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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Rizal
Municipality of Angono




This is a yearly undertaking of the ABC of Angono, Rizal

where we conduct official educational tours in the
different places in the country to explore new and better
ideas and learn more about public service and
governance from other government officials in particular
and the inhabitants in general, with the end in view of,
hopefully, adopting them for the benefit of our
constituents in the Barangay. Add to this the
opportunity to see the beauty of the Philippines
and experience the warmth of its people.
Normally, the ABC expenses are borne by the
participants. Tgis is in contrast with the tour of the
Municipal Council in the North in 1989. As representative
of the ABC, I was with the members of the Angono
Municipal Council in Narvacan and Vigan, Ilocos Sur and
Laoag, Ilocos Norte on a study tour (which I sponsored in
the council) paid for by the peoples money.
To adopt what we have learned, the ABC, in
coordination with the Municipal Government, headed by
Mayor Vivencio B. Villamayor, Sr., embarked on a
cleanliness campaign by conducting meetings in every
Barangay. Schools were also tapped for information
On 12 May 1991 a no-nonsense cleaning of the
river of Angono was done with support of the Municipal
Government and the different sectors of society, including
the church.
There were other activities in environmental
concern thereafter, including tree planting. It was good to
see the bayanihan spirit very much alive in all our

In late May 1991, we were in the province of Albay

in the Bicol Region, particularly Legazpi City, towns of
Daraga, Sto. Domingo, Tbaco and Tiwi at the bosom of the
majestic Daragang Magayon (Mt. Mayon).
However, it was in Daraga where our
embarrassment and admiration went hand in hand. The
mayor prepared a fiesta-like reception for us in the vicinity
of Cagsawa ruins, down the slopes of the Volcano, where
there were booths and food was aplenty. It was a whole
day waiting-affair for them. Due to some
miscommunication, we arrived the next day. And yet, we
did not hear anything negative from our hosts. We only
learned about it from a meat vendor in the public market
who was asked by the mayor to prepare the food.
When we apologized, the mayor and his staff were so kind
in expressing their understanding. The mayor entertained
and accompanied us to all the places we visited. He
drank, cheered and sang with us. What a man! This is
unbelievably true.
Our admiration grew more for this man. Through his
innovation and wise fiscal management style, he was able
to standardize the salary of the municipal employees from
the interest alone of several million-peso loan for the
construction of their public market. They deposited the
money (time deposit) in a bank (in agreement with the
contractor) while the construction was in progress. No
wonder with the long list of his accomplishments, the
Honorable Cicero Triunfante was selected as one of the
Outstanding Mayors of the Philippines in 1990.
On 27 June 1991, 15 days after the eruption of Mt.
Pinatubo, we went back to Olongapo with two (2)
truckloads of relief goods to the people of Brgy. Sta. Fe in
San Marcelino, Zambales followed by another relief
operation in Bacolor Pampanga in the same year.

In all these trips, we used 6x6 trucks of the Philippine

Marines, courtesy of Major Marcelino E. Yacat. All the
goods were solicited from concerned citizens of Angono.
In November 1992, we were in the City of Puerto Princesa
in the island of Palawan for almost six (6) days. We
learned a lot from them. Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn and
the City Council were in one and they have the political
will to do what is good for the people, whoever gets hurt.
Heard of total log ban? Its true in Puerto Princesa.

Last February 1993, we returned to Albay and

brought with us Php 25,000.00 financial assistance for the
victims of the eruption of Mayon Volcano, particularly in
Daraga and Legazpi City. The money came from the
calamity fund of the ABC and solicitations from some
civic-minded citizens of Angono.
In all our trips in the Bicol Region, our base was
Isarog Pulp and Paper Corporation. We will always
remember its CEO, Engr. Larry Inocando, not only because
of the guesthouse, food, nightlife activities and many
more, but most of all because of the sincerity, kindness
and extreme hospitality of this Filipino warrior.
In June of 1993, we went to Tacloban City and some
towns, including Ormoc, in Leyte and Sta. Rita in the
province of Samar. We stayed at the National Maritime
Polytechnic (NMP) situated near the approach to the
famous San Juanico Bridge- courtesy of Mr. Renato
Palomo, Executive Director of the NMP. The people we met
there were all warm and hospitable in the true sense of
the words.

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