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Ituah, Innocent Aigbibhalu

+234 807 036 5719, Alternates: +1 504 352 4185, +1 601 850 3068

Dec 2004

Project Management Professional, PMP

MBA Edinburgh Business School, Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
M. Eng Mechanical Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria. Best graduate M.Eng student
B. Eng Mechanical Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria. Second class upper division.

Key Competencies & Skills:

IWCF Certified Assessor, Shell Well Engineering Round 1 and Round 2 certificates, Valid IWCF combined
certificate, Project Management, Subsea Well Intervention, Subsea Well Completions, Front End Well
Design, Drilling/Completion Supervision, Drilling/Completion equipment selection, Rig Operations support,
Smart wells design, Sand Control, , Well Engineering software, Production Testing, Contract and
Procurement management, Stakeholder management, Graduate and experienced Hire Recruiter,
Years of Oil Industry Experience: 20 plus
Shell Exploration and Production: Sept 1991 - present
Schlumberger Oilfield Services: April 1990- March 1991
Job History:
08/2008- present
Wells Project Lead
Shell Nigeria EP Co, Nigeria
Responsibilities: Leading drilling and completion design of 73 wells (wells project scope, $10bln) on Bonga
North and Bonga Southwest/Aparo projects. Transition projects from SIEP Houston to SNEPCo, Lagos. Set
up Wells contracts. Manage stakeholders. Progress drill and completion workscope through detailed
design, obtain sanction for investment. Lead execution program. Lead Smart well technology program.
Championed the deepwater light intervention initiative in the region- resulted in an independent activity
sequence with average $3mln cost saving per well. This technology was successfully deployed in a world
record water depth on Bonga Well 22. Non-Operated ventures Well Engineering lead in the region.
Obtained the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) combined subsea and surface and the Practical
Simulator Assessor certification. Have successfully conducted several practical assessments for over 40
Well Engineers and have trained and certified one Assessor. In addition, supervised MSc Thesis (as Industry
Supervisor) for three Masters Candidates in Well Engineering in Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen UK.
05/2005 - 09/2008
Lead Completion Engineer
Shell Nigeria EP Co, Nigeria
Deliverables: Delivered and supported wells in Bonga Main Phase II execution campaign. Developed the
execution program and delivered Bonga well 24 under time and budget. Provided onshore technical
support to other Bonga main phase II well completion execution programs. Transitioned BSW completions
scope from SIEP Houston to SNEPCo. Developed the production testing program for Bonga North well No
2 and Etan Appraisal well No 2. Prepared technical specifications for sand exclusion screen and
expandable screens tenders.
09/2004 - 04/2005
Subsea Completion Engineer
Shell Intl EP New Orleans, USA
Deliverables: Developed marginal subsea opportunities into economically robust projects in Mars TLP in
the GoM. Developed alternative design concepts to complete wells with stacked/commingled
completions by means of a single trip multi zone completions technology- potential cost savings of 30%
was identified and demonstrated. Prepared the multi-zone completion guidelines document.
07/2004 - 09/2004
Subsea Intervention Engineer
Shell Intl EP New Orleans, USA
Deliverable: Successfully executed Glider Well No 3 production logging program- First subsea production
logging in Shell deepwater GoM! Delivered under-budget and time ($1mln).
Responsibilities: Designed and compiled execution prognosis on Noble Max Smith rig. For the Drill Pipe
Riser Intervention System, Subsea hydraulic, Wireline lubricator system. Organised the Intervention the limit
workshop and Hazard Identification exercise. Provided onsite technical support. Produced a technical
paper in the Shell US production newsletter: First Subsea Production Log in SEPCo- The Why, The How and
The What.

06/2003 07/2004
Lead Production Engineer
Shell Intl EP New Orleans, USA
Project Scope: Nakika Coulomb Wells No.2 and No.3, Budget $37MM, completed under budget ($7m),
Led the team of 130 people on the Deepwater Transocean Nautilus Rig.
Deliverables: Completed the deepest water depth (7570ft) completion, Deepest set ScSSV (10660ft)- both
world records! Completion execution completed in 13 days- world record! Installed production tubing in
doubles - another first in Shell Gulf of Mexico deepwater operations. Coverage in external publications
and Shell Production newsletter (07/2004), and also earned SPE paper listed in the publication section
below. These wells are the second set of successful application of internal plastic coating- a subject of the
second World Oil Magazine publication. Coulomb Well No.2 is still one of the largest gas producers to
date in the Shell portfolio in GoM.
03/2002 06/2003
Lead Production Engineer
Shell Intl EP New Orleans, USA
Project Scope: Mensa A4- GoM, Budget $25m, completed under budget by $5mm, Transocean
Deepwater Marianas rig with zero incident.
Deliverables: Largest gas producer in the GoM 147 mmscf/d- as of year 2003. This is first application of
Internal Plastic Coating in a subsea well. Received special recognition award and earned publication in
Shell Americas Production Newsletter editions of 09/2003 and 04/2003. In addition, this was the longest rig
move (30miles) with BOPs under water and the first application of poromax screen. The well was the
longest offset to be successfully unloaded to a platform (68 miles) through a meticulous unloading
strategy and plan.
01/2001 03/2002
Lead Production Engineer
Shell Intl EP New Orleans, USA
Project Scope: Einset #1 - 3500ft water depth, GoM, Budget $12m
Deliverable: Fastest (Final Investment Decision to First gas) subsea projects for Shell US. Unproved reserves
increased from 4 to 5BCF as a result of the efficient and unimpaired completion. Completed well
execution with zero incidents.
Responsibilities: Lead completions team both design and execution. Developed subsea well completion
prognosis. Facilitated the Subsea Integration Testing and Completing well on paper exercise. Received
Shell US recognition award for timely and efficient completion execution.
05/2000 01/2001
Well Engineer (Intervention and Improvement)
Shell PDC, Nigeria
Deliverables: Initiated development of the rigless option to reduce workover load for both and swamp
operations using stimulation barge and hoisting units. This freed up rigs for more hydrocarbon
development- savings of $5m for 12 well campaign). Worked with re-evaluated candidates for Coiled
tubing abandonment/sidetrack campaign (work normally done with rig- savings $1m. Produced a
masterpiece End-of-Rig Contract close-out report for Sedco Forex Rig 1, established as a Shell PDC best
practice. Participated in the planning phase of the horizontal clean out with the Mudzyme application in
the first level 6ML well in Shell PDC Nigeria- Eastern division. Actively participated in the review of the Shell
PDC corporate Drilling Operations and Procedures Manual.
05/1998 05/2000
Well Engineer (Operations)
Shell PDC, Nigeria
Deliverables: Championed implementation of Realising The Limit (RTL) initiative in Shell PDC-West on Isoko
Well No 7. Achieved fastest drilled and completed horizontal well (Ogini-21) in SPDC- 17.8days. Cut rig
move days in half. Deployed production liner in combination with integral packer, eliminating extra test
and liner top clean out trip. Achieved drilling rates of 1085ft/dryhole days- best in SPDC on Ogini 21.
Achieved one bit per hole section consistently for three horizontal wells. Drilled and completed one water
injection well- Ughelli East Well No. 30. Carried out comparative study on survey accuracy between the
Gyro surveys and MWD surveys.
Responsibilities: Designed wells with WE suite of software. Provided onshore operations support.
11/1996 05/1998
Drilling Supervisor
Shell PDC, Nigeria
Deliverables: Drilled and completed Utorogu-17st (First Coiled Tubing Horizontal sidetrack in the world).
Publication reference - Shell EP Newsletter, Well Engineer Newsletter 06/1997. Supervised two amphibious
rig moves to and from Escravos Beach location. Supervised completion operations in Escravos Beach
wells No. 1 and No. 6). Carried out Rig skidding operation between Escravos Beach Wells 1 and 6 without
HSE incidents. Supervised Workover operations on Kokori well Nos 13, 1. Supervised successful fishing
operation of radioactive source on Kokori Well 7ST. Supervised drilling operations including ECP
placement in Opukushi wells 22, 23.
Responsibilities: Single point responsibility on site for all rig and service contractor personnel.

04/1996 11/1996
Assistant Drilling Supervisor
Shell PDC, Nigeria
Deliverables: Daily reports. Well close out reports, inventory control - Opukushi Wells -20, 21, Ajatiton- 1.
Responsibilities: Supervised wireline and mud logging, casing and cementing, mud engineering, running
slotted liner/completions string with downhole gauges. Participated in formulation of graded salt
horizontal drill out fluid trial and carbonate weighted fluid trials in horizontal wells. Participated in the
successful trial of the Pseudo-oil based drilling fluids in the troublesome shaly formations in the southern
Niger Delta formations. Responsible for inventory control and Rig HSE audit plan for the rig. Maintained
database for the horizontal wells in Shell PDC- Western division. Passed Shell Drilling Round II examination.

06/1995 04/1996
Associate Drilling Engineer
Shell PDC, Nigeria
Deliverables: Feasibility study, Start up and Commissioning procedure for Noble GeneRosser Rig
mobilization. Prepared Location Assessment Reports and Drilling and Completion programs (Orogho-2, 3).
Responsibilities: Quality Well Delivery Process (QWDP) application; Field and Site inspection.
Published a document on Community proactive strategy with details on disturbance history and the
engagement/development strategy on the way forward. Reviewed drilling program content and formatwell received and best practice. Produced Land Assessment Reports and drilling programme for one
Exploration and three Appraisal wells.
05/1994 06/1995
Contracts Engineer
Shell PDC, Nigeria
Deliverables: Land and Marine Transport contracts, SPDC-wide car purchase policy, de-capitalization of
spent company assets, Best Practice on the minor contracts strategy in procurement and Logistics Team.
Responsibilities: Contract Engineering and Administration, Prepared Company estimates, prepare tender
specifications. Participated in the contractors' prequalification, screening and approval process. Carried
out general administration of minor contracts in the Procurement and Logistics organization. Prepared
company estimates using benchmarks, prepared bid and make award recommendation to Divisional
Tender Board. Elevated the Health, Safety and Environment performance by improving the existing design
of boxes and minor contract forms.
01/1992 05/1994
Wellsite Petroleum Engineer
Shell PDC, Nigeria
Deliverables: Daily reports. Value of Work done, Well close-out documentation-,Eja 5, Bamiene-1, Ajuju 6.
Responsibilities: Supervised mud and wireline logging, casing, cementing, MWD, Mud engineering
operations on Eja Well No.5 on Sedco Forex Sedneth 202 offshore rig and exploratory well Bamiene Well
No. 1. Participated in the rig team that executed the drilling and completions of the 2nd horizontal well in
SPDC Ajuju Well No. 6 in SPDC- West. Prepared daily drilling and Completion reports, maintained stock
records. Responsible for Value of Work done (VOWD). Prepared End of Well critical review and Close-out
reports with recommendations. Passed Shell Drilling Round 1 exam.
00/1991 01/1992
Trainee Drilling Engineer
Shell PDC, Nigeria
Responsibilities: Attended HSE and Basic Drilling Operations/Technique classes. Worked on rotation on
Shell-owned rigs (Epini1-Land, Manilla 1- swamp). Had hands-on experience as roughneck, roustabout,
floorman and Assistant Driller roles. Witnessed casing patch operations, workover well kill operations,
bit/scrapper run, wellbore clean out, cased hole logging operation, re-perforation, remedial cementation
and re-completions.
04/1990 03/1991
Assistant Field Engineer
Dowell Schlumberger, Nigeria
Training on Cementing technology and laboratory chemistry, cement job electronic recording unit,
various cement additives, cement types and applications, Pumps types, Hands-on maintenance of
pumps, valves, cement heads. Assisted the Field Engineers in primary cementation operations on the
Swamp Rig (Oduola- Searex 12). Participated in well stimulation with acid treatment with Coil Tubing on
several land wells in Agbada field in Shell PDC- Eastern division.

1) SPE 102963: Coulomb-Nakika: Deepest Water Depth Subsea Completion with Internal Plastic Coating
Application, 2006 ATCE/SPE conference in San Antonio, TX.
2) Offshore, June 2007: Internal Plastic-coated Tubing on Coulomb yields 15% increase in daily production
3) SPE 140620: Production Technology Challenges in Deep Water Subsea Tie-back Developments in
August 2010 at Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition, Calabar, Nigeria
4) Business Case for Intelligent Well Deployment in a Subsea Development Project - A Case Study
(Discussion Leader): SPE Annual Technical Workshop on Maximizing Value through Intelligent Wells held in
Miri, Malaysia, July 2010
5) Application of learning curves to Well Engineering operations in Shell deepwater Nigeria in March 2011
at the Offshore West Africa 2011 in Ghana, West Africa.
6) Resolving Downhole Pressure and Temperature Gauge Functionality Challenges in Deepwater Wells:
The Shell Nigeria Deepwater Experience (Abstract submitted for 2011 SPE ATCE)
1) Craig Stair, Consultant Completions Advisor, International E&P Inc, Houston, USA. +1 713 397 9771
2) Scott Lester, production Engineering Advisor, Shell EP Co., New Orleans, USA. +1 504 425 4384
3) Solomon Inikori, Subsurface Team Lead, Shell International E&P Inc, Houston, USA. +1 281 544 2792