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or may be the combination of both. He thinks that what the biological mechanism that caused the certain characteristic disappear in the first generation and show up in the second generation. Those factors are called genes. This first phenomena are realized by Gregor Mendel in 19 th century. The characteristics of our parent will show up in us. He continuous his experiment to crossbreeding the second generation and reveal that the comparation of the round shape and wrinkled shape are in numerical ratios. Each parent contributes on factor each characteristic. not like as he expected that the offspring will show up the combination of both parents. The offspring of the second generation shows the different characteristics. Uncover the miracle of heredity viewed by molecular to defining the biology of life. Here are the discoveries of genetics in the video: 1) The Law of Inheritance by Gregor Mendel (19th century) As we know that we are born from our parent. He continuous to crossbreeding to get the second generation. He starts to crossbreeding the different types of garden peas. Mendel has discovered the great invention in the science of genetics. The result is he found that all of the peas seed are round shape. and especially how the heredity process. And the recessive is the characteristic which is rarely to show even disappear. he tried to research the peas and its offspring. Fountain and Jonathan Zurer and the Bill Nye as a host. The concept of that phenomena now we called as a dominance. but arranged very clearly and continuously from the first discoveries to the next. Each inherited characteristics must be decided by a pair of what he called factors. which has a round shape and other has a wrinkled shape. telling us the journey of genetics invention from the past until the recent. Then he observes the characteristic of the offspring. Very great video I think. . The wrinkled shape of peas is just in one-quarter than whole offspring. He is a scientist who have a decided in the plant. No matter will seem almost like to our father or our mother. the inheritance from the parents to their child or offspring can be done. This video shows us the great of 100 discoveries in genetics.Resume This video title is “100 Greatest Discoveries of Genetics” produced by Michael F. The characteristics of the certain in the peas are controlled by a single gene. but not exactly 100 I think. Explain what makes us as a human. In his first curiosity. by means that the characteristic which usually show up. there are the peas with round shape and the wrinkle shape. certain factor are dominance and other are recessive depending on the combination of the factors.

This experiment reveal that the genes are not only responsible for inheritance but also producing the enzyme need by to do metabolism. red with the male which have a white eye. He continuous his experiment to see the second generation. He thinking that the white eye is distinctive similar with the Mendel’s experiment of peas. In fact. Because in the genetically work we need much of data. 3) Genes Control Biochemical Events by George Beadle and Tatum (1935) Beadle still examine the different color of Drosophila and his argument that different color of eyes is caused by the chemical reaction. The female has two X chromosomes than. he realizes that the red eye is associated with the X chromosome. Their research is about the Neurospora crasa. it generates the hypothesis of “one gene one enzyme. much of flies. In the first week the offspring of the first generation one by one generated. the genes which responsible to making the nutrient are defective. Hence. he finally realizes that the gender is determined by a two rod shape structure found in the nucleus. the chromosome.” 4) Transposons by Barbara McClintock (20th century) . Then. the second reason is one female fly can produce hundreds of offspring. But Morgan found something else that all of the fly with white eyes are male. He crossbreeding the female with the ordinary eye. the male has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. the one X chromosome will be overshadowing the other X chromosome to show up the red eye color. The offspring of the second generation show the characteristics that there are both fly in the red and white eye. such as the Drosophila has a short period of reproduction time. At that time. much individuals. The first generation offspring show that all of the flies have red eye.2) Genes are Located on the Chromosome by Thomas Hunt Morgan (1909) Morgan is an embryologist in Columbia University start the experiment to prove the inheritance of Mendel factor. the Neusopres can be live only given by nutrients. the species we known as fruit flies. In the male chromosome. When the spores of Neuspora are radiated by the X-rays. He chooses Drosophila for several reasons. Morgan start working his experiment using Drosophila melanogaster.

The examine the bacteriophage (the bacteria that was infected by the virus). They have been successful to discover the structure of DNA molecule. Cytocin (C). Finally. The transposons is defined as a gene which able to move from one location to another and can leads to the mutation. what can the DNA control the protein synthesize that occurred in the cytoplasm even they are in the . The transposons can make the chromosome to mutate due to the environment condition or the revolutionary mechanism. But the question is. He examines the kernel and found that the different types of color in kernel. the expression is not produce the certain protein but producing the virus. There are Adenin (A). The process is called transformation that the virus injected the central machinery (nucleus) and take over the function. they are able to describe in 3 dimensional model of DNA. They research a E. The DNA molecule is described by the double helix model. The virus injects its DNA and placing the certain DNA in the nucleus. The DNA are consisting of code genetics information which is arrange by the four types of nitrogen base. 6) The Double Helix Structure of DNA by Watson and Crick (1953) The next genetics discoveries that change the global viewed about genetics and contribute to development of genetics science has uncovered by James Watson and Francis Crick. Thymin (T). 7) Messenger RNA Years before Watson and Crick found the structure of DNA. He finally realized that all the living thing has transposons. By the X-ray crystallography technique.McClintock says that certain gene was locate on the chromosome would be on a different position at different times. the protein shell outside the genetic material Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid / DNA inside. the DNA molecules has discovered that their function is making the protein. The two strand are link together by the hydrogen bond.Coli bacteri that was infected by the virus. The virus is known consist of two parts. and Guanin (G). 5) DNA Carries Genetics Material by Hershey and Cease (1952) Hershey and Cease found the great discovery in genetics engineering.

the scientist named it as a RNA messenger. .nucleus? The scientist. it communicates with the other RNA to synthesize the protein. once again examine the bacteriophage to answer that question. Then. This is the point of discovery that when the RNA which has a single strand entered the protein factory. When the virus attach to bacteria and start to inject their DNA into the cytoplasm. soon the RNA are found in the whole of cytoplasm and the production of protein are increased.

When the viral DNA injected by the virus into the cytoplasm of bacteria. Smith discovery is about the mechanism how the restriction enzyme cut the DNA molecule. Adenin. the Arginin are coded by the three nitrogen bases of Adenin. nowadays. He found the molecule DNA which is just consist of several sequence and it sequence are . From his discovery. Their discovery is one amino acid is coded by the three of nitrogen bases. the scientist research finally discovers the RNA alternative splicing. 11) Minisatellite DNA by Alec Jeffreys (1984) In the 1984. That discovery begun when examine the virus which inject the bacteria. But what this sequence of information means. After the discovery of RNA alternative splicing. there have been extracted many of restriction enzyme as the basic tools of genetic engineering. now. The molecule which able to cut the DNA is called the restriction enzyme.8) The Genetic Code by Marshal Nirenberg and Heinric McTie (9161) The Nirenberg and McTie have discovered the genetic code. Also he discovers that the restriction enzyme cut the DNA molecule in the same place. In the concept before. inside the bacteria against by cutting that viral DNA so that it can’t be functional. 10) RNA Alternative Splicing (1980) In the 1980. As known before that RNA copied the sequence of information in the DNA to make the specific amino acid. The research before has known that there twenty of amino acid and the RNA are consisting of four types of nitrogen bases. the process protein synthesize not only can make one protein but also can make the multiple protein. For example. Alec Jeffreys found the something new which he never seen before. 9) Restriction Enzyme by Verner Arber (1962) and Hamilton Smith (1972) Arber in 1962 research the bacteriophage and discover the restriction enzymes. finally Smith are able to extract the restriction enzyme from the bacteriophage. we know that one gene is copied into the RNA to synthesize one protein. and Cytocin. From his research.

the sequencing of complete genetic blueprint called the genome are completely done. and the result is exactly identic. the one RNA is breakdown and other is maintain.000 genes In the June 2000. Their experiment is when they injected two strand of RNA molecule into the specific cell. That are some discovery of genetics by the scientist from Gregor Mendel in his discovery of gene that able to inheritance the characteristics of the parent to the offspring until the sequencing of complete genetic code (genom). Jeffreys then called this repeated sequences as “minisatelite DNA”. Finally. Alec research about the boy DNA and found the minisatllite DNA. 13) 25. That discovery absolutely giving us the valuable scientific knowledge and hopefully the next discovery are soon uncovered to the development of science for the human being. 12) RNA Interference by Andrew Fire and Craig Mello (1997) Andrew and Mello research the function of the specific gene. The minisatellite DNA of the boy then compared to the mother’s boy. leads by the Craig Venter. As the effect the gene which responsible to making the protein is turned-off. His research about the minisatellite DNA was initiated from the case that the Boy who travel from Ghana to England finally deport because of a forgery passport. . This is a great discovery of sequencing the human genome which complete by many time of research.repeated.