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Participating churches For Senior Pastor Daniel S. Kim

Romans 15:30 - 31
“I urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the
1. Pray for God’s anointing over all the participating love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to
churches around the States. God for me. Pray that I may be rescued from the
unbelievers in Judea and that my service in Jerusalem may
2. Pray that God will protect the church from be acceptable to the saints there, so that by God’s will I
spiritual attacks during a leader’s absence may come to you with joy and together with you be
3. Pray that God will surround all the participating
churches with the army of God and experience
spiritual breakthrough during the time of 1. Pray that P. Daniel will be filled up with the Holy
intercession in Turkey. Spirit.

4. Pray that God secures the family of those 2. Pray that God will place in P. Daniel’s mouth
leaders/pastors who will be joining Ephesus words to speak.
celebration and beyond
3. Pray that God will protect P. Daniel’s family. Pray
5. Pray that God will meet financial needs to cover for a trusting relationship.
all the expenses.
4. Pray that God will enrich his Quiet Time with the
LORD, so that he will be strengthened in Him.

5. Pray that God will protect P. Daniel’s heart from


6. Pray that God will keep P. Daniel strong

physically (Physical stigma)

7. Pray for P. Daniel’s spiritual and emotional well

being (from continuous criticism, depression,
tension, tiredness, conflicts etc)
8. Pray that God will open up his heart to move in

9. Pray that God will anoint P. Daniel’s prayer time

10. Pray that God will fill him with God’s love and
heart toward Muslims.

Participating SaRang Pastors

(Pastor Shin, Pastor Lee, Pastor David Cho)

1. Pray that God will provide them with spiritual,

personal revival during praise and prayer in
2. Pray for spiritual/ physical protections
3. Pray for servant heart to serve in humility and love
during the event.


Missionaries Native Pastors/ Churches in Turkey

1. Pray for opportunities to minister to the Muslim 1. Pray for protection over their family. 99.8 % of
brothers and sisters population in Turkey is the Muslim and very hostile
“Paul & Barnabas..they began to report all things toward Christians. Recently, a couple of Christians
that God had done with them and how he had were murdered brutally. In fact, many Christians
opened a door of faith to the Gentiles” – Acts face the possibility of martyrdom.
2. Pray for persistent heart that they would not give up
their faith in Christ in face of persecutions and
2. Pray for wisdom and courage to face challenges rejection from their own friends and family
3. Pray for signs and wonders to confirm the truth
“Therefore they spent a long time there speaking 3. Pray for development of pastoral network in
boldly with reliance upon the Lord, who was Turkey. It is essentially important that all the
bearing witness to the word of His grace, granting pastors in Turkey need to be encouraged and
that sings and wonders be done by their hands.” empowered through the community of believers
Acts 14:3 around the world.

4. Pray for financial funds and good health to carry 4. Pray for passion of Christ. It is a tendency to lose
on God’s call “that” fire and zeal for Jesus when circumstance is
“And God is able to make all grace abound to too harsh. We can compromise our faith. So let’s
you, that always in everything, you may have an pray that God will continuously rekindle that
abundance for every good deed- 2 Corinthians passion.
5. Pray for Turkey’s media to tell the truth about
Beloved. I prayed in all respects you may prosper Turkey’s Christians.+
and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.
3 John 1:2 6. Pray for Lawyers that are defending Christians in
court cases. +
5. Pray for protection & Discernment against the
schemes of the enemy. 7. Pray for funds and freedom from financial burdens.

6. Pray for additional workers to help get the job 8. Pray for unity among the churches in Turkey. Satan
done knows that when a local church functions as it
should as a body of Christ, the impact that the local
7. Pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit church can make is far greater than we can imagine.
Unity among the churches is key to building healthy

9. Pray for younger generations. The future of the

churches depends on young-generation leaders who
will reach out to the next generation. For this
purpose, we need proper seminarian trainings and
ministry skills.

+ source: International Turkey Network

(Cities in Turkey)
Pray for different regions in Turkey

1. Pray for 7 regions

Turkey is large peninsula shaped like a rectangle, measuring 1,000 miles long and 350 miles wide. It has 7 official
geographical regions organized into 81 provinces and 922 districts. (Marmara Turkey, Aegean Turkey, Mediterranean

2. Marmara Turkey
1,427,300 people live here, with 41 believers and 1 church. This equates to 1:34,800 people. A few years ago, two
courageous Turkish Christian men took on the challenge of its region, engaging in evangelistic outreach. As a result,
they were arrested and are still defending themselves against the charge of "insulting Turkishness." While these
brothers remain faithful indigenous witnesses for Christ, they are no longer active in this region. We need to pray that
God would send bold workers into the neglected and forgotten harvest field of the northwest Marmara provinces, and
that he would pour out the fresh rain of the Holy Spirit on this spiritually dry region of Turkey.

3. Eastern Marmara

On August 17, 1999, Eastern Marmara’s four provinces experienced a major and extensive forty-five second earthquake.
Approximately sixty thousand
people lost their homes and between 20,000 and 30,000 died. Unfortunately, these provinces will likely experience more
earthquakes in the future since they are located on the major North Anatolian fault line. Although a horrible event, the
earthquake opened a door of opportunity for Turkish believers and Christians worldwide to express their love.
Please pray for growth of the churches in the city of Izmit.
Pray for increase of the small number of believers in Sakarya
Pray for churches to be planted in the provices of Bilecik and Skarya
Pray for strength and increase for the believers in Yalova
Pray for spiritual breakthrough in the province of Bilecik

4. Southern Marmara
Southern Marmara’s three provinces present a major missional challenge to Christians worldwide.4, 037,400 people
live here, with 97 Turkish believers and 5 churches. The evangelistic task through these southern provinces is
daunting. God’s heart breaks over the millions of spiritually lost people.

Pray for…

· Supernatural growth for the church in Bursa

· Bursa and Balikesir churches will reach out into southern Marmara
· Churches in Balikesie to experience growth
· Growth of the believers and church in Canakkale
· God will raise up new Turkish church leaders

5. Central Aegean
The population if the Central Aegean region is 5,050,200, with 345 believers and 13 churches, almost all residing in
the city of Izmir . This equates to 1 Turkish believer to every 14,700 people, and 1 church for every 388,477.

Pray for…

· Missional unity among Izmir’s believers and churches

· Ongoing outreach efforts of Izmir churches
· Effective outreach in the northern region of Izmir province
· Spiritual breakthrough in Bergama (Pergammum) and Selcuk( Ephesus )
· God to pour out his Holy Spirit upon the province of Manisa

6. Southern Aegean
Southern Aegean’s three provinces contain ancient archaeological and biblical sites, and modern resorts populated by
vacationing tourists. 2,702,700 people live in this region, with 89 Turkish believers and 8 churches. This equates to 1
believer for every 30,400 people and 1 church for every 337,800.

Pray for …
• Effective outreach in the resort cities of Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye
• New missional efforts among the towns down Aydin’s Menderes River Valley
• Mugla churches to experience an fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit
• God’s power and strength for Denizli church
• God’s wisdom for the outreach efforts in Denizlie by Izmir Christians
7. Remote Northeastern
The region of the remote mountainous northeast provinces of turkey is bordered by Georgia, Armenia, and Iran.
Very few Christians have ever prayed for, or traveled through, these mountains northeast provinces. There is a
population of 2,432,800 with only 16 Turkish believers and no churches. This equates of 1 believer to every 152,100
people. It is time for serious intercessors to focus on this remote region of Turkey.

Pray for
 Church plants in every province
 Strength and protection of believers in Erzurum
 Churches that have adopted Erzurum
 Believers in Ardahan, none exist
 Increase of believers in Igdir and Agri.

8. Western Coast
The Black Sea is one of Turkey’s most isolated and unreached regions, and is an unprecedented challenge. Greek
Christians once composed about a quarter of the Black Sea population. But for decades now, it has lacked any
significant Gospel evangelical witness. However, there are some signs of hope! Istanbul and Ankara churches are
focusing on the Black Sea region with church-planting initiatives. The task is enormous. With a population 2,706,100,
the western Black Sea coast has only 55 Turkish believers and 2 churches. This equates to 1 believer to every 49,200
people, and 1 church for every 1,353,000.

Pray For:
 Church plants in Zonguldak, Bartin, Kastamonu and Sinop
 Increase of compassionate ministry in Duzce
 Spiritual growth of the believers in this region
 Effective partnership between the churches in Ankara and Samsun
 Believer in Sinop, none exist.

9. Mediterranean (Antioch & First Christians)

Although the New Testament church once flourished in this region of Turkey, the challenge remains staggering.
There is an intense spiritual conflict raging in the heavenly realms for the hearts of the millions who live here.
2,845,600 people live here, but only 174 Turkish believers, and 5 churches. This equates to 1 believer to every 16,400
people, and 1 church for every 569,000. The status quo can no longer be reluctantly accepted. Informed intercessory
prayer by the global church can lead people from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

Pray for..
 Growth in the church of Kahramanmaras
 New church in Osmaniye
 God’s newing power to fall on the Catholic and Orthodx churches
 Churches will support and partner with the Antakya church in Antioch
 New vitalization for the church in Hatay’s city of Iskenderum


Muslim Brothers/ Sisters Programs

The average tourist in Turkey often feels the 1. Pray that God would open the gate of heaven and
extraordinary convergence of spiritual darkness, but shower down His mercy and grace upon small and
rarely understands it. Turkey is a land of active spiritual large gatherings.
oppression due to fervent acts of devotion, festivals, and
occult rituals throughout millennia. It is today a land of 2. Pray that God will use all the programs to honor and
an extraordinary concentration of active demonic glorify God.
3. Pray that God will soften the hearts of intercessors.

4. Pray that God will give good sleeping hours to all the
1. Pray that God will break down strongholds of participants during 2010 Ephesus Celebration and
evil spirits that stir “violence”, “abuse” and Beyond.
“spiritual blindness.”
5. Pray that God will enhance our prayer hours
2. Pray that God will give them freedom from
bondage of demonic influences. 6. Pray that God will give intercessors spiritual
3. Please pray for the blessing and peace in, as the
Lord desires us to bless and be a blessing to all. 7. Pray for all the speakers and youth pastors to be
“By the blessing of the upright the city is filled with the Holy Spirit.
exalted” –Proverbs 11:11 *
8. Pray for all the MKs (Missionary kids) to be filled
4. Pray the Lord will display His love and mercy to with joy and peace in their hearts.
the people of Turkey by pouring out the Holy
Spirit upon our land, revealing His glory through 9. Pray that God will provide all the spiritual leaders
healings, signs and wonders. * there with physical and spiritual strength

5. Pray that all the Muslim brothers and sisters will 10. Pray for transportation. Many people will be flying
be responding to the Gospel after Ephesus to Ephesus and traveling by car. Pray that God will
Celebration and Beyond. protect them and keep them from fatigue.

6. Pray that all the Muslim brothers and sisters will 11. Pray for time of fellowship to minister and
worship the LORD throughout regions. encourage one another.

7. Pray that all the Muslim brothers and sisters will

experience the Holy Spirit’s power and

8. Pray that God will shift and change Muslim’s

negative misconception of Christianity and

9. Pray for friendly dialogue between Muslims and


10. Please pray that God would touch the broken

spirit and heart of Muslim brothers and sisters.

11. Please pray that God will be merciful to those

who cry out for help.

12. Please pray for the marginalized and the poor

that they would come to know Jesus Christ.
Even they will be delivered from poverty.

+ source: 2008 International Turkey Network

* source: www.prayforturkey.com
(Civil Government in Turkey)

1. Pray for God’s mercy upon the officials

2. Pray for government officials to have a new understanding of Christianity

3. Pray for God’s Spirit to stir the hearts of Parliament to fear the Lord and acknowledge sovereign rule of Jesus

4. Even though Turkey accept a variety of cultures and religions. Apparently, it is a multi-cultural and multi-
religious country. But, we need to pray for an increasing openness toward Christianity

5. Please pray that God will remove prejudices over Christians as invaders of their land.

6. Pray that God will remove animosity toward Christian movements in Turkey.

7. Please pray that God would end hostility between the Turkish army and Kurdish separatists. Even though there
are few Kuridsh Christians there are no Kurdish churches. *

8. Pray that God would provide healings and restoration to the government.

9. Pray for Turkey’s politicians and judges to uphold religious freedom +

10. Pray that God even would open the door of opportunities for God-fearing officials to serve the country.

11. Pray that God will shine the light of truth upon the officials to realize that God is the ultimate ruler of all nations.

Source: 24-7 prayer: Operation world :Turkey

+ source: International Turkey Network



1. Pray for unity among the pastoral staff – unity EDUCATION MINISTRY
in vision and teamwork.
Third Service Elementary Dept:
2. Pray for pastoral heart that they will be able to
see the needs of people and care for them in 1. Pray for faithful teachers who would love kids
Christ’ love
2. Pray for a new coordinator who would devote his/her
3. Pray for physical strength. time to building the ministry

4. Pray for God’s protection over their family 3. Pray that we may give God a spirit-filled worship.
and family members.
4. Pray that God would provide us with Korean-speaking
5. Pray for God’s anointing over whatever teachers.
ministry they are in charge of.
5. Pray for wisdom and power to prepare the first ever
6. Pray for spiritual insight/ discernment that TED’s VBS this summer.
they as spiritual leaders are able to discern
God’s will and move the church in that
HolyWave Pre/Kinder Department
7. Pray for wisdom to guide the church according 1. For our children to accept Jesus as their Savior this
to His plan. We do not place our agenda Easter.
before God’s. But, through God’s wisdom, we
will read how our generation changes and 2. For our teachers and their families to be protected
prepare the current generation for the next gen. spiritually and physically.(All experiencing minor
sickness, including me.)
8. Pray for joy and delight in ministry. The
moment they lose joy in ministry will become 3. For our student teachers: Seniors to be accepted into a
a huge task and burden which often leads to good college. Juniors to prepare for this processes
burnout stages. So please pray that God will
enhance and deepen their Quiet Time(Prayer 4. For more adult teachers who can serve the growing
Time) with him. number of children.

9. Pray for humility

10. Pray for continual growth in likeness to Jesus Prayer Requests for eCollege:
Christ by setting up a godly example to many
other people. 1. Please pray for the 40 students who will going out on
11. Pray for patience. STEM summer missions this year. In all, we have six
teams going to Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, and India.
Please pray for their training and preparation for the
HolyWave Choir field.
1. Whenever we get together for practice, let
there be blessings of the Lord so that we could
bless the Lord and the congregation. 2. Please pray for our eCollege Golf Tournament (May
8th) and our missions cafe night (May 29th). Please
2. Kitchen Ministry preparing every Tuesday pray that God would open up the doors for us to raise
night for the choir, it very critical ministry for funds for both long-term and short-term missionaries.
the choir and a lot of choir members are
encouraged by their service, please pray for 3. Please pray that the students in our ministry would be
the health of the kitchen ministry. renewed in their passion for the Lord and to have a
solid foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
3. Please pray that God will provide us with
more people specially for the bass section

4. Please pray that all the choir members will

Website Ministry-
stand as an interceding ministry for the HW
worship 1. For continued creativity and resources to maintain website

2. To effectively reach seekers through website

1. For God's continued favor and blessing as He is 3. To effectively connect and inform our HW members through
growing this ministry. our website.

2. For unity amongst the diversity as we have a bunch HolyWave Mission-

of new people, including some who are not Korean-
American. Praise God! This is our vision of being 1. Please pray for more HolyWave members to participate in
ethnically diverse. this summer's short term teams.

3. For the start of new Upper Rooms, Alpha groups, 2. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to fill and equip each member
and their respective leaders to thrive and grow and team.
spiritually together.
3. Please pray for the safety of each participants.
4. For the new recruit of leadership for this year to do
well. Intercessory Prayer Ministry

5. For continued evangelism (for people to accept 1. Please pray for Intercessors to rise up out of HolyWave
Christ) at Friday NEXT worship. 2. Please pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit over
prayer groups and group leaders(Miky Kim, Janny
Family Ministry Yun, Heidi Ahn, Anna Pak, Myung Cho, James Yoon,
1. Please pray that all the leaders would work well and Julie Howell)
together with each other with mutual respect and 3. Please pray for Pastor Danny to deepen his personal
understanding! time with the Lord and lead the ministry by the Spirit.
4. Please that God will make a major breakthrough on
2. Please pray for all the families in HolyWave that are Special Night Prayer on May 20th, 21st, 22nd and 24th.
hurting, especially those whose marriages are
Newcomers Ministry
3. Please pray for the events that Family Ministry is 1- We need more people to commit to help out in serving the
going to do, such as a Summer Picnic and a Family newcomers.
Retreat for 2011. 2- Parking ministry attendants are needed to aid newcomers.
3- We are moving the Membership Class from Saturday to
Outreach Ministry Sunday. Need prayer for smooth transition and more
newcomers to take advantage of this transition.
1. Please pray that through our Outreach Ministry, the
city of Anaheim will be blessed and those who are less Ushers Ministry
fortunate will experience revival in their lives. 1- We need additional (10-12 ushers) ushers to come and serve
the HolyWave in welcoming people.
2. Please pray for Easter Hope Festival Outreach that 2- We need additional safety Ushers to serve during the worship
many community members will be touched and blessed service.
by our ministry.
UpperRoom Ministry
3. Please pray for the leaders: That they would lead by 1- We need additional leaders to lead more UpperRooms in the
the power of the Holy Spirit and with Compassion! fall.
2- Smooth transition as we lead and do sermon-based
UpperRoom studies beginning in April.
3- More families will become the core of HolyWave ministry
by joining and experiencing the benefit of UpperRoom.

SaRang Community Church

1. Pray that worship will be filled with the Spirit and passion of God’s people

2. Pray that all the programs/ trainings at SaRang Community Church will be glorifying God. All the trainness will
become true disciples of Christ.

3. Pray that God will protect and bless Kingdom Dream Center so that it will serve as light and salt to our neighbors

4. Pray that God will bring one spirit to all the church leaders(elders, ordained deacons, deacons and church staffs)

5. Pray that God will bring revival upon our church again.
6. Pray that God will bring restoration and healings to the broken families among our church members.

7. Pray that God will do miracles for those who are sick and ill.

8. Pray that God will bring deliverance from financial bondages.

9. Pray that God will shape and redirect our church in such a way that we will be able to catch a new wave of

10. Pray for faithful lay men and women.

11. Pray for God’s anointing over all the ministries that take place at our church (Trainings, family ministries,
missions, 40 Day purpose-driven life, KM/HolyWAve Education Departments, KM/HolyWave Young adult
ministries, Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Media ministry, welcoming ministry,

Centres d'intérêt liés