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AMBUSTION, am-bus'tsbun, i. (ambustio, Lnt.) A

burn, a scald.
A MM., nm'mel, . (email, Fr.) The matter used in
the process of enamelling.
A Mr,i A \ i 11i i i;, a-me-lan'sheer, . (Savoy name for
A genus of shrubs allied to the pear :
Order, Rosacese.
am'mel-kawrn, i. (French, amylum,
An old name for a kind of grain
starch, Lat.)
of which starch was made.
AMKLET. See Omelet.
AMELIORATE, a-mele-o-rate, v. a. (ameliorer, Fr.
To improve.
from a, and melior, better, Lat.)
AMELIORATION, a-me-le-o-ra'shun, .-. (French.)

AHELLUS, a-mellns, . (after the name of a plant

mentioned by Virgil.)
The Aster, a genus of
plants : Order, Composite : Suborder or tribe,
AMIS, a'men, ad. (amn, so let it be, Heb.) A term
used in devotions, by which, at the end of a prayer,
we mean, be it so, and, at the end of a creed, so
it is.
AMENABLE, a-me'na-bl, a. (umesnable, Fr.) Re
sponsible ; subject, so as to be liable to account.
AMENANCE, a-me'nans, v. a. (ameneir, old Fr.) To
direct or manage by force.
AMI .s A v i :, a-me'nans, t. (amanut, Lat.) Conduct ;
behaviour ; rr.ein. Obsolete.
For ho is fit to use in all assaya,
Whether for arms and warlike amenance,
Or else for irise and civil governance. Spenser.
AMEND, a-mend', v. a. (amender, Fr. amende, Lat.)
To correct ; to change anything that is wrong to
something better ; to chastise ; to reform the life ;
In this sense we use
to leave off wickedness.
mend. To restore passages which the copiers are
supposed to have omitted.
AMENDABLE, a-men'da-bl, o. (amenable, Fr.)
parable ; that which may be mended.
AMENDE, a-mend', >. (Fr.) Fine; penalty; mulct;
forfeit. The amende honorable, a public acknow
ledgment of injury done to another : reparation of
In French Law, the amende honorable
was formerly a species of infamous punishment
inflicted upon traitors, parricides, or sacrilegious
persons, either by the acknowledgment of his
criminal offences in open court, on his knees, and
uncovered ; or by being made to kneel, in his
shirt, with a torch in his hand, and a rope round
his neck, held by the public executioner. This
degradation was usually conjoined with some other

Lat.) Pleasantness ; agreeableuess of situation
or behaviour.
a-me-nawr're-n, s, (a, without,men,
a month, Gr.) Au irregular or defective morbid
menstrual discharge.
A Mi s i .11 i ;.!.,a-men-ta'se-e, s. (amentum, a catkin,
Lat) A name sometimes applied to a numberof
trees, the flowers of which are arranged in dense
cylindrical deciduous spikes or catkins, as in the
The term is abo
willow, birch, hazel, oak, &c.
lished, the different plants being now arranged
under their respective orders, Cupuh'fene, Salicincie, Betulinese, and Plantacea?.
a-men-ta'shus, a. Belonging to
the Amentacea: ; having au amentum or catkin
for its inflorescence.
The kingdom
AMENTUES, a-men'tAes, :,-.(Greek.)
of the dead ; the Tartarus of the ancient Egyptians.
AMENTIA or AMENTY, a-men'she-a, a-men'te, .
(a, without, men*, mind, Lat.)
AMENTUM, a-men'tum, *. (Latin word for a thong
or loop.)
A catkin, the male inflorescence of the
When the bructeiB on
hazel, birch, willow, &c.
the principal stalk are close and overlap one an
other, or are imbricated with the flowers, and sessik
in their axilla, the spike is termed an amentum
or catkin ; the spikes are generally erect catkins,
or amenta are pendant.
AMBRCE, a-mers', . a. (amercier, Fr.) To punish
with a pecuniary penalty ; to exact a fine ; to. in
flict a forfeiture.
Millions of spirits for hin faults amerced
Of heaven, and front eternal splendours flung
For his revolt. Milton.

Liable to b
The pecuniary
a-mers'ment, *.
punishment of an offender ; punishment or loss in
AMERCER, a-mer'sur, i.
One wlie amerces or fines
for any misdemeanour, or inflicts a forfeiture.
a-mer'se-a-ment, *. A form of th
word amercement used in old law books.
AMERICAN, a-mer'e-kan, *. An aboriginal nativ
of America ; an inhabitant of America ; a. re
lating to America.
AMERICAN ALOE, t. The Agave americanas.
AMERICAN COWSLIP, s. See Dodaoatbeon.
AMERICAN GAMBOGE, . The juice of the Hypen
cum baccatum.
AMERICANISM, a-mer'e-kan-izm,
.-. Au idiom
peculiar to America.
AMI..S i.u, ,'i nicn unr, t.
The person who corrects AMERICANIZE,
a-mer'e-kan-ize, v. a.
To raider
or amends anything.
AMERICAN NUTMEO. The Monodora or AnonaUya-mend'ful, a. Full of improvement.
ristica : Order, Anonacese. See Munodonu
AMENDING, a-mend'mg, .s. The act of amending,
or of correction of error or conduct.
AMERIMNUM, am-e-rim'num, . (a, priv. mivlmna,
care, Gr.) A genus of Leguminous
AMENDMENT, a-mcml'ment, .-.-. A change from the
plants : Sub
worse to the better ; reformation of life ; recovery
order, Papilionacete.
of health.
In Law, the correction of an error AMES- ACE See Ambs-:ice.
committed in a process, and espied before or after AMEBS, am'es, s. (corrupted from aroice.)
A priest's
judgment ; and sometimes after the party's seek
AMETABOLIA, a-met-a-bo'le-a,
ing advantage by the error.
(without, and
AMENDS, a-mendz', s. (corrupted from amende, Fr.)
metalole, change, Gr.) A subclasa o inaeets,
which do not undergo the metamorpbuosis
Recompense ; compensation ; atonement.
If our soula bo immortal, this makee abundant amends to the other wseets.
for the frailties of life, aud the sufferings of this state. AMETHODICAL,
a-me-4od'e-kal, a.
With order 01
method ; regular.
AMENITY, a-men'e-te, s. (amrnM, Fr. amamittu, AMETHYST, arn'e-tiist, r.. (cmethysto*^ coutru; to.