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Lesson Plan (Year 2 Pupils)

Prepared by: Group 4 (Nur Awanis, Syahirah and Nursyahida)

Content Standard

Learning Standard


Teaching Aids
Extra- Curricular Elements

Listening and Speaking Skills

World of Knowledge
Unit 3- Where Am I?
1.2 By the end of 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to listen and respond appropriately in formal and
informal situations for a variety of purposes
1.2.2 Able to listen and follow:
a) Simple instructions in the classroom
b) Simple directions to places in the school
1.2.3 Able to give:
a) Simple instructions in school
b) Simple directions to places in school
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to ask and
give simple directions to a place and able to state the
prepositions of buildings in a map
60 minutes
Laptop, LCD projector, speaker, picture cards
Contextual learning and constructivism
Teaching &


Induction set:
The pupils listen to and sing Listening
the song entitled Is This York singing a song
Street?. Based on the song,
they are asked to guess what
topic they are going to learn.
Step 1:
The pupils watch a video on Watching
asking and giving directions

Song that tells about direction:

Is This York Street?

a Video entitled:
Learn English 04- Directions

Step 2:

Teacher will model some Modelling

dialogues in the video and conversations
followed by the pupils

Dialogues on how to ask and give

directions appropriately.
A: Excuse me sir, Im a little lost.
Could you help me out?
B: Sure. What can I do?
A: Im looking for Capital. Is it far?
B: Not at all. Let me see your map.
Go right along Beacon Street for
two blocks and State House is on
your left.

Step 3:
Pupils are asked to act out the Acting out the For each pair, one person will be
conversations in the video in conversations
the one who asks for direction while
the other one will be the one who
gives direction
Step 4:
Teacher will put up a map of a Describing
town on the board and teach
the pupils the prepositions
related to the location of

Picture cards of 12 buildings:

School, Mosque, Houses, Syidas
house, Bank, Clinic, Shopping
Complex, Market, Hair Salon, Field
and Restaurant
Prepositions used:

In front of
Next to

Step 5:
The teacher will guide the Guiding
pupils on how to give the
correct directions to each
place on the map.

Sample of giving direction:

Turn left outside the school gate.
Go straight along Jalan Mawar.
Then, turn left and walk straight

along Jalan Kekwa. Turn right into

Jalan Jasmin. You will see a field
on your left. Syidas house is next
to the field.
Step 6:
The location of the buildings Testing
the Shuffle the picture cards
on the map will be shuffled and pupils
teacher will ask the pupils to understanding
state the prepositions of the
newly located buildings.
Step 7:
The teacher will call out some Demonstrating
pupils to demonstrate the the directions
correct directions to move from
one place to another place on
the map.

Use these




Go straight
Turn left
Turn right

Step 8:
Teacher will conclude the Concluding
lesson by asking the pupils to
recall the directions and
prepositions that they have

Post these questions:

How to ask for directions?

How to go to the bank,
school or clinic?
What are the examples of