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Draft Technical Specification of 132KV Lightning Arrestors

1. The 132 kV station class Gapless Surge Arrestors (for outdoor use) shall be of metal
oxide type using Zinc oxide resistor blocks of non-linear characteristic without air gap.
They shall comply IEC 99-4/ IS 3070 (3): 1993 / latest amendment and shall be entirely
suitable for operation under the system conditions specified; including system voltage
rises on unloaded transmission lines and shall have sufficient capacity to discharge
system charging currents without damage. Required connectors, fixtures & surge
monitor having leakage current monitor (mA) and discharge counter shall be supplied
along with LA. The active element shall be housed in a gas tight insulator of polymer
compound. The surge arrestors shall be equipped with a grading ring. If necessary, an
internal grading system may control the voltage distribution along the metal oxide
resistor stack.
2. A pressure relief device to prevent damage by overpressure and discharge counters
shall be provided to indicate number of operations for each arrestor.
3. Surge arrestor shall be of heavy duty type. Connection to ground shall be by copper
cable via a surge counter. Surge counter (cyclometer counter) reading & milli amps
meter reading shall be clearly visible through an inspection window. The reading of this
counter shall not require any battery or auxiliary supply.
4. Surge arrestor shall withstand maximum local wind force and conductor forces. The
arrestors will be mounted vertical upright.
The equipment and the components supplied shall generally be in accordance with the
standards specified below or later editions and/or amendments thereof:
1. IS3070 (3): 1993 lightning arresters for alternating Current systems -specification
1. IEC 99-4 Metal oxide surge arrestors without gaps for ac system.
1. Type
: Metal Oxide Gapless Station Class
2. Nominal System Voltage
:132KV rms
3. Highest System Voltage
:145kV rms
4. No. Of Poles
: one
5. Frequency
: 50Hz
6. Rated Voltage
: 120kV
7. Maximum Continuous operating Voltage
: 102kV rms
8. Long duration discharge class
9. Nominal Discharge Current
: 10 kAp
10. Min Creepage distance of arrestor housing
: 5800 mm
11. Pressure relief class
:A/40KA rms
12. Maximum Lightning Impulse residual voltage
at 8/20micro Sec wave shape :
@ 5.0KAp
: 320 KVp
: 340 KVp
: 380 KVp

13. Steep Current Impulse residual voltage

(1/2 s wave shape) @10KAp(20)
: 380 kVp
14. Maximum switching current impulse residual
Voltage (30/60 s wave shape) @1000Ap(2000) : 270 KVp
15. High Current Impulse with stand at 4/10 s
: 100kA
16. Lightning impulse withstand voltage of arrestor
Housing dry
: 650kVp
17. Power frequency withstand voltage of arrestor
Housing wet
: 275kVp
18. Min Creepage distance of Arrestor house : 5800 mm
19. Partial discharge at 1.05 times (MCOV)
20. Minimum Energy Dissipation Capacity:
: 6 KJ/KV
21. Long Duration Current Impulse
a) Current Peak
: 600 A
b) Virtual Duration
: 2400 micro sec
22. Ref Current
: 3 mA
23. Protective Ratio (Equipment BIL/Max RDV)
: 1.9
24. Currents at MCOV
a) Resistive Current
: Less than 500 micro A
b) Capacitive Current
: Less than 1500 micro A
25. Temporary min. over volt capacity
c) 0.1 sec
: 212 KVp
d) 1.0 sec
: 204 KVp
All the acceptance and routine tests as per the specification and the relevant standards shall be
carried out by the party & test certificates shall be submitted. Charges for these shall be
deemed to be included in the equipment price.
TYPE TEST REPORT shall be furnished in detail along with the offer as per relevant IS.

Type Tests:

Insulation withstand test

Residual voltage test
Long duration current impulse withstand test
Operating duty test
Pressure relief test
Tests of arrestor disconnections
Artificial pollution test
Temperature cycle test on Porcelain housed arrestor.
Porosity test on Porcelain Container

Routine & Acceptance Tests


Measurement of reference Voltage

Residual voltage test
Sealed housing leakage test
Current distribution test for multi column arrestor
Measurement of power frequency reference voltage on the complete arrester
Lightning impulse residual voltage on the complete arrester or arrester unit
Partial discharge test as per IS 6209.