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Photoshoot Planning 3

A teenage lifestyle magazine called Depth
James Shaw
Outside of the Priestley building against the wall
Equipment Required
DSLR, Tripod
January 9th between the hours of 12pm and 2pm
Contingency plans
If it is raining I will take the image inside in the photography studio in the
photography studio in the design block
I have a backup model for if James Shaw is unavailable for any reason which is
Sean Llewelyn
If for any reason the equipment stops working I will make sure I have spares on
Legal Ethical
Copyright Design and Patents act 1988
The owner of the copyright in a work of any description has the exclusive rights
to this
This prevents me from using someone else work or ideas without written consent
from the person or party who own the copyright for that particular item or idea
so to combat this I will ensure this magazine is completely of my own making
and ideas
Intellectual property rights is a major part of copyright which in turn mean I am
not able to produce a show which could be seen as similar or identical to another
radio show, I am also not allowed to use slogans without the permission of the
party or person who owns it.
To ensure I do not break this I will include no slogans or logos which could be
seen as identical or similar to something which is already out there and
Equality act 2010

Means that I am not allowed to discriminate against anyone for their race,
gender, sexual orientation, age, mobility, religion, marriage or civil partnership.
To ensure I do not break this I will not discriminate against anyone neither the
pictures nor writing used for this magazine

Obscene publications act 1959

Youre not allowed to produce content which could deprave or corrupt persons
who could in turn view this item. i.e. not allowed to describe graphic events of a
murder or rape
To ensure I do not break this I will include no images or article titles which could
be seen as either corrupting or depraving to a person
Defamation act 2013
The law stops you defaming another person and this is broken into two main
categories, slander which is spoken and libel which is written. As this is a piece of
literature I may only be prosecuted for libel
To ensure I do not break this I will include not include any words which are false
about another person or company and in turn may cause damage to the
reputation of that person or company
The European convention on human rights
This states (in relation to privacy) everyone has the right to respect for his
private and family life, his home and his correspondence
A way I will combat this is during my magazine I will ensure every person who
contributes feels comfortable being a part of it and I will not harass them for a
picture and I will take their first no as a final no. I will also remind them of their
right to withdraw from the shoot at any time.
Ethical issues
These are the ethical guidelines within the magazine profession which are
enforced by both IPSO and the magazine companies so as to be as inclusive as
One of the main ethical issues in gender and to ensure I am inclusive of both
genders I am using 2 female and 2 male models across my 4 photoshoots I will
also not discriminate against someone for their gender or place one gender
higher up than another
Another major ethical concern is ethnicity to be inclusive of those of all
ethnicities I will try and include people from various ethnicities across my
photoshoots. Also I will not place any ethnicity above any others and we will not
discriminate against any ethnicity

Disability is another major ethical concern and again I will try and include people
who are both able bodied and disabled. Also I will not place either those with
disabilities or without in higher regard and I will not discriminate against either
Sexuality is another ethical concern. Again I will try and include people from
various sexualities across my four photoshoots. I will also not discriminate
against any sexuality or place one higher up than another

IPSO have an editors code of practice which they enforce within the magazine
Clause 1 Accuracy
i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted
information, including pictures.

To ensure I do not break this I will include no misleading pictures or articles

in my magazine
Clause 3 Privacy
i) Everyone is entitled to respect for his or her private and family life, home,
health and correspondence, including digital communications.

To ensure I do not break this I will not intrude on anyones private life and
iii) It is unacceptable to photograph individuals in private places without their
consent. Note - Private places are public or private property where there is a
reasonable expectation of privacy.

I will ensure I have the consent of all those who I take images of prior to
taking the picture
Clause 4 Harassment
i) Journalists must not engage in intimidation, harassment or persistent pursuit.

I will not intimidate. Harass or use persistent pursuit to gain anyones

Clause 6 Children
i) Young people should be free to complete their time at school without
unnecessary intrusion.
I will ensure all photographs are taken during pupils of the colleges free periods
iv) Minors must not be paid for material involving children's welfare, nor parents
or guardians for material about their children or wards, unless it is clearly in the
child's interest.
I will not pay anyone to allow me to use them on the cover of my magazine

v) Editors must not use the fame, notoriety or position of a parent or guardian as
sole justification
Clause 12 Discrimination

i) The press must avoid prejudicial or pejorative reference to an individual's race,

colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or to any physical or mental illness or
I will not discriminate against anyone for any reason in the images or page titles