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Shepherd of the Pines

Lutheran Church


1950 125th Street

Rice, MN 56367
Phone: 393-4295
Phone: 320-363-1323
Email: sotpministries@jetup.net
Church Website: sotpministries.com

As a church we are entering into a season when we all need to pray for Gods
guidance for our church, for the next pastor, and for our leadership. Listening
prayer is key.
Can you hear me? What about now? Can you hear me now? Weve all had that
phone conversation, havent we? Running from room to room, spot to spot,
desperately trying to get better reception. If youve done that recently, you know
its incredibly frustrating when you have something to say but you arent sure if
youre being heard. Youll never have a dropped call with Godyou never have
to wonder if He is still on the line. God hears the prayers you pray. He is good and
loves to meet your needs and fulfill your God-given dreams. God loves to hear from
youand He loves to answer back!
I John 5:14 (NKJV) says: Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if
we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears
us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of
Isnt that good news? Our God is not distant, uninvolved or uncaring. We can
be confident in the fact that He is with us, He loves usand He hears our prayers!
There are many believers today who have stopped asking God for the desires of
their heart. Theyre discouraged because God didnt act when they wanted Him to
or in the exact way they assumed He would. That discouragement has caused
them to throw their hands up in exasperation and downsize their prayers or even
quit praying altogether. God doesnt forget what youve prayed about. He doesnt
answer begrudgingly or with little enthusiasm. God absolutely loves to answer
when His children pray! Just look at what the Word says:
Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and petitions of
your heart (Psalm 37:4)
For everyone who keeps on asking receives, and he who keeps on seeking
finds (Matt. 7:8)
How much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those
who ask Him! (Matt. 7:11)
These are just a few of the many, many promises in the Bible that show God
hears your prayersand loves to answer each one. But when you ask, there is
something important I want you to understandthe fact that God answers our
prayers, doesnt necessarily mean He gives us everything we want, and it doesnt

mean He answers the exact moment we want Him to. God knows what is best for
us, so sometimes His answer is no, sometimes His answer is not yet, and
sometimes His answer is not in the way you expect. But this truth remains the
same: God will always answer your prayer in the way that is best for your
He has a plan and a purpose for each of us and it is greater than anything we
can imagine (see Ephesians 3:20). That is why God promises to provide everything
you need for His plan, not your plan.
And remember, His plan is always the best plan!
So, if youve been waiting for an answer or it youve been wondering why the
answer is different that you expected, dont be discouraged and dont give up. Ask
againand trust God to do something incredible in your life and in our
God bless you,

Joint Board of Lay Ministry/Executive Ministry Team Meeting

Pending Approval Minutes
April 21, 2016

BOLM members present: Brent Betker, Deb Erdmann, Curt Kvamme, Tim Neutz, Wayne Johnson, Sarah
Anderson, Bruce Resch, Pastor Bob, Wayne Anderson EMT members present: Brenda Hackett, Candace
Dingmann, DCO Peter Keyes Absent: Maria Traut and Properties: Keith Peterson
Meeting was called to order by President Brent Betker at 6:37 pm. Pastor Bob opened the meeting with prayer
after sharing his excitement about the upcoming plans God has for our church. Mission statement was read by
Wayne Johnson. Acts Chapter 22 was read and discussed.
Treasurers report was reviewed. Motion made to accept the report by Wayne Anderson, seconded by Sarah.
Motion carried.
Properties Report: Keith will be meeting with the properties committee this coming week. The agenda includes
the sound system.
Secretarys reports were read for meetings on 3/19/16 & 4/10/16. Motion made to accept the reports as read by
Wayne Anderson, seconded by Deb. Motion carried.
EMT Leaders Reports
Worship The team is looking for congregational interest in a youth choir. Training plans for worship
team activities (ushers, readers, etc.) are being developed. Worship team members will be in the narthex to greet
congregation and introduce themselves as members of the worship team. Musician schedule has been coordinated
for the year including the choir. The team has met and are gathering ideas including looking into a guide for
worship from the Missouri Synod and name badges.
Small Groups Brenda reported that Sunday school will not be held on Mothers Day and will conclude on
May 15th. Attendance has been stable through the spring. The Sr. High group is doing well. VBS is scheduled for
June 5th 9th, no mission of love recipient has been chosen yet. The Easter breakfast was successful and a great
support of our fellow members Jim and Ardelle. Brenda will be meeting with Peter Keyes to work towards

introducing small groups to the SHAPE classes. Triads and Quads are still meeting; suggestion was made to have
another workshop starting May 24th. The SHAPE class and triads may spark more Bible studies to start. There are
currently two Bible Studies meeting. Plans are in the works for more to start up in the fall including the Angels
study and the Truth Project. One of the quad groups has been organizing the national day of prayer gathering.
The library has begun to look unused; the congregation is encouraged to utilize the resources in the library.
Service Wayne Johnson reported that the SHAPE class has concluded. The team has put together a
survey to send to the congregation. Todd Manske has joined the service team. The SHAPE class was successful in
forming a group that is working together on projects. Someone will report next month regarding the Stephen
ministries plans.
Report from DCO Peter Keyes The SHAPE class as successful with eight attendees, a second class is planned to
start on 4/28/16. A BOLD outreach workshop was held and is hoped to be offered again. Peter has been meeting
with SOTP leaders to have conversations about short and long term plans for outreach. Plans are being made
Community Prayer Walk, more information to come about this.

Other joint meeting business:

National Day of Prayer gathering Thursday, May 5 th. Bruce made a motion to support the National day of prayer
event with up to $250. Deb seconded the motion, motion carried.
Joint meeting closed with prayer. EMT and Peter Keyes were excused.
Old business:
Pastor Bob and Karen have added Karen to the credit card account.
Alliance Defending Freedom Tim has looked at the LCMS website looking for statements of faith. Tims
intention is to put together a packet of statements.
Brent reported that Pastor Greg Tomhave is willing to do weddings and funerals after June 30th.
DCO ministry Wayne Johnson made a motion to extend the contract with Peter Keyes through June at a
rate of $20 per hour for up to 10 hours a week, seconded by Wayne Anderson. Motion carried.
Pastor Hicham Chehab has not yet been rescheduled to visit SOTP.
Proposal for change presented by Wayne Johnson for laymen who would potentially be prepared to serve
communion, give a message and pray with people in the absence of a pastor.
New business:
Worship Shepherd schedule was reviewed through May 22nd.
Next EMT/BOLM joint meeting will be on Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 pm.
Pastor Bob will be on vacation May 5th through May 12th. Communion will be moved to the 3rd and 5th
Sundays in May. Steve Ree will be leading the service on May 8th.
Bruce moved to accept Chelsea Brannen, Vanessa Wojtanowicz and Amanda Baer into membership.
Seconded by Wayne Anderson. Motion carried. May 1st will be the new member welcome. Bruce moved
to release Breydon Popp to a transfer of membership to Trinity Lutheran Church in Bismark, seconded by
Deb. Motion carried.
Confirmation - Saturday, April 30th will be a 10 am service for 10 confirmands to confess their faith in
Jesus Christ.
Request for funds from a missionary in Thailand with YWAM was tabled to next meeting.
Holly Jasmer is planning an FPU class starting in June. More information to follow.
Prince of Peace Lutheran School support was tabled to next meeting.
Proposal to separate the joint meeting onto a separate night from the BOLM meeting was discussed.

Voting for District President tabled to next meeting.

Motion was made by Bruce to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Deb. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at
10:35 pm. Meeting was closed with prayer.
Respectfully submitted by Sarah Anderson, BOLM Secretary

Starting Tuesday, May 24th at 6:30pm, Pastor Bob is offering what's

called Triad Mentor Groups. Triads are groups of Three (3 men or 3
women) who meet together for prayer, growing together in their faith, for
encouragement, and mentoring each other through life's ups and downs.
According to Matthew 18:20 there is a 4th person in a Triad, "For where two or
three gather in my name, there am I with them." Jesus, by His Holy Spirit meets us as we
gather together with other believers. On May 24th at 6:30, we will launch those who would
like to be in a Triad into Christian mentor groups using a Bible based book on prayer. There
is a sign-up sheet on the counter in the church lobby. Find a couple other people who
would like to join you on this journey and sign up for your Triad Mentor Group.
For more information talk with Pastor Bob, 393-4295.


Below is an article by Dave Meyer, Joyce Meyers husband. It is well
worth reading. How did we get here? What most people dont know
about the rise of Americas counter-culture. - Pastor Bob

When talking about America, theres one question I hear a lot: How
did we get here?
Its easy for people to recognize our nations drastic moral
decline. Wherever you look, God has been removed from
our government and nearly every aspect of society. But it
didnt happen overnight
Seeds of the 60s RevolutionThe plan to undermine
Americas moral and spiritual roots started in 1933. To
escape Hitler, a group of Marxist German intellectuals came to
America at the invitation of John Dewey, who was on staff at Columbia
Dewey is known as the father of modern education. However, most people
dont know that he co-authored Humanistic Manifesto I, and with the help of
his friends throughout American universities, he strategically placed
thousands of these men in teaching positions specifically in education and
journalism. He knew the most effective way to instill his worldview into
millions of Americans was through the classroom and the media.
So, what did they teach? Deweys method was to place greater value on
physical and emotional experiences over facts and practical knowledge. It
rejects history, tradition, and cultural and moral values in favor of diversity
and tolerance. Little by little, they chipped away at the moral fiber initiated
by our Founding Fathers.
The results were devastating. By the 1960s, it erupted into a full-on

counter-culture revolution, resulting in flag-burning and anti-American

sentiment. Young people openly rejected the morals of our past and
embraced the feel-good experiences of the present, leading to increased drug
use and immorality.
Lets fast forward to present day. Many of those young people are now
the university presidents, professors, and authors of our childrens textbooks.
And we wonder why our history has been distorted and rewritten!
Its just like the frog who was slowly boiled to death in the pot of water.
The temperature was increased slowly, little by little, and it never realized
what was happening. Likewise, the assault on our traditional values has been
slow but sure, and its hard to overemphasize the damage thats been done.
A Crisis of Conscience Another major development occurred in 1947.
Most people have never heard the name Hugo Black. However, Judge Black
decided that the first amendment of the Constitution says there is to be a wall
of separation between the church and the state. The truth is that our
Constitution does not say that.
Heres the saddest part about it: The judicial branch of our government
cannot make laws. Only Congress the legislative body can do that.
However, Judge Black made that decision and, out of ignorance, we allowed it
to become law.
Why did Satan want this separation? Because the Church is the
conscience of our country. When he shut out the Church, he shut down our
We didnt have a Prayer What happened with Judge Black is the perfect
example of how our enemy operates: Satan will work where there is no
It happened again in 1962, when he used one person just one person-- to
get prayer taken out of schools. Tragically, the Church stood by silently and
watched it happen. Sure, there were a few who made some noise, but no real
action was taken.
In the 50s and 60s, the envelope was pushed even further when our
government (under pressure from special interest groups) began to remove
all references to God and stories of our godly heritage from our history books.
Ill never forget watching the news several years ago. The news anchor
was upset about a current event and asked, Where is God in all of this?
Almost without thinking, I exclaimed, Right where we put Him! What did I
mean? We have pushed God out of our history, out of our country, and out of
our government. Then when things go wrong, we wonder why its all
happening. The truth is, God goes where Hes invited, stays where His
reputation is protected, but leaves when He is rejected. God alone is the
reason why the United States has become one of the most blessed nations on
earth. However, we cant continually push Him away and expect to enjoy His
blessings and protection.
So, What Do We Do Now?I encourage you to become a student of
our nations true godly history. Read how our Founding Fathers invited the
Lord into every aspect of their lives and government. Unless we are educated

about our past and how we got here, we cannot take responsibility. Our rights
can only be maintained by Christians following their civic responsibilities.
Then its important to take action. Vote for godly leaders and hold them
accountable; participate in civil government as opportunities allow and not
leave it up to someone else. Most importantly, seek God and ask Him what to
do-then do it! He has a unique plan for every one of us, and youll be amazed
at what He shows you.
Friends, its time to take up this fight. Because the truth is, the Church
can either stand up and fight or lay down and diebut it cant stay the same
and survive. The good news is, God is greater than the enemy. We cannot do
Gods part, and He will not do our part. But if well take steps to learn and do
our part, then we will see things change for the future of America.

The 65th Annual National Day of Prayer Gathering

Thursday, May 5, 2016
Meal: 5:30pm
Event: 6:30pm
Shepherd of the Pines Lutheran Church

Our theme for 2016 is Wake Up America, emphasizing the

need for individuals, corporately and individually, to
return to the God of Fathers in reverence for His Holy
Name. To further highlight our theme, weve chosen
Isaiah 58:1a as our Scripture for this year: Shout it
aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet.

VBS is on the move!!!!

2016 Cave Quest will take us on a journey to follow the light of Jesus with five accounts of Jesus ministry. By
grace through faith, Jesus, Gods own Son our Savior, calls us, teaches us, keeps us safe, saves us, and provides all
we need now and forever. Thats amazing grace!
Registration is open for ages 3yrs.old to 5th grade who will attend VBS from June 5th -9th. Dont miss the
exploration of fun! Get hiking with us to sing fun songs, do crazy experiments, eat yummy snacks, play awesome
games, and more. Plus, youll learn all about Jesus our Savior and His amazing grace! Cant wait to see you there!
To register, the sheets are on the counter in the Narthex.
Registration for Cave Quest Vacation Bible School will begin May 1 st. Fill out the registration form and put it in
the box on the counter.
Connect Children with Gods Eternal Good News at VBS: Every child needs to hear the Good News that Jesus
their Savior calls us, teaches us, keeps us safe, saves us, and provides all we need by His amazing grace through
faith. At Cave Quest VBS, you will connect children with the most important message of their lifetime: the
miraculous story of what Jesus did for us what we could never do for ourselves. If you can help full or part time,
we have many ways to be involved to suit your schedule and interests. Check out the sheets May 1 st on the counter
in the Narthex. Join us for an Amazing Grace Adventure!
We appreciate your prayers for Cave Quest, our Vacation Bible School being held on June 5 th 9th. Ask God to
bring children to our program so they can know and grow in Jesus, our Savior! Ask God to provide leaders and
helpers for this important mission. We also ask that if God moves your heart to donate a food item needed for
snack that you would please check the list and add your name! Thank you for supporting our children of the
Brenda Hackett
Small Group Team Leader
Colleen, Peg, Roxanne, Jennifer, Jean
VBS team

We have been praying for our

church family each week as we go
through our church directory from
A to Z. As you go about your daily
tasks lift a prayer for the family of the week
as the Lord brings them to mind.
In May we will be praying for:
May 1 -

Tom & Mary Estes

May 8 -

Ken & Peggy Feia

May 15 -

Brian & Lisa Fiedler

Children: Matthew & Mariah

May 22 -

Chad & Kari Fiedler

Children: Doug, Austin & Jackie

May 29 -

Ron & Jean Folkerts


May distribution is Thursday,
May 5th, 3:00-5:30pm
at the Old Village Hall

Good Shepherd
Community and
Prince of
School are
co-hosting a FundayFest Event
at Good Shepherd to celebrate
Bringing Generations Together
to benefit both organizations in
their mission of outreach and
growth in Christ. Along with
this fantastic opportunity for
fellowship, there will be family
games and contests, music, and
a grilled lunch to enjoy. Please
plan to join us on Sunday, May
22nd from 11:00am to 3:00pm on

the Good Shepherd Campus at

11115 4th Avenue North in Sauk
Rapids. Lunch will be served
until 1:00pm with the cost for
admission and lunch being
$8.00 per person or $20 per
family of any size.
There is a red tote in the fellowship hall for
you year-round
shoppers. Feel free
to fill your own
shoeboxes (wrapped
or unwrapped) as you find things and bring
those also. We started the year with generous
cash donations so were off to a good start


We will be quilting on
May 12th and May
from 2:00
church. Contact Ardelle for more
info at 656-5858.
Anyone is
welcome to stop in and join us!

Our youth group has a very

busy upcoming schedule and we
are hopeful that MANY will join
us for festivities! On May 1st, we
will be having a barbecue
gathering at the Ellefson house
from 10am-2pm. We will swim,
eat, play games and have lots of
laughter. Mothers and Fathers
Day celebrations are planned

(be sure to come to church that

day!) We are also hosting a
large group event to watch the
movie Gods Not Dead 2 at
the Parkwook 18 theater. A sign
up sheet is located on the
counter in the church lobby if
youd like to join us. Cost is just
$5 for all non-youth group
a GREAT deal!
Blessings in Christ,
Karen & Michelle
Pastor Bob & Carol will be
away on vacation May 5th
through May 12th. If you
need pastoral care during
this time please contact
Pastor Greg Tomhave at
320-493-9761 or the church office,


We will be taking up
our noisy offering on
Sunday, May 15th, for
the Rice Area Food Shelf. Thank you
for your support and your generous

Hello Everyone,
It's hard to believe that it is May already. We only
have 3 Sundays of Sunday School left. We will hold

regular classes on May 1st and 15th. May 8th is

Mother's Day and we will NOT have class so that the
teachers and the children can take time to be with
their mothers.
Our last day will be on May 22nd. The children will
enjoy ice cream sundaes served by their awesome
teachers and enjoy a longer fellowship time, then we
will go into the sanctuary for our closing ceremony.
I want to THANK all the teachers and helpers for
their time and dedication. You are greatly
Have a great summer,
Jennifer Betker


Amanda Baer
1251 10th Ave NE #302,
Sauk Rapids

Amanda works as a
nurse at the St. Cloud
hospital and enjoys
horseback riding, fishing, hunting and
spending time with her other family,
the Jasmers.
Chelsea RaeAnn Brannen
950 105th Street, Rice

Chelsea is engaged to
Aram Banaian and
together, the couple
has one son, Liam Banaian. Chelsea
states that SOTP is more than just a
group of people, its a family!

Vanessa Vas
12287 15th Ave NW, Rice

Vas is married to Luke

and is a housewife who
works on art and
writing. She is fully bilingual in Spanish

and English and loves to volunteer and

sing. Vas enjoys civil debate, historical
research and spending time with her
husband, friends and family.

Worship Shepherds

May 29



Howard & Nancy Forer





Keith & Roxanne Peterson



Kevin & Janet Maleska


Ron & Barb McKeever


Deb Erdmann
Wayne Johnson
Curt Kvamme
Tim Neutz
Bruce Resch


Richael Weinand
Angela Frost

May 1 8:00am

Brian & Heather Statz

Jeremiah & Candace Dingmann


May 8 8:00am


May 15


Jay & Leah Saldana

John & Gloria Hendrickson

May 22


Jordie Stay & Deb Erdmann

Keith & Kathy Craft

May 29


Keith & Brenda Hackett

Pam Fuchs & Christine Blommer

Deb Erdmann, Curt Kvamme,
Sandie Resch
If it is your turn to serve fellowship,
please bring some treats to share and
arrive early to help set up. If your
name is first on the list, please arrive
30 minutes prior to the 8:00am service
to make coffee. The directions for
making coffee are posted on the
bulletin board in the kitchen. When you serve fellowship,
please plan on serving coffee and treats and cleaning up the
kitchen after the first service. The others serving with you
would appreciate it!

May 1


DJ Janski, D. Perleberg, M. Popp,

S. Arickx, Hanebuth/Gunderson
L. Legatt, G. Loidolt, B. Resch,
D. Leahy, Blommer/Gertken


Linda Dirks
Melissa Hinderschied


May 8





K. Hackett, J. Hackett, W. Peterson,

B. Paradeis, _______________

May 15


Todd Manske
Sandie Resch



B. Jasmer, P. Rolph, D. Koep,

C. Koep, K. Ellefson

May 22


Paul Tschida
Pam Fuchs





1 - Acts 16:9-15
John 16:23-33



8 - Revelation 22:1-20
John 17:20-26

May 1

8:00am Jennifer Betker

10:30am Denise Leahy


15 - Acts 2:1-21
John 14:23-31

May 8

8:00am Donovan Elyea

10:30am Matthew Neutz


22 - Romans 5:1-5
John 16:12-15

May 15


29 Galatians 1:1-12
Luke 7:1-10

8:00am Dennis Arntson

10:30am Denise Leahy

May 22

8:00am Bill Paradeis

10:30am Noah Ellefson

May 29

8:00am Samantha Dubbin

10:30am Matthew Neutz

Julie Clasen, Charyl Walberg,
Peg Feia, Sandy Froelich


Jesus Cares For...

Bob Trinklein, Pastor

Church Phone: 393-4295
Pastors Home Study: 320-363-1323
Email: sotpministries@jetup.net
Church Website: sotpministries.com
Sarah Anderson, Secretary 267-2628, Wayne Anderson 393-2128, Brent Betker, President 584-8170, Deb Erdmann, 393-4279,
Wayne Johnson 253-9020, Curt Kvamme, Treas. 393-3353, Tim Neutz, 393-3386, Bruce Resch, Vice-President 360-4562
Keith Peterson, Church Properties 292-4007
Brenda Hackett - Small Group Team Leader, Candace Dingmann - Worship Team Leader, Maria Traut - Service Team Leader
In case of church cancellation due to bad weather listen to, 98 COUNTRY 98.1, SPIRIT 92.9, KCLD 104.7, WJON 1240,
or call the church office and listen to the message.

Shepherd of the Pines Mission Statement: Connecting People to GodTo Othersand To Service
The purpose of this congregation is mandated for us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as found in the words of the Great
Commission (Matthew 28), namely first of all to Go. To leave our walls of refuge, going into all the world, comprising of our families
and neighbors. We plan to achieve our purpose by identifying persons with whom we are particularly well-equipped to serve and reach
with the challenge of becoming Disciples of Christ.
Second, to Make Disciples or in the words of St Paul, To equip the saints (Ephesians 4:12). This is to be understood as helping
people to live the Christian life here on earth. Preparing and encouraging young and old alike to find and to use their God given gifts
and abilities for the extension of His Kingdom, and to grow in fervent love for God and for others.
Thirdly, to Baptize as commanded by Jesus Himself. As God reaches down to mankind with His means of grace, He would have us
baptize His people, bringing them into His family and Kingdom, granting to them life, forgiveness of sins, and eternal salvation.
And lastly, to continue steadfast in His Word, Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. A continued
zeal for the study of His Word, the Bible, is necessary for the growth of any Christian congregation. Thus, the Word of God will be
taught and studied in full measure and His Word shall be the rule and norm of this congregations faith and life.
To that end, our every effort and energy will be used in motivating, training, and putting to use our time, and talents and treasures
to Make Disciples.