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Arsalan Qadri


137 Laidlaw Ave, Jersey City, NJ, 07306 720.808.3702 mqadri@stevens.edu http://arslan.tech

Over 4 years database development and data science experience, with strong statistical modeling and programming skills, and
a history of productive and successful project outcomes.
Programming Languages:
Databases and Analytics tools:

Python, SQL, UNIX, Java, Base SAS, R, Map Reduce.

Oracle 11g, MySQL, Redshift, Mongo DB, Tableau, Excel, Hadoop.

Stevens Institute of Technology,

MS in Business Intelligence and Analytics, GPA: 3.83/4

Hoboken, NJ, USA

Expected December 16

Relevant Coursework: Statistical Learning, Data Structures & Algorithms, Web Analytics, Big Data Seminar, Process
Optimization, Data warehousing & BI, Supply Chain Analytics, Experimental Design and Deep Learning.
Independent Coursework: Machine Learning, Language Processing, Marketing and Customer Analytics, Deep Learning.
Kaggle Competition: Developed and optimized product search engine for Home Depot, using natural language processing
and feature engineering techniques. Ranked among top 8% of participants.
Crisis Dashboard: Built a real-time, fully automated web dashboard monitoring the political crisis in India, based on Tweets.
Engineered a data plumbing system to capture, clean, aggregate and visualize data in real time.
Uber style delivery model: Drafted an innovative delivery model for e-commerce businesses to cut down on delivery costs,
in a team of 3. Leveraged classification & network models.
Recommender system: Built a collaborative filtering movie recommender system and trained it with about 1 Billion user
ratings. Utilized matrix decomposition techniques in Python/Spark. Deployed a low latency version on portfolio website.
Sentiment Analysis: Implemented sentiment engine on website, monitoring sentiment of select tweet topics in real time.
Marketing and Supply Chain Models: Developed targeted-marketing models to select a set of customers for a direct
marketing campaign. Leveraged Lift and Gain charts. Evaluated accuracy using ROC and Precision-Recall curves.
Utilized linear programming & regression techniques to understand and develop inventory, transportation & network models.
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

Mumbai, MH, INDIA

May 2011

ALTICE USA (Formerly Cablevision)
Bethpage, NY, USA
Data Analyst Intern, Television Audience Measurement
June 2016August 2016
End to End Data Science: Developed multiple solutions from extracting data to presenting inferences to the management.
Regression Model: Mined over 1TB of demographic/ viewership data from a database systems and developed regression
models to predict television viewership at a household level. Solution provided decision support for the ad sales team.
Leveraged several feature selection techniques to stabilize the model and improve feature space.
Time Series Model: Developed a 195 time-series-forecasts dashboard with models leveraging ARIMA and Bayesian Time
series methods. Delivered a highly appreciated presentation on selected viewership inferences to the Marketing Director.
Mangalore, KA, INDIA
Senior Systems Engineer, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
June 2011May 2015
Consulted for several international retailers such as Gap, Vodafone Sales and JCPenny.
Process Automation: Designed and developed solutions in UNIX and PLSQL to automate retail business and support
processes, replacing man hours spent on the jobs by daily run jobs.
Data Analysis: Analyzed retail data and provided support for Oracle Retails Merchandizing and Inventory modules.
Data Transformation: Developed pipelines to clean/manipulate data to pump into Oracles sales prediction system.
Mumbai, MH, INDIA
Founder, Event Management
November 2009May 2011
Led a team of four, focusing on optimization of resources, execution of events and management of artists and audience.
Designed and developed web platform in C# & SQL facilitating artist registration and online art events.
Collaborated extensively with several profit and nonprofit establishments to fund and carry out events and workshops.
Available February 01, 2017