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Julia Henderson

Period 1
Part I. Description and Analysis

February 10, 2016 -- New Hampshire by Deb Milbrath, The Association of American Editorial
Deb Milbraths cartoon depicts the results of the 2016 New Hampshire primary. Hillary Clinton,
one of the two Democratic candidates, is portrayed. Deb Milbrath uses labeling of Hillarys logo
and 2016 on the cars license plate to symbolize Clinton and her campaign. Milbrath also uses
labeling of a sign that says New Hampshire that is written over to say No! Hillary. The
arrow on the sign points in the opposite direction of Hillarys car. This symbolizes that Hillary
has lost the NH primary and is leaving New Hampshire. The overall message is that New
Hampshire doesnt support Hillary Clinton for President. The vulture perched on top of the sign
symbolizes death, in this case the death of Hillarys New Hampshire campaign.

Julia Henderson
Period 1

February 10, 2016 --New Hampshire by Mike Keefe, The Cagle Post
Mike Keefes cartoon depicts the impact of the New Hampshire primary on the Establishment.
We know that it depicts this because there is a buoy that is labled NH, an acronym for New
Hampshire. The winners of both the Democratic and Republican NH primaries are portrayed.
Sanders is portrayed as the left motor boat because he is a left-winged socialist. Trump is on the
right because he is running as a right-winged Republican. Keefe also uses labeling of the boats to
say Bernie and Trump to make his depictions more explicit. Keefe puts a smaller boat in the
middle of the two in which there is a donkey and an elephant. The donkey symbolizes the
Democratic party and the elephant symbolizes the Republican party. The donkey is holding a flag
labeled Establishment and the boat is full of water. This is used to show that Bernie and Trump
are passing the establishment and leaving their parties swamped. The cartoonist doesnt show
any bias towards either candidate or party as they are all depicted in the same way. The overall
message is that neither party establishment is happy about the results of the NH primary. Another

Julia Henderson
Period 1
message is that Bernie and Trump have something in common; neither remain within the rules of
their party establishments.

Julia Henderson
Period 1

February 3 2016 --New Hampshire Primary 2016 by Dave Granlund, Davegranlund.com

Dave Granlunds cartoon depicts the New Hampshire primary from the perspective of New
Hampshire. The maple tree represents the state of New Hampshire. Granlund uses labeling of a
sign that says NH Primary as well as the labeling of buckets with all the names of the
Presidential candidates. The 11 who are still in the race are tapping for the trees maple syrup,
while those who have dropped out lay on the ground. This symbolizes that every candidate still
in the race is fighting for NHs support. The perspective of the tree, or New Hampshire, is told by
the side caption that says, Feeling a little tapped out This is a play on words because it can
be perceived as tapped out of maple syrup, as well as tapped out as in tired. Granlund also
shows that NH is tired by giving the tree droopy eyelids and circles beneath the eyes. The overall

Julia Henderson
Period 1
message is that New Hampshire is overwhelmed and made tired by the number of candidates
wanting its support. The cartoonists point of view is that there are too many candidates running
in the election for one primary to handle.

Julia Henderson
Period 1

February 9, 2016 -- New Hampshire Primary Results by Dave Granlund, Davegranlund.com

Dave Granlunds cartoon depicts the New Hampshire primary in an ironic way. The caption,
Primary results from the Granite State reminds us that New Hampshire is known for its
granite. Granlund depicts a graveyard with tombstones made of granite as a way of being ironic.
Written on the tombstones is Truth, Respect, Civility, etc. This symbolizes the death of the
candidates values that has come with the NH primary. Two smaller tombstones say Hope and
Trust, this symbolizes that death of voters faith. The overall message of this cartoon is that
with candidates having lost their values, voters have lost hope because they can no longer trust
them. Because the biggest tombstone says Truth, it is clear that Granlund thinks that the
integrity of the candidates is the most important.

Julia Henderson
Period 1

February 10, 2016 --Bernie Sanders Wins NH Primary by Dave Granlund, Davegranlund.com
Dave Granlunds cartoon depicts the winner of the New Hampshire Democratic primary. He
portrays Bernie Sanders skiing quickly downhill to symbolize his momentum. Bernies scarf is
labeled with Bernie in case his exaggerated features arent enough to tell who he is. He also
wears 2016 on his chest as a symbol of the 2016 presidential race. The backdrop of trees and
snow as well as the labeling of the tree to say NH primary clearly shows that the race that
Sanders has won is the New Hampshire primary. The marks in the snow leading to Bernie go
around the tree that is in the middle of his path. The tree is also labeled Hillary to show that
Bernie has passed his obstacle or competitor --Hillary Clinton. The same ski marks show that
Bernie has gone straight through the tree. This symbolizes the overall message that Bernie has

Julia Henderson
Period 1
done the impossible by beating Hillary in the New Hampshire primary.

Julia Henderson
Period 1

February 10, 2016 --New Hampshire winners share one attribute: authenticity by David Horsey,
Los Angeles Times
David Horseys cartoon depicts the winner of the New Hampshire Republican primary. He
portrays Donald Trump --one of the Republican presidential candidates. Horsey portrays Trump
with exaggerated features such as his hair and lips. Trump wears a red tie to symbolize that he is
a Republican. Horsey makes it clear that it is the New Hampshire primary by drawing trees,
stone and snow in the background. The cartoonist also includes a caption that says Making his
mark in New Hampshire. This caption is a play on words because in the cartoon he is literally
making his mark in the snow, as well as figuratively making his mark by winning the NH
primary. Horsey makes it clear that Trump is the winner by writing in the snow, Trump Wins!
The footprints coming from Trump show that Trump was the one who made the mark in the

Julia Henderson
Period 1
snow. This symbolizes the overall message of the cartoon: now that Trump has won the NH
primary, he will play it up in order to get people to focus on his victory in NH rather than his loss
in Iowa. The perspective of the cartoonist is that Trump has a giant ego, he shows this by
depicting Trump as overbearing. As a Democrat, Horsey has let his bias show by depicting
Trump as arrogant --an inherently bad personality trait.

Julia Henderson
Period 1

February 10, 2016 --Feel the Sexism by Clay Jones, The Independent
Clay Joness cartoon depicts the results of the New Hampshire primary. Jones portrays
presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as well as Bill Clinton --candidate Hillary Clintons
husband. He uses labeling of Bernie on a podium that says New Hampshire, to show that
Bernie is the winner of the NH Democratic primary. Bernie is surrounded by all of his supporters
that hold signs with his name and slogan. Jones labels the man in yellow as Bill to make it
clear that he is Hillarys husband. Bill is saying All of this is sexist as a way of defending his
wifes campaign to become the first woman president. The cartoon has a humorous tone because
Bill Clinton has never spoke up about sexism before, but now that his wife is running for
president, he suddenly decides to do so. The overall message of the cartoon is that the Clintons

Julia Henderson
Period 1
are jealous of Bernies momentum in New Hampshire upstaging Hillary. Joness perspective is
that Bill is a hypocrite.

Julia Henderson
Period 1

February 5, 2016 --Kasich in New Hampshire by Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch
Nate Beelers cartoon depicts Kasichs New Hampshire campaign. He portrays Republican
presidential candidate Kasich and his competition, Trump and Cruz. Beeler captions the cartoon
Kasich in the Granite State to make is clear that the man portrayed is Kasich. Beller uses the
nickname Granite State for New Hampshire. He also portrays Trump and Cruz cut out in
granite to make up a mountain. This symbolizes that Trump and Cruz are set in stone to be the
NH primary top two. Kasich is struggling to climb to mountain, and is literally hanging on by a
thread. This symbolizes that Kasichs campaign is unstable and lacks supporters. The overall
message of this cartoon is that Kasich doesnt stand a chance in the New Hampshire primary.
Beelers perceives Kasich to be weak, at least compared to Trump and Cruz.

Julia Henderson
Period 1
Part II. Summary and Reflection

Julia Henderson
Period 1