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User Guide for

Edu Expression
WordPress Edition
Version 1.0
Dated: 25th February, 2016

Installation of Plug-in on Wordpress

Login the Admin Dashboard of your Wordpress Installation
Admin Plugin Add New Upload (Upload and Activate the Plugin)

Application Options and Configuration

Once the plugin is installed it will be appearing in Menu at Two Places. 1. Exam Application where you
can create, configure exam and see the students and result details. 2. Exam Configuration where you
can control the system settings and other options.

Exam Application
Dashboard contains information about all the system including

Exams Stats
Upcoming, In Progress and Completed Exam Details
Group, Subject and Question Bank Count
Student Count and their Status

Group is very important in the system. Group act as contain to classify the data of entire system.
Without group system cannot be used as group divides students, subjects, teachers etc for efficient
usage. You can create, edit and delete group from Group Menu

How to Create Teacher and Assign to Group?

Note: The user can be created by Wordpress Option from Wordpress Admin Users Add New User. A
user should be always contributor to access the system as teacher.

Once the Wordpress User with Role Contributor has been created it can be assigned to group from
Admin Exam Application User Group Set User group option. The user will be only assign the option
associate to his own group/s

Subjects and Questions

Subject acts as container to hold the question bank. You can add new question from Add Question
Option from Exam Application Question- Add New Question.
The options to Add New Question are as follows

Question Type: Edu Expression offer 4 type of questions

1. Subjective (Marks will be calculated manually after each exam for each student )
2. Objective -> Single and Multiple Choice Questions. Chose multiple correct answer for
multiple type questions display
3. Fill in the blanks
4. True and False

Question Editor
Question editor help to format question quickly and easily. It also helps to insert images, audio, video
and symbols into questions.

Group/ Subject Selection

Select group for the question and then subject associated to that group.

Available during the exam for students
Available after the exam for students.
Marks / Negative Marks
Assign marks and negative marks to each question calculate during the exam in result.
Difficulty Level
Each question can be categorized into Easy, Medium and Hard to better evaluation and performance

How to Create Exam and Add Question?



Name of Exam : This name appear to student to attempt Exam.

Passing Percentage : Student with marks below to this will considered to be fail in Exam.
Instruction: Provide the detailed instruction for student to attempt this Exam.
Duration: Duration of Exam in minutes. (For e.g. 60 minutes if the Exam is of 1 Hour. )
Attempt Count: Number of time each student can attempt this exam. Use 0 for unlimited
Start Date : You can set the start Date and Time for Each Exam, Use Calendar and Clock by
clicking the icon.
End Date: You can set the End Date and Time for Each Exam, Use Calendar and Clock by clicking
the icon.
Show Answer Sheet: Set Yes if you want student to view answer sheet after the Exam.
Select Group: Chose Group/s for which the exam will be available. Student with select group will
only be able to view and/or attempt the exam.
Negative Marks: Enable or Disable marks deduction for wrong answer.
Random Question: Enable Disable Random question for this exam for each student.
Paid Exam: You can apply fee for Exam which can be paid via student using payment gateway or
E-Wallet System
Browser Tolerance: During the Exam if the Browser Tolerance is enabled student will not be
able to switch or minimize Exam window. If they do so, it will generate warning and exam will be
Expiry Date: Set the number of days Exam will last beside the end date.

15. Result After Finish: Provide instant result after Exam if set to yes.
16. Mode: There are two modes
17. Exam Mode: Where you need to manually pick the question from question bank for the Exam.
All Student will get same questions in this mode.
18. Preparation Mode: Question will be automatically picked from question bank based on define
parameters. All student may get different questions.