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Catholic Views on Love, Marriage and


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Catholic views on love, marriage and sexuality are based on the belief that marriage was in the
plan of God when he created Adam and Eve. According to the teachings of the Catholic Church,
God authored the institution of marriage. The vocation of marriage is written in the nature of a
woman and man.
Despite undergoing many variations throughout the years, social structures, cultures as well as
spiritual attitudes, marriage is still not a human institution. As such, the differences in humans
should not make human beings forget the permanent and common characteristics of marriage.
Catholic Church teaches that the greatness of a matrimonial union should be upheld in every
Catholic views on love, marriage and sexuality include believing that the well-being of an
individual both as a Christian and human is bound in having a healthy family and conjugal life.

Thus, individuals in a marriage and getting sexual satisfaction from their spouse are healthier,
happy and capable of leading a better Christian life.
God Himself created man and woman from love and He calls upon mankind to love one another.
As such, love and marriage are innate and are fundamental for every human. Marriage in
Catholic Church implies conjugal love which touches on sexuality. Conjugal love entails a
totality where elements of a person enter the appeal of instinct and body, the power of affectivity
and feeling, the aspiration of the will and spirit.
The Catholic Church teaches that people should engage in sexual intercourse only in the context
of marriage. This is because its view on sexuality is that sex should be based on the teachings of
the scripture, deep personal unity that is past the union of flesh and a union that leads to the
formation of a single soul and heart from a man and a woman.
Sex demands faithfulness and indissolubility in the definitive mutual offering. Thus, sex should
be an act that not only strengthens the individuals in a marriage, but also purifies them while
raising the couple to a level of expressing the acceptable Christian values.
The Catholic views on marriage and sexuality add that marriage legalizes sexual relationship
between a woman and a man. Union of a woman and man in a marriage through a church
wedding should be and is an expression of the full and real meaning of the natural feeling of love
for one another. Catholic Church is against homosexuality.

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