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We Help and Protect Innovations

Our Services :Patent Infringement Analysis

Einfolge Technologies provides infringement Searches to find any unexpired patents whose claims
browse on the merchandise options. The goal of this study is to uncover patents with claims that
would represent AN infringement risk to a replacement product, and also the search ought to occur
before the merchandise is free to promote. Infringement searches may additionally cowl invalid
patent art, and typically non-patent sources like product literature.
The Infringement study may be product- to- patent mapping or patent- to- patent mapping counting
on the immediate targets. This study helps in estimating the danger of violation before developing,
producing, and selling a product, and conjointly comprehend
the competitors patent coming back in your approach and
invalidate it.

Patent Writing Services

To protect the innovation an honest draft as per the quality
drafting pointers specific to the patent supplying authority is
needed. We tend to being the knowledgeable within the drafting
offer patent writing services each for Utility and style patent
The drafts we tend to prepare includes tentative, non-provisional, per centum and style draft
applications as per the drafting pointers and specification of patent offices in North American nation,
PCT, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, China and Republic of India.
We tend to additionally draft workplace action responses for each non-final and final workplace
actions throughout totally different stages of prosecution from all major patent offices.


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Freedom to operate search

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search, also called Clearance
Search or Right to Use Search identifies potential patent
barriers to the development of product or technologies.
We determine revealed applications and valid patents (in a
selected jurisdiction or worldwide) containing claims that
would presumably indicate a risk of infringement by a
creative product or method of the shopper. The
product/process options are mapped against the claim
options of relevant patent references that are in-force so as to
work out the degree of freedom to operate while not
infringing on existing patents.

Patent Illustration Services

Drawings drawing services integral a part of the patent documents. We provide each Utility and style
patent drawings as per the quality necessities of all major Patent offices. Our drawings square
measure formally created exploitation latest package and laptop instrumentation by versatile
We translate our clients ingenious and inventive ideas on to paper and facilitate them in filing for
information science protection with patent supplying authorities.

Patentability search
Our patentability search involves looking the
previous art, which incorporates revealed patent
applications, issued patents, and the other
revealed documents in light-weight of your
invention, with the aim of determinative whether
or not your application is value following
supported the patentability aspects of the
ingenious idea. the essential purpose of a
patentability search is to raised assess the
probability of securing patent protection for AN
This search answers the queries like your plan is actually novel or not, has it already been proprietary,
has it been anticipated or rendered obvious. Since the price of getting ready, filing and prosecuting or

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making an attempt to prosecute a application is substantial, the search suggests can or not it's well
worth the|definitely worth the} price to file a patent the least bit for {the idea|the thought|the idea}
and can or not it's worth the effort and expense to totally develop and market your concept.
This search not solely makes the applying method easier however conjointly helps to strengthen the
invention against problems with validity. The search report includes relevant patent and non-patent
previous art references listed in an exceedingly comprehensive manner. Patent search is conducted
mistreatment public and signed patent databases that cowl patents from round the globe. Non-patent
literature search is conducted within the relevant technology domain mistreatment scientific

PCT Filing Services

When you need to guard your invention in additional countries, PCT filing is the ideal route to guard
your inventions and patents. we are at Einfolge perform each, PCT and National Stage filing;
operating with America can scale back your extra value and save 30-40% more cost-effective than
your current expense. Einfolge PCT filing method includes translations to individual country
languages, preparation and filing of PCT national stage. among thirty months from the priority date,
the applying enters the National section.
Einfolge has the desired infrastructure, resources and professional strategic tie-ups to file patents
each at national stage and National Phase.
We file national stage patents in America, China, Japan, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, Germany,
Brazil, India, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, Macau, Columbia, Saudi Arabia and Near East,
Vietnam, Philippines, South Africa and every one different major countries.

Patent Invalidity Search

We run AN exhaustive prior art search on the claims options. the aim of the validity/invalidity search
is either to validate the enforceability of a patents claims or to invalidate one or a lot of claims of a
patent severally. These 2 searches area unit identical apart from the required outcome (valid or
invalid patent claims) of the search. The search is restricted to a point in time determined from the
priority date of the target patent. this is often an in depth search of patents, technical publications
and/or the other obtainable written materials which will be relevant to the proprietary invention. All
in public obtainable documents or proof of public revealing before the filing of the target patent area
unit analyzed.
A validity search is requested even once no legal proceeding has been filed, to spot potential attackers
and/or references that challenge the presumption of validity of a subject matter patent. This study is
useful in determinative the validity of a patents claims before contract, royalty negotiations and

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patent valuations. illogicalness study is especially used as a defensive tool against alleged
infringement by disconfirming claims of the infringed patent.

Accelerated Examination Search

We provide pre-examination searches as per the rules of the USPTOs Accelerated Examination
Program. Associate in Nursing Accelerated Examination needs the someone to submit a preexamination search document (PESD) Associate in Nursingd Associate in Nursing accelerated
examination support document (AESD) as an example however the claims of an application area unit
allowable over better-known connected art.
We search altogether the prescribed resources and our report includes all search connected data in
accordance with USPTO needs, and organize our deliverable for simple review and ensures quick and
affirmative response from the patent examiner prosecuting your application.
This search helps in considerably reducing the overall price and time-frame for getting a patent. The
accelerated examination search conjointly established to be helpful for technologies with short life,
speedily growing portfolios and to induce coverage during a new technology in time to ascertain a

Patent Licensing Support

Our licensing support team comprises a mix of well experienced Licensing specialists, patent analysts
and business managers collaborating together to provide comprehensive licensing support services
for clients.
We draft the exclusive and non-exclusive patent licenses for various jurisdictions.
We also provide comprehensive technical support customized to your business goals, including

Identifying prospective licensee products that are potentially infringing your patents.

Identifying active patents for in-licensing.

Identifying patents core/non-core to a companys future strategies.

Categorization and rating of patents within a portfolio based on various technological and
commercial criteria.

In/out licensing research support.

Profiling of companies and products to identify licensing targets.


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Establish financial and market based positions of the companies and their products.

Preparing claim-product maps.

We also develop the appropriate responses and guide the clients strategy through the negotiation
process to defend against the patent assertion.

Trademark Filing Services

We provide assistance in every step of trademark registration process and beyond. We provide wide
ranging services to secure protection and maintain their rights in trademarks, logos, slogans and
Our attorneys/agents specialize in trademark registration, licensing and assignment, infringement
and enforcement.
Our services include:

Trade Mark Searching and Clearance

Trademark filings & prosecution

Investigation & Watch Services

Design Patent Services

To protect the novel ornamental look of an article of manufacture, Design protection is required. It is
granted for protecting only the design of the invention and not the utilitarian features of the
invention. We have extensive experience with preparation, filing, and prosecution of design
applications. We discuss the important aspects of your design and develop a thoughtful strategy that
will help you maximize the potential of your design patent.
We assist our clients in obtaining protection for their designs either by filing for obtaining a patent or
registering the said design.
Our services include:

Procurement of design protection


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Due diligence relating to Design rights

Infringements and Enforcement actions relating to Design rights

Investigation & Watch Services

Licensing of Design Rights

Design searches

Design Patent filings & prosecution

Patent landscape Analysis

In Patent landscape analysis we provide an analysis of thousands of protected inventions from an eye
of what sense does it make in order to realize the crowded areas, white spaces, key players and R&D
activities, competitor patenting and research activities, potential clearance issues for new products
and more such insights.
Typically, a patent landscape analysis involves understanding the subject technology, finding relevant
patents and non-patent literature by employment of search strategies and finally categorization of
results in form of a technology tree along with graphical illustrations for easier comprehension. Our
landscape report provides insights on patenting trends across various jurisdictions, identifies prolific
inventors, top assignees, budgetary spend, shift in technologies of interest, and any other area of
specific interest to our clients.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

In portfolio analysis, we answer to your questions like where is the value in your patent portfolio. Our
portfolio analysis involves a customized review of your companys portfolio by combining and
overlaying an understanding of strategic (core/non-core) patents with an eye on their strength and
value, a detailed portfolio segmentation can be developed.
The portfolio analysis is done to understand how the patents map to products and strategic business
goals and most importantly identify the relevant strength of all patents within the portfolio regardless
of their product or strategic value to their owners.
Our portfolio analysis will enable clients to make informed strategic decisions typically relating to
patent filings, prosecution, patent abandonment, acquisition, divestiture, licensing, reexaminations,
and litigation matters to help align the clients IP vision with its business strategies. In addition, our
analysis also helps in assisting clients to identify patents that are directly related to their

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products/services, potential candidates for licensing, and those technologies that no longer have
commercial viability.

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