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We ARE at war!

Most of you would assume I’m referring to the terrorism related wars being fought in
various places abroad. No, that’s not what I meant. The war I’m referring to is
ideological and it is happening right here at home. I don’t mean the standard garden
variety debate, discussion, dissent and disagreement on various political issues either. I
don’t mean customary legal arguments or negotiations that are intended to make
America a better place. I mean all out ideological warfare between the forces of
capitalism and traditional American values, and those of Communist influenced and
sympathetic interlopers who have a heavy Socialist agenda for the US and their lofty
sounding globalist pursuit of the “New World Order” Utopia.

With the behind the scenes help ($$$$) from George Soros and company, the Marxist
agenda has a virtual blank check to pursue their most favorite hobby, the acquisition
and retention of POWER, and a systematic destruction of our only remaining firewall
against totalitarian and oppressive government, the US Constitution, which stands
directly in the way of the pursuit of POWER, all under the endearing and beguiling
chants of “Change” and “Hope” and “Yes, we can”. This basic idea has been previously
speculated on at length previous to now, but this election cycle has proven it to me
beyond any doubt.

I’m convinced now more than ever that we are witnessing the gradual, incremental and
methodical Socialization of a nation that began as a free market capitalist nation and
was meant to remain a free market capitalist nation. We’ve seen some deteriorating
“change” in that direction over the past decades, but we’re about to see radical changes
taking place right here in the US, with clear objectives that can only be described as
Marxist-Leninist, totalitarian and wholly incompatible with our founding document, the
United States Constitution.

“The Communist Party seeks a fundamental transformation of the economy, of the way
decisions are made, and of the institutions that enforce discrimination, exploitation, and
oppression. We pursue the replacement of the ruling class domination of society with a
system of working people’s power led by the working class. We think this can only be
accomplished by a revolutionary movement that is embraced by a vast majority of the people
of our country.”

Communist Party USA, “Road to Socialism 2006”, pg 63

There are too many people in this nation now, products of a corrupted and politically
agendized public school system, that simply don’t understand the competing factions
and what it is they each are ultimately trying to achieve and impose on the rest of us.
For most, it’s not their fault, they just weren’t taught these differences. They were taught
Socialist issues and Socialist propaganda, but not free market capitalist successes and
the inextricable links between free market capitalism and a free nation’s citizens. Some
were actually taught to hate the underpinnings of their rights and freedoms as if they
were the cause of today’s ideological war. The one’s that were taught some elements of
free market capitalism received a dishonest and revisionist version, which of course will
lead to rejection of it by most people.

The basic issue is that Socialism and Socialist thinking predictably leads to policies and
decisions that destroy free market capitalism. Communists themselves have long
recognized that Socialism is the first step in the incremental conversion, the foot in the
door to the inevitable result, Communism. If you don’t think this is anything to be
concerned about, please read on. I hope to change your mind about it and hope to
enlist you as an ideological soldier in the “Jedi mind game” war against Socialism and
collectivist thinking. If America’s conversion to this thinking is allowed to continue, our
gravest and worst days are ahead and I fear that it will ultimately lead to another civil

“The long range program of the Communist Party calls for the abolition of Capitalism (the
basic cause of economic chaos, mass unemployment, Fascism and war) and for the
establishment of Socialism, which is the first phase of Communism.”

William Zabulon Foster, Chairman, Communist Party USA 1948

Capitalism vs. Communism

Leninism, Marxism, Stalinism, Bolshevism, Trotskyism all basically refers to varying
degrees and types of Collectivism or Socialism. Although not exact synonyms, the
characteristics of each are similar and mostly interchangeable for general discussion.
There are finer points of difference between them, but for our purposes we’ll consider
them of the same political ideology family. When you hear any of these terms, think
state ownership of all property and assets, everything essentially, and abolition of
private property rights by individual citizens.

Communism is the end result of these “ism’s” and exists in varying degrees and forms.
For simplicity of discussion, I’ll refer to them all as just Communism, since that is the
overall objective of its subversive supporters and the very real danger for a free market
capitalist society.
I do have some positive regard for simple socialism (small s), but only when it’s limited
to private interests, private individuals who wish to use the concept on a voluntary basis
with NO government intervention. Private insurance, food banks and various types of
trade co-ops are good examples and it does work out. No problems there and there’s no
interference from me. However, when any government attempts to impose mass
Socialism (big S) on an entire nation, it becomes a huge failure and the cause of
enumerable problems. For the remainder of this document, any reference to Socialism
refers to big government Communist style Socialism, the bad type and the enemy of a
free society.

Capitalism is actually the term the Communists came up with to describe our free
market-free enterprise system. I don’t like it for that reason alone, but thanks to public
schools, it is common terminology and commonly understood by many. I’ll generally
refer to it as free market capitalism as a way to thumb my nose at the Communists.
To begin, “Capitalism” is the archrival of Communism because Communism’s stated
purpose is to defeat “Capitalism”. Communism is a Goliath that seeks to destroy its
enemy, free market capitalism, David. Free market capitalism at its core is quite simply
the God given right to keep and own what you have earned by the sweat of your own
brow. It’s the God given right to individually and privately own what you created,
imagined, envisioned and built. It’s the God given right to keep what has been given to
you by your ancestors, your family or your friends. It’s the right to decide for yourself
how to handle your own assets. It’s the right to give what is yours to whomever you
choose, voluntarily, and without intervention or direction by the state. (e.g. the
The Founders recognized this to be one of several “God given” rights that the state, or
government, should never unnecessarily interfere with, and the underlying basis for
“limited government” doctrine. Many discussions took place and were written down as a
reference for us to follow in order to understand that very necessity and foundational
element in the keeping of a free nation,…the ownership of private property.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and that they are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty
and the pursuit of Happiness”.
The Declaration of Independence
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 4th, 1776

Capitalism, free market enterprise, goes hand in hand with “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
Happiness”. Capitalism implies the right to earn a living in a free market environment that
is not encumbered by Orwellian laws and unreasonable restrictions. Capitalism allows
for individual success and achievement, as it also allows for individual failure and
defeat. Capitalism is a competitive system of individual achievement by which
excellence becomes a natural byproduct of and through necessity, innovation and
foresight. In a capitalist society, put forth a reasonable effort and you will undoubtedly
succeed at something. If you don’t, there will inevitably be someone that needs your
help accomplishing their goals and objectives.

Capitalism allows free markets and free individuals, not state intervention or controls, to
determine the cost and availability of goods and services. Capitalism is controlled by the
natural laws of supply and demand, not by any politician or bureaucracy, and makes
room for those who wish to excel in their chosen profession or business. Capitalism
allows for the creation of a profession or business that a person sees a need for. If the
need is real, other capitalists will use it. If the need is not real, it won’t succeed.

This automatically occurs without the need for intervention or “regulation” by any
government entity. This also makes free market capitalism a self regulating system in
that respect. Notice that the world did not become burdened with an abundance of
wooden wheel spoke makers or buggy whip manufacturers after the advent of the
automobile? Those obsolete trades (markets) were replaced with other trades that
either drastically increased or arose with the advent of the automobile, like steel
manufacturers and mills for machining engine components, and many trades that had
not existed prior.

Capitalism and traditional American values are natural partners and compatible with
most revealed Judeo-Christian faiths. As such, Capitalism is also morally superior to
Communism. Communism is actually a form of theft in that assets and wealth are
“redistributed” to those who had no hand in creating it. Another interesting thing that I’ve
found noteworthy is that people of faith tend to naturally be free market capitalists while
people who would consider themselves to be atheistic or agnostic tend to be big
government Socialists. Interesting isn’t it? Most all Communist nations have largely
been non Judeo-Christian, if not anti Judeo-Christian.

Common sense dictates that you earn what you wish to have, as opposed to taking
from the producers to involuntarily give to takers who won’t help themselves. Common
sense also tells us that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Common sense also says that if
you don’t put forth effort, you won’t achieve. Behave irresponsibly and make poor
choices and you will reap what you have sown in the form of a poor lifestyle and no
resources. Of course, some cannot help themselves and they have never been left out
in the cold by the achievers, another hallmark of most revealed faiths. American’s have
traditionally been the most generous people on the planet. The key point here is that
charity should be voluntary, not compelled or controlled by any totalitarian political
power, bureaucracy, or politician that is only trying to buy votes.
On the other side of the scale, Communism is a very heavy top down driven Orwellian
system of behavior control, state dictated living at nearly every level, and forced
compliance. It is a very oppressive (depending on the specific “ism”) and humanistic
system of political control that is dominated by what I call “party line thinking”. There is
no allowance for such things as individualism, self expression, or private rights in a
Communist environment and as such it’s very “un-American”.

You don’t have “God given” anything in a Communist society, because Communists are
traditionally atheists and view your assets as being state provided. You eat the way the
state says to eat, speak the way the state says to speak, and live the way the state says
to live. To do otherwise puts you at the very least, on risky financial footing, or could
even result in your incarceration, harm or death. Individual achievement is simply not
tolerated because it very closely resembles free market-free enterprise thinking and
“makes waves” in the strict mind control of the party line thinkers. Since Communist
countries tend to be functionally single party political systems, dissent or political
competition ceases to be an option

Communist countries are typically police state environments where law enforcers are
also hand-picked and sworn party loyalists. They are generally not your friend and not
there to help you. Ask any former Chinese, Soviet bloc, or Cuban immigrant that came
to the US. The reports abound regarding the abuses at the hands of police state party
line enforcers. They are typically not accountable to anyone and exist primarily to keep
order in the party. Stalinist Russia and Pol Pot’s Cambodia are prime examples of what
happens to those who don’t believe in or follow the state’s/party’s requirements. Over
50 million innocent people, “political dissidents” as they were known, met their demise
under the “leadership” of those two men, both of whom were murderous, amoral, ends-
justifies-the-means Communists.

Speak out against their government in any fashion and you can expect attention you
didn’t need or ask for. Millions of dissidents (political dissenters) in those countries
simply disappeared in the middle of the night and were never seen again. Simply put,
existence in any form outside the boundaries of the Communist “party line” equals
elimination. Despite the appearance of softening to the outside world, Russia,
Communist China, Communist Cuba and Communist North Korea and many other
Socialist-Communist nations remain civil rights nightmares to this day for millions of
innocent people.

As recent as the mid 1990’s, Russia maintained Gulags for political dissidents. An
estimated 25 million dissidents have been reportedly imprisoned or detained for
“psychological” reasons and this practice is believed to take place today in Russia,
despite “perestroika”. It is concrete fact that the practice exists to this day in China and
North Korea and is believed to still occur in Russia and former Soviet bloc nations.
Some high caliber estimates have put the total loss of human life due to Communism at
150 to 174 million souls! Does that sound like a governmental system that allows for
freedom of expression and the freedom to choose your own direction in life?

“The Comrade Wolf knows who to eat, as the saying goes. It knows who to eat and is not
about to listen to anyone, it seems.”

-Russian President Vladimir Putin, 2007

Communism begins as “revolution”, a euphemism for “change”, a word we’ve heard an

awful lot of lately. This “change” is to simple Socialism, and then over time reaches a
critical political mass where it suddenly and unexpectedly becomes Communism or
National Socialism when a charismatic leader appears on the scene and seizes control.
Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Party and Third Reich Empire were perfect examples of National
Socialism, created by the rise of a charismatic leader who seized control from a
populace all too willing to give it in the midst of economic and social crisis.

From their efforts at world domination, to the horrors of the extermination camps, the
Nazi Party caused unbelievable death and mayhem, all for perpetuation of and the
quest of additional power. Adolph Hitler’s Brown Shirts, who later became the
Shutzstaffel or SS, were responsible for harassing and threatening those who were
reluctant to adopt the top down driven and oppressive party line thinking. Those who
refused to adapt to the new ways, were ultimately executed “for the greater good of the
party”. Seeing a pattern here? The cravings and lust for power is a common theme in all
Socialist-Marxist-Stalinist-Communist efforts and needs to be fought at every level and
every opportunity.

Because of the inherent corruptibility and frailties of the human condition, no one person
(or political party) can be permitted to take total control of anything without the
aforementioned dangers coming into play shortly thereafter, but this is exactly what we
see in Communist nations and exactly why our system of government were designed
around the concept of adversarial politics and “checks and balances”. This is also a key
reason why Communism is the enemy of free people and also the enemy of people of
revealed faith. This is also why most Communist or heavily Socialist nations tend to
discourage, even eradicate, people of faith. People of faith are difficult to “reeducate” or
indoctrinate into a “party line” thought model and there is no room for dissent in

This is the beauty and sheer genius of our US Constitution and our political processes.
No one person has total power, not even the president. Political power is shared and
leveraged against a system of checks and balances to prevent total autonomous control
of government. America became a great nation because of free market capitalist ways,
which were practiced and engineered predominantly by people of Judeo-Christian faith.
Those people started life anew here after fleeing various forms of persecution and
mistreatment by social engineer monarchs in other parts of the world at that time. Their
system of governance and freedoms reflected in the US Constitution, handed down to
us, are in large part influenced by their understanding of those “inalienable rights”, the
God given rights whose roots are found in the Bible. If you recall, Jesus of Nazareth
was a self employed carpenter, like his earthly father. Both were pursuing their own
trade and it had not been assigned to them by the state. Jesus and Joseph were free
market capitalists.

Communist nations, dictatorships for the most part, don’t appreciate or recognize
anything to be “inalienable”. If you should have it, as decided by the state, the state will
make sure you get it. If you don’t have it, you didn’t need it and nothing is ever the fault
of the state. Ask the millions who dared question anything in their Communist Countries.
For example, many Cubans were imprisoned by Castro for a ridiculous made up crime
called “enemy propaganda”, for daring to question obvious failings and shortcomings in

The desire for the free pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, as stated in the Declaration
of Independence, is one of the primary reasons early colonials revolted and broke away
from the British Monarchy to form this new nation. Because of their experiences in their
former nations, and their understanding of man’s inherent corruptibility and failings, our
system of government was designed to always have checks and balances between and
within the three primary branches, the legislative, judicial and executive branches. No
one person is allowed to wield total control and unchecked power and can be reined in
by the other two if such need arose.

Our government was also intended to be limited, as to not be tyrannical or overly

burdensome on the individual. Not so in Communism. Bigger is better in Communist
government because the state owns everything anyway. The more you acquire, the
more the state owns. The more people who work for the state, the more powerful it
becomes. The leader of a Communist nation is usually the political party leader as well
and has nearly unchecked and unrestrained power. There also tends to be a crossover
and overlap between military, government, and political functions in Communist
governments, making all essentially the same functions.

Bottom line is this. The free exercise of capitalism in a free market environment by
reasonable responsible adults leads to prosperity and wealth that is in turn used to help
others achieve the same. Free market capitalism inspires people to achieve and is its
own reward. It promotes excellence and leads to wonderful advances in medicine,
manufacturing and technology, as well as new discoveries for the betterment of
humankind in general.

Capitalism has had its troubles too, but not because there’s a problem with free market
capitalism per se. Problems with capitalism have usually come from the inherent
corruptibility of the human condition and are usually self-correcting or kept in check by
the rule of law. Rip off artists usually either find prison time or the loss of business.
When you don’t receive the appropriate value of a good or service that you paid for, you
have the free choice to go elsewhere. If you don’t like where you work for any reason,
you have the right to go elsewhere and to create a better environment for yourself,
making free market capitalism a self correcting system.

Communism is an ideologically driven humanistic system of obedience and control that

at its core is corrupt and morally bankrupt. Communism also claims the unenviable title
for being a murderous system of incompetence and deceit.

Capitalism is at its very essence, the nuts and bolts of the economic machinery that
makes it possible for the individual to accomplish those noble goals. Communism has
never and will never be able do that.

The Political Shift to the Left

The gradual political slide to the left we’ve been watching over the past decades has
suddenly become something more akin to a total redefinition of what left and right really
are and a radical shift of political center from where it was even two decades ago. A
centrist used to be a person that was perhaps equally divided on issues that the left and
right wings would have clear differences of opinion over.

“The present period of capitalist development poses a grave danger to democratic rights and
civil liberties in the United States. Since the early 1980s, the Republican Party, dominated by
its ultra-right wing, has controlled much of the national legislative agenda, while the
leadership of the Democratic Party has often ceded ground and initiative.”

Communist Party USA, “Road to Socialism 2006”, pg.46

A leftist, a democrat, was once someone of the party of Jefferson, perhaps a bit more
liberal (small L), but a patriotic God fearing American nonetheless. A person from the
right wing was once someone from the party of Lincoln, the Grand Old Party, fiscally
and socially conservative and also patriotic God fearing Americans. Both Lincoln and
Jefferson were patriots and capitalists and both loved their country without question.
That’s what used to exist. It doesn’t anymore and that must be understood to succeed in
the modern ideological war zone, Washington D.C.

What we have now more closely resembles a US and Soviet style political cold war, and
it’s not an exaggeration. The right wing seems to have lost its conservative “salt” and
has become cold, disconnected from the people, stale and mostly about business and
political survival. Traditional American conservatism and the Republican party have
parted ways somewhere along the way and I suspect that it’s been due in large part to
pressure from everything left of them. That’s not an indictment, but it certainly doesn’t
mean all is well nor inspire the youth to join the cause either.

The biggest problem I see is that the right doesn’t recognize the drastic political shift
which has taken place over the past several decades and the radical change of political
tactics on the left, and I do mean drastic. For all intents and purposes, the party of
Jefferson no longer exists. The remnants that are still around, like the old “blue dog
democrats” are slowly being picked off and forced out by the Marxists that have
infiltrated and dominated their party for years now.

Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Christopher Dodd, Maxine Waters, Charles
Schumer, Diane Feinstein and many others are not true democrats. They’re DINO’s,
democrats in name only. They’re actually Marxists dressed up like traditional
Americans. Their Socialist agenda can easily be discerned by their associations and
their voting records. They work together and wish to pull America off the rails and to
steer us hard left into full Socialism.

The left more closely resembles the communist party than anything else in US politics.
Yes, they talk the American patriot game as well as anyone, but their associations and
voting records tell the true story about who they’ve become. Their heavily socialistic
agenda has replaced what used to be a patriotic base with a majority that is now
convinced of America’s Imperialist “evils”. Simply put, they hate their country now. The
nerve of the United States to excel at anything! The nerve of the United States to have a
higher standard of living than other parts of the world. Don’t we realize that it’s our duty
to become demoralized and dependant like the rest? Can’t we see that we should knock
ourselves down a few pegs for the betterment of humankind? Yes, the Marxists really
do think like that.

I don’t think this was natural drift and am actually quite convinced that it’s the result of
years of heavy ideological attack by Communist Party members who were linked to and
receiving direction from Soviet Union handlers before their fall. The high profile leaders
of the left are at the very least Marxist, if not outright Communist, in ideology and
practice. Please note, they will never admit this.

"About the capitalist states, it doesn't depend on you whether or not we exist. If you don't
like us, don't accept our invitations, and don't invite us to come to see you. Whether you like
it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!"

- Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, 1956

Here’s where the war is and it requires a radical shift in your thinking. The Republicans
are largely still capitalists although weakened by a relentless barrage of socialistic
influences. The left is now largely socialist in nature. These two ideologies don’t mix and
are nearly diametrically opposed in most respects. We, as a nation, are actually worse
off as a result because the two elements can seldom agree on anything. To complicate
matters further, the Marxists have been quietly working themselves into key positions of
power at both the state and federal level to better push their socialist agenda.

This explains a lot of the failures we see coming from Washington D.C. and the endless
cross-purposes that the two parties seem to be stuck at. This foolish notion that we
need people to “cross party lines” and to “reach across the aisle”, as what America
really needs is pure rubbish and more deception from the Marxists and their
sympathizers. What we need to do is defeat Socialism in America, period. We need to
do it by once again preaching, teaching and showing the superiority of capitalism and
the free market-free enterprise economic system and its successes. We need to keep
teaching patriotism and traditional values. We need to be as activist and as radical
defending liberty, capitalism and our Constitution, as the left has been at defending their
Marxist and Communist ideals.

The problem for the right is in understanding the ideals and the objectives of the left.
That’s an easy one, total domination, which by the way is another hallmark of
Communism. Communist doctrine has long called for world domination. Doesn’t leave
much room for a middle ground does it? The big bully on the block has already told you
it wants to beat you! The left will settle for nothing short of total political domination and
will not relent until the right has been totally extinguished from our political scene.

The game hasn’t merely changed. It’s in a different place, in a different time, with a
different language, different objectives and different tactics. If you maintain the
traditional Republican party line thinking and assume that you are still dealing with
basically decent and honest people, the Marxists are going to be successful in cleaning
your clock every time. It’s time to get rough and to throw down against the Marxists for
being the un-Americans that they are. These people are capable of all manners of
deceit and thuggery because in their worldview, the end justifies the means. It’s okay to
lie and cheat in politics because America really needs their wisdom. That includes
stealing elections, vote rigging and a number of other deck stacking tricks.

The radical socialist elements have been quietly working at achieving key positions of
power over the past decades. They do this because that is what they crave most,
power. POWER equals CONTROL and CONTROL leads to fulfillment of the Communist
agenda. This election has placed extreme leftists-Marxists in control of two branches of
our political system of government, Congress and now the White House, the legislative
and executive branches. If they are successful in acquiring controlling interest in the
third branch, the judicial branch, we’re sunk as a capitalist nation and you can kiss your
freedoms, your liberties and the free enterprise goodbye. Have no doubts about it, this
is exactly what they want to do according to their own documents.

If our three branches of government are taken over by the Marxists, political control of
the United States, I don’t think we would ever be able to get it back again short of armed
revolution or civil war. In addition to that political quagmire, achieving success in getting
control of the Presidency and Congress back could very well lead to civil war. The
political outlook is grim either way for America.

“We must unite lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight people; professionals and
intellectuals; seniors; and the disabled; and the mass people’s movements including the
peace, environmental, health care, education, housing, and other movements. This all-
people’s front to defeat the ultra-right is in the process of developing, learning, and being
tested in giant struggles for peace, to protect social programs and services, to win health care
for all, and to win control of all three branches of government from the right wing.”

Communist Party USA, “Road to Socialism 2006”, Pg5

Two competing interests are vying for control of America and they are not reconcilable.
One wants total and unfettered Socialism, an environment where no behavior is right or
wrong (except for being “ultra right”), to be world citizens first, and to stop being
dragged down by that old piece of paper, the Constitution.

Conservatives, traditional Americans, want to uphold and defend that age old
document, to respect and uphold the rule of law, to exercise freedom and capitalism in a
free market environment, and to have the government stay out of as much of our
business as possible.

The Marxists seek to destroy our traditional ways, one piece at a time if they have to,
and they will use any heartstring they can find to gain political power. This is best
illustrated in their use of “black liberation theology” and more recently “the middle class”.
Both Lenin and Marx had a great deal to say about how to infiltrate US politics by
penetrating and exploiting our African American populations and our proletariat, our
working or middle class, to gain control of America from within.

Here’s what makes it a crucially important issue and worth fighting for. Our US
Constitution was a wonderfully crafted document and aside from religious texts, it has
become THE finest political document in human history, even surpassing the Magna
Carta. Never before has any government document crafted such a wonderful and
functional blend of the need for governance and the need for individual freedoms, ever,
and I doubt one could ever be crafted better than our Constitution is. It was a work of
sheer brilliance and the result of the love for freedom. It has shaped and defined over
two centuries of American excellence and is now under brutal attack by enemies within
America. It is worth fighting for and worth defending at all costs.

The current problems highlight one key issue that the right must fully grasp if they are
ever to regain control. The US Constitution was written by free market capitalists.
Capitalists wrote it and meant for it to be employed and followed by capitalists. It only
works in a Capitalist environment. The American left at one time were capitalists too,
but not anymore. They are at the very least socialist, many are outright Marxists-
Stalinists, and I suspect a few are actually closet Communists, collectivists all.

If you know anything about the Marxist-Communist agenda, there is no cooperative

effort with the opposition with these ideologues. There is only one party line, theirs.
There is destroy politically, or be politically destroyed. That’s why it’s now open
ideological warfare for the very existence of free market capitalism and traditional
American values.

The Marxist-Socialist agenda calls for “defeat” of the capitalist ways in order to replace it
with big heavy top down government. They aren’t looking for the middle ground. They
aren’t seeking compromise. They want you out of their way. They have their ideological
goals already mapped out and the right wing stands between them and their objectives.
They want the right eliminated, or converted to socialism,…period. They won’t be happy
until every last capitalist has been removed from their paths to power and they will use
any means available to them to end your political career.

“We share a common enemy: world imperialism, particularly U.S. imperialism, its most
reactionary transnationals, and the governments they dominate. We support the broadest
possible unity of the international working class. We also support international solidarity with
other forces, peoples, and movements struggling for liberation worldwide.”

Community Party USA, Road to Socialism 2006, pg 17

The Socialists also recognize that people of revealed faiths are a pillar of what they
refer to as the “Ultra-right” and a huge impediment to the elimination of capitalism.
Socialists will attempt to character assassinate anyone that appears to be of that cloth.
They aren’t impressed by your ability to reason. Your intelligence isn’t of concern. They
don’t care what church or sect you belong to. Your education doesn’t matter. You are
the enemy and they want you out of the picture simply because you are sensitive to
your Creator’s influence and direction, you still love your country, and don’t share in
their ideal that America is just an Imperialist blight on the face of the world and you
represent a “free will” base that they don’t have a way to control.

They also need you out of their way because socialists have long recognized that
people of revealed faith are somewhat immune to the reeducation and “party line”
efforts they work hard to impose on our population. The Marxists-Socialists have
recognized for some time now how they can align the various diversity groups towards a
common purpose and how they can be used to further their overall objectives. This is
exactly what they’ve done and it’s no coincidence. The Communist Party “Road to
Socialism 2006” platform document states exactly that.

“The only strategy capable of defeating the ultra-right is the widest possible unity of all the
class and social forces whose interests run counter to those of the most reactionary section of
the transnationals. Such an all-inclusive coalition would need to be led by labor and the
working class in close alliance with the nationally and racially oppressed, women, and youth.
It should include seniors, family farmers, the LGBT community, professionals and the self-
employed, small business owners, and the disabled—everyone except the most reactionary
section of transnational capital. This unity will include an ever-growing Left-Center political
coalition that includes the Democratic Party, left and progressive independents who recognize
the danger the ultra-right poses, and all social movements on the major issues of our day.
This all-people’s front should strive to, and be able to, attract many who voted Republican in
the past.”

Communist Party USA, “Road to Socialism 2006”, pg 54


Republicans, Independents and Libertarians, WAKE UP! You aren’t dealing with
straightforward and honest people anymore. You are dealing with the enemy of free
market capitalism and traditional America as we know it and no matter what they say, or
how nicely it’s packaged, they are only interested in your demise and imposing their
world view on you for the purpose of total control. This is why the lines between the
parties have become muddled and why it seems that a close race always goes to the
Marxist. They infiltrate and steal elections. In their worldview, deceit and misdirection
are expected and used as tools to destroy anyone that opposes their agenda. Emotional
appeals are even used to undermine your credibility. They are constantly scanning and
checking for anything that can be used to assassinate your character with the purpose
of getting you out of the picture. You must fight back to protect free market capitalism in

“Improvise, adapt, overcome”

~Gunnery Sgt. Tom Highway, Heartbreak Ridge

While furthering their numerous and varied political objectives, the Marxists-Socialists
are also planning the elimination of the US Constitution. They must ultimately get rid of
the US Constitution in order to fully implement their socialist agenda in the United
States and to integrate us with the rest of the world. You’ll notice how often they seem
to want to skirt the rules? Notice how the rules only seem to apply to the right wing?
Notice how often they marginalize and undermine the founders? Notice how often they
attack the Constitution with complicated technical arguments in order to use our own
document against us?

They are experts at finding and using technical gaps or apparent discrepancies to
exploit and undermine the Constitution to further their own objectives. They are also
experts at forcing accountability on the right wing while evading all accountability
themselves. An eye opening read is “Rules for Radicals” by the inventor of the
“community organizer”, Saul Alinsky. Interestingly, Saul dedicated his book to his idea
of the epitome of the ideal “community organizer”,………Lucifer, who brought “change”
to Heaven. Saul is also a Chicago area mentor and leader who was friends with none
other than Al Capone, and who also greatly influenced Barack Obama and Hillary

Communism or Marxism is based on socialism. Our country, society and culture were
founded on capitalist ideals. Capitalism and socialism don’t mix. Unopposed Socialism
rapidly becomes Communism. Socialism is the “foot in the door” towards Communism
and Communism is an ideology of incompetence, corruption, deceit and murder. You
must stop trying to appease these people. Take the gloves off and act like you are in the
fight of your very political lives, because you are. We all are. If the Socialists are
successful in seizing power, not only will we have lost politically, but we will certainly
become “enemies of the state” and history is very clear on this point.

When the threat of violence looms, you must do what is right for the Constitution and
capitalism, regardless of threatened “rioting in the streets”. We’ll deal with the fallout as
best we can, but you cannot allow yourselves to be politically bent over a barrel under
threat of violence or uncivil disobedience. Someday when the socialists have been
defeated, we can hopefully pick up where we left off before they acquired power and
look forward to brighter days ahead for us and our descendants. If you don’t, we might
as well start helping to site and build the gulags for the “political dissidents” because
people like you and I will be in their way.

"Only enemies of the Soviet Union can think of the KGB as some kind of secret police."
~ Yuri Andropov, Former Soviet General Secretary and KGB Chief

The good news is that America is still a center right nation with mostly traditional values,
despite the Marxist infiltration of the education and mass media institutions. There have
been numerous compromises in capitalistic ideals and traditional virtues in our
government, but by and large we, our citizens, are still politically center right according
to all recent polls and studies. We need to work at reconnecting with that base and
convincing that base why capitalism is better for us as a nation and why Socialism will
ultimately lead to extinction of traditional American values as we know them.

The Marxist-Socialist-Communist elements, no matter who they are or where they are
from, must not be allowed to seize total control of our government or nation, ever.
America is for Americans, not the UN or any nation with a world domination political
doctrine, which Communist nations have openly stated numerous times in the past.

They must be defeated at any cost. Our very future and existence hangs in the balance.

I purposefully skipped the linkage between the former KGB, now the FSB and radical
Islamists in the world. Yes, they too were recruited and beguiled in an effort to
destabilize the US, Israel and other western nations. Ever notice that terrorists-
Islamofascists always seem to be well equipped with Soviet-Russian era or Chinese
weaponry? AK-47’s? RPG’s? Russian plastic explosives? Ever notice what a natural
affinity Communist nations seem to have with Islamic nations? Google “KGB Islam” if
you are curious about these connections and the efforts of the KGB to fan the flames of

That’s another topic for another letter.

Here are some simple rules-of-thumb when dealing with the Marxists-Socialists who are
trying (and succeeding) in wrestling control of our government from us:

---Know who the true blue American conservative free market capitalists are and
network/consult with them. You have to know how to recognize one yourself first!

---Avoid the RINO’s (republican-in-name-only) who aren’t going to cross their Marxist
friends anyway. As far as I’m concerned, they should just crossover to the Democrat
party because they aren’t Republican’s.

---Don’t play the “political correctness” game. You’ll always lose because it’s very
reason for existence is to stop debate-silence opposition. It’s like trying to beat someone
at tic-tac-toe. It’s an un-American concept and should be ignored.

---Republicans are traditional conservative Americans and the party needs to return to
that “salt”.

---Be inclusive of Independents and Libertarians. We have many allies there. Also be
inclusive of true patriotic Americans, even if they have been duped by liberal leanings.

---No matter who the mouthpiece of the day is, if it advances the Communist-Socialist-
collectivist agenda, oppose it and fight it at every level!
---No matter who the mouthpiece of the day is, if it advances the Americanism-
Conservative-Free Market Capitalist-Constitutional agenda, support it and defend it!

---The US Constitution matters and it must be upheld and protected at all costs!

---Toughen up, don’t take no for an answer and force accountability on them!