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PYB202 Assignment Two:

Guidelines for proposed experiment
1. What theory, or theories of social facilitation will be testing?

2. What setting, or context have you identified where social facilitation effects
can be observed? Replicating environment of university library
- Why is it important to study social facilitation in this setting?
Could be used to better optimize library services?
3. State your research question. (be as specific as possible)

4. State the rationale for your study and the theoretical background
you are basing it on.
Why is the research needed: Testing theory in a relevant setting
What theory/theories are you testing? Yknow that one theory
with the thing
Are you amending/extending a previous study? Expanding on
zajoncs original social facilitation studies

5. State your specific hypotheses. Remember to include DIRECTION of

hypotheses (in a few cases, it may be exploratory).

6. State who your participants are going to be (and why)

Gender: Male and Female

Age: 18-25

Any other characteristics: ?

Any participants likely to be excluded: Individuals with any

conflicts in regards to completing the tasks
State how you will obtain your participants (e.g., volunteers, first-year
pool): Student volunteers

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7. State the design of your study (e.g., 2 x 2). Is it a between-groups or

repeated measures design?

8. State your Independent variable(s) (IVs).

IV1 (Social Facilitation factor): Tested alone / With a group
IV2 (Additional factor): Studying Alone / With a group
Describe how IV1 and IV2 are related: Expands on traditional test of social
facilitation by taking factors
9. State your conceptual dependent variable(s) (DVs) and how it will be
Conceptual DV (construct you are assessing):
Operational DV (how you will measure it):

State any materials/apparatus required (e.g., provide example
questionnaire items in the Method Section under Measures)
-provide sufficient detail about how you are measuring your IV(s) and
DV(S). Be specific!


State the procedure, in brief. Include:

Where will the experiment take place: Classrooms/University

Number of experimenters: 1?
(Are they blind to hypotheses)? Not deemed necessary
Random assignment to conditions?
Describe the instructions that will be given to participants in the
experiment: Please sit at x and follow the instructions on
the sheet
Front page of sheet will inform participant of how to
complete the test etc.

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State how you are adhering to ethical guidelines for psychological
research, including:

Minimising risk to participants: Test is in a controlled


Obtaining consent from participants: Provided with a form to sign

Ensuring privacy/anonymity of participants: Explained in

aforementioned form

Ensuring right to withdraw at any time from study: Spoken and in

the form

Debriefing: Thanked for participation and informed of

university counselling services if necessary

Justifying deception, if used: hmhmhmhmmmmm????

Access to results for participants: Informed when published

Benefit to participants/community: ????


What are the limitations and important variables excluded?

What are the shortcomings of how the study addressed the research
question? Cant directly test it in the university library as it
introduces too many outside variables and the environment cant
be controlled, replicated version in classroom is just a replication.

Are there other important variables for the research question that
should be included in another study? Possibly expanding
variables to cover more situations??? idk