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D.H Pradeep Suranga : 32 years of age and resides at a village named Malawenna
2Km north of Hikkaduwa in the southern province of Sri Lanka. By profession he is
Freelance photographers, for well over five years he has voluntarily taught English
to the under privileged rural children and youth in his region.
Its his concept He will hold the managing responsibilities of the project with the
local community.

Simon Petithory :

I m Jeweler

I will manage the project, take the responsibility with the finance and the
foreign country

Goal of the Project :

To Build an educational center for the children of 350 families in a small village in
the southern part of Sri Lanka which was once destroyed by the Tsunami in 2004.
The name of the village is : Malawenna

which accommodates to a primary governmental school . While most of children

attend the city schools due to lack of facilities such as computers.
A private free education center which was known as Kedalla funded by NGO from
which the under privileged children got education was closed, due to children
engagement in Christianity.
Many parents are disappointed not to have an institution to bring a complete
knowledge and education for their children.
The purpose of this school :
Teaching the English language and the utilization of the computers
Improvement of the creativity, the link with the nature and artistic projects.
Opening of the culture of their country, with different points of views.
In Sri Lanka the English knowledge is fundamental to have the access for the higher
Today the level in English stay
very down, among the young generations only the rich families can introduce their
children in the higher education.
In this school a practice and theoretic part will be taught counter of the public
school where the practice is not done.
A green garden to teaching the agriculture will be available for the students.
(Vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants)
40 % of the production will be distributed for the families of the students, the rest
selling for the locality.
All the productions will be organic,
without any artificial chemicals produces.
The money of the sale will be reinvested for this project.
A voluntary foreign system will be implanted. This to share the different cultures of
this world and the English practice.
The volunteers will be provided accommodation at the center itself with provisions.
In a second time, if we have the funding, we will build a methane station to produce
our energy with the organic wastes. The Sterling motors will produce the electricity
for the methane compressor.
All the materials (including construction) as it s possible will be ecologic and local to
respect the environment.
A recycling system will be installed ( it s a big problem in Sri Lanka, they don t have
this kind of system, so the garbage topped up roadside.
The values of the respect of the environment and discipline will be taught.

In Sri Lanka the most of the governmental ( and some of the parents ) establish the
discipline by blows (rules where poles are often used)
In this school the violence will be prohibited and alternative ways will be used to
establish the discipline.
The admission price will be 500 rupees, like ( 3.00 euros ) this cost is very cheap,
also for the family the poorest. No other amount will be asked. The donations will be
accepted to pay the expenses of this school.
This school is complementary to government schools and does not constitute a
Age of the beneficiaries: 7 to 15 years. Boys and Girls mixed.
There will be 2 categories: from 7 to 11 years and 12 to 15 years.
The lessons will be provided 3 days per week for 2 hours 30 minutes per day, after
their day in public school. Classes begin at about 3 pm in the afternoon.


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday :

2 hours 30 lesson:
40 min: English lesson : practical / theory
20 min: pause recreation
40 min: development of creative manual activity, Artistic projects, learning the
culture, dance, preparation, remedies with herbs ...).
Activities change according to the possibilities of the moments
30 min: occupation with the garden
20 min: meditation (as the employment opportunities of the time)

* An official teacher will be selected very carefully, with both the knowledge and
the true willingnss to be with children.

To teach the culture, ways of thinking of the country, the arts, and all that was
attractive to plants. Professionals support will be asked.
Very few schools have computers in Sri Lanka. They are found only in high schools
and some private universities.
Here we will have access to 10 computers (initially) to teach the basic knowledge
and for 12/15 years who wants graphics and design courses will be taught.
* This project will provide the knowledge necessary to the continuity of their
studies, about 50 students each year.
The values of respect, balance, independence, and unity will be the basis of this
Our priority: children, education, and harmony for their present and future.

My friends, my family and maybe the people I do not know yet, I appeal for your
help to build the project.
We need 40,000 Euros to start and end the school.
The government support will be given after the continuation of one year. Which will
lead us to get ourselves registered as a community based social project under the
government social department.
Some of the Projects of this nature use 90% of their funding for the convenience of
patrons (villas, hotels, restaurants ....). We do not want link us with this type of
Financial support will be asked by the local individuals and enterprises

Do not be frightened by the figure.

If 160 people pays their contribution of 250 Euros this project will become a reality

If the heart tells you my friends thank you in advance for helping children of this
village by the realization of this school.

Feel free, no judgment will be made, thank you for sharing this post if you find it

Your kind and generous contribution can be made via following bank details.

Bank name : Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka

Account name : Mr SIMON PETITHORY
Account Number: 8010005468
Bank code : 7056
Branch code : 014
Swift code : CCEYLKLX
(Only I have the authority this account, not even one cent will be used for other
activities other than this project.)
We have found an appropriate piece of land to purchase. Since we are longing to by
this land Your prompt responses and contributions will be greatly appreciated!

A little drop of water makes mighty a ocean !