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Dear guests,

What do you dream of in summer?

Of fresh mountain air? Of beautiful green fields and meadows?

Of the crystal clear water in streams tumbling down to the
valley from the glaciers? Of lakes, hiking paths, bike paths or
fairways, embedded harmoniously in the landscape and
surrounded by 30 mountain peaks of 3.000 metres?
Experience the unique landscape in our region with all your
Mountain world....................................................4 5 senses and from different perspectives. Time, peace,
nature, exercise and encountering oneself. Enjoy your holiday
Bicycle & mountain bike.......................................6
in our breathtaking landscape and fill yourself with energy
Riding & coach driving.........................................7
once again.
Hunting & game watching.................................. 8
Angling & fly fishing ............................................9 We wish to outline some possibilities for you to admire and get
Sailing, surfing & kayaking . .............................. 10 to know the beauty of our region from many different perspec-
Rafting & canyoning........................................... 12 tives with our MAVIDA Summer Emotions – we are happy to
Above the clouds............................................... 14 give you advice and …

Golf & MAVIDA golf packages............................ 16

... the ideal day for it is today!
Oldtimer, motor bike & cabrio tours.................. 18
Excursion, sport & fitness programmes............ 19

your hostess
llona Hagleitner & the MAVIDA-Team


3.000 m above everything. 2 day tour. Climbing.

Thoughts flowing freely. Breathing deeply and enjoying Professionals will enjoy a 2 day tour to the Großglockner There are also many climbing possibilities in our region.
the beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. (3.798 m), Austria´s highest mountain, or to the Großvenediger A diversity of climbing gardens and natural climbing walls offers
(3.674 m), the highest mountain of the province Salzburg. variety and different levels of difficulty. Certified mountain gui-
You can experience all this in our region, by doing a mountain There is, of course, a mountain guide to accompany you. des are available to teach you the right techniques and profes-
tour in the Hohe Tauern National Park. A certified mountain gui- sionally ensure your safety whilst you are climbing up a
de can accompany you to explore high mountain areas - all you On nearly all the tours one can observe alpine ibex, marmots rock face.
need is basic physical fitness. and golden eagles. You may even see Edelweiss flowering bet-
ween July and September. 3h................... EUR 140,00 + each extra person EUR 15,00
There are various tours to the: 5-6h................ EUR 240,00 + each extra person EUR 25,00
Price per person: from EUR 120,00 6-7h................ EUR 260,00 + each extra person EUR 35,00
> Brennkogel: . ................... 3.018 m
> Schwarzkopf: .................. 2.766 m
> Große Arche: . ................. 2.453 m Equipment & prerequisites:
> Birnhorn: ......................... 2.634 m Sturdy shoes and suitable clothing are prerequisites for all
> Großer Rettenstein: ......... 2.362 m pleasure hike. mountain tours in high alpine terrain. You only need a portion
of basic physical fitness and surefootedness. Climbing know-
Duration of walking time between 5 and 7,5 hours. The pleasure hike, for those who want a more gentle tour, leads ledge is only necessary on some routes and equipment can be
to the Gernkogel (2.174 m). The path to the summit is over hired for a surcharge.
Price per person: EUR 110,00 much easier terrain and the beautiful view from the top
is very rewarding.

Price per person: EUR 110,00 | duration 5,5h.

Enjoy the magnificent mountain world and let yourself be over-

whelmed by the impressions you have collected on your tour.

4 5
MOUNTAIN BIKE. coach driving.
Scale the mountains of the region with a mountain bike. Apart It is known that “luck in this world is on the back of a horse”
from the 1.200 km signposted bike paths in Pinzgau, there are and the nearby “Gut Edelweiss” gives you the opportunity to
many possibilities to explore the landscape far away from civi- discover it.
The stables are situated in a quiet, safe location between Zell
We have bikes in the hotel for you to take on comfortable rides am See and Kaprun, surrounded by beautiful mountain scene-
around the lake or in the nature reserve near by. These also ry. They are open all year round for people to ride and train,
have extra facilities for children (seats, wagon or children’s have regular horse shows and coach drivers are also wel-
bikes ...) if you need them – and these are free of charge. come, popular guests. It is the perfect starting point to ride
out into the idyllic landscape of our region, on a wide network
There are E-bikes to hire for those who wish to save their of riding trails.
energy - EUR 25,00 for a day or EUR 18,00 from 12 noon.
Their electric motor helps you ride uphill or along flat paths,
so that you can easily admire the beautiful landscape along „Gut Edelweiss“.
the way.
There are training areas for dressage, jumping, and marathons
Road bikes and other types of bicycle can be hired for a (with water obstacles) at the stables. It is also possible to sta-
small fee. ble your own horse there whilst you are staying in our hotel.

Leading .......................... EUR 10,00 | duration 30 min.

Guided mountain bike tour. Dressage . ...................... EUR 18,00 | duration 50 min.
Jumping . ........................ EUR 18,00 | duration 50 min.
We advise you to explore the most beautiful protected routes Longe ............................. EUR 18,00 | duration 30 min.
through the mountains with a certified mountain bike guide. Ride out ......................... EUR 18,00 | duration 50 min.
The guide will individually discuss with you where you wish to Block of 10 units . .......... EUR 160,00
go and at what level of difficulty, as well as organize the trans-
fer from the hotel to the starting point of the tour. You are „All-inclusive“ for the guest horse:
sure to remember the shady uphill rides, the routes with mag- Box, mucking out, feeding (without concentrated feed)
nificent views and fast downhill rides for a very long time. per day EUR 20,00
Riding lesson with your own horse EUR 12,00 | 50 min.
2-3h........... EUR 120,00 + each extra person EUR 15,00
4-5h........... EUR 220,00 + each extra person EUR 25,00

6 7
HUNTING & GAME Guided game watching.
ANGLING & Equipment hire:
> Rod + landing net EUR 15,00 per day
Tour in the group:
> Bait, flies and other small needs on request
You can join a guided evening tour with a ranger, every Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday (Start 5 – 6pm) through the Guide for private lessons:
Hohe Tauern National Park. Price per hour: from EUR 20,00 for maximum of 2 persons
The high mountain hunting grounds belonging to the Fischhorn Adults EUR 6,00 + children EUR 4,00 | duration app. 3h. A tumbling steam. A shady place. Dew dropping from branches
Manor lie in the Hohen Tauern. This region is the home for a lot of surrounding bushes and trees. The rod is ready, the bait care-
of Pinzgau game, mainly chamois and deer – which make cove- Individual tour: fully chosen. The first cast. Peace and nature.
ted trophies and are also excellent to eat. Free choice of date and area with advance reservation.
EUR 90,00 | duration app. 4h. There are wonderful fishing spots along the crystal clear moun-
You have the opportunity to go deer stalking, in an area of over tain streams. Local experts gladly accompany you and help you
10.000 hectare, with a hunter, during your stay with us. The Equipment for observing game: to choose which stream or section of a river.
hunt itself does not have to be the main focus. With a bit of luck Correct gear for high mountain regions – rain and cold protec-
you can observe marmots, ibex, chamois and deer in their natu- tion as well as sturdy shoes. It is an advantage to have your own Regardless of whether you are a passionate experienced angler
ral surroundings. binoculars and a forehead lamp or torch. or a beginner – your guide will help you with important tips and
many long fishy tales.
It is also possible to acquire a guest hunting pass. Equipment for the hunt:
Suitable clothes and a hunting licence. Gun and bullets can be Whether fly fishing along a flat river or angling by a lake or from
borrowed. Hunting guide, legal times for hunting, checklists and a boat – you have the chance to get to know our many streams,
shooting fees for tours lasting more than one day, with overnight lakes and rivers while enjoying your favourite sport during your
accommodation in mountain huts, can be organised on request. holiday with us.

Fishing tickets:
1 day .......... EUR 33,00
3 days......... EUR 66,00
7 days......... EUR 132,00

In addition a state-licensed fishing card must be purchased

EUR 5,00 for one day or EUR 10,00 for 7 days.

8 9
SAILING & SurfING. Kayaking.

The Zell am See lake is 3,8 km long and up to 1,5 km wide, The Zell am See lake has the best conditions for beginners to
offering 4,7 km² of bathing fun in drinking quality water. This start kayaking. The quiet waters are ideal to train paddling
mountain lake has, for decades, also been a much loved area for techniques and get a feeling for the boat before going down
sailing fans. The geographical location of the lake (north-south a river.
valley) ensures good wind every day. The foehn wind, constantly
blowing up from the south in spring and autumn, brings super Taster courses:
sailing conditions with it. Taster courses, lasting 2,5 hours on the lake can be booked for
EUR 26,00 per person. The basic course over 4 days with
With a bit of luck you may get to meet the famous Tornado 2,5 hours per day, followed by an easy wild water trip, costs
Olympic champions, Roman Hagara and Hans-Peter EUR 156,00 including equipment hire.
Steinacher, in the Zell am See Yacht Club and maybe there is
time to exchange experiences during having a glass of wine. Advanced kayakers:
Sailing, Surfing They are usually very approachable during small regattas. We advise advanced kayakers to contact us about which river
trips are suitable and, if necessary, about equipment and guides.

& Kayaking. Sailing boat hire:

The price depends on the boat class and is between Prerequisites for all offers:
EUR 10,00 and EUR 20,00 per hour. Suitable clothes, basic physical fitness as well as knowing how
to swim and dive.
Private sailing or surfing lessons:
Private lessons with max. 4 persons per instructor are possible
daily from 4pm. We recommend 2 hour lessons to attain the
level of sailing you wish for.
Price per hour incl. boat and equipment: EUR 38,00

Group lessons for sailing or surfing:

Sailing and surfing courses are 3 to 5 days, according to the
intensity and training capacity from EUR 98,00. A taster day
for beginners can be booked each Monday for EUR 40,00.

10 11
Rafting & Canyoning.
Only those who leave the path get to know nature. Canyoning.

Do you want to do something special, daring and crazy? Go into the gorge! You can slide down a waterfall, abseil and
Make your dream come true during your holiday with us. jump into pools in the Wiestal Gorge. There are narrow and
Conquer rushing rivers and steep ravines. open passages and a beautiful view over the valley.
Gather strength and self confidence by experiencing something
new. Overcome challanges in a group or alone – you have the Canyoning-Tour:
chance to do this with rafting & canyoning. 5h............. EUR 220,00 + each extra person EUR 25,00
incl. transfer, equipment and a drink
Your adventure can begin!

Wild water rafting.

The nearby Salzach and Saalach rivers are fantastic for rafting
trips. Every trip for guests is unique and varied as conditions
change according to the season and how much melt water there
is. The level of wild water difficulty is between 2 and 4 which
makes it interesting for advanced rafters as well as for beginners.

4-5h.......... EUR 220,00 + each extra person EUR 25,00
incl. transfer, equipment and a drink
Minimum number of participants: 2 persons

12 13
„Above the clouds ...

... freedom must be boundless“ Tandem parachuting:

Is it allowed to be a bit more exciting? Would you like to feel
sang Reinhard Mey many years ago! 50 seconds of free fall from an altitude of 4.000 m and an acce-
leration from 0 to 220 km/h under 10 seconds on your body?
Our partner kidnaps you into the sky so that you have a bird´s You will not forget this adrenalin kick so quickly!
eye view of our breathtaking region. Gather unforgettable
impressions and hold fascinating moments closely in Prerequisites: Maximum weight 90 kg, at least 12 years old (only
your hearts. with the permission of a parental authority), at least 130 cm tall,
sport clothes and shoes, no jewellery.
Whether you want peace and comfort or fast and adventurous – Price per person: EUR 200,00
there is something for everyone, from hot air balloons to Surcharge for a video (camera man jumps with you): EUR 70,00
Tandem paragliding:
Hot air balloon trip: The flight terrain surrounding the starting place on the
Price per person: EUR 290,00 Schmittenhöhe is one of the top 3 in Austria. Particularly high
and long flights are made possible by updraughs in this special
Helicopter flight & shuttle: area with its surrounding mountains.
Price per person: EUR 150,00 | duration 20 min. Price per person: EUR 100,00 excl. lift ticket
Price per person: EUR 250,00 | duration 40 min.
Exclusive helicopter shuttle, for example, to go shopping in Learn to „fly“ by yourself:
Salzburg, München, Klagenfurt, Linz, Innsbruck, Graz or Wien. 4-5 hours taster course – every Monday, from 9am.
Price: from EUR 1.420,00 Price per person: EUR 51,00

Scenic alpine flight with a motor glider: Taster offers and courses:
According to the number of passengers and the length of the Taster courses are possible with motor gliders, gliders, ultra
flight. (Number of viewing points on the route.) lights and aeroplanes.
Price per person: from EUR 45,00 Price per person: from EUR 70,00 | duration 30 min.
Price per person: from EUR 130,00 | duration 60 min.
We can tell you the prices for pilot training and pilot license
on request.

14 15

> 3 nights including the MAVIDA holiday benefits > 7 nights including the MAVIDA holiday benefits
> 1 Green fee Schmittenhöhe > 5 day golf safari with Mr. Konrad Mittelberger
> 1 Green fee Kitzsteinhorn (Hotel MAVIDA) on the Zell am See, Kitzbühel, Brandlhof,
Price per person ............... from EUR 458,00* Mittersill and Urslautal golf courses
> 1 Wine tasting in the hotel´s wine cellar
GOLF & MAVIDA Golf Packages. > 1 Degustation of noble Schnaps made by Siegfried Herzog
accompanied by a snack from his farm
> 5 nights including the MAVIDA holiday benefits > body massage in the MAVIDA Balance Center & Spa
> Golf Alpin Card with 3 green fees Price per person ............. from EUR 1.169,00*
Wide or narrow fairways. Park or wooded in character. There is something for everyone, whether a beginner or Price per person ............... from EUR 745,00* (10 or more persons)
Ponds, streams, rivers and sand bunkers harmoniously integra- a professional!
ted in the design of the course. Perfectly groomed greens. All 7 TAGE GOLF ALPIN. * The MAVIDA holiday benefits include the breakfast buffet,
surrounded by the beauty of the Austrian Alps – one cannot Golf taster day. the à la carte gourmet-half board and other specialities.
experience more magnificent golf. > 7 nights including the MAVIDA holiday benefits
In our Active programme, we offer taster lessons on the driving > Golf Alpin Card with 5 green fees Further information in our Golf Recreation Brochure or on
The MAVIDA Balance Hotel & Spa is the perfect starting point range of the Leading Golf Club Zell am See/Kaprun, every Price per person ............. from EUR 1.057,00* our homepage www.mavida.at.
for a wonderful golfing holiday! Tuesday from March to October. Balls and clubs are supplied
and a golf pro will help you with your first swings and basic
Both the 18 hole courses of the Leading Golf Club Zell am See/ techniques.
Kaprun are only 5 minutes from the hotel. The Urslautal, Price per person:.................. EUR 15,00 | Duration app. 2h.
Gut Brandlhof and Mittersill/Stuhlfelden courses are 30 minu-
tes away and a further 20 Austrian courses are one hour away. Golf – beginner´s course.

If you wish you can stay with us for 25 days and visit a new 4 day course (daily 2x60 min. with trainer) incl. practice balls,
course every day – is there a more central starting point? club hire, rules & etiquette information, information about the
correct clubs, certificate and gift package.
Golf courses nearby Holes Distance away 1 person .............................. EUR 410,00
Golfclub Zell am See-Kaprun 36 2 km 2 persons . ........................... EUR 565,00
Golfclub Urslautal 18 + 3 21 km 3 persons . ........................... EUR 715,00
4 persons . ........................... EUR 860,00
GC Gut Brandlhof 18 + 6 23 km
Golfclub Mittersill 18 24 km Handicap test.
Golfclub Goldegg 18 34 km
Golfclub Gastein 18 44 km Following a beginner course
Price per person:.................. EUR 199,00
Golfclub Eichenheim 18 49 km
Golf & Landclub Rasmushof 6 53 km
For further information contact our partner:
Golfclub Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee 18 57 km David Shaw - Golfschule & Proshop (GC Zell am See/Kaprun)
Golfclub Kitzbühel-Kaps 9 60 km www. proshopshaw.at
Kaiserwinkl Golf Kössen 18 72 km
Golfclub Radstadt 18 72 km
GC Salzburg Eugendorf 18 120 km
16 17
Oldtimer, motor bike & excursion, Sport &
cabrio tours. © Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
fitness programmes.
Idyllic country roads, demanding winding mountain roads, high Our professional trainer accompanies you in our weekly EXCURSIONS:
passes and stretches where you can let go the throttle, are fitness programme: > High dams in Kaprun
enough to make the hearts of all drivers beat faster. Breathta- > Yoga > Großglockner high alpine road
king landscape. Comfortable resting places and destinations. > Pilates mat training > Animal theme park Ferleiten
> Body forming > National park centre Hohe Tauern
Pure freedom! An indiscribable feeling ... > TAB – thighs, abs & butt > Europe’s highest waterfalls in Krimml
> Spinal fitness > World’s biggest ice caves in Werfen
Our region has many wonderful routes though forests and > Breakfast hiking tour > Burg Hohenwerfen with knight´s festivals and
fields, beside rivers and beautiful mountain lakes. > Running, jogging, Nordic walking raptorial bird shows
Drive up to the summits. Snow and ice in summer. > Bike tours > Tourist mine in Leogang
> Aqua Fit & Aqua Relax > Schnaps & cheese with Siegfried Herzog
There is no need to forgo an adventure if you don´t own a bike > Stretching, circle training, pump > Riedl Glass factory & shop
or cabrio or have yours not with you! Our rental partner in town > ... and much more > Swarovski crystal world
is happy to help you. > Summer toboggan run in Saalfelden
Further possibilities in the region: > Outside go-cart track in Leogang
Motor bike feeling: > Ropes garden tour > Hohensalzburg fortress
The BMW 650 series up to 1300 is to hire > Ski- & Snowboard courses on the Kitzsteinhorn, > Salzburg´s old city centre
per day: from EUR 115,00 incl. 300 km all year round > Hellbrunn zoo
and insurance on hull. If you wish, delivery and collection of the > Archery + lessons > Hellbrunn water games
bike at the hotel is possible. You can also borrow helmets and > Inline skating > ... and much more
rain gear. > Sport shooting
> Frisbee-Disc-Golf course
Guided motor bike tour: > ... and much more
Think about the most essential – the fantastic ride!
A knowledgeable guide can help you plan your tour and show
you the most beautiful places. Just ride and enjoy!
Price per day: EUR 100,00

Cabrio feeling: Work is for tomorrow. Today is MAVIDA.

Enjoy an outing with a Porsche Boxster or a BMW Z4. These
models are to hire from EUR 220,00 per day incl. 400 km
and insurance on hull and can be delivered and collected from
the hotel if you wish. You can also hire an Audi A6, a BMW 3,
a BWM 5 or a BMW X3 and many others on request.
18 19

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