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Introducing Remote Monitoring Services for

Thermo Scientific ASM IV Radiation Detection Systems

Superior radiation monitoring


Users worldwide rely on Thermo Scientific

ASM IV radiation detection systems to
monitor a variety of vehicles and scan for
undesirable sources of radiation found in
scrap metal, identifying them before they can
cause harm to people or products. Offering
unparalleled sensitivity and reliability, the
ASM-IV system provides the perfect solution
for vehicle monitoring applications that require
the lowest possible alarm thresholds.
Remote Monitoring Services for the ASM IV
system make it easier than ever to diagnose
system health, usage and non-compliant
events to maximize product uptime 24 x 7.

Thermo Scientific Remote Monitoring Services Include:

ASM IV Remote Monitoring System
The ASM IV controller features an Ethernet
connection that interfaces your local network
directly to our servers over the Internet.
A wireless modem is optionally available to
provide a secure alternative for sites without
local Internet service.

Thermo Scientific ASM IV

System Control Unit

Notification and Reporting

Monthly system summary reports and daily
event notifications are available to maximize
data visibility and compliance requirements.

Remote Consultation
At any time you can review operational
and diagnostic events to ensure optimal

Thermo Scientific Remote Monitoring

provides accurate and reliable remote monitoring services






Monthly Report
Daily Scan Event Tracking

Remote Monitoring Report

Radiation Measurement & Security

One Thermo Fisher Way
Oakwood Village, OH 44146

For 5/1/2015 until 6/1/2015

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Remote Monitoring Program is designed to provide continuous monitoring of your ASM-IV System.
The following report is intended to provide a general record of a system's operational status for the time period noted above.

Daily Quantity of Scan Events

Daily Quantity of Clear Scans

Date of Scans & Events

Type of Event Recorded

Printed : 6/22/2015 2:40:23 PM

Remote monitoring services improve your

business efficiency
Comprehensive coverage of system health diagnosis,
scan monitoring and notification, plus reporting and
consultation from our radiation experts to identify and
resolve system issues quickly.

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Daily System Operation Analysis

Daily Operation Data Archiving
Daily Alert Reports
Monthly Summary Report
Incident Consultation
Technical Support Coverage
Software Updates

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