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Can Quantum Enlightenment Inspire Self-Change and Achievement?

By: Jim Boult

Did you know that when you walk, sit or lie down your body is not actually touch
ing the opposing surface? What actually feels like an opposing solid surface is
actually the effect of the negative electrons of your body surface being repelle
d by the negative electrons of the molecular structure of the other surface. You
are actually floating or hovering just above the opposing surface.
Did you know atoms, and the sub-atomic particles that create them, are 99.9+ emp
ty space. And now science is proclaiming there really is no empty space, not eve
n in a vacuum.
Did you know of the double-slit experiment that proves that when a wave of energ
y is watched the wave collapses and becomes and reacts like a particle. This is
known as the measurement problem or the observer effect. In essence it means tha
t nothing appears as we perceive it until it is observed.
Now I don't know if these few examples of quantum facts intrigue you or not, but
I think most people would agree that they do have the effect of making you wond
er about your perception of reality. Let's take an example of how your senses re
ally fool you.
All the information that we understand about the external world is conveyed to u
s by our five senses. In other words we only understand the world by the way it
is presented by our senses. Take sight for example. When you "look" at an object
, light clusters or photons emitted from the object pass through the iris and la
nd on the retina of the eye. The photons are converted to electrical signal and
then travel via neurons to the center of vision at the back of the brain. This p
art of the brain is actually where the act of seeing takes place.
So everything you have ever seen in your life has taken place in this black area
in your head and you make the assumption that it's out there and real and yet t
he information you accept as real is the result of electrical signals ending up
in your brain. So how can it be that we experience this colorful and bright worl
d in the darkness of the brain?
And the effects of all your other senses brings about the same results. The perc
eption of all senses all end up in the brain as the result of electrical signals
. So your brain never directly experiences the perceived outside world. It perce
ives an electrical copy of the outside world served up by your five senses. So b
asically we accept as real, the electric version of what our senses deliver to o
ur brain. The conclusion that we have to accept is that the world is nothing but
the effect of electrical signals interacting on the brain. And perhaps these se
nses are only delivering certain signals to your brain. Which they are. Many sig
nals are never picked up by your senses. i.e. sounds, x-rays etc.
These are a few examples of the many perplexing and exciting aspects of how our
consciousness is experienced. At letstransform we focus on many curious and educ
ational subjects pertaining to human consciousness and we invite you to share in
a small part of the continuing awakening of our experiences.
Jim Boult is a retired IT consultant who developed an interest in quantum physic
s, cell biology and alternative health choices, The vast wealth of information o
n these subjects led him to acquire a compendium of videos, quotes, lectures and
articles on these subjects for his own personal reference. Urged by others who
also expressed interest in some of his material, Boult posted his information on
a blog that he updates regularly to keep his viewers informed. In addition to i
nformative and inspiring videos and articles, the site offers a variety of free
courses along with a variety of commercial products intended to develop and expa
nd conscious awareness. For those interested in following postings of interest,
visit http://letstransform.blogspot.com