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4YOU2 Ensino de Idiomas LTDA

Rua Dr. Luis da Fonseca Galvo, 248 Pq. Maria Helena

05855-300 So Paulo, SP Brasil
+55 11 5513-8631 www.4y2.org/change


I, German Perez, from Colombia, passport number AP958759, certify that I accept and
commit to participate in the 4YOU2 Change Program at the social business 4YOU2 Ensino de
Idiomas LTDA, CNPJ 15.597.170/0001-72, located in So Paulo, Brazil.
In this opportunity, I was provided with the necessary information for the completion of my
registration process and the performing of my activities at 4YOU2, as it follows:
Organization Description
4YOU2 Idiomas is a Social business (www.4y2.org) located in So Paulo Brazil that provides
accessible English courses and intercultural experiences for low-income Brazilians in So
Internship Description
Our program 4YOU2 Change (www.4y2.org/change) allows university students from all over the
world to carry out a 4-month internship with our organization here in So Paulo improving
communication with low-income communities and teaching English skills and having an
immersion in the social ecosystem of Brazil.
We provide a living stipend for all participants and there are no program costs charged from the
participants. Participants have the option to live with Brazilian host families and have an
immersion in Brazilian culture during their internship.
Job/Task Description 1
-Personal development aspect of 4YOU2 Change Program to promote critical understanding of
social topics in 4 areas: education, multiculturalism, social impact and leadership.
-Attend the activities organized by 4YOU2 (workshops and visits to social initiatives);
-Actively participate in developing critical understanding of the social topics.
Job/Task Description 2
-Participate in furthering the social objective of the school with cooperative relations;

-Attend meetings with teachers and the Pedagogical Coordinator.

Job/Task Description 3
-Contribute to build a richer cultural environment;
-Support and actively participate in cultural events.
Job/Task Description 4
- Teach English classes to pupils of all ages, following the social companys educational and
methodological principles;
- Correct homework assignments and tests.
Results expected from the intern

Support the innovation inside our social business;

Delivery of English Course that improves pupils English skills and allows them to develop
self-discipline / raise self-esteem.

Internship Period
This program is going to take place between 02/12/2016 and 06/06/2016 for a period of 4
months. The participant will be in attendance at the company for a period of 30 hours a week,
from Mondays to Saturdays.
Monthly Stipend
The participant has no formal employment contract with 4YOU2 and receives no remuneration.
However, as an intern, he/she will receive only a monthly stipend for basic life cost expenses in
Brazil of R$ 1100 (Brazilian money).
The participant is committed to maintain the confidentiality of information and data of 4YOU2 to
which has access, during and after the program.
Program evaluation
The participant must fill in the evaluation form 4YOU2 provides him/her in the middle of the
program and by the end of the program.
Internship Suspension

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I am fully aware that in case of early abandonment of the program, I must officially inform the
4YOU2 Ensino de Idiomas at least 3 weeks in advance. During the placement, the participant
is subject to company discipline and internal rules. Due to the nature of the job, lateness and
absences (if not for reason of sickness) are not tolerated. If there is the exception of lateness or
absence, the participant must communicate the company accordingly. The participant must
adhere to the start and end dates of the internship, as set out above. In the event of a breach of
discipline, the company reserves the right to terminate the program, having to inform the
participant about the incompatibility 1 week before his/her last day of work.
After reading this Commitment Agreement, I agree with the content in this publication.
So Paulo, Brazil, January 7th of 2015,

For the company

Fernanda Serem Pereira
So Paulo Brazil

For the intern

German Perez
Bogota, Colombia

<<read and approved>> and

signature + company stamp

<<read and approved>> and

signature + company stamp

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