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Sixth Form External Application

September 2015
Please complete all areas of the application form before submitting to Uxbridge High

Student Information

First Name:

Date of Birth:
Student Address (including postcode):


Home Telephone:
Language spoken at home:

Mobile Number:
E-mail address:
Do you have siblings at UHS:
Yes No
Do you receive Free School Meals:


Parent Information
Fathers Full Name:

Mothers Full Name:

Home address (if different from student):

Home address (if different from student):

Parent / Emergency Contact details

E-mail address:

Parent / Emergency Contact details

E-mail address:

Present School / Examinations Information

Name and address of present school (including postcode and telephone number)

Mock examination results or predicted grades






English Language
English Literature

Were you entitled to extra time during your previous exams: YES NO
UCI (Unique Candidate Identifier)
UPN (Unique Pupil Number)
(obtainable from your current school / college)
(obtainable from your current school /


Subject Choices
A Level courses:
Entry requirements for all A Level subjects is 5 A* - C grades at GCSE, including English and
Maths, with a B grade or higher in the subject you want to study. A minimum of three ALevels or their equivalent must be studied.
BTEC Level 3/Diploma courses:
These subjects can be studied as complete courses worth two A Levels or as a half worth one
A Level. If you wish to study the complete course you need to tick both the option blocks and
you are free to choose another subject that doesnt clash. If you only wish to study the half
then you must tick Part 1 and pick your other subjects accordingly. Entry Requirements for all
BTEC Level 3 and Diploma subjects is 5 A* - C grades at GCSE, including English and Maths.
Performing Arts Level 3:
Part 1 Drama can be taken as a stand-alone course without Part 2 Music & Dance.
However, if you wish to complete Part 2 Music & Dance, then you have to firstly complete
Part 1 Drama.
Please note that a combination of BTEC Level 3 and A Level subjects in the blocks below can
be chosen.

Block A
A Level French
A Level
A Level Maths
A Level PE
A Level
Performing Arts
Level 3
(Part 1 Drama)

Block B

Block C

Block D

A Level English
A Level German

A Level Business

A Level Art

A Level Chemistry

A Level Biology

A Level Physics

A Level History

A Level Design Tech

A Level Spanish

A Level Maths

A Level Sociology

Diploma in Computer
Diploma in Finance

A Level Media
Business Level 3
Diploma (Part 2)

Business Level 3
Diploma (Part 1)
Performing Arts
Level 3
(Part 2 Music &

Course Preferences:
1st Preference

2nd Preference

3rd Preference

4th Preference

There are three stand alone courses available: Level 3 Engineering or Travel & Tourism, which
are paired with Computer Studies or Level 2 Retail Business Diploma.
Engineering Level 3 Diploma & Computer Studies (equivalent of 3 A Levels)
Travel & Tourism Level 3 Diploma & Computer Studies (equivalent of 3 A Levels)
Uxbridge High School Retail Business Level 2 BTEC 1 year duration (equivalent to 4 GCSEs)
Students applying to Uxbridge High School Sixth Form without a C grade or higher in English
and Maths will be required to resit these subjects. Please tick if you did not receive the grade
in these subjects.
Maths GCSE Resit

English GCSE Resit

In order to accommodate the options at Sixth Form, students may occasionally have a period
six on their timetable which will finish at approximately 17:00. This applies to both A Level
and BTEC subjects, as well as enrichment courses.

If there are any subjects you wish to take that clash with others, please write them here and we will do
our best to accommodate your choices.

Enrichment Courses 1/2 Years

Only one course may be selected, and it must only be selected in addition to at least three A
Level /BTEC courses.
Further Maths AS/A2 (GCSE Maths A* required)
Business Studies Young Enterprise Award
Asset/Home Language GCSE/AS/A2 (exam only)
AS Citizenship (for all AS Level and BTEC Level 3 Students)
Sixth Form Sport (for all 6th Form students; Monday twilight)

Supporting Information
Why do you wish to study in the Sixth Form at Uxbridge High School?

How did you hear about Uxbridge High School?


Already know us



What are your favourite subjects and why?

What extra-curricular activities do you currently take part in?

Do you have an idea of what career you would like? If yes, please outline how you

might achieve this, including your aspirations for university.

What do you think you can bring to the Sixth Form?

How to apply
If you are an external applicant, you should:

Print off the application form and complete. Select subjects that are suited to
you, based on your GCSE grades and future aspirations.
Post the completed form to Uxbridge High School, The Greenway, Uxbridge,
Middlesex, UB8 2PR.
Be prepared to attend an interview if we decide to take your application
further and bring a copy of your Year 11 school report to this interview.

If you are an Uxbridge High School Student, you should:

Complete an internal application form, which is available from Student
Services or your form tutor.
Uxbridge High School Sixth Form Prospectus can be obtained from the school or
downloaded from the home page of our website.
Official Use Only:

Agreed Course(s):

No. of D G at GCSE:
Agreed by Staff Member: