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The era of Big Data requires the ability to analyze vast amounts of complex data,
discover interconnectedness in the data and to make predictions and deliver
insight. Thriving amidst this complexity requires new analytic tools that go
beyond the simplifications of established analytic methods and basic human
simMachines has addressed these requirements by creating a
revolutionary Discovery & Predictive Analytics tool utilizing similaritybased processing. Our proprietary Machine Learning (ML) algorithm provides
predictions that include an intuitive, actionable visualization of the analysis. By
directly using the raw data, our predictions are fully transparent, justified, and

simMachines award-winning technology enables a user to discover and predict
answers to previously unsolvable business problems with unparalleled
performance. By providing predictions with the complete basis of analysis, our
analytics are a grey box in contrast to the industry norm of black box analytics.
This enables the user to both understand the predictions and to apply human
judgment in the application of the predictions.
We support streaming, real-time and stored data, and are complementary to the
big data infrastructure companies. Not only do we find similar objects based on a
mathematical comparison (using metric and non-metric distance functions), but
also group objects by similarity to understand common patterns and anomalies.
Using state of the art distance functions, our recommendations,
predictions, classification and clustering are advanced over other methods
of analysis.
Our similarity-based ML includes, but is not limited to, the spreadsheet vector
oriented (Euclidean) analysis of other methods. The development of our fast
similarity (nearest neighbor) engine enables the analysis of data shapes beyond
words and numbers including biologic, chemical and genomic data, freeform text,
3D shapes and images. Analysis beyond vectors includes complex and
compound time series data and other forms and layouts. These beyond
Euclidean analytic capabilities enable the discovery of new information from
virtually any data shape.
Client Market
We enable companies to make more informed and actionable analysis and
decisions resulting in better efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Our products
are designed for use by data scientists and users of data across all kinds of
organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, mid sized businesses,
investment firms, government agencies, universities, research institutions and
Examples of applications include but are not limited to:
- Public & Private Financial Analysis
- Fraud Detection
- Compliance & Risk Management
- Biotech Analysis

We sell direct to customers and to companies that license our products and
incorporate them into their product offering. Through our Partner Program we
establish alliance, distribution, and technology programs to support the growth,
expansion, and customer resources. Currently we have ten partnerships
spanning US, Central and South America and Israel. Data Pulse, LLC our first
joint venture, is fully operational.
Customer Implementation
Product delivery and pricing is cloud-based SaaS software license model. We
deliver our cloud services in partnership with Microsoft Azure . In 2016 we will
launch the offering of simMachines through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
Providing access through Azure Marketplace will provide initial and periodic use
of our analytic tools on a per hour use basis. For clients that require handling of
more private and sensitive data, our system can be installed on in-house servers
as well.
Our products are designed and built for rapid deployment. The primary
implementation step is tuning the system with customer data. This step can be
accomplished by the customer, with support from simMachines or using one of
our certified implementation services partners. The objective is to deploy and
operationalize simMachines analysis in as soon as a few weeks.
Company History
The development of the simMachines similarity-based technology began in 2004
and the company was founded in 2012. Our products are the result of more than
twenty-six person years of development and have been rigorously tested,
validated and verified. The products were beta tested with customers in 2014
with commercial release beginning in 2015. The company is now expanding the
customer base and scaling upwards.
simMachines is committed to advancing similarity-based analytics in the longterm support of our customers.
The Company is head quartered in Chicago with development in Costa Rica.