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This is commonly the number one thing people look for when they plan on moving, you have
to know that youll be able to aord it. So instead of producing a guide on commercial air
conditioning we are going to discuss the benets of living in the UKs capitol. Whether you are
hoping to take advantage of a very commercial landscape or you just fancy the fast lane in a
cultural hub there is plenty you can learn about London before taking the plunge.
One of the rst things youll notice about London is the prices are higher than almost
anywhere in the country for example a cinema ticket on average would cost you no more than
10 however in big city itll cost you between 10 & 14 pounds thats just an average viewing,
the prices for 3D, IMAX or IMAX 3D are increasingly higher.
However, London has a lot to oer to anyone who visits or lives there, the houses and
apartments are outstanding, a number of apartment buildings now have fully tted air
conditioning systems but as you would expect these apartments are more expensive. The
career opportunities are very varied. There are naturally lots of commercial interests in
property, restaurants, hotels, banks, and retail stores.
The summer weather in London can see lows and highs averaging 18c and often in to the low
20s. In the most recent years London has experienced several heatwaves with temperatures
above 30c. This is the number one reason why so many buildings are looking into air
conditioning in London.
Accommodation in London varies in price just like anywhere else in the world, the cost of
renting in London for an average price of a one-bedroom property outside the city centre costs
around 1,150 per month, which rises to around 1,700 when you move inward. A big thing
youll be looking at when looking for accommodation if you have children is schools, try to
wrap your head around the amount of schools and which you should have your children go to.
There is no way for us to make this any easier for you as the number of schools is extensive
and everlasting, every parent wants their children to go to the best school to have the greatest
possible opportunities but where do you start. The best and quickest way to nd which school

A Guide to Living In London: A Commercial Landscape

is top rated in your area is to look online at Ofsted reports and to visit these schools and ask
Which leads us onto internet services. London oer a wide range of dierent internet services,
including a variety of connections; dial up, ADSL, cable etc. The majority of broadband deals
have a download speed of at least 8 Mb, rates and pricing schemes vary from one provider to
the next, but usually run between the 20 - 70 range per month.
Providers are;

Sky Oer speeds up to 24 Mb

BT Broadband


Virgin Media Oers the fastest broadband, with speeds of 50 Mb on its cable network



O2 Oers speeds of 24 Mb

Calico UK Internet Service

Abel Internet

Broadband Bundles

BE Oers speeds of 24 Mb


Being such a big city, London has many Wi-Fi hotspots available to the public for mobile
devices, laptops and tablets. Internet Cafes are available throughout London; costs vary on
average from 1.50 - 5.00 per hour. Printing, scanning and other services will cost an
additional fee, some cafes cater more to one specic use such as; gaming and webcam
You are expected to make a purchase before you use the Wi-Fi, you can consistently get free
internet access and Wi-Fi from libraries which have PCs for public use.

A Guide to Living In London: A Commercial Landscape



Leisure centres

Sailing clubs

Fencing clubs

Cycling centres

Sports centres

Indoor climbing facility


Pole Dancing Studios

Parkour and Freerunning Clubs

Snowboarding and Skiing

The number of health and tness venues really is mind-blowing! Just browse what is near you
and get involved in local training sessions to meet people and keep trim.
There are many more facilities available. If you are wanting to stay t and healthy then there
are a variety of gyms available in London. For a gym membership that is open for use 24 hours
a day it would cost on average 13.99 which is good, considering the facilities that will be
available for you to use.
London is also the city of big events, such as, the New Years Eve rework display and
Wimbledon. On average the city hosts four big events set in the calendar for each month,
meaning there is something going on for everyone throughout the year whether you like
classical concerts or rock festivals, theatre ensembles or street dance spectacles. London is a
city of culture and huge character.

A Guide to Living In London: A Commercial Landscape

The events allow people from around the world to come and see the sights of London,
whether its to meet up with family and friends or to simply have a few days away.
One of the biggest events that has taken place in London each year is the New Years rework
display where thousands of people from around the globe come to see the spectacle that is
put on. On average 250,000 people attend the key viewing areas by the river Thames to view
the magnicent display carried out on New Years Eve. On average they use about 12,000
reworks to make the display as amazing as they do, costing around 1.8 2 million pounds.
Another big event is the tennis matches which are held at Wimbledon. In 2015, the prize was
26.75 million! Wimbledon ground can hold 39,000 people; however, it has been known that
during the championships thousands of people waited outside the stadium to nd out who
the winner was. The amazing event brings the entire country together to help support and
cheer for the players.

Navigating London is a dicult task for anyone, yes London has the underground, over 20,000
taxis and busses that run every day. The London underground (also known as The Tube) is
known worldwide for being the number one way for people to travel around London. The
underground is considered the oldest rapid transit system incorporating an underground
railway. The network has expanded to eleven lines and in 2014/15 carried 1.305 billion
passengers making the London underground the 11th busiest metro system.
The underground serves 270 stations, 250 miles of tracks within London, its extremely busy
since its the easiest and fastest way to get around the city, for a single adult it would cost you
on average 5.00, a child would cost on average 3.00.
Londons famous red busses are also a quick, convenient and cheap mode of transport for the
city. With over 700 routes, there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities when travelling. A

A Guide to Living In London: A Commercial Landscape

single bus fare costs as little as 1.50, with an average of 1.8 billion people travels on busses
each year in London.
Another popular way to travel around London is the famous black cabs which are great for
travelling short distances. The cabs in London focus on their customers comfort and safety,
these vehicles and their drivers have earned their reputation by being the very best. Each
driver is required to undergo a test of his/her knowledge of London which can take a few years
to learn correctly.


There are also some massive draws for residents and tourists which is what makes London
such a commercial hot property. The heritage, political and cultural foundations make it a
great city to invest in and also visit as you will see!

The Houses of Parliament, which is officially known as the Palace of Westminster was
designed by the architects Charles Barry and Augustus. The building was built after a fire
in 1834 which originally destroyed most of the palace. The construction of the 1,100
rooms were complete, however the building has required constant maintenance. The
Houses of Parliament are recognised as one of the worlds most iconic buildings with
millions of tourists each year. Visits and tours are available regularly.

Buckingham Palace is the London residence and workplace of the reigning monarch of
the United Kingdom, the palace is often the centre of state occasions and royal
hospitality. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, although the palace is decorated and
furnished with priceless works of art that form the Royal Collection. The palace is an
immense part of British history and any who visits London or lives there should take
some pictures of the outstanding structure.

A Guide to Living In London: A Commercial Landscape

The National Gallery is a hugely popular area for thousands of people, it is located at
Trafalgar Square and has a vast space filled with Western European paintings from the
13th to the 19th centuries, works by the best such as; Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Botticelli,
Constable, Renoir, Titian and Stubbs. The entry to the building is free, but if you wish to
visit every exhibit the charge is 12.00 for an adult and 6.00 for teens aged between

The London Eye is a major feature of Londons skyline with 32 capsules, each one
holding 25 people. The breath taking experience allows you to see 55 of Londons most
famous landmarks all in just 30 minutes. To climb aboard you have to pay a fee of
20.70 per ticket for an adult and 14.00 per ticket for children, children under the age
of 4 ride for free and discounts are available for groups.

You could take a tour around one of the worlds most famous buildings, the Tower of
London. Discover the priceless Crown Jewels, stand where famous heads have rolled
and storm the battlements with swords, armour and much more. Entrance to this
historic building is 22.00 per ticket for an adult and 10.00 per child. The Tower is a
must see for anyone who loves history and has a thirst for knowledge.

At Madame Tussauds you can see life size wax replicas of some of the most famous
faces including Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, Usain Bolt, David Beckham, The
Queen, William and Kate and many more. The museum is always adding new models,
allowing you to take incredible pictures with your favourite stars. Entrance is 31.00 per
ticket for adult and 25.00 per ticket for children.

The Elizabeth Tower commonly known as Big Ben which holds the second largest four
faced chiming clock in the world. It was completed in 1858 and celebrated its 157th
birthday in April. Big Ben is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world and is

A Guide to Living In London: A Commercial Landscape

often used for scenes in films. So dont forget to stop by and take a picture with this
major piece of history.

If you are fancying something a bit adventurous and perhaps scary then the London
Dungeons is the right place for you, or is it? The fantastic tourist attraction recreates
various gory and macabre historical events. The cast, props and special effects turns this
attraction into a truly unique experience. The Dungeon is operated by Merlin
Entertainment and features 18 shows, 20 actors and 3 rides, each visitor is taken on a
journey through thousands of years of history where they meet actors performing as
some of Londons most infamous characters including Jack the Ripper and Sweeney
Todd. If you are brave enough, then this experience costs only 19.95 when bought

If you are after something a bit more educational then London have some of the best
and biggest museums, including the National Maritime Museum, which is known as the
Queens House art gallery. This gallery allows you to discover what life was like aboard
the legendary 18th century ship. The entry fee to visit this magnificent ship is 13.50 per
adult and 7.00 per child.
Another extremely popular place to visit in London is the British Museum. The exhibits
show work from prehistoric to modern times, including the Rosetta Stone and the
Ancient Egyptian collection. Entrance to this museum is free however, some exhibits
may require a small fee.
The Science museum is a great place to experience science first hand with 15,000
objects on display including the worlds famous objects, the Apollo 10 command capsule
and Stephensons Rocket. It is free to enter this museum however, if you are wanting to
visit the IMAX 3D cinema, simulators and other special exhibits you will have to pay a
small fee.

A Guide to Living In London: A Commercial Landscape

Our last suggestion is the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is the worlds greatest
museum for art and design. Representing more than 3,000 years of human creativity
including some of the greatest pieces of art and design in history. The entrance to the
museum is free but for certain exhibitions and events you will be required to pay a fee.

To conclude, even though London is expensive there are so many dierent things for you to
do, you will denitely always be busy! So if this article has made you want to explore the city
of London then jump on a train and of you go. Or maybe, this information has made you want
to move to London, if so, make sure you do your research and last of all... Enjoy!

We invite you to make the most of a brilliant city and of course if you are ever in need of air
conditioning in London then All Seasons are the people to call: 0808 278 3354

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A Guide to Living In London: A Commercial Landscape