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University of Pennsylvania

Ready to create positive change in the world? Good. Lets get started. We want to make our recruitment process easy, educational and inspiring.

Step One:
Register for Recruiting
To sign up for the 2017 Morgan
Stanley campus recruiting process
register here today.

Step Two:
Meet Us at Our Events
Starting this spring, you will have
multiple opportunities to meet and
speak with our employees and student
ambassadors about their roles and
Morgan Stanley culture. To attend a
specific event, please view the list
below and register on our website.

Step Three:
Find the Program for You
We are recruiting current freshmen
and sophomores for our 2017
Summer Internship opportunities.
Check our website for information
about each of our divisional

Step Four:
Apply Online
Applications for 2017 Summer
Internship opportunities will go live
on our website beginning June


March 25:

Technology Spring Diversity

Showcase Application Deadline

March 29:

Divisional Coffee Chats

Equity Research 101
Investment Management Networking Reception
Wealth Management 101

March 30:

Divisional Coffee Chats

Global Capital Markets 101

Step Five:
Enjoy Your Interview
If your application is successful, first-round
interviews may be conducted by phone or in
person. We hold final-round interviews at our
offices or on campus, and these may include
technical interviews, group activities, and
informational sessions.
Its our goal to match the right person with the
right job. At Morgan Stanley, its our employees
who create our future.


April 1: Divisional Coffee Chats
Sales & Trading Networking Reception
Sales & Trading Womens Event
Wealth Management & Investment Management
Open House Application Deadline
April 6: Divisional Coffee Chats
Investment Banking 101
Register for events: morganstanley.com/campus

Julie Adam, Global Capital Markets, juliead@wharton.upenn.edu

Allison Cohen, Human Resources, allcohen@sas.upenn.edu
Elizabeth Greener, Wealth Management, greenere@sas.upenn.edu
Mira Naseer, Institutional Equity Sales & Trading, miranaseer@gmail.com
Aman Puri, Global Capital Markets, amanpuri@sas.upenn.edu
Evan Schneider, Investment Banking, eschne@wharton.upenn.edu
Daniel Sha, Investment Banking, dsha777@gmail.com
Daleroy Sibanda, Bank Resource Management, sibandad@seas.upenn.edu
Kevin Ugarte, Investment Banking, kugarte23@gmail.com
Michelle Wang, Investment Banking, michmxwang@gmail.com
Additional questions? mscampusrecruiting@morganstanley.com

2016 Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversifying its workforce (M/F/Disability/Vet).