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You must use the information from the SCTCC Course Outline noted as REQUIRED on this Syllabus

Template. The SAMPLE and OPTIONAL sections incorporate Quality Matters Standards for online
teaching. The completed syllabus is your intellectual property.
St. Cloud Technical and Community College


Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference. Whenever there is a question
about the class requirements, remember this syllabus is considered to be the ruling
The instructor reserves the right to make changes to this syllabus throughout the semester, but the changes will be
posted on D2L under the title SYLLABUS - REVISED (date of revisions).

Course Information / Instructor Information / Words of Welcome /General Course Description /

Class Procedures and Policies /Assignments /Time Commitment / Accommodations / Statement
of Diversity / Course Calendar

Course Information (REQUIRED)

Course Prefix &
Course Title

(Number, Lecture, Lab, SOE)

Course Start Date

(course must not begin before official semester start date)

Course End Date

(must include final exam week)

Meeting Times

(SAMPLE) This class meets online with no face-to-face meetings.

Course Drop and

Withdrawal Dates

(Add dates here)

Required Text(s)

D2L Site and


Active SCTCC email account

Internet access
Microsoft Word software or free compatibility pack (URL openoffice.org)

Log in at www.sctcc.edu/d2l. Tech support is found through SCTCCs Computer

Help Desk in room 1-405 / phone 320.308.6445 / onlinehelp@sctcc.edu.
After hours tech support is found through mnscuonline@custhelp.com / phone
If SCTCCs website is down, you can access D2L through the following website:
D2L training for students is available each semester.

Instructor Information (REQUIRED)


Office Location
Office Hours
Phone Number

(SAMPLE) You can expect a response to email questions within 24 hours


Instructor Bio


Words of Welcome (OPTIONAL)

(SAMPLE) Welcome to online COURSE NAME! The objective of this course is to
I will do everything that I can to ensure that your time in this class will be a
positive learning experience for all of us. If you ever have questions or need
coaching, please feel free to email me. Together, I trust that we will have an
exciting, stimulating and rewarding class adventure.

(Remember to include the Welcome Template on SCTCCs webpage in the

Content or News section of your course.)

General Course Description (REQUIRED)

Course Description
Course Outcomes
Goal Area

This course fulfills Goal NUMBER of the Minnesota General Education Transfer

Course Log-in

(SAMPLE) If you have not logged in to the course by DATE & TIME, you will be
dropped from the course.
If you register late for the course (DATES) and have not logged in to the course
by DATE & TIME, you will be dropped from the course. (Use College official drop

Where to Go in

(SAMPLE) We will be using a course management system called Desire2Learn

(D2L) to disperse information, communicate with each other, turn in
assignments, and do assessments. Briefly these are the categories commonly
used by instructors at SCTCC.

The Content menu will contain all the content information for the course,
including weekly outlines, lectures, projects, etc. You should be able to
print or copy any of the material you find here, and this area is where you

will spend most of your class time.


The Discussions menu will contain space to engage in directed,

asynchronous discussions with fellow students.

The Dropbox will be used to upload your Research Action Essay.

Click on Grades to check points for individual assignments and for total
points earned so far.

The Classlist menu gives you the ability to contact all your classmates
and your instructor through email. This function is not to be used for nonclass-related communication, or communication that you would not share
in front of your instructor were this a face to face class.. Make sure to cc
yourself a copy of everything you send to me.

NOTE: All D2L Dropbox submissions must be in either Microsoft Word or Rich
Text Format. If you submit in any other format, your assignment will not be
graded. If you need help with this feature, contact the Student Computer Lab.

Class Procedures and Policies


(SAMPLE) Attendance is the main key to success in any course. To be in

attendance, you must be on the D2L COURSE NAME site at least 3 out of 7 days
each week. Being present means you should be involved in any discussions and
be current in turning in homework, projects, and assessments. Being present
means you check your school email account at least every other day.
Your school email address will be automatically entered into D2L, and this is the
email address I will use to communicate with you. If you manually change this
address in D2L, it will revert to your school email address within 24 hours. If you
have never activated your school email account, please contact the Student
Computer Lab for assistance (302.308.6445).
Students who have not participated in the course for two weeks may be
dropped from the course.

Late Assignments

(SAMPLE)(OPTIONAL) All assignments and due dates are posted well in advance
so it is reasonable to expect quality work from students submitted well before
the due date and time. If you do not procrastinate there should be no reason
you cannot submit assignments properly. Plan on turning in all work at least 48
hours before the due date, and be prepared to accept the consequences if you
do not.
All individual assignments will gladly be accepted early. No individual extra
credit will be given in this courseeveryone in the class will be evaluated on the
same work.

Academic Integrity (REQUIRED) Academic Dishonesty is considered a disciplinary offense under the

St. Cloud Technical & Community College Student Code of Conduct. Academic
Dishonesty is defined as the submission of false academic records, cheating,
plagiarism, altering, forging, or misusing a college academic record; acquiring or
using test materials without faculty permission; acting alone or in cooperation
with another to falsify records or to obtain dishonest grades, honors, or awards.

Any acts of academic dishonesty will be subject to disciplinary action and could
result in sanctions as described in the St. Cloud Technical & Community College
Student Code of Conduct.
(SAMPLE) (OPTIONAL) Academic dishonesty in an online learning environment
could involve:

Having a tutor or friend complete a portion of your assignments

Having a reviewer make extensive revisions to an assignment

Copying work submitted by another student

Using information from online information services without proper citation

(Proper documentation consists of quotation marks around three or more
of someone elses words followed by a proper citation. No quotation
marks are necessary if you put someone elses ideas in your own words;
however, you must follow the paraphrase with a proper citation.)

Using a paper you have/had written for another class to fulfill an

assignment in this class unless you have permission of both instructors

Sharing or receiving answers on tests before the test has been completed

A first instance of academic dishonesty will result in a zero for the assignment
and an academic progress report will be filed. The same will happen with a
second instance and in addition, the matter will be turned over to the Vice
President of Student Affairs. If you have any questions about appropriate
academic citations, consult your instructor or the Mary Stangler Center for
Academic Success.

Turnitin (Delete this section if you dont use Turnitin in your class or if its not
We will be using a subscription service that is designed to help students avoid
plagiarizing. You will be required to submit your formal writing assignments to
this site before you actually put the assignment into the D2L Dropbox. If you do
not first submit the assignments to Turnitin, your paper will lose points or not be
graded. This requirement will be explained in detail in the appropriate
In order to use Turnitin, you will have to register at www.turnitin.com and create
a user file. You will be given this information at the Orientation session. It is also
available on D2L and is part of the first weeks assignment.


ENROLLMENT PASSWORD: (Note that the password is case sensitive.)

(SAMPLE) (OPTIONAL) In order to assure that we can have a free and open
discussions and help each other to edit and improve our writing through
workshopping, I expect each person to respect the confidentiality of what your
classmates are willing to share while at the same time I ask that each of you

exercise good judgment in what you choose to share, avoiding non-public or

sensitive information. All of your writing in this course will be shared with the
When engaged in online interaction, it is important that we all follow netiquette.
This means our feedback must be clear, concise, not in all capital letters (which
indicates yelling), and focus on both the positive and negatives of the work we
are reading, giving the author specific examples to support our criticism and
specific suggestions on how to fix what we are criticizing. We should start and
end each critique with a positive but specific comment about what we are
Students are reminded to follow basic rules of civil communications:

Internet Sites


There will be no inappropriate language, threats, or negative personal

comments tolerated. All such correspondence will be forwarded to the
Student Conduct Officer for appropriate action.
Additionally, students are urged to report to the instructor immediately
any harassment by a classmate, whether by email or on the Discussion
Board and to forward the offending messages.

MLA Guidelines
APA Guidelines
SCTCCs Library
Technology and
Computer Labs
SCTCC Student

Mary Stangler
Center for
Success (CAS)


Plagiarism and Authentication Tool
Tutoring Center

Assignments (REQUIRED)
List of
Assignments and

(SAMPLE) You will read all 18 of the chapters in the textbook and take a timed
quiz for each chapter to test your comprehension of the reading. You will also
complete discussions corresponding to each module and complete a Research
Essay with a corresponding Action Project.
The total points for the class are as follows:
Chapter Quizzes (20 pts. each)
Discussion (10 pts. per post)

360 pts.
390 pts.

Action Research
Action Research
Action Research
Action Research
Action Research
Final Exam


15 pts.
30 pts.
10 pts.
30 pts.
200 pts.
50 pts.

You can check your grade through D2L at any point during the semester. If you
have any questions, please contact me immediately.
You can expect to have graded assignments returned within (X # of hours) of
the due date of the assignment. (3-5 day turnaround is encouraged)
Your grade will be a reflection of how well you have mastered the material, not
how hard you have worked.

Grading Formula


A= 90-100%
F=59 and below

Time Commitment (OPTIONAL)

(Sample) Allow 6-12 hours per week to complete the required work in this
course. That is quite a time commitment. You should make sure you can meet it
before you can continue.

Accommodations (REQUIRED)
St Cloud Technical and Community College is committed to providing reasonable
accommodations for all persons with disabilities. Accommodations are provided
on an individualized, as-needed basis, determined through appropriate
documentation of need. Please contact the Counselor for Students with
Disabilities at 320-308-5089, to develop your Accommodations Plan.
The accommodations authorized in your plan should be discussed with your
instructor. All discussions will remain confidential. Accommodations are not
provided retroactively so it is essential to discuss your needs at the beginning of
the semester.
This syllabus is available in alternate formats upon request.

Statement of Diversity (REQUIRED)

The entire class will benefit from the wealth of diversity brought by each
individual, so students are asked to extend every courtesy and respect that

they, in turn, would expect from the class.

This college is committed to creating a positive, supportive environment that
welcomes diversity of opinions and ideas for students. There will be no tolerance
of race discrimination/harassment, sexual discrimination/harassment, or
discrimination/harassment based on age, disability, color, creed, national origin,
religion, sexual orientation, marital status, status with regard to public
assistance, or membership in a local commission.

Course Calendar/Timeline
Week or Time Activities to Complete

This syllabus was adapted from a design by Linda Kingston, Director of Distance Education at
Alexandria Technical and Community College.

SCTCC is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System

Equal Opportunity educator and employer
ADA Accessible Facility; Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Educator and Employer
TTY users may call MN Relay Service at 711 to contact the college.
St. Cloud Technical & Community College
320-308-5000 800-222-1009
1540 Northway Drive, St. Cloud, MN 56303