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ProfessorWilliamBinchyand Dr. BerryKiely
pr o -llfede u c a t i *n and at a recentPro Life meetinqin Dublin
ci e f e nseh u n t a lni f ea i e.l i
sla gesf r0 mf , :: t c e L , l :cn needed
The job of our politicalleadersis to leadand enactlegislation
tc na.ii-liai to protectthe livesof the mostvulnerableamongus. So we should
when we see our legislators
be concernedpolitically
it a ls oc er "n p a ! gf anrs neededto protectour unbornfellowhumanbeings'
from legislation
resoi.lic+$ ta sr;p*cri
andassistpregnani dtr*fiefi We have seen severalworryingstrawsin the wind recently.One was
a.ndtl:+sein r+etiof the pre-trialGovernment
submissionto the EuropeanCourtof Human
h* a lin gaft *ia' **r l t a n . R i g h t s( E C H R )o n t h e D c a s e ,t h a ta ' t e n a b l ea r g u m e n t ' c o u lbde
madethat unbornchildrenwith a disabilityare not protectedunder
Article40.3.3of the lrishConstitution.

Anotherexamplewas the Government's decisionin July at the EU

Councilof Ministersnot to supportcountrieslikeGermany,Poland
researchon humanembryos.
and Slovakiain opposingdestructive

ln the comingGeneralElectionin 2007.votersare entitledto know

preciselywhere candidatesand partiesstand on importantrightto
life issues.The Pro LifeCampaignrecentlyproducedmaterialsto
focus publicattentionon this matter.A main leafletwith the caption
' 1 : - r , - ;ir, r * l e
i ' r i a i l * f $ - : - i - { : - ' i i r , : , , , ' , ' * : i t r ril:iU i - n a l i : i a W i l l b e
overthe comingweeks.

The Governmentneedsto urgentlyre-consider its wholeapproach.

Unlessthey get theiract togetherand draw up an ethicallycoherent,
consistentlypro-lifeapproachto importantlife issues,they simply
won't have time to reversethe alienationof pro-lifevoters.
Government misrepresents
EU Vote on embryo research
The Government attemptedto downplaythe significance of its
recentvoteon embryoresearchat the EU Councilof Ministers.
Beforethe vote,MinisterMichedlMartinclaimedhe was defending
s& >
In reality,the votewas aboutwhetheror
not EU taxpayers(includinglrishtaxpayers)shouldbe forced
to fund researchthat requiredthe deliberatedestruction
E of humanembryos,underthe SeventhFramework
= Programme(FP7)on Development.
Behindall the spin,MinisterMartinrepeatedlyrefusedto join otherEU countriesopposedto the
funding.Germany,Poland,Austria,Malta,Slovakia,Lithuaniaand Luxembourg objectedto the
funding,callinginsteadfor increasedsupportfor the ethicallynon-problematic,
stemcell research.Unlikeothercountries,lrelandhad no qualmsaboutdestroyinghumanembryos.
As a result,the outcomewas most unsatisfactory. The Councilof Ministersagreedto fund research
on embryonicstemcellsprovidedthe embryosare firstdestroyedby non-EU-funded sources.
Taxpayers'money maythen laMullybe spenton researchusingthosestemcells.That is 'ethical
subsidiarity'in practice- othersdestroythe embryos,then in our namethb EU fundsthe research,
hypocriticallypretendingour handsare clean,ignoringthe killingthat producedthosestemcells.

Majority support legal protection

for human embryo
ln July,the ProLifeCampaign published on public
the resultsof a newopinionpollit commissioned
attitudesto legalprotectionfor humanembryos.The pollwascarriedout by MillwardBrown/lMSand
readsas follows:
"Currentlyexperimentationinvolvingthe destructionof humanembryos does not take place in
lreland.Do you think the Diil should enshrinethe protectionof the humanembryo in law or
55"/oof respondents saidthe D6ilshouldlegislateto protectthe humanembryo,14%disagreed
and 31"/odid not knowor had no opinion.Ot those who expressed an opinion 79olowanted
the embryo protected by law and 21% did not.
The resultsshowsolidpublicbackingfor legalprotectionof the humanembryo.
to act on the issueand bringforwardthe necessarylegislation.
It is now up to the Government
The latesttelephonesurveyon abortioncommissionedby the CrisisPregnancyAgency(CPA)
claimsthat 64"kof the public(aged18-64)regardabodionas acceptablein somecircumstances.
The findingsrun contraryto most other recentpollson abortion.

Given how the questionsare framedthe resultsare unsurprising.The questionson abortion

make no distinctionbetweenethicalinterventionsin pregnancyto save the life of the mother
and inducedabortionwherethe lifeof the unbornchildis directlytargeted.By ignoringsuch
crucialdistinctionsthe surveyis effectivelymeaningless.

Thoseadvocatingabortionlegislation are intenton blurringimportantethicaldistinctions.

There is a fundamentaldifferencebetweenearlydeliveryto protectthe life of the mother
(thoughthe baby may not survive)and abortioncarriedout with the intentionof targeting
the life of the baby.Pollswhichtake accountof these distinctionsconsistentlyshow pro-life
majorities.The CPA has deviatedfrom its originalmandateand has becomelittlemore
than a radicalcampaigningbody,usingtaxpayers'moneyto promoteabodion.

lnteresting quotes on abortion

"l am a member af a group called Silent No More. of mostly women who say they regret their
abortion. I'm post-abartive sa t know this, when we abort the child. we violate his or her rights,
we the mathers suffer tremendously, and our families sufter."
D r A l v e d aK r n g n
. i e c eo { m u r d e r e cd r v rrl i g h t sl e a d e rR e v M a r t i nL u t h e rK i n gJ r . N e w s w e e (kJ a n u a r y2.0 0 5 )

"l find it impossible to subscribe to a philosophy that believes that the

o destruction af human life is a legitimate solution to a problem that is mostly
c) social, economic and psychological. Every waman deserves better than abortion.
(u and every child deserves a chance at life."
:8 PatnciaHeaton.two-timeEmmyu;inner.best knownfor her roleas Debrain the hit CBS comedy.
' E v e r y b o dLy o v e sR a y m o n d .F e m i n i s tfso r L i f e
(L S t a t e m e n( tA p r i l2. 0 0 4 )

"There is something deeply moving about the image of a baby cocaoned inside the womb.
When four-dimensionalscans first became available three years ago, I sat with parents who
trembled at the sight of their soon-to-be newborn. Advanced scanning means we have a window
on the secret lile of foetuses. At 1l weeks, we can see them yawn, and even fake sfeps.
At 22 weeks, they begin to open their eyes. Between 20 and 24 weeks we watch as they seem
to cry, smile and frown. Understandably, these incredible images have influenced the debate
on abortion. I pioneered the 4-D scanning technique in the UK and it has certainly caused
me to question my own opinions."
ProfessorStuartCampbell.is a consultant
at the CreateHealthClinic,London.and was headof
Obstetrics at King'sCollegeSchoolof Medicine.The DailyTelegraph(Oclober.2006)
and Gynaecology
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Dr RuthCullen

Warnock advocates euthanasia

when "you are a "burdentt!
flaroness Warnock reasserfed her anti-life views in a question and answer session
with the lndependent of Londan. Warnack, whose l9B4 report led to the legal "regulation"
of embryo experimentation in the UK, answered a range of questions an ethical lssrres
such as abortian, euthanasia and eugenics. When asked why ehe supported the right
fo assrsfed suicide she claimed she was "moved more by compassian than Feason."
Sie said people shauld die when "yau are sure that you are a burden, and enjay
no caff pensatory pleasures."
ln 2004,Warnockwas a specialguestof the Commission (CAHR)
on AssistedHumanReproduction
at a conferencein DublinCastlefundedby the Government" London(July,2006)
The Independent,

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