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30-volume compact edition

Over 40,000 in-depth articles written by international experts and scholars, including Nobel Prize

Over 18,000 pages edited by the best editorial team

16.5 million words providing global coverage

Global Edition

8,500 photographs, maps, flags, and illustrations

Whatever your interests, Britannica has the answers!

From children to adults, students to professionals, and from the committed
researcher to the casual browsereveryone can get so much from Britannicas
wealth of knowledge. Britannica enriches your research with marvellous detail,
unrivalled accuracy, and facts, figures and revelations that make it the first port of
call for whatever you need to know.
30 hardback volumes
18,000 pages
ISBN: 978-1-61535-273-9

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Todays knowledge
in a compact format

Britannica Global Edition

Current and Comprehensive

The editors of Encyclopdia Britannica, the world standard

in reference since 1768, present the Britannica Global
Edition. Developed specifically to provide comprehensive
and global coverage of the world around us, this unique
product contains thousands of timely, relevant, and
essential articles drawn from the Encyclopdia Britannica
itself, as well as from the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia,
the Britannica Encyclopedia of World Religions, and
Comptons by Britannica. Written by international experts
and scholars, the encyclopedic articles in this collection
reflect the standards that have been the hallmark of the
leading English-language encyclopedia for over 240 years.

Timely coveragefrom global

warming to the iPhone, from
Mumbai to Obama
Easy to refercompact size
with hard back cover.

Photo credits: Barack Obama: Courtesy of the Office of U.S. Senator Barack Obama; Credit for pipeline: Alaska Stock LLC/Alamy

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