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This resource is designed to allow your family to have time in Gods Word
BEFORE your children attend church. Because Gods plan is for parents to be
the primary spiritual nurturers of their childrens faith, we want YOU to be the
one to introduce this part of The Big God Story to them.
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Part of The Big God Story
Matthew 8:2327; Mark 4:3541
Jesus and the disciples headed across the Sea of Galilee in a boat. Jesus fell
asleep and the disciples were terrified by a sudden storm on the water. They
woke Jesus and He calmed the storm by using only His powerful words.


Read Mark 4:3541 before bath time. Then create some waves in the bathtub
and ask your children if they know how to calm the waves. Remind them that
Jesus calmed the waves with just His words. Ask, What was Jesus doing during
the storm? He was sleeping. Because Jesus is God, He knew everything would
be okay. He has power over nature. Allow them to share anything in their lives
theyd like to call on Jesus for. Pray together and thank Jesus that He is God.

For great is your love, reaching to the heavens;
your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Psalm 57:10

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and a national network of family and childrens ministry leaders. All rights reserved.

Lesson 10


The Sea of Galilee sits more than six hundred feet below sea level and is
surrounded by mountains reaching more than 2,600 feet above sea level. This
landscape caused violent storms to quickly descend upon the sea.
Storms on the Sea of Galilee could cause waves more than seven feet high!
When the disciples woke Jesus for help, He simply spoke and the sea was

Your child may begin to develop fears and anxiety. Some of those fears may be
due to his expanding imagination. However, many of his fears are valid anxieties
he is facing as he grows more independent. Take time to talk to your child about
the things he is afraid of. Remind him that Jesus is God and is able to conquer all
our fears.

After reading the Scripture passage, discuss the following together:
Why were the disciples scared during the storm?
What did Jesus do to calm the storm?
How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus calmed the

A blessing can be a spoken prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or
words of encouragement and guidance over your child. For more information
about blessing your child, see the Blessing section in HomeFront: A Spiritual
Parenting Resource @ HomeFrontMag.com.
A blessing to pray over your child:
(Childs name), may you know Jesus is God and that He has power over
all of the earth. May you see more and more of Him each day.