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Problem Statement:
As an ALM User, if Im not having Test Cases Excel which was written by some person,
and if it needs Modification in ALM, I need to go in Excel and individually go in each Test
Case to perform an Update.
If update is minute and of repetitive nature then it becomes time consuming. Lets see
this with an illustration
Suppose we are having test case wherein we are mentioning one Sheet name which
<Sheet Name <XYZ>> was not defined while upload and after few sprints these
requirements were changed and we have sheet name as <ABC>.
Now we need to Modify Test Cases as per sheet Name <ABC>, I need to manually go to
each Test case and in each step wherever Test Author has mentioned Sheet Name as
Step 1: Open Sheet <XYZ>

Step 1: Open Sheet <ABC>

Step 2: Edit Sheet <XYZ>

Step 2: Edit Sheet <ABC>

Step 3: Close Sheet <XYZ>

Step 3: Close Sheet <ABC>

If user was provided with an excel

1. Itd make sense to Replace <XYZ> with <ABC> all over the sheet
2. Eliminating the previous Uploaded Test Cases (This can be achieved by two
methods :
i. Deleting the Test Cases from the specified path of Test Plan folder
<Admin Permission>
ii. Making changes in Uploading Path .For eg Subject\EY\Release 1\FR
1 is the folder wherein we need the updated test case then well
change the subject in the downloaded test cases and update it
to \EY\Release 1\FR 1\Updated. Like this we can have both the
test cases intact but the updated ones will be kept under Updated
iii. Keeping the Uploaded Test Cases in separate Folder Like To Be
Deleted so that ALM Admin can delete them on a pre-defined

There are ALM Add-ins provided for Uploading the Test Cases to ALM but
what if User needs to Import/Download the test Cases in Excel and upload it
back after making some Amendments/Changes/Modification.
This was the challenge faced while updating the test cases for EY project,
FSAM under SAT module wherein some requirements were updated as per
the latest DD document and changes were very minute and involved two
three steps update but there were 170 test cases and thus the problem was
Solution Proposed:
An Excel Based Macro which will get all the test cases in pre-defined format for test
cases in different Excel by that Project with use of User Form and itll be initiated by One
Click provided by Visual Basic Script.
As to become more User friendly and involving less headache One Click functionality
was required. With this User needs to click once and the User form will be displayed
which will get the basic details like ALM credentials, Domain and Project Name along
with the Test Plan Folder Name.
After providing these details User needs to click the Generate Test Cases Button which
will in turn, run the Functionality in background and gives user an Excel file in which all
the Test Cases will be generated along with the specified format.
After performing an update we can use ALM Add-in Tool to Upload the Test cases in ALM
as usual. Mapping of the Fields are as usual and any method from eliminating previously

updated Test Cases can be applied to remove Older Test Cases and place Updated Test
Cases in ALM

Functionality in Brief: (Technical Point)

A .vbs file is initiating the Excel in background which contains the Command Button
which will in turn launch the User form where itll fetch all the details from the User.
Once the Details are fetched and Generate Test Cases Command button on the User
form is clicked, itll trigger the Macro placed under the User Form Code to establish a
connection to the URL of ALM (company Specific), and all details are fed which were
captured in User form.
The User credentials if allowed to access the respective Domain, Project, Test Plan Folder
then Itll proceed to create Test Set Folder (Tree Structure) and Get all details in an
Object form wherein the content is in HTML language.
These details are captured in different Excel File in Cells after trimming the Content from
HTML tags and Commands like <br />, <&quot;>, <&lt;>, <&gt;>, <&nbsp> etc. These
data were present in the Inner Content thereby disturbing the formatting which was
handled by custom function inside the Macro. This Custom Function was called while
pasting the content in the cells value thus making sure that the Formatting remains
VBS acts as a Wrapper for the Excel which acts as a wrapper for launching User Form
and VBA Macro is written for User Form for achieving the functionality of getting Test
Cases in Excel in where we can perform Updating/Modification/Amendments and can
upload back the test cases using ALM Add-in Functionality thereby saving the effort of
individual Test Cases Update.

Snapshot of the Functionality:

Time Saving Estimates/Comparison:

Following methods were deployed for capturing Analytical Data for achieving the
Target :
Traditional Ways : In this User goes to the ALM designated folder and Updates the
Test Case Manually after opening each Test Case which requires an
Solution Provided Way
A drastic improvement was noticed when significant number of Test Cases will come into
picture. Following Table shows the Numeric Estimate of Execution timings in detailed

Technical Specifications / Pre Requisites:

The Programming for the Scripts and Macros are made in such a way that Pre-requisites
needs to be satisfied as this is not a Program wherein Setup will be provided by
So For setting this up User needs to take these steps.
1> Create the Folder TestCases in your C:/ Directory
2> Place ALM Extractor.xlsm in this Folder
3> User can place the ALM Extractor.vbs file anywhere
User is all good to go
A. Now Coming Over to Execution for this Utility.
As per the EY Securities Standard all the Macros will be disabled from the
Administrator end and we cant set it to enable but this program asks for User
permission for granting access to run the Macro.
B. Post Approval, Execution will be carried in the manner shown above in the
Snapshot of Functionality

C. Once User is shown with the Pop-up saying All Test Cases are downloaded with
Test Steps. User needs to Navigate to the TestCases Folder created in C:/
Directory, There user will find an Excel named Test Cases.xls with Sheet Test
Cases Sheet in which all the Test Cases will be present.
D. After Updating Sheet, User can successfully upload the Test Cases using ALM Add In

Future Enhancements / Shortcomings / Scope of Improvement:

Setting up an Installer file for doing the Manual work of Creating the folder under
the Specified directory mentioned by User and likewise setting that User provided
Path of Setup in VBA and VBS file
Providing List of All Available Project and Domain which User has access for to
avoid manual input in User Form
Providing a Tree Structure in the User form so that User will get convenience of
selecting the right path visually and a piece of code that converts that selection
into a String of Path in background which will be fed to VBA for Test cases
Providing the Feature Auto-shutdown for VBS Script post confirmation of User.
When Pop-up appears with All Test Cases Downloaded Successfully, then script
should display the excel for decreasing the manual effort of Navigating to the
Generated Test Cases Excel file.
Handling File Operations in case the Excel is already present with the same name
so to handle this Renaming Option can be provided. Providing User feasibility for
saving Test Cases with their Custom Names in the Custom Folders<If access to
other directory is provided> e.g. Test Cases Module1.xls, Test Cases Module2.xls
are segregated as per Module Name and likewise can be saved in
C:/Test_Cases_Edit_Pending Folder

Making it fully Automatic, like after the Editing/Updating One more VBS file can be
initiated which will ask for One Time Setup of ALM Add-in, post which every time
User will drag and drop the File which needs to be uploaded will be dragged or
Path will be provided in another User Form and with One Click, Script will take
care of uploading Test Cases in designated folder and will override ALM Add-in
with Code thereby reducing Manual delays and 8 Steps Clicks which User has to
do in ALM Add-in.

With limitation to the time in which weve to complete the assignments of
updating 170 Test Cases with this Problem, we managed to get the solution which
is working a decent job and making life bit easier with few manual interventions.
With this Solution
1>We propose a Utility by which Updates in the Test Cases can be achieved in
Time efficient and effective manner and providing a convenient way for
Testers/BA/Managers/Reviewer who has to go through the test cases manually
in ALM for various purposes and now they can download the Test Cases offline
in case of limited connectivity to Internet to access web application ALM and
carry out activities which can be done offline.
2>In Case we are not having Excel of Test cases developed by
Author(BA/Tester/Contractor) who has left the organization so this Dependency
is eliminated by this solution
Our Alignment with EY, for a continuing effort to evolve and going by the vision of
EY, be it Quality in Everything we do or Building a better working world we are
trying to put our solutions as TCSs vision Experience Certainty to achieve the
objective in best way possible.