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Name of the


Name of the
Gram Panchayat

Name of Sarpanch


Upper Subansiri

88- Siggin - II A,
Smt Nita Liruk
Liruk GP


East Champaran


Sh. Arinjay Kumar Singh




Smt. BhuvneswariNetam




Smt. Patel SonalbenNikhilkumar




Sh. RamanandKaushik




Sh. RakeshJha




Smt. Zarnamma




Sh. H. B Pradeep Master



Petlawad )





Smt. Sangeeta Ashok Pachupate




Aklia Jalal

Sh. Jagdev Singh





Sh.Dallu Ram Bheel



West Sikkim

West Sh. SanchaBahadurLimboo


Tamil Nadu



Smt. K. Rajaselvi



South Tripura


Smt. Rama Adhikari Das





Smt. Laxmi Devi



South Andaman

Hope Town

Smt. RasheedaBibi


Chulubari GP

Smt. Hena Das


Sh. TauliyaAmliyar

Special Category


Dr.Avtar Singh Sahota

Senior Economic Advisor
Ministry of Panchayati Raj

ur democratic system entrusts the power directly into the hands of the people,
empowering them with the ability to transform their own lives. The Panchayati Raj,
which forms the backbone of our countrys democratic system are provided with
numerous supporting pillars in the form of Gram Sabhas. These Gram Sabhas are given the
constitutional recognition as they form the village legislature and include the local
population in addition to the members of the Gram Panchayat. The Gram Sabhas provide
for the evaluation and scrutiny of the different schemes implemented by the administration,
and additionally make recommendations to resolve issues faced by people in everyday life.
In order to devise an appropriate structure of incentives to appreciate and encourage the
Gram Panchayats of the country, for outstanding performance through effective Gram
Sabhas, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj instituted the National Award, Rashtriya Gaurav
Gram Sabha Puraskar.
The Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Sabha Puraskar (National Award) was instituted by GOI in the
year 2010 in order to devise an appropriate structure of incentives to appreciate and
encourage the Gram Panchayats of the country, for outstanding performance, through
effective Gram Sabhas, especially in respect of improvements in the social and economic
structure of the village. The main objective of instituting this award is to strengthen the
institution of Gram Sabha and to highlight it as the institution for decision and social audit.
It is expected that this award would strengthen this Ministrys endeavor to deepen the
process of decentralization. Gram Sabha is a vibrant forum for promoting planned economic
and social development of the villages in a transparent way. Gram Sabha ensures direct
participative democracy and offers equal opportunity to all citizens including the poor, the
women and the marginalized to discuss, critically evaluate, various serious issues that affect
the socio- economic development of the village. Under this award, the Gram Panchayats are
advised to prepare their own report based on the parameters laid down by GOI and forward
it to State Committees. In the previous years this award has sensitized district
administration about holding meaningful and vibrant Gram Sabhas and widening their
scope of discussions. As per the guidelines issued by GOI four (4) Gram Sabhas are
mandatory, which should be fixed atleast once a quarter on specified days which are evenly
spaced through the year and are general holidays. GP may be left free to call additional
meetings of Gram Sabhas with adequate and advance notice and GPs may also call for
emergency meetings GS as per notified rules. (Ref; GOI Guidelines No. J-11011/80/2011Media, dated 8th December, 2011).
The numbers say it all. With about 2.43 lac Gram Panchayats in India, the reward process
comprises of a fourphase nomination routine, involving inviting the nominations from
Gram Panchayats through District Committees and State level committees. With three
nominations allowed from each state this year, the award ceremony has triggered a
staggering response from 20 states. A total of 18 nominations have been finalized by the
Ministry of Panchayati Raj for the reception of the Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Sabha Puraskar .

The Chulubari Gram Panchayat from Tripura has also been chosen as a nominee in the
special category for its commendable efforts toward Crime Against Women.
The award process involves the scrutiny of proposals by a national level award Selection
Committee . Going by the rules, the committee scrutinizes only applications forwarded to it
by the state governments. The rule circumscribes the Committees role to select Gram
Panchayats from the list of Gram Panchayats nominated by the State Level Committee. The
committee also stresses on the need for videographing the Gram Sabha proceedings to
promote further transparency. These videos are duly viewed and assessed for ascertaining
women participation and involvement, decorum maintained and verification of the issues
Additionally,this year the Committee had incorporated three new parameters. The criteria,
which determine the socio-economic standards, are the main driving factors behind these
parameters. Active participation and involvement of women in Gram Sabha meetings,
special efforts made by the Gram Panchayats for delivery of services to remote areas and
innovative implementation of information, education and communication are the new yards
sticks being used to shortlist the award nominations.
It is very heartening to see that out of 18 Gram Panchayats selected for RashtriyaGaurav
Gram Sabha Award this year, ten gram panchayats are headed by the women Sarpanches/
Pradhans/ Panchayat President or Sabhapati. These leaders have excelled the task of
identifying reforms and implementing them in a synchronized manner and have utilized
Gram Sabha for achieving the same. They have highlighted Gram Sabha as a vibrant forum
for promoting planned economic and social development of the villages in a transparent
way. Through Gram Sabha they have ensured the direct participation of democracy and
offered equal opportunity to all citizens standing in the last mile!
Another important highlight of these awards is the utilization of the prize money, a sum of
Rupees Ten lac is given to each nominee. The cash amount awarded to the Gram Panchayat
is completely untied and symbolizes devolution of fund and inclusive growth and
governance. The utilization of prize money is guided by certain preset norms and conditions
and has to be accompanied by a utilization certificate. Over the past years an effective
utilization of the award money has been observed. For instance, in the state of Odisha, a
small market complex had been constructed by using the prize money to promote selfemployment in the region. It must be pointed out that a special Gram Sabha consisting of
women and children needs to be held before finalizing the utilisation of prize money.
Chulubari Gram Panchayat from Tripura has been remarkable in this years edition of
awards. The Gram Panchayat conducted special Gram Sabhas for tackling the major issue of
"Crime against Women". The national award committee has lauded the commendable efforts
initiated by Chulubari Gram Panchayat in the fields of social security, zero tolerance
towards dowry, protection and respect for girl child and elderly citizens. Arguably, the most
noted features of the Chulubari Panchayat are the exhaustive methods employed by them
such as distribution of leaflets and posters to create awareness amongst people against
domestic violence.
The Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Sabha Puraskar awards are distributed under the media and
publicity scheme of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, since the entire campaign is designed to
publicize and highlight the importance of Gram Sabhas. The small incentive paves way for
the other Gram Panchayts to emulate the good practice demonstrated set by the awardees
Gram Panchayats. The phenomenal increase in the number of nominations since the
inaugural year bears testimony to the success of this campaign. The day when an entity
representing the lowest strata of democracy gets recognized by the highest elected authority
of the country is the day when that Gram Panchayat turns itself into a beacon of light,

illuminating the path for other Gram Panchayats and leading them towards success and

Dr Avtar Singh Sahota

Senior Advisor

Liruk village is nestled in the valleys of Arunachal Pradesh. As a location, it is known for its
natural and scenic beauty but as a constitutional body or Gram Panchayat, the name is
synonymous with hard work and dedication. Chaired by a woman president, Liruk
Panchayat has taken women empowerment to a whole new dimension. The Gram Sabhas
were conducted with more than 35% of women participation. These Gram Sabhas dealt with
several intolerant acts of cruelty with the contempt they deserve, human trafficking and
illegal selling of wild animals were banned and made punishable. Additionally, several
preventive measures were discussed in the Gram Sabha to prevent narcotic substances,
gutka, drugs, etc. from entering the village premises.
The hallmark of an open society is an environment where competing views exist and where
disagreements are addressed, or resolved, through the medium of reasoned debate. The
Gram Sabha formed the perfect platform for the resolution of any issue and implementation
of new plans. The MGNREGA scheme has been implemented with utmost diligence and
under this scheme a CC footpath, spanning a distance of 200 meters, has been constructed in
the village to facilitate better commuting of people. In a parallel development, several homes
for the BPL families and the physically challenged people were constructed under the Indra
Awaas Yojna.
Gram Panchayat of Liruk, suffered from lack of funds to construct a community culture hall
for almost a decade. All the cultural events were held in the open, left to the mercy of rain
and storms, but the leaders of the Liruk Panchayat who fervently believed in their dream
and its realization were ultimately successful in fulfilling the same under the grants of Gram
and Anchalinter mediate fund of BRGF. Additionally, the power line posts of Singum
village, whose collapse had plunged put the entire village into darkness, were reconnected
under the RGPSY scheme, bringing light and cheers into the lives of the residents.
The children of our society have the complete right to education, to learn, to play and to
become the architects of their future. This belief has been strongly upheld by Liruk
Panchayat which has implemented several measures to help educate its young ones and
recall the drop outs to school. By any yardstick, this would not have been possible without
the relentless efforts of both the Panchayat and the parents who have created a conducive
atmosphere to study. Through the facilitation of TSC scheme, the Panchayat has also been
successful in providing toilet facilities and hygienic drinking water to the BPL families of the
The Liruk Panchayat has successfully implemented the PYKKA scheme by incentivising and
motivating the youth to participate in rural sports which would subsequently help them
showcase their talents in greater arenas.
With grit and determination this Panchayat has made a place for itself at the highest level of

Has fenced a 35 acre forest for Mithun breeding farm.
Has restricted narcotics from entering the village premises.
Has upheld the annual compulsory mandate of four quarterly Gram Sabha meetings.
Has followed up the decisions taken in Gram Sabhas effectively
An appreciable attendance of elected and non elected members in the Gram Sabha meetings.

Smt. Nita Liruk (Sarpanch)

Situated in Kalyanpur block of Patna district, Gariba is a Gram Panchayat motivated to
eradicate poverty and improve the standard of living of the villagers. The Panchayat has
played a pioneering role in improving the infrastructure of the village while engaging the
local folk in these activities and providing them ample of chances to work. The measures
announced in the Gram Sabha meetings aimed at an all inclusive and structured growth of
Gariba village. It is only natural that the positive outcome of the work done by the Gariba
Panchayat attracted more and more people to its Gram Sabhas. Around 40% women and
more than 50% of the elected members of Panchayat were present in these meetings, along
with several government officials.
Gariba Gram Panchayat sees a window of opportunity in its local manpower, a resource
which could be used to address the structural requirements of the village. Several
construction projects have been undertaken after due discussions in the Gram Sabha. A
small bridge has been constructed as a cross over road, construction of roads till village
crossing and brick and soil work all across the village are certain examples of the type of
activities which were carried out by the Panchayat.
Openness and transparency are great virtues in governance and by themselves they
guarantee an efficient administration. Work and activities taken up by Gariba Gram Sabha
under MGNREGA scheme were elaborately analyzed and reviewed in the Gram Sabhas and
their complete execution was duly verified. Senior officials of various departments who
participated in the Gram Sabha ,briefed the members about several beneficiary schemes
such as MGNREGA for the year 2012-13 and after an elaborate discussion and analysis of
the situation, needs and shelf of projects based on the requirements of the village were
chalked out.
The Gram Sabha of Gariba has laid much importance on keeping the village clean. A village
cleanliness committee has been set up to discuss and act on issues related to safe drinking
water and clean toilets. The members of this committee requested the attendees of the Gram
Sabha to give special attention to cleanliness, as negligence in this area might lead to high
incidence of disease and epidemics. The villagers were also enlightened about certain basic
cleanliness norms and requested to comply with the same.
Gariba Gram Sabha has been very proactive in getting children enrolled to schools and has
also enlightened parents about education being the birth right of their children. With a
dedicated group of leaders and equally supportive audience, Gariba Gram Panchayat is
achieving new milestones in a short span of time.
Appreciable attendance of women and other minorities in the Gram Sabhas.
Tree plantation activities were carried out throughout the village.
Infrastructure of the village improved immensely.
Ward Sabha and Mahila Sabha meetings were actively organised.

Sh. Arinjay kumar Singh (Sarpanch)

Gariba Gram Panchayat

Situated in the State which is famously known as the rice bowl, Belargaon Gram
Panchayat from Chhattisgarh is surely embarking on a journey to win accolades. With a
population of about 4000 people, Belargaon is a Gram Panchayat with a strong vision of
women s empowerment.
Testimony to the efficacies of this Gram Panchayat, is the highly active Belargaon Gram
Sabha. The Gram Panchayat duly and responsibly organised four annual Gram Sabha
meetings along with special Gram Sabhas for follow-up activities.
Belargaon Gram Panchayat lays emphasis on the idea of holistic growth and overall
development. The initiatives undertaken by the Gram Sabha not only orient towards basic
amenities like safe drinking water, health, education and employment but also address
issues such as infrastructure, destitution and social security. Such phenomenal endeavours
are due to a high attendance and active participation by the members and people of
Belargaon panchayat in all Gram Sabha meetings.
A streamlined process of financial planning has been the most commendable
accomplishment of this Gram Pancahayat. The Gram Sabha of BelarGaonPanchayatregularly
reviews the planning and policies of the administration and thus analyses the IncomeExpenditure of the previous year. The Gram Sabha then spellsout the policies and actions for
the impending year and proposes the Expenditure towards various initiatives. Apart from
this, the Gram Sabha has made excellent use of the Panchayat Fund by purchasing an
ambulance for the Belargaon Health Centre to provide emergency medical assistance to the
people living in remote areas of the village. A kitchen has also been constructed near the
building of the Belargaon Health Centre to provide food facilities to the patients. In addition
to this, handicapped children have been provided with scholarships, notebooks and
uniforms with the aid of the Panchayat Fund. Two poor families have been compensated
with a sum of Rs. 40000 each for building houses as well as additional Rs. 20000 each for
further upliftment. The panchayat also provides extremely poor families with free of cost
rice as well as a sum of Rs. 500 towards the funeral in case of a death in the family. The
Gram Sabha aims to instill a sense of service among the citizens and thus has sanctioned the
proposal to reward the Groups and Youth Division with Rs. 5000 and Rs. 2500 respectively
as the first and second prize for an outstanding work and performance towards activities
relating to cleanliness, health etc.
The Gram Panchayat has been successful in its efforts towards better infrastructure,
sanitation and employment. Construction of a public toilet for passengers at the Village Bus
Stand, development of a commercial complex to promote self-employment, embankment of
drains and canals as well as setting up of Forest Rights Committee are few examples of its
persistent ventures.
Despite social disparities, Belargaon Gram Panchayat is a dynamic ray of hope for its people
and is fast emerging as a role model for its contemporaries with regards to village self
governance. Securing better financial and social security services for senior citizens as well
as ensuring primary education to all children, this Gram Sabha is all set to carve a niche for


Four Gram Sabhas along with several Special Gram Sabha meetings.
Compensation to poor families
Financial assistance to the homeless
Ambulance for medical assistance to remote areas
100% Registration of the Pregnant Mothers
Admission of dropouts to the primary schools

Smt. Bhuvneshwari Netam (Sarpanch)

Belar Gaon Gram Panchayat

Belar Gaon Gram Panchayat

Actions speak louder than words, the quote clearly reflects itself in the conduct of Javla
Gram Panchayat. Situated in the Vadodra district of Gujrat, Javla Panchayat has already
tasted triumph when adjudged as the number one Panchayat of the state. With awards like
Jyoti Gram, Samras Gram and Bagayat pinned to its chest, Javla Panchayat has clearly
shown that people judge the commitment of any Panchayat not by its pronouncements but
by its practice and, when the need arises, by its actions. Led by Smt. Patel Sonalben
NikhilKumar, the Panchayat has conducted five Gram Sabhas for discussing issues like BPL
beneficiaries, Indira Avaas, water shed and Gokul Gram scheme.
The Panchayat began by addressing the basic issues related to drinking water, sanitation,
primary education and nutrition through interactive Gram Sabha sessions. The Gram
Panchayat has implemented the MGNREGA scheme effectively, reducing unemployment
and poverty in the zone, in addition to expanding the infrastructure of the village.
Furthermore, a cooperative society and women club society were also established. To
discuss in terms of numbers, the village has a total population of 1027 out of which 638 are
registered voters. The Gram Panchayat promoted the presence of women and other
backward classes in the Gram Sabha by giving them equal say in decisions and equal rights
in expressing their opinion regarding village related issues.
Effective, as this approach can be called, it resulted in outstanding infrastructural facilities
like drainage in all the houses and 100% electricity across the village. The core strength of
the Javla Gram Sabha lay in the active involvement of the leaders in the developmental
activities along with a high level of transparency. The Gram Sabha has held social audit of
the implementation of MGNREGA scheme in addition to social and local fund audit done
on an yearly basis. All the works undertaken by the Gram Panchayat are scrutinized and
discussed in the Sabha meetings.
The thrust of the Javla Panchayat since its onset has been an inclusive growth of the village
though representative Gram Sabhas. It is this rationale that has led to establishment of milk
cooperative societies and self help groups which help the people of all groups by lending
money and allowing for deposit of savings. This approach effaces elitism and helps the
poorer and deprived classes in making their mark. The Gram Panchayat has not only
followed up the decisions taken in Gram Sabhas in an effective manner but has also bought
the proposals to a closure. Evidently, all the work finalized by the Gram Sabhas in its
meeting on April 2012 has been completed alongwith the work related to MGNREGA. Apart
from these all the other decisions taken in the Gram Sabha meetings have been completed in
the form of one government scheme or the other.
This sustained campaign by grassroots democracy, involving public interest, has sought to
combat the various issues faced by people in their day to day life. It is an uphill task to
combat the problem which plagues the villagers but armed with planning, dedication and
support from its people the Javla Gram Sabha has taken the war to its enemies and sworn to
eradicate them.
Appreciable participation by women and other backward classes.
Audit of all the funds and activities were conducted.
All the decisions taken in Gram Sabhas were completed.

Toilet facility available to each household.

Village cleaned regularly by sweepers and Sakhi Mandals.

Smt.Patel Sonalben Nikhil kumar (Sarpanch)

Javla Gram Panchayat

Javla Gram Panchayat

To grow, to mature and to lead are the different stages of a developmental project and the
rate of evolution thrives on the dedication, will and commitment of the leaders and the
people. Dattaur Gram Panchayat has been exemplary for a rapid and an all inclusive
evolution where every section of society has contributed tremendously and has taken the
Gram Sabha to new heights. Dattaur Gram Sabha has clearly listed the areas of
improvement and worked upon them which has resulted in better sanitary facilities,
enhanced job opportunities and an improvement in the standards of living.
Dattur Gram Panchayat has held numerous Gram Sabha meetings which attracted a large
audience including public officials and women. These meetings served as a platform for the
general public to raise their concerns and scrutinize the decisions taken by the panchayat.
Agriculture forms the backbone of the local economy and this fact is clearly reflected in the
agendas taken up at these meetings. Construction of canals, distribution of high yielding
variety of seeds and pesticides are some activities undertaken by the Gram Sabha to help
agriculture flourish in the region.
The women members of the Gram Sabha have always been a step ahead in spearheading
progress in their locality. The Mahila Sabha meetings saw phenomenal response in terms of
active participation and decision implementation. The women have unanimously pledged to
fight against female foeticide. Several measures like registration of pregnant women,
penalising the act of foetus-sex determination etc. have been taken to check this activity. The
women have also joined hands in their fight against issues like domestic violence, women
trafficking etc.
Dattaur Gram Panchayat has been successful in implementing MGNREGA scheme
effectively. Several activities like fencing of fields, digging canals, bore wells etc. were
carried out under this scheme. With a healthy support from the Gram Sabha the local
farmers have been able to increase the productivity of their fields tremendously and have
also been able to take the quality to the next notch. Another key point is the high level of
transparency maintained by the Gram Sabha while distributing benefits under this scheme.
The Haryana state has always been known to produce world class athletes and individuals
who lead in their respective fields and this is because the roots which support the tree have
been nurtured well. All individuals are given equal opportunities and support from the local
government bodies which has taken utmost care of their growth and development.

The proceedings have been video graphed and registered.

The schemes have been implemented in an unbiased and transparent manner.
Appreciable attendance in the sabha meetings meetings.
Concerns raised by women were effectively worked upon.

Sh. Ramanand Kaushik (Sarpanch)

Dattaur Gram Panchayat

Dattaur Gram Panchayat

The literary meaning of Jharkhand is The Land of Forest and inside this forest is a place
where civilization meets modernization. Situated in the Deoghar district of Jharkhand,
Mednidih is a village panchayat driven by the zeal to bring welfare to its natives. Mednidih
has abided by every rule in the book which states on how to run the affairs in a panchayat.
The Gram Sabha meetings have focused on an all- round development of the village and has
left behind no aspect of life.
Mednidih Gram panchayat has abided by the annual compulsory mandate of four Gram
Sabhas and has rigorously followed the proposals made in these sabhas to fulfilment. These
meetings were marked by an appreciable attendance from its members including women,
who actively participated in the proceedings and voiced the concerns of the female
community. In addition to the gram sabhas, separate Mahila Sabha meetings were held to
discuss sensitive issues like female feticide, violence against women, trafficking, literacy etc.
The proceedings of all Gram Sabha meetings were duly video graphed and recorded for
future reference and follow up activities.
The Mednidih Gram Panchayat has paid special attention to address the issues of the local
population. The drinking water and sanitation levels have immensely improved in the
village. Issues like immunization, nutrition, gender equality and primary education which
hold high importance for a bright future of future generations were addressed and
appropriate action have been taken. The infrastructure and other amenities of the village
have also been improved. Farming and other related activities form the economic backbone
of any rural village. This fact has been duly noted by the Mednidih Gram Sabha which has
been very proactive while dealing with issues related to farming, fishing, diary etc. It has
also given these issues due importance in the Gram Sabha agenda.
Mednidih is situated in Mohanpur block which is a very remote and inaccessible place. The
dense forest and lack of proper connectivity makes it impossible for any government aid to
reach there. The Mednidih Gram panchayat has tackled this geographical hurdle by special
efforts and additional measures. The Gram Sabha has taken upon itself the tasks of
distributing pensions and scholarships, launching immunization drives and other health
services. The Gram Sabha has taken special care of the pregnant women by registering them
and providing time bound assistance at different stages.
Beneath the darkness and piles of coal, shines the diamond and the human soul. Time is the
real test of ones character and the people of Mednidih have proven their mettle in entirety.
The all inclusive growth which this village has displayed is truly inspiring and motivating.

Four Gram Sabhas held along with the follow-up activities.

Appreciable atendence in the Gram Sabha meetings.
Special Gram Sabha meetings held on subjects given by MoPR.
Seperate Mahila Sabhas held to address concerns of women folks.
Ward sabha meetings were held in addition to Gram Sabha meetings.
Special efforts made by Gram Sabha to provide aid to remote and inaccessible areas.

Sh. Rakesh Jha (Sarpanch)

Mednidih Gram Panchayat

Mednidih Gram Panchayat

People doing the hard work must not bother about the luck. The line clearly showcases the
importance of a hard days work. The people of Andoor Gram Panchayat have imbibed hard
work in their daily routine. Along with proper planning, unity, integrity and dedication of
the people, Andoor Gram Sabha has worked wonders for the locality. The panchayat clearly
outlined the agendas of all meetings and discussions. As a result, both ideas and areas of
improvement were focussed upon.
Andoor Panchayat has held four mandatory Gram Sabhas in the calendar year which were
based on different agendas such as the 12th Five Year Plan development, Jana Bandhi Gram
Sabha, MGNREGA action plan and Children Gram Sabha. In addition to this, two special
Gram Sabha were also held to discuss nutrition-related issues and Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan.
This transparency and efficiency resulted in high attendance of members, general public and
government officials at these meetings. The Gram Sabha meetings were also attended by
women who voiced their concerns at these forums. The Gram Panchayat also held special
meetings to discuss issues suggested by the MoPR advisories. Several programmes were
launched by the village panchayat to improve the standard of living in Andoor. Lawawareness programmes, senior citizen welfare, programmes for physically challenged are
few of the many programmes launched.
The Gram panchayat duly followed the norms laid by the Government and video graphed
and registered its proceedings. The participation of women in this Gram Sabha has been
paramount and issues like female feticide, trafficking, violence against women were brought
to limelight. The panchayat took special measures to resolve issues relating to drinking
water, sanitation and infrastructure. MGNREGA programme which aims at enhancing the
livelihood security of people in rural areas by guaranteeing 100 days of wage employment in
a financial year to a rural household, has been implemented in an effective manner.
The Public Distribution System is established by the Government of India and managed
jointly with the state government. Andoor Gram Panchayat distributed subsidized food and
non-food items to the poor. PDS is one of the most important food security networks, it has
been remarkably well managed by the Andoor Gram Panchayat. All the temporary cards
were converted to permanent cards and renewal of ration cards had also been done
efficiently. In an attempt to imbibe technology into the lives of the people, Andoor
panchayat has started generating ration cards online and around 250 cards have been
generated so far. The distribution process of Adhaar Cards (UID) has also been streamlined
to an appreciable level. There has been a 100% achievement in providing Adhaar Cards to
the local residents and even in reaching the remote areas.
The Andoor Gram Panchayat has been very effective in not only dealing with problems at
the grass root level but has also done a splendid job in bringing technology into the lives of
the people. All the sections of the society have shown an active participation in resolving
their issues and have supported the panchayat in its decisions and implementation. The
panchayat with its streamlined thinking and will to learn and adapt to technology has set a
perfect example of an all-round development of the society.
Held four mandatory Gram Sabhas and two special Gram Sabhas.
Appreciable attendance by members and general public.
Proceedings were duly video graphed and registered.
PDS has been effectively implemented.
Adhaar Cards were provided even to people in remote locations.

Ration cards were generated online.

Smt. Zarnamma (Sarpanch)

Andoor Gram Panchayat

Andoor Gram Panchayat

The Edavaka Gram Panchayat situated amidst the lush greenery of Wayanad district has
found the key to success in the universal qualities of hard work and dedication. The Gram
Sabha of this panchayat has taken all sections of society to an improved and better standard
of living and the society has repaid with an active participation in panchayat proceedings
and activities. Edavaka is a Gram Panchayat marked with unity and a sense of responsibility
amongst the people who not only identified the issues which block their progress, but also
worked hand in hand with the panchayat to resolve these problems to closure.
EdavakaGram panchayat has held the annual compulsory mandate of four Gram Sabha and
has effectively followed up the decisions taken in the Gram Sabha meetings. These meetings
were marked by an appreciable attendance by the members as well as the general public
including women, who raised many key issues like self-employment, literacy, medical
facilities for women and monitoring of anganwadi as well as group activities by the women.
The panchayat has taken these issues seriously which is clearly reflected in the actions taken.
The panchayat has provided nutritious food and necessary medical facilities to pregnant and
lactating women. It has also taken smart steps to increase the employment opportunities for
the youth. It has provided 100% assistance to micro enterprises, initiated several selfemployment and skill training programmes.
The Edavaka Gram Panchayat has undertaken several activities to improve the standard of
life of its people. It has constructed houses, toilets, vegetable gardens and several other
government centres. The Panchayat has maintained high level of transparency when it
comes to schemes initiated and implemented for the poor, unemployed and the backward
section. The many schemes include the provision of pure drinking water, animal husbandry,
aid to homeless and landless folks etc. The panchayat has been distributing bags, uniforms
and footwear for the school going children and also organizing several health and nutrition
camps for them while recognizing the fact that these children are the future of their
Edavaka Gram Sabha has been an effective guardian of the backward sections of their
society. They have not only taken measures to save their lands and promote their rights but
also popularized their legacy and history. The panchayat has showcased and promoted the
tribal art forms, medicines, treatment methods to their future generations. It has also carried
out developmental activities in tribal areas, namely provision of transportation (roads, etc.)
facilities, soil conservation, fencing, construction of bridges, etc. The Gram Sabha made
special efforts to make sure that remote areas are not deprived of panchayat schemes and
With a steadfast and dedicated group of men leading the panchayat, the Edavaka Gram
Sabha is moving steadily towards its goal, leaving the footstep-trails of their achievements
and glory in this wake.
Abided by the annual compulsory mandate by holding four Gram Sabhas.
Effective participation by members of panchayat, SC/ST and women folks.
Gram Sabha proceedings video graphed and recorded in a permanent register.
Mahila sabha meetings held to discuss women related issues.
Steps taken to improve the quality of life of the backward section in terms of hygiene,
drinking water, education, infrastructure.
Conducted Health Camps, Mental Camps, Nutritious Food Supplement Camps, etc.

Sh. H. B Pradeep Master President (Sarpanch)

Edvaka Gram Panchayat

Madhya Pradesh is renowned for its magnificence and cultural diversity. Amargarh Gram
Panchyat situated Jhabua District is a predominantly tribal district, situated in the western
part of Madhya Pradesh. Amargarh has made significant improvement irrespective of all the
fundamental differences amongst people who constitute the community. Seeking out the
best possible conditions for the villagers to live in and grow, this Panchyat constituted
regular and timely Gram Sabha meetings which were attended by one and all. These
meetings served as a platform to discuss the issues faced by the residents and also served
the dual purpose of scrutinizing the steps taken by the Panchayat towards remedying the
There are several government initiated schemes which enable to open new doors for the
common man to not just live but make a life out of it, any lapse in implementing these
scheme can shut these doors very arbitrarily. Amargarh Gram Sabha has been very diligent
has and implemented the MGNREGA scheme for improving the local infrastructure as well
as generating employment opportunities. Construction and cementing of roads, developing
parks and ponds are some of the activities undertaken by Panchayat under this scheme. The
Gram Sabha has been very ardent in sensitising the villagers about various women related
issues. Separate Mahila Sabha meetings were held for discussing women related issues like
toilet construction, health and sanitation, women empowerment, dowry and so forth.
Statistically speaking, the Amargarh Panchayat has achieved a lot in terms of improving the
the standard of living of the local villagers. 220 new hand pump connections were provided
throught out the village along with three cess pools for the cattle. Four anganwadi centres
were erected and all the roads spanning across the village were installed with sufficient
lighting facilities. Immunization and health were the main agenda of the Gram Sabha
meetings with several health centres being set up post discussions. The panchayat also
provided special cards to BPL families under Deendayal Antyodaya Upchaar Yojana, to
support various medical expenses.
Agriculture is the chief source of revenue in Amargarh village and recognising this fact, the
Panchayat has undertaken activities such as Contour-trenching, construction of boundary
walls as well as embankments. The task of reviewing and examining the records of the
Panchayat was done by the Gram Sabha to keep the glass clean and to encourage villagers
to give their inputs regarding the various schemes which are being undertaken by the
The Amargarh Panchayat has been very watchful in directing the benefits of the government
run schemes to its rightful and deserving recipients. It has ensured the operation of low cost
ration shops to provide the villagers with subsidized kerosene, wheat, rice, etc. on a regular
The panchayat has with its far sighted plans and effective implementations found a way use
the different colors of diversity and form a rainbow.
Registration of pregnant mothers across the village.

The beneficiaries received the widow/senior citizen/destitute pension through bank

services on a regular basis.
Agriculture Dept. ensured regular provision of seeds and fertilizers to all the
Videography of Gram Sabha has been done.

Sh. Tauliya Amliyar

Amargarh (JP Petlawad ) Gram Panchayat

Gram Sabha is an institution founded upon the unity and cooperation of the people, which
grows stronger as more diversity is added to this forum. Women of our nation, long
confined to the courtyards have broken down the shackles and have actively participated in
these meetings. The Manyachiwadi Gram Panchayat, led by woman Sarpanch, Smt.
Sangeeta Ashok Pachupate, is a perfect example of women empowerment. A Gram Sabha
with maximum participation of women, does not only discuss issues related to women but
also elaborate on other significant subjects like revenue, expenditure and social audit.
Modernization, an agenda which has long eluded several Panchayats because they found it
too sweet for their liking has become the cup of tea of Manyachiwadi Gram Panchayat. They
have done exceedingly well in terms of keeping pace with modern technology. Use of free eSoftware and e-Panchayat is widespread in the village. Additionally, provisions are made to
register the births and deaths online and avoid the hassles tagged with the conventional
procedures. Manyachiwadi holds the distinction of being the first solar village of the state of
Maharashtra. Its experience is instructive and points to the need to cultivate and nurture all
sources of power, more so the renewable ones such as solar power.
Apart from doing their best on the technology front, Manyachiwadi Gram Sabha has also
taken several steps to preserve and protect their natural environment. The entire village of
Manyachiwadi is plastic-free with their sole focus on use of biodegradable materials. Also,
the animal husbandry is well taken care of with frequent immunization drives being
launched for their welfare. It is a matter of concern that trees are being mowed down
recklessly throughout the country, which in turn is affecting the entire ecological balance.
Recognising this fact, the Gram Sabha has set up a Van Rakshak Samiti to protect and
safeguard their forests. They have tightened the circle of security further by laying down
punishments and procedures for those who harm the forests.
Apart from the care and concern shown towards women, various sections of the society
have received an overwhelming support from the Panchayat. The Manyachiwadi Gram
Sabha has taken special care to discuss and resolve the issues faced by senior citizens,
widows and homeless/destitute. Owing to its excellent work across all the segments, the
Manyachiwadi Panchyat stood first in Sant Gadgebaba Swachhta Abhiyaan and received a
cash prize of Rs. 5 lakh.
The Gram Sabha of Manyachiwadi has also planned and undertaken several human welfare
activities like blood donation and child adoption. With its relentless follow up and seamless
planning the Manyachiwadi Panchayat had budged past several barriers with ease on its
way to glory.

Conducted the annual compulsory four Gram Sabhas.

Appreciable attendance of women and government officials in Gram Sabhas.
The proceedings were video recorded and duly registered.
Separate Gram Sabha and Ward Sabha meetings were held.
Special efforts were made by the Gram Panchayat towards provisions by PDS.

Smt. Sangeeta Ashok Pachupate

Manyachiwadi Gram Panchayat

Manyachiwadi Gram Panchayat

Manyachiwadi Gram Panchayat

Manyachiwadi Gram Panchayat

Aklia Jalal, a Gram Panchayatsituated in one of the oldest cities of Punjab, Bhatinda, has a
population of approximately 8000 people.Often said to be the home of old customs, Aklia
Jalal Panchayat is turning the tables with its relentless pursuit towards excellence. It is well
proven by the record maintained by Aklia Jalal for conducting four quarterly Gram Sabha
meetings every year since 2011. Being a veteran at this democratic initiative, the Gram
Panchayat has not overlooked the significant aspect of permanently recording these
discussions and meetings of the Gram Sabha for transparency as well as future
consideration. Another highlight of this Gram Sabha has been the remarkable attendance of
women members who actively participate in the proceedings and enlighten the members
and general public with sensitive issues relating to the development of the village.
The children and youth are the backbone of any region and thus, of a strong nation.
Contemplating this aspect, Aklia Jalal Gram Sabha has pledged to give the foremost
importance to education for all children. The Sabha rigorously implements the Right to
Education Act, by enforcing compulsory free primary education for all children across the
village. In accordance with the Anganwadi programme, three shelters have also been
constructed where proper medical care is provided to children as well as the elderly.
The Gram Sabha of Aklia Jalal has been active in dealing with various social issues plaguing
the society. It has acted strictly against female foeticide, drug abuse by children, child abuse
and child labour. It has also encouraged gender parity in all aspects by organizing active
Mahila Sabha meetings.
The Gram Sabha has ensured timely collection of taxes as village revenues. Aklia Jalal has
contributed a sum of Rs. 15.67 lakh towards annual taxes as revenues. The yearly budget by
the panchayat committee was estimated to be Rs. 10.75 lakh for the year 2013-14. This
revenue in the Panchayat Fund has been utilized for various construction activities in the
village as part of government social welfare activity. The funds were spent on purchase of
construction material, wages for employed labourers, purchase or lease of construction
equipments including 40 tractors, among others.
Aklia Jalal has deployed the MGNREGA scheme in the best possible manner by
spearheading many collaborative efforts, which were supported by all sections of the society
in the village. A lot of developmental tasks and activities took place such as construction of
shelters, renovation of kuccha roads into pucca ones, cleanliness of roads and drains as well
as provision of adequate street lighting. The Gram Sabha has also come up with three
Anganwadi centres in the village to orient better and significant efforts towards education,
basic health and nutrition. The Gram Sabha has also made mandatory for all BPL (Below
Poverty Line) families to have a job card issued for greater employment eligibility under
MGNREGA. People of the village along with the Gram Sabha also proposed for a hike in the
minimum wage rate payable under MGNREGA.
Since the year 2011, The Gram Sabha of Aklia Jalal has been making consistent proposals to
the state and central government for setting up of a government hospital and dispensary for
the villagers as well as veterinary hospital for animals and cattle for enhanced productivity.
The village panchayat seeks Governments assistance towards establishing a computer
centre for imparting basic computer training to the people in the village.
The Gram Sabha has appropriately demonstrated its adherence to the Right to Information
Act. It actively supports the government in conducting surveys, especially with regard to the
BPL statistics with an aim towards better implementation of government policies and
schemes. It duly organizes workshops for village farmers to ensure the incorporation of
better agricultural practices and techniques.

Remarkable attendance at Gram Sabha meetings including women
Proper documentation and video recording of the Gram Sabha meetings.
Remarkable accomplishments towards primary education and computer literacy.
Upliftment of the people Below Poverty Line.
Effective implementation of government employment schemes such as MGNREGA
Provided health care and education to children at Anganwadis
Farmers provided with adequate support for carrying out agricultural activities.
Infrastructure of the village greatly improved with adequate roads and streetlights.

Sh. Jagdev Singh (Sarpanch)

Aklia Jalal

As the saying goes, if you want the rainbow, you must put up with the sun and the rain.
With unity, integrity and steadfast dedication, the people of Mungana Gram Panchayat have
faced every problem and translated every threat into an opportunity. The different
communities that form the Gram Sabha of Mungana are oblivious to the differences between
them and exist in a blend of peace and harmony. The panchayat has received overwhelming
support from the localities in terms of both participation and implementation. The leaders of
this panchayat have been actively involved at the grass root of every scheme and project and
have driven them effectively all along.
Gram Panchayat Mungana duly adhered to the annual mandate of four Gram Sabhas and
has also followed up the decisions taken in an efficient manner. These meetings were held
on subjects given by the advisories from the Ministry of Panchayati Raj. Mungana panchayat
has given special importance to the construction and repair of the local infrastructure. It has
created footpaths all over the locality for better connectivity. It has constructed bus shelters,
gutters, public toilets, irrigational facility etc..The Mungana panchayat has encouraged
school going kids by providing a very conducive atmosphere to study. They have
undertaken massive rehabilitation of school structures as well as tree plantation throughout
The MGNREGA, which aims at enhancing the livelihood security of people in rural areas by
guaranteeing 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to a rural household, has
been effectively implemented by the Mungana panchayat. The Mungana Panchayat has also
encouraged women empowerment. Exclusive mahila sabha meetings were held and women
specific issues like female foeticide, violence against women, trafficking etc were discussed.
Women associations were created by the panchayat and its activities were supervised. The
panchayat has received unanimous support of the entire Gram Sabha for its outstanding
efforts and achievements in improving the overall standard of life of the people.
The Mungana Gram Panchayat has also duly video graphed and registered its proceedings.
These Gram Sabha meetings were also attended by the government officials who witnessed
and supported the decisions taken. The Gram Sabha has also taken various measures to
provide services and facilities to remote areas which are inaccessible to government in
Mungana Gram Panchayat has been successful in planting a seed of hope in the hearts of its
people. It has been very steadfast in nurturing it with hard work and dedication. The Gram
Panchayat has treated all the issues raised by participants with equal importance. Issues
related to nutrition, health, immunization and sanitation were dealt with high importance.
Adequate measures were taken to keep the locality clean and litter free.
The Community of Mungana has taken their problems into their own hands and has written
a great success story in terms of their achievements.
Held four Gram Sabhas and additional Ward Sabha meetings as well as
Mahila Sabha meetings.
Proceedings were duly recorded and video graphed.
Construction of public toilets, gutters and bus shelters.
Improvement of conditions in school.
Women associations were consistenly organised.
MGNREGA was effectively implemented.

Sh. Dallu Ram Bheel (Sarpanch)

Mungana Gram Panchayat

A great man once said that Poverty is not lack of money, its lack of sense of meaning and
thats exactly what 29- Samdong Gram Panchayat Unit has given to its people. Situated in
the western Sikkim, it is a GPU that is motivated to work at the grassroot level hence making
the society stronger and creating an impregnable shield of brotherhood and unity which
repels all problems from its people. 29-Samdong and its people have been equally driven in
helping each other by active participation which has emerged from a sense of ownership.
The citizens of this panchayat are deeply involved in decision making and developmental
activities and the credit goes to fact that the panchayat maintains a high level of
transparency and encourages their participation.
The Gram Sabha meetings have given special attention to children, for in them they see their
future. All children in the age bracket of 0-5 years have been immunized. Educational
institutes have been set up and made compulsory for children within 14 years of age
resulting in a fabulous achievement No child labor. Children coming out of these
institutes are given an opportunity to work in livelihood schools across the state.
29- Samdong has abided by the mandate of holding four Gram Sabhas. These meetings were
marked by an appreciable attendance by the Gram Sabha members including women. The
panchayat held an internal meeting before every Gram Sabha to decide its agenda post
which invitations were sent to line department officers and concerned employees. The
highlight of the Gram Sabha meetings was the high level of decorum maintained by the
participants who gave due respect to the congregation present.
29- Samdong is located in a geographically remote place, making it difficult for government
aid to reach there. This shortcoming has been negated by Samdong which has left no stone
unturned and made up for this lack by additional efforts and dedication. Eco-friendly
footpaths have been constructed to connect different villages and to facilitate frequent
official visits to these areas. The Gram Sabhas have also helped uplift the backward sections
by giving them priority in all government schemes and projects.
Lastly, the most commendable highlight of Samdong Gram Sabha meetings is the high
participation by the locals which can be credited to the manner in which the proceedings
are done. The Gram Sabha has maintained complete transparency in its selection process for
beneficiaries of various schemes. Additionally, it has made all efforts to involve local
residents by publishing the invitations for forthcoming Gram Sabha meets and through
wide publicity via banners and posters. Mobilization of public in this manner has ensured
the presence of at least two-third of population in almost every Gram Sabha meeting. The
people are made privy to different schemes being implemented along with the financial
records of the Gram Sabha. 29-Samdong has also kept high vigil on the way these schemes
are implemented at the ground level.
It does not matter where one comes from, what matters is where one wants to go and the
local residents of Samdonghave refused to bow down to any constraints, be it natural or
manmade and have decided to pave their own way to glory while lighting the path with
their efforts and dedication.
Four GS meetings, two special Gram Sabha meetings and eight monthly panchayat
meetings were held.
Appreciable attendance by members of all sections of society in the Gram Sabha
Gram Sabha meetings were duly videographed and the proceedings recorded in a
permanent register.
Wide spread publicity of Gram Sabha meetings to involve local residents in the

Complete transparency regarding working Gram Sabha is maintained.

100% immunization of children.
No child labor incidents.
Strict discipline maintained in Gram Sabha proceedings.
Almost two-third population of the local residents attended every Gram Sabha

Sh. Sancha Bahadur Limboo (Sarpanch)

29, Samdong G.P.U Gram Panchayat

29, Samdong G.P.U Gram Panchayat

29, Samdong G.P.U Gram Panchayat

Mahatma Gandhi said, The villages are the backbone of our country. Our country will
develop only through the development of the villages. Exemplary to this thought is
Karuthanendal Panchayat situated in Ramanathapuram District. Chaired by a woman
president, this Gram Panchayat has given foremost importance to maintenance of clean
environment and primary health facilities. Karuthanendal Panchayat has spearheaded many
collaborative efforts, which were supported by all sections of the society. As a result of this
continuous effort the village has 100% supply of drinking water throughout the year. The
panchayat has actively organized campaigns to bring awareness amongst people with
regards to their aspirations and the programmes have been launched for the same.
Striving towards a better future, Karuthanendal panchayat organized 13 Gram Sabha
meetings during the course of the year, highlighting key issues like sanitation, gender
equality, education etc. These meetings witnessed a remarkable 100% attendance by the
Gram Sabha members as well as government officials. A permanent record of these
discussion and meetings has also been maintained by the panchayat for future
consideration. Another highlight of these meetings was the 100% attendance by women
members who actively participated in the proceedings and brought to light various sensitive
issues relating to female foeticide, violence against women, trafficking, literacy, dowry
deaths, etc.
The Gram Sabha meetings of the KaruthanendalPanchayat have executed successful
programmes to boost literacy rates. As a result, most of the villagers are literate. Also, there
are no child labourers in this panchayat thanks to the self-help groups and other youth
groups functioning in this panchayat area. These groups take immediate action to provide
these children with education and ensure that there are no dropouts at all. These
organizations also render necessary assistance to the schoolteachers and hence an optimum
quality of primary education is maintained. Not only education, KaruthanendalPanchayat
has also taken adequate measures to keep malnutrition at bay. In accordance with the
Anganwadi programme, several shelters have been constructed where proper medical
care is provided to children as well as the elderly.
Karuthanendal has distinguished itself in more ways than one, infrastructure, is one such
area. The Gram Sabhas have put seamless and dedicated effort towards repairing roads and
providing new streetlights. The road towards North Karuthanendal cremation shed
showcases this effort. This entire stretch has been metalled under MGNREGS programe with
due approval from the Gram Sabha. Streetlights have been provided wherever necessary
along with proper maintenance. Rainwater Harvesting structures are another highlight of
this village. These constructions are present in all school buildings, panchayat buildings and
in other govt. buildings besides all the houses of this village panchayat. All the rainwater
harvesting structures are connected to adjacent wells and ponds, making the water
conservation measures all the more efficient. Even in the field of agriculture, exceptional
support is being provided to the farmers of Karuthanendal. The Gram Sabha has worked in
close association with the government to secure proper help for the farmers.
Coming to the highlight of their achievements, Karuthanendal has earned the reputation of
Total Sanitation Panchayat, a feat many villages aspire to achieve. All the villagers have
been trained for continuous adoption of total sanitation norms. School toilets have been built
under total sanitation programme in all schools located in the village panchayat. Integrated
sanitary complex for both children and women have been constructed in the Panchayat and
it is functioning well under the supervision of KaruthanendalPanchayat. Separate compost

yard has been constructed both for compostable and non-compostable waste materials and
is being maintained by the village panchayat. Through the above activities, this panchayat is
also getting considerable income.
It would be apt to say KaruthanendalPanchayat has done a marvelous job in planting a firm
foothold in their journey towards a bright future. With their continuous efforts and
dedication, all sections of society irrespective of gender, caste and age differences will usher
into a future brighter than we can imagine.
100% attendance of GS members including women in all the GS meetings with
proper documentation of the same.
Rainwater Harvesting structures erected al all places providing a seamless water
supply throughout the year.
Anganwadi sheds to provide health care and education to children.
Toilets constructed at all places and villagers encouraged to use the same. Earned the
title Total Sanitation Village
Farmers provided with adequate support for carrying out agricultural activities
Infrastructure of the village greatly improved with adequate roads and streetlights.

Smt. K. Rajaselvi (Sarpanch)

Karuthananthal Gram Panchayat

Karuthananthal Gram Panchayat

Karuthananthal Gram Panchayat

Karuthananthal Gram Panchayat

Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races one after the other.
Chulubaripanchayat has achieved many short-term goals on its way to the end goal of a
happy and prosperous life for its people. The Gram Sabha of Chulubari has not only
resolved the problems of the society in an effective manner but has also taken concrete steps
to raise the standards of the society. Programmes like Mass Awareness Meetings
organized by the Sabha broadcast its ideologies of zero tolerance towards dowry, domestic
violence and crimes against women. Raising the standards of the society has not been the
sole focus of the Gram Sabha, it has also worked extensively towards building a healthy
ChulubariPanchayat conducted several Gram Sabha meetings during the course of the year
and one of the key highlights of these meetings has been the effective follow up. More than
85% of the proposed activities were duly executed and completed. Another key feature of
these meetings has been the active participation by its women folk, who constitute 50% of
the Gram Sabha membership. Several sensitive issues like gender equality, crime against
women etc. were highlighted. The panchayat has also ensured equal wages for equal work
and has simultaneously accomplished in providing free medical aid and other basic
amenities to the disabled, elderly and the pregnant. Through the help of various government
schemes, the panchayat has secured funding for children and the weaker sections of the
society. Senior citizens and widows are also provided with various pension schemes and
ChulubariPanchayat nests around 900 families, all of who have a proper supply of
electricity. Care has also been taken to provide these families with safe and clean drinking
water under various sanitation schemes of the panchayat. Additionally, the Gram Sabha has
ensured proper connectivity in the locality and launched several rural housing schemes
using government provided aid.
Schemes such as MGNREGA, aimed at employing and uplifting the poor, is being
effectively implemented by the Chulubari Gram Sabha. Under this scheme, the Gram Sabha
has created 809 job cardholders who are given 37 man-days of work on an average. The job
provided includes renovating the village and strengthening its infrastructure. Dams, walls
on the riverbanks and tube wells are some of the key structures constructed by the
Chulubari citizens.
The panchayat has worked with the indigenous population towards a greener environment.
Under the guidance of government officials, several afforestation drives were carried out.
The Gram Sabha has invested lots of effort to enlighten people about the importance of
ecological balance.
The Chulubari Gram Sabha has placed its people above its own self and worked in a
manner, which is truly heartening and inspiring.
Set up 42 Ring Wells, one Mini-Tube well and constructed 25 Mark-II and Mark-III as
well as 143 Shallow Tube wells.
Mass Awareness Meeting on zero tolerance of dowry, domestic violence and
crimes against women, protection and respect for girl child.

Chulubari is the only panchayat under Durgachowmuhani RD block having 12

women members out of 12 seats, which is 100% coverage of seats by women
Constructed 19 Kitchen Sheds, 19 latrines and urinals, and all the primary schools are
connected with Mark II Tube Wells.
Constructed 13 katcha roads, 15 brick-soled Paved roads and 2.5 km of black-topped
Constructed one Primary Health centre within the panchayat area itself.

Smt. Hena Das (Sarpanch)

Chulubari Gram Panchayat

Chulubari Gram Panchayat

Chulubari Gram Panchayat

We are not rich by what we posses but what we can do without; exemplary to this thought is
Purbakalabaria Gram Panchayat. Located on the southern tip of Tripura, bound by social
constraints, Purbakalabaria Gram Sabha has overcome great odds to fulfill the needs of its
residents. Identified under the PESA act, the panchayat has utilized its natural resources for
the betterment of their society in the best possible way. Presided over by a woman
president, Purbakalabaria Gram Sabha has taken formidable steps with respect to
infrastructure by constructing eco-friendly footpaths and streetlights. Their efforts have been
really successful in providing government facilitated delivery services to remote areas.
One of the most innovative thoughts put on the table by the Purbakalabaria Gram Sabha is
the follow up activities of the discussions that happened during the course of the meetings.
A direct consequence of this follow up activity has been the effective representation of needs
and demands of its remotest population . This in turn resulted in active participation by
women and minorities who have highlighted several key issues during these meetings.
Another feather in its cap is the excellent archival both on paper as well as on video.
Purbakalabaria Panchayat not only organized the mandatory four Gram Sabha meetings, it
also arranged several meetings to highlight sensitive issues like crime against women,
female feticide, trafficking etc. The issues and activities discussed and proposed in the Gram
Sabha are measured for their effectiveness by the results and positive outcomes achieved in
the sense that these were implemented and included in the action plan.
One of the key highlights of their rural development was the improved sanitary facilities.
Several public toilets as well as individual household latrines were constructed in almost all
households. With Government subsidy Purba kalabaria Gram Panchayat has grown to
become a self sufficient village by investing heavily in farming, fisheries and other such
economic activities. Supporting their bold endeavors, the government has also provided job
opportunities under the MGNREGS Act.
Identifying youth as the future, the PurbakalabariaPanchayat has smartly invested in their
younger generation. Several primary education centers have been opened across the village.
Consistent efforts are also being made to provide free education up to the age limit of 14
years. Under the Mid Day Meal Scheme, several kids are being provided free meals during
the day. The government has extended appropriate support to Purbakalabaria in all its
Motivated by the positive results of their efforts, the Purbakalabaria Gram Sabha has taken
the onus to bring happiness and welfare to their community. Through their perseverance
and continuous strife, this Gram Sabha has certainly proven that no task is difficult if one
believes in ones skill sets and put forth a united stand.
Four Gram Sabha meetings held and follow up activities conducted.
GS meetings held on subjects given by advisory committees.
Appreciable attendance in the Gram Sabha meetings including women and
backward classes.
Proceedings of the Gram Sabha duly recorded.
Special GS meetings and ward sabha meetings held to discuss sensitive issues like
crime against women.
Special effort made to improve village infrastructure and facilitate official visits to
remote areas.

Smt. Rama Adhikari Das (Sarpanch)

Purba Kalabaria Gram Panchayat


Land of Gods, as Uttarkhand is often referred to, is divided into 2 divisions, Garhwal and
Kumaon. Situated in the Garhwal division is the Ufalda Panchayat. A village panchayat
marked by brotherhood, unity and co orperation. A panchayat with a Gram Sabha where
people have transcended their differences and worked together for the upliftment of their
community. A panchayat led by a woman Sarpanch, it has reached great heights with a
name and fame that soars high above the mountains where the panchayat is actually
Ufalda panchayat has abided by the annual compulsory mandate of four Gram Sabha
meetings and has conducted follow up activities in a steadfast manner. These meetings were
conducted on themes suggested by the advisory committees. The Gram Sabha meetings
were marked by a healthy attendance of the members including women and government
officials. The proceedings were duly videographed and recorded in a permanent register.
These recordings would serve as a proof and would also assist in following up the decisions.
In addition to the Gram Sabhas, ward sabha meetings were also held on regular basis.
Ufalda Gram Sabha has served as an effective platform to discuss various problems of the
society. In the Gram Sabha meetings, people belonging to different sections would come
together and voice their concerns and try to find a solution to those concerns in a collective
manner. Issues like drinking water, sanitation, immunization and health care were
discussed in these forums and the people of Ufalda were able to get these amenities in their
day to day lives. The economy of Ulfada is highly dependent on farming and diary, so any
issues related to these fields were takenup on high priority and the Gram Sabha would
swing into action to fulfil the decisions taken. The youth of Ufalda have been blessed with
decent educational oppurtunities and employment under the MGNREGS scheme.
Additionally, Ufalda has keenly taken up environmental issues like soil, water and forest
conservation to strive towards an overall sustainable development.
Being a tourist hotspot, it was very important for the Ufalda community to build a good
infrastructure as well as maintain the ecological balance. The Gram Sabha has done a
splendid job on both counts. It has built roads , provided street lights and at the same time
held on to their natural neighbours trees. The Gram Sabha has equally taken care of the
remote and inaccessible areas and provided them with every aid and support.
With houses built on hills and spirits soaring above clouds, the people of Ufalda have built
for themselves amenities and a name which stands tall like a castle guarding their
Held four Gram Sabha meetings and conducted follow up activities.
Appreciable attendance in Gram Sabha meetings.
Significant issues concerning the whole society raised in the GS forums.
Proceedings of Gram Sabha were duly recorded.

Smt. Laxmi Devi (Sarpanch)

Ufalda Gram Panchayat

Hope is the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and
circumstances in our life or in the world at large. This is exactly what the Smt. RasheedaBibi
led Hope Town Panchayat is striving towards in their native in South Andaman district. The
Gram Sabhas conducted were well intended to involve the general public for discussions on
issues faced in the day-to-day life. Hence, it received an overwhelming response in the form
of active participation from people of all spheres including elected members and govt.
officials. These efforts have succeeded to bring about drastic changes in quality of drinking
water, social security and gender equality among others.
Thanks to the effective Gram Sabha meetings that were conducted, there are around 18 Self
Help Groups running successfully under Hope Town Gram Panchayat engaging in activities
like goatery fishing, milch cow etc. In addition to these, the Panchayat also recommended
for sanction of financial assistance for construction or up gradation of new houses. In an
unequivocal commitment to human rights and good governance, the Hope Town Gram
Sabha conducted several campaigns relating to health awareness, ill-effects of liquor
consumption and blood test campaign.
The Gram Sabha has been used as a very effective platform by the residents of Hope Town.
The people of other backward classes not only participated in these meetings but also
highlighted issues like generation of income of the Gram Panchayat in the form of
Panchayat Toll Tax , provision of bus services to school children and improvement of the
quality of electricity service. Women participants of the Gram Sabha were equally pro-active
in bringing their concerns to light. The Hope Town Gram Sabha has been hugely
triumphant in its drive to generate employment under the MGNREGA scheme. Male and
female workers were given equal opportunity to work with timely payment of wages.
Several self-employment and skill enhancement drives were also conducted under the
supervision of the Panchayat.
Focus on the quality of education to fire the young minds of the country has been a top
priority of the Hope Town Panchayat. The primary schools were converted to middle grade
and the medium of teaching has been decided as English. Also the compound walls and
playgrounds of the schools were renovated. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body; a
saying well understood by the Hope Town Panchayat. Health awareness campaigns were
held with the involvement of Anganwadi workers in which several disabled children were
attended to and given proper nutritional supplements. Several cases were also referred to
higher hospitals.
The Gram Sabha has been very watchful in making sure that the remote areas of their
villages are not deprived of government aid and has taken several steps for the same. These
efforts of Panchayat have flowered as an offering of hope emerging amongst the rigid
terrains of issues and difficulties.
Ward sabha meetings and women sabha meetings were duly organised.
Video recording of Gram Sabha meetings was done.
Vigilance Committee for MNREGA was formed.
Awareness campaigns for judicial use of water were held.

Fishing inputs were distributed to the fishermen under south Andaman area at the
Gram Panchayat office.

Smt. Rasheeda Bibi (Sarpanch)

Hope Town Gram Panchayat