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v. 1.00
A. Overview
1. Scenario Description
2. General Tips, Hints, and FAQ's
3. Civilization Building
B. Walkthrough
1. 'The Crocodile'
2. Novaya Russia
3. Changing of the Guard
4. Jewel in the East
5. A Change in Heart
6. A Bad Case of Deja Vu
C. Legal Stuff and Credits
1. Disclaimer
2. Credits
3. Contact Information
A: Overview
Scenario Description
"Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the
proud state of Russia struggled to find its place in the new world
order. But after 25 years little forward progress was made. Now, a
street-wise young man named Grigor Illyanich Stoyanovich is promising
to return Russia to its rightful place as a powerful and respected
nation. In his heart burns the ambition to build the greatest empire
ever seen on Earth."
Prepare for the most difficult classic EE campaign out there. This
one will give you a large variety of challenges to confront. Make
sure you are adept at the later epochs, from the Modern era to the
Nano Age, because you won't have time in these missions to goof
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
General Tips, Hints, and FAQ's
Most of the FAQ's came from the EE message board, which inspired me to
write this FAQ to begin with.
- Practice playing in the Digital and Nano Ages in a few Random Map
games. Get a feel for using Cybers.

- Check the Unit Relationships in your foldout chart / instruction

manual. It's pretty complicated.
- Black Robes are a special infantry unit which will replace Sentinels
and Guardians. They are a tiny bit stronger than Sentinels, but are
severely outclassed by the Nano-Age Guardians.
- You will be given a certain high-powered robot in this campaign. Make
full use of it.
Q. How come my cheat codes don't work in campaigns?
A. You can't cheat in campaigns. Only in single-player random maps and
custom campaigns.
Q. How can I kill a Zeus Cyber?
A. Use infantry (en masse) to take them out. Tanks work, but to a
lesser extent. Use tanks and AT guns to take out the supporting
forces for the Zeus instead of the Zeus itself.
Q. Technical Problems. Please help!
A. You're more likely to jam in later ages (the manual says so itself).
Turn down your video and audio settings, or check the Vivendi forums
on the Empire Earth website.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Civilization Building
So, now you've got those Civ points and you're ready to beef up the
'Russian' Civilization for your campaign. But what to upgrade?
A '*' next to an upgrade means I highly recommend it.
A '+' next to an upgrade means it helps, but not as much.
An unmarked upgrade can be useful, but is often not worth the points.
A '-' means you're probably better off without it.
A 'X' means the upgrade is completely useless.
- 50% Conversion Resistance - Some priests will harass you in later
missions, but they aren't much of a
X Mountain Combat Bonus
- You will not be fighting uphill. Most of
these missions feature very flat land.
* 15% Pop Cap Increase
- A must. The Pop Cap is very low in this
campaign. The bonus is invaluable.

- Farming will be necessary for four out of the

six missions, but you probably won't be
low on food very often.
X Fishing
- This is just worthless. Go with farms.
+ Gold Mining
- Gold pays for your combat Cybers. which you
will be using in excess starting halfway
through the mission two. It also pays for
AT guns which are needed to hold off against
enemy Cybers if you don't have Cybers yourself.
X Hunting and Foraging - Again, worthless. Farms last longer and

Iron Mining

Stone Mining

- Wood Cutting

require less micromanagement.

- Iron pays for "ultra" Cybers such as the
Apollo that heals all other Cybers. Not as
useful as gold, in my opinion, unless you
prefer to amass infantry, tanks, and siege
- Towers range from being very useful to vital
in this campaign. The only downside is, most
missions have very limited stone reserves:
only 2500 stone per mine!
- I doubt you will run low on wood unless you
choose to take the naval route in missions
two, five, and six.

All of these are based off of how often you use these. Obviously, they
won't get an 'X' unless you never get them.
+ Aircraft - Bombers



- Bombers are very useful in this campaign to

break difficult enemy defenses.
Aircraft - Fighters
- Also very important if you don't want enemy
nukes to ruin your day.
Aircraft - Helicopters - These are great for harassment and guarding
walls, but they become outclassed by Ares
Cybers in mission two.
Archers - Foot
Cavalry - Ranged
Cavalry - Pierce (Melee)
Cavalry - Shock (Sword)
Citizen / Fishing Boat - Speed and health can be useful, depending
on your playing style. You will need both
a strong economy and the ability to build
and reinforce your base.
Buildings, Walls, etc. - Towers and AA missile turrets can extend
your life considerably, especially in
missions two and six. All of your
other buildings will also frequently be
vulnerable to attack.
Cybers - Combat
- Once you get Cybers in mission two, these
guys become your bread and butter. In
one mission, Cybers are the only units
you can build.
Cybers - Ultra
- Ultra Cybers aren't as useful as combat
Cybers just because they mainly serve
support roles and rely on secondary
powers that don't benefit from the
Civ upgrades.
Field Cannon & Anti-Tank- AT guns are vital for the parts in missions
two and six when you are unable to build
Cybers; AT guns are the only weapon that
is largely effective to almost every Cyber.
Infantry - Ranged
- Infantry is useful (especially against the
Zeus Cyber) but not always available, and
it doesn't carry as big a punch as some
other units.
Infantry - Spear (Melee)
Infantry - Shock (Sword)
Religion - Priests
- One mission will require the use of Priests,

- Religion - Prophets

Ships - Battleships and -

- Ships - Frigates and


+ Ships - Galleys, Trans- ports, and Subs

+ Siege Weapons/Mobile AA -


and they are available in five of the six

missions. In addition, they can convert
enemy buildings in these later epochs.
If you use them right, this could be a good
Prophets are available in one mission. The
biggest problem is that their Calamities
just don't carry the punch they used to.
This campaign can be beaten without naval
warfare. Still, if you wish to take to
the sea, you have some chances to use
I don't like frigates in the future ages;
Sea Kings seem much more effective against
Two words: nuclear submarine. If you can
keep one alive, your enemy's armies might
be in a bit of trouble.
You do plenty of building siege in this
campaign. You also need mobile AA tanks
to protect your armies from the stray
nuclear bomber.
Tanks are rather expensive and are only
effective against Pandora Cybers. I
prefer using infantry/AT guns as my Cyber
defense, with heavy mortar to take out
enemy infantry.


Here I have recorded when you get your Civ Points in each mission. If I
missed any, please tell me!
TOTAL: 165



B: Walkthrough
A quick note: Since this scenario takes place in the future, there will
obviously be spoilers to the plot found in this walkthrough. If you
do not wish to see these spoilers, do not scroll past the scenario you
are currently working on.

MISSION 1: 'The Crocodile'
Year 2018
EPOCHS: Modern - Digital Ages
Grigor Illyanich Stoyanovich has lived his life dwelling in dark alleyways and performing shady dealings. After the food riots of 2016, he
has been able to propel forward his campaign to create a newer, greater
Russian state. However, he is now stuck in Volgograd, branded a traitor
and a criminal by the government, and the local security forces have
been alerted.


Ushi Party (Russians)



Vassil Zukov
Pyotr's Car
Potato Truck

(Strategist Hero, Officer unit)

(Renamed Citizen unit)
(Renamed Staff Car)
(Renamed Cargo Truck)


- After Grigor is warned of the Russian troops who are after him,
ensure he safely arrives at Volgograd. If he is seen by anyone in
Voronezh he will be captured. Only his friend, Pyotr, can drive him
to safety.
- Grigor must survive. His friends and supporters are expendable in the
name of his cause.
+ Bring Grigor safely to Volgograd.
+ Destroy the Capitol in Voronezh.
+ To make things easier, ally with the 3 other powers of Saratov,
Rostov, and the Ukraine. Bringing a Diplomat to each of their fortresses will provide further instruction on forging alliances.
+ Give Rostov at least 1000 Iron in Tribute to secure an alliance with
them. Any previous Tributes are now invalid.
+ Give Saratov at least 1000 Gold in Tribute to secure an alliance with
them. Any previous Tributes are now invalid.
+ The Ukraine will ally with you automatically once both Saratov and
Rostov have joined you.
- After Grigor is warned of the Russian troops who are after him,

ensure he safely arrives at Volgograd. If he is seen by anyone in

Voronezh he will be captured. Only his friend, Pyotr, can drive him
to safety.
- Grigor must survive. His friends and supporters are expendable in the
name of his cause.
Get in the car - put Pyotr in first so that he may drive. Failure to
hide Grigor in the car will result in his prompt execution by the local
security forces in Voronezh.
Now, in Pyotr's car you have free rein to inspect the city of Voronezh,
and I highly recommend you check it out, wall to wall. However, do NOT
approach the main gates or try to leave the city; as Grigor hints, you
can't sneak out of the city in Pyotr's car.
East and slightly north of your starting position are several farms,
with a "potato truck" nearby which is your ticket out of the city. Load
Pyotr and Grigor into the truck once you are ready to leave.
Approach the main gate, marked out by the tents, flags, and guards, and
watch the sequence. Now escape the city.
+ Bring Grigor safely to Volgograd.
Move your Potato Truck down to the city revealed to you on the minimap.
You will be told when it is time for Grigor to exit the truck.
+ Destroy the Capitol in Voronezh.
+ To make things easier, ally with the 3 other powers of Saratov,
Rostov, and the Ukraine. Bringing a Diplomat to each of their fortresses will provide further instruction on forging alliances.
Although you could technically move in and take Voronezh all by your
lonesome, it would help to have allies. Train three Diplomats at your
Capitol and send them directly to the fortresses of each of the three
regions. Don't bother sending a military escort; they are hard to
+ Give Rostov at least 1000 Iron in Tribute to secure an alliance with
them. Any previous Tributes are now invalid.
+ Give Saratov at least 1000 Gold in Tribute to secure an alliance with
them. Any previous Tributes are now invalid.
+ The Ukraine will ally with you automatically once both Saratov and
Rostov have joined you.
Just go to the Tributes screen and send each city their requested money.
Once your alliances are cemented, you will be able to build up your own
+10 CIV POINTS upon alliance with all three cities.

Your resources are safely to the southeast of your base, so gathering

should not be a problem. Gather your defenses on the side facing
Voronezh, build walls, towers, troops, whatever suits your fancy.
You want to advance to the Digital Age soon. This will give you a
significant boost against your opponents. Bear in mind that this will
cause several units, such as Snipers and AP Tanks, to become
unavailable, while Cybers are not yet available.
Voronezh and your allies will be quarreling frequently, but your allies
can not destroy Voronezh without your help--those laser towers will see
to that. However, attacks on you will become rare, and you should have
an easy time ending this level. Approach the capital with any means you
deem appropriate, be it nukes or Paladin Cannons or even helicopters.
This is a very good level to get you acquainted with about half of the
Digital Age units you can use. This level won't be hard.
+15 CIV POINTS awarded upon Victory.
MISSION 2: Novaya Russia
Year 2035
EPOCH: Digital Age
Grigor's dream of "Novaya Russia" has succeeded - his new Russia has
grown into the 21st century and looms strong over the other nations.
However, his rule is fiercely disputed by many, at home and abroad. The
Ukraine has already asked for help from other eastern European countries,
and the world is bristling at reports of his "Black Robes" committing
atrocities. If Europe is to be neutralized, Grigor must strike swiftly,
or not at all.
In other news, Britain has returned yet again to bother you further,
after harassing you throughout the entire German campaign. They never
go away.


Novaya Russia (Russians)

United Kingdom
Western Allies
European Town
European Town (neutral)
Allied Air Force


Black Robe Officer (Mass-producible Strategist Hero)
Black Robe (Replaces Sentinels)
Rostov JK-1 (Renamed Command Unit - Scenario Only Cyber)

Espionage Headquarters (Reveals buildings)

Medical Center (Renamed Temple of Zeus)
Monument to Grigor (Renamed Ishtar Gates)



- Grigor must begin his neutralization of Europe by destroying 2 of the

3 Capitols at Kiev, Oslo, and Copenhagen.
- The last of the rebels in Novaya Russia have taken control of
Kuybyshev. In order to totally crush this rebellion, all of their
buildings must be destroyed.
- Grigor must survive.
- Additional facilities await at St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. You
will receive a Population increase to make use of them.
+ Cyber Factories and Laboratories can now be built.
You'd assume the last mission of the game would be the hardest, right?
Apparently not - in my opinion, this is the hardest level.
You start out with an almost indefensible base and six AI players that
hate you. Oh, and they all have unlimited resources. There is no cheap
and easy way to get around this one. Save often.
If I were to condense all my advice about this level into a few bullet
points, I would say this:
*Destroy the Green Rebels within the first ten minutes of gameplay
(try for first five) - just destroy the capitol to crush them.
*Do NOT leave any open holes in your defense. They will be
exploited mercilessly.
*Avoid the AI's defenses if at all possible when attacking. The
AI is less likely to stop your attacking force if you move them
directly to the enemy Capitol and destroy it without stopping to
skirmish on the way.

- The last of the rebels in Novaya Russia have taken control of
Kuybyshev. In order to totally crush this rebellion, all of their
buildings must be destroyed.
- Grigor must survive.
There is a small misprint here. Although the mission orders you to
raze the entire Rebel camp, some sort of bug or design problem caused
the programmers to switch up the triggers. Now, all you have to destroy
is the Rebel capitol.
But first, let's set up your base. You have mines of every resource,
but no wood! Luckily, there is a good forest directly northeast of your
starting base to get you off your feet until you can destroy the rebels.
Bear in mind that later in the game this area may be attacked often.
Set your resource gathering sites up quickly and try to get a foothold.
Also set up an airport--helicopters are effective against the Rebel
attacks which will come too quickly. You MUST build Fighter planes.
Within minutes, nuclear bombers will come from the other AI players to
mess up your life. AA guns on the northwest side of your base aren't a
bad idea.

Quickly build an assault squad. Eight black robes, four tanks, three
Thor AT guns, three Paladin Cannons, and a Black Robe Officer (you
automatically have a free one at the mission start) was plenty for me.
Bring them southeast of your base to a shallow river.
Follow this river south and you will stumble upon Kuybyshev, the Rebels'
capital city. The Capitol might not be visible to you yet, but most
likely the airport is - destroy the city with extreme prejudice (and more
importantly, haste). Once the Rebels are defeated, they will not
actively fight you any more. But be warned-- similar to the German level
"Lightning Warfare," any units still alive will fire on your men if they
get too close. The difference is that the AI is gone.
+15 CIV POINTS upon destruction of the Rebel capitol.

- Grigor must begin his neutralization of Europe by destroying 2 of the

3 Capitols at Kiev, Oslo, and Copenhagen.
- Additional facilities await at St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk. You
will receive a Population increase to make use of them.
Now hurry back to your home base - pump out more AT guns, black robes,
and fighters. Also get your helicopters goings - they are a good
counter to the tanks, cybers, and AT guns you will be up against. Nukes
will come from all sides - be on constant watch. Use a priest or two to
try and convert any remaining Rebel units that may be of use to you, and
build, build, build! If you can get a stable economy running, you're
well on your way. Try to wall off your base--if you need more stone,
there are several mines south and east of your starting point that should
now be safe from the Rebels. Your goal is to force the enemy to attack
you where your army is, not where your citizens are.
The name of this game is reaction. You need to be able to quickly
respond and destroy the attacking enemy before it can destroy your
citizens. Try to always have a hotkeyed group of Black Robes, tanks,
and AT guns ready. Also have fighters guarding the air.
For quick reference/review:
If the enemy sends Zeus, Minotaur, or AT guns, use Black Robes.
If the enemy sends Pandora, Tempest, or tanks, use AT guns.
If the enemy sends infantry, use tanks.
If the enemy sends artillery, use Black Robes or tanks ASAP.
If the enemy sends helicopters, use planes (or infantry in emergencies)
If the enemy sends Fury, prepare to rebuild your forces (AT guns work).
The enemy should not bother you with Ares or Hyperion cybers.
Placing a large number of Heavy Mortar behind walls also creates a
deadly hail of shells for your opponent, but beware of copters.
You will probably have at least one painful episode of your mines
getting attacked. They are, after all, incredibly vulnerable. I hate
to break the bad news, but there is no better mine field. Still,
if you need the ore and think you can defend an expansion, some gold and
iron mines are laying around southwest of your capital. However, this
site has no natural barriers to aid in defense. I personally never
expand to this site, but instead try to hide my mines behind walls.
Sooner or later you'll want to take the docking facilities available to
you. North of your base, one is slightly west and the other slightly
east. The instant you see a single building, you claim the entire city.

I would advise you to hold off on getting (and risking losing) these
bases until you can afford a few ships. Also, if you build the
Espionage Headquarters, both bases will be given to you.
+15 POP CAP upon claiming St. Petersburg (western base)
+15 POP CAP upon claiming Arkhangelsk. (eastern base)
St. Petersburg's greatest weakness will be land attacks. Guarding it
means extending your line of defenses even further - but if you can hold
it, you will be rewarded with easy access to destroying the enemy docks.
Neglect it, and you will lose a useful staging ground.
Arkhangelsk can be easily walled off, but the UK is fond of sending
massive fleets of battleships to mess up your day. Both bases will
take work to defend. I personally never bother with sea battles in this
mission-you can reach all the Capitols on foot.
Once you feel established, or are reaching your pop cap, it's time to
attack the Ukraine (orange). The Ukraine is your weakest enemy, and
while that may not be saying much, they also have the weakest
building defenses and are closest to you, so the AI-built expansions
should not be too overwhelming. The Espionage Headquarters is the best
tool to show the easiest path to attack. With few anti-air forces,
you might find an aerial assault in order: 2 well-placed nukes are a
costly but effective way to raze the Ukrainian capital. Send
"conventional" bombers to distract and destroy nearby AA turrets.
If you prefer a ground-based attack, make sure your base will still
have enough units left over to defend it from other attackers, and
bring enough Paladin cannons to ensure that the Capitol will fall
Timothy Siebert offers a good elaboration on the use of nuclear
bombers in this mission. After destroying the Rebels, he immediately
built an airport and proceeded as follows:
"... I set the airport to build a Titan bomber while I had my
workers build watchtowers and AA gun emplacements... When I had
enough Iron, I built a second Titan bomber and immediately sent
them both to bomb the Ukrainian capital (orange, southwest). I
followed the road west past the forest, and then went south over
the marsh, that way I came basically between their two AA guns
(one did fire at the bombers, but not much). The trick is to keep
the two bombers close together so that AA fire is divided between
them without downing either one. Also, upgrade their speed and
hitpoints. Anyway, they both survived that mission... so I sent
them straight up to bomb the yellow capital, and they were both
shot down, but they dropped their payload in time. Man, was I
ever happy!"
Note that since the computer AI is active, it will build AA guns in
new places and replace any that you destroy, if you give it enough
time. Your Espionage Headquarters will help a good deal in plotting
a safe path for your bombers to take.
Once you've destroyed your first capitol (not necessarily the Ukranian
one), you will get a long cinematic sequence and some great rewards.
+ Cyber Factories and Laboratories can now be built.

Suddenly, this mission gets a lot easier. You now have Cybers that
prove an effective part of your military, and the Rostov JK-1 robot you
get can pretty well shred ground forces. Although it is expendable
, it would be wise not to let it be destroyed.
You can chose who next to attack. I personally feel that the Northern
Allies (yellow) are easier to assault. They are near enough to you that
bombers and nukes can easily open a hole in their front defenses, and
Scandinavia has a path in the north that has very few buildings. Ares,
Hyperion, Tempest, and Apollo Cybers will be a great compliment to a
tank/paladin cannon assault force. Use a helicopter to scout the open
path I mentioned, and let your army cross through and raze the capitol
building. Bring Rostov JK-1 to help the assault go smoother.
Conversely, if you decide the Western Allies (purple) deserve to be
dealt with, try clearing out their dense clutter of buildings in your
way with a few well-placed nukes, then send your ground forces down the
clear path to the capitol and destroy it - although there is a chance
that enemy battleships might try to stop you. Turns out that Paladin
Cannons are not only wonderful anti-building guns, they wreck ships too.
Once either capitol falls, you win.
+10 CIV POINTS upon victory.
MISSION 3: Changing of the Guard
Year 2064
EPOCH: Digital Age
Grigor's empire of Novaya Russia has grown into Europe, the Middle East,
and some of Africa, but now age had caught up with him. Yet Grigor's
desire to have an heir has been wrecked by the discovery that he was
sterile. However, Dr. Septimus's penultimate robotic creation has been
endowed with the lastest AI, and Grigor has decided this shall take his
place. Calling this robot "Grigor II," he must now convince his people
that their new ruler has come.


Novaya Russia (Russians)


SPECIAL UNITS: Lieutenant Molotov

Grigor II (Renamed Command Unit)
Black Robe
Black Robe Officer
- After Grigor learns of the coup, he should travel to each of the
military garrisons in the city seeking support. With these troops he
can attack the traitors holding out in the center of the city.

- Destroy the traitor's fortress in the center of the city. Kill the 4
conspirators: General Yukov, Marshal Palutkin, Admiral Kulenka, and
General Kolchov. The fortress can be assaulted at any time, but it is
heavily defended and Grigor should raise extra troops before visiting
- Grigor, Molotov, and Grigor II must survive.
+ In order to return to full health, Grigor must reach the Moscow
Hospital, although this is optional.
+ It is now time to attack the traitors' Fortress. No additional troops
will be available.
Ahh... at last we get a breather from difficult missions for a prescripted, story-based quest. Enjoy.
- After Grigor learns of the coup, he should travel to each of the
military garrisons in the city seeking support.
- Grigor, Molotov, and Grigor II must survive.
You can see the garrisons you must go to all across the city. Four of
these are randomly assigned to give you Black Robes, the rest will give
you nothing. There are also other tank, cyber, and siege facilities
around to throw in some aid. Also note that Molotov and Grigor II will
always return to Grigor if he gets separated from them.
Since it would be an insult to any good player's intelligence to walk
you garrison by garrison, I'll just recommend you take a counterclockwise
path to all of the garrisons. After you get your first set of loyal
Black Robes, you'll watch a short dialogue with the aging Grigor. After
this encounter, Grigor's health will never exceed its halfway point.
+ In order to return to full health, Grigor must reach the Moscow
Hospital, although this is optional.
This "Hospital" is in the southwestern area of the map - you can see it
on your minimap always. It might be worth a visit, just to make sure
that Grigor doesn't accidentally meet an unintended demise. Just drop
by it as you perform your routine build up, watch another string of
dialogue, and move on.
Purple-colored Traitors will be roaming the streets of Moscow as you
gather your men. Grigor II can decimate them all, but your other units
can speed up the battles. Just don't get any of your men needlessly
Once you've visited every garrison in the city, it will be time to move
in on the center of the city. You should have 20-28 Black Robes
(given in randomly chosen amounts), up to four Officers (again, this is
randomly assigned by the game), three Thor AT Guns, one Paladin Cannon,
two Hyperions, an Apollo, and three Gladiator Tanks. An overwhelming
force for the task ahead.

+10 CIV POINTS upon visitation of every garrison.

+ It is now time to attack the traitors' Fortress. No additional troops
will be available.
There are several gates to the center of the city controlled by the
yellow traitors. Destroy one with your Paladin Cannon and the traitors
should start pouring out to meet you. Grigor II alone is powerful
enough to deal with the petty forces that come outside the central garrison. As you move inside the walls, you will notice more yellow buildings and both yellow and purple troops waiting for you. Dispose of them
all. You will find the yellow fortress without too much difficulty.
Once it, too, has fallen, you will be told to bring Grigor there in
person to "assess the situation." Before you get too gung-ho and send
Grigor marching right up to the rubble, look for the laser towers
guarding the area and destroy them first. Once he approaches the ruins
of the fort, the four conspirators will come out for their execution.
Easy, wasn't it?
+15 CIV POINTS upon victory.
MISSION 4: Jewel in the East
Year 2092
EPOCHS: Digital - Nano Ages
Before his death, Grigor had passed on his plans for the conquest of
China to his robot successor. The assault is moving ahead, but in
the hills of Mongolia, Novaya Russia's human troops are bitterly weakened
by the fierce winter. Grigor the second and Major Molotov
have plotted a secret mission to seize Beijing's Cyber factories and
cripple the powerful Asian nation once and for all.


Novaya Russia (Russians)

Baotou & Xi'an
Chinese City
Science Complex
Chinese Air Force


Major Molotov (+2500 HP bonus, +150 Atk bonus)
- Convert and defend at least 8 Chinese Cyber Factories or Cyber
- Grigor II and Major Molotov must both survive.
+ Bring Molotov to the science complex in Xi'an to steal Chinese

+ Bring Molotov up to the [spoiler removed] in Bejing.

- Convert and defend at least 8 Chinese Cyber Factories or Cyber
- Grigor II and Major Molotov must both survive.
Well, head southeast with your starting forces and take out the army
stationed in the city. Feel free to destroy the random houses and the
"Pagodas" (from which the Chinese infantry units spawn). However,
leave the Cyber Factories untouched.
Once the army is gone the Temples will be commandeered automatically.
It's time for your priest warfare to begin.
Convert everything in the city you want - that would probably be the
Hospitals, the Granary, and the Cyber Factories. You will need to also
convert Citizens to gather resources so that you may produce more priests
and Cybers. Once you get your first Cyber Factory, you will also be
notified of a new objective.
+ Bring Molotov to the science complex in Xi'an to steal Chinese
Of course, you're in no way ready to move into the science complex yet.
First, you need to convert some citizens, who will be happily strolling
the wasteland around your position. This sounds simple until you
realize that the same areas Citizens love to frequent are also visited
by the enemy Guardians too, and Guardians travel in large groups. Your
priests may die frequently. However, if you can find a mine or forest
with citizens frequently coming that is farther away from your base,
enemy troops may ignore the area as they attack you.
Build a Capitol by the iron and gold mines northwest of your base.
Also build a Granary a safe distance away from the crossfire, and try
to hide a Settlement that can harvest wood for you as well. Towers and
AA guns are a good defense but tend to attract AI troops to attack. You
might be better off using Cybers to guard your base.
However, you are in an excruciatingly unfair situation. The AI units
are all Nano Age units. Their Cybers are stronger, and their infantry
consists of Guardians, a step above the Sentinels you had in mission 1.
Even worse, the enemy has planes. You do not have a Cyber Lab to build
Tempests, your anti-air Cyber, so you just want to try to avoid drawing
any nuclear bombers near your Factories, or else set up good AA gun
You should be converting Citizens frequently. Try to fill up a Granary
and the iron and gold mines. Depending on your efficiency, you may also
want to make a Town Center. It will be needed for a later task.
Now, if you want to bring Molotov to the science complex already,
begin whittling away at the base defenses. Remember, you won't see
Barracks training enemy troops--you'll see a huge eastern-style tower
called a "Pagoda" that produces enemy infantry. Assault groups of

Ares Cybers are well-suited for demolishing the base defenses. Bring
ten or so and have them all destroy the AA guns, then the infantry,
then the towers, gates, or barracks/pagoda.
Once you've sent Molotov to the complex, he will give a speech. You
can now advance to the Nano Age, but you must first have a Town
Center. So keep converting those Citizens if you're not at that point
NANO AGE EPOCH COST: 2700 Food, 1375 Gold, 1375 Iron
Now stop and think long and hard before clicking that button. The
climactic point of this mission has two triggers:
1) Take eight Cyber facilities
2) Be in the Nano Age for ten minutes
This will bring about your attack on Beijing, which will have a time
limit for you to complete the assault. You risk getting caught with
your pants down if you aren't prepared. So if you really want better
Cybers and will be prepared to assault a guarded city, advance to the
Nano Age. If for any reason you want to wait, take some more buildings,
but do NOT take all eight requisites or else you will be forced to move
into Beijing without your upgraded Cybers.
For the sake of continuity, I will discuss this guide as though you
are advanced to the Nano Age and preparing your troops. However, in the
mean time you may want to send in groups of Ares into the Chinese cities
and do to them what you did to X'ian. However, do NOT destroy the Cyber
Factories/Laboratories. Just destroy all base defenses.
+15 CIV POINTS upon reaching the Nano Age
Once you hit Nano, upgrade your Cybers to their better versions and
build up your army. I prefer Ares and Hyperion combinations myself, as
they can tear through most of their opposition with proper Apollo
Ten game minutes later, you will be shown the dread Time Machine and
receive a new objective.
+ Bring Molotov up to the Time Machine in Bejing.
You will now have a countdown timer showing 1800 game seconds. Prepare
for a full-scale assault on Bejing. The Time Machine is well-guarded
by several towers and a myriad of troops. A strike force of ten fully
upgraded Ares II and a few Hyperion II along side should be able to
handle the enemy long enough for Molotov to make a mad dash for the
machine. He only has to survive long enough to make it to the Time
Machine. Once he's made it safely there, he will become unavailable
for the remainder of the mission.
Now that the Time Machine has fallen, you may notice things are starting
to heat up. Make sure your base can still defend your original Cyber
Factories against Cybers and bombers as well as the normal infantry/tank
attack group. If the Chinese Air Force is really bothering you, you
can try to hunt down its airports, which are at the southeast city and
somewhere between the two cities on the bottom right. It will take a
while, but it might pay off to not have a nuke destroying your precious

facilities. The Chinese Air Force has six airfields, and once they go,
so do the bombers.
Now move into the Chinese cities and raze every university, tower, and
barracks that you didn't destroy before. Again, multiple Ares II units
are ridiculously strong. When the towns are clear, convert the Cyber
factories and laboratories. If too many forces are harassing you, hunt
for any barracks or pagodas you may have missed to prevent their forces
from rebuilding. Once you have eight Cyber factories, the day is yours.
+10 (!5?) CIV POINTS upon victory.
MISSION 5: A Change of Heart
Year 2097 AD
EPOCH: Nano Age
Grigor II has spread Novaya Russia's domain throughout Europe and Asia.
Only one large world power remains: America. Grigor II has sent General
Molotov into the Caribbean to begin the showdown, and the United States
has sent aid to its ally, Cuba.
In other news, the US and Cuba are actually allies.


Molotov's Expedition (Russians)

United States
Novaya Russia
Caribbean League
Cuban Navy

SPECIAL UNITS: General Molotov

Molly Ryan (United States)
Black Robe
Order of the Mind (Prophets)

Orthodox Church
Time Machine
Missile Base

- Use the island of Hispanola as a stepping stone to reach Cuba.
- Build a military base on Cuba consisting of 3 Cyber Factories, 2
Docks, and a Navy Yard.
- Destroy the Cubans' Capitol in Havana, and build a new Town Center or
Capitol in the same spot.
+ Build a Time Machine in Cuba and defend it while it powers up. Then,
bring Molotov... [spoiler removed] right next to it.

- Use the island of Hispanola as a stepping stone to reach Cuba.

You start your journey on the east side of Hispanola. The west side of
this island is walled off and contains your first enemy. Bring your
army down the paved path, past the resources, until you see the orange
gate. Have your men guard the area while your Citizens set up your
economy and build the structures you need.
In all honesty, you can defeat the Caribbean League base on the west
side of the island with your starting force and a couple of Paladin
Cannons. Save yourself the time and rush the place with your units.
Just make sure to watch Molotov's health. So long as you take down
those laser towers, Haiti will be yours, and you can focus on Cuba.
- Build a military base on Cuba consisting of 3 Cyber Factories, 2
Docks, and a Navy Yard.
- Destroy the Cubans' Capitol in Havana, and build a new Town Center or
Capitol in the same spot.
The United States will send ships to heckle you. You may want to build
Towers along the coastline near important areas such as resource nodes
that you want to keep safe. Sink the US ships, but don't waste your
time attacking the US's base. It's not worth the time and effort, and
your patience will pay off later on.
Once your base is relatively safe from naval attacks, move into Cuba.
You'll be introduced to your American rival, Molly Ryan, once any unit
is on the Cuban island. Your first attack should be a mix of Ares II
and Hyperion Cybers with at least two Apollos for support, and fighter
planes for air cover. With Ares and Hyperion, you can just fly/walk
across the ocean without needing to worry about ships just yet. Now
clear out everything in the area of Cuba nearest you. Your goal is to
build another attack base in Cuba, away from the threat of ships. Take
down the AA missile turrets ASAP, and your Ares will be able to clear
out the towers for your Hyperions.
When the area's clear, transport some Citizens across to build military
buildings a bit closer to your enemy. A Siege Factory would be ideal,
considering the amount of building destruction you will be causing to
get to Havana. Also begin setting up your Cyber facilities. As you
move deeper into Cuba, also build a Town Center (if your citizens keep
dying, as mine did) and an Airport (alternatively, build a Tank Factory
and bring Skywatcher AA tanks to protect your Ares from planes).
As you continue to move through Cuba and decimate it, I advise you not
to build that Navy Yard just yet. As your troops move forward, have
your Citizens build Houses all through Cuba. Yes, I said Houses. Set
them up kinda spaced out, to where they are just barely in each other's
line of sight. It sounds strange but will pay off very soon. Also,
allow your base in Hispanola (the starting island) to fall into
disrepair if the American ships are assaulting it too heavily. You will
not be needing it for the next phase of your mission.
In fact, just for laughs, you can delete every unit you own on
Hispaniola. I highly recommend it. Also delete every non-house building
in Cuba besides the ones you were required to construct.
Finish off Cuba. If you have houses scattered across the island, great;

if you have them as a solid mass covering the island, outstanding. If

not, don't worry about it, this is just an easy exploit for the next
mission objective that is easy without it. Now finish your Docks and
Navy Yard. An interesting cinema follows. But you probably saw it
BUG WARNING: The game can crash very easily after the following movie.
If you haven't saved your game in a while, do so now, just
in case your game happens to get unlucky.
+15 CIV POINTS upon completion of base in Cuba and destruction of
Cuban capitol in Havana.
+ Build a Time Machine in Cuba and defend it while it powers up. Then,
bring Molotov and Molly right next to it.
Well, new base, new start. If your resources are too low, they will
be boosted up to a certain minimum. You also have some interesting new
buildings: the Missile Bases. These babies can fire nuclear bombs to
anywhere on the map. There is a bit of a lag between the missile firing
and the missile arriving at its target, so plan ahead.
While the cinema was playing, your new enemy in Cuba was actively
building new military structures to make your life difficult. If you
skip the cinema sequence, you'll be able to get a small head start.
First use the battleships you earned to spot out docks and naval yards
and use your missile bases to nuke them into nonexistence. Your
airplanes will serve as great spotters for targets in Cuba to destroy;
anything within their LOS can be nuked. Demolish the purple buildings.
Once you've had your fun, transport some citizens, Molotov, and Molly to
Cuba. I recommend using Ares to escort and defend them, as well as any
leftover Sentinels. Even if every purple military building is
destroyed, you will still be attacked by Hyperion cybers and copters,
so keep your guard up.
Once the "5 hours" (10 minutes) are up, bring Molotov and Molly to the
Time Machine and let 'er rip.
+10 CIV POINTS upon victory
MISSION 6: A Bad Case of Deja vu
Year 2018
EPOCH: Atomic Age - Modern
Molotov and Molly have traveled back into the past with the goal of
meeting Grigor before he can start his plans to create Novaya Russia.
Their goal: either to persuade Grigor to give up his plans now, or
execute him for the deeds he would soon do.


Molotov's Expedition (Russians)

Ushi Party
Grigor II

SPECIAL UNITS: General Molotov

Molly Ryan
Russian Officer (mass-produced warrior hero)
Most Nano Age units
- After Molotov and Molly attempt to capture Grigor in the safe house,
protect the capitol in Voronezh while you attack Volgograd to defeat
Grigor's followers there.
- Send either Molotov or Molly to the Capitol in Donetsk to ally with
the Ukrainians.
- Build the Espionage Center to produce Spies.
- Either Molotov or Molly must survive to carry their plan through to
+ Kill Grigor II.
+ Bring Spies next to enemy buildings, and then select the building to
steal the technology.
+ Bring either Molotov or Molly to the Palace serving as Grigor's
This is another difficult one. If you don't need to read through a
long and involved explanation, here are some condensed points:
*Rebuild and defend your walls and towers ASAP. Try to hold your
buildings outside your walls.
*When spying, make sure to steal Cyber technology from Saratov to
your east.
*Steal as many technologies as you can, even if you don't intend
to use them, for the Civ point bonuses.
*Saratov has weak anti-air defenses; nukes and bombers work well.
*Rostov in the southwest can be attacked easily from a base in the
Ukraine (orange).
*Grigor II cannot attack air units; use helicopters, Ares cybers, and
planes to destroy him.
*Destroy the Time Controllers in each of the three enemy cities ASAP.
The plan failed before you could even get started. Get ready for a long
and involved fight against the high-tech Ushi Party. Voronezh, Rostov,
and Saratov are all under the Ushi Party's sway. Only the Ukraine is
still free.
- Send either Molotov or Molly to the Capitol in Donetsk to ally with
the Ukrainians.
Let's focus on this objective first. Send either (or both) of your
heroes to get Ukraine on your side. You will receive tributes from

the Ukraine as long as your resources remain below a certain amount.

Back at Voronezh, you should focus on rebuilding the wall that was so
rudely destroyed during the opening scene. I highly recommend extending
the wall to the forest east of your base so that you can gather wood in
relative safety. For the first five game minutes, you will be able to
set up your defenses in peace. After that, you will see another long
+ Kill Grigor II
Grigor II can't walk very far away from Volgograd, so you won't have to
worry about him for a little while.
- Build the Espionage Center to produce Spies.
You will be hard pressed to stand up to these anachronistic forces that
Novaya Russia can send at you. You want to build the Espionage Center
quickly, so that you can hold your own ground. Once you have it built,
you will get a speech from your heroes.
+ Bring Spies next to enemy buildings, and then select the building to
steal the technology.
+ Bring either Molotov or Molly to the Palace serving as Grigor's
You can now train Spies to update your military units to their Nano Age
counterparts. To do so, you must bring a Spy near the building which
has the unit type you want to upgrade, and then LEFT-CLICK the building.
You can do this for all of the following types of buildings:
Cyber Labs
Cyber Factories
Tank Factories
Siege Factories
Naval Yards
As you gain each new type of unit, you will slowly be able to gain the
upper hand. In addition, you will still have access to some Modern era
units (think Snipers) that become unavailable in the future ages.
+5 CIV POINTS for each successful theft of Nano Age technology
(for a total of 40 civ points in all)
While this is going on, you will have fallen under attack many times.
The buildings outside the main gate of Voronezh are very likely to fall
early on. It will be very difficult to hold them at the start due to
your old-fashioned equipment. Hold off the Ushi Party's attacks as long
as possible outside your walls. To help with this, building a Hospital
and University in the fray might prolong your army's life. Heavy Mortar
can be effective units to use en masse from behind your walls to hold
off enemy forces. Laser Towers and AA Missile Turrets are also your
friend while you are stealing Nano Age technologies.
It works to your advantage to protect the Ukraine, if you can handle it.
Once your own defenses are absolutely secure (and I mean absolutely),
you may want to build Laser Towers and AA missile turrets around the
Ukrainian camp. This gives you a safe staging ground to use to attack

Rostov (remember the purple computer in mission one?) as well as the

small bonus of the Ukraine's own military attacking the enemy. I
personally built a town center and a pair of Cyber Factories in the city
to aid with defense, but be warned that this will draw attacks to your
buildings in the Ukraine.
If the Ukraine is secured, then attacking Rostov will be a cakewalk. I
recommend waiting until you've stolen Cyber technologies before you
invade (use a helicopter transport to drop a Spy off by the factories
in Saratov in the northeast side of the map). Then focus all of your
units on the computer panel in the middle of the hurricane--this is the
"Time Controller" that continually spawns new units. After the Time
Controller is gone, it should only take one or two more attack forces
(or maybe five or six nuclear bombers, if that's your preference) to
subdue the rest of the city.
Saratov (where yellow was in mission one, east of your base) has very
weak anti-air defenses. Nuclear bombers, although they are horrible
in random maps, work incredibly effectively in taking out Saratov this
time. Be warned that Saratov is the only area that starts out with
Cyber facilities, and the enemy may or may not build more elsewhere.
If you haven't stolen the Cyber techs yet, do so before you annihilate
Saratov. Make sure to hit the Time Controller here first.
Volgograd is more difficult to take--Grigor II patrols the area, making
ground attacks insanely hard. However, he cannot attack air units.
Ares and airplanes can demolish the area around Volgograd, but be sure
to take out the heavy AA defenses surrounding the city. If both Rostov
and Saratov are already gone, this part should be easier, simply
because the Ushi Party will have fewer units to send at you. Once you
have taken out the Time Controller here, your mission is almost done.
Taking out Grigor II is very easy, once you've destroyed the cities.
A squadron of Ares can patiently hammer away at his life, or nuclear
bombers can attempt to take him down as well. Be warned: whenever you
lose sight of him for a long amount of time, he will repair himself up
to about half his maximum life. This can make the use of nuclear
bombers quite difficult if you don't send enough at once. Once he
falls, you only need to destroy the gate at the Palace in Volgograd and
send Molly or Molotov to talk with the real Grigor. The ending is
more or less the same for both heroes. so don't agonize over which one
to send in.
You have now beaten Empire Earth.
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Sierra, for making this game.
My friend TJ, for helping me with EE by playing it online.
Timothy Seibert, for his suggestions in Mission 2
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