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Faisal Arbi 201222235
Study program Electrical Engineering and Informatics , University of Surakarta
Palur Km 5 Jalan Raya , Surakarta Central Java
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In general, a store like its still exist and it is necessary for developing a strategy
and management. The strategy is meant by increasing the quality of marketing,
management, service, and others including the application of information
technology in it. Based on observations and interviews, information system
affects many aspects, including aspects of the sale the sale is still conventional
systems usually only use the book to back up sales data and a written
memorandum clerk. Officers cashier often make mistakes when many
consumers come together. Thus the problems created for computerized
information systems sales that will make more efficient and accurate sales
data. Therefore, the experimentalist would Designing Information Systems
Build Applications Using Barcode Reader cashier as objects of practical
work. With the sales information system can assist the cashier in the process
of selling data management more efficient and accurate.
Keywords: Barcode Reader, Cash Register, Information Systems

At a store definitely wants the goods to be sold smoothly and benefit as
expected, that the trading business still exist and develop, a trading strategy and
good management. Sales strategy is in the form of improving the quality of
marketing, management, service, and others including the application of
information technology in the store.Regarding the process of customer payments
to the head via the cashier, the leaders had the authority in the admission
process and management reports.The clerk is responsible for creating a
memorandum of sales transactions also create reports and manage transactions
made financial administration by the command leadership.
In connection with the process of making the bill of sale and the
calculation of the amount of the sales price at Bonnie PetShop frequently arise in
the form of a mismatch of data is caused due to human error (human error) which
occurs omissions by the checkout clerk, omissions occur when the cashier in the
service when many consumers the payment transaction, so the cashier often

make mistakes because less careful in making notes, calculation and recording
the total amount of data to archive book sales.
Party leaders have already purchased the printer print the bill of sale to
facilitate in making the bill of sale made conventionally, but until now has never
been used because of the unavailability or softwre application in accordance with
what is expected. should the Human Resources (HR) at the cashier who is able
to operate a computer is also supported by the computer and the printer can
overcome the problems in Bonnie PetShop Karanganyar.
According to Bonnie Soeherman and Marion Pinontoan in a book
entitled Designing Information System explained that the information system is a
set of components in the form of humans, procedures, data, and technology
(such as computers) that is used to perform a process to make valuable
information for decision making. According Sutejo Dharma Budi Utomo in his
book entitled Planning and Development of Information Systems explained that
Information Systems is a collection of elements that are interconnected with each
other to form a single unit to integrate data, process and store and distribute
information. (Budi Dharma Sutedjo Oetomo, 2006)
According Riyanto in his book entitled Creating Your Own Sales
Information System with PHP and MySQL explained that the database is a
collection of the data item (file or table) that are interconnected to one another
which is organized by a scheme or a certain structure, stored in computer
hardware, and use software to manipulate. (Riyanto, 2010)
Java is a programming language multi-platform. Java does not provide
special IDE as well as other programming languages. Programmers can use the
IDE to support Java, Netbeans for example, Eclips, TexPad, and others. The text
editor can be used such as Notepad. If the editor is used java support, we just
keep it in the extension java then compile and run it using the command prompt.
(Harnaningrum, 2009: 7). In the book bejudul "Algorithms & Programming Using
Java" written by Harnaningrum on page 8-12 explained that the basic elements of
the Java programming consists of a set of characters, Identifier (identifier),
Keyword, Primitive Data Types.
Primitive data types supported by the Java programming language is
byte, short, int, long, float, double, Boolean, char. The Java programming
language is a programming language that always uses the data type for each
variable. That means that the variable must be declared before they are used. So
by the time the declaration is not only the name but also the type.
(Harnaningrum, 2009: 9) The Java programming language is designed as a
language that is "neutral" on the architecture of the computer on which the
program will run.
Case This is possible with the process of compiling code
source (source code) into bytecode format. Language Java is an object-oriented
programming language (OOP- Object Oriented Programming). In OOP
languages such as Java, object (object) is a fundamental entity that could
effectively be used to represent real entities. (Euenung Mulyana, 2008: 1)
Password is the password that can consist of a row, biosa form of
phrase / combination of text with numbers or other unique characters. As the

password lock function to maintain the confidentiality of the data that is often
personal. (Gregory the Great, 2010: 1)
Aris Rakhmadi in scientific work entitled "Method of Mechanical
Encoding Barcode with Universal Product Code and the European Article
Numbering" published by the Electrical Engineering University of Muhammadiyah
Surakarta emitter Vol. 3, No. 2, September 2003 explained that gambilan data
and a method of encoding text information that is simple and inexpensive. The
main objective is to identify the use of barcode technology to label something that
contains a barcode. Barcodes are commonly used in database applications
where data on the barcode only contains the index database, linking databases
containing more detailed information. The bar code consists of a number of lines
and spaces (black and white) in a defined ratio that represents a particular
Barcode reader-kan translate codes by scanning and decoding the
sequence lines. Scanner-radiating the light that covers the entire barcode (either
manually or automatically) and the reflected light is used to distinguish between
lines and spaces. Reflected's rays captured by a photodetector which converts
the space into an electrical signal and no signal line into electricity. The width of
the lines and spaces indicated as the duration of the signal. Here, the height of
the barcode does not contain information. The higher the bar code symbol will
simplify scanning and better observation.
There are many methods to create barcode labels, all of which differ
from each other in a way of encoding data in the barcode. For example; EAN-13,
this method is often encountered in the business world (buying and selling) in
Indonesia. This method encodes only numeric data consisting of 13 digits which
is a combination of bar code systems, the company code, product code and a
check digit. As with the method of Code 39, which can encode capital letters,
numbers and some special characters. Length encoded data freely along not
exceed the barcode reader.

Gambar 2.1. Bagian-bagian barcode UPC-A

In scientific work Mariyam entitled "Technology Application Barcode To

Reduce Errors in Dispensing and Blood Transfusion" published by the Graduate
Program majoring in Child Nursing Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia in
2010, NPM 0906505136 explained that the barcode means black lines created by
code particular, is commonly used as an identification of an object or item.
Barcodes can be divided into two types: one-dimensional barcode that consists of
stripes of white and black. The white color to a value of 0 and a black color to a
value of 1. 2-dimensional barcode, it is not in the form of lines any more but as
the picture, so the formation stored on them will be greater. Specifications for
barcode type, size, placement, and quality all depend on where the barcode
reading will be done.
Yudha Yudhanto, S.Kom entitled "History of Barcode Technology" which
is published on the site IlmuKomputer.Com in 2007 explained that a bar code (or
There are several types of barcodes for different purposes, it is named with
symbols or symbology. Each type of symbol or barcode type is a standard that
describes symbols printed and how equipment such as barcode scanners,
reading and mendecoding the symbols printed. Laser scanners provide results
accurate reading, it would be beneficial for the operator to achieve its productivity.
There are six categories of barcode based on usefulness, namely: a)
Barcode for retail purposes. Barcode for retail, one example is the UPC
(Universal Price Codes), especially used for products sold in supermarkets,b)
Barcode for packaging purposes, b)Barcode for packaging typically used for the
delivery of goods, and one of them is the barcode types ITF, c) Barcode for
publication. barcode for publishing purposes, often used in the issuance of a
product, for example ISSN barcode that indicates a book, d) Barcode for
pharmaceutical use. Barcode for pharmaceutical use is typically used to identify a
product drugs. One pharmaceutical barcode is HIBC barcode types, e) Barcode
for non-retail purposes. Barcode for non retail, for example barcodes for labeling
the books in the library. One type for non retail barcode is Code 39.
A bar code (or barcode) is a collection of machine readable optical data.
Actually, this barcode to collect data in width (line) and spaced parallel lines and
may be referred to as a bar code or symbology linear or 1D (1 dimensional). But
it also has a square shape, dots, hexagons and other geometric shapes in a
picture called a matrix or 2D symbology codes (two-dimensional). In addition
there was no line, the system often also referred to as 2D barcode. Although
there are a variety of symbols and use, but all the same goal which encode a
string of characters as trunk lines or spaces.
There are several different barcode types for different purposes, it is
named with symbols or symbology. each type symbol or barcode types are
standard which explains the symbols printed and how equipment such as
barcode scanners, reading and mendecoding the symbols printed. Standard
industry usually built when the company many (multiple) involves the process ID.
Standard is not so important as barcode symbols. Standard barcode explains
how to use a bar code symbol in the situation For example, using the ISBN book

label and regularly use the symbol EAN-13 (EAN = European articel Number) as
shown below:

Gambar 2.2. Sample barcode

(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcode )

Caption barcode: The computer does not read the numbers that were in the
bottom of the barcode, but these numbers are printed so that people can read
barcodes with ease when necessary. a. Number System: This figure is a UPC
barcode number system that characterizes the country area code
production, can be seen in the table below:

Gambar 2.2. Sample barcode

(source: http://barcode-eps.com)

Gambar 2.4. Contoh simbol EAN-13

Gambar 2.5. Contoh barcode 2D

Based on the published three discussion, this research is a continuation of

research, so that the presence of this study can assist and facilitate the process
of making the cashier using the barcode scanner application. Number
manufacturers do: number of manufacturing / companies have five digit number
that specifically determines the manufacturing of a product. Product Number:
product numbers are five-digit number assigned by the company / manufacturing
for each product it generates. For every product different and each a different
size, will have a unique product code. Check digit number: referred to as digit
"self-check". The check digit is located on the outside right of the barcode. The
check digit is an "old-programmer's trick" to read the digits of the other (number
system character, manufacturer code, product code) are read carefully.


Analysis of the system will provide an overview of the system that is currently
running and aims to know more clearly how to work or the design of the system
as well as to define and evaluate the problems occur and needs are expected to
be proposed improvements. Analysis conducted sales system design obtained as

Picture 3.1. Selling Note

Picture 3.2. Recaps book sales data

System Design




Picture 3.3. Diagram Konteks

Picture 3.4. Data Flow Diagram (DFD) level 1

Designing Database Tables