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Title of the study

A study on dealers satisfaction towards ACC Cement, Bangalore.

Satisfaction in level of persons felt state resulting from companys products perceives
performance in relational to the persons expectations. Satisfaction is a function of the difference
between the perceived performance and expectations. Company seeks to win in todays market.
The must track their dealers expectations, perceive company performance and dealers
satisfaction. While assessing the satisfaction level a company must not conclude that it can get
full picture of dealer satisfaction and dissatisfaction by simply running complaints and

As some times

dealers may feel that their complaints are minor or that they will be made to feel stupid , or that
normally will be offered the results is that the company has need Lesley lost dealers.
Therefore companies instead of using complaints level as measure of dealers satisfaction,
obtaining a direct measure of dealer satisfaction of conducting periodic survey would provide
more appropriate measures. The questionnaire can be made to a random sample of their recent
To find out how they fell about various aspects of the companys performance. They can also
solicit dealers view on the competitors performance.
The respondents can be asked to list out problems they have, had with the offer and to list out
improvements they could suggest companies would also ask the respondents to rate various
elements of the offer in terms of the importance of each element and how well the company has

Need for the study

To study the dealers satisfaction levels towards ACC cements regarding promotional activities,
Supply, quality and quantity of cement and to know demand level of ACC cements in the
market by the customers. To understand what are the dealers requirement and improvement
required by them in the product and services.

Statement of the problem

The study attempts to analyze the satisfaction of the dealer regarding various factors
corresponding to ACC CEMENTS and the brand preference by the dealers. This helps the
marketers of ACC CEMENTS to estimate the market position of ACC CEMENTS and take steps
for their expansion of business.

Objectives of the study:

To find the Dealers Satisfaction Level with ACC CEMENTS. .
To find the factors influencing the dealers to deal with ACC CEMENTS.
To study various areas that needs improvement in ACC CEMENTS from dealer point of
To study the impact of sales promotion on sales.
To find the dealers suggestions if any with respect to ACC CEMENTS.

The research methodology used here is descriptive. A descriptive study is one in which
information is collected without changing the environment (i.e., nothing is manipulated).
Sometimes these are referred to as correlational or observational studies. The Office of
Human Resources Protections (OHRP) defines a descriptive study Any study that is not truly
experimental. In human research, a descriptive study can provide information about the

behavior, attitudes or other characteristics of a particular group. Descriptive study is also

conducted to demonstrate associations or relationship between things in the world around you.
Descriptive studies can involve a one-time interaction with groups of people or a study might
follow individuals over time. Descriptive studies, in which the researcher interacts with the
participants, may involve surveys or interviews to collect the necessary information. Descriptive
studies in which the researcher does not interact with the participant include observational
studies of people in an environment and studies involving data collection using existing records
(e.g. medical record review).
Sampling is used when a researcher chooses specific dealers of ACC Cements within the
Bangalore to use for a particular study or research project. The idea behind purposive sampling
is to identify and concentrate on the dealers with particular characteristics who will better be able
to assist with the relevant research.
Sampling frame: Dealers of ACC Cement, Bangalore.
Sample size: 50 dealers.
Sampling method: Purposive sampling
Purposive sampling is used when a researcher chooses specific people within the population to
use for a particular study. The idea behind purposive sampling is to concentrate on people with
particular characteristics who will better be able to assist with the relevant research.

Source of data collection

Primary data comprises of direct response or first-hand data collected from dealers of ACC
Cement, Bangalore. Questionnaires was used as a major tool in collecting primary data. Primary
data also collected through the direct interview with respondents. There are several primary data
used for the project are:
a) Questionnaires

b) Personal interaction
c) Observation

Secondary data
The secondary data are those that have been collected by others. Secondary data may be
available in the published or unpublished form. When it is not possible to collect the data by
primary method, the reasearcher need to go for secondary data that are collected from various
articles, books, journals, magazine, newspaper and internet.

Tools used for analysis

Data analysis tools are required for a thorough and scientifically valid analysis of survey results.
There are several choices available for the researches to choose from ranging from the sample
tools available with all survey packages that calculates the percentages and totals to the very
advanced tools requiring a graduate education to learn and use.
For the study two tools of data analysis are used

Plan of analysis
Personal interview: personal interview requires the person known as interviewer asking
questions generally in a face to face contract to the other person or persons. Here the researcher
is the interviewer. It is the structured way of interview. Because of the following reasons I have
selected interview for collecting the primary data:

Can reach large sample.

A representative sample are possible and results can be used to make statements.
Questions are structured and asked in the same way so that respondents answer
can be more easily

In interview method electronic recording is possible.

Can ensure questions are fully understood

Questionnaire: Data collection took place with the help of filling of questionnaire, the
questionnaire method. The common factors in all varieties of the questionnaire method is this
reliance on verbal responses to questions, written or oral. I found it essentials to make sure the
questionnaire was easy to read and understand to all spectrums of people in the sample. It was
also important as researcher to respect the samples time and energy. These questionnaires will be
discussed with organizational mentor and guide administrated. The first-hand information was
collected by interacting with the dealers of ACC Cement, Bangalore.

Chapter Scheme
Chapter 1: Introduction
This chapter covers the theoretical background of the introduction to the topic background of
dealers attitude and level of satisfaction with the ACC Cement.
Chapter 2: Review of literature and design of the study.
This chapter covers the plan of the study stating the problem, review of literature, scope and
objectives of the study, methodology to undertake study, finally limitation of the study.
Chapter 3: Industry and Company profile
It covers the industry profile and a detail explanation of the company business.
Chapter 4: Result analysis and discussions.
It covers data analysis and interpretation. Analysis is made from the data obtained through
questionnaire as well as secondary data collected.
Chapter 5: Summary of findings, conclusion and suggestions.

It gives the summary of findings, suggestions and conclusions based on analysis and
interpretation of data.

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