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Product Lifecycle Management / SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) / Batch Management(LO-BM)

Set Up Batch Determination in Production Planning

Created by Rachel Tang, last modified on Nov 26, 2014

Learn the process of setting up the batch determination in production planning.

Set up a sample of batch determination in Production Planning.

Batch management materials need to be created, there should be materials with FERT (finished goods), HALB(semi-finished goods), ROH(raw masterials). MRP views and work scheduling view
should be maintained for the materials. BOM and routing/master recipe need to be created for the finished goods.

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BOM is created and maintained in CS01/CS02/CS03.

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Routing or master recipe is created in CA01/CA02/CA03 or C201/C202/C203.

Several batches are created and classified for the raw materials.
Goods receipt has been done to the batches to make sure they have stock to do batch determination.

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1. Selection Class is created in CL01. The characteristics in the selection class should be part of the batch class in the material master, but some of the standard characteristics may not need
to be entered in the batch class but only need to be entered in the selection class. For example, LOBM_RLZ and LOBM_LFDAT.

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2. Sorting Rule is created in CU70. The characteristics in the sort rule should be part of the batch class in the material master, but some of the standard characteristics may not need to be
entered in the batch class but only in the sort rule. For example, LOBM_MENGE and LOBM_LGORT.

3. Batch Search Strategy setup in COB1. (Production order and process order are using the same transaction.)

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Batch search strategy customizing in OCHA.

Maintain basic data for the strategy.

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Assign the selection class that is created before and maintain the selection criteria in the selection class.

Assign the sort rule that is created before.

4. Batch Search Procedure is assigned to the corresponding plant and order type in OCHA customizing.

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Test in Production order in CO01 or in Process order in COR1.

The created BOM or routing/master recipe earlier may need to be used here to create the order correctly.

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Batch determination can be carried out by:

Pressing the
batch determination button on the bottom of the material list screen.
Goto the menu path: Material -> Batch Management -> Excute Determination
You can change the material classification by:
Goto th menu path: Material -> Classification
If you change the classification here, then the system will follow the classification here to do the batch selection but not use what you have maintained in the selection criteria of the batch search

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You can copy the result here to the production order.

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