from Poles
Disastrous results for Hungary

Students demanded civil rights and freedoms and the removal of soviet troops
Soviets gave in and removed troops
How do you think Hungarians reacted?
* Hungarians believed the US would assist them
* Howveer the US wanted to avoid intervening in the Soveit sphere dirctly
* They insdtead announced they would support anyone whoo left the Soviet Sphere regardless
of ideology
didnt because brinkmanship, no want nuclear holocaust
* Hungary broke free and abolished the one party state and turned the UN for help
* Unfortunately therewas nothing the UN could do and the Soviets used forve to take controlf of
the country.
* Biggets significance of thi situation:
* * Soviets will allow for differences in their world but not threats to security or deflection of
sovialist ideology
* US failure to uphold the policy of rollback makes them look weak.
* rollback: eistenhower said not containment but pulling commies out of communism
* didnt follow through in hungary and other countries containguaous with russia
* did in guatemanal though




* wrorkesr protested against

working conditions and wages
* many civilian deaths
* economic potential
by soviet collectivization
* soviets suppressed RCC
worship and nationalism
* constantly occupied for cents
* installed polLead
* deinstall itchy DefMin
* polNat been a problem
* still socialist(adjusted for
* USSR military dispatched
* stopped by promise to stay in
Warsaw Pact
* averted conflict

* adapted socialistm to culture

* held demonstrations

* emboldened by poles
* misplaced trust in US aid
* intl attention taken by Suez
* protests into fullREV
* populist leader now aligns with
* wanted to remove WP, eject
foreign forces, multiparty,
determine own polFuture
* briefly democratic
* soviets stricter
* fail
* lots die