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So we go to the celebration times

this season should be used to responsibly formulate new spiritual renovation with positive thoughts, after all for much, this all about a Birth, a change. (exacerbated consumption is good for the sales, hence economy but not for the erratic troubled egos management out here, and also it has to be real!)

as i look at it

"patience, we are all human" isn't enough, we are always looking after an excuse, that covers us from damage actions with lots of the people with such an amazing access to information (and still growing its no longer "their responsibility" its time defy new challenges and to turn the tables.


New time times, new ways: future holds us, whatever we stand for. So, if you want the climate to change, peace in a country, new politics, sales to grow you (perhaps sadly) have to be committed and contribute with your own powerful agenda.

The best gift is still your own goals and achievements specially if they are shared with a both side benefit

If this is the case happy holiday season ! Merry Christmas!

Cést vrai que nous sommes toujours entouré par violence dans tout le globe. C'est vrai

que notre vies ne sont pas les memes qu'ils ont été

massacre barabare, qu'est on doit faire? Plus controle , plus intelegence, fermer frontieres, en fin moins liberté? Que faire avec les nouvelles vagues de migrants? Qu'est que nous, Européenes, devrions exiger a notre Europe, en particulier a la classe politique et economique? Montrer force? Avoir retaliation individuelles?

mais sur ces events à Paris, un

S'il y a vraiment un seule Europe alors il devra existir une seule voix et fort response en ensemble avec les autres pays qui font efforts pour éliminer le terrorism. Aucun pays pouvait dire que cela c'est pas son concerne.

Trés desolée avec ces acts et Europe.


It is true that we are always surrounded by violence throughout the world. It is true that

our lives are not the same

should be done? More control, more intelligence, close borders, hence having less freedom? What to do with new waves of migrants? What we, Europeans, should demand from Europe, especially to the political and economic class? Show strength? Have individual country retaliation?

but after those events in Paris,a barbarian killing , what

If there really is a single Europe then it should exist one voice and strong response altogether with other countries that make efforts to eliminate terrorism. No country can say that this is not of their concerns.

Very and truly sorry with these acts and Europe.

terrorism. No country can say that this is not of their concerns. Very and truly sorry

#WHO has published an alert over meat

processed, red



this will be an ax on the fast food chains and general animal production

nowadays food represents one of the key factors for citizens health influence, either for the best or worse; We all know that society has demanded quantity rather than quality

Quantity for the lots humans to be fed and also at an affordable price


Chemicals, antibiotics are abundant in intensive animal (either meat or fish) production

and growing and general food production (ADN modified cereals

#monsanto etc.); though in EU there are lots of regulations and control, we all know that there are always 'someone' escaping from the regulatory , usually benefiting markets rather than citizens. Sorry, but i don't trust in the results made by regulatory institutions and their standards as an whole.

though its

this has a price

golden rice

Of course that Economy will be affected upon these news, there must be somehow some balance and diversification (as in finance products, if you will )

One preventive measure would be clarification about the information that get to the

citizens at e.g. the packages

not enough, besides, there are lots of schemes and scams in order to get the 'Made in EU' stamp, where doubtful entities create fiscal offices and import all or almost all of

their production from out of regulation countries (or less demanding ones).


usually are misinformed. "Made in EU" is simply

I will continue to eat meat but surely with an added view to balance, having in mind that there's a lot in "steak"

continue to eat meat but surely with an added view to balance, having in mind that

THE EU as an institution has huge problems;


1 - "the name" European isn't really an union;

2- "leaders wanted" There isn't really an inspiring leader, that has the rhetoric and guts to face worlds convulsions;

3-"services vs production"

lots of new generation citizens aren't prepared to engage in productive companies, the labor force is weakened in such skills, or transferred to cheap labor regions (the

emerging countries usually


4-"lets go public"

a) Privatize as much as the markets demand, has been the destruction of powerful

industries, Europe can't depend so much on faceless markets;

b) Markets want profits , efficiency and returns (as it any companies should);

c)Buy (with huge loans) in "hope" to get more efficiency and to reduce the user payed

goods, i.e. cheaper labor hand, very flexible laws and rules

in R&D to do this); d)If consumption decreases, there goes the cuts in HR, layoffs, or

bankruptcy; Markets are like parasites

financial products like futures are mostly intangible sustained present

( no or small investment

has long there are hosts to live from

there's no future without a

5-"tax payers vs citizens" in order to face management errors, like huge money throw away to construction (essentially by buildings that have no return, social, cultural, commercial i.e. the so called public investment), the final invoice is addressed to citizens as taxes, hence they refrain their consumption which take us to my last point 4d)

6-"the paradise is a mirage " corruption is the pinnacle of promiscuous relationships; Unfortunately is installed, even the so called strong democracies have it (lobbying is also on the edge of it); At first were more prone the fragile societies that accepted all kinds of kicks in order to obtain

sports, governments, health,


their e.g. dictator huge profits. Now its all over


you name it. So, this distribution of wealth is just as wrong as unfair, but

markets willingly accepted SOLUTIONS for the 6

because they get faster to their goals.


2-The leader: Don't care if is #Hollande, #Merkel, #CR7 #DavidBeckam or #Berlusconi; There must be one voice inside EU (fiscal, economic, defense, health, education), a president that has the power to decide upon democratic rules approved in the parliament; NO bilateral agreements; 1 Spoken Language, don't care if is

portuguese, german, english or esperanto

3- Educate to prosper, in the middle ages people were denied information; Now "they" spill trash info, or wrong one; Industry skills must be emphasized and payed in a fair sustained fashion.

4-No longer wild carded Market dependencies, this is a philosophic choice and political; Citizen must be the focus; "Yes, but the citizens" , instead of "Yes but the markets"; Unbalanced market the drive citizens to nowhere isn't Capitalism is an outlaw jungle, 5- Governments should be responsible for their acts in the shape of a federation or not; The supposed scrutiny done to the program should be consequent specially in what comes to expenditure, so it would have a more serious commitment of the elected MPs. 6- Values change enforcement, there must be a rigorous preventive measures to avoid

corruption; i've a got a basic theory for it

(ok Mr #Junker?)

"if your cat is fed, there's no need to climb

the table"

Companies should have a compulsory fund (that would be financed by an

existent tax

such as profit, that by one side it would work as an insurance and/or

could be used for direct (but supervised) investment in tech development, R&D and Intellectual property, or employees training; Governors shouldn't be allowed to have conflictual double interests, such as lawyers societies and MPs; Power to empowered:

no such shadow organizations masonry, opus dei, Illuminati, mafia, etc should

influence strategy plans of an institution/ country that?

would these be enough? no

please Mr/ Mrs Europe solve the case of refugees is such a shame and is a reflection of passivity due to bad leadership.

could there be a defense program for

but it should be a start.

Talking =/ Acting. (in this isolated subject, take some lessons from #Putin)

defense program for but it should be a start. Talking =/ Acting. (in this isolated subject,