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Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

Brochure Contents
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How to proceed with your training

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How to gain from your NLP training


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How our NLP e-Learning works in practice

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How the material is presented

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Your investment options

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Which course?

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The NLP Practitioner Course

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The NLP Master Practitioner Course

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Professional Standards and Ethics

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Certification Requirements and Tutoring


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Online NLP Training v Attended NLP Training

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

What should I do if I wish to go ahead with the


There are many professional benefits of NLP certification.

Previous students have used our NLP Practitioner and NLP
Master Practitioner qualifications to benefit them in the following
professional areas:

Visit the following link and complete our NLP Online Training
Registration Form:

Coaching - Set yourself up in practice as a Life Coach,

Business Coach, Sports Coach.
Therapy - NLP compliments other talking therapies and
provides vital additional skills for Counsellors and
Psychotherapists. Therapists in the UK offering NLP
Therapy in private practice are typically able to charge 60100 per hour for their services. NLP is now used as a key
skill in various areas of the UK National Health Service
(smoking cessation being just one).
Management - A professional NLP qualification is
recognised in many industries now as a stamp of
excellence, a guarantee of excellence in communication
skills and people management. Benefits to our students
being faster promotion, attractive to future employers,
improved team performance, greater retention of staff.
Sales - Previous salespeople taking our NLP courses have
reported doubling their income by using these NLP
techniques in their sales process.
Education - Teachers and Lecturers applying NLP skills to
the benefit of their students have reported accelerated
learning, longer knowledge retention and improved learner
NLP Training - Start a business as an NLP Trainer
(requires an additional qualification as an NLP Trainer) or
use NLP Training in your own business environment.

You can choose to pay online by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, or

you can pay by Bank Transfer. If you require an invoice then
please provide your details for that on the registration form.
Once we receive your instructions we will enroll you on your
course and email you with your login details for you to start
your course.

What if I have further questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Email your questions to us
at info@excellenceassured.com.

How can your online NLP training benefit me?

Our online NLP Training Courses provide recognised
professional qualifications. Once you have gained accreditation
through our NLP courses you may use the titles of NLP
Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach and NLP
Master Coach.

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

How does the e-Learning work?

Direct Benefits for you

Our online NLP Training is provided to you via a Learning

Management System (LMS), which is a database of training
material held on our servers at Excellence Assured.

Improved happiness levels

Personal Development
Improved communication skills
Overcome procrastination
Control your thinking, control your destiny
Gain Confidence

In order to ensure that you have the best possible learning

experience and that you can learn in a way that suits your
preferred learning style the course material is provided in
several formats.
Each of our courses has the following material:

Benefit others - Working with others in therapy/coaching

Stop Smoking
Lose Weight
Sports - Performance enhancement

Business gains

Motivating others
Influencing others
Performance management/enhancement
Sales Skills
Communication Skills
Visionary Leadership skills

Course manual (PDF Documents) which you can download

and print off if required, so that you can make notes as
you learn.
Audio (MP3 audio files) which you can listen to online and
also download so that you may listen at your leisure and
play on your preferred player.
Video (Quicktime files) which you can view online via your
unique login.
Tests - There are optional multiple choice tests, and
missing word tests for each course module. The tests
allow you to monitor your progress and help embed your
knowledge as you work through the modules.
Exercises - The best way to learn is to do and we provide
you with optional exercises for each module. Practice
what you have learned and you will retain the material
with ease.
Certification Test - Should you choose to certificate then
you will be required to complete the course certification
test. This is a multiple choice, missing word test with a
required pass mark of 75%. You may retake the test as
many times as is required.

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

What is the process for access to the training


How is the material presented?

Each of the courses is split into modules. Each module has
associated manual chapters, audio, video, tests, exercises.

The diagram below explains the registration process.

Our manuals:

PDF Documents.

Include - Processes, Demonstration of Techniques,

Diagrams, Exercises, Tables.


*Upfront payment guarantees that you will receive access to all

of the course material straight away.

MP3 Files.
Course narrative.
Explanation of techniques, processes, exercises, and NLP
This is the audio associated with the video training below.

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

Our Videos:

Quicktime Files.

Presented by your personal coach and trainer, Anthony


NLP 4-Mat system of training to suit the four preferred

learning styles. Why? What? How? What if?

Guided illustration of NLP techniques and processes.

Demonstration of techniques.

Visual and auditory explanation of exercises.

How much is your investment?

NLP Practitioner Training Course
Your total investment for our NLP Practitioner Course
(including certification as an NLP Practitioner and NLP
Coach) = 449 Including VAT.

NLP Master Practitioner Training Course

Your total investment for our NLP Master Practitioner Course
(including certification as an NLP Master Practitioner and
NLP Master Coach) = 549 Including VAT.

***Premium NLP Masters Training Package***

Your total investment for our Premium NLP Training Package
(including certification as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master
Practitioner, NLP Coach and NLP Master Coach) = 849
Including VAT

Payment is via PayPal or Bank Transfer, overseas pay the GBP


Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

Learn how to work with others to enable them to reach their

own potential.
Master the art and science of personal excellence.
The best tool out there to enable you to design your life the
way that you want it!
NLP Master Practitioner Certification - approx 130 hours study +
successful completion of Content Integration test.
NLP Master Coach Certification

***Premium NLP Masters Training Package***:

Which course is right for me?

Stage 1 and Stage 2 NLP training package. Your pathway to NLP

Incorporating both the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master
Practitioner Training Courses and all course material therein.

NLP Practitioner:
NLP Training - Stage 1
No entry requirements. Become a Practitioner of NLP.
Essential understanding of yourself and others.
Learn how to transform your life.
Change techniques for yourself and for others.
Complete foundation course in personal excellence.
NLP Practitioner Certification - approx 130 hours study +
successful completion of Content Integration test.
NLP Coach Certification

NLP Master Practitioner:

NLP Training - Stage 2
Entry requirements - NLP Practitioner, or equivalent
Become a Master Practitioner of NLP.
Put yourself in complete control of your own destiny

* See Full Terms and Conditions for details of money back guarantee

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

How to change something that we dislike into something that we like and
What is confusion and how to overcome it, how to eliminate it.
What you believe shapes your world. Identifying and changing limiting
Why we behave well and poorly in certain situations and how to change the
way we behave to get what you want - Submodalities and Swish Pattern

NLP Practitioner Training Course

A practical qualification in enabling and achieving positive change in
yourself and others.
Here is what you will learn
Basic principles of NLP
A history of NLP.
How we perceive the world and why that affects our results - NLP
communication model, mind/body relationship.
NLPs convenient and empowering assumptions and convenient beliefs Presuppositions of NLP.
Planning for success, working with outcomes
The principles behind how to achieve success.
How to plan to get the outcomes that you want in life - NLP Well Formed
An expansion on the SMART goal setting theme.
Observing behaviour & building rapport
Observing and understanding behaviour in others in order to know how they
are thinking - Sensory Acuity, Representational Systems, Predicates and Eye
Know how to guarantee getting in rapport with others and how to recognise
when you have it and when you do not!
Behaviour assessment for influence and flexibility
Learn how to have a multiple perspective in a situation to assess your own
and others behaviour to achieve more positive results for both parties Perceptual Positions techniques.
How to improve relationships that are important to you - Meta Mirror

Behaviour Strategies
Understand how you have strategies for each of your behaviours which
determines your results.
How to change your strategies to achieve better results.
Discovering others strategies and facilitating change.
Designing appropriate new strategies.

Introduction to change work in self and others

Understanding why we like some things and not others, why somethings we
are compelled to do and not others.

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

Our conditioned responses
How we involuntarily and voluntarily accumulate conditioned responses to
outside influences throughout our lifetimes eg Via advertising.
Identify and fix unwanted responses and design future responses the way
that you want them.
How to influence and produce desired conditioned responses in others.
Abolish negativity in yourself and facilitate that change in others.
How to change your emotional state in an instant in order to empower you Perfect for providing motivation, destroying feelings of confusion and
overwhelm, generating conviction in your own resourcefulness.
Overcome your phobias and eliminate lingering past negative emotions.

Releasing past negative emotions and mental blocks

Learn how events in the past may still be producing negative emotions in
you that are holding you back from achieving your full potential.
How to let go of these negative emotions and mental blocks.
Why anxiety exists and how to eliminate it.

Change Models for individuals and organisations

Where to focus your actions as individuals and in organisations to effect the
change that you desire - Neurological Levels of Change.
How to design an effective strategy for change.
Identifying what is limiting successful change at present and how to
overcome this.

Applying your NLP knowledge

You now have some valuable skills, how to apply your skills to make the
most of your training.

Introduction to Hypnosis
What Hypnosis is and its uses.
How to induce trance.
Using the power of suggestion and how to work with trance to achieve
better health

The spoken word - introduction

Learn how to identify opportunities for change in how we speak.
How our language reveals how we may be holding ourselves back - NLP
Milton Model, NLP Meta Model patterns, Linguistic assumptions.
How to use your language in order to gain a better understanding as to how
others think and how they construct their world - Chunking Up, Chunking
Understand Hypnotic Language techniques.
Using NLP language techniques with others
How to influence others via the language that you use.
Bring about positive change in yourself and others through how you say
things and what you say - Using Metaphors, Reframing, Parts Integration
Therapy Techniques,

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

Learn how our unconscious mind patterns reveal our personality.
Understand how to discover other peoples patterns in order to influence
them effectively (in managing them, in change work, in selling to them).

NLP Master Practitioner Training Course

An advanced practical qualification in enabling and achieving positive
change in yourself and others.
The ultimate personal development tool.
Here is what you will learn:
Revision of NLP Practitioner themes including:
Definitions of NLP
NLP Communication Model
Presuppositions of NLP
Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind

Values and Meta-programs

How what we hold as our values affect our behaviour as individuals and in
Understanding different values levels, finding your own values level and how
to discover other peoples.
Assessing values and changing values.
Motivating through values.
Our unconscious thinking mechanisms - Meta-Programs
Personality profiling overview.

Modelling others - a shortcut to genius

Understanding the different types of modelling.
Who to model and why.
Applying techniques of behaviour learnt at Practitioner level in order to
facilitate the modelling process.
Applying knowledge of peoples Values and Metaprograms in installing the
skill in yourself.
Training others in the process.
Work on your own personal modelling project.

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

Advanced language techniques - Quantum Linguistics
Practise and apply the Practitioner level skills of Milton and Meta Model
language patterns and Chunking techniques.
Use Advanced language patterns in changing behaviour - Advanced
Presuppositions, Prime Concerns, Cartesian Co-ordinates, Decision Destroyer,
Linguistic Resourcing.
Linguistic Parts integration - further part integration work - for positive
change .

How to conduct a personal breakthrough session.
Demonstrate your new skills in facilitating a personal breakthrough session

Advanced language techniques - Sleight of Mouth

Learn how these techniques have been applied over the years - how to win
any argument!
Practical uses and experiences of how to apply Sleight of Mouth patterns.

Advanced Patterns of NLP

Techniques to enable you to work with others to create lasting change using
submodalities. Eg NLP Allergy Cure, Phobia Cure, Peripheral Awareness for

Discover the different techniques of using your Timeline.
Master the Timeline techniques and its uses in producing deep and lasting
change in yourself and others.

What Hypnosis is and its uses.
How to induce trance.
Using the power of suggestion and how to work with trance to achieve
better health

Advanced Strategy work

Therapy based on logical levels - Logical levels of therapy
Developing motivation strategies, learning strategies, spelling strategies.
Discovering strategies in others and changing them to effect change.


Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

Provision of professional standards for NLP and coaching

certification by trainer members.
Provision of a community for NLP professionals.

Professional Standards and Ethics

Should you choose to certificate with us in NLP, you can see
below an example of one of our NLP Practitioner Certificates.
You will receive automatic complementary membership of
NLPEA upon certification with Excellence Assured Ltd.

At Excellence Assured we are proud to associate with

the NLP Association of Excellence (NLPEA) and
International NLP Trainer Association (INLPTA). Both
Associations provide our professional standards, ethics
and accreditation is from the NLPEA.
NLPEA are a not for profit, international membership
organisation for NLP professionals, coaches and trainers. Their
stated aims are:
Recognised body of accreditation for Coaching and NLP
Training Courses.
To maximise the distribution of the skills of NLP and coaching
throughout the world community to further our evolution.
To benefit the public through the registration by qualification
of NLP Professionals, Coaches, and NLP Trainers.
Provision of ethical standards in the practice of and training
in NLP, personal development and coaching.
Professional membership for practicing NLP Professionals,
Coaches, and NLP Trainers.

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012

Once you feel that you have a good understanding of the

material you will then request your Content Integration Test
from your tutor. As per the title this test is designed as a
Content Integration and will test your knowledge as well as
providing you with a final integration of the material that you
have been studying. This test normally takes 10+ hours to
complete, it is open book and there is no deadline.

Certification Requirements and Tutorial Support

When you register on the course, you will be allocated a course

tutor who will be available to provide support to you as you
complete your course.
In order to gain your professional NLP certification you will be
required to complete a final course Content Integration. This is
a written answer test which takes 10+ hours to complete.

You will submit your answers to your tutor, and they will assess
your answers and provide feedback to you. The required pass
score is 75%. Should you fall short of the required pass score in
the first instance, then they may just require you to readdress
the questions that were incorrect, or they may set you a new

In order to gain certification you will also be required to

complete Module Feedback Summaries as you progress through
the course. The Module Feedback Summaries are written
learning summaries that you will email to us and which will
demonstrate your learning and competence in each module.

This process continues until you have reached the required

standard and then we will issue you with your signed
certificate, which will be sent to you by post.

It is our aim to ensure that each of our participants achieves

the required level of competence in order to achieve
certification standards. With this in mind your tutor will review
your Module Feedback Summaries and provide their own
feedback to you where they consider necessary.
Our process for certification is as follows:
We will register you on the course when we have received
payment and will then send you your login details which you
will use to access our e-Learning portal. Within the portal you
will find your course manual, videos, audios and background
reading recommendations.
We normally recommend that our delegates run through the
material a couple of times at least until they are familiar with
it and complete the exercises as you go along. You should
complete the Module Feedback Summaries as you complete
each module on the course.

Excellence Assured NLP Training Online - 2012


Live - NLP Training


Online - NLP
Training Course


Practitioner Course
449 incl. VAT
Practitioner Course
1,350 + VAT (7
Days attended)

Master Practitioner
Course 2,400 +
VAT (14 Days

Full NLP Master

Practitioner Course 18 modules

Master Practitioner
Course 549


Premium NLP
Masters Package
849 (access to both

Full course manual

Expert instruction

Full Practitioner

Immediate start

NLP Coach

Learn all the

techniques and
processes of NLP

Full Master

Content Integration

NLP Master Coach


Individual Course
length = 130 hours

lifetime membership

Timeline techniques

Full NLP Practitioner

Course - 18 modules



Live - NLP Training


Online - NLP
Training Course