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Fuji Rabbit

The Fuji Rabbit was a motor scooter produced in Japan
by Fuji Heavy Industries from 1946 through 1968. The
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (Japanese)
rates the Fuji Rabbit S-1 model introduced in 1946 as one
of their 240 Landmarks of Japanese Automotive Technology.[2]



Fuji Rabbit Junior in Chile

The Fuji Rabbit scooters were the first Japanese made
scooters capable of reaching speeds in excess of 60 miles
per hour (97 km/h). The Rabbit’s primary competitor
was the Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon, which also started production around the same time as the Rabbit. Motor scooters were so important to the post-war vehicle industry that
In May 1948 both a Silver Pigeon and a Rabbit were presented to the Emperor of Japan.[1] Starting in 1954 the
Rabbit also faced competition from the Honda Juno.
As the Japanese economy expanded, the demand for
scooters decreased in favor of more comfortable four
Fuji Rabbit 150, showing a Shoshinsha beginner’s mark
wheel transport, and Fuji diversified into automobiles in
1958 with the introduction of the Subaru 360. The last
Production of the initial model, the S-1 began in 1946, Fuji scooter rolled off the production line in June 1968.
some six months before the Vespa went into production[3]
and was largely inspired by scooters used by American servicemen during and after World War II. As the
first motor scooter manufactured in Japan, it was enor- 2 Featured in films
mously successful and revolutionized the post-war vehicle industry.[2] Eventually the Fuji Rabbit scooters Although not very well known outside Japan, the Fuji
evolved into some of the most technologically sophisti- Rabbit has earned itself a place in Japanese pop culture
cated scooters of their era, featuring electric starters, au- as a symbol of nostalgia. Fuji Rabbits have been featured
tomatic transmissions and pneumatic suspension systems. in Japanese animated series such as FLCL and Paranoia

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