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A special Note
Some of the concept and ideas presented goes to the depth of spiritual
scriptures where barriers between religions would break down. It also
reorients the well-established scientific thinking and evolves it towards its
goal To Understand Nature and Cosmos.
Human Nature is to resist the foundation on which it exists and functions. It
tries to clings to the power it holds. Therefore, I am sure all religious
institutions will resist any thoughts that shake its foundation. I am not
interested in debating religions. I have spent more than three decades in
search of Truth after I left a lucrative career in applied biotechnology. I am
not here to prove and win. I struggle against odds, because I am
compassionate. What I point out through this writing is the endangered state
of our Earth and our existence in it and how simple change in our thoughts
could help humanity, not only to survive, but enter the Golden Age or
Kingdom of God
Religions ruled our mind until 16th century and had to give way to science.
However, from the first part of last century, especially after the discovery of
E=mc2 and Uncertainty Principle, foundation of science broke down. The
field now opened up for all. The religions have begun to make reentry. This
also coincides with new spiritual waves and movements. Now we have great
debates going on between science and religions. Both are taking destructive
path than becoming light bearers to Humanity. Their failure to evolve reflects
in the instability of Earth and the endangered state of biosphere. Science
without perceiving the whole truth is exploiting Earth and Earth is reacting
violently. With all the weapons of mass destruction in hand Religions are
fighting and killing once own species in the name of life giving God. If we fail
to evolve to know Truth, we are heading towards a mass destruction.
I understand the net is full of well-presented spiritual information of the
ancient as well as scientific struggle of humankind. We also have people
trying to present the unity of science and ancient knowledge. I have listed
few videos towards the end that I felt are good.
The crux of failure of science exists in its inability to understand wave
particle duality. The wave is the phenomenon on which matter exist. The

reality manifest when wave collapses. Until the wave collapses, what exist is
complexity and illusions. I here focus on Certain Non-Equilibrium Ratio
Design and Principle on which motion manifest in particle and all
systems formed from it, including Cosmos. In the process, I attempts to
advance and unite the scientific concepts in simplicity and show how our
universe is Conscious and Intelligent Living System as the east spoke to the

This write-up brings knowledge, speaks of action required to avert increased

natural catastrophes that are upsetting the biosphere. It strives to lift
humanity beyond religions into God, Truth and reinvent ancient spirituality or
knowledge in all its Glory.
I am not a good writer or speaker. I consider myself as a thinker. Please overlook the
short comings in my writing. I am not in a position to hire experts to proof read and
organize the subject and its style. Over 30 years of relentless struggle against odds
is speaking on my health of my body and mind. I am leaving my thoughts and
thinking such that it does not get lost. I understand that everyone is short of time. I
suggest you can hop into subheadings, read and link up. There are repetitions of
thoughts here and there. Please forgive me.

Index 2-7
Preface and Introduction ----- Page: 7
The Intelligent Design Page: 11

Part -1
Evolving Science - Reinventing the Concept of Gravity, Light, Matter
and Motion from visions of Strings The Truth of Cosmic Creation
and Existence - Page:15

Abstract Page: 16
Introduction Page :18
God particle for common person Page: 18
The Big Bang origin for common person Page: 19
Non Linear Science and Origin for common Person Page:19
The Light and Energy for common person Page: 20
Fundamental Fallacy of Science- Page:21

The break through into Reality Page -22

Chapter -1
The Figures that can help understand Fundamental Concepts like
Force, Light, Matter, String and Motion --- Pages: 23

The structure of string, its quantum dance, the cause for wave particle
duality Page:24
The Turning Point from simplicity to complexity in Science The Fallacy
of understanding force Page:26
The formation atoms, matter and Gravity Page:27

Imaginations that can give platform to comprehend the
developments in science, in a sensible and simple manner Page:31

The formation of Micro Black holes and Space that stores Black Energy
Page: 32
The formation of Living molecule Page:32
The back radiation from Black hole - Three levels of resistance to
Gravity and collapse to Singularity Page: 33
The Creative Vision - The Formation of DNA Page: 34
The Cosmic Picture - The Creation of Super massive black holesPage:40

Chapter -3
Living Reality of Nature and Cosmos The Manifestation of Life
Page: 44

Different forms of Life and its possible information Processing Unit

The Manifestation of Mind Page: 46

Chapter -4
Understanding Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario Exploring Spiritual
Secret of Cosmos Page: 48 [Very Important]

The Secret how Earth sustains its Heat and Temperature, it relevance
to Global warming Climate Change and Cosmic Uniformity Page: 49

The critical point to which we need to awaken Page: 50

Chapter -5
Is science in search of Lost Knowledge - The Mind of God Page: 52
Chapter -6
Understanding the Reality of Cosmos Page :56
Chapter -7
The Calvary and Black Hole Secret The Twin Clocks Page 59
Summary of part -1 page 61

Chapter -8

Glimpses of Future Technologies Page:64

Energy, information processing, water conservation, Medicine and
Health, Food and Agriculture

Possible New Technology for energy generation and its efficient use Page: 66
The Quantum Water Cycle - New Technology for Conservation of Water
and its Efficient Use Page:67

Part 2
The Truth concealed in Scriptures and failure of
Introduction Page: 72
What I understood from Scriptures Page: 72
What I did not understand The question that led me in trail of Truth
and God Page:73
My perception of Root of Evils on Earth- Page -74
My path towards God A Testimony - Page -75
God, Scriptures, Religion, Society As Revealed to me 82

Cosmic Reality or Cosmic Man- Page:84

The Framework of Spiritual Scriptures Page : 85
Knowing the Good God Page: 88
How Jesus stands out as Truth of God Page: 89
What caused the fall of Adam and the Time direction to death?

The Parallel in Science, Scriptures -The key point where both fail
Two phases of life as way to understand scriptures and the Kingdom of
God Page: 100
Holy Spirits from the Point of Science Page: 103
The closing of gates Page: 106
7 Step Creation The Cosmic Kundalini rising - Page: 107
The structure of Kingdom of God Page:111
Characteristics of Kingdom of God- Page:111
What is End Time Where are we going from here? Page: 113
Why End of Third Wave becomes highly painful? Page: 115
Where Pentecostal Churches and Traditional Churches are going
wrong Page: 117
How Miracle cures and Awakening manifests in Retreat Centers?
Page: 120
Is awakening and New Life only meant for Christians? Page: 124
What do you mean by Born in Spirit and Baptized by Water
Unity of East and western Spirituality Page:141
The Critical End of Third Wave the importance my conscious callPage: 134
The Gaps in Bible- Page: 136
The Tree of Life Page: 141

The Truth of Holy Communion - Four faculties that sustain Life and
Crux of Spirituality Page:143

The Holy Communion
Five steps in Spiritual World and Holy Communion
Where Organized Christianity is failing
The knowledge of East as Superior knowledge that can lead us to
knowledge era or Golden Age

My Humble Appeal Page: 158

References -159

Preface and Introduction
This write up has nothing do with Religion called Christianity though it
focuses to Calvary Sacrifice and the Spirit of God released to free human
souls and up lift him. It is an exploration of Truth of Nature and Forces
governing it. It aims to see the core of all spiritual scriptures in simplicity
and bring unity of all spiritual scriptures such that humanity awakens to Truth
and Light concealed in it. It aims to evolve science such that it comprehends
its own conceptual developments in simplicity and sees its unity with the
ancient scriptures and the Knowledge concealed in it.
God Concept has remained with us from time immemorial. This has been
exploited by many. God is pictured as Absolute Power, Absolute Good, Peace,
Order and True Prosperity. We live in a world of information and
communication. Here media brings out the picture of what is happening
around the world by the second. What we observe in the world is opposite of
what the spiritual preachers speak. We observe a world that is tending to
great disorder.
Here the evil minds, the crooked, the unlawful and untruth
seems to thrive. When people look from outside into churches
and ministries, they see the preachers, the ministries,
foundations, religious institutions growing financially and the
common people suffering. They find huge gap between
preaching and practice. The Earth is going fragile, the social
system is fragmenting, the biosphere is collapsing and future

of common people, the breadwinners and their childrens

appears murky.
I am not against good people, good ministries speaking of an Absolute Good
or God and strive to oppose the growth of the Evil. There are many thriving
here with self-centered intent too. We have wolves coming to us with the
coat of Lamb. Ordinary people are confused. The world where science
culture is taught even before birth, where competition and
corruption is growing as never before we are creating a generation
that has to live in deep conflict. Today the best of awakened person, who
calls himself spiritual and preach scriptures with power and in whose vicinity
huge miracles are occurring are experiencing falls, shattering the faith of
people who fallow. I am sure the best of the preachers of God, had moments
of thinking, why evil has the advantage and why it is thriving.
The Truth is that, we all, in one way or another are contributing to
evil forces. People flood Retreat centers, run to vicinity of anointed people
by Holy Spirit, not to seek God but find miracle cures, to seek financial gains
and so on. They then go their way. Having tasted Grace, they return to more
powerful people with greater material wants. Hardly few seek God and His
will and Work for Kingdom of God. Even the best of the Pastors, Priest
leading Retreat Centers, end up counting heads, money and end up
working to build his Kingdom, than working for Gods Kingdom.
Gods Kingdom is Light, Knowledge and wisdom. I believe unless this
manifests, we live in illusions.
In short, we all exploit Gods heart his mercy and fail to seek His
mind and His will. We all fail to perceive the fact the very
purpose for which Christ manifested is to restore the Kingdom of
God. Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice.
I am human, a sinner and ordinary person. Here I share knowledge revealed
to me by Grace as I stood before Him in surrender and later took up the
conscious call. I believe that our self, I, Ego and Pride, makes us to break
Truth and Justice and attempt to create our kingdoms. We take the name of
God, Preach largely to make personal or institutional advancement. We fail to
evolve and understand and work for Kingdom of God. Here lies the cause of
flourish of Evil. The only way out is to grow beyond our self Ego and
Pride and think of humanity as one whole. Through this write up, I
make another humble attempt to evolve our understanding

scriptures and science and unite them such that humanity can
evolve to Higher Knowledge.
I was a non-believer in God. I had an accidental encounter with Spirit of God
and a Transformative experience. I call it death of I. This write up
comes from the backdrop of this death of I and rebirth experience and a
conscious call. I am not striving to become saint or an angel. I do not have
power to heal. I am not aspiring to be a prophet. I have no church or I am
not associated with any institutions or organization. I do not intend to build
one either. If Lord permit, I only wish to return to do research and
transform some simple idea that I picked from Nature such that it
can be of some use for Humanity.
I love and believe Jesus Christ. I believe in the Spirits that He
released at Calvary for the sake of all of humanity. I am a lone warrior
cornered and yet fighting for decades towards a single purpose of Truth and
Light. I am looked down upon for I did not make money my first priority.
Even my loving wife an ardent Catholic is not exception to it. It does not
mean she is bad, she is a loving wife, a great gift to me from God,
but her mind, like millions of people on Earth, is slave of Church and
The problem with the world, led by west and its spiritual institution
[Christianity] is that it has held humanity as slave at the basal level of the
five levels of spirituality. The first level of spirituality is bread and water
that sustains the physical body. Other levels are, the level of life [Prana], the
level of Mind [Manas], the level of Knowledge, and the level of happiness. I
find much of organized Christianity, actually has held humanity in the base
level. Right now, I see Christ consciousness and Intelligence awakening souls
to the second level giving New Life. We are yet to grow and evolve to higher
I respect all religious scriptures, respect all temples, churches and mosques
and Sanctum Sanctorums, to which millions lean, focus their eyes, listens
and lives with hopes of protection and hopes of glorious future to them and
their children. I respect and salute from the depth of my heart, priest,
clergies, speakers, who speak scriptures from Sanctum Sanctorum and
strives to fallow what they speak at least by 50%. I also respect all those who
preach the scriptures with Power outside Church, Temples and Mosques and
honestly strive to bring peace to individuals and the world.


Most importantly, I salute the billions of people, who

live connected to the consciousness and live a Truthful
Life in a world that is going the other way .
However, I foresee a need to cleanse the temples, churches and mosques of
dark elements that seek self and material development at all cost. Much
of the dark energy and wealth is stuck with them. It is the seat of origin of
corruption. The best place where a thief can hide is the house of Policeman
who is searching for him. Religious institutions are considered the source of
Light and Life. The people therein are supposed to hold light and lead
humanity in the path of Truth and Justice and Life. They take position higher
than Kings. However, today they are the seats of DARK ENERGY that is
pulling the world down. They lean with rich and evil-minded kings. They
compromise their God for wealth.
They dont see the tears or hear the cries of common people and bread
winners. They thrive on the sweat and blood of common people. I believe
that when society deteriorates, its root cause needs to be searched in
spiritual institutions and people there in. In a democratic and informational
world, we are all responsible for the world we live in. We no longer can keep
complaining. The deterioration of the world we live in has its roots within us
individuals and our collective expression. Every preacher, every priest, has
to search his consciousness every day and be aligned with light. He has to be
aware that he is standing before and speaking to millions of minds that are
awakening. I have always felt that root of democracy exist in Calvary.
It is yet to see the Positive Growth.
When spiritual institutions fail, it is a crux situation, a case of
total system failure. It is like heart failing. The darkness and
untruth then rises exponentially and death engulfs the
society. Truth is the most critical need of the society today. I
see Ego, or I, Pride, self, material slavery and misuse of
Power, as the principle factors separating us from Truth
I see Calvary Sacrifice, Rebirth and restoration of souls with free will and
eventual Judgment as a hope for the world. Calvary is creation secret
with free will to all souls. It is revelation of Heart and Mind, or feminine
and masculine identity of ONE whole being of which we are all part. We have
been experiencing the Forgiving Love of God [His heart or feminine Nature].


However, the very Purpose of Christs manifestation and His sacrifice is

Restoration of Fathers position and His Kingdom. This means God has kept
open not only His Heart but also His Mind. Every True Christian is called to
fight evil forces or at least resist it. As His mind reveals we enter Higher
Knowledge, we see the Glory of God and Enter His Kingdom.
Our survival on Earth is endangered by two critical facts
Ignorance of Truth of Nature and her functioning, which is leading to
reckless exploitation of Mother Earth. This is disturbing her functioning
making the biosphere unstable. This is the cause for dramatic climate
change and increasing climate catastrophes.
Ignorance of God and His Spirits that creates and sustains, which is
leading to religious friction. We claim, we are secular, but deep within
we are salves of religions. With all the weapons of mass destruction in
hand, this friction is a potential threat that can annihilate humanity.
From scientific context, one can reduce it down to the fact that scientists
have failed to understand how the particle Quantum Dances, how the
particle manifests into atom, how they communicate. From spiritual context,
one can deduce it to the fact that we have failed to understand Holy Spirit
and His functioning to create and sustain the Kingdom of God.
The present time is the often spoken as End Time and is pictured negatively
to create fear. There is nothing call End. Every end is associated with a
beginning and vice-versa. Non Linear Science that best describes life, tells us
that as the systems tends to great disorder, order emerges spontaneously
around a Great Attractor State. This Attractor State of Cosmos is the Spirit
or Life that Christ released on Earth that is unfolding to lead us to Kingdom of
God. It is a science. It is not Religion.
Good News cannot break the barrier of religion and Spirit of
God cannot give life to all unless Calvary Sacrifice is made a
simple science comprehensible to all. This is the only way the
world can awaken to the Living Potential of Calvary Sacrifice
and come back to Life.
The New Age movement is a force that is growing from within. It is a
positive development to emerge into light and Life. However, it is wanting
when it comes to breaking the barrier of religions and lead humanity to
Light and Truth. On one hand, our self, Gods name, religious culture and


practices are becoming a great determinant for us to evolve into light and
life. On the other hand scientific community stands as barrier. Our
survival exists knowing God beyond name and religions as science that
all can accept only then the Good News and beauty of Calvary Sacrifice
can emerge to manifest the Kingdom of God.
The Good News is that, the Spiritual Wave is bound to take us
ashore, saving humanity and Earth. Earth and Cosmos is
designed to survive. It will separate the evil from the good.
Science itself says that Out of Great Disorder order can arise
spontaneously. In other words, light and knowledge of higher
order will arise out of the information era leading us into
Golden Age or Knowledge Era. Once new time is conceived
and initiated nothing can stop it. Conceived Child cannot be
held in the womb beyond some point, it will emerge. The
battle was won right at Calvary.
God is real. As the third wave of spirituality gives way to Fourth Wave
we are bound to enter higher level of knowledge of Life, Nature and
Cosmos to bring peace and order to humanity. We would see Mind of God.
The evil minds that thrive under the cover of religion and God then will
wither away. The era of evil people ends and good reigns. We are due to
enter Golden Age with New Technologies in every field of human interest
that are Nature compatible.
My writing and the knowledge revealed to me by Grace is nothing new. It
existed in the past and is already well written in ancient scriptures. It is
only being given new plate in relation to present situation. It is a
compassionate effort to alleviate the pains of transition or
birthing into higher level and give platform to reinvent lost
knowledge and recreate the Golden Age. Science is the dominating
culture influencing humanity. Here I give platform where all developments
is science can unite in simplicity and lead us to the spiritual secret
written in Spiritual scriptures such that humanity can awaken to save
Earth and enter the much wanted Golden Age


The Intelligent Design

History of time and even scriptures tells us that there was a time in the past,
when humanity basked in Glory of God or Light. In other words, he had all
the knowledge about life, Nature and Cosmos. He lived in peace with oneself,
with Nature and Cosmos. He had culture, practices and technologies that are
far superior to what we know today. To be precise, He existed in Kingdom
However, this knowledge, light and Glory was lost to him, when he became
ego, self and pride centered and used the knowledge for selfadvancement. Bible describes it as the fault of humans represented by
Adam and Eve. However, in reality the cause was a fallen Angel. This speaks
that the root of deterioration exists in spiritual institutions. In short Gods
own people become responsible for the fall of His Kingdom. The measure of
deterioration is Truth and Justice. According to Vedas of east this
deterioration happens in four Quantum stages called Yugas. Bible tells us
that by the time Jesus manifested, there was none who could be justified
before God and Kingdom God was at risk of total collapse. It goes on to say
that God instituted a Divine Plan of Restoration of Truth and Justice
though Christ. Which means the principal goal of Christ was to ensure
restoration of Kingdom of God or Truth and Justice?
Jesus Christ was revolutionary. In the eyes of people, He was an ordinary
carpenter. However, being connected to the consciousness and Universal
Consciousness [Father] He spoke Truth and dared to condemn then powerful
religious leaders. His Fathers people eventually crucified Him He who
showed the power to resurrect the dead definably had all the power to
destroy, yet he chose to do the Penance His Father asked Him to do. The
powers He gained He did not use for self. He instructed His disciples to
wait in Prayer for Holy Spirit and go out to spread Good News and Transform
Souls. They did not understand Him until the Spirit of God anointed them.
Once anointed they dared to walk in Spirit of God and work for the Purpose
Christ manifested.
Nowhere Christ asked His disciples to build a religion around Him and build
Temples, schools, hospitals for Him. Unfortunately [to be more correct, by
design], within 2 to 3 century, when popularity of Christianity grew, evil and
powerful minds crept into it. The honest and truly spiritual ones [The core]
thus formed the Bible and instituted the present Christian culture, such that


the Spirit of God can revamp it in the End of Time. In effect, Church
became a Mother Conceived.
The evil and powerful minds that entered the Church began to rule it. They
began to amass wealth in the name of God and rule people with iron fist [Ref48]. Prophet Mohammed came warning about the judgment to come;
unfortunately [to be more correct, by design], this too became another
powerful religion taking the wrong way. Then came modern Science as a
quest to discover lost Truth beyond religions. Evil mind entered even these
New Temples as it made every discovery to exploit Nature and common
The world we live-in today is the world of science. Science began its pursuit
carefully avoiding clash with powerful religious clergies. They assumed
universe as material, avoided terminologies like God, Soul, consciousness,
faith and slowly broke into the teachings of Christianity. When Newton
framed his famous laws, conceptualized motion and showed how motion of
planets and objects on Earth can be predictable, religion had to take back
seat. With science, human mind was liberated from the clutches of religions
to think and explore Truth.
There is a wrong notion that scientist are all atheist. In fact all Great Scientist
are true spiritualist, they were seeking God from a new perspective and
working to liberate humanity from clutches of religions. Science entered a
turbulent period and split up when it started studying light and discovered
Wave Particle Duality and encountered Uncertainty Principle.
Nearly one century has passed since these developments took place. We still
do not have answers to many fundamental questions and have failed to
make another level of intellectual advancement. The developments in
Quantum Mechanics showed there is depth in ancient knowledge; especially
of the east. A book named Tao of Physics written by Prof. Fritjoff Capra
speaks this elegantly. The sculpture of Lord Shiva in His dancing pose at the
headquarters of CERN [LHC] in Switzerland is Tribute to ancient India. The
developments opened the gate for all. The religions began to make re-entry
as science was failing.
Note- LHC or Large Hadron Collider is the largest experimental facility
instituted by cooperation of many western nations, to seek the secrets of
Atom. All Physicist look to this facility bring out proof for their theoretical
visions of atom and the universe.


First wave of New Spiritual Movement [Pentecostal Movement], accompanied

these scientific development that split science. The New Spiritual Movement
since then is spurting up in distinct waves, challenging the traditional
religious schools. The first wave coincided with Einsteins discovery of
E=mc2. Then it dipped. Second wave originated in 1960s, when Quantum
Mechanics was established and non-linear science and information era
emerged. During this period, some anointed people from traditional Christian
religious schools dared to accept Pentecostal movement. They named it
Charismatic Movement. They had to go through difficult times, but the
miracles cures occurring in their midst gave them popularity. Today religion
called Christianity thinks that starting a Retreat Center is a smart choice to
survive. The New Age Spirituality broke the barriers of religion and went
Global by 1980s to 90s.
This New Age Spirituality, since it is associated with names of God, religions,
churches; it is not becoming Truly Global and is failing to break the womb to
bring Positive Orientation to the world. Today though many learned lot from
scientific world is part of New Awakening, they have failed to convince the
High priest ruling the world of science. The New Age Churches and
movement itself is taking battering when it its preachers, are becoming slave
money. The intra and internal strife within New Age Churches, has created
setback in the wave that can possibly take us to higher level and lead us to
Kingdom of God.
However, there is hope in Calvary Sacrifice. Nothing can stop
Truth and Light conceived from emerging. The Kingdom of God is

Intelligently Designed to survive. Calvary is not religion it is a

science and Knowledge of Life and Cosmos unfolding to lead
humanity back into His Glory that was lost.

The backdrop to this write-up

I am not a Pastor, was not even a believer in God. As a child, seeing
bloodshed in the name of God, I had concluded God is invention of the
intelligent to rule the ignorant. I took to research from consciousness
hoping to contribute some thing to humanity in the process of leading my
Life. As a young researcher I was successful in the field of biotechnology. I
was member of multinational group, with offers to lead such ventures to
other big companies. However, deep within I felt something seriously wrong


in our understanding of Life. So I decided to turn academic. Eventually it led

me to a point where I revolted from scientific field, than compromising my
consciousness to find chair in science. I chose to return to my village for
taking rest and ended making my home and Nature my laboratory. I pursued
my Quest for Truth living as a small farmer taking responsibility of the family.
This eventually ended in an encounter and Transformation in Spirit of God.
This was associated with a Conscious call. This write up is a part of this call. I
strive against odds as lone warrior with no help whatsoever, from my family
or near dear ones. I strive because; this conscious call is greater to me than
my Life.
This write up has two parts one where, I try to evolve scientific concepts such
that it can evolve to know its own concepts in simplicity, unite them and
evolve it to know the spiritual secrets of ancient knowledge. In the second
part, I speak of our religious thinking and the faults in it, so that world can
evolve back to Glorious Period

The key area of failure of science and religions in

Science has evolved immensely and has given immense power. With this
power, we are exploiting Nature. However, it has failed to understand Nature
and help humans to live in peace with oneself, with others and with Nature
and Her Master. It has evolved from simplicity to complexity and is gone
beyond the comprehension of common person. This is also true with religion
and God. Even the best of religious people are in commotion of what
they speak.
Scientists fail to review their fundamentals and evolve. Energy and matter is
fundamental to science. Heat is the basal form of energy. When heat of the
system is increased, disorder increases and at some point the system breaks
down. Life is designed to sustain heat and temperature of the body, so also
Earth and Cosmos. The biggest riddle of cosmologist is the near
uniformity of the heat in the Cosmos. Yet we fail to comprehend how
the system sustains heat between two critical limits. In short how
Cosmos is fine-tuned for Life.
Scientists have failed to perceive the Parallel World Design. Parallel
world design stands out in life and on Earth. When one part of Earth is
exposed to light and heat, the other part goes to darkness and cools to find


new order. Today with our industrial and technological activity and by our
intrusion into night phase, we are exponentially increasing the heat of the
environment. Earth is struggling to sustain her temperature. This is leading
to accelerated change. This is bringing destruction from Natures forces as
never before. The biosphere and ecology in which we all live is breaking
down because of heat. Our mind is becoming restless. The restless minds are
becoming sitting ducks for evil self-centered minds that seek power and
position. Even the Creative, Life giving and Life Sustaining force called God is
being used by self-centered evil people to advance their self. In short, two
fundamental ignorances are playing havoc on Earth. They are

The ignorance of Truth of Nature, her oneness and her functioning

Second is the ignorance of God, His Nature and His functioning and our
oneness in Him.

People are confused by the number of religions, number of churches,

different interpretations, and teachings of same scriptures. They are
confused by Science, which has grown complex. Science often comes out
with new concepts and visions every day, virtually contradicting their own
concepts, visions and its foundation. People are confused to see the whole
system tending to greater and greater disorder in spite of the growth in both
spiritual and scientific field.
Our survival now exists in knowing Truth of Nature, her oneness and her
functioning in simplicity such that common person understands it. The
same is true when it comes to God. We need to grow beyond religions to
understand the Truth of Spirit God and His functioning in simplicity so that
all can see the oneness in Nature and God and understand our relationship
with it. In short, we need to simplify science and God concept and unite

Part -1

Evolving Science
Rediscovering basic Concepts and Theories of
Science -


Understanding Force, Gravity, Strings,

Particles, Atoms, Big Bang and Ekpyrotic
Scenario sensibly in simplicity
Note At the end of this write up there are links to many videos. They speak about
how science came into being, its evolution, the confusions in which great scientist
exists, the dead end they are meeting, the future to which they look forward, the
new lines of thinking that are emerging. Many of the videos are directly from top
scientists. The world today is blessed to hear they discuss them without much
mathematics. This was not the situation just two decades back.
Those who are new to scientific developments are advised to see it. Only then, you
will appreciate the idea and visions shared here.

We all know physics split into two incompatible theories Relativity and
Quantum Mechanics and entered turbulent phase. The need to unite them
and develop a Unified Theory, has led to String Theory, Parallel World and
Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation [ Ref- 12, 42, 45,33,26, 20 ]. It is highly
debated and is in embryonic stage. The very concept of space-time is now
questioned [Ref- 32, 10, 25]. All developments are taking the biological way.
The father of Quantum Mechanics Max Planck said Mind is matrix of all
Matter thus bringing humanity and his mind to the center stage of cosmic
existence. He probably was suggesting the fact that the search for cosmic
secret is a search for Mind of God, In other words, Glory or Light and
Knowledge of God. He also said Science cannot solve the ultimate
mystery of Nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we
ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve
There is critical difference between the knowledge of the Ancient
East and the Modern west. Modern west, believes only what it
sees, that which can be expressed in mathematical language and
can be put into experimentation. A scientific theory becomes
valid only when some of its prediction becomes valid. Western
thinking is founded on the perception universe is material and
truth exist out there in space or in here in atom; this is now being
increasingly questioned.


The ancient East in contrast visualized universe as Living. They focused

inwards into themselves and preached the importance consciousness, Truth,
and Justice. At higher level, they dropped or silenced the very tool with
which they were investigating Truth. Here they gained a communication with
Cosmic Consciousness and intelligence. At still higher level, they
surrendered the whole being such that the Divine Could express
through them. They spoke of Supreme Spirit/Soul with which all other
souls exist as relative. The Supreme Spirit is understood as Light or Life Force
or knowledge that Creates and sustains. They visualized a field and force
that sustains Cosmos from within. They called it Conscious and intelligent
The String theory and Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation that modern
physics speak [Ref-33, 26 ] makes sense, when we visualize universe as
living one. Life has both instantaneous communication and time bound
communication. Life has Parallel World, male and female [dominant and
recessive]. Life works against gravity and thus gives a field and matter that
Einstein searched for much of His Life. Life has capacity to TRANSFROM
gravity force into anti-gravity force in its inner SPACE. Time direction in
material world and living world is oppositely directed. Yet life is not
beyond time, but it is bestowed with capacity to conquer time and death by
a process of reproduction. Here 2n information in life dedifferentiates,
reduces to n state. The male information leaves its body to enter the black
hole of the parallel female world to unite with similarly reduced information.
Within the black hole, the information unites. This unity creates a little
perturbation that kick starts the process of conquering of time and death.
The system differentiates into whole being from this point. This is Big Bang
that takes place in an Ekpyrotic way
Universe needs to be understood as Living Light, information, knowledge
unfolding from the Creator and enfolding back into Him. The article explores
this reality in simplicity. When discussed, it can answer all the paradoxes of
science and the conceptual developments and even go ahead to unite it with
ancient knowledge.

It can lead us to Golden Age, circumventing the

Great disorder and destruction to which we
humans are moving in the ignorance of Truth.


One must note, Noble Laureate James Lovelock did prove to the world that
Universe is a Gaia or Living one [Ref 56,58]. However, he failed to
incorporate Adult human mind into it. All life is anti-gravitational. It works
round the clock to sustain Cosmos from collapsing to singularity. The only
exception to it is Adult humans who lives a mind-centered life. He is selfcentered and is slave to material force and thus he directs his force with
gravity field that leads the system to collapse to singularity in black hole.

The Good News is that the Supreme Spirit/Soul

and His Mind has ensured that we emerge from
Black hole to see Light and the Reality.
Laws of energy and matter conservation deny total destruction and
creation. In other words, creation and destruction co exists. It says
system works through transformation. Since time direction relates to
self, I, ego and slavery of human mind to material force, it
invariably means universe and its creation and destruction is related to
Mind. A self, ego, I and material centered mind cannot see the
Greater Mind of which it is only a part. This means only possible way
creation can take place is by breaking the Ego, self and I of human
mind. Creation therefore becomes Transformation of Human souls and
illumination of His intellect, such that humanity comes out of the
bondage of religions, bows to the Creating Force, and walks the path of
Truth Justice. This statement becomes central to link science with
scriptures and it is explored in the second part of this write-up.

Science evolved from simplicity to complexity. Scientists have failed
miserably when it comes to understanding gravity and motion in particles. It
has failed to know how particle manifest into atom and goes to form complex
systems. It has failed to explain the origin and existence of Cosmos. Concept
of Gravity is central to science. Gravity is a centripetal force that directs to
collapse into singularity in black hole. Science fails to find a cause for its
origin out of black hole and its perpetual existence [Ref 15, 32]. Newton
visualized gravity as instantaneous force acting and binding two systems one
big and another small. When light phenomenon challenged Newtonian world,


Einstein developed a new picture of gravity. Newtons and Einsteins world

were predictable. The paradox of wave particle duality of light in
experimental physics and the discovery of Uncertainty Principle, split science
and led into great commotion see [Ref -31,37,38]
In spite of all the scientific development we see, the truth is that scientist
have failed to comprehend what gives mass to the atom [ gravity] and what
binds atoms to from complex systems, how an atom and Cosmos is stable.
Scientists are seeking answers to it by peeping far into space and deep into
atom. Their quest has ended in many particles and search for a God Particle
that gives mass to all other particle, to the atom and binds the whole system
into one. In short, Scientists have not understood gravity, atom and nature
sensibly even today [Ref- 38]

God Particle for Common Person

Gravity is fundamental force. The term mass is associated with it. For allpurpose, it is considered as weight. However, it is not weight. It is that which
gives attractive property and binds the system as one. It also is the cause for
spin and motion within atoms. However, scientist fail to answer what gives
gravity or mass to matter, how the spin and displacing motion occurs in
electrons. They perceive a central particle, which drives the motion in
electrons and bind all the particles in atoms as one. This is visualized as God
particle. It is visualized as dancing field that supports the atom from
What the scientists are failing to understand is the design of the God Particle
that helps it pulsate eternally sustaining the atom from collapsing.

The Big Bang for Common Person

We all know that when we split any object we have some loss of energy in
the form of heat. This is the cause for aging. In an atom, energy lost from
electron leads to its fall into lower orbit and a gain causes a Jump into higher
orbit. From material perspective, it was observed that universe has a time
direction, in which it loses energy constantly. In short, electron in an atom
and planets in solar system, should loose energy and condense to a center.
Thus, we have the theory of Big Bang. This explosion however cannot
account for indefinite expansion or accelerated expansion. The system
should slow down and again collapse.


The observation of outer space by Edwin Hubble however showed that

universe is accelerating and expanding. This led to more complications in
science. It led to dark energy, dark matter concepts [Ref-39]. The problem
that science faces is the lack of comprehension as to what happens at ends
of time scale. All the laws of physics fail at the Big Bang Point. They fail to
understand why distant galaxies are accelerating and moving away and to
where the system is running away. In short, they fail to understand the cause
of origin, its fall and its sustenance. The observed and experimental reality
that is merging seems to break the theories that physicist present. Today this
has taken scientist to wild visions of information being lost into black hole,
coming out so on [ Ref- 19, ]. Even the great Big Bang Theory is now
being cast out of window. [Ref-10, ,15, 32 ]
To put it short, scientists fail to comprehend how electron is held in atom and
planets in its orbits without falling into the center. Thus, their atomic model
as well as cosmological model is falling apart. Even the concept of spacetime, prediction and measurement are now questioned [Ref- 10, 15, 32 ]

Non-linear Science and origin

Unlike in linear science, where time tend to singularity in black hole, in
nonlinear science, it leads to increase in energy in the system. This is
understood as increase in disorder. It says that as the disorder peaks a
GREAT ATRACTOR STATE emerges in the system and the system collapses
into new order around it. However, this theory fails to explain that little
perturbation which in time manifests into great disorder and what prompts
the emergence of Great Attractor and how order emerges out of it.
In Short, Scientists fail to perceive a Principle and Design or cause
for the vibration of particles, atoms and the whole cosmos. They fail
to perceive the causes for the particle to cohere to form atoms and
manifest gravity. It fails comprehend how motion is eternally
sustained. This fundamental failure is shaking the foundation of
science. All theories of science relating to life and Cosmos are
breaking down and crumbling out of shelf.

The Light and Energy for common person

Gravity is associated with matter [Atom and above]. Newtonian worldview is
built on it. Discovery of light and concepts of energy began to break their
fundamental vision of Nature. Light dissipates energy. Unlike atoms and


matter, light is not influenced by gravity. It was found that Light moving
towards earth and gravity or away from earth all have the same speed. The
speed of light is not influenced by gravity. Einstein came up giving new
visions and thinking about Nature. He proved that matter or mass is nothing
but energy and that energy can be converted into mass and mass can be
converted into energy. In a way, he showed that atom is the product of
light E=mc2 [This may not be the way scientist Think].

The Quantum Science for Common Person

Newton and Einstein visualized Light as a predictable point particle. In
parallel to Einsteins theory, a contradicting theory emerged that stated that
motion is not predictable absolutely. This then led to another major branch of
science called Quantum Theory, which used statistical mechanics as its
language. This broke classical thinkings about atom and Cosmos and the
Reality of Nature we see. Light became enigma to experimental verification.
It showed both particle and wave Nature. Even today, this remains a
Paradox. Developments in quantum mechanics showed that observer takes a
key role in Nature and its reality [Ref-34]
Note -Throughout science, as some experimental observable
discrepancy breaks the existing notion and vision, we see
science adopting a new language to describe and fit Nature
into it. I am marveled at their effort to realize Nature through
such process and what they have achieved. However, I feel it
has made Nature complex and beyond common person.
Further, the knowledge they imparted instead of bringing
peace and order to humanity, it is creating an opposite result.
The original science had kept aside life and humans and assumed universe
as material driven by material forces. The new science showed that life
influences Nature. Thus, the words like mind, consciousness, intelligence
became integral part of science and high end research areas. Religions and
God concept thus took wings again. A book titled Tao of Physics by Fritjof
Capra writes this beautifully. However, both scientist and religious people
have failed to understand the Truth of Nature and God in simplicity. Hence,
the world lives in darkness and edging to self-destruction.

String Theory and Parallel World for Common Person

In the last three decades, another science called String Theory and
Parallel and Multiple Worlds has emerged. String Theorist visualize small


strings not point particle. This theory and its advocators say that in time oneworld shrinks, pierces the other, and comes out to expand thus, surviving
time [Ref-74, 24, 26, 33,]. This is Called Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario.
However, they fail to tell us how the string vibrates and what causes
one world to pierce the other in time.
All scientific theory speaks of some basic reality of Nature.
However, they have failed to perceive, comprehend and put
them together in a sensible way. It could be compared to five
blind men touching an Elephant and interpreting it. Central to
this lack of understanding is the lack of comprehension of
wave particle duality. Thus scientific discoveries exists as
information but has not translated into Knowledge and
wisdom that can help us take guard of Earth and live in
harmony with oneself, others and with Nature and her forces.

Fundamental Fallacy of Science

Being from the field of science, I cannot totally call it a fallacy. It was a clever
assumption made
by individuals and schools that emerged to reinvestigate Lost Truth. We all
know that when western science manifested religious schools were ruling
with iron fist amassing wealth. In such a situation, it was a clever
compromise because religious people specially Christianity Preached
material world as inferior, yet had immense interest in it. Religious people
thought that any Knowledge to conquer material earth will give them power.
Thus, they invested in it and resisted when their doctrine were questioned.
[Ref -49 ]
The concept of gravity of early science was very simple. However,
with developments in energy/heat concept, it was realized there is
inevitable time direction to Cosmos that is bound by gravity. They
realized that all matter of the universe that is spinning and revolving
should be losing energy and thus should eventually collapse to a
point. No sensible explanation could be visualized for universe
without a force that opposes this collapse. Thus, Einstein
struggled for much part of his life to introduce a second field
and force that opposes gravity. Einstein perceived that universe
cannot tend to singularity and that it also cannot Runaway. There is


some force that resisting gravity and thus sustains the universe

The break through into Reality

As a seeker of Truth in Nature, free from all schools of thoughts, one thing
that struck my mind, is that all Life is anti-gravitational and

kingdom of life presents a force and field that Einstein

searched for. The second law of energy that speaks of leaking energy
and time direction that leads to collapse of the material system to a point,
seems to work in opposite way in life. Life instinctively works against gravity.
Instead of showing tendency to wind and collapse to a point, life
shows creativity and works from the center to the periphery. It
unwinds and grows against gravity using the material mass. Decades back,
this led me to think and circulate a thought that even the existence
of one cell can stop what we called gravitational collapse. This meant
we have to review the picture of origin of Cosmos including life, especially we
The above observation brought many groundbreaking changes in my
thinking and my approach to Truth

I began to observe Nature and all life in it closely and intensively.

I began to observe humans, the society and its culture he has built.
I began to observe human thoughts and its influence on Nature. The
mind of humans appeared to play important role in Nature. I began to
perceive the footprints of a Great Mind behind Cosmos.
I began to give second thought to spiritual scriptures, which essentially
speaks that universe as Living Being.
I began to explore a conceptual vision including life, including
spirituality and developments in physical science.

Note I understand I am not alone in such thinking. The biographies, the

quotes of all great intellectuals speak this loudly. Max Planck , considered
the Father of Quantum mechanics said
1] As a man devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the
study of matter, I can tell you as result my research about atom this much;
there is no matter as such. All matter originates and exist only by virtue of
force, which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this
minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this

force the existence of conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the
matrix of all matter Max Planck
2] Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of Nature. And that is
because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we
are trying to solve Max Planck

This article explores a simple conceptual vision that emerged in me as I

surrendered my mind to Greater Mind that creates and controls Cosmos. I by
Grace present it in a manner by which all can understand it. The aim is to
lead information era into knowledge and wisdom era such that humanity can
awaken to TRUTH to live in peace with oneself, others and with Nature and
God. [Mother and Father]

Chapter -1

The Figures that can help understand

Fundamental Concepts like Force,
Gravity, Light, Matter, String and Motion
The Figure 1 to 3 - The Structure of String, its
Quantum Dance and the cause for Wave Particle


Fig-1, speaks of a vision of electromagnetic particle that Quantum Dances. It

incorporates the concept of Gravity, Charge and Strings. It explains
wave particle duality. It has a transient opened state where it releases
energy, and the collapses back to new order. It brings a Principle and
Design that leads to perpetual Quantum Dance. It is based on a ratio
4:3. The principle that governs the motion is an instinct to seek equilibrium,
but design and Max Planck law of energy transfer denies equilibrium leading
to Quantum Dance. This vision explains characteristics of electromagnetic
particle and light phenomenon. The energy or force is contained in this
action. This explains the spin and displacement associated with motion.
These particles can be of two types, one right winding and another left
winding and moving in opposite direction [right to left or left to right or top to
bottom or bottom to top]. In three-dimensional space, the particle
always moves in relation to its pair and complementary pair. This
speaks of four worlds that are interacting.
Note- Einsteins mind as well as Diracs mind [Ref-16 ] did dwell on
concept of ratio. Einstein in his biography stated the need to replace
Constants of Physical Equations with ratios.


This Quantum Dance is a universal three-step process, with a fourth step

where transformation occurs [See fig -2]. Motion here is driven by instinct to
seek equilibrium or resist non-equilibrium. In Newtonian physics this manifest
as action and reaction. Halfway through the flow of force, it does reach a
near equilibrium point and the particle wishes to stay around this point.
However, by virtue of Max Plancks quantum Nature of flow of energy, it
cannot stay in near equilibrium point and hence leads to Quantum Collapse
and reorganization changing the direction of the flow.

Important Points
1] The Quantum Collapse and reorganization [Quantum Dance] of the
particle in three-dimensional space is unhindered and thus particle moves
with maximum speed creating waves.
2] These four steps are universal for all particles atoms, all system formed
from it, including life and Cosmos.


3] This Quantum Dance is a dimensionless, spiral compression and

expansion. It is a PULSE. The non-equilibrium design leads to a spin and
curved displacement of the particle in space. Motion here is inherent in the
particle and quantum displacement in space is related to parallel world and
is driven by quest to seek equilibrium. The distance the particle needs to
travel remains the same. The energy it has to dispel changes. See
fig-3. This means the particle to the right end of light spectrum oscillates
faster. Thus, all electromagnetic particles move with same speed. Time
taken for travel of Electromagnetic particles between two points remains the
4] The atoms are formed by collision of light particle of opposite spin. It gains
higher state of equilibrium in three-dimensional space See Fig-3
5]. In a system born out of many particle [atoms] and complex system
born out of atoms, the collapse occurs as the opposing force reach 3:1
ratio. This accounts for the limits of infusing energy into a particle and
system. In short, it explains Ultra Violet Catastrophe of Max Planck
6] At system level, Out of the four step of quantum dance, the first
phase is highly ordered. However, seed of the disorder exist within it but
is resisted. The order begins to deteriorate in second step. It enters into
chaos in third part. Chaos is a mechanism of resistance of time but


cannot stop time. It thus begins to collapse into the fourth part, where
disorder peaks. However, system survives by a seed of order growing
from within. This means time is reversible. We will understand it as
we go by

Fig 4 and 5: The Turning Point in Science - The

fallacy of understanding of force
Let us now go back to the school level experiment and reinterpret the
experimental results that led to invention of electro-magnetic force. See Fig 4
and 5.

The figure-4 shows school level experiments that led to the invention of
existence of second force and discovery of electromagnetic force. The third
picture interprets the experiment from the spiral vision of force or particle in
motion in space. This could be proof of theoretical vision I am trying to
present. This vision already exists on the net. I am not sure who is the
source. But I find it very much advocated by School of Nassim Haremain
[ Ref- 4, 5]
An important reality of Nature is duality. The above experiment, gravity,
relativity, string theory and everything in Nature presents a duality and
paired existence. Gravity necessitates existence of two objects one dominant
the other recessive. This also reflects very much in life sciences. This nonequilibrium or dominant and recessive are a necessity because


equal and opposite force cancels and no force or motion can

Note - the idea and vision of force acting between two objects
in spiral manner because of non-equilibrium invariably means
gravity is electromagnetic phenomenon. This perception is
vital to understanding Nature
When we extend the vision in to three-dimensional space, it becomes
inevitable we visualize 8 forces or particle acting. The quantum collapse
and reorganization that manifests into spiral motion also explains the
wave particle duality. The picture I present falls in line with Russellian
Science [Ref- 2. 3]

Fig 6 and 7 The formation of Atoms and Gravity

This figure presents the possible formation of atom by the collision of

electromagnetic particles moving in opposite direction in space towards a
center. Einstein equation E=mc2 suggest that matter and mass is formed by
the collision of light particles. Figure speaks of formation of hydrogen and
helium atom. They represent higher organization in three-dimensional space.
One can go ahead from this point to account for periodic table.


When we extend our picture into three-dimensional space, we are forced to

build our picture based on minimum of 8 objects and multiple of it that emit
electromagnetic particles. They radiate particles governed by the Principle
and Design. The ratio relationship of the radiating objects that leads to
formation hydrogen is described in figure 7
Note The non-equilibrium design means A and D in Fig -7 differs
by 2 powers. A and B and C and D differs by one power. B and C
have the same power but opposite direction
Note The vision of opposing light particle moving towards a center
and colliding to form matter necessitates the existence of objects
in space that emit this light. The particles of light emitted as well
as objects emitting it, by law cannot be in equilibrium. This is
because equal and opposite cancels and equilibrium is death. This
means gravity and picture of life needs to be built on nonequilibrium design at all levels of organization. No two light
particles or system can be same. They should be differing by virtue

of its space-time position in relation to a center. In other words,
energy contained in it differs

Important Note -The initial action of ejection of particle of light takes place
from A that is dominant. It instantaneously triggers an ejection of photon
from all objects B, C, D in space. This means ABCD are quantum entangled.
The ejection from A is powered by attraction with the opposite D. The
hydrogen atoms however are formed not by collision of particles
from A and D but collision of A and B and C and D.
These two atoms will have opposite twist. The atoms formed have
their equilibrium point centralized.
In three-dimensional space, they are not stable and hence they tend to form
H2 molecules that are in more stable state. A still higher stability in threedimensional space is reached when they fuse to form helium atoms. The
process we know releases energy and heat and are the source of radiation
from stellar system. Helium atom can be of two types a right winding
and left winding. They form the parallel worlds. One must note that
the non-equilibrium design means helium atoms develops an inner
space that is closed but is amenable to opening and interactions in
three steps.

Very Important points to note

Note 1- Some of the key incomprehensible aspects of science,
such as Black body radiation Ultra Violet Catastrophes, why
matter cannot reach the speed of light, can be explained
from the above Quantum Dance and reversal of flow that
happens as the system reaches 3:1 critical state.
Note 2 We see here instantaneous communication that
trigger the action and time bound communication that
translates into curved motion. Thus, we see the unity of basic
Newtonian thinking [Gravity being felt instantaneously by the
second objects in space] and Einsteinian world where the
Gravity is communicated in time through a net.
Note 3- The ejection of particle and formation of atomic
system, molecules and complex systems are driven by an
instinct to seek higher and higher state of equilibrium. This
means gravity is an instinct to seek higher and higher state of


equilibrium. We noted that the design resist the equilibrium.

The resistance comes into effect at and beyond the second
critical point and goes into reaction and re-ordering state as
the system reaches the third Critical point.
Note 4- This form of coexistence of instantaneous
communication and time bound communication or information
flow exist in Life. This is one argument that points us to
explore universe as living as the ancient east did it. We must
note non Linear scientists like Noble Laureates Ilya Prigogine
[Ref- 36B] and James LoveLock [ Ref-56] also pointed it out
Note 4- The particle and its pulse explains wave particle
duality and the characteristics associated with motion- Spin
and displacement in space
Note 5 [Very Important]- The energy and information is
carried in the field of the particle that opens and closes. Light
or electromagnetic particle, has maximum instability in threedimensional space. The spiral motion it produces is an
expression to give up its instability and attain stability. This is
associated with dissipation of energy in the form of heat. The
fact that it is travelling in spiral manner invariably means it is
also displacing energy and force back. Recall a drill at work. A
drill cannot move one bit unless it displaces the medium it is
drilling. It also means it is sending and acquiring information.
In other words, the information is two way flow powered by
instinct to seek equilibrium. Information flows faster and
faster as the non-equilibrium grows.
Information exists in two spaces as heat. All non-inert atoms
that have asymmetry in three-dimensional space, the
informational field here is open for interaction and thus they
form bonds. However, in inert atoms, that has symmetry in
three dimensional space and which has is inner hole, the
informational field is closed. It is amenable to opening by only
heat induced winding or unwinding in three steps. The system
when pushed to third critical point can open up as string
exposing its energy and information. In short, they manifest
into membranes that gets attracted to the opposite to find


new equilibrium. This becomes important to comprehend

String and Parallel World and Ekpyrotic Theory [ Ref 26, 24,
12, 28, 33], Which in recent time emerged as science of

Chapter -2

Imaginations that can give platform to

comprehend the developments in science, in
a sensible and simple manner
In the above pictures, we saw a particle of light that is free in threedimensional space with a time or energy direction that is directed away from
center into outer space. It spirals freely seeking a parallel world and a pair
particle, creating gravity force [Recall a drill]. In space, this is a dynamic
process, which involves not only pairs but also a complementary pair form a
stable inert atom. Since inert atom exists in pair, it means it is also related to
a parallel world. The moment a hydrogen atom is formed, the particle loses
one level of freedom and the time and energy direction is centralized.
The helium atom loses another level of freedom.

Important point The formation micro black

holes or space
By virtue of non-equilibrium design, the helium atom develops a
closed space in the center that is amenable for opening and closing
under heat induced force [Winding or unwinding]. These atoms
under gravity and time tend to accumulate energy and
information into its Black Hole. Thus, they are the seats

of dark energy. We will see how this happens as we go by

Important points to note
1] Energy and time in light particles is directed away from the center.
2] Energy and time in atoms, and all material systems are directed to the


3] Because of non-equilibrium design, atomic matter and all systems formed

from it should have pulsating existence and is in eternally in communication
with all other systems in Nature. In other words, there is a basic pulse and all
system atoms in it have to pulsate one with it. The best example I can give is
a living human body that pulsates and all organs and atoms in it function in

The Living Molecule

Thus, helium atoms and the black hole in it is possible
storehouse of missing energy and mass. When two
helium atoms of opposite twists join [Double Torus], it
loses all three levels of freedom. The only open freedom
level is the fourth or time direction. This molecule
becomes highly stable. We see here two Parallel worlds with black holes that
open and interact. They are not beyond gravity and thus they interact in
three steps see Fig 7B. These three levels manifest as three levels of
information exchange; breathing, mitotic and meiotic. The meiotic
information exchange leads to time conquering and initialization.

Important Point
The double torus by design has dominant component and recessive
component [male and female]. One is Right winding and other is left winding.
As a system, time in double torus tends to the center of the black
hole in the recessive component. We must note and underline that
gravity is a centripetal force and that it can have only one direction of


winding right or left not both. This means dominant by Nature opposes the
gravity, feminine by instinct opposes gravity but gets aligned with gravity
when stressed. It becomes the seat of Dark Energy.
In short, time in double torus tends to accumulate energy and information in
latent form in the black hole of the recessive. Time is inevitable this means
as the ratio tends to 3:1, the balance of the whole system is endangered,
and a reordering becomes inevitable. The dominant component or masculine
which experienced the gravity as winding stress, now breaks down to
conceive in the feminine and explodes. In short, it conceives to recreate. This
could be understood from sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is
conquering of time and death in a controlled Big Bang explosion of
information that takes place in an Ekpyrotic way. [Ref- 26].
Life survive resisting gravity with constant exchange of information with its
right left [breathing], a second level of resistance manifest by creativity and
mitotic division [we will see more about it as we go by]. The third level is
conquering of time and death, which involves the parallel world. Here male
information de-differentiates and reduced its information [2n to n state],
leaves its body to unite with similarly reduced information to conquer time
and death and ensures the perpetual existence.

The back radiation from Black hole - Three levels of

resistance to Gravity and collapse to Singularity
We must note that inert atoms have stability in three-dimensional space and
it develops a CLOSED SPACE or BLACK HOLE in near equilibrium state.
This black hole is amenable to opening in three steps to winding or
unwinding force disturbing it.
Note - As I am writing this, I came across scientist creating mine black hole
using inert atoms Ref -75


1] First Level- First level is pulsation that sustains the motion and life. In
response to gravity and its winding force, inert atoms simply pulsate to
dispel the force acting on it [see fig- 8]. Imagine breathing here where life
receives energy [O2] and eliminates toxic CO2 thus sustain life. Physicists
understand it as particles or information falling into black hole and radiating
back Hawking Radiation [Ref 14A.]. Breathing in life is a form of information
exchange. O2 brings the latest information about the system and CO2
releases information from life into the environment such that environment
can be modified. [Reference- Gaia hypothesis -61]. Information are packets
of energy or heat being exchanged, such that life can sustain certain a
temperature. This temperature regulation is vital to Life. It is vital
Earth [See Gaia hypothesis Ref 61, 60, 59]. It is also vital to
Cosmos. The temperature of the universe is smooth throughout and is a
riddle to cosmologist. Living Vision of Cosmos can only answer it.
This exchange of information help the system balances its temperature.
Black holes of one inert atom is instantaneously communicated to the
oppositely twisted helium atom [We can call it parallel helium atom that are
quantum entangled]. They thus develop the information pathways.

Very Important Point

This pulsation creates a motion. Laws of energy state that
some energy is lost as heat in the process of motion. Unlike


light particle, here the pulse is associated with a loss towards

the inner space or black hole. This means helium atoms gains
energy and mass and stores in it as dark energy. The
pulsation could be visualized as breath.
The accumulation of energy stresses the system in time to a
point where Gravity of black mass sucks everything into black
hole. The science and its discoveries about black hole thus
appear correct. However, the system can survive provided it
splits releasing some energy to the outer world as Life does
through Mitosis. The question rises how can we extend it to
It is here that we have to develop New Vision that is based on Life and
adopt eastern thinking. In order to do so successfully, including the
western thinking we need to deduce life to atomic and particulate level
and visualize it. We need to develop the picture of life from

particulate and atomic level and extend it to cosmic level . I

propose inert atoms as the basis of life. However, this would not appease
the modern world, which looks for answers from energy, particle and
atomic level. Earlier we saw light particle and matter and how energy is
enfolded in it and how atomic matter manifest from light
particles. The question now is how life manifests and how it influences
the Cosmos. This calls us to investigate creativity and develop a Creative
2] The Creative Vision - The Formation of DNA
We noted that an inert atom has symmetry in three dimensional space and
has a closed space within. This inert atom can resist the time direction to
singularity in three steps.

In the first level of resistance it manifest as breathing or pulsation.

This involves simultaneous information exchange between internal and
external world. It involves TRANSFORMATION of gravity into antigravity force. However, life is not beyond gravity and thus in time.
Some energy is lost in the process and this accumulates in the
recessive part. It thus leads to system to second critical point.


Near second critical point, the system can add non- inert matter on to
itself, such that the winding stress of gravity and the central hole is
balanced by opposing forces See fig 9.

We need to imagine here balancer balancing the balance. Here we

can visualize the formation of DNA helix and the information molecule of life.
This process happens in near critical state. Non-linear scientist led by Noble
Laurete Ilya Prigogone has proved such creativity in atom and chemical
systems. [Reference 36A and 36B ]. Even this creativity cannot stop gravity
and time. Thus, life goes into duplication and mixing of the right and left,
fallowed by a split and creation of parallel world such that gravity point
becomes two. Further splitting distorts the system eventually it goes into
disordered state. The splitting is stretching and twisting increasing the
surface of area. Recall one fertilized egg cell dividing [mitotic division]. Also
bring to mind branching of tree, the picture of human lung where the vital
exchange takes place. However, even this cannot stop gravity and time. This
calls for a third level of information exchange that is critical to our
understanding of life and Cosmos.
Note - The original strand from male takes the mirror image from the
feminine and vice-versa. In short the original pair of strands separate.
When one world split into two the gravity point also is split. This
can be understood from Centriole, a bright radiating object that arises near
one side of the cell wall after the duplication is complete. This then splits to
moves to the poles. In the process, it develops threads that lock with

centromere of chromosomes and pulls them apart and thus TWITCHING two
cells out of one.

Important point- We see here parallel world male and female, pairs of
information, pairs of inert atoms. The stress disturbing the stability of inert
atoms can have two choices; one is stress by compression or winding force
and another stress manifesting as unwinding force. The gravity we know
is winding force. It has one choice winding right to left or left to
right not both. In the living molecule, we saw one atom as right winding
and other as left winding. This means one atom under gravity is stressed to
winding limit and another part is stressed simultaneously to unwinding limit.
One opposes the gravity and other also opposes gravity but in time
aligns with gravity. This means the black hole of masculine constricts and
black hole of feminine expands to balance under gravity and eventually
reaches a critical point 3:1 at which system is bound to collapse. This
necessitated a third level of resistance and exchange of information between
the black holes of the two component parts.

The Third level of resistance comes when the living molecule is

stressed to the third critical point. The third level of resistance
is the reproduction where the masculine winds to maximum
limit and leaves its body to conceive in the feminine or parallel
world. Here it goes into recreation and restoration phase. See
Fig -7B, and 13.


Important Point This invariably means Parallel world is a reality.

The singularity is just a passing state that is incorporated in the
Quantum living system as a means to conquer gravity and time and
perpetuate in it eternally. Much of science fails to comprehend the
third level resistance that is crucial to survival of the system in time.
Even ancient spiritual scriptures too fail to write it explicitly in
From energy point the dominant masculine gains kinetic energy into back
hole and loosed the potential energy. The opposite happens in its pair. As
the third critical point is reached, the atom breaks down and masculine
energy and information leaves its body to conceive in the feminine. A new
center is formed that opposes and transform the gravity force.
Imagine the conception of Child. This now reverses the time direction. The
system goes into expansion and as the ratio of opposing force reaches 3:1, it
emerges out of the system creating duality once again. The process then
leads to new Life. This gravity and time is directed to singularity but
life is bestowed with capacity to conquer it. The process ensures
reversal and initialization of the system. This could be visualized as Big
Bang and also as Ekpyrotic Scenario of creation.

Since life is best described by non-linear

phenomenon, the scientific perception of cosmic
Truth needs to emerge as great disorder and
spontaneous order around a Great Attractor state
Important Points
The most important point one should take note here is that

The genes and DNA that we think as the source of information that
creates and sustains life, is not actually the source of creation and
sustenance. Source of Information or force that creates and sustains
exists in the black hole or the internal space of inert atoms, [at system
level inner space of life], which exist in pairs and can interact with
external space in three quantum steps to survive in it. Life needs to
be understood as interaction of three spaces. A fourth space
exists when we consider Parallel world.


The Parental or Primal information thread is smeared in two parallel

worlds and more when one cell stretches spins and folds to from many

What this means is that all life and the whole Cosmos has a framework
of inner space. That is instantaneously communicated and has creative
and sustenance potential. It also has a communication with outer
space, which takes place in time. This communication is well explored
by in life by a new field in biology called Epigenetics [Ref 36D and

Note - Almost all developments in Life science has parallel with

developments in physical science. The developments in Epigenetics
aligns with relativity and non-deterministic quantum mechanics. Even
modern day western consciousness research tows this line. Stuart Hameroff
and Roger Penrose relate it to microtubules in neurons [ Ref-36E]. But, much
of modern science overlooks the fact the life has its origin in black hole and
information contained in it in energetic or form. In other words, it has spacetime field that is conscious and aware and carries information of the system.
Life has two neural
web systems that
control life. One that
relates to brain and
body controlling
external motor
mechanism and the
other that relates to
heart and its
functioning, which
controls the vital
functions. The
fallowing fig [See fig
-11] speaks the
similarities between Cosmos, human brain and the web. However, one
must note what flows in it is the information. There are channels of space
within life that perceives the information from external space-time field
and directs the system from within.
There are many levels of information processing in Life.


The information that is communicated from external space and

received by cell and reacted from internal space of cells. [Time bound
Information fed from internal space into space of the nucleus and
reacted by nucleus. [ [Time bound communication]
Information fed from internal space of nucleus into internal space of
DNA [traced down inert atoms] and its reaction. [spontaneous
The information from internal space of DNA communicated with
internal space of parallel world. [spontaneous communication]

In complex organism, the first cell when divide, one goes to form internal
realm and another to form external realm. As the cells divide, it create a
web of internal space that becomes critical to carry and execute information
in time
Life has male and female, dominant and recessive or
parallel worlds. Both have heart [central field] and
mind [external body field]. The heart is life giving, it is
directed against Gravity. What creates time is mind
that slowly moves like a needle of a clock. The clock in
masculine and feminine seems to have opposite
direction. This eventually stresses the system to first,
second and third critical point. We saw that universe can be right or left
twisting not both. In a double torus one of the pair is always opposing the
universal time direction. In contrast, the feminine clock aligns with Gravity
after the first two phases and tends to unwind and loose kinetic energy and
accumulate potential energy. A new equilibrium can only be attained
when the core unites. This is sexual reproduction in Life. This vision
needs to be extended to cosmic level. This then becomes the Ekpyrotic
Scenario of Creation It needs to be understood from eastern point of view
of consciousness and intelligence unfolding and enfolding.

Very Important Point The Duality is the Reality of living

system. However, it is inevitable that under Gravity and Time it
has to go through a phase of singularity or creative phase. Here
the crux of masculine [spirit/soul or information] exists in the
feminine as its center. This resists the collapse of the system
under the force of gravity and time and creates reverse force and
time. When this reverse force reaches a critical ratio of 3:1 in
favor time directed against gravity, the system collapses into new
order and duality manifest again. The dual world is created by
two primal inert atoms or souls or paired information thread. In
singularity these threads come together from two parallel worlds
and creates its mirror images mixes the information thread and


Readers should note that our thoughts are laying a foundation to explore
universe as living one as the ancient east taught the world. However, its full
comprehension needs some more extensions and incorporation of thoughts.

Important Point - The light particles that make up the male and
female inert atoms become stressed in the process gravity and time.
The masculine part is stressed by coiling energy and the feminine by
uncoiled energy. Here we see how energy is infused into

The figure -13 and 16 [Page 35 and 46 ] speaks what happens at the third
critical point, when the whole system reaches 3:1 in favor of collapse into
black hole. The masculine here is coiled to the critical point, with 3:1
Kinetic energy and directed against gravity of material world. The
feminine in contrast reaches 3:1 in favor of potential energy and directs
to collapse into black hole. The conception of the masculine resists this
collapse, reverses the time direction, takes it 3:1 in favor of Anti-gravity
and initializes the system. At birth, system initializes into New Time
Cycle. We will see this in detail as we go on. This reality at cosmic level
makes sense only when we understand it as unfolding of information.

The Cosmic Picture The Creation of Super Massive

Black Holes
Following points are very important to perceive the cosmic picture
and go ahead to understand the world and the time we live in.
1] Helium atoms are created in pairs, one with right twist and other with left
twist. The formation helium atom is a fusion process that releases light and
heat. Since gravity is fundamental force, helium atom of same twist can
swirl in same direction and coalesce to create observable supermassive
black holes. Thus, helium atom can form two types of stellar system one
right winding and another left winding.


Black holes are very much discussed aspect in scientific circles and they
remain enigma see Reference -12, 13,14,14A. 14B, 14C, Early vision was that
it is supposed to eat up all information [energy and matter] and go into
singularity. However, it made no sense. Later it blew up into an intellectual
fight between Stephen Hawking and Leonard Susskind Ref 14C. I feel reader
should see this video to understand a black hole in simplicity and how
scientist have made compromise and complexity out of it.

How I see a Black Hole A simple explanation

We saw that massive black holes could form as inert helium atoms of the
same spin coagulate. We saw that inert atoms are formed by fusion of right
winding and left winding hydrogen atom but virtue of non-equilibrium will
have right or left twist. At the event horizon, these helium atom can rip, one
atom being thrown out and the other being sucked in. The one going out can
feed the formation of more helium atoms. Thus keep the stellar systems
burning. The atom that falls into black hole will go to a secondary horizon
where it is ripped apart to form two quantum particles. One goes towards the
center and other exist between the first and second
horizons. The gravity and time direction invariably means the black hole
should open periodically leaking energy towards a Cosmic Center. See
Fig -12 .


2] Time and Gravity siphoning of energy particles or light from black hole
through to a Cosmic Center leads to

Production of hydrogen atom and helium atoms and atoms of periodic

table towards the Cosmic Center. This cosmic center by virtue of nonequilibrium design need not be the exact center. It can be off centered
center as heart of a living system and Earth in the solar system from
which we try to observer the distant galaxies.

Since this particle is spiraling to the cosmic center it also can produce
back flow of energy and thus giving stability to the system. Recall a
drill working. A drill cannot move one bit unless it displaces
the field it is drilling.

Though the back flow can give stability, it cannot stop gravity
and time directed to Cosmic Center and time invariably
means a flow favors a direction to Cosmic Center. The cosmic
center now becomes the drama field of everything we witness.
To understand the Big Bang the picture now needs to be
inversed and understood from the depth of the Cosmic Center.
Everything originates from it and returns to it in cycles.


3] Now, we can
visualize a Quantum
Coupled helium
molecule [Double
Torus] or Living
Molecule at Cosmic
center, one right
winding and another
left winding one
dominant the other
recessive. Their
dance can create
force that opposes the time direction to Cosmos [see fig -14] to
make the system self-sustaining. The three basic processes
discussed before makes it capable of existing in time.
The key aspect is the dominant atom opening up to be deposited
in the feminine world to form the seed that conquers time and
death and evolves the system to survive time. In life, we
understand it as reproduction where information dedifferentiates mixes to evolve to survive time. In reality, it is two
space-time realities carrying energy and information mixing to
create a new order.
The dance we saw in a particle in the beginning this write up [Fig-1], can be
visualized in a living atom [helium atom] which is quantum entangled with
another particle in the parallel living Atom at the center. Their coupled dance
reverberates to the whole Cosmos. Their union conquers time starts the
creation process and their separation initializes the system.
4] The three basic processes, along with creativity that we discussed before,
make it capable of existing in time. This thinking makes us to visualize
creation from one Supreme Central double Torus or Living molecule

that is capable showing creativity. This brings us to concept of God and

Goddess in spiritual scriptures. It also brings us to the concept of God as
5] It brings the perception of two basic and opposing space- time fields that
contain information and power. One is space-time field of the material world


directing to the center, and another space-time field of Life that directs from
the center to the outside and thus sustains the material world. The ancient
east called Universal Conscious and intelligent field or God field, in which
everything else exists.

It also means there are a Supreme Heart and

Supreme Mind to Cosmos. This heart and mind
cannot be approached with our logical mind and
mathematical equations. You have to experience
the Love of this Heart to come to Life and
transcend this Mind to know the Truth. The mind of
the Supreme cannot be approached with intent,
the only way is to believe and surrender once Mind
and accept death. Ancient knowledge says Truth
cannot be sought; it comes by grace for a Purpose.
The purpose is restoration.
Note -The physicist obsessed with putting Nature into some mathematical,
predictable model, and emphasizes on observation and quantification only
sees the energy and matter flowing into black hole. It fails to perceive the
cyclic universe. I am not physicist, but I could perceive the cyclic universe
including humans over two decades back.
I do not understand the mathematical complexity of String Theory, Parallel
Worlds and Ekpyrotic Scenario conceived by modern physicist. As always,
there is severe opposition to this new Theory. In videos and talks of top-notch
scientists discussing the String Theory and Ekpyrotic Scenario Theory,
[Ref - 13,14, 14C ] we can perceive an uncertainty of thoughts and caution.
It possibly comes from their inability to comprehend their own work in
simplicity and extend to include all developments in science. However as I
see the videos I gain much strength to my visions and what is revealed to me
by Grace.
Note - The simple thinking not only helps unite all scientific concepts
sensibly and understand it sensibly. It also has potentials to unite it with
ancient eastern knowledge and evolve our knowledge of Nature to higher
level. I wish I could discuss them with these intellectual giants. However, it
has remained a distant dream; I did communicates many of them decades


back as the core idea took shape in me. I gave it up when, when I realized
that these high priest of temples of science are inaccessible to any thoughts
outside their perimeters. The fact that there is no place for a chemist and
Noble Laureate late Ilya Prigogone and James Lovelock [Father of Gaia
Hypothesis], in their world further discouraged me. However, when the
internet became accessible to me, I could not resist my conscious call. I
began to write spontaneously and keep it open on net leave the rest to time
and His will. I keep writing when I see common person suffering for the
failure of intellectual community ruling us from temples of science and
religions. This is yet another effort.
The question arises Are we at the center? Is Earth off
centered center of Cosmos as heart is off-centered center of
life? It most likely is. I am sure the world of Physicist would
call me nuts. It does not matter to me. It is worthwhile to
recall the quote from Max Planck A scientific truth does not triumph by
convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents
eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it

Chapter -3

Living Reality of Nature The

Manifestation of Life
Important Note The consequence of our arguments in
previous chapter forces us to seek an inside out picture that
is based on Life and develop a Living Universe Theory as the
ancient east developed.
This instinct and creative potentials of inert atoms on Earth, I conclude is the
beginning point of life and the complex living system we see in Nature. They
struggle to sustain the equilibrium or symmetry they have attained in space.
The inner space of the inert atom is the key to this instinct and creativity.
The ancient eastern spiritualist spoke this space as conscious and
intelligent field. They also visualized a Supreme Conscious and Intelligent
field, which they called God Consciousness and Intelligence. The struggle
to sustain equilibrium is a continuous process leading to birth,


death sustenance through creativity and information development. The

Table-1 gives the possible source of life on Earth and the informationprocessing unit of life

Different forms of Life and its possible information

Processing Unit
Table -1: Possible source of life forms and its information
processing units
Single Inert helium
Single celled
Functional Unit of information
is 4- - [two paired] The parallel
world [male and female] exists
A pair of helium
Plant Life
Functional Unit of information
is 8 [ 4 paired] and is dynamic-.
Parallel world [male and
female] exists as one
Inert Neon Atom
Animal Life
Functional Unite of information
is 16 [8 paired]. Parallel world
[male and female] exists
Inert Argon Atom
Human life
Functional Unit of information
is 32 [ 16 paired]. Parallel
world [male and female] are

Very Important points to note The Manifestation

of Mind
1] Technically this means the basic information unit in life is not paired as
science thinks. It is 2 paired in living system formed from single inert atom.
Single inert atoms possibly forms the circular DNA and lower life system such
as single celled bacteria, virus ----. We saw there can be two types of inert
atoms the right winding or left winding or positive and negative. The positive
and negative or parallel world are quantum entangled and information is
communicated instantaneously through the black hole in space. The picture
we gain here is two cosmic worlds that are one but separated in
2] When two inert helium atoms, with opposite twist form a pair [Double
Torus], it gives rise to information that functions as four units. The double


torus possibly gives rise to the plant kingdom. Here two black holes interact
to balance right and left of the system through information exchange. The
system as a whole has left or right winding orientation. The right winding
system is quantum entangled with left winding pair. Since the system
struggles to sustain certain equilibrium and resist move toward the center or
away from the center all plant species prefers to mix the information, than
self-pollinating. This means, when we attempt to clone life, we are actually
destroying the species inherent potentials to evolve and survive time. The
picture we gain of cosmic world is that of Tree where parallel worlds
exist as one
3] From periodic table, we note that, neon and argon atoms have
inner structure and outer structures see Fig -15.

The DNA molecules in these cases are built on the outer structure. The outer
structure in neon atom is open structure in three-dimensional space capable
of communicating with internal black hole. They seem to form animal
kingdom. However, in argon it is a closed structure in three-dimensional
space. These eight black holes when compressed to second critical point
form a Great Black Hole or a Portal that communicates with external
world. The argon structure is possibly the basis of human kingdom. This 9th
black hole forms the seat of mind in humans that becomes ego, selfcenteredness and gets disconnected from central space. From this
fundamental point, I visualize plants and animals being more conscious and


intelligent than humans. It also tells the limitation of human mind to

know Truth. Ancient east thus taught meditation and silencing of
the mind to know Truth.
The comic picture we gain here is an illusion of separation and this
comes from the mind. We must note that life exist in Time cycle. It has
birth, death and rebirth. We understand life by two basic phases.
1] Phase of Creation The phase of love and oneness. The time here is
directed to order. Here the masculine information exists within the black hole
of the recessive, conquering time and death and initializing itself. We can
visualize this as light, information, intelligence, knowledge and wisdom
2] Phase of sustenance Phase of Truth and Justice. The system in this
phase strives to sustain the creation by creating duality and constantly
strives to balance it. We can visualize this as a period when information
enfolds. The light, information, intelligence, knowledge now gives way to
darkness and ignorance. Time here is directed to disorder.

The above figure [Fig-16] expresses the time direction and singularity in
parallel worlds and the conquering of time and its initialization. We discussed
it in the previous chapter also [ Fig 13]. What is conceiving and giving birth is
the Cosmic Intelligence.


The figure is explanatory. As the system, tends to third critical point and the
ratio reaches 3:1 non-equilibrium state, a seed from the masculine
penetrates to take the center position. This now becomes the center point to
which all energy flows and accumulates. This ensures a resistance to the fall
of the whole system in to singularity and collapse. In time, it leads to
reversal and restoration to start a New Time Cycle.

Important Point
Theoretical scientist, try to build cosmic picture upon Einsteins work
end in a singularity and collapse which they fail to explain. Earlier we
noted a simple cyclic explanation to it. The new theory of Strings and
Parallel world presents an Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation, [Suggested
by Dr. Neil Turok, Prof. Paul Steinhardt and Prof. Burt Ovrut, [Ref -74,
26, 24, 33] makes sense also from our above thinking and brings forth
the living vision of universe that was known to the ancient east. This
is a controlled expansion and contraction.
The parallel world and Ekpyrotic Scenario could be visualized from
two Primal Inert Atoms that break down into two strings of information
or DNA [n state] that comes together to unite to form a pair of
strings. It then creates its own image and then separate to form two
and multiple worlds. The original information is now separated into
two worlds. This original information is quantum entangled and is
conscious. When the system is endangered it comes together again.
We did trace life to single pair of Supreme Inert Atoms and the real
information of the system is enclosed in the inner space of these inert
atoms in energetic manner. This inner space is the conscious and
intelligent field. The system evolves as the atom opens up, exchanges
information and create mirror images and then collapses to create two
and more worlds. Universe now needs to be understood as consciousness
and intelligence of creator [supreme inert atom] unfolding and enfolding.
It is information or light emerging and diminishing.
We are in a fortunate era of information that is poised to give
birth and lead us into Knowledge and wisdom era; an era
where humanity exists liberated from all religions and exists
in True Light.


Universe is Cyclical Ekpyrotic Scenario as well as Big Bang.

Understanding this calls us to take few leaves from spiritual scriptures.

Chapter -4

Understanding Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario

Exploring Spiritual Secret of Cosmos
Simple observation of Nature, what we discussed and explored in the
previous part tells us that our Nature works on two forces. The forces of
matter and the space-time that tends to wind and collapse to a center and
the forces of life that shows creativity and resist the time direction of
material world from collapsing [see Fig -17].

Time direction is inevitable reality that one has to account when it comes to
explaining the cosmic existence. Both western materialistic vision and
eastern living vision makes sense only when we account for time direction.
We did see it in simplicity, how an Ekpyrotic Scenario can manifest with a
double torus and living molecules at the center
In Ekpyrotic creation, the scientist propose that one-half of the cosmic
system condenses to a point penetrates the other half to emerge to cause
the continuity. This is incomprehensible, much the same way as Big Bang,
where we are forced to visualize all matter of the universe condensing to a
point and explode. We need a new vision to account and visualize the
Big Bang and Ekpyrotic Scenario. This can only come when we view
universe as living one as the ancient east did. Before exploring it, Let us see
how Earth sustains its heat and temperature within a limit


The Secret how Earth sustains its Heat and

Temperature, it relevance to Global warming
Climate Change
Earth sustains the heat and temperature of Earth within certain limit such
that life and its biosphere could survive in it. One must note that all life is
designed to sustain certain heat and temperature of the body. We also must
note the paradox the cosmologist faces is the uniformity of heat in the
There should be some design common to Earth, life and
Cosmos, which helps to sustain the heat and temperature of
the system.
Global warming is now major problem on Earth. Modern world relates this to
increased CO2. Though this is true, I relate and reduce it down to energy
and matter and the struggle to sustain certain equilibrium. One key area to
which my thought focused as I began to live as a farmer is the climatic cycles
or energy cycle. This in turn led me to visualize a design to Earth that helps it
to sustain the temperature of Earth and life.
Earth seems to have Parallel and multiple world design. It seems to have
many layers of grid points around it, through which the climate changes
occur. It seems to work as double torus or double pump or heart of a living
system. When east awakes to sunlight, heats up, unwinds and goes into and
increased disorder, simultaneously west goes into darkness, cools down,
winds and goes into order. When east peaks in sunlight, it gives way to
darkness and simultaneously darkness peaks in west and it gives way to
light. The relationship is expressed in Figure 18. This we know manifest as
12 hour day and night cycle. This cycle is enclosed in another cycle with its
own peak that manifest in 12-month climatic cycle.


Life struggles to sustain certain temperature in the body. Likewise, Earth

seems to be designed to sustain the temperature. The rise of heat is
resisted from within and is balanced in relation to a parallel opposing world.
Heat we all know is the basal from of energy. Heat we know unwinds and
creates disorder. We all know that light and heat is necessity to sustain life.
Life evolves against stress building diversity of information. This
happens in near second critical point. We saw this previously.
However, when heat peaks and falls suddenly and life is not given enough
time, then species starts perishing.
The parallel and multiple world design seem to help Earth sustain certain
ratio of energy and matter. The two worlds are communicated
instantaneously and in time. It is also designed to self-organize. In one
part when energy to matter ratio favors energy, in the other part
ratio favors matter, thus balancing the system. Whenever heat peaks
Earth creates a sink for the heat and facilitates the flow of heat. This design
helps to manage the temperature within limit. The water that condenses and
manifest as rain and snow is a principle heat sink. The Earth quakes and
volcanic eruptions also acts as heat sink. To understand this we have to
visualize Earth as winding force opposing the heat.
Time direction and energy loss into environment invariably means, Nature
possibly has bigger cycles and a great Universal Time Cycle, in which heat
cycle peaks dissolving the Grid points around Earth. Now this gives power to
heating and cooling cycles. This explains sudden peaking of heat in some
areas leading to huge forest fire. It also explains sudden falling of heat in
some other area of Earth leading to flash floods/snows. Thus, it led me to
predict unwinding and winding force on Earth increasing leading increased
natural catastrophes.


Warning Signs The tendency of the system predicted is

happening as never before on Earth. If we fail to evolve and take
quick actions to manage energy of the environment, we are
Now let us think this design of Earth and its functioning to sustain itself
including life. Plants absorb sunlight and heat and transform this energy into
biological mass that grows against gravity. In other words, it works against
heating of the system unilaterally. This opposition to time in material world
and living world is well proven by second law of thermodynamics applied to
material and living world. If plants were allowed to grow and multiply, this
would lead the world to unilateral cooling. Thus, herbivore control plants and
carnivore in turn control herbivore and the Earth system seems to be selfsustaining Gaia as Noble Laureate James Lovelock Proposed to the

The critical point to which we need to awaken

Prof. James Lovelock and his self-organizing Earth model [Gaia hypothesis
Ref 60, 61] did not include humans with a thinking mind. Humans take the
top most position in the pyramid of life. He is supposed to be intelligent and
powerful. Yet when we include adult humans suddenly, we see a time
direction to disorder and destruction. From industrial era, we have been
exploiting matter and burning the fossil fuel in an exponential manner. Every
machine we use, including our communication system is adding immense
heat to the environment. Further, we are intervening into the night cycle in
which Earth cools; we are recklessly destroying forest and greenery that
traps light and heat. Consequence is right before us. Our Earth and its
biosphere is collapsing. In our ignorance, we are stressing Earth to her
breaking point where she retaliates. It is common sense that any biological
system that is heated uniformly begins to break down.
James Lovelock in his book Vanishing face of Gaia The Final warning
[Ref- 57, 58] spoke about large-scale destruction of humanity due to
increased heat. What he spoke is common sense to which we need to
awaken. There is not much time left. The grid points of Earths environment
are dissolving and energy of the system is increasing as never before,
leading to huge peak and falls. We are heading for catastrophic chain of


natural disasters. The sudden peaking of energy makes much of forest

especially mono plantations susceptible to fire bound destructions. Our oil
bound industries are at risk, our society can explode and burn in a chain of
fire bound accidents.
Since climate change involves a peaking and falling of energy,
it means we are heading for unseen floods, snows,
Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These predictions of
mine [rather tendencies of the system] are increasingly
coming true. The increasing CO2 is going to destroy the
critical ratio of O2 to CO2 in the environment stressing life.
The large-scale death of fish and birds are probably signs of
it. Humanity is self-stressing himself. His mind is restless and
he is taking violent path of self-destruction. The war and
terrorism speaks this.
Most religions are using this turbid situation of the world to their advantage.
They strive to fish in troubled waters, so that their institutions can grow in
number and power and attain political power. Though the nations say they
are secular, the Truth is that every nation is deeply aligned with one or other
religious institution and their thinking. In the absence of Truth, human mind
tend to fall quickly a prey to non-enlightened, material centered and power
hungry religious leaders.

Warning Signs- One look at the world also proves my

second prediction that non-enlightened religious leaders
would endanger the world. With weapons of mass destruction
[physical, chemical and biological], this appears bigger
concern than Global warming and climate Change.
Our survival now exists in Awakening to Truth of Nature, its Master Spirit and
their functioning. We need to evolve from information era into knowledge
and wisdom era. We need to take quick actions to manage the energy of the
environment. We should awaken to come out of bondage to religious
institutions and should become spiritual. We must know God and His spirit
within that binds all into one and walks His path. His path is path of Love,
Truth and Justice. We need to tread this path without any compulsion.


Chapter -5

Is science in search of Lost Knowledge - The

Mind of God?
Note I understand that scientific faculty has aversion to the term God. I
understand the aversion. This word God is exploited by evil minds, virtually
making humanity as slaves. Religions, Temples and Churches have become
the seat of evil minds living on sweat and blood of humans. Science did take
birth as an opposition to it. I believe that only way the evil minds that
survive and build their empire on sweat and blood of common people is to
shed Light and Knowledge about God. I believe all spiritual scriptures are
written deftly, such that light can shine in the darkness. Scriptures, Religions
and religious leaders still influence human mind. I am not against any
scriptures, religion, temples and churches. However, I believe the darkness
in which we are caught has its origin in evil minds that have crept into it. We
are in the peak of darkness it is time we discover the Light hidden in it and
come alive. We need to ensure that evil minds no longer can thrive easily in
the highest place to which humanity looks for guidance.

Birds eye view of history of civilization speaks that there were advanced
civilization on Earth in the past, but these civilization seems to have
vanished for unknown reasons. The cities beneath Earth and sea do speak of
huge turbulence that destroyed these civilizations. Before science came into
existence, the religious institutions ruled the realm of knowledge. The
spiritual scriptures of these religions seem to hold Truth, in subtle manner so
that it can emerge back in time. In spite of all advancement in science,
science has failed to deliver Truth in simplicity. Consequently, religions have
emerged to influence us, influence the nations, and they exist as great
threat. As I said earlier, human survival on Earth is endangered by reckless
human intervention into Earths functioning and the religions of the world.
This means we are living in the darkest period of time cycle. We are living in
Illusion. The need to evolve our knowledge to know Truth and Light and get
liberated from the bondage of religion has become crucial to humanity.

Scientists struggle to know Truth is going terribly in a wrong way. The fact
that science still falls back on spirituality and ancient scriptures reflects in
naming of the Higgs Boson particle as God Particle. It is interesting to note
that the Large Hadron Collider [LHC], a multibillions dollar experimental


project with participation many western countries,

to which all physicists look up to find proof for their
theories, has a sculpture of Nataraja [Lord Shiva
in dancing pose] in front of its headquarters . This
definitely is not done under the influence of India,
but is a Tribute to the fact that what modern
science is discovering has similarities with what is
already existed in the ancient east. It also signifies
the quest to perceive the God Particle or the Core Particle whose dance give
life to atom and sustains it. At this point, I am tempted to refer a beautiful
book Tao of Physics written by a Physicist Prof. Fritjof Capra.
Sometimes, I feel disgusting about my own country that tries to mimic the
west than discovering its identity. The great Mahatma Gandhi did liberate us
from the clutches of the west. Leaders of my country still exist as slaves to
the minds of the west.
The interest of west in east possibly began with realization E=mc2 and
development Quantum mechanics. The new development clearly showed
that the material world we see is illusionary and the object that we see
manifests only at the moment of our observation. In other words, it says that
table or chair that we see actually comes into existence at the moment we
see it. This means the mind manifest the table or chair we see. This
appears absurd. However, eastern philosophy all along emphasized it. It
says the Universe is thought projection of Mind of God. No wonder
the Great scientist Max Planck said Mind is Matrix of all matter. In short
the quest of humanity both scientist and religious organization is to Know
Mind of God
Science erred; when they kept themselves and their mind out of the enquiry
and began to seek Truth from the material point. This fallacy broke down with
evolution of science. Today all of it points to East, which spoke of Living
Universe Theory. East visualizes universe as a huge Conscious and
Intelligent Being A Cosmic Man or Purusha. The feminine aspect
is not different but is hidden in it.
It is a pulsating being, in which everything exists, including we human
beings. It visualizes our mind as a universe that pops up and dies out into
this great field. One must note that this basic realization has already
emerged in science with String Theory and parallel multiple world
vision. In short, ancient visualized us the humans as cells of one whole


universal being. We have no independence separate from the whole and the
whole has no existence without the parts. The ancient east thus logically
deuced Life and Cosmos to a faculty called Brahman or Spirit [Holy Spirit,
al-Ruh al-Quds, Chi or Life Force] that perceives and acts to create and
destroy thus eternally sustains the system in an eternal balancing or dancing
state. This means, when something is created in one place, something is
destroyed in another place. It visualizes two parallel world masculine and
feminine that are one. They have depicted their knowledge in Sculpture of
Dance of Lord Shiva Nataraja. The installation of this Sculpture of
Lord Shiva in at CERN is symbolic of the Future to come from the
The problem with physicists is that they fail to liberate themselves from the
Platos Chair of Science at the Mouth of the cave, [Ref- 47] to see the
Truth from a point of freedom. Forgive me if I am wrong. There is a form of
ego in Physicist that resists them seeing Nature and Cosmos from the point
of simplicity. They are failing to review the foundation or frame work that
they laid as they set forth challenging the religious institutions. Much the
same way as High priests failed to perceive their God and Light manifested
as Jesus because of their ego, the physicist are failing to perceive the fact
that the Universe is Living. The time is stressing them to come out of their
illusion [Ref -9.10,12,13,14C,15,30,32] all speak it. Both science and religion
fail utterly when it comes to comprehending creation and perpetual
existence of Cosmos in time. Here is a list of parallels between knowledge
written in spiritual scriptures and Science.
Table-2 : Parallel between Science and Religious Scriptures

Spiritual Scriptures
1 Visualizes unseen Spirit,
[Brahman, Holy Spirit, al-Ruh alQuds, Chi --] as the basis and
the matter, Life manifests out of
2 It visualizes two spirits
masculine and feminine or
dominant and recessive that coexists as one. They visualized
them as quantum entangled
male and female or parallel
worlds that coexist as one and

Energy is the basis and it manifest
into matter.

Science says energy is of two types

kinetic and potential and they exist
as ratio. Science also has awakened
to the existence of anti-particles,
parallel world and quantum
entangled reality.


dances as one
3 Spirituality visualizes Spirit/Soul
as indestructible entities.
However, it is free to evolve
FORCE or away from it. It says
souls can evolve toward God and
Light or away from it. It says
that the Living Universe Sustains
it Self against time through
TRANAFORMATION of souls with
Free Will. It says the Creator
Creates and destroys to
recreate. It struggles to sustain
the BALANCE They visualize
universe as dance of the spirits
to create and balance the
system. Truth and Justice is thus
is the Key
4 It says that God resist time and
its flight towards darkness or
death. However, it says time and
deterioration is inevitable. God
only Resists it. Scriptures subtly
says that Time and deterioration
starts from Gods own People.
God thus is forced to intervene
to destroy and recreate.
Religions fail to explain this
cyclic existence in simplicity - I
feel religious scholars resist
people from becoming
3 Masculine Spirit is understood as
creative and life giving entity
and feminine spirit supports the
process. Together they create
and sustain the system. It
speaks of Creator Spirit
awakening the latent energy and

Science says Energy/matter coexists and they are neither created

nor destroyed. The system exists
eternally through a process of
TRANSFORMATION. If something is
destroyed here equal amount is
created elsewhere.
The concept has emerged as a
particle and anti-particle, parallel
world. But they have failed to
comprehend these concepts in
simplicity unEarthing a basic
principle and design that works in
the particle and the whole Cosmos.

Science also perceives time

direction and fails to understand
how it is sustained eternally in time.
Science fails to explain this fact
sensibly because it sees the one
side of the coin where time directs
to disorder and singularity in black
hole or death.

The string and parallel world theory,

speaks of Ekpyrotic Universe
Scenario in which time is
conquered by a process in which
one world pierces the other to
emerge to start a new time cycle.
This is nothing but the process by


information from black hole to

bring back life- In east it is
called Kundalini awakening or
awakening of consciousness and
4 Scripture say we are created in
the image of God as man and
woman. It invariably means the
two entities existed as one,
before duality manifested. Lord
Shiva of Hindu Philosophy is
understood as Ardha
Narishwara or half male and
female. There are some
similarities between Lord Shiva
and Jesus of the west. Both give
devotee what they seek. Hindu
philosophy says when Shiva
open His Third Eye all evil-minds
are destroyed and the field sets
for the Creator or Brahma to
manifest. Bible says that when
Jesus returns to manifest His
Fathers Kingdom all evil minds
will be cast down and the
judgment and duality would

which life conquers time and death.

There is small phase here when
masculine information exists
unwound dancing with feminine
Biological Science tells that life exist
on a pairs of information held on a
string. It exists as male and female.
Male is not pure male for it has
female in it in a recessive manner
and vice-versa. When life is
challenged by time they reduce from
2n to n and Join to form a new
pair of information that survives
Physicists specially string theorist
tells us that two membranes
undulating to create small and big
bangs continuously and in time one
of them pierces the other to conquer
time [Ekpyrotic Universes Scenario]
Science tries to visualize this
intrinsic Dance, but is failing. It is
this intrinsic dance that we
visualized in Fig -1

Hindu philosophy depicts the

secret of Cosmos and its
existence in the dancing pose
called Nataraja of Lord Shiva.
East understand this dance as
intrinsic to the system and it
manifest from Movement of
Brahman or Holy Spirit.
In our above exercise, we saw universe could be traced to two inert atoms
one dominant creating and sustaining force other recessive and assistive.
Time directs to accumulation of energy and matter in Black hole of the


recessive in latent form. In short, one atom gains kinetic energy the other
gains potential energy and as the critical point of collapse is reached,
dominant breaks down, enters the recessive to conquer time and reverse the
direction The picture it brings is of Living Tree manifesting from a seed.
The complete reality unfolds, when we extend to look at it as
Cosmic Man with a Cosmic Heart and Mind or PURUSAUnfolding his consciousness and intelligence to create and
initialize the system.

Chapter -6

Understanding the Reality of Cosmos

Earlier we visualized a simple picture of the universe from two quantumcoupled inert helium atoms. This gives cosmic picture of Tree, eternally
opposing the gravity and sustaining the cosmic system. Gaia hypothesis
speaks of self-organizing Earth
This however does not complete the picture of Cosmos. For humans takes
the highest position among Life. We need to develop a cosmic picture
including humans.
Note Bible speak of two Trees, one is Tree of Death of the Old Testament
whose fruit God forbid humans from eating. The other is of New Testament
[Jesus], that God Calls to eat and drink to come back to Life.

We saw Argon atoms and its inner space as the basis of Human life. Humans
have a heart and Mind. This mind becomes the problem as well as solution.
When it becomes ego, self-centered and salve to material world, it becomes
the problem. Today this mind is enquiring into Truth and Light or knowledge
that once existed with humanity but is lost, when it was used for self.
Scriptures visualize universe as living being. Bible says we are created in the
image of God and we were given the Dominion. This invariably means we
had all the knowledge of life, the Art of Living in peace with oneself, with
others, and with Nature and its Creator.
Scientist today strives to seek Truth in Atoms. Argon atom has inner core and
outer core. It has an inner black hole. The outer cover has 8 black hole, when
it winds to second critical state it form the 10th black hole of the system. This
black hole we saw as the seat of Mind /Brain. The inner black hole is carrier


of lifes information and it is the one which controls life. It is called as

Spirit/Soul, the 10th Black hole in the seat of Mind/Brain. This forms the
portal, which feeds information from outer world to inner world. Life is
sustained by information that is contained in the inner black hole. All plants
are conscious. They take information from the environment directly. In all
animals, the external portal is open and thus it connects to the inner world or
conscious field relatively easily.
This however is not the case when we take human beings. The mind field as
it becomes adult closes, and this manifest as I, ego, self, Pride. This
interferes with the working of the heart. In other words, it disturbs
souls functioning to sustain Life. Life, [even Earth] has two phases, an
active phase of mind [sun] and inactive phase when mind sleeps.
We all know that sleep has four phases. When the mind
sleeps, the inner heart field works to reorder the system.
Humanity today neither sleeps nor allows Earth to sleep, thus
disorder is increasing everywhere.
Modern man is mind centered, even the scientific researches on
consciousness and intelligence is centered on mind. Some people speak in
terms of Pineal Gland also called Third Eye as the ultimate secret and works
to activate it through drugs. Yes, it is power portal, however, it makes no
sense to activate it through drugs, it only leads to an illusionary world where
you get lost. The modern scientists use their intuitive mind [Right] that is
focused to external world to formulate ideas and use the rational mind to
come up with the scientific discoveries.
Example - Newton discovering Gravity by seeing an apple fall and Einstein
discovering his gravity theory, by seeing a spider moving on a Globe.
Einstein in his imagination blew up the globe to develop His theory. He
actually brought the observer into center stage. Yet we fail to introspect and
review our knowledge as the ancient east did including ourselves


The western thinking has severe flaws

to Know Truth, for it uses its mind/brain
and picks ideas from external world and
tries to articulate it logically. It is proved
that logic and mathematics has
limitation to explain Truth. Yet scientists
fail to evolve. Truth exists in the inner
world of heart. Scientist thus fails
utterly when it comes to
comprehending the origin and
existence of the cosmic system in
Time. The heart has its own mind that
sets the pace and controls all the vital
functions. It functions on a pulse that generates from a single point. This is
called, SV node it functions in relation with another node called AV node See
The ancient east probably knew the deeper secret of life and Cosmos. They
knew that there is spiritual frame works around which life exists and that this
spiritual frame work splits to create many worlds. They also knew that
universe is a Cosmic Being and we humans are like cells in this living world.
They knew universe is light/ informational and that there are two
knowledges inferior knowledge and superior knowledge.
They also knew of two forms of heat; the heat that destroys
life and heat that brood life into existence.
Thus, ancient taught and developed cultures that help humanity to transcend
the mind and connect to the consciousness and intelligence and walk the
path of truth and Justice. It emphasized on helping individual to connect to
his conscious and work from its field and strive to connect to Universal
Consciousness and intelligence for guidance in darkness.
An individual connected to consciousness and strives to
connect to the universal consciousness, exists in peace and
grows in strength and walks the path of Truth and Justice. He
connects to his parents and strengthens His family, he
strengthens the community in which he lives, strengthens the
society and thus strengthening the Kingdom of God. Kingdom
of God is Truth and Justice. Whenever God has manifested on


Earth, it is to protect Truth and Justice or restoring it. Even

the manifestation of Jesus and His Calvary Sacrifice is for this
Soul purpose.
To be short, there is force working in the universe that is trying to lift us from
depth of darkness to Glory of Light and Give Us life. The Big Bang is true, so
is Ekpyrotic Scenario. The universe needs to be understood as Mind of God or
information and Knowledge or Light Emerging. The Big Bang is controlled
explosion of information and knowledge bringing Life to humanity and
illuminating his intellect to emerge out of the slavery to religions. This is
happening since Calvary Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God that
Christ released is Awakening Humanity.
Jesus is the Cosmic Man or PURUSHA written in Vedas. There is a
unity in east and western spiritual philosophy. He is unwinding
the Kundalini or latent dark energy of Cosmos from within,
leading humanity from darkness to light. There is hope for the
world in spite of the darkness that we witness. We are poised to
make Quantum Leap in Evolution into Golden Age of Humanity,
where science and spirituality unites and humanity awakens to
Truth and comes out of bondage to religions.

Chapter -7

The Calvary and Black Hole Secret The Twin

This is not religion but science. This is not in support of religion called
Christianity. Calvary takes an important point in time cycle. Earlier we noted

How Gravity and black hole can shred everything.

How Black hole becomes pivot of Cyclic Universe.
How Earth and life especially humans become the center of cosmic
reality and its Balance.
We also saw how except for Adult humans, all life opposes gravity and
singularity of material world. Adult mind that becomes ego, pride, selfcentered and becomes slave to material world directs his force with
material world. In short, it creates a time direction with Gravity, which


makes it inevitable that the cosmic system collapses to singularity in

black hole and emerge from it.
We also saw that system by principle struggles to sustain certain
equilibrium and the system collapses when the system tends to 3:1
critical state. In short, 3/4th of human souls, which form the body of the
one whole being, direct with material world and its force, collapse and
recreation becomes inevitable.
We noted that singularity and death is inevitable. The Big Bang origin
that scientist fail to comprehend becomes a sensible reality when we
visualize universe as living one with parallel worlds. The creation in life
is an Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation where time is conquered and
initialized by information from two words. The information from
masculine world leaves its body to conceive in the parallel world. This
conception kick starts New Life
Now the visualization of Supreme Beings or God being manifesting on
earth, by light or Spirit, from heavenly world, written in spiritual
scriptures is not fairytale but is a reality.
Now the manifestation of God as Christ and His Supreme Sacrifice, as a
Divine Plan of conquering time and death and restoration of we human
souls by giving New Life and restoring us back into kingdom God is
reality that is unfolding.
The above Divine plan and our restoration stand out, as we observe
our thinking. Our thinking is self and material centered. An adult lives
by his mind and aligns with material force that tends to black hole and
death. When cosmic time directs to black hole, no human can stop it.
The only chance that it can survive is the Creator manifesting and go
back into Creation and restoration mode. This creation and restoration
is happening through the Spirit that Christ released by His Great
Sacrifice in Calvary. Basic laws of Nature say information, energy and
matter cannot be created or destroyed and that system works through
TRANSFROMATION. This Spirit of Christ is transforming human souls
and giving New Life and is lifting humanity by illuminating peoples
intellect. In short, the Heart and Mind of God is revealing restore itself.
The only possible way to comprehend reversal TIME direction from
Black hole and singularity is by Transformation of human souls. In
short, Cosmic Creation needs to be understood as the Creator
transforming its Body and giving it New Life. It amounts to
giving new life to all souls and illuminating their intellect.


This means God shreds all the information into

black hole and goes into recreation Phase to sustain
This shredding of Cosmic information and
reordering of HIS PHYSICAL BODY through
revelation of information is happening through
Christs Calvary sacrifice. A new Spiritual body is
being formed for Cosmos. It will be rendered once
this process is complete. No wonder Christ
compared End of time to a pregnant woman. No
wonder the great Vedas of east wrote that
Creation occurred through self-sacrifice of the
Creator by His own people. [Yajurveda Vs 3031]
The Fig 18A explains it. The cosmic black hole
possibly exists at the center of Earth. It is the forbidden center. It is to where
all the forces of material world directs. All life on Earth functions to oppose
gravity of martial force. Among all life, only humans who are considered to
be created in His image and bestowed with knowledge and Power to rule
over His Kingdom turns against God. Thus God creation is associated with
one resistance that is not to eat from the Tree at the Center. In short God
resisted to use the knowledge and power he gives for self and against Him.
However, His own people [Angels], become ego and self-centered used His
Grace for self and against Him, thus they are thrown from top to bottom.
They then wean humans to create their Kingdom.
Many Gods and many religions of the world have its origin in
this down phase of cosmic time cycle. However, the opposite
is true in up phase of the cycle. With Christ and His Calvary
Sacrifice, we are in up phase of cosmic time cycle. The Primal
Strings of information is working from within to lift humanity
and restore Him into Kingdom of God
This conquering of universal time and its initialization with
free will to all souls, needs to be understood as Heart and
Mind of God Revealing to Humanity. It is restoring humanity
back to His Glorious Period. It is making humanity conscious
and intelligent and making him walk in the path of Truth and


Justice without any compulsion. It is global awakening, where

individuals get connected to their consciousness and lives a
life in peace, strengthening oneself and strengthening his
family, community and thus the whole of which he is part.
In short, Universe runs on Two Clocks, one clock works with material
world, tends to black hole, the other works against it, and sustains
it. When the material clock takes the world to 3:1 ratio in favor of
black hole, the living clock takes its center and thus reversing the
time. Once it reaches a reverse ratio 3:1 in favor of living clock, the
clock switches off. It then takes a resistive mode. The clock exists
in the mind. The creation and restoration takes place from the
great Mind of God. Universal time cycle is consciousness and intelligence
of creator unfolding to create and enfolding to sustain the creation.

Summary of Part -1
All development in science, the confusion, the paradoxes the
complexity in science dissolves into simplicity when we visualize the
Design of a String and understand the Principle that drives the
Quantum Dance, its manifestation into atom and complex system like
a living being. The symmetry we witness in life is a passing state in
Quantum Dance. It is sustained by expenditure of energy.
The fundamental fallacy of Science [even religions] is that it fails to observe
Nature from the point of freedom. It tries to capture Nature in chosen
mathematical formula than trying to experience and figure the Truth. It is
over 100 years since we came to realize that behind matter there is energy
and its dance. What we lack is the knowledge of this dance and ability
to dance with it. It made experimental proof and predictability its main
scale of validation of theory and propositions.
There are flaws in the interpretation of first experiment of Galileo so also the
turning point experiment that introduced the second force or
electromagnetic force to science. The truth is that everything is
electromagnetic pulse that moves in spiral manner, including
Gravity. What drives it is a fundamental Principle and Design. This
Design and Principle that governs the motion in particle, atoms, and the
whole Cosmos is same. Time and energy in light particle is directed to
outside towards parallel world. Time and energy in atom is directed to the


inside. Atom is formed by the collision two or more light particles. E=mc2
speaks this. Scientists failure exists in their inability to perceive their role in
Balls of different weights would not have gone to the top of the table, without
direct and indirect participation of Galileo. The ball gave up the energy
imparted to it as it rolled to initial state. One can visualize and interpret that
the time taken to dispel the energy imparted was proportional to weight.
Similarly, the work done to lift the ball also is proportional to weight.
Newton used Euclidean geometry and thus humanity tended
to visualize force acting in straight line. This error seems to
be rectified and advanced to another level by Einstein in a
complex way. He perceived underlying curvature.
Incompleteness of this vision led to Uncertainty Theory. The
next advanced thinking is what we discussed The Quantum
There could have been simpler way to understand Nature. We did sew how a
simple change in perception of motion of particle in straight line to spiral can
explain electromagnetic force, open a new dimension of thinking uniting
concept of gravity with electromagnetism [See fig -3 and 4]. I have dealt the
developments in science from a point of simplicity in an article HasScience-Made-Nature-and-Life-Complex-as-Religions-Made-God-Complex
The Nature from smallest particle to whole Cosmos is built on
non-equilibrium design and everything is pulsating. They are
governed by instinct to seek higher and higher state of
equilibrium. However, equilibrium is denied by design leading
to Perpetual Quantum Dance. The energy a particle carries
can differ. Two forces, gravity and anti-gravity, which are
paired, sustain the particle, atom and the whole universe.
They are inseparable and they give way to one another
forming the breath of Cosmos. Ancient east rightly
understood anti-gravity field as conscious and intelligent field
and visualized it as the base substance that sustains the
Life plays important role. Life and its inner space is the
source of anti-gravity. However, life is not beyond gravity and


thus universe has a creative phase, wherein its inner space or

conscious and intelligence field unfolds to create and restore
everything into New Order through Transformation.
Big Bang and Ekpyrotic Scenario of creation becomes sensible when we
visualize Universe as living, as the ancient east understood it. Universe
now can be understood as information unfolding to create and restore
and enfolding to sustain the system.
The cycle of universe can be understood from four phases of Life Cycle,
impregnated with a fifth phase where life conquers time and death. This
phase could be visualized as Inflationary Universe Scenario. Here
the lost information explodes and initializes the system.
When the above visions are discussed with open heart and mind, we
are sure to enter the Golden Age of Knowledge. The Earth and
Humanity exist in critical state. It is time intellectuals existing in Temples of
Science and Religions take some decisive step to discuss them, keeping
away their Ego, I and self. The world looks at you people to lead humanity
in right Path.
The lack of Truth of Nature and her functioning, the exponentially increasing
heat and the inferior technologies are pushing the Earth and its biosphere to
critical state. The energy of Earth is peaking and falling violently and we are
in for huge destruction by fire, wind, flash floods/snows, huge Earthquakes
and volcanic eruption. The instability of Earth and biosphere is making
human mind restless. Self-centered religious people are exploiting this
restlessness to advance the religions. The world filled with weapons of mass
destruction is poised for self-destruction in the Name of religion and God.
It is time we make Quantum Leap in Evolution of our
knowledge, know Truth- A truth that evolves science to higher
level and liberates humanity from the clutches of religions,
and bring him into the glory of Kingdom of God. We also need
New Technologies that are Life based such that it releases
less heat and creates space -time for generations to strive on
Earth. We are poised to enter the Golden Age or Dharma Yuga
or Kingdom of God by Gods Grace. The greater the delay we
make because or Ego and Self, higher will be misery we have
to endure on Earth.


Chapter -8

Glimpses of Future Technologies

Energy, information processing, water
conservation, Medicine and Health, Food and
In the previous chapters, we noted how western thinking or science erred
when it visualized universe as material. Consequence of their fundamental
fallacy is that they are ending up in singularity, where concept of time ends.
They fail to see a cyclic universe that is beyond time. In comparison, the
ancient east visualized Universe as Living and thus they could comprehend
and account for time, birth, death and eternal existence.
We saw a simple Principle and Design is working behind particle, atom
and the whole Cosmos. We saw how our incomplete understanding of Nature
and Cosmos, combined with our ego and material slavery, is taking the world
to a possible destructive end. The key point we discussed is energy and
information. Heat we saw is the basal form of energy/information and noted
how increased heat of the environment is leading us to inevitable collapse of
Assuming that we awaken, put life before material comforts,
cut short emission of heat into the environment and manage
the heat of the environment globally, we might be able to
stall the destruction coming our way.
However, its global economic and social impact could be quite disastrous. We
may have to shut down much of the industries to save ourselves and Earth
our abode. This will render people out of works creating a social turmoil. It
is inevitable we make choice. Choices are
1. Pretend that increasing heat is no problem and let Nature
control humanity annihilating him
2. Become collectively aware and act to save the situation by
evolving our knowledge of life, Nature and Cosmos. Create


New Space for New Generations by developing New

Technologies to sustain the society.
I chose the second option and hence I strive against odds to reach out to you
all. We can develop technologies that release vey less heat and thus help
create space for future generation.
Technological aspect, I propose here are simple seed ideas that came along
with the thought that evolved in me over the past three decades by Grace.
They all relate to the basic string structure and quantum dance we
discussed. The innovative ideas that flashed are many. However, I hope to
discuss the important ones here. Ideas relate to

Energy its conservation and its use

Water its conservation and use
Health and medicine
Food and Agriculture

It also should bring change in our

Family and its thinking,
Education system
Socio political thinking and administrative structures
Since Earth has reached the limit of endurance of heat, and we are
threatened by fire, water and Earth forces. I wish to focus on the energy
conservation/use and water conservation/use. The technological ideas I
propose are based on life. To perceive the potential in life let me call your
attention briefly to life.
A human heart the size of the left fist, pumps blood, carrying several trillions
of cells along 100 000 KM 20 times per minute. Human brain is much more
than a super computer capable of processes trillions of bits of informations
every second. In addition, it conducts processes such as digestion, excretion,
cell renewal and so on. Life does this multitasking with the help of few pieces
of bread and few glasses of water. Indian saints have shown life even can
survive prolonged time taking water and energy from Nature. What is
important is that the heat that these wonder machine and super
computer releases to the environment is negligible, when compared
what our motor vehicle or computer generates. In short, it has
advanced technologies within it that conserves energy and uses it with


maximum efficiency. It also has ability to conserve water and use it

This gives scope for technological innovation that is open to humanity in the
field of
energy its use and conservation,
Information and its processing,
Water use and its conservation
No wonder a famous theoretical physicist Dr. Micho Kaku said that we are
Type Zero Civilization that lives on dead plants and that we are yet to
evolve to higher levels [Ref - 73 ] The technological scope ahead are
immense, we have potential to develop wonder machines that fly and move
in three dimensional space with least friction. We have potentials to develop
super computers that release very less heat. We have Scope to develop
simple technologies to conserve water and use it efficiently to sustain life.

Possible New Technology for energy

generation and its efficient use
The problem of environmental heat is acute and we need to manage Earths
environment in terms of heat if we are to survive on Earth. We need to
develop machine and computers that release less heat. Having discussed
the core of life, and living universe, I am sure I dont have to elaborate in
what direction we have to move in order to survive.
I present here principle ideas that flashed, fallowing my thought that
deduced life down to a pair of inert atoms and its Quantum Dance.
1] We need to explore and make inert atoms as source fuel to
drive our machine. Inert atoms can be polarized and used as
fuel to run our motors and machines. One of the advantage of
this is that it can take up much of the heat generated, recycle
and use it. Thus, heat released into the environment is
2] Our design and transmission of force also needs to change
from linear to quantum spiral technologies. This could also
dramatically decrease the friction and heat and improve the


3] Inert atoms can replace Silicon as the chip that

processes the information. This can drastically reduce the
heat released into the environment and improve the
processing speed. They could be stepping stone to intelligent
machine and instantaneous communications.
The above vision and idea, has potential to create space for humanity to
grow, without disturbing Earth and its functioning. Even our lighting
systems need to change and taking clue from biological luminescence.
Life needs to be the platform on which all new technologies should

Warning This seed idea however needs to be explored and used with
good intent. The different facets of this technology, its short and longterm implications have to be contemplated and discussed in depth. This
should not go the way nuclear inventions went. Thus I stress a
spiritual awakening should precede technological up- gradation.

The Quantum Water Cycle

New Technology for Conservation of Water and its
Efficient Use
Note I am overlooking the data relating to fresh water and the
problems the world is going to face in near future and restrict
myself to core concept that can help the situation

Water is the most essential aspect to sustain life. The thoughts and thinking
discussed in the first part tells us that, just as life, Earth also needs a water
cycle to sustain itself. It is the principle way it sinks the heat and disperses it
such that the temperature of Earth is sustained within a limit and biosphere
is protected. Without water, life and ecology cannot exist. Great Civilizations
have emerged always linked with rivers and water bodies. In India and in all
ancient civilizations, rivers and water bodies are revered with great respect.
In contrast, the modern civilization that has lost connectivity with Nature has
actually misused it.


It is important we understand the Quantum Water Cycle, if we are to

survive on Earth. The Quantum Water Cycle cannot be understood in
isolation of heat or sun cycle. They are opposing and help the system
balance itself. Fig -18, 18B, speaks the relationship.
To understand the Quantum Water Cycle we do not have to be a scientist. All
we need to do is to observe and connect to Nature from a point of freedom.
Fallowing point stands out
1] Earth has parallel world design [Fig -18] and is sustained by two
opposing forces that balance the system. The opposing forces are
heating and cooling, or unwinding and winding, or energizing and
materializing that works simultaneously. We discussed this in previous
2] Sun, fire, friction etc., contributes to energy to unwinding cycle.
Water and Earth, contributes to winding cycle.
3] System is designed for rhythmic changes where one cycle gives
way to other in a periodic manner. See Fig 18B, and 18C


4] The energy of the cycle however is prone for change. When energy of
the system increases, the fluctuation becomes accelerated and gain
immense power causing two-fold destruction by unwinding and winding


force. The energy contained in the cycle is often released at the three
transition points of quantum climatic cycle. We are witnessing this
around the world as increased fire/wind bound accidents. This is also
accompanied by flash floods/snows. The winding reaction of Earth to cool
itself is also is leading to Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We
discussed them earlier
The figure explains the Quantum Water Cycle. We can easily relate it to
climatic cycle. We make huge cry when cycle stresses and water level drops.
As Nature reacts to precipitate and ease water stress, we forget and continue
to stress Earth. We are fast reaching limit point where water cycle can
become destructive. We are experiencing it.
Important Note Scientist overlook the reaction of Earth and the
increasing natural catastrophes, quoting the bigger catastrophes have
struck in the past. The Earth struggles to sustain certain equilibrium. We
saw that it has left and right that is communicated and exchanges energy.
However, any great disturbance to the cycle above the limit, it leads to
trapping of energy in the cycle. This trappings takes place in balanced
manner, therefore the system is safe. The system tries to diffuse it or expel
it in the next cycle. These trapped energies also can merge resulting in
violent release leading huge natural catastrophes. However, there is
difference between what happens at around the first, second and third
critical point. This can be understood from life that is afflicted by diseases. A
child and adult have more chances to counter the disease than an aged
person. We humans by intruding into night cycle and recklessly destroying
greenery, we have severely impeded the functioning Earth. We are in for
great reactions from Earth and her forces.

How Quantum Water Cycle is getting stressed

A consequence of exponential heat released into the environment has direct
and indirect impact on fresh water. The main points are

The evaporation rate of water increases exponentially with exponential

increase in energy or heat of the environment.
The precipitation per unite area in unit time increases leading flash
flood and snows.

This has many ramifications that effects life and the ecosystem


1] It leads to increase in runaway water and decrease in water

replenishing the water table.
2] The fertile top soil gets flushed affecting plant life.
3] When water table sinks and evaporation rate increases, the life of
plant are stressed.
Any stress on plant life leads to stress on all other levels of eco system and
thus ecosystem begins to collapse.

How can we counter Water Stress?

The Key is to observe Nature and life
and mimic it. The idea spoken here is
simple and is developed based on
hourglass principle. Hourglass is a
simple equipment used to measure
time in early days. The hourglass can
be modified with an open end such
that it traps water. See Fig -19. The
area of the trap, the storage and
release can be varied depending on the

How it works
I feel the Fig.19 is self-explanatory.
Water stress is manifesting on two
main counts. One is the environmental
heat that leads to evaporation loss in
quick time and the other is flash floods that is increasing the runway water
washing the top soil and at the same time reducing the amount of water
percolating to replenish the water table. Both these critical problems can be
handled from the above concept and its modification depending on needs
We can modify it to arrest flowing water and help replenish the water
table by opening both ends of the hourglass.
We can modify it in scale and size to trap water, store water and use it
for various purposes.
We can modify this concept to apply it to kitchen gardening to large
scale plantations.
We can use it turn desert into green.
It can be used in small and big scale at various levels of society and its


Transpiration rate can further be reduced by filling the body with micro
hour glasses, such that randomness and resistance comes in against
accelerated force of transpiration
The efficiency of capillary feedback can be increased with spiral
When it comes for use of feeding water to the root zone of plants the
body can be filled with sponge or other absorbents that store and
release water.

In short, it can be extended to any scale and modified to suit the needs. This
concept can alleviate the sudden peaking and falling of energy and
destructive end to which we are moving. The concept would help fight
drought and fresh water problem that humanity is going to face due to
increased and accelerated changes in climate.
Caution The scaling should not be done with greed, it has to take
into consideration Global Reality and natural cycles. In addition, the
material used for storing should be carefully chosen. I am against
filling Earth with plastic Junk. We need to choose material that
deteriorates over a period of time.

Advantages of the Concept

1] Concept can be applied in various scales and in localized manner.
2] When done at medium and large scale in elevated placed it can feed the
lower levels without energy consumption. Our populations are largely
localized in lower ends in plains around running river and water bodies. We
can trap runaway water at higher ends and use it effectively with stand
water stress.
3] When executed intelligently, it can resist floods and erosion of top soil.
4] When executed in agriculture, it will reduce water loss in agriculture and
ensures longer and steady supply of this vital and precious resource to
plants. This can enhance productivity of plants and thus influence the
agricultural economy.

Ending Note
As an ending note, I must say that ancient people knew Truth of Nature and
Life in simplicity. Their culture and practices were simple, advanced and
Nature compatible. India and its culture holds goldmine of information and
knowledge that can revamp our knowledge of life, food, health and medicine.


It is time we unearth it. It needs to be re-invented and brought to practice.

The east and its culture have remained recessive, under the onslaught of
western thinking and its growth. I believe that a non-resistive shift in thinking
that facilitates reinvention of the lost knowledge can only happen when we
advance western science such that it sees the beauty of Eastern Knowledge
culture and thinking.
This shift in thinking from inorganic to organic is the only way for
humanity to survive. True value of Globalization should emerge in
unearthing this lost knowledge scattered in different part of our globe
and bring it out on a single platform. This Platform is the

Quantum Reality and Quantum Dance we visualized

at particulate and cosmic level. Only this can help humanity
know Truth and survive to enter the Golden Age. I struggle at this
cause against odds. This is yet another attempt.
As of now, we live in pride, riding on pockets of inferior knowledge of
material world. We are like five blind men touching different parts of an
elephant and describing it. A well-known scientist, Micho Kaku, rightly
described our civilization as Type Zero civilization running on energy
drawn from dead plants. We function on knowledge obtained by killing life
and dissecting its parts. Science and all its developments have actually led
us to an endangered state. It is time we make a shift in our thinking, if we
are to survive.

Part - 2

The Truth Concealed in Scriptures

and failure of Religions
Note This is not in support of any religions. It just aims to
unearth the Spiritual knowledge in Spiritual scriptures in
simplicity and unite it with Science we explored such that we
can evolve to Golden Age of Knowledge and Wisdom. It tries
to explain the crux of spirituality. It explores what is
happening on Earth now and how we can survive and make a
Quantum leap in evolution of our knowledge. I believe Truth,
Light or God is with all of us. When we learn to communicate


with it, we will understand God and scriptures in simplicity.

All that religious community had to do was to help and teach
humanity to connect to the consciousness and walk the path
of Truth and Justice. Most religions have failed in this
principle call, as they built their empires at the cost of
common people. Thus, God had to manifest as Jesus and
become sacrificial lamb and liberate the His Spirits to
transform the souls and help him connect to the
consciousness. Spirituality is a Journey from complexity to
simplicity, Darkness to Light
The chapters below are spontaneously written could have
reputations of thought, please bear

What I understood from Scriptures

All scriptures are based on the unseen power that creates and sustains. They
call it Spirit God. . Vedas call it Brahman, Bible refers it to as Holy
Spirit, Koran calls it al-Ruh al-Quds, Chinese philosophy
visualizes it as Life Force and calls it Chi. The Spirit God
manifests into Spirit/Soul, Spirit Body, and embodies itself with a
flesh or material body. Scriptures speak of Supreme indestructible
Spirit/Soul, Spirit Body and Supreme physical Body. It also visualizes trillions
of souls that are indestructible, but exist within the conscious and intelligent
field of the Supreme Soul. This Supreme is referred as God. The Spirit God
always works against the force and field of material field, which otherwise
directs to singularity, disorder and death. All spiritual scriptures essentially
speak of relationship of human spirit/soul and mind with the Supreme one
that creates and sustains.
Lack of knowledge and functioning of this Spirit God in simple
and sensible manner has led to many confusions, it has led to
exploitation of humanity. This knowledge is Power, when this
power is used for self or to side the evil, it has led to the fall
of the user, community he represents and nations.
Scriptures also speak of three worlds Heaven, Earth and Hell. The souls can
populate in any of these three worlds. It says the souls do not take a
flesh body in heaven and hell but takes flesh body on Earth where
we human live and enquire into God. It pictures the heaven as Good field


and Souls in it as good. Likewise it picture hell as bad field and souls in it as
bad. The Middle field is Earth where we human souls exist, having
opportunity to evolve upwards or downwards with free will. The heaven
Earth and hell are separated. However, the souls in it get an opening go up
and fall down, when the system revolves in time cycle. All spiritual
scriptures picture the basic Nature of God as Love and Truth and
Justice. He is the Giver of Life taker of Life and sustainer of Life. He
takes the soul to heaven, allows souls to fall to Earth or locks them
in hell, he also liberates them from hell.

What I did not understand The question that led

me in trail of Truth and God
As a researcher, I could accept understand God as an Absolute Reference
Point. However, the question rises as to how He manifests and controls
everything that we see and experience. The question is what principle guides
Him to take souls to heaven, allows them to fall to Earth, makes Him lock
souls in hell and liberates them from hell. What makes Him Open the Doors
and shut the doors, what should I as human do to be on His side. How does
He create? Why He creates? Why He fails to keep all souls in heaven? Why
did He allow suffering on Earth?
The most important question is why He allows evil people to
flourish. When we stand back to observe the present world,
we sees that evil people flourishing, if so what is His justice?
Good Picture of God pictured in scriptures takes a shattering, when we see
the evil flourishing on Earth. It makes common person to think. The thinking
and seeing mind is actually confused, they are losing faith in God, especially
when preacher preaching God but fails to practice. Organized Christianity
has lost its hold in west, because people are awakening. They see Church
using Jesus and His Calvary Sacrifice, Jesuss True followers both
dead and alive, as means of corporate business called religion.
Dominance of evil people in religious institutions is only breeding more evil
people. People are forced to accept evil as way of life. How could Good and
God Reality fit in here?

My perception of Root of Evils on Earth


On Earth, we have faculty called Priest, Kings [politicians/governing people],

the Business people and common person. The Priest and Clergies are
revered as people of God responsible to hold light and lead humanity in the
right path. I believe that darkness in the world is a direct reflection of the
failure of the priestly class. They speak about God, teach us to fear
God, believe in God, speak of Love, speak of Truth and Justice and
speak of evil and the need to fight evil. They tell us that material
affliction is bad. They say we must not bow to evil ruler. However,
when it comes to practice they do the opposite of what they speak.
They bow to evil kings, the rich and take the path of untruth and
injustice for their material advancement. They do not connect to the
consciousness and walk the path of Truth and Justice.
The worst religion and priestly class exist in Christianity. The evil
minds dominate this religion and rule it. Jesus was revolutionary who
opposed the spiritual institution of His time and stood for common people.
The only Good Priest I have come across is Jesus, who now exists in
Spiritual form. He condemned the priestly Class and became violent when
He saw His Fathers Temple made a market place and hiding grove for all evil
self-centered minds. The heads of organized Christianity of today makes
slaves in the name of Christ for their survival. Much of the priests have no
reverence to temple or churches, they dont fear the Sanctum Sanctorum.
They desecrate, abominate and desolate it. Forgive me for writing this,
I dont mean that priest who revere Sanctum Sanctorum and churches do not
exist, I only mean they are in minority.
I feel my own religion Christianity that was formed in the name of Jesus is the
root cause of much of evils of the world. My argument is simple. The world is
dominated by the thinking of the west. Christianity is the primary religion of
west. It has to take responsibility for the present state of world. With Child
Baptism, Sunday schooling, moral teachings, confession, the system has not
evolved. The Truth is that Christianity as institution has added numbers to
Church, they have managed to strengthen and grow materially. But have
failed to make people connect to their consciousness and walk the
path of Truth and Justice.
Every practice of modern day Christianity is just an effort to keep the flock
together and grow in number. Evil managed to enter the church and
managed to re-stich the curtain that tore with Calvary Sacrifice. The
populations they lead are living the same way before Christ. They


shout in support of evil. I feel the situation is worse and has become
Global. We must note the population under the priests shouted for
the release of a looter and murderer in place of Jesus. Today we have
democracy, but we still vote on caste and religion, vote for thugs, looter and
the unlawful to lead us. It speaks of the gravity of the situation. It reflects the
lack of awakening.
The modern world that is material and self-centered is direct reflection of
priestly class built in Jesuss name. People have learnt the Art of Living
from these Priests. People live unconnected to their consciousness,
speaking one thing and practicing something else. They down load
their sin every weak in churches and returned to do the same with more
Vigor. The churches have grown and flourished in dirty money. The old
church before Christ at least declined the Blood money. Today they
accept it too.
I do see some change, thanks to Pentecostal movement and
spirit of Christ or God working. It has spread into churches. I
see some welcome change in Pope Francis. However, the
stigma of self and religion exist. Thus, it is failing to lift
humanity from darkness into Light and help complete the
purpose for which Christ shed His Blood. The only way out is
to understand Calvary as science of Life.

My Path towards God A Testimony

As a child, bestowed with a thinking mind, seeing bloodshed in the name of
God, I just got an aversion to the class of people who speak God and Live by
As a student, I was not an exceptionally brilliant; I was not guided and
tutored with any fixed aim to enter any field. I managed to pass my exams
without failing and ended finishing my Masters in Life Sciences. I was now
forced to take a career for living; I chose research, hoping to contribute
something to humanity in the process of leading my life. I hated 9 to 5
routine life. I loved Nature and travelling; I had special attraction to hill
stations with tea gardens. Like all I dreamed to own a house in a tea garden
with greenery around me.


I hoped to take a research career in cancer. But ended cloning and

manipulation of Life. I worked with highly commercial, but difficult subject
from a non-recognized lab. The lab belonged to a catholic Jesuit Priest. He
spoke to me about Einstein, Mendel, Meyer and such great people who made
to pinnacle of science not being associated with any university and without a
Ph.D. I just believed in him, took the challenge and worked day and night,
with no success. My teachers in the university advised me that I am risking
my career working with such topics, in such labs. However, I chose to go
ahead. Year and half down the lane, when I could not make one bit of
headway in my research, I took a break to introspect. That is when I
realized that what I am doing is what Nature routinely does. Each species has
its own factors and conditions in which it dedifferentiates and differentiates
its information and survives in Nature. I dropped the traditional way the
priest was asking me to do, and began to break barriers to design my own
way of laying experiments. This, involved observation and even feeling
the species I was dealing in Nature.
This gave immediate success. Everything, I touched began to give quick
results. A new research I initiated with yet another difficult but commercially
important species fetched huge funds to the lab. At one time, I was handling
two national high priority researches along with few more all alone. This
included an idea of growing cells in lab and to produced vegetable
oil from it.
With success came trouble. My rapport with Nature was challenging the
foundation on which I stand and work. I realized I am going against life
and its basic functioning to survive. It disturbed my consciousness. I
began to see other simple possibilities to my goal.
Then in a series of developments, I began to perceive the crooked mind
of the priest under whom I was working. I realized I am being used as a
slave. What hurt me most is that he is cheating, funding bodies the
government and people for his own growth. Some incident hurt me so much
that I revolted. I then I suppressed myself and compromised. I had to,
because after great struggle the lab was recognized by the University for
Doctoral work, and I had registered under the priest for my Ph.D.
I had offers from many multinational companies do the work for them. The
developments in the lab had disturbed me so much that I could not
concentrate on my work. I left the lab in good terms. I moved out into a
multinational company. My consciousness was further disturbed, when I


realized and convinced that foundation on which I am doing my work and

trying to sell product actually is against life. Scientist seems to be aware of it
but they seem to flow with tide and make the best out of it. It became clear
we are living in fancy world that has no solid foundation. My
disturbed consciousness began to force me to focus attention to
This necessitated that I get my Doctoral Degree and move into some
university. I gave up my highly paid job. I Even sidelined offer to lead
biotechnology division for reputed companies to return to my parental lab to
write my thesis and submit. This was the most turbulent period of my life. I
was accidently exposed to the deeper hidden face of the priest under whom I
had registered. I revolted and confronted him honestly. I asked him directly, if
you promise to forward my thesis. I will stay to write my thesis and present
it. He promised he would forward it. At this point, I even changed the Title of
my Thesis to include the commercial work.
My dream was to enter a University to do fundamental research, for this
Doctoral Degree was a necessity. As I was writing my thesis, I lived a
life of uncertainty, fear, combined with empty stomach. The small
amount I was getting as fellowship was stopped saying no money in the
research project. I knew very well research fellowship in the project I initiated
and for which government had given a big fund existed vacant. I lived for
more than six-month on one small meal a day and wrote my Thesis. The
priest went through the chapters of the thesis I submitted; even forwarded
the synopsis to the university. However, when I approached the priest for the
letter and signature as guide [that has to be bound with the thesis], I was
asked to literally fall at his feet. I was asked to give in writing a letter saying
every idea and every work was his brain work. He said, I cannot grow in the
scientific field unless I bow to Him. That blew the lid out.
My turbulent consciousness could not compromise. My instinct came forth
deciding to give up nearly 8 years hardship and dream than bowing to a
Priest, who goes against his own consciousness, cheats the public and
government. May be if he were to be an ordinary person, I might not have
revolted that much. My friends and well-wishers, who knew me and knew
how much I am dedicated to my work, suggested to compromise get the
degree then hit back. I said I do not want anything to do with him and walked


I needed rest, nearly 8 years of day and nights work, especially the stress
and uncertainty I had to endure as I was writing my thesis was speaking on
my health. I returned to my home to be with my parents. My parents resided
in an interior village, surrounded by Forest. It then had no proper road,
electricity, communication. My father was a Flight Sargent with Indian Air
force and Mother a Nursing superintendent in government District hospital. I
wondered what made them settle in an interior village. When I asked him
once, he said he had taken oath to live with his brothers. However, I
suddenly began to feel some attachment with Nature and developed a
strange communication with Nature. I made it my laboratory; I began to
observe Nature, society intensively. I settled taking up the responsibility of
my family, doing agriculture as means of livelihood.
My mind began to take up the most fundamental questions about life, which I
had hoped to take up in the university. I would travel 120 kilometers to the
University, spend 2 day a month brushing up and reading new developments
in science and would return, buying few Soviet published [USSR] books on
science especially on conceptual developments in physical science. The
Soviet books I felt were cheap and written in thought provoking manner.
My Mother was early member of Pentecostal Movement. After her marriage,
she returned to organized Church. My Father was not a big church follower. I
would say he was more humane. Both upheld certain Principalities. My
mothers only complaint against me was that I did not believe in God.
As my rapport with Nature grew and as I dug deep into science I began to
see serious flaws in the foundation of science. I opened up my horizon to
social science, religions and various philosophies and Scriptures. It did not
rest only in reading. I yielded to my Mother, initiated, and participated in
building small church. I participated in church activities, all the while
observing and studying its positive and negative points. I even risked my life
opposing ruling powerful political party, my community and even my family
to seek some change and give a message to the politicians, who play on the
communal card to fetch votes but fail to do any developmental works. I broke
the barriers of religion to support a Hindu [RSS activist] and a Party that had
religious orientation. The man whom I supported won for the first time by
less than 150 votes. He has gone on to become Chief Minister of my State
and today a Cabinet Minister in the power center of my country. I know him
well, yet I have not approached him with personal demands and favor even
in my worst times. I felt that society deteriorates, when people use power


and contacts for self. Therefore, I restricted my relationship with him only for
public needs.
Delinking my research from my means of livelihood gave me freedom. As a
farmer, I began to have insight into life. The forest around me gave reference
point. I learned much more about life than what I studied in the University
and being inside a Lab. My ancestors were traditional Ayurvedic Practitioners.
One of my uncles was still practicing it. Moving with him, I began to see and
experience its depth. This prompted me to look up to ancient Indian Cultures
and change my attitude to the old Knowledge, which we all sideline.
As a child and youth, I had felt God as invention of the intelligent to
Rule ignorant. My thoughts and visions were already pointing to a future,
where science and its development in the absence of whole Truth leading to
a biosphere collapse. Another worst scenario that came before me is
religions leading the world to self-destruction in the name of God. Thus,
constructing models of Unification Theory, which explains the whole
Truth of Nature and God became my principal quest and hobby. My
mind contemplated on it, when I am in the field and into late night, when I
slept staring at the sky.
As I opened up my mind, my stand on God had to change. My slogan
became If there is no God we have to invent one. This phrase, which I
read somewhere appealed to me. For it speaks of a reference point. A God,
an Absolute Supreme Good personality I felt is a necessity for the
deteriorating world as a guiding star. I also found the need of
institutions in the society that constantly remind us about Good and the need
to walk in it. The words in Bible where Jesus spoke to His disciples to listen to
what Priest preach but not fallow them [ Mathew 23: 1-4] helped me
overcome my aversion to priests. This made me participate in Church
activities and develop good rapport with Priests.
A dramatic incident occurred in my life in November of 1996. I happened to
attend a Christian Retreat Center, [Divine Retreat Center led by Fr. George
Panakal, a charismatic Priest of immense power] which was known for many
miracle cure in those period. As a scientist, I always believed that everything
should have scientific explanation. From the day, I came to know about this
retreat center and my father, my brother retreated in it, I had developed a
picture of what should be happening there. I wanted to visit it as an
observer but the visit did not manifest. However, after my marriage, my wife
an ardent Blind Catholic Christian coaxed me for it. She probably had many


things to seek before God including my health. I yielded to her request. I

went there as an observer. Retreat was a weak long program. The very first
day something moved in me reminding me

the philosophy and the difference between experiencing, observing

and studying
the philosophy of an absolute to which everything becomes relative.

I decided to participate totally. I surrendered my mind and whole being. I

prayed earnestly for all those whom I had hurt knowingly or unknowingly. I
prayed for all those who had hurt me knowingly and unknowingly. This
included the Priest who cheated me. People go to retreat with intent. Some
go there seeking miracle cure, seeking financial uplifting, job and other
problems. I went there as an observer, in the peak of my participation when I
surrendered unconditionally and accepted death. All I could ask is
knowledge and the reality of His existence and His working. In that
moment, I experienced a TRANSFORMATION or NEW LIFE
experience. During this experience, the accumulated thoughts, the design
patterns that Nature revealed, and the patterns I had developed to
understand cyclic existence of Cosmos, began to break down it flowed to
Calvary and collapsed into strange order.
I was taken from the realm of mind/brain of head to the
mind/brain of the heart that controls the vital functions and
gives life. A strange peace entered my Life. I cannot explain
those moments in words. It was a dream moment.
However, back home into my daily routines, I could not produce the clarity of
the visions that revealed. Naturally, my human tendency was to take up
Bible, study and preach it. However, something was distracting me. Then I
took a second retreat. Here I was reminded that He is within me.
This meant original copy of Bible and its writer exist in all of
us. Any effort to study Bible with intent is infringement. I
have to be at peace and allow the inner being and its voice to
I perceived a call to pursue science. I realized I was being pointed towards
my field of science [Life sciences]. Life science tells that the original
information of the whole system exists in all cells and in appropriate
conditions; it can de-differentiate and differentiate into whole being. The


idea of God as Information, knowledge, that it can be approached provided

we are ready to surrender and allow God Force to work [de-differentiate] thus
began to take shape. Life science also tells us that original information is
held in two worlds, when they unite they evolve information and conquers
time and death.
However, it made no sense to me to take up the call to advance science and
explore universe as living one. Physicists dominate the world of science and
they use complex mathematical language, which is beyond my
comprehension. They are looking for answers beyond atomic levels in
particles. I found that a Chemist, a Noble Laureate has advocated the Living
Universe Theory, but physicists have not taken him serious. Further, my
attempt to share and discuss some simple innovative ideas, with people in
temples of Science from my village was a waste of energy and resources.
Therefore, I hesitated to take up the call, instead I tried to recreate that joyful
experience of my first retreat through prayers and mediation, but could
never attain that state again.
My mind had visualized even before the retreat the world tending to great
disorder from partial knowledge that science and religions are contributing.
This now became increasingly clear, yet I was hesitant. Then I realized I
am being self-centered. I decided to take up the call. I shifted to my
sisters house in nearby city and began the third phase of my life, totally
leaving myself to my conscious call. I was head of the combined family and
since our future exists in childrens, I combined it with my responsibility to
see children in the family through their education and placement. This
decision meant, I have no platform, no job and no means of income, just
hopes and dreams. It is a life of total uncertainty, dependency and help
coming by Grace. I had to tighten my belt to live on.
I was called an idiot and fool, when I left a lucrative career and offer to lead
bio-technology venture for Big Companies. Now, when I left my means of
livelihood, I began to concentrate only on my conscious call, without
bothering about my future, I began a laughing stock. What hurt me most is
my loving wife, a strong Catholic, ridiculing me. I understand her needs for a
house and finances, I respect it, but I cannot give it priority over my
conscious call. I cannot take house and money as security to Life. By His
Grace, I have never been excessively stressed for my basic needs. I could go
down to Earth, let go, say sorry, patch up, even if there is no wrong in me.


However, having known Christ, one thing I cannot do is to over step my

conscious call.
The call I was taking appeared impossible, but a strange peace and courage
flowed into me to pursue it. The approach I fallowed is to surrender and write
what came to me instinctively. Leave it on the net and leave it to His will.
Every attempt brought clarity and strength and revealed the importance of
my conscious call for Humanity. Thus, I strived against all odds as a lone
warrior led by Grace. I know He has an undefeatable plan that is good
for me and all.
As for my prayer, it has been for Transformation of all and the manifestation
of kingdom of God. My prayers included the priestly class who are leading us.
They, we all know hold a sway on the masses. The realization that much of
social of deterioration comes from them, called for importance of priestly
class awakening beyond religion into Spirit of Christ and fight for Truth and
My observation pointed that large majority of common people, believes in
temples, mosque and churches respects the Sanctum Sanctorum and God
seated in it. However, least number of people who does work at the Sanctum
Sanctorum really has any belief in God and sanctity of Sanctum Sanctorum.
They stagnate there with power, living an easy and protected life exploiting
innocent people. They do not strive to be anointed by Holy Spirit, to
heal and Transform people. Hardly few do serve with pure intent. All that
they strive for is to add number to church, increase the income and the
material assets of the churches and the sect. I feel the corporate culture that
exploits people too has its beginning in them.
Fallowing my retreat experience, I happen to speak to the Priest of my church
and even offered some funds, so that few poor people who approach him
could be sent to Retreat Centre. This priest happened to take a retreat as
ordinary person in the Retreat Center I happened to go. Fallowing it, he was
once contemplating on giving up his priesthood and take up preaching Good
News. I spoke to him that as long as his intent is clean and it is to serve God
and bring people to God, the robe he wears and the position he hold has
advantage. This priest went on to become a Bishop and was prime
party to the most desecrating act that can be done in Sanctum
Sanctorum. He did it in spite of me speaking to Him. His prime advisor, a
filthy rich lawyer was caught forging Judges Signature and stamp. I write
this to speak how power corrupts.


I am not judging. I understand we all have weakness in life. Money and

security are necessary to people. We are all forced strive for it. However, it
hurts deeply when people who take vow to serve God and people, who are
given power and whose needs are taken care off, fall prey for evil selfcentered minds and go to any levels for money and power. Fallowing these
incidents, my prayers for Kingdom of God has become intense. I felt People
in the higher realm, who speak about God, actually work to develop their
Kingdom and sustain it. They enslave people and live like leaches on the
blood of ordinary people. Unless this section awakens Earth and humanity is
Again, I say I am not judging, having had Grace of Rebirth Experience
by the Spirit of Christ, I dare not do it. However, my Lord in doing so
has not taken my right to resist untruth and injustice and desecration
of Sanctum Sanctorum to which millions look with faith. I am fully
aware that Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice and Jesus became
sacrificial lamb for a single purpose; restore the Kingdom back to

God, Scriptures, Religion, Society As Revealed to

Though I did not put special effort to study Bible with my New Born
Experience, I began to feel depth in Bible and other scriptures. I began to see
new insight whenever I hear my wife read Bible as a routine or when I hear a
preacher preach. These new insights was further strengthened when I
shifted to town and had access to God TV and other TV channels where
scriptures were being preached by highly anointed people. This did not limit
to listening to Christian preachers, it extended to all religion and thus I could
strengthen the Unity I perceived by Grace
Science, we all know tries to build the picture of the complex world from
simple fundamentals. I realized that scriptures similarly need to be deduced
to certain fundamental and has to be ordered such that it becomes sensible.
I realized my mind has a dual role to play now.

My consciousness was calling me to review the fundamentals of

science and re-visualize it in a sensibly and simple manner accounting
for all development in scientific field


At the same time, I also realized call to reduce scriptures down to some
simple fundamentals.

The aim was to unite all scriptures and unite it with science. I realized only
this can bring forth Good News and Calvary as a Salvation secret for all of
Humanity beyond religion. I felt, this as the only way to make quantum leap
in evolution of our understanding of Nature and God. This is a necessity to
survive great disorder and destruction that is coming.
In the first part of this writing, we saw the Principle and Design of String
and how it manifests into particle, produces the Quantum Dance creating a
wave and dissipating energy and information before it collapses back into
new order changing the direction of the flow. We saw how these particles
manifest into non -inert and inert atoms. We also saw how the inner space of
inert atoms towards the cosmic center [Earth] can show creativity to form
DNA and eventually evolve to form a complex Living system. We saw how life
opposes Gravity and builds force against Gravity and the Collapse.
In discussing global warming, we saw how Earth is self-organizing with plants
and animals. We then saw how introduction of adult human beings into this
picture brings a time direction to it. Human mind is self-centered and it is
slave to material world, thus it aligns with material force directed to disorder
and collapse. We also discussed how we are fast heading towards the
collapse of biosphere due to instability of human mind that is taking selfdestructive path influenced by religions.
In discussing the origin, we noted everything possibly originated from pair of
Supreme Souls or inert atoms at the Cosmic Center that contained
all the information. Creation possibly occurs when one Supreme Soul
[masculine soul] winds to the maximum and attains maximum kinetic energy
and explodes to leave its world. Simultaneously its pair [female] would have
unwound to maximum potential energy state leading to a possible total
collapse. The masculine soul then conceives in the feminine. This starts a
little perturbation that triggers the creative and restoration phase. This
phase completes when the conceived information gains power to emerge out
to start a New Time Cycle. In other words, we saw creation as Ekpyrotic
Scenario, which includes the Big Bang. We saw the universe as spirit or
information unfolding and enfolding. It could be compared to a mother
conceiving and giving birth. This means universe is living as the ancient
scriptures directly and indirectly taught and wrote down.


In short, we saw how a dancing spiritual frame-work

exists behind matter and the whole Cosmos. We
developed a Cosmic Picture where time directs to
two Primal Souls, which open to release the energy
and information contained in it and collapse into
New Order to sustain the system. The physical body
around it is simply transformed and given New Life
in the process. We visualized how Big Bang and
Ekpyrotic scenario makes sense from this point. This
spiritual reorganization of Cosmos is happening
through Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice is the
science I speak.

The Cosmic Reality or Cosmic Man

It makes no sense to build cosmic picture, with only two inert atoms at the
center. It has to include we Humans who are made in His image and given
Dominion. We saw how humanity plays an important role in Nature. We
already saw that adult humans who live a mind centered life is the only
species that endangers the Earth and Kingdom of God. We need a Cosmic
Picture that includes human and his mind in relation to God and his Mind.
Here we make a gate-way to Spiritual scriptures, which says we are created
in the image of God as man and woman and we were given dominion to rule
over Earth. This means

God had both masculine and feminine within him as one

We had complete knowledge of the Kingdom and power to rule over it.
Only resistance that God laid was not to eat from the tree at the
center. This amount to saying, not to become self and money centered
and align with material force that directs to singularity in black hole.

The kingdom of God is Truth and Justice and thus the principle objective of
humanity is to live a Justified Life. The kingdom deteriorates, when humanity
fall salve to evil mind manifested to create his kingdom. If you look back
spiritual scriptures and the related epics and stories, we see God manifesting
in human form on earth mediates for Truth and Justice and even participates
in the war for Truth and Justice.


There is exception in Jesus Christ. Here we meet God who had capacity
resurrect the dead, feed 5000 people out of nearly nothing, surrendering
Himself as a sacrificial Lamb. He human God, who does not use the powered
bestowed on Him for self. He was fulfilling His Fathers call with absolute
faith. He is executing the Divine Plan of conquering time and death and
restoring the Kingdom back to God. Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. This
means the very purpose of Christ and His Calvary sacrifice is to
restore Truth and Justice. This is war happening n spiritual realms led by
Christ. Bible clearly says that Christ manifested at a time when there was
none who could be justified before God. Possibly of the souls in heaven, so
also on earth had turned against Him upsetting the balance. Souls in heaven
had violated the laws of heaven, fell down, took earthling as salves, and
turned them against God. This meant God the Father had to intervene to
restore the system back to Golden Age.
This restoration process in taking place through the Spirit that Christ
released. The Second Coming, is the Coming of Light It is coming of Truth
and Justice. When the light reveals we will know where we stand in relation
to Christ and God. Bible speaks this in term of Judgment, the separation and
restoration. We will discuss how this takes place later.

The framework of Spiritual scriptures

1] All spiritual scriptures speak of God as Love and Truth and justice.
2] It tells us to Love and uphold Truth and Justice.
3] It tells us to work for Kingdom of God without seeking self.
This is summarized in the word that says 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all your mind. Mathew 22:37. It means we must surrender
unconditionally. We must reach out to Him with the innocence of a Child. It
also means we should not have self-centered intent as we approach Him.
Body Mind and Soul is trinity, the fourth element that
supports this is Spirit or Force. The spirit flows from the Soul
like a river drenching the land, giving the power of life. This
power is expected to flow back to its root such that the flow
becomes cyclic. This cyclic flow of spirit that sustains the
system is hindered by a self-centered mind. It becomes the
seat of dark energy.


Thus, the core of spirituality speaks to connect to the consciousness and

intelligence within. It tells us to work from the realm of the heart. All that the
religious leaders have to do is help people connect to their consciousness
and intelligence and leave them free to explore God who is seated within. An
individual connected to the consciousness walks the path of Truth and
Justice. He connects to the parents, family, community, nations and help
build kingdom of God. Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. Jesus manifested
to restore it. The east thus taught yoga meditation and cultural practices
such that humanity could connect to the consciousness and search God
within. All these are resistive process that can sustain health and help hold
Light afloat.
There is Limit to adult human mind. Adult mind always carries intent as it
searches God. This intent is to conquer death and take the highest seat. The
Vedas describe it beautifully. It speaks of Gurus helping the disciples pass
through 17 doors. However, leaves the 18 for the disciples to tap and open.
Every disciple who opens it exclaims a word neti in Sanskrit. Translated to
English it becomes this is not. Every disciple sought is power and
Eternal Life but what they encountered is death. As one grows through
17steps, the pupil would have acquired huge power. Given the choice, all
people retreated from 18thstep than accepting death. What humans failed,
God did it through Christ.
A cross can explain the Life and Cosmic Picture of God. There is trinity in
everything. The society and system exists on trinity. Here we have Primary
producer, the middle transporter or businessperson and tertiary consumer.
The flow starts with primary, ends in tertiary consumer and return to
strengthen the primary. See fig 19..


As longs the flow is not

resisted all the three
components are healthy.
There is a tendency in the
transporter [ business
people] to eat the flow and
shrink the system. This is
manifestation of self
Everyone in some way or
the other is Creators or
Primary producers,
transporter and consumer.
This means we have
tendency of self thus add to building the black mass and lead the system to
collapsing point in black hole. Thus, the above said trinity is incomplete
unless we visualize a vertical component to it. See fig 20
The figure 20 suggest that deterioration of Truth, disorder, darkness and
death manifest from Gods own people or so called Priests and religious
leaders who are supposed to hold light and lead or at least resist the people
from taking the Forbidden path. All scriptures subtly write this fact. Bible
speaks of Angels falling to become Satan or Devil. The only People whom
Jesus condemns are the Priests. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna holds three


anointed warriors, Bhisma, Dhrona and Karna responsible for the Great war
of Kurukshetra. Their ego, Self and Pride led them to side the evil and this
precipitated the war. The deterioration that starts in spiritual institutions then
percolates down to lower levels. It does not mean that all priests are bad; we
must note the majority rules.
The above fact discussed summarizes the scriptures, all the rest are the
drama unfolding as the fallen angels and humans work to build their
kingdom at the cost of Kingdom of God. We are all stage actors through
whom God is unfolding the drama. We are psyched by religious people
saying God is there in Churches, in temples. We are psyched that God is
pleased by our material offerings. God will punish you if you do not go to
churches and so on. All this are creation of evil mind to exploit humanity.
The modern Christianity was built around last supper of Jesus,
where Christ offered Himself as Bread and wine. We are now
in the time period where science has proven that what works
behind the Bread is the Spirit. Yet organized Christianity
resists the people awakening to the Spirit. We must note and
underline that the first wave Pentecostalism emerged in
parallel to Einsteins discovery of E=mc2
We live in a world where we have religious leaders, leaders of nations and
authorities existing as slave to rich business houses and favoring the crooks
and corrupt and working to advance their self. There is huge gap between
what a preacher preaches and practices. God does not need our wealth, He
does not need our gold and silver, and He does need the food we grow. All
this are needs of us and of our brothers and sisters.
All that God needs is you. He loves you and seeks your Love,
He wished we all love each other and walk the path of Truth
and Justice and resist the evil forces. We are part of His
Bible clearly tells that evil has its time but in the end, it will be cast down
mercilessly. As of now God stands a witness to all that is happening and
giving free will to all souls. We are in era where Bishops and Priest allows
desecration of the Sanctum Sanctorum for more power and money. We are in
an era where the position of Bishop are created at will and is done under
political and influence of money. We are in era where church leaders would
have crony evil rich business people, politicians, evil lawyers, who dare to


forge Judges signature and use his stamp, such that they can advance
materially. In short, our society exists in the most deteriorated state.
Bible and Jesus are preached around the world, some with power, some
without power, some with good intent and some with material intent. The
Word of God is awakening humanity. However, this awakening is not
changing the social scenario, where untruth is growing exponentially. There
is increasing oppression of breadwinners and common person. Does God only
hear to the rich, evil with lots of money to offer to him?
Will he not listen to the cries of those billions who are farming
and suffering in the field and are exploited. Will He not listen
to cries of ordinary people who are denied the Justice?
The Truth is that God listens to the prayers of Good souls, stores the
tears of justified people. In the Nirguna or impersonal mode of Holy
Spirit or Brahman, He allows the evil minds and imposters to grow,
but handles them as He enters the Saguna or personal Mode of Holy
Spirit or Brahman or al-Ruh al Quds. This is well-spoken in Bible in the
parable of weeds and owner of vineyard. Mathew 13: 24-40, 24:40-42.
Note -We will explore the Nirguna and Saguna phase of Holy Spirit in later

Knowing the Good God

The Good God I Know is selfless. He practices what He preaches. You and me
cannot be Absolute as God. He knows that we human being in material body
are weak. Jesus too cried out to His Father to let Him of the hook. His power
manifested when He went through what His Father called Him to do. God
calls us to thrive to grow towards Him. He already has created the path
in wilderness and all that we need to do is to enter it. The Golden
rule here is connect to the consciousness and intelligence and work
from this field.
You are forbidden to use the intelligence and powers you have been
given for self advancement. You are called to use it for good of all
and you are called to use it to fight evil minds. You are asked to stand
for Truth and Justice and use it to build the Kingdom of God. Forgive me if I
am wrong, I tend to find similarities between Lord Shiva and Jesus.
Both give what people ask, the seeker falls by virtue of his very asking. The


very process of asking determines the end. Thus judgment in Bible speaks of
surprises, where front becomes back and vice-versa. Who stands to gain is
the one who served compassionately and did his duty honestly and truthfully.
Upanishad speaks elegantly about how the right questioning
brings right answers. It prepares mind to introspect and ask
right question to seek the Truth.

How Jesus stands out as Truth of God

I could see parallel in scriptures of all religions. However, Jesus Christ of Bible
and His Calvary sacrifice, stood apart as crown of all scripture. I will tell why.
The first part of Bible and also most other religious scriptures speaks of law
and the need to uphold Truth and Justice. The Vedas and Hindu philosophy
has immense depth when it comes to sustaining our life in a Nature
compatible way. They describe God and the Universe in the most sensible
way. They visualize universe as Living Being, which is subjected to
arrow of time.
Beauty of ancient east is an entity called Brahman. They
visualize it as the cosmic principle of existence, the ultimate
unifying and integrating principle of the Universe. It is said to
have two inseparable modes of existence; Nirguna and
Saguna or impersonal and personal, Indeterminable and selfdetermining aspect of Brahman. It accounts for freedom,
creativity, time, silence and perpetual expression. This falls in
line with Holy Spirit of Bible. Yet another concept is the
concept of consciousness as base field of God. It is assumed
to be related with Brahman or Holy Spirit
What confuses the modern scientists of the west and the religious
people is the concept of beginning of time and end of time and the
New Beginning. From the point of scriptures, it is the inability to explain
and comprehend Brahman or Holy Spirit and its creative and sustaining
activity, in a sensible manner. This aspect is written in scriptures, but our
capacity to comprehend it in simplicity and understand it in relation to
modern development in science seems to be the key problem.
Jesus stands as conqueror of time and the one who initializes
system into time New Time Cycle. This means He is the
Creator and sustainer. However, what creates and sustains is


the Holy Spirit that He released through His Calvary Sacrifice.

This creation secret is also is written in Vedas of east.
Yajurveda VS 30-31 says that creation begins when the
Creator is sacrificed by his own people. To understand this
reality we have to break down the complexity of Bible to its
simple fundamentals. I am taking Bible because it is the
scriptures that is most preached in the world. Here are the
key points
1] We have to understand the two components of Bible as two different
phase of time itself. It is the two modes of existence of Brahman or Holy
Spirit [impersonal and personal. or Indeterminable and selfdetermining]. The first part of Bible says God created Humans in His image
as male and female and gave dominion to humans. This means both male
and female characteristic existed in God as one. Since the creating
entity is Holy Spirit, it means the Holy Spirit has duality in it. From
scientific point, we can relate it to paired information, dominant and
2] We have to understand what dominion means. Dominion invariably means
Humanity knew Heart and Mind of God and had all necessary information
and knowledge to rule and make Earth a heaven.
3] We have to understand the resistance Not to eat from the tree at the
center that God placed on Adam and Eve. We know life force works from
within supporting the material body acting against its material instinct. The
fact that creation of Adam and Eve or Earthly beings involved mud, means
humans have inherent tendency that directs with material force of the world
to singularity in Black hole. The resistance God Placed can be understood in
different context.

It is a call to adhere and direct once power with Gods Spirits and
resist the spirit of the material world.
It is call not to become self centered and use his power for self
It is resistance from disconnecting from once consciousness
and intelligence within and become slaves to outside forces. It is a
call to hear the voice within your heart. Jesus clearly told his
followers to hear what the priest preach, but never try to fallow them.
This is because a scripture holds Truth and Light and helps us
connects to consciousness. Hearing it would awaken us. He also had


reverence for Temple and spiritual institutions for they are needs of a
society. However, His emphasis was developing personal relationship
with God. In short, it was a call to connect to consciousness,
listen to whispers of Super Consciousness.
It is call to drop once own ego, or I and identity with religions
and develop one to one relationship with God.
One can visualize this as resistance from dipping into singularity
in black hole to which material space-time field and its forces point.

In short, one can deduce it one call of God 'Love the Lord your God with
all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This in
retrospect means all of us are part of Him, much like cells of one whole living
We have no independent identity separate from Him [God],
and we are called to serve Him, by Loving Him and by walking
the path of Truth and Justice.

What caused the fall of Adam and the Time

direction to disorder and death?
To understand this we need to understand the serpent in the Bible. Is the
serpent, the snake we encounter on Earth? It cannot be, for God created
everything and said Good. He created Adam and Eve in His image and gave
them the Dominion. Bible deftly writes that it is a fallen Angel. The fall of
Angel and his manifestation as Satan happened because of Ego, Pride,
self. Angel had power and position in heaven or higher realm, but he tried
to unseat God and take Gods Position. He tried to use the power he gave to
build his kingdom through revolt and was cast down. A struggle for supreme
power seems to exist in the highest realm [heavenly] and it seems to
percolate down and reflect on Earth. The same is true when it comes to our
society. Our society is reflection of what is happening in religious realms.
Satan actually depicts an evil and a crooked mind. A mind
that is ego, pride, self-centered and slave to material field
and its force. It is a mind, which lures us to disconnect us
from our consciousness and the voices of God within. It is a
mind that dares to desecrate the Sanctum Sanctorum.


What you make out from this is that the time direction to deterioration

When minds become ego, self, pride and material centered.

When it fails to listen to the conscious, intelligence within or God
When it fails to listen to the parents and loved ones and yields to voice
of others. The devil actually traps, when a child becomes an adult and
the mind is in uncertain state.

If you are chosen one, Gods grace cannot work for you when you are going
against your consciousness, your parents and loved ones. God disciplines His
children Hebrew 12:4-6. The Hindu philosophy gives huge emphasis on
respecting parents. The devil might work, in the favor of evil minds
bringing financial prosperity for some period, but cannot help you in
the end. It cannot save your soul. God is God of all three

worlds. When you are disconnected from the consciousness and

intelligence within, your mind then becomes slave to intelligent and
powerful minds that seeks to build its kingdom at all cost. This is the
cause of deterioration of spirituality and knowledge leading to many Gods
from one God, formation of many religions, temples and churches and may
different culture and practices.
Association with Good and Powerful souls that truly serves God is
advantageous, they show the path, but never create Kingdoms. Kingdoms
are given to them in the end as the spirit goes from Nirguna to
Saguna phase. The ultimate goal should be to develop connectivity with
Supreme without any intent.

God never finds ordinary people responsible for the fall of

His Kingdom. He finds the powerful people at the top.
It is here, I tend to tell people, better not go to church with evil self-centered
mind and with all your wants. Upanishad of Hindu philosophy emphasizes the
need to ask right questions and seek right things. God is giver and gives
what we ask. Improper asking means we can get buried under temple as God
rebuilds it. This means all those who serve Him in the Sanctum Sanctorum
and take Gods name and Preach needs to check themselves on daily basis
for all negative, self-centered thoughts.


Bible does speak of many angels falling as creation completes

and the door gets shut. Judgment speaks against preachers,
who have not kept their slate clean and favors common
Scriptures speaks of war for Truth and Justice. Vedas very clearly tells us
that Universal Time Cycle is a cycle of Truth and Justice. It tells us that
it deteriorates in four quantum proportions. The first stage is called Golden
Age [Dharma Yuga or Age of Truth and Justice]. Here Truth and Justice shines
and then begins to diminish. By the end of this age, Truth and Justice would
have deteriorated by 1/4th. It then makes a leap to enter the second stage
called Silver Age. By the end of which Truth and justice would have
deteriorated by 2/4th. It then leaps into third stage called Bronze Age. This is
an uncertain stage, where disorder sets in. This possibly is the time when
Adam and Eve lost connection with God. This possibly is the largest
phase, when religions and temples are built and knowledge is encrypted in
symbols and in sculptures.

The time direction continues even in this disorder and reaches the critical
state of collapse. Here it leaps in to iron-age or age of darkness or total
disorder, where Truth and justice touches the lowest level. The Divine Plan
is executed as third phase gives way to fourth phase. Fourth phase gives
way to first phase as cries of common and justified people rattles the Throne
of God. In each of these phases, God manifest to save and lead the world.
Jesus is the manifestation of God in this last phase.
This cycle can be understood from the life cycle of human life. The first part
is childhood when we exist in the protection of Father and Mother. The
second part is adolescent part when you are half in and half out. The third
part is adult hood when our I manifests. The culture and practices possibly
are instituted in this state, some as resistive methods, and some for
exploitation of humans. The fourth part is old age moving to death.
The Universal Living Being plunging into death is nonimaginable. It means the Kingdom of God Collapsing into
nonexistence. It is here both science and religion reaches a
dead end. Understanding this scientifically calls to look at
universe as living one that survives through information
Unfolding and Enfolding.


The Parallel in Science, Scriptures -The

key point where both fail
Science and religious institutions have same goal and objective. They are in
search of Truth that was Lost. However, they use different terminologies.
Spirit/ Soul are fundamental to religions. Religions says that Knowledge
of spirit/soul is the most important or higher knowledge. However,
they fail to deliver this knowledge in simplicity.
The full knowledge of Spirit/Soul and Kingdom of God once existed with
humanity but was lost. Religious institutions of modern world are
deteriorated remnants of the Spiritual institutions that existed. The struggle
of any one who takes Priesthood or comes to serve God is to gain this
knowledge and impart it back to humanity. However, they fail and end up
ruling humanity making their kingdoms and live by peoples sweat and
The role of religious institution today is taken over by various universities
and institutes where science is preached. Energy/matter is fundamental to
science. The ultimate subject of both religion and science is same. It is to
What is the Spirit/Soul [for religion], for science, what is
What guides Spirit to manifests into Soul? For science, how energy
manifest into matter or atoms
Why and how spirit moves to create and sustains Life. For science, it is
how energetic world sustains material world.
How the Soul manifest into the whole organism we see. For science,
how the matter manifests into complex life and the whole Cosmos.

How Spirit sustains the manifested universe eternally

in Time. For science, how energetic world sustains
the universe overriding Time
There is a fundamental reality or deep perception both in spirituality and in
modern science. Both know deep within somehow we are related and
linked. This has manifested into


Perception of an ABSOLUTE entity, to which everything becomes

relative. In religion, they perceive ABSOLUTE SPIRIT/SOUL to which all
other spirit/souls become relative. They call it God Spirit/Soul. Eastern
spiritual philosophy called the Absolute Spirit as BRAHMAN, CHI or
LIFE FORCE, western philosophy calls it HOLY SPIRIT the middle
east calls al-Ruh al-Quds. The Absolute Spirit manifests the Absolute
Soul. Scriptures understand the Absolute Spirit, as the power that
creates and sustains the Cosmos and all that we see. It tells us that
there is Universal Conscious and intelligent field that sustain the
system eternally. In science, it manifest as God Particle, that gives
mass to all other particles in an atom.

Religions say that Spirit/Soul is not created or destroyed, but can grow
towards the Absolute or away from it. It can awaken, acquire
information and knowledge to move towards light or lose it to move
towards darkness. Science says energy/matter is not created or
destroyed in the universe. The system works on TRANSFORMATIO. It
says potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy and viceversa.

Both science and religions are aware of time direction or Birth

and death. Both seem to struggle to explain what takes Birth
and what dies, how death gives way to Birth and Birth gives
way to death. In short, they fail to explain the TIME, Time
direction, conquering of Time and Time initialization

Note Spiritual Scriptures, says God conquers Time and Initializes,

ensuring that there is no death to Living Cosmic Universe. However,
religious institution, especially of the west [Vatican] in spite of having
a scientific wing has failed to explore the core spirituality as a
Before religions manifested there was a period of spirituality or period when
we knew this Absolute Spirit or God. There was a period when humanity
knew the Spirit God and vibrated one with HIM and humanity
existed in the Glory of God. In other words humans had the knowledge of
how Earth and heaven functions. There was a period when no religion,
temples and churches existed. People were spiritual and there existed only
Spiritual Institutions. The religions have bloomed in the down side of the
time cycle, when darkness manifested. The crux of New Testament is Divine


Plan unfolded through Christ to conquer time and death and initialize the
Kingdom of God. Bible predicted that at the End of Time, God would pour out
His Spirit on all and all people will awaken. This means we will be freed from
the bondage to religion. The spirit of God is already working to awaken
humanity in pockets. However, it is failing to go global because Spirit of God
is held in names and tags of religions
Christ never asked His disciples to institute a religion and
build churches for Him. He asked them to be in Prayer to gain
the promised Spirit, and go out to spread Good News and
Transform Souls. The most disgusting part of human history
is that this Living and moving Spirit was reinstalled into
temples and renamed them as Churches and new generation
arose to rule humanity in the Name of God. One Good News,
is that God the Father and Son knew it would happen. Thus,
we see the modern day Pentecostalism, Charismatic and New
Age Movement, which is breaking the foundation of
Traditional Christian Religion. The Spirit of God is choosing to
anoint individual directly, beyond religions and is doing
miracle through them ensuring that Kingdom of God
eventually manifests
The core philosophy of east, the VEDAS, writes that kingdom of God as
Golden Age when Truth and Justice shined maximum. This period
deteriorated in time after few generations. Then it made quantum leap into
second phase of Universal Cycle of time called Silver Age. Here uncertainty
manifested. We can understand these two phases from the first two part of
our Life Cycle. The first part of childhood is the most innocent where heart
and its intelligence works and God force rejoices. The second phase is period
where individuals reach the puberty. Here a form of uncertainty comes into
existence. Children are half attached to heart and to the father and mother,
half to maturing mind and external world and the opposite sex. It is a
disturbed time where devils act. This is a period where the friends and
society influence the mind. This is the time when I factor in we humans
begins to manifest.
The knowledge to resist evil path becomes vital here. The priestly
class, the gurus the education faculty of society becomes responsible to
train them to oppose the Negative thought such that health of individual,
family community and society is kept in favor of positive. The first and most


fundamental duty of a Priest and Guru therefore should be to make children

align with their Earthly Parents. Help them strive further to align with the
Spiritual Parents. In short, it is to make them to connect to their
consciousness, walk the path of Truth and Justice, and seek God
The system deteriorates when people in spiritual institutions deteriorate.
When preachers preach but fail to practice, the community fallows. This
becomes the start of total deterioration and entry into dark phase. As it
peaks to 3:1 to upset the balance, it becomes inevitable God acts to restore.
This restoration is what is happening through Christ.
Christ and His Spirit not only exist in the, food we eat, but exist in the breath
we take. The problem is that we are not becoming aware it. The very
statement that you are created in my image invariably means all the
information of God exists within us. However, it exists truncated to do a
purpose. It has potential s to evolve to higher levels or lower levels once in
universal time cycle, as the system transforms its physical body and
initializes it.
Traditional Christianity gives Water Baptism to a Child. It is symbolic, where
elders and priest takes responsibility of the child to train His mind in positive
way towards life and God. In short, make him connect to the consciousness
and walk the path of Truth and justice. In doing they make him lead a
healthy life, connect to parents and family and strengthens it, he become a
Good citizen working to sustain the Kingdom of God. Thus Spiritual
scriptures emphasize on correcting the relationship on Earth with
once own parents, loved once and all people as a prerequisite to
turn to God.
It is apparent that spiritual leader or institution disconnected form
their consciousness and intelligence goes after power and money.
The words they speak in temples and churches come from their
tongue and mind that is slave to material world. It lacks the power
to transform the people. The people who fallow them repeat the
process. They think God is seated in temples and churches and will
be pleased to see them attending it. They are made think that the
material offering one makes protects them. The churches and
temples have grown by dirty money. It has grown by relentless
compromise the church leaders make with evil and dirty rich. Every


culture and practices of the church is done to bind people into

churches. They all work to add number and focus on Quantity than
bringing qualitative transformation.
Much of culture and practices that modern day Christianity
instituted after the one or two generation after Christs Calvary
sacrifice is a compromise with the Old practices that Christ
Condemned. Very clearly evil mind made entry into Christianity and
took control of it. The intelligent and true people in Christ ensured
that the Truth Prevailed and survived within it. They ensured that
the spirit of Christ grows within and awaken individual as it
approaches the End of Time.
Modern day Christianity is no different, from what Christ
condemned. They fail to awaken to the Spirit of God and resist
people from awakening. They resisted Pentecostal Movement that
popularized and spread Christs message powerfully bringing
miracles cures and transformations. Traditional church still work to
add number gain power and grow materially. They try to build their
Kingdom than Kingdom of God. They compromise with anybody evil
for their objectives.
The most wrongly interpreted message of Christ is His Forgiveness.
Christ forgave all souls in Calvary. However, it does not mean He
accepted the Evil and made compromise with it. Forgiveness
became necessity to cut the threads of bondage that is resisting
once soul from turning 180 degrees towards God. Christ did it in
full awareness of His Power. He did so that His Father can judge and
recreate His Kingdom. I write this because Christianity uses this as
means to create a truce, whenever problems arise in Churches.
However, they themselves align with the rich and powerful, not with
Jesus did not sacrifice, His Fathers Kingdom. He did it to
restore His Fathers Kingdom. Kingdom of God is Truth and
Justice, the principle criteria of spiritual awakening in Christ
should be to know the Truth, Justice, and walk in it. The
miracle cures are just an invitation to souls to come alive.


Modern day priests are not walking in the path of Christ. They speak but
fail to practice. The important criterion of priest is that he should have
come into self-realization encountering the Spirit of Christ. He must be
empowered by the spirit of God and should have knowledge to guide not
only individual, but also the king and the whole system that administers
the society. They are understood as light bearers of the Kingdom of GodThe soldiers of God protecting Truth and common people. Without this,
they are as good as blind and become the cause for fall.
Just because one studies scripture and wears white cloth, one cannot
become a priest. We have too many false priests who live and act in
contradictions to their consciousness and have fallen to depth. The
deterioration of individual and society and kingdom of God starts from this
I believe that Adam and Eve were thrown out, when they failed to connect
the consciousness and seek His guidance but fell a Pray for Gods own
people cast down from heaven.
Evil Age is the age when uncertainty, disorder, and
destruction peaks. This is the period when one religion will
desecrate, abominate and desolates another religions
Sanctum Sanctorum. This is the time, when sects within in
religions fight to annihilate one another. This is the age
self, ego, pride and total material centeredness. This is the
age where priests, kings and authorities are corrupted and
builds an empire of theirs on the tears of common people and
the breadwinners. This is the age when children desert

their parents and bring shame to them. Priests

desecrate the Sanctum Sanctorum for their material
Note Ref 66 is good reference for Yuga cycle. However, I feel we are very close
to taking birth into Golden Age.

Modern science came into existence, when Christianity built in the name of
Jesus and His Supreme Sacrifice, was virtually exploiting humanity. They
were ruling the west with iron hands, infusing fear, suppressing people and
their mind. They had kept people as salves to amass wealth. Anyone who
opposed the church was persecuted ruthlessly [Ref- 48].


Few thinking minds at this period revolted. They decided to approach the
Truth from a realm that the priestly class preached as evil. They assumed
universe is material. They emphasized and developed a culture and
generation that believes in that which can only be seen, predictable,
and that which can be shown through experimentation. Science
culture took upper hand, when it began to predict movement of planets and
stellar objects. It exploded when it conceptualized force in matter and
learnt to unleash this force and predict it. Their problem manifested
when they began to study light, break atoms, and see the world inside it.
They then began to perceive an uncertainty and eventually began to
perceive that matter they see is not the reality. The reality is built
on energetic fields and the matter we see collapses into reality at
the moment of seeing. In others words, it meant that spiritual realm
determines the material realm.
Science split at this point, giving scope for ancient spiritual scriptures.
Physicists now began to see parallel between science and the Mystic
Knowledge of East. This is the beginning of revival of spirituality. [Ref-47A]
The drawback of Science is that, it fails to perceive, how and why
energy manifest matter and how it sustain the system in time. The
failure of spiritualist also related to it. They fail to understand the
Spirit God, How it creates and sustains everything in time.
Two unflinching laws of science relates to conservation of energy and matter.
The first law says that nothing is created or destroyed. The system is
sustained by TRANSFORMATION. The second law says that in every
Transformation, some energy is lost as heat and thus system has a time
direction. This loss and time direction led scientists to dead end such as Big
Bang, Run Away Universe and so on at which all the laws of science fails.
Note The First part of Bible Speak of laws for humans. The initial law that
God laid with creation was resistance from eating from tree at the center.
We did see what it meant. In simplicity it was call to humanity not to
disconnect from his consciousness and intelligence within and align with
matter and its force. It was resistance from seeking self. When souls seek
self they try and create their Kingdom. They break Truth and Justice and
deteriorate the Kingdom of God. Later we saw more laws being placed
through Moses. When Christ manifested Bible says everybody sinned and
took the forbidden path. All fell to the trap of Satan. The Law and Judge

now made no sense. Christ manifested to give forgiveness to those who
truly repent and thus recreate His Fathers Kingdom and seat Him as Judge.

Scientist, led by physicist seeks the secret of creation and cosmic existence
in external material world that compose of atoms and its interactions to form
molecules and complex systems. They also seek it by breaking atoms to its
component parts. Concept of space-time as a field is important to science to
integrate particles and understand the formation of atom, atoms into
molecules and its influences on other atoms to form complex systems. The
concept of space-time and laws of physics break down as it is traced
back to beginning point.
In contrast to this, the spiritualist of the ancient sought it in Life. They sought
it within and explored a field within, which they called Conscious and
intelligent field that links and holds the whole system called life into one.
They knew that their mind that seeks God and His secret has an important
role to play. In fact, they realized that, mind that has polar existence, has to
be transcended to connect to the consciousness. At higher level, they
realized this is only an initial step towards knowing Truth.
At higher level of meditation, they could enter the Universal
Consciousness to develop a communication with the Spirit.
This forms the basis of Spiritual knowledge of the ancient
East. This is the basis of prophesy and visions that the New
Born Christian preachers have developed. The only difference
is that, today it is coming to us as Grace. The Kingdom of God
however cannot manifest out of such communication. Nor will
this ensure an entry into Kingdom of God. All scriptures
clearly write that the Ultimate or Absolute Truth or God cannot be
sought by our mind, but God comes in search of us and reveals
Himself with a Purpose. The purpose is to reestablish Truth and
Justice and restore the Kingdom of God. What it means all our efforts
to know God becomes futile. Human whenever seek something seeks
with an intent.
All religious scriptures centers on human life, its relationship to form family,
community and its ultimate relationship with one Absolute Personality called
God. It centers on a Supreme Absolute Spirit/Soul, Heart, Mind with which
everything becomes relative. It says very clearly that spirit/souls are
indestructible, but can transform and evolve towards the Supreme or away


from it. It says that we are individuated beings existing in the Supreme
Spirit/Soul, Heart, Mind and body. In short, we are like cell of one living being.
The body of this being deteriorates when cells in it begins to fall and fail to
execute its duty. We previously saw how self-centered human minds are
destroying Earth. How we have endangered planet Earth by our intrusion into
its working to sustain certain equilibrium. How religions of the world is
leading the world to a possible destructive war in the name of God.
Survival of Kingdom of God now needs a TRANSFORMATION
and RESTORATION of human souls and illumination of the
intellect. In short, the Supreme Spirit/Soul should restore its
own body by transformation and giving New Life to His Body.
Christ and the Spirit He released seem to be doing this.

Two phases of life as way to understand scriptures

and the Kingdom of God
There are two phase to life
1] Creation Phase- In biology creation phase begins when one chosen
reduced cell with [n] number of information from father enters the feminine
to unite with one chosen reduced cell [n] number of information in her body.
The process evolves the information to conquer time and death. Biology sees
information as DNA. We in the first part of this write up did see that DNA is
built around an Inert atom and this atom carries the energy or information
packed in it its inner space in spiritual form. Inert atoms can be visualized as
Spirit/Soul. We also saw Supreme Pair of Souls that is central to the Cosmos.
In, short creation now could be visualized as the Union of two spaces
containing the spirit or information.

When Bible says the Father from heaven sent His

Spirit to manifest His son Jesus, it is not fairy tale
rather a reality of Ekpyrotic Scenario of Cosmic
Creation. Ultraviolet phenomenon does speak of
possibility of immense energy and information being
packed into a light particle.
Here we see the original information that is spread between two worlds,
coming together to from Christ. When Jesus made the Self-Sacrifice and He


released the Creative Spirits to recreate and restore the Kingdom of the
Father. We now see a unity of scripture and science. Scriptures says Divine
Plan of restoration is a plan involving Transformation souls and
illumination mind. In parallel fundamental laws of energy and matter in
science says, nothing is created or destroyed and the system exist by
transformation. Further science says that reality manifest, when mind
observes the system. This constant observation of self is what east taught
the world. When this culture is lost, he became self-centered and the system
began to deteriorate. God through Jesus and His self-sacrifice arrested this
deterioration and ensured that humanity returns back to the Glory.
Spirits that Christ released is creating the Spiritual Body of the God or the
Living Universe with free will and transformation of souls. He is restoring His
Fathers Kingdom through transformation of Souls. The Vedas do speak of
this deterioration in terms of deterioration of Truth and Justice. However,
what it fails to account is the return back to Golden Age or Dharma Yuga or
Kingdom of God. Jesus and His Calvary Sacrifice fill the missing link of cyclic

When I say Spirits, I mean Holy Spirit has two

components. They are Father and Mother Forces, one
dominant and other recessive. The recessive is opposite but
supportive giving stability. The controlled release of force
manifests out of this opposition. Recessive yields to the
dominant and it dances as one. The critical characters of
Christ such as forgiveness, mercy and compassion are the
character that He imbibed from the Mother Mary. The
ability to give New Life, heal people etc comes from
the Father.
In creation state, these two Spirits exist in Nirguna or impersonal or
indeterminable manner. The dance of these paired Spirits lifts the souls
from the hands of Satan and gives it New Life and the freedom. These two
Spirits are quantum entangled. This lifting is a spiritual process. In Hindu
philosophy it is understood as Cosmic Kundalini Emerging. From
Christian philosophy it is Second Coming of Christ or the Christs Spirit
revealing the Truth or Opening the door to Kingdom of God. From scientific
philosophy, we can understand this as Cosmic DNA or Information or Truth


unfolding to create New Order. This lifting of souls is also associated with
displacement some souls downwards. Thus, we evil is flourishing in parallel
to awakening of people in God and His Force. However, the scenario changes
the moment Truth or Light emerges. Evil cannot thrive, it already exist
Emergence of Truth or Light can be understood from DNA duplication in
fertilized egg cell. The pairs of information coming together to from the
zygote, conquers time. They create their images
and separate to form two cells, which later forms
the whole being. The original information is
separated into two worlds but exist quantum
entangled. They exchange information
spontaneously and they form the conscious
and intelligent field that sustains life. They
come together when the system is endangered
2] Sustenance phase This starts with Birth and Golden Age. Here the
Spirits of God works to Sustain Life. Holy Spirit works as balancing agent or
the giver of Breath. Here Nirguna or impersonal phase of Holy Spirits ends
and Saguna or personal or self-determining mode of Holy Spirit comes into
being. In Bible it is judgment. Since time is inevitable, Resistance comes into
effect. It resists life from aligning with material force.
At cellular level, the emergence of light and truth can be understood from
appearance of a bright radiating object called CENTRIOLE merging on one
side of cell after the DNA duplicates its information. The centriole then splits
to move to the poles in the process it creates spindle fibers that attaches to
Centromere of DNA, they are pulled apart, and cell divides. This process is
associated with opposing spin and twitching of the one cell into two. This
starts the phase of Duality, which is the reality. Further division leads
to formation four, eight and so on.
In Bible, this moment of centrioles emerging is pictured an End of Time. End
time in fact is the beginning of New Time. Jesus compared the end time to a
pregnant women. It also speaks it as light emerging in east and spreading to
west. We need to understand this as Light of Life or Knowledge and
wisdom of God emerging in full Glory. It is awakening of human
consciousness and intelligence such that he sees the Truth of God. It is the
rise of lost Eastern Knowledge.


The purpose of Christ manifesting on Earth thus is

initialization of Cosmic Being in to New Time Cycle. We enter
the Golden Age or Age of Truth as Light emerges.
We already saw that every phase transition and transformation process is
associated with some loss of heat or information. In scriptures, this is
visualized as fall of indestructible souls from upper realms. Bible
represents this as fall of Angels.

Holy Spirits from the Point of Science

We saw Holy Spirit as paired. From the point of science, the two Spirits that
Creates and Sustains can be understood as pair of information that exist in
parallel worlds or male and female. From Spiritual point it is Heaven and
Earth. However, the pair coexists with the mirror image of the
opposite. The original strand of information exists separated and smeared
in two worlds. Whey they exist separated they are in Saguna or personal or
self-determining mode. When they reduce themselves [2n to n state] and
unite to go into creation mode then it is in Nirguna or impersonal or
Indeterminable mode. They in the process not only conquer time and death,
but also evolve the information and render the information such that the
system survives and enters the Saguna or self- determining Mode. In Bible,
it is pictured as giving Earthlings the dominion.
In short, Cosmic Being has two phases, one in which, the Spirit/Soul of two
Supreme beings, one masculine and other feminine comes together. It can
also be visualized as heaven and Earth coming together. The God Spirits
coming together and taking birth in human form [Jesus] is One Special

Case in Universal Time Scale. There are other cases such as Lord
Krishna. The case of Jesus and His Self-Sacrifice becomes important,
because it is the creation phase. The others like Krishna Lord Krishna are
cases related to sustenance. We earlier saw a Universal Time Cycle, which
deteriorates in four phases. Jesus manifested in the last phase when
Quantum Universal Cycle became 3:1 in favor darkness and death. The
Universal Time Cycle begins when the Spirits completes the creation. The
Birth is the beginning of Saguna or self -determining mode of Holy Spirit.
Here the Holy Spirit exists as Judge. He also exists as resisting factor.


Every Quantum Leap or Transition phases, there is loss or

gain of Spirit/Souls. In Nirguna Phase of Holy Spirit there is
gain in souls, in Saguna phase there is loss. Thus, God after
creation keeps the resistance not to eat from the Tree at the
End of old time and beginning of new is associated with loss of souls from
upper levels to lower levels and lifting of souls from lower levels to upper
levels. Bible and spiritual scriptures calls it the fall of Angels and Judgment
and closure of gate. One basic criterion is the intent one carries as one
approaches God. The end of time is initialization of the Cosmic Being into
New Time cycle. This is well in line with two basic laws of science of energy
and matter conservation.
Hindu philosophy does speak of Spirit/Soul of God manifesting in each of the
four phases of Universal Time Cycle and helping the transition periods. The
last phase of this Quantum Universal Cycle is the Creation Cycle. Here the
Creator Spirit [Spirit of the Father and Mother] leaves their self-determining
character, enters into Impersonal Creation mode, and works to restore the
system with Free Will to souls. This creation is Transformation of Souls within
the womb to form the Spiritual body of the Cosmic Being and Rendering it
into New Time Cycle and thus giving New Life. Thus, faith in God in the phase
of darkness and aligning with Truth and Justice becomes key factor that
determines the once position in New World forming out of the old.
Jesus, His Birth through Holy Spirit, His Calvary sacrifice takes
beauty and becomes scientific reality in this context. Here the
paired Holy Spirits, the masculine and feminine or [base
string of information of Cosmos] that was smeared with Birth
or Beginning of Time into two parallel worlds comes together
once again to manifest as Human Body and speak to
humanity. With the sacrifice of the Christ and these two
Primal Spirits are released into impersonal creative state with
Free will to all souls [Nirguna Mode].
When Bible says Adam and Eve were created in the Gods image we can
visualize, two Primal information threads coming from two parallel worlds
creating its images, mixing it and separating to form two worlds. To
understand this scientifically we have to bring to mind, the duplication of the


Primal strand of DNA in the fertilized egg cell and formation of Centriole. The
Spirits that Created now takes Saguna State. One must note here that Dr.
Stuart Hameroff and famous quantum Physicist Dr. Roger Penrose, attribute
consciousness to centriole and spindle fibers. They have come close to the
reality. However, my stand goes one point ahead to say that Consciousness
and intelligence exist in inner space-time field. The centriole and spindle
fiber are physical manifestation of the same that appears and disappear
back into the space-time. The life survives by basic process in which
information moves from inside to outside and outside to inside.
The purpose of Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice is to bring
humanity back to knowledge era or Golden Age. This is
liberation of Adam and Eve or Humanity from evil minds. The
institutions called religions has to break open and grow
beyond self and intuitional interest to the interest of Christ
and His Spirit.
Today we are in the fourth phase of Quantum Universal Cycle. We are
peaking in uncertainty and disorder. The plan for revival and restoration
comes into effect in this phase. This plan has come to work through Christ
and His Calvary sacrifice. Here the Creating Spirits has gone into Nirguna or
impersonal mode. From non-linear science, we can say we are in the peak of
disorder ready to collapse into new order around a Great Attractor. From
Quantum science, we are in for a Great Quantum collapse and
reorganization. This is summarized in Fig -21


In short, With Christs Calvary Sacrifice, The Creating Spirits entered the
Nirguna or impersonal state giving free will to all souls to take new position
in the New World being formed. This is not Religious stuff. It is a Science
of Creation and Restoration at work. To understand it as science we
need to bring the vision of what advocators of String and Ekpyrotic Universe
Scenario speak to us [Ref- 74, 26, 33]
Scientifically speaking Christ consciousness and Intelligence is

the Higgs Field that binds the system or Parallel world

together. The science is wrong as it searches One Higgs Particle. Higgs
particle also is paired one dominant and other recessive. Hindu philosophy
visualizes Lord Shiva as [Half male Half female] dancing as one. Large
Hadron Collider [LHC] the most expensive science project erected to find God
Particle has a huge sculpture of Dancing Shiva at its entrance. The core
secret of Nataraja Posture of Lord Shiva also is depicted in Kundalini as Pair
of Life force arising from beneath. See Fig 24. [Page -103]. It is this dance
that I figured in a single particle See Fig-1
The whole process needs to be understood from
Consciousness and Intelligence of the Creator unfolding from
darkness to lead humanity into Higher Knowledge so that
Earth, humanity and Kingdom of God is reestablished


The Closing of Gates

The quantum leap from Nirguna or impersonal to personal or birth is
associated sudden gain of Spirit/souls from lower realms and fall of souls
from upper realm. It is the end of Third wave and beginning of fourth
wave. Souls of Billions of common people will be lifted up and many souls
from upper levels will fall. The criteria are the intent with which people took
Gods name and used His Powers. This would include religious leaders
who have worked for their institutional growth than for spiritual
awakening of common people. This will include leaders of nations and
kings and even rich business class who have accumulated wealth cheating
common people.

The worst among these sections are evil minds that

desecrate temples, churches and places of worship by
converting it into a business place and approaches it with
intent of political power. They fall to the lowest level. These
are people who speak nicely to a blind beggar, throw a coin
to his plate and lift the note from it. Forgive me if I am
wrong, much of our religious and political leaders come into
this class. They actually stand as obstacle in the
manifestation of Kingdom of God. However, they stand no
chance, the battle is won 2000 years back and nothing can
stop it now. They breaking down and yielding to truth can
alleviate the pains of Birth.
The worst case would be priest-allowing abomination and desecration of
Sanctum Sanctorum. Any priest or institution, who knowingly does it, is
destined to fall to the lowest level. When tears of justified and oppressed
reaches certain critical state the gate to lower levels will be opened to
lift souls up and many souls described above falls in to replace it
and it will be shut. This is birth into New Time Cycle. This as an
important event as important as Christs Calvary Sacrifice. Fig 16
and 21 speaks this. What follows is the Golden Age.
Note- I am not visualizing sudden disappearance people on
Earth as Pentecostal people preach. However, it is the
spiritual determination of the fate of the soul at death.


In short, what I say is that what moves God is the tears of

justified and oppressed. The very purpose Christ manifested
and became a Sacrificial Lamb is to restore the kingdom of
His Father. Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice.
Complete understanding of this lifting and fall of souls calls to understand by
the seven steps of creation.
In summary Spirituality is real. The first part of the cycle is spiritual.
However, in time, when few generations pass, people forget Grace,
knowledge and then power breeds Ego, Pride and self. Consequence is loss
of knowledge. This leads to uncertainty. In life cycle, spiritual phase can be
visualized as childhood; adolescent phase is phase where knowledge
deteriorates uncertainty comes into existence. However, when it passes the
half way mark, humanity [Adam and Eve] falls to the trap of fallen Angels
and thus begins the formation of religions and cultures.
This probably associated with loss of communication with God. The world
now dips into disorder and darkness. The longest period of life cycle is the
3rd phase of uncertainty. When this disorder peaks to a 3:1 in favor of
darkness and collapse, Christ manifests to recreate and restore. The
religion called Christianity is a compromise with the old [Jewish culture and
practice] that Christ condemned. This becomes evident from the dress,
culture and practices of the Priest and the huge Gap between what Priests
preach and Practice.
God probably knew this will happen and thus He said He would pour out His
Spirits on all and awaken them and bring them to Light and salvage them
from the bondage of religion. This is happening through the Spirit that
Christ released in Calvary. There is Divine Plan under progress and nothing
can stop it. The rise of religions, temples, churches idol worship all are part
of the Great Cycle of time. Every religion has few people who are good, who
knew God as Light and Knowledge and believed the God exist even in the
darkness and would emerge at some time and rule. Thus, spirituality has
survived within religions. We can always find few good in multitude of bad.
The opposite is also True. The light and darkness are inseparable.
Knowledge helps us to fallow Light and resist darkness

7 Step Creation The Cosmic Kundalini Rising

Bible speaks that creation occurred in seven days. There is a parallel in
Eastern Philosophy that speaks of Cosmic Kundalini [See Fig -24 ]. This
possibly is the consciousness and Intelligence of Creator unfolding from


within and initializing the system. It means Heart and Mind of God revealing
to recreate and restore. We already saw how cosmic system works on two
spirits one masculine and other recessive feminine and how it has two modes
of existence; creation and sustenance.
We saw, how, when the system is endangered by time, it goes into creation
mode, in which the two Supreme Quantum entangled Spirits or fields,
existing in two different worlds comes together and goes into Nirguna or
impersonal mode. Once creation is complete these parental field separate to
from two and multiple worlds.
The two parallel worlds, which are one, contain many worlds. One of these
worlds carries the original
information. We visualized
a condition of time [3:1] at
which inner space of one
world gets stressed [winds]
to maximum kinetic state
and other is stressed by
unwinding force to reach
maximum potential state.
At this point, parental
information comes alive.
The masculine world that is
stressed to maximum
kinetic state breaks
expands into a string and
wriggles [moves] to
conceive in its pair in
opposite world that
similarly would have
reached maximum
stressed state by
Unwinding force. This
creates that little
perturbation of life. The spirit of the Father here gives New Life.
In discussing global warming and climate catastrophe, we noted the stress to
the cosmic system comes from humanity and its mind that become ego, self


and material centered. We today, at the physical level and spiritual level are
experiencing the peak of this stress.
The way out of this stress is Truth. The scientist who gave the knowledge of
exploiting the material power is miserably failing to comprehend the Truth.
They are feeding fear of collapse of Earth and humanity. Many top scientists
speak of abandoning the planet. We also saw how religious people who are
partially awakened, existing in uncertain state, leading the system to great
conflict in the name of God. Behind, the war and terrorism and destruction
we witness in the world there is direct and indirect hand of religious minds.
The world cannot come out of this endangered situation unless it knows Truth
and God.

I had no hope for humanity and this world until; I had

a New Birth Experience in the Spirit of Christ or God .

We saw how Jesus Christ

manifests as Creator through His Calvary Sacrifice. He has released the two
creative spirits so that the whole Cosmic system can be recreated restored
and given New Life. This recreation is revelation of Heart and Mind or Truth


of God. It is the revelation of His Feminine and Masculine Nature. It actually

is transformation of souls with free will before new order manifests.

Important There are two pairs of spirits or strings in

action. One pair is Godly, comes from Gods Mind and His
heart that is moving up. The other pair is material coming
from the fallen angel. The fallen angel is material centered
and created a force against God Force. See fig -24
I perceive the Nirguna or impersonal state of Holy Spirits released by Christs
Calvary Sacrifice should be considered as the intelligence of the Creator
unfolding through seven steps, lifting humanity from depth of darkness to
Light and liberation. The fig, 22,23,24 speaks this. This is Seven Day
Creation. It can be compared to Kundalini awakening of Hindu Philosophy.


This lifting of human souls and giving New Life and initialization of the
System into New Time cycle is happening through Christs sacrifice and the
Spirit He has released. The forces acting from within and the steps involved
are shown in the Fig 23Kundalini [see fig -24] explains pair and complementary pair or four
stands in life. Much of the material centered minds actually exist in the
lowest two states. The minds that are directed in the forbidden path do
so by the ignorance of Truth of Nature and God. It is pushing the system
to great disorder. The central wave that is growing up is Cosmic
Kundalini rising. It is Christ consciousness and intelligence


unfolding. This is bound to take us up and initialize the system. Hindu

philosophy speaks this as a great serpent or latent energy unwinding.
Bible speaks it as transformation of souls devoured by the Serpent or
conversion of black energy into white by Christs Spirit. We will discuss
this in detail later.

The Structure of Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God has a Throne of Light [White hole], followed by four
parts. An upper part or space, [called heaven in scriptures] the middle part
called Earth, which consists of two parts, then there is a dark space and its
throne [Black hole] See Fig -25. The system is created and sustained by
pure flow of Spirit or Life Force. There is spiritual body to the
kingdom of God through which spirit flows. The material world that
we see exists on top of it. In short, the Spirit actually manifests and
moves the material world. Even modern science has come to Know
to this reality.

Characteristics of Kingdom of God

Characteristic of Kingdom of God are

Pure Love and Truth and Justice

Pure Light, knowledge and freedom


There is no law, but a forbiddance exists from going away from Him
into world of darkness as the one world differentiates into two.

The spiritual body is the reality. It sustains the material body or Cosmos we
see. Every cell of the body every atom has spiritual frame work that supports
it. As the spiritual framework changes every atom, every cell of the system is
forced to change. This spiritual framework of Cosmic Being we noted comes
from a Single Supreme Soul or Life with a Supreme Heart and Supreme
Mind that is formed from two worlds; Heaven and Earth. Everything in nature
changes as time changes. The only thing that fails is the human mind that is
ego and self-centered. Thus Truth becomes a necessity for smooth
Transformation and transition of Cosmos into New Time cycle.

Important point
Inert atoms in upper realm or heaven cannot form material body
through creativity. The same is true for the inert atoms in lower realm
or hell. The inert atoms moves to the lower or upper levels
depending on what power it accumulated in it, in its freedom and in
its material manifestation on Earth. The Vedas have described this
aspect in terms of karma. Earlier we saw that how every human
mind that has acquired power fails at the 18thdoor. This call for Gods
direct intervention to save humanity and restore His Kingdom

The difference between the heaven, Earth and hell is that,

the space time in heaven expands but in hell it contracts,
in Earth it remains constant.
Earth that inhabits humans thus appears to play an important role in
Cosmos. The place of purification of souls written in Bible is Earth
itself. The fact that God the supreme manifested on Earth in human
form to become the lamb of sacrifice, invariably means every drama
unfolds right here on Earth. Every soul in heaven then is destined to
take birth on Earth when the system is in reordering phase. Much of
the anointed people whose touch and in whose vicinity peace and
order or miracles are occurring, are probably these angels manifested
on Earth. The struggle for power and the occupation of supreme seat
exists an all three worlds. We will see how soul movement happens in
the kingdom of God later.


Just as when cells and organs of the body fail the system fails, the Cosmic
Being and its living field is stressed when we the created souls in His image
fail to connect to the consciousness and walk the path of Truth and Justice.
All spiritual scriptures speak of a Great Soul [God] manifesting on Earth
when Truth and Justice is endangered. God the Spirit is the balancing
Spirit. The motion we witness in physical world is the Constant Motion of the
Spirit in spiritual worlds. There are two worlds masculine and feminine. Thus,
eastern philosophy depicts Cosmos as Dance of the God Shiva and Goddess
Parvathi. Traditional Christianity considers Mother Mary as God. The New
Age Pentecostal churches fail to perceive the importance of Mother. We will
see the fallacy and shortcomings of Traditional and New Age churches later.
Whens the created spirits souls to the left and right of parent souls, fails to
uphold Truth and Justice, the spiritual framework loses its power. [Note when
I speak creation it has to be understood as transformation of souls and giving
New Life]. In short, cosmic living system is stressed when souls fall and take
the forbidden path. When of the souls fall the Position of God as a Judge
and sustainer is endangered. This necessitates recreation and restoration.
The masculine world now conceives into feminine and goes into creation
state. What rules during this period is the inferior mind or Mind of the Body
that connects to the external material world. Vedas clearly tells that the
knowledge that mind of the body gives is inferior. The gravity and force and
fall of souls is now directs to conceived soul and it powers the system back to
the initial state [A ratio opposite to the earlier force]. This is birth and
restoration. I have expressed it in the Figure 21 .
We also saw how the forbidden center is taken over by Christ,
feeding the souls Fig 16. This is what we need to understand
from what Christ said Eat from my flesh and drink my blood to
come alive
At the cosmic level, it needs to be understood as TRANSFROMATION and
uplifting of indestructible souls and its restoration. It needs to be understood
as giving New Life and illumination of intellect of human Mind, such that
humanity can emerge from darkness and slavery to religious institutions and
emerge into light. I believe it is Heart and Mind of God revealing. It is
cosmic Kundalini Awakening.

What is End Time Present state of the World?


There is huge cry about end time. The fear of end has become a fishing field
for many. God and His name, His power is being used abundantly, some with
good intent aligned with Holy spirits other with self-centered intent. The
traditional churches are threatened by out poring of spirit on individuals and
starting of new churches and ministries. This is predicted in Bible, yet the
traditional churches resist it. This pouring of Holy Spirit on people and their
awakening has reached a threshold, where confusion reigns.
The confusion can only vanish when truth emerges. Only then Good News
becomes a Global reality beyond Religion. Right now there is huge
resistance to Good News and Spirit of Christ. The miracle cure that is
happening in many, ministries in the name Jesus attract people. However,
those who had no miracle or transformative experience, question it. The
scientific world that has failed to grow to perceive and explain such miracles
are not ready to accept it. The new generation that is being educated
scientifically and is part of material centered world fails to comprehend it.
Traditional Christianity who ruled us, in Gods name opposes the human
awakening to Christ and His Spirit tooth and nail. They fear danger to their
institution. Further the very separation of humanity in the name of religions,
actually hinders the Good News and Spirit of Christ to lead us from darkness
to light.
All the awakening in this flesh body has some attachment with this
material world. This is natural. Most awakened spiritual speakers do show
material weakness, do show ego or I factor, that leads to their fall. This
gives advantage to evil. However, one thing stand out in the whole process is
that Christ Spirit is growing in power. Nothing can stop.
The path that no religion questions, which all religions and all
people use is science. The only way the Good News can break
barriers and Spirit of God can become Global force to
manifest Kingdom of God is to Know Christ and His Calvary
sacrifice as Science beyond Religions.
God is a nonlinear science phenomenon. The Holy Spirit that Jesus released
through His self-sacrifice is emerging as a STRANGE ATTRACTOR STATE.
Souls are attracted to it and are being transformed in this central field by
various measures. Mind of most People in this modern world exists in the first
two levels [See fig -25]. They exist principally influenced by money and its
power. They could be religious but not spiritual.


The present state of the world is that of an uncertainty where the paired Holy
Spirit fields of Cosmic Kundalini is rising vertically from below in the middle.
See Fig 24 . The Souls today exists distributed in the flow between realms 1
to 5. Some have also entered the sixth level, gaining special powers. One
can count them as highly anointed preachers whose touch creates miracle
cures and who have power of prophesy. The core is a flux; nobody can stay in
the core all the time. Thus, we see spiritual power of souls peaking
and falling. The one who is unattached and has no intent to build His
kingdom rather wish to work for God, is easily and repeatedly connects with
the Spirit Ascending. The Divine Plan works through them.
However, because of want of TRUTH all the souls exist in
uncertainty. The Life force always directs to heaven. The material
force directs to hell. Both these forces are peaking. Thus, we see
waves that are showing dramatic ups and downs. When system
touches the birthing point the kingdom of God manifests. This
means the Life Force or God Force WINS THE BATTLE. This is
the end of Third Wave of New Age Movement and beginning
of Fourth Wave.
This happens when 3/4th of the souls are drawn into the central core
[Become Conscious and intelligent] and they direct the forces to the
White Hole. The need of the hour is to bring Christ and His Sacrifice
out of Religion and understand it as science. Only then, the evil
can be defeated and goodness can prevail. It will happen.
However, the world would go through huge pain and suffering much the
same way pregnant mother goes through before she delivers the Child;

Christ prophesized this.

The birthing needs to be understood as knowing the Truth
or Great Mind or Mind of the Creator. It is the Great
Quantum Collapse of Universal Consciousness. It is
Quantum Leaping and initialization into NEW UNIVERSAL

Why End of Third Wave becomes highly painful?

The figure 25 explains it.


We are drawn to the core where force is flowing towards White Hole. This is
so because we are all created in His image. We have Spark of His Life
within all of us. We all have His character deep within. We all are one in Him.
The spark of His life, in us is awakening as the system is poised to enter
Birthing Phase. Bible says. 'In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on
all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men
will see visions, your old men will dream dreams [Acts 2:17, Joel
We feel uncertainty because the Spirit of God has duality and is constantly
dancing as it is rising up. The uncertainty chaos is increasing because
the opposing force to life is also increasing. This is Creating huge
disorder. The scenario changes when we comprehend Truth of Christ beyond
religion and enter the Fourth Wave. In other words, when the Spirit of God,
leads us to Birth and initialization into New Time Cycle
Everything happening on Earth can be explained from the Figure -25. The
spiritual or energetic world and physical world both are in a huge flux. It is
violently peaking and falling. The spiritual and physical fields both realities
of life. We are failing to strike a reality between the two. The world today is
at the peak of materialism. Here we see even God being made a means of
gaining material wealth. Consequently, the physical world is breaking down.
The Good News is that flux within is growing against it and it is attracting us.


However, when we return from retreat center to the physical world, we are
increasingly experiencing the physical force that drives us down. Thus, even
the best of spiritually awakened person feels helpless.
It is impossible that any human can resist the downward force of the
Physical World. The Second Coming of Christ and

completion of the Divine Plan thus becomes a

necessity. I do not see physical manifestation of Christ as another
individual here. However, I see the manifestation Christ as Global
personality that includes all. As the Truth is known each soul collapses
to take a destined position in his body. Some will be short lived as skin
cells and wither way, others like nerve cells stays with it until another
Universal Cycle.
Most of the people including the religious exist in the lowest two levels. It
represents the material world in which we all exist. The spiritual awakening
occurs when one enters the 3rd level. It is here one experience small miracle
cures and Gods intervention. Higher level of miracle cure occurs when you
enter 4th level. A new Birth experience manifest when you rise up the 5th
level. Here one experiences the Love of God. At 6th and 7th level one gains
the power to heal and prophesy.
No one in flesh can stay in the central core eternally. The
moment they come out, they encounter the material world
that is sinking. Thus, all scriptures call us to be in Prayer and
in association to withstand the forces of evil. The system is
open for people to grow or fall with free will, until the Truth
manifest breaking the 8th level
Once you have spiritual rebirth experience, you gain a conscious call and you
are supposed to walk the path of Truth and Justice. You are also called to be
Water of Life. In short, be of use to others. Thus, the spiritually awakened
people work to awaken more people. They serve people with Good heart.
Many end up using the gift of Holy Spirit for self-advancement. Such souls
fall deep into the pit through the center core as the Truth Strikes. Thus,
scriptures tell us of many angels of God falling as the judgment proceeds.
In short, The Creator Spirits [Father and Mother] since Chriss
Calvary is in impersonal or Nirguna mode, in an ascending


state. They stand as observers with free will to all Souls. God
is giver of what we seek. The act of seeking determines
eventual end you find in.
In short, Gods Grace is open to all and is beyond religion. I have seen
people from other religions, experiencing the Spirit of Christ much more
powerfully than Christians do. How much to what magnitude one experience
the spirit depends on what soul seeks. However, all who enters this field
returns with vigor and Power. How he uses it in Gods Nirguna or impersonal
creative mode is left to the participators will. The rewards for Truthfulness
manifest when the Spirit changes its mode from impersonal to personnel or
Nirguna to Saguna mode. This is a short phase when gate to kingdom of God
opens and then closes. In scientific context, it is when a quantum collapse
and reorganization occurs. It happens when the balance reaches 3:1 in favor
of Good. This is inevitable.

Where Pentecostal Churches and Traditional

Churches are going wrong
All types of Drama are Unfolding on Earth. There is conflict and uncertainty in
all individual and churches. The Pentecostal Churches, oppose the traditional
churches and traditional churches fight the Pentecostal churches, in spite of
the fact that that it is explicitly written in Bible that only
Pentecostal experience anoints and empowers a soul. Thus, traditional
churches are losing the battle against the Pentecostal churches. The
traditional people in traditional churches are losing the battle against the
Charismatic people within the church.
Pentecostal church proclaims that they belong to God the Father and thus
feel as superior races. They view traditional churches that give Mother Mary
nearly the same important position as God the Father as inferior. This is the
Ego and Pride. This amounts to rejection of Jesus. I defend this
statement from science. Science tells us biological information is paired, one
dominant the other is recessive. Energy concept also says kinetic energy and
potential energy as one. Every Pentecostal churches that deny Mother Mary,
should ask one self, how then God had to take womans womb on Earth to
manifest Jesus to rebuild His Kingdom.


Very Important
Denying Mother Mary is equal to denying Jesus His only Son,
the heir to Kingdom of God. It is denying once own reality.
The character of God, love, mercy, forgiveness that
manifested through Christ that facilitated New Life and Power
to the anointed Pentecostal preachers actually came from the
feminine aspect of God Reality that came from Mother Mary.
Fathers contribution is the Resurrection power. Nobody can
get New Life experience unless God the Father has called.
However, the same God the Father who rises up the souls and
give Angelic position, throws them down when they become
Ego and Self-centered. Therefore, it is important one needs to
be humble and compassionate to enter the Kingdom
God the Father is True, Jesus is True, so also the Holy Spirit that God
released through Jesuss Calvary sacrifice. The Truth is that the
Holy Spirit has two parts the dominant and recessive the masculine
and feminine Nature of God. One is contribution from the Father
and other from Mother.
All religious organization on earth has a Spiritual and Earthly component. In
early days, the Christian church was Spiritual; people in it were filled with
Holy Spirit. When the Earthly component in them dominated, they focused
on wealth and expansion. However, they took the Bible around. Every
Pentecostal Churches should accept the fact that without them the Bible they
preach would not have survived. The wealth of traditional churches
accumulated was invested to buy largely Land. However, this type of open
wealth accumulation and exploitation of common person, in the name of
unseen God, beyond a limit, attracted thinking mind and revolt. This we all
know seeded the modern Science that challenged the teachings of the
Church about God. As they found that science is contributing to exploit the
material world, they joined in. I strongly feel that the root of present day
Economy and Banking cartels corporate thinking all lies in traditional
The minds in traditional churches adopted education and health as a means
to percolate, spread and establish the Churches and increase the wealth.
Many Pentecostal preachers are also taking the same route. However,
everywhere they went they also preached Bible. They Instituted Holy


Sacrament. They developed the present culture that bound people together
and keep them together and through them they amassed wealth. What they
amassed in one place they invested elsewhere thus expanded in corporate
style. What lacked in them was the power of Holy Spirit - The ability
to Heal and give New Life.

Without their knowledge, they were contributing to

the physical growth of the Child within, but they
were failing to Breathe New Life.
Today we are in an end time scenario. People are awakening spontaneously
as written in Bible. We live in scientific world where information is flowing
faster and faster. It is stressing us to evolve beyond religions to know Truth
and emerge from darkness to light. It is inevitable it happens.
Post Calvary is a New Phase on Earth; it is a journey back to Light and
Knowledge era. It is journey to Glory of God. It is Journey to Truth. It is a
Journey to Kingdom of God or Truth and Justice
The fact that, in spite of Pentecostal Awakening and New Age
Movement, we see untruth and injustice growing, we see
instability and disorder increasing, we hear increasing cries of
war and destruction, we see earth growing restless, calls for
introspection. I have always felt that many of these awakened
souls struggle to build their Kingdom than Kingdom of God.
They seem to be biased and fail to walk the middle path of
Truth. The self seems to be influencing them and power
bestowed on them is being misused. It is time we grow
beyond our ego, self, our religious attitudes and work to save
Earth and humanity and work towards Kingdom of God.
The time from Calvary has changed. 2000 years back Calvary
was a reality that unfolded in a small region and its culture.
That event possibly began elsewhere and ended up there.
Throughout Bible, there is reference to culture of East.
Mathew 2:1 speaks of three wise men coming from east,
fallowing a star when Christ was born. They were wise for
they could see beyond idols. They could see there God
manifesting on Earth to bring them back to Glory. A birds


eye view of history of India shows a Golden period of

spirituality, Knowledge of the highest order existed in it but it
deteriorated in time and ended in idol worship. We are now
on the Edge of New Horizon. Ready to take Birth into New
Time cycle or Knowledge and wisdom era that was lost to us
due to Ego, self and Pride of Angels.

In this era of science, It is stupid to think Jesus in

terms of small place, small sect. We need to
expand our vision to see Earth as Israel the heart
of Cosmic Being or God. We need to protect it and
uphold it. We must see our oneness in the
impersonal Holy Spirit. We must see people
connected to heart and walking the path of Truth
and justice as Gods people
Just as heart has a small nervous system that controls it, God has
small group of enlightened Angels Governing the Life of His
Kingdom. He has others at brain and mind [secondary levels]
administering the body. He is bound to push down and lock all
those who desecrate His temple into hell for a predestined
Forgive me if I am wrong. Religious heads eventually have to take the
responsibility for this endangered world. Their failure is the cause of the
present world. Jesus came to liberate us from the clutches of religions and
bring us to Light or Glory of Kingdom of God. He came to restore Fathers

How Miracle Cure and Awakening manifests

through Holy Spirits in a Retreat Centers
Every human has four components the Spirit, Soul, mind and body. Inside the
soul, there is a space where the spirit exists. All instantaneous
communication in life takes place through this space. The mind is a
secondary space or portal that connects the internal world with external
world or body. The mind of humans has the same structure and
functioning as the soul but is illusionary. Every cell has a mind and
soul. We all know that one cell manifest into whole complex system called


Human being. This aspect we discussed in the first part, deducing it down to
atomic levels.
Our Mind is not independent of the Spirit/Soul. Mind connects to the external
world through the five senses. When these senses and the mind becomes
slave to material world, it disconnects with the internal world of spirit/soul
and hinders the proper functioning of the system. Thus, all life, including
Earth is designed with a sleeping phase where the mind sleeps and
internal world [consciousness and intelligence] that does not sleep
works round the clock to create order. Those of you who know
something about sleep know that it has four quantum stages. We hardly go
to the fourth stage.
The Truth and life exist in the inner realm. Life can exist in
brain dead state, but cannot exist in heart dead state. This
tells us the importance of the inner world and the need to
give space-time for inner realm to work. Health of humans
has direct relationship with it. The ancient east knew this as
they inculcated into their culture and education as yoga and
Every cell has same structure as the whole. The whole system called life
that we see is the differentiated product of information from one cell. Every
cell carries the information of the whole, but the information is truncated.
The information exists in pairs. The system is capable of dedifferentiating
this information to reduce it from 2n to n and mix it with parallel world
and thus evolve the information to survive time and change. This is the
sexual reproduction in Life. What we call uncertainty actually is Divine Plan
or Intelligent Design for species to survive.
Note Every cell has complete information of the species. In appropriate
condition, it can dedifferentiate and differentiate complete information. This
knowledge of differentiation and de-differentiation is the foundation of
commercial cloning technologies and cell and organ culture in labs for
transplantation. I was associated with this field for many years. I felt that
cloning is human greed and is intrusion in to species inherent design to
survive in Nature. This conscious feeling made me leave my career.

Important point is that every cell has a mind and soul. It is when the mind of
the person sleeps the cells are able to work properly in tandem with the


primal soul field to the set the system to gain new order. The same is true to
human mind and our relationship with Gods Mind. Thus, east inculcated
culture and practices that help transcend the mind such that individual can
connect to the consciousness and help it heal. They extended this approach
to connect to the Universal consciousness. The knowledge of East is thus
priceless Gem.
Time we noted is inevitable to all living system. The universal
Living system is not beyond it. Thus, it should have phase where
its Mind sleeps and gives space for His Conscious field and Spiritual
information field to work to create a new order in the body. With
Calvary we are in this phase.
We did see in the first part how original information is enfolded in spiritual
form within the space of the soul [inert atoms] and how the whole
information is spread in two Primal Souls [God souls]. How the dominant and
masculine part conceives in the feminine part to start a recreation and
restoration phase. Thus, God the Father has a sleep phase in which His mind
surrenders to its own recessive or feminine part and goes into recreation
The Crux of our discussion is that, the paired information of Primal
God and Goddess existed in Christ and when He made self-sacrifice,
He made amends to what, His fathers people did by virtue of the
power He entrusted on them. They developed Ego, Pride and self and
extreme greed for material world. The reordering process is occurring
through Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice. Christ released the basal Primal
Information thread to unfold to create new order. In effect, Four Threads or
fields are dancing one pair towards Light or Life [God force] and another pair
towards Darkness and Death. This is evident in Kundalini awakening Fig -24.
We have freedom to be attached to any string. However, most of us are
material centered and tend to attach to the string that leads down wards to
black hole See Fig -25
The world today lives totally as slave to material world. We are not trained to
be connected to the consciousness and intelligence and work from the living
field [conscious field]. Hardly any ones mind sleeps properly. Consequently
everyone is stressed. In our greed, we even are upsetting the functioning of
Earths its natural rhythm. We have intruded into the night cycle of Earth in
which she works to cool and create new order. Our ego, pride and self has


caught us in a vortex of self-destruction. We individually and collectively are

not able to connect to the consciousness and hence are experiencing
disorder and disorder is growing every day. Christ and His spirits are
working to awaken our consciousness.
I am sure at least some of you know that there is resonance to Earth called
Schumann Resonance. Earth struggles to sustain the frequency. Every life
relates to this frequency. It influences it and is influenced by it. In short, Earth
works like the heart of a living system. Today by our material centered life
and greed, we are upsetting this rhythm. In the process, we are inviting huge
destruction. We did discuss it under Global warming and increasing climate
catastrophe. Way out is to awaken to the realm of heart and function
from it. This cannot happen unless human ignorance is wiped out and he is
brought to full Light or Truth.
Human quest is struggle to know Truth and Light. It is a quest for lost
knowledge. The Truth is that our mind cannot comprehend Truth. Every
Human mind that seeks Truth does so with intent. Thus, all scriptures
especially Vedas say human mind cannot find Truth, but it will come to us by
GRACE for a purpose. The purpose is to sustain Kingdom of God.
Scriptures call us to keep faith, do the duty and service without seeking
the fruit. In short, there is limitation to what we can attain through
meditation. What we humans attain with our struggle leads to Ego, Self
and Pride and it causes the fall. This is where Christs importance of
Calvary Sacrifice comes into being. Christ made amends to what His
Fathers people, who were given Powers and who ended misusing it.
When Christ sacrificed His life, with no resistance, in full
obedience to His Father, being fully aware of His powers, He
arrested the time and death and ensured that His Fathers
Kingdom once again manifests. The spirits He released is
uplifting souls and is restoring it giving it New Life as we
discussed earlier with free will.
We earlier noted that Spirit of God since Christs Calvary Sacrifice exist in
Nirguna or impersonal mode. As human greed is upsetting the resonance of
Earth and upsetting its biosphere to collapsing state, the spirit of God is also
growing from within supporting it. Thus, a Divine Plan is working from
within. A flow is rising up within toward light, there is also another


one moving towards the dark end. All of us come to Light field, with an
intent that is attached to the dark field.
The great knot is that, no ordinary human will come to retreat without a want
that is attached with this material world. This is natural for the physical body
of we earthling is as natural as spiritual one. No one who is conducting the
retreats will ever think to see God among the pupils who have come to them.
Thus, Jewish priest missed Christ their savior. The mind or I cannot seek God
and Truth. Thus, Christ said Truth is accessible to only those who are Childlike. Truth comes to a mind that surrenders and constantly accepts death.
Thus, Calvary where God himself accepted Mind death is the only
Source for humanity to Know Truth. In short Truth is Grace that is going
to come to us. No wonder, Christ said I am the path to Life. We cannot know
Truth and Christ and attain life, by being religious, studying scriptures or by
going to churches. The only way is accepting death. The surrender of I and
ego. Very often our position, our affiliation, thoughts fed into us becomes
limitations to know Truth. You have to be revolted like Christ to know Truth.
Thus, an atheist, who deny God, but is human and compassionate has more
chance than a pope to see Truth.
In a retreat center, when a group of awakened people come together, they
are able to raise the consciousness or resonance of the group to higher level
thus miracles, life transformative changes occur. A powerful core of
people is critical to a Good Retreat Center. The awakening of the inner
spirit of God takes place through certain steps
1] All retreat centers have a powerful sound system and music group. We all
know energy is the basis of life. When harmonious music strikes you, your
body cells are de-stressed. This has soothing effect on your mind. One must
note that music is based seven notes or swaras.
2] When powerful speakers, who are anointed or who have previously
experienced Mercy and Grace of God, finding miraculous deliverance from
acute diseases, financial problems and so on your mind and its thoughts
begin to surrender.
3] When large number of people focus and surrender their thoughts, they
unknowingly open the portal to the inner world and let the consciousness
and intelligence works to heal the body. It releases the misbalancing or
accumulated energy. We must note here that the Ayurveda and acupressure


of East considers disease as accumulation Negative energy due to improper

flow of energy. Which in turn come from improper food and improper
thoughts? As our mind settles and it opens to connect to the consciousness,
it releases the energy in packets, what one body releases becomes the cure
for another person. Life we must note is continuous struggle to balance the
system so is the Cosmic Being. God rejoices in your healing. Everything
can explained from energy and repairing of the spiritual body over which
physical body you see exists.
4] At higher levels, we are drawn in to deeper levels where a portal opens to
develop a communication with Universal Consciousness and Intelligence.
This is the highest level of four stages and becomes accessible to only few.

When souls approach this field with intent they tend to

fall. If the intent is selfless and is oriented to strengthen the Kingdom of
God, the communion grows in strength and survives the Judgment.

Is awakening and New Life only meant for

I am not scholar of Bible. However, my one word answer is no. I am sure
this would hurt my Christian brothers and sisters. If anyone thinks so or if
anyone programmed to thinks so, he is living in an illusionary world and is
being held as slave. He is not aware of the purpose for which Christ
manifested and the Significance of Calvary Sacrifice. Christ
manifested to restore His Fathers Kingdom. His Fathers Kingdom is
Truth and Justice. He manifested in a period of time when ratio of balance
between light and darkness has shifted to 3:1 in favor darkness the system
entered into collapsing mode. The Spirit of Life now had to enter Nirguna
Mode and go into Re-Creation.
The only way out for God to restore His Kingdom is to lift the
lost souls with free will and give it New Life. In short, God the
Cosmic Man or Purusha had to recreate His spiritual body and
manifest the physical body to enter New Time Cycle.
Some of the most powerful anointing of Holy Spirit that I have observed is
always been with people from other religions. The fact that even though
they are denied Holy Communion they attained such anointing
clearly speaks that Christ is above religion and the symbolic culture
and practices that Christianity as a religion instituted to hold people


together. The powers of awakening that work behind the scene in a Retreat
Center are the heart-felt prayers of these awakened souls. A priest of
Charismatic movement in India, Fr. James Manjakal, does speak openly
that his initiation to Holy Spirit and Charismatic Movement actually
occurred through a young Hindu awakened to Spirit of Christ.
Pentecostal movement and Charismatic movement is virtually shaking
the foundation of traditional Christianity and awakening souls to the reality
that you are speck of the Divine, free in Spirits of God to take any position in
kingdom of God that is manifesting. Bible does speak of God pouring His
spirit on all to awaken [Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17]. We are all one in Cosmic
Purusha, or Son of Man, who is taking New Life. However, what type of cell
what position one takes depends what you seek, what intent you carried
when you approached Him. He is knower of intent of all souls. At Judgment
He comes down upon on all evil minds hiding in power centers. It probably
begins with Temples and Churches. It is interesting to note that core of
Jewish people, the true people, have not built a temple and still
prays on the wall of ruined temple.
A simple over view of Bible tells us that, Jesus spoke to His disciples with
authority and in Parables and not one disciple could understand it. Even the
scholars of Bible, the Priest and Clergies failed to grasp Him. He condemned
the clergies saying, These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are
far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules
Mathew 15:8-9

Here are some Jesuss words that was spoken with authority
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things
will be given to you as well. Mathew 6:32-33
"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father
except through me John 14:6 .
I am the bread of life, the light of the world, the resurrection and
the life John 6:48
I and My Father are one John 10:30
All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows
the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son
and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. Mathew 11:27
"Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they
are born of water and the Spirit. John 3 :5


Jesus said to them, "Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the
Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats
my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up
at the last day. John 6:53-54

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather
with me scatters. Mathew 12 :30

Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has arisen no
one greater than John the Baptist. Yet the one who is least in the
kingdom of heaven is greater than he. Mathew 11:11
But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among
you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a
servant. Luke 22:26

The disciples could gain the understanding of His teaching when the Holy
Spirit filled them and they had Powerful New Born Experience.
Here are some key words that prophetic people and Apostles spoke

I baptize you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit." Mark 1:8

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under

heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12

But the anointing that you received from him abides in you, and you
have no need that anyone should teach you. But as his anointing
teaches you about everything, and is true, and is no liejust as it has
taught you, abide in him. 1 John 2:27

"We must obey God rather than men" Acts5:29

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people
for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him
who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light Peter 2:29
For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of
imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God 1Peter
Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ
for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy
Ghost. Acts 2:38


"For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or
Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one
Spirit." 1 Cor 12:13

We must note that Christ choose ordinary and simple people and empowered
them with His Spirit. There are others, who followed Him, when they realized
that He has potentials to heal and create miracles. However, He did not take
one pupil from the learned class [The priest and clergies]. In spite of seeing
healing, miracles, rising of the dead, there was a huge group of people who
existed as salves to the priest and clergies, they shouted for the release
of the thief, looter and murderer in place of Christ. These people were
shaken by the events that happened at Christs death.
When His disciples filled with Holy Spirit began to create miracles and cure
diseases, there was a shift. The immense popularity of Christianity in early
days, led to kings and the rich make entry into it and dominate it. The evil
hearts that Christ condemned thus made reentry into Christianity. The
present Bible was probably compiled at this stage to protect the words of
Jesus and Light He shed. However, it was a compromised with old culture and
ways. This reflects in the dress, culture and practices of Christianity. They
built their empire on Jesuss name and the Last Supper. Largely they are
same people that Christ condemned.
The name is important for without it no one can reach a destination.
However more important is the key to open the door to the Kingdom. The
key was hidden in last Supper at which He lifted Bread and Wine
blessed it shared it with His disciples, and symbolically said
This is my blood of the]covenant, which is poured out for many
for the forgiveness of sins. I tell you, I will not drink from this
fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new
with you in my Fathers kingdom Mathew 26 28-29.
Christ never said to hang around His name, build churches, seat Him in four
walls and amass wealth in His name. He asked them to be in Prayer to
receive Holy Spirit and walk His path. He asked them to go out spread Good
News, heal people and most importantly TRANSFORM Souls. He said He is
the path, Light, Truth and Life. He asked them to give themselves to peoples
in service much the same way He gave Himself for all.


Mathew 26-29 is important. It is common sense that when

we eat and drink we do it to sustain every cell of the body.
This means through Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice God is
rebuilding His body and initializing it. He is in meditating
state. I would not call it sleeping, because God is
consciousness and intelligence. In Hindu philosophy, it is
reflected as Cosmic Purusha or Cosmic Man. It is
cosmic Kundalini Emerging. There are four steps

There is information or original spirit from two parallel world coming

together to evolve the information.
Creation of Spiritual body or framework
Covering the spiritual frame work with Flesh.
Breathing Life into Cosmic Man This is Birth.

The laws of science say nothing is created or destroyed and that it works
through Transformation. We saw Earth is self-organizing and this selforganizing picture breaks down and takes time direction because of self
and extreme material centeredness of human mind. In short, Cosmic man or
Son of Man or Cosmic Purusha is endangered by self-centered human minds.
The restoration of Cosmic Man or Son of Man, has to happen through not
only transforming every cells and giving it New Life but illuminating the
Human Minds with His Mind. It has nothing to do with religions. it is a
process in which we are participants. The system collapses into new order as
the Truth or Light emerges. Recall quantum collapse of the system as it is
Since Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice and Christ
manifested to restore it, all those who are connected to
the consciousness and walk the path of Truth and
Justice are automatically are in His or Christs Path. You
do not have to be a Christian.
Note -The Pope Francis has aired this attitude as he accepted atheist, even
homosexuals. He was inclusive to all who do well to society and are not
harmful to society. He has dared to condemn his pupils. We must wait and
see how much he succeeds in his house cleaning or will the fantastic evil
minds that dominate suppresses Him. I have always felt that most
priests as wolves coming in the coat of lamb. I would salute the
highest leader of my community only when he takes a decision and orders

His pupils to keep open to public the wealth each one has accumulated and
lead the way.
God knows our intent. God respects our material needs. It becomes a grave
mistake to call oneself God people and yet be salve to material world. Thus,
Christ chose ordinary people as His disciples. Even the modern day
awakening to Spirit of God is coming from ordinary people. Except for few
Priest associated with charismatic movement I honestly dont see any
priest working for God. They work for institutions.

Priest hood, once service in Sanctum Sanctorum, the effort you put to study
Bible will not matter, if you are not aligned with Truth and Justice and Life
Force. We are in dark phase where untruth and injustice is growing in leap
and bounds. Its root exists in failure of His own people [Religious
Institutions]. When light bearers themselves are leading Humanity to friction
and disorder because of their ego, self, and I, there is no chance that any
humans could create a reverse flow to restore the Kingdom.
Thus, Divine Plan through Christ was instituted. Gods Divine plan is to
liberate humanity and Bring Him to Light and Lost Glory. God does not find
fault for the fall of His Kingdom with Humans but His own people. Thus, a
total revamp and reordering with free will to all souls became necessity. We
see evil growing in parallel to spiritual awakening because we are in a phase
of great disorder. It is in a turbulent phase that is
easy to Fish. Christ did prophesize, that during the
end of time; many would rise up in His name
[Mathew 24:5]. As the down force or forces of evil
increases, it is facilitating upward lifting of the
systems through the central core. Imagine a drill at
work or think of pumping water through an external
core that is linked with internal core See fig 26-.
The new birth in Holy Spirit is Transformation of our
thought and thinking. This experience can be mild or
powerful, lifting you to various stages See Fig 23.
However, once experienced it remains in conscious
manner and you are brought into memory. It calls you to join the force that is
driving up. The collective awakening now leads to a state where a flow
reversal takes place. Much the same way 3:1 in favor of darkness
necessitated the manifestation Christ, a 3:1 force in favor of Light, brings the
Restoration of the Kingdom. It is the Birth of Cosmic Man conquering time.
This is the Second Coming or Awakening to Truth.


We seek God with Self and material motive. Many approach

Him to support their evil intent and plans. He gives it too, but
in the end, the evil minds will wither, they fall and find
themselves in hell fire.

What you mean by Born in Spirit and Baptized

by Water
The concept of being Born in Spirit and Baptized by Water, signify two
aspect of service to God. It represents purification and rendering back to
service. It is awakening to the consciousness and walking the path of Truth
and Justice Born in Spirit simply means connecting to the consciousness
and coming into awareness of God. Baptized by Water is a call to be of
service to God and humanity.
I want to call your attention to John 3:5. Where Jesus speaks of being born of
water and Spirit, Mark 1:8 where John the Baptist speaks of the future where
Spirit baptizes. Luke 22:26 where Jesus calls disciples to be servants.
Being born of water signifies the basic quality required to
enter the Kingdom of God. Water is important necessity to
support Life. It flows from top to down, drenching Earth and
nourishing Life. It signifies how one has to live on Earth to qualify for
the next level - the heaven.
Water baptism existed in old-testament and it was carried on to the New
Church, in order to bind and keep people together. What they lacked after
the initial fiery period is the baptism by Spirit of God and miracles that
was core of sudden growth of Christianity. Since it is not practicable to do
fire baptism as they do with water, it was suppressed and they ruled
humanity by rules and regulations. But it was predicted to happen
spontaneously in the end of time [Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17]
The post Calvary however is a reverse call, you are called to be borne by
the Spirit and then be baptized by water. Born by Spirit means adult
mind coming into self-realization that he is a speck of light, a part of
Cosmic Man. This calls you to be part and act to assists Him in Creation
mode. Water baptism is a call to be of service to sustain the Kingdom of


Mathew 11:11 and Judgment part of Bible speaks one basic reality that the
Kingdom of God cannot be ensured by any individual, serving in Sanctum
Sanctorum, going to Church and Temples. The only way is to Transcend
through the Spirit of God or by being born in Holy Spirit and being in service
to kingdom of God and humanity. Kingdom of God belongs to those who
surrender their Ego, self and accept death of I and who then live a Truthful
Life being merciful to humanity.
Note that Christ manifested at a period when the cosmic system is
accelerating and plunging into darkness. No soul born of flesh could swim
against this current, thus God Himself had to manifest. In this modern world
of democracy, we still have situation in which, any one speaking against
religious authority is silenced ruthlessly. So no, wonder that Christ was
sacrificed ruthlessly, in spite of all-good things he did to society, so also his
The role of spiritual institutions is to bring humanity back into self-realization.
A true spirituality is developing a one to one relationship with God. It is being
conscious and walking the path Truth and Justice. No religion, no priest, no
prophet can lead you there. Therefore, God intervened showing the Path in
Calvary. By His Calvary Sacrifice He Created the New Path out of darkness.
The situation is no different today; in fact, it is worse than the period of
Calvary. Evil mind have crept into religion built in the name of Christ and is
exploiting humanity more than never before. However, Hope exists in the
Spirits that Christ released.
I am sure the statement of mine will not go well with religious
institutions that directly or indirectly rule the mind of masses.
I am not interested any spiritual debate, the leaders of
Religious institutions needs to realize that the future of
humanity is at risk. The fanatic minds, within all religions
actually rule roost. With all the weapons of mass destruction,
like biological and chemical weapons amenable, we are at risk
of self-destruction in the name of God. This is in addition to
the destruction that humanity is experiencing by aggravated
natural forces. It is up to people to awaken come to life, save
earth for their Children and evolve into Golden Age of Light
Knowledge and Wisdom.


Unity of East and Western Spirituality

Eastern philosophy explains the relation between human and God Mind from
a Tree. They compare the soul and the Super Soul to two friendly birds
sitting on the same tree. The individuated soul is eating the fruit of the tree,
and the other Super Soul [God] is simply watching His friend. These two
souls or birds although they are of the same in quality, one is captivated by
the fruits of the material tree, while the other is simply a witnesses to the
activities of His friend. Although they are friends, one is still the Master and
the other is the servant. Forgetfulness of this relationship by the
servant soul is the cause of the fall.
The Super Soul is Creator and sustainer and works to sustain the tree and
the Bird. In other words, the Master struggles to sustain the health and
balance of the tree when the individuated soul unaware fails Him. This is
reflected in Bhagavad Gita. It pictures Lord Krishna and the warrior Arjuna as
Friends. Lord Krishna mediates for Justice and Truth, fails, and participates in
a war for Truth and Justice as Charioteer siding those who chose Him
[Arjuna]. When everything was set for war, Arjuna, the warrior, seeing his
Guru, His relatives on the opposite side, loses his interest to fight the battle,
then Lord Krishna Reveals Himself as the Master bringing to His memory the
substance of Vedas and the need to do His duty to annihilate the Evil.
Arjuna then Surrenders unconditionally to His Master and fights the war, such
that the Truth and Justice wins. There is parallel to it in Bible. Jesus calls His
disciples friends; He even washed His disciples feet. His disciples never
understood Him. However, the moment the Spirit of Christ descended on
them, they saw the Truth, they turned into fearless warriors fighting for
kingdom of God and God led them.
We can interpret this parable of the ancient Hindu philosophy and its
scripture in many ways. Religious people interpret it to show indirectly the
relationship between Man and God, Earthly and Heavenly. Here is another
interpretation, we can visualize as the heart and mind interaction. Heart and
mind of a child is connected, it acts spontaneously and it eats the fruit to
live. The fruit of a tree is meant to eat. The birds eat, animals eat, and they
help in spreading the seeds of the fruit. When a child is endangered he or
she runs to cover of his or her Parents. However, the situation changes the
moment child becomes the Adult. Adult mind becomes self centered and


explores external world, this period has uncertainty, the devil act in this
It then becomes caught in vortex of self and slavery to material world and
flesh. It then forgets its Creator, the God who is Master of all three
worlds. In short an adult has tendency to lose connection with its
consciousness and intelligence within and get lost in wilderness. The
education, the culture and practices of the east are directed to resist this loss
of individual souls into the fold of darkness. Bible winds it up with one
sentence in Gods resistance to eat from the Tree at the Center and blames
the fall of humanity and Kingdom of God on Adam and Eve.
In contrast, East gave immense practices such as yoga, meditation,
classifications to know once personality, medical, food practices that can
help resist deterioration of body mind and soul. When we, who form cell of
the one Cosmic Being, deteriorate, it inevitably means the Cosmic Being
deteriorate. At any stage the souls becomes aware of it and repents,
the Super Soul intervenes. This is the crux of all scriptures. The role
of priest and people in spiritual intuitions is to help humanity connect to the
consciousness and intelligence with in and walk the path of truth and justice.
The religious world and scientific world we live in is direct reflection of
deterioration of the spiritual knowledge and total slavery to material world.
We are fast spiraling into Black hole and into great disorder. Humanity has
lost connection with his consciousness and intelligence. It has lost
connection with spiritual world within. We have not only become like birds
eating the fruit but are termites eating the tree itself. Lord Krishna finds not
the ordinary people for the Great War and destruction. He finds the three
blessed Great warriors who sided the evil kings.
In short, knowledge deterioration actually emerges from the very institutions
that were instituted to uphold light and Resist people taking the dark path.
We can interpret this as the failure of Light bearers on Earth. Scriptures
speaks deftly that it is Gods peoples who are the cause for the fall of
Kingdom of God. The only people whom Jesus condemned are Priests and
clergies; only place where He lost his control is the temple when He saw it
being made as place of business.
Hindu philosophy speaks time and deterioration as natural process.
Christian philosophy relates it to sin. The Birth and Death Cycle is inevitable.
Birth gives way to death, death gives way to Birth. Bible says death


manifests when the created souls forgets His Creator and sustainer and
becomes salve to material world. The eastern Rhishis meditated to
connected to the consciousness and even went beyond it to connect to the
Universal Consciousness as they wrote elaborate scriptures, parables, culture
and practices to resist the souls from treading in wrong path and ensure
longer life.
Bhagavad Gita 2.22 says "Although the two birds are in the
same tree, the eating bird is fully engrossed with anxiety and
moroseness as the enjoyer of the fruits of the tree. But if in
some way or other he turns his face to his friend who is the
Lord and knows His gloriesat once the suffering bird
becomes free from all anxieties."
Living Universe, that ancient taught is not beyond time. In other words, it has
to go through in cycles of Birth and death. Living Light shined in east and
waned. By the time Jesus Christ, it had come to 3:1 in favor of darkness. The
souls and minds are lost to darkness and the Tree of Life had come to point
of collapsing to singularity or death. God now is forced act to recreate and
restore. A reverse flow and restoration had to be created.
This secret of restoration is in progress through the Spirit of
Christ. No wonder Christ called out to eat His flesh and drink
His blood to come alive. It was a call to be part of New Tree
being formed within the old. Bible very clearly tells us not to
eat His flesh and drink His blood with evil intent.
Most of us who come before God actually tend to seek Wealth and Power.
Those who have lost health seek health and restoration, once restored he
ends up to seek wealth and power. Hardly few actually retreat to know God.
Wealth and power can come to you from Satan and Devil too. Jesus
was temped by Satan immediately after his 40 days fasting prayer. He
offered Him all the kingdoms of the world. Luke 4:5-7. But Jesus knew that His
Father is the real King of all three worlds, Heaven, Earth and Hell and that
Satan is trying to deceive Him to defeat Gods plan of restoration of
humanity and His kingdom. Eve and Adam fell for it but Jesus did not.
The laws of science tell us very clearly that nothing is created or destroyed.
The system works on TRANSFORMATION. We saw Earth is self-organizing. It
takes a time direction when we Adult humans lose connection to his Parents


or Creators whom he actually should serve. Instead, they become slave to

material world and the flesh. No humans could reverse the cosmic direction
of the flow towards great disorder and destruction. Thus, the Creator or God
had to intervene to recreate and give New Life to the system.
Bible has parallel with eastern Philosophy. We fail to see this parallel when
we are slave to religions. Religions are human creation. The Divine Plan did
prophesize that Spirit of Life falling on people and people awakening. This is
what happening through Pentecostal movement. The traditional Christianity,
intruded by evil minds, had resisted people from awakening.
With Pentecostal movement and its popularity, the traditional church had to
adopt it. It adopted it with new name Charismatic Movement.
Charismatic movement in Christianity had to face huge persecution and
suppression but it has prevailed.
In Azuza 2016, I witnessed a union of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement
with blessing from the Pope. That is History in the making. There is noting
now to stop Truth and Light Emerging to lead us to Kingdom of God. Even
Science would bow to it in times to come and people will see the beauty and
Living Content of Calvary. Our knowledge of Nature, Life and God makes
Quantum Leap. We are the edge of transcending into Golden Age.

The Critical End of Third Wave The

importance my Conscious Call
We probably are at the end of Third Wave of Spirituality, which is poised to
take us to Glory of Kingdom of God and Manifestation of Reality. The two
components of Holy Spirit are due to emerge through the White Hole
initializing the cosmic system into New Time Cycle. The present spiritual
wave appears to have reached maximum threshold and experiencing an
uncertainty. The child has grown in the womb to the maximum and
struggling to come out. The Mother is experiencing the Birth Pain.
In parallel, the material force that is pushing the system down wards also has
grown. Thus, many Pentecostal churches are experiencing huge stress and
falls. The traditional church is also restless. This is a critical state. Humanity
as a whole is restless. We are divided in the name religion and we are
largely fuelled by fanatic, material centered elements, who are ego, pride


and self-centered and go to any extend protect their empire. With weapons
of mass destruction in hand and religions having influence on governments,
they have potentials to create hell on Earth.
I know beyond doubt that Good God will prevail, but not sure how much pain
and destruction humanity has face before it awakens. All those who are
spiritual realm knows, the Devil is nearly powerful as God, and when people
or churches grow closer to God, they are prone to attack by the Devil.
This could be highly destructive period unless the spiritual leaders of
churches, the leaders of traditional churches, and leaders of different
Religions come together beyond their ego, self and pride to access the
situation . The biggest problem with the modern world is its
excessive materialism and black money. The root of slavery to
materialism emerged from religious institutions. Most religious institutions
especially Christianity sits on top of large wealth and enjoys immense power.
Thus, they coming together appears a distant possibility, the only possible
approach is to Know Truth through Science, so that all religions leaders and
leaders of nations are forced to yield to Truth. This is the conscious

call I a sinner. I am hung on to this call for three decades, with

The only way evil can be cornered and humanity can enter
Kingdom of God is to evolve Science so that it sees the Truth
and God and is freed from the bondage of religions to come to
My conscious call to advance science made sense to me and I stuck with
it against many odds. It is time we understand God as a simple science
beyond religions. It is time humanity on Earth evolves to Higher
Knowledge, to find liberation from religions and religious leaders and
realize, our reality and oneness with God. We need to open the key to the
Kingdom of God right on Earth and take guard of Earth. Nations needs to
encourage the study of parallels in religions
Our ignorance of God is the cause of much of our problems on Earth.
Problems on Earth are a reflection of problems in heaven. The Jewish Head
Priests failed to recognize Christ and they made people to shout for
the release of thief, looter and murderer in place of Christ. We are
suffering the consequence of it. The thief has invaded every realm of our


society and is ruling the roost. Every religion has become hideout evil minds.
It is the safest place to hide. It is time we get rid of evil minds in Churches
and Temples. I feel Christianity has to take the initiative.
Let me wind up this write up calling your attention to a famous thought
experiment in Science. It is called Schrdingers cat in a Box.
Here a cat is kept in a box, with just enough space for it to move to the right
or left. At any one moment, cat can be on the right or left of the box not
both. Now imagine a shooter shoots a bullet at the box. The chance the cat
is alive or dead is 50%. The state of the cat reveals only when one opens
the box and looks at the cat. The paradox is that the chance that cat is alive
or dead is same even after shooting it a billion times. The state of the cat
reveals only when we open it. That is impossible for any humans to

This thought experiment has significance to spirituality. Let us visualize in

place of cat ourselves in it. We have been separated for ages based on sex.
religion, cast and creed. We have been taught by religious leaders to view
the opposite as enemy and thus create a mind-set of killing. None of us are
qualified to open the box to find Life. If there is anyone who is entitled to
open it and find life, then it is God.

God existed in both the boxes at the same time as

the impossible chance that survived. Christ
manifested out of it to open the Box.
The impersonal or Nirguna phase after Christ Calvary sacrifice, is a period of
Creation and restoration with free will to souls. He is opening the Box from
within integrating and showing our oneness of masculine and feminine and
His relationship with all of us. As the cosmic Kundalini or Spirit of God rises,
we will enter the Golden Age or Light Age where Truth and Justice
We are part of one whole being, we are children of God we form one
family of God. We have been shooting and killing our own brothers and
sisters. We have been paining the Father and Mother and have been
destroying their Kingdom. We do not deserve any mercy. The Grace and
mercy of God the Father and the Mother thus manifested in the name of
Christ to infuse New Life back to His Fathers Family. Life manifest only


when God opens it. This is Quantum Collapse of the system into New Time
Cycle. This will be accompanied inevitable fall of many evil souls.
Note This is does not mean we have to make compromise with
evil. The deterioration of kingdom God happens when people
make compromise with evil. The call of God is to fight Evil minds.

The Summary The Gaps in Bible

Christ Calvary Sacrifice is a critical point in History of time. It is the
BIG BANG point that took place through Ekpyrotic Way. It is not religion, it is
Cosmic Being unfolding its consciousness and intelligence such that
humanity can come alive to take guard of Earth, survive and enter Golden
Age or Kingdom of God. The Cosmic Being is recreating and initializing itself
by secret process of giving free will and choice to human souls. He is
transforming souls and breathing new Life into it. What is happening since
Calvary is Cosmic Kundalini awakening to lead humanity from darkness to
light. It is trying to liberate us from religions to initialize us into true
spirituality, knowledge and order.
Universal Time Cycle has actually has four phases. There are four sting [2
pairs] dancing to create. Religions, especially Bible discuss only two phases
and do not elaborate the other two. The figure- 26 speaks it. From scientific
point, we can visualize it as information and knowledge unfolding, leading us
from darkness to Light. Universe is living and is governed by Non-Linear
Science. The Cosmic Kundalini or Spirit of Christ released on Earth is the
Hope for the world to see order out of great disorder. Christ Spirit released on
Earth is the Strange Attractor around which the system is due to
collapses into New Order. Christ, His Calvary Sacrifice is a Divine Secret that
is unfolding to save humanity and up-lift him from slavery to religions into
New Phase, where light and Truth Shines.
Bible seems to have some gaps.

First gap in Bible First gap exist in description of Humanity and his
Life in the Knowledge of God. I am pointing to the first phase of the
Time Cycle when the Spirit of God awakened humanity and gave Him
dominion. This is the period to which Jesus and His Spirits is trying to
lead us. This is the period when humanity is free from bondage of


religions and sees the oneness. Somehow, I feel religions resist this
awakening of Humanity.
However, it is inevitable. The knowledge that God gave humanity
deteriorated as generation passed by. The institution installed to hold
light begins to fail too. We noted Quantum transitions are associated
with loss. When the first critical point is reached See fig 26. Some of
those fallen Angel gain entry into Earth. As light and knowledge
deteriorates to second critical point, the fallen Angel [Devil] acts to
build his kingdom on Earth by capturing human minds as slaves. This is
the time Eve and Adam falls. Thus, humanity enters the dark period.
This calls for intervention of God. This intervention happened through

The Second Gap in Bible -This gap is surprising. This is the gap
of 18 years in Christs life. There is reference to Christ as a child of
12 years. Then Jesus emerges into seen at the age of 30 leaving a gap
of 18 years. This is the age when mind and I manifests. This is the


phase when uncertainty, duality, the influence of flesh and material

world begins to manifest in the body and mind gets tendency to
disconnect from soul/spirit. Since Jesus was speaking with authority, He
was prophesizing, He was creating Miracles, definitely

Jesus should have meditated deeply taking clues from

East and its Culture to connect to His Father within
and communicate with Him with Absolute Clarity . The
faith He reposed on the voices of His Father is of Supreme
order. He Knew His Father and His thoughts and the
importance of His Calvary Sacrifice. Jesus Christ purpose was
to render the lost knowledge to humanity and Kingdom back to
We all know east had the knowledge of the Highest Order. I feel the
compilers of Bible deliberately overlooked it. Forgive me if I am wrong.
The 18 year seems to be 18 steps of the Hindu philosophy. Each of
these steps is accompanied with gaining special power. The last one is
encounter, with the Father. He could have stepped out, as His Father
described the Purpose of His manifestation. However, he was obedient
and chose to do His will, in full faith. This makes Jesus Divine at the
same time a Super Man or Purusha or Cosmic Man.
In Frist decade of last century, Einstein unfolded a Truth that the foundation
of matter is Energy. During same period, a new awakening in Christianity
and Spirituality also happened through Holy Spirit [Pentecostal movement].
Since then this awakening is catching up. It has spread to traditional church
in the name of Charismatic Movement. It has now grown to a thresh hold,
where a birth into New Era or kingdom of God is inevitable. The religion
called Christianity can no longer hide the Truth of Spirits that Christ released.
There are two basic space-time and force field acting in our Cosmos. One is
Life force that directs against gravity and sustains the Cosmos from
collapsing. The other is space-time force field that directs with Gravity. Both
these forces have paired existence. Thus what we call Holy Spirit,
Brahman, al-Ruh al Quds, Chi or Life force are a paired, one dominant the
other recessive. So too is the material spirit that works opposite to it. This is
best expressed in Kundalini of Hindu philosophy. These four forces manifest
into four worlds heaven, Earth and hell in 1:2:1 ratio. Our world is bound to
collapse into new order as the four open DNA strings of Cosmic Being


collapses into New Order. The Parallel World and Ekpyrotic Scenario of
Creation is Reality, So also the Big Bang. It has to be understood from
biological point as information unfolding and enfolding from a point
The Spirit that Christ released through His Calvary Sacrifice is the Life Force
or Brahman or Holy Spirit, al-Ruh all-Quds. The Vedas understood its
existence in two modes, Nirguna or impersonal mode and Saguna or
personal mode. We are in Nirguna or impersonal mode due to enter Saguna
or personal Mode. The Nirguna mode the Holy Spirits are in creation and
restoration mode. It is in a singularity mode where the Father exists in the
womb of the feminine as the Creative Force conquering time and death.
When the Spirits of Father and Mother enter Saguna Mode or
personal mode, the duality manifests into existence. We can
visualize it from DNA of fertilized Egg cell carrying all
information duplicating and dividing into two.
The basic Laws of science say nothing is created and or destroyed, the
system works through transformation. Life exist working against material
world that directs to collapse into singularity. One look at Earth with life says
that Earth and Cosmos is self-organizing. However, this self-organizing
Nature of Earth and Cosmos fails when we include adult humans. Adult
humans live a mind-centered life. They are self-centered and they align with
material force. Bible says all sinned and fell from Grace of God, thus a revival
of human souls and intellect became necessity. This process is happening
through Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice. One need to understood it as
Since Christ Calvary Sacrifice, the Spirits that Christ released is attracting
souls, transforming them with free will, creating a new spiritual body. We
are now called to eat from the Tree at the Center. Tree at the Center
is Jesus. Universe is Kundlaini of Cosmic being rising. We are called
to participate with Free Will.
In the first phase of Bible after creation God forbids to eat
from the tree at the center. In the second phase Jesus Christ
Himself becomes Tree at the center inviting all to eat from it.
The intent by which one eats it, determines the new spacetime position one gains as this phase gives way to the Next
Phase. God works through a person who approaches Him with


no intent. Hindu philosophy speaks this in terms of doing the

conscious call or the duty without intent or fruit attached to
The world today is Nirguna or impersonal mode of Holy
Spirits. We need to understand it as consciousness and
intelligence of the Creator unfolding leading us to Truth. As
the Truth emerges, the reality collapses initializing the
system into New Time Cycle.
We as individuated souls are parts of the whole. We are supposed to work for
the whole and whole works to sustain us. We are cosmic family as the
east understood it. The structure of the body has four parts 1:2:1. They
are Upper realm, middle realm and lower realm. The upper realm is Heaven,
middle is Earth and lower is Hell. The indestructible souls are distributed in
these realms. In impersonal mode, all souls in heaven are bound to come to
Earth and take New Life. These souls transforming through Christs spiritual
field are today becoming the anointed speakers under whom the miracles
are occurring. As the system enters from Nirguna or impersonal mode to
Saguna mode or personal mode, many anointed souls that sought self,
became slave to material world developed ego and Pride are bound to
fall. This aspect is written as falling of Angels in Bible and cycle continues
The new awakening through the Spirit of Christ seems to be partial and
seems to have deep uncertainty. They tend to fall back on old. There is no
doubt that they are bringing insight into Bible. However, their insight is
not complete and revolutionary as Christ. They have formed many
independent powerful ministries that have bloomed in the name of Christ.
They try to connect to the old instead of going forward in Christ. Christ was
a revolutionary. He broke the old and led us into new phase, He said He
would come Again to lead us into Kingdom of God. He did come back on 50th
day and is still working to lead us into the world He promised. We should
have a revolutionary mind to fallow and enter the Kingdom He promised.
You cannot enter the new phase unless you drop, your Ego, Pride, Self, I
factor. Judgment clearly says that one need not be a saint to enter His
Kingdom. You just have to be a soul that is compassionate towards humanity
and lives Truthful Life. Beware if you are misusing the power He gave
you for self.


The Duality and multiplicity is a Reality. Christ came to show oneness of

this duality in His Father. All religious leaders should awaken to the
fact that the Crux of all scripture is our oneness in the Holy Spirit,
or Brahman, or al-Ruh al Quds. We need to understand our oneness
in Light. This means we have to know Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice as
science that breaks the barriers of religion and help Humanity Survive, and
enter the Golden Age.

Christ and His Calvary sacrifice needs to be

understood from Eastern spiritual point. It is
Universal Consciousness and Intelligence of Creator
unfolding and enfolding, to create and sustain.
We are in scientific era, led by Gods Spirits. It makes no sense limit Him to a
small sect called Jews, small place called Israel where Jesus took Birth. That
shows our ignorance, narrowness of our consciousness and intelligence.

We need expand to visualize Earth as Israel and all

those who fallow Truth and Justice and work from
heart field as real Jews or Gods people.
It is inevitable priests awaken. Some Good sign is seen in the present Pope,
as he showed down to Earth character and spoke of climate change,
declared 2016 as mercy year. All these are good, but what we need is house
cleaning. One needs to get rid of evil, self, money and power centered minds
hiding in these institutions. Will the religious leaders dare to do it? If they do,
we will have smooth transition into Kingdom of God or else Earth and
awakening world will force them to do it. That conflict would be painful.

The Tree of Life

There are two paired forces one dominant and other recessive acting in
Nature and Cosmos. This is true also in Life. One pair is acting against
Gravity and another is acting with Gravity. The force against Gravity is
dominant and it comes from within. It cannot be perceived by the mind and
its extensions. This means we cannot understand the BIG BANG and Creation
Secret unless we surrender our mind our ego or I, break down to connect
to the conscious and intelligent field that sustains us from within. This is the
first step. The second step is growing to connect and communicate with


Universal Consciousness or God Consciousness. A still higher step is total

surrender of mind and being to accept death. As humans on Earth, we claim
we are conscious and
intelligent beings. In reality,
we are the least conscious
and intelligent beings. We live
by our mind and in illusions,
being slave to material world.
Hardly few are connected to
the consciousness and walk
the path of Truth and Justice.
There is war in spiritual realm
to conquer time direction to
disorder and death. This
cannot manifest unless the
Mind of God reveals exposing
the Truth. The Tree of Life,
before and after Calvary can
explain the secret of Cosmos
in simplicity. See fig -27.
The material world we see is supported on top of spiritual or energetic world
or waves. Universe is a huge ship floating on waves of a Huge Sea that is
prone for huge turbulence. We exist within it. Today with our self and
material slavery, we have ended making small ships out of Mother Ship by all
our corrupt self-centered thinking. Our inferior intelligence thinks it can find a
shore and survive the great tempest. He seeks light houses to find a
shore. Today we are confused with many lighthouses, each one beacons us,
but as we reach it, we find it as mirage.
The real intelligence exists in perceiving Time and Hearing
the Voice of the Mother Ship and its Master and returning
home. The intelligent fallow the Mother Ship and hides under
its cover. Highly awakened intelligence surrenders the boat to
return to Mother ship and its Master, because time has
potentials to destroy the Mother Ship. Only its Captain has
the blue print to build a New One This summarizes spiritual


All spiritual scriptures hold Truth and Light. The need is to reinvent in respect
to the present time. Unfortunately, people taking high positions in temples of
science and religions are failing because of their pride and ego. In the end,
they become responsible for the world. The judgment I feel would be heavy
on them. Bible speaks this.
The original intent of those who made religion always was good.
They were formed to resist people from being lost. Life and peace cannot
come unless we grow beyond self and commune with the Life force or God
force that sustains us. I call it Selfless Self or Supreme Self. This can
only happen when we come into self-realization. We need to become
spiritual than religious. Spirituality is a journey to light and life. It is journey
towards Kingdom of God. We must note that when Christ instituted a
symbolic act to remind His selfless sacrifice by offering bread and wine to His
disciples and do the act in His remembrance, He was actually resisting them
from falling further down. The Spirit of Christ manifested on 50th day after
Calvary and is still active, but the religion called Christianity is still stuck with
bread and wine.
This is a journey towards awakening of consciousness and intelligence.
Beyond certain threshold souls seem to gain special power. One bad trend
today is that, many of these awakened people end up selling God and seem
to fail to march to the destination and deliver humanity from bondage to
darkness and lead them to light. They are failing to give foundation on
which humanity as a whole can awaken to find peace order and life.
It is increasingly leading humanity towards friction, war and self-destruction
in the name of God. This can stop, only when we know Truth and God beyond
This world we live in, where people are self-centered, fail to take
responsibility of the parents and family, society and Earth we live in,
where individuals are extremely material centered and take any path to
gain it, where people kill in the name of Life giving God, is led by the west
and its intellectual power. Christianity is the dominant spiritual institution
of the west. It has to take the responsibility for it. Present world is the
reflection of inner reality of religion called Christianity.
This is not what Christ preached to His disciples, He never asked His
disciples to create a religion, place Him in Sanctum Sanctorum of gold
and silver plated churches and amass wealth in His name. These are all


aspect He condemned. Christ was a revolutionary; His aim was to

bring humanity out of the bondage of religion and evil minds ruling them.
Jesus knew beforehand that evil minds, in time will creep back into His
followers and that His Fathers Kingdom will go totally into the hands of
evil minds. He knew that world would enter into peak darkness where
Truth and Justice will deteriorate to the least and the Sanctum Sanctorum
to which world looks for Light would be desecrated for material growth.
Thus, He said He will Come Again.
The Spirits that Christ released in Calvary is the hope for the humanity to
survive the critical period to which we are moving. It is Transforming
Souls and giving New Life, it is working to illuminate human minds
such that they can come out of slavery to religions and evil minds
ruling them. We see hundreds of thousand speaking Bible with Power, the
miracles occurring in congregation is sure sign of Christs Spirit Working and
leading the world to Golden Age

The Truth of Holy Communion - Crux of Spirituality

and how organized Christianity is failing Humanity
Since it is important portion I am writing introduction before I go to the crux

The word Communion relates to word communicate and goes deeper.
Life works on this essential basis. Every cells of a human body is
communicated and works coherently. Our body consists of over 100 trillion
cells but all of it actually comes from a single cell. Chromosomes and DNA
helices inside the cell, molecules and atoms in it are communicated and
works as one. Each cell has complete information of the whole system, but
information is truncated and such that it serves the whole. The information
and energy for its sustenance comes from within.
In Short, Life works on communication. The living Universe or
God and His Kingdom therefore should be working on
information. The Biblical Creation and sustenance, the
manifestation of Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice, should be
deduced to Information and Knowledge or Living Light
unfolding and enfolding


The single cell from which the whole being originated comes from the union
of information of two cells [Parallel worlds male and female, Heaven and
Earth]. We in the first part extended this to atomic level [Inert atoms] and
God Particles. We saw how two Primal Inert Atoms could open as strings,
come together and dance as one to exchange information thus de-stresses
and collapses into new order by separating. We saw a cosmic picture of
duality that become one in time and separate in time. We saw that this fits
the Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario that string theorist advocate. We saw
that universe is explosion of information and Knowledge that leads us to
Kingdom of God and initialization in time. We also saw how this phenomenon
is related to Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice.
The basal form of energy and information is Heat. Those of you who use
laptop, can perceive this, when you delete or burn lots of information in your
Laptop the laptop heats up indicating information is lost as heat [Ref- 37 ]. In
other words, heat and cold are information fields. We must recall that ancient
east spoke of two forms of heat, the heat that brood Life into existence
and the heat that destroys. Today we are peaking in both in increasingly
uncertain manner.
Note When you have transformative or New Born experience through Holy Spirit,
many account it as immense heating of the body or a mild electric shook .

In dealing with the cause of increased climate catastrophes, we noted how

human mind that has become ego, pride, self-centered has become slave to
material world and is taking the world towards self-destruction.
This modern material trend has its origin in west. Christianity dominates west
as the principle spiritual institution. Thus, I always argue that the
religion called Christianity has to take responsibility for the present
deteriorated world. The present world is reflection of inner reality
Christianity. Their awakening to Spirit of Christ becomes major step towards
peace in the world and manifestation of kingdom of God for which Christ
manifested. Jesus manifested and became sacrificial lamb, for

one single purpose the restoration of His Fathers

Kingdom. His Fathers Kingdom is Truth and justice. I have found only
very few priest and clergies, who actually committed to God and
birthing Kingdom of God. Rests are making their priesthood as means of


easy living and work for development of their religious institution. They
concentrate on number than qualitative transformation of people.
The only people Jesus condemned are Priests. Organization called
Christianity after first few centuries is in filtered by evil minds. This is
unconsciously reflecting into the minds of people. With globalization it has
spread to the world. They count on heads; make church a means of obtaining
power. They have turned religion into corporate business house in the name
of God and Service to humanity. They are more oriented towards, building
their institution and bringing more soul into slavery, than liberating them in
Light and Truth. I have felt common person having more respect to Sanctum
Sanctorum, than priests and Bishops. They preach but fail to practice. They
have no hesitation to desecrate the Sanctum Sanctorum for money
and power.
Bible writers have deftly written that the serpent of Bible is a
fallen Angel. Which clearly tells that deterioration actually
comes from People who exist in His name? The fall of Adam
and Eve happens, because Adam and Eve failed to connect to
the consciousness and the Lord within, but listened to Fallen
Today we know that every cell of the body has complete information of the
system and has potentials to de-differentiate and differentiate complete
information. There is Speck of the Divine Light in all of us that works from
internal space to give life and sustain life. The mind that is negative and
connected to external world cannot know this, thus east spoke of
transcending the mind to connect to the consciousness as the first
step to Know Truth and God.
This transcending process becomes impossible when the flow
of mass is directed to darkness. We understood it from
Quantum Reality in terms of 3:1 ratio of souls being directed
towards darkness. This is cosmic time directed to black hole
or death. I believe that it is here the intervention of God
through Christ happened to reverse he direction.
In short, there are two worlds or Forces or Spirits within all of us. The mind
body and external Space contributes to the dark spirits. The internal space
[heart field] and its mind that works against it is the space of Divine. When


mind body surrender to Soul and its Mind, it gains life is the crux of
spirituality. In short Spiritual awakening happens when our I or
Ego breaks. We have the freedom to grow towards Divine Light or Darkness
when the system is in creation state. This freedom will not exist once Truth is
revealed and Quantum Collapse occurs.
An individual comes into New Life by experiencing the Spirit of Christ, when
the individual surrenders, His ego or I and breaks down before Spirit of
God. The New Life and transformative experience is qualitative change. It
can be of different magnitude. We did see them as Kundalini stages. In the
present end time, every individual is stressed to transform. Many have
transformed, but all exist in some confusion, because in parallel evil is
growing. The manifestation of Kingdom God will only happen when the Ego
or I of religious institutions breaks. However, religious institutors are bound
resist it. Thus, I foresee religions as great threat to humanity, than
aggravated Mother Nature. Only thing that can facilitate survival of humanity
and relief to Mother Nature is Birthing of Truth or Living Light beyond
We individuals are like cells of one whole being that works to sustain life. The
religions are like organs of the body. The cells are communicated and so also
all the organs. When all cells or organs, serves the first cell from which it
came into being, the system is healthy. However, when they become selfcentered they become cancerous. This calls the Divine Force to interfere to
recreate the deteriorating body. The Creating Spirits recreates its body
through transformation of souls with free will. The Spirit that Christ liberated
through His Calvary sacrifice is creating a new spiritual body. This is due to
take New Life. It is inevitable it happens. What gives New Life is Truth that is
beyond religions. My conscious call to advance science thus has become
dear to me.
We saw that a human being can be traced to one cell level. We saw that
it could further be traced back beyond cell to a pair of inert atom and pair
of unstable Quantum Particles [God Particle] that are Quantum Entangled
and Quantum Dances as one. As individual beings, we can also relate
ourselves to One Cosmic Being, who is the Union of Heaven and Earth
[Feminine] to which all of us become relative. The crux of this book is a
struggle to point out this Cosmic Being is Jesus Christ, who is Full man
and Full God who Conquered time and death and showed the path back
to Life.


When He became Sacrifice, He released the Spirits to Create and to

restore the whole cosmos into New Order. This creation secret is written
in Vedas. Yajurveda VS 30-31 speaks this. Earlier we saw how in
Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario two primal stings fields can come together
and dance as one [Ref -74]. We saw that this string-field is associated
with another pair that directs opposite to it to black hole. See fig -24
which describes Cosmic Kundalini.
All souls are in fact attracted to one or the other of the four strings. The
evil and corrupt minds that are slave to material world are more
attached to the strings that are directed down wards. Even minds
in religious institution, which are directed to advance religion, are actually
attached to the string that are directed downwards to black hole. Thus, I
find non-awakened religious leaders as the principle cause of
deterioration of the world. Once they go corrupt and compromise Truth,
other faculties of society, the kings, the traders, and even common
people fallow the suit. Awakening of religious leaders thus is crucial to
survival of humanity on earth.
Thus, evil and corrupt minds rule the present Scenario of the world in all
realms of society taking the system to greatest disorder; they do all
things for their self and material gains. They do not even hesitate to
desecrate the Sanctum Sanctorum. However, time direction would
Change as Truth Emerges or Quantum Collapse occurs. There is brief
period ahead when the world awakens to the Glory of Christ and
everyone will bow to God. Once this happens, open Ladder for Souls
to ascend and descend vanishes and world differentiate into four worlds
1:2:1, Heavenly and Earthly and Hell. This possibly is judgment.
With Christ Calvary Sacrifice, every soul got a free choice to commune
with the Spirit governing this Cosmos and change it relative space-time
position. Much of the minds of modern world are taking the choice of the
downward strings under the force of fallen Angels. Recall that many
people shouted for the release of looter and killer in place of
Christ under the priest. The situation is no different in modern
democratic world. We are seeing the aftermath of this choice very
explicitly on Earth on Global scale. Unless we awaken we are doomed. I
keep my faith in Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice and work.


What is Holy Communion

The Communion with the Holy Spirit or Energy and information that Christ
released is open to all. It is communion with God. It is beyond religion. It is
the most wrongly interpreted or perceived aspect of Christianity. There is no
doubt that who are attached to the Parental String, Especially the String that
belongs to Father is Superior. However, none of them has the right to Judge
the others. They are only called to fight the evil, by transforming
people. At the least level, they are called to resist the evil minds.
Those who are in Holy Communion with God have special powers. They are
Angels Protecting humans on Earth. They are Angels on earth lifting souls
from the deep pit for God. Many of the anointed people, who are working
beyond religions, beyond self and under whom lots of miracles and
transformation are accruing, belongs to this category. Holy Spirits of God is
acting through them. They are not beyond fall to deep pit. Those who
work in this field, with material and self-centered intention are
bound to fall.
Holy Spirit of God that Christ released has no Religion. Veda describes
it beautifully. There are others, who are awakened by Holy Spirit within
religions and works strictly under the perimeter of religions. Many of them
are aware of the limitations of religions, yet stay within it, working to change
the system from within hoping and waiting for God and Light to emerge. I
respect them the most, for organization is important. Gods world is an
organization; He is working to set it right. Any attempt to build a kingdom of
once own out of His Kingdom or working in His field with intent that is selfcentered leads to fall.
There are others who attached to the second String of the Supreme Mother
they are aligned with God and are probably more dear to God. Their hearts
are compassionate to fellow beings and work for good of humanity. They
uphold Truth and Justice. The next two strings belong to Adam and Eve, the
Created in the image. The weakest among them is Eve. She becomes the
Target of fallen Angels, who tries constructing their Kingdom by weaning
people on Earth. Thus, Bible speaks of serpent as Fallen Angel. What we see
on earth is reflection of Heaven. Christ came to liberate the souls that are
tapped by fallen Angels.
The judgment in Bible speaks of front becoming back. Very clearly judgment
of God goes with ordinary people, who worked in the field without any


ultimate intent. It goes in favor of people who are connected to the

consciousness and walked the path of Truth and Justice and were
compassionate towards fellow beings. There is no other scale for judgment.
It is immaterial whether you are serving at sanctum sanctorum, whether you
gave huge money to churches and temples, you hold high position in
religious institution. In fact, the judgment begins from the sanctum
sanctorum. God will be severe on people working here in His name.
The kingdom of God can only manifest when Truth emerges beyond
religions. The theoretical scientists are closing in. It is matter of
understanding and comprehending the developments in science sensibly.
Science is quest to Know Truth. It is true that many of their work have
been over exploited in the absence of Truth by evil minds. Max Planck
Said. Scientific discovery and scientific knowledge have been achieved only by those
who have gone in pursuit of it without any practical purpose whatsoever in view.

Five steps of Spiritual World and Holy Communion

Our body needs food and water to repair and sustain. It is constructed
out of it. It obtains it from the external world. The mind and its five
extensions actually supply energy /information and matter for building
sustaining the body. The east understood this in terms of Annamaya
Kosha or Gross Material Body. This is further divided into three parts
by quality, the Sattwic, Rajasic and Tamasic. Sattwic is characterized
by peace combined with harmonic activity. Rajasic is dynamic activity
of energy that can go violent. Tamasic is dull and inert. The Rajasic and
Tamasic complement each other. Sattwic is harmonious balance of
these forces. Indian saints characterizes individual into three types
based on his dominant force [Vatha, Pitta and Kapha]. These
characters are influenced by food and climatic cycles. The east thus
also characterizes foods and advocates foods to be taken in relation to
ones nature and climate. This knowledge has translated into of
Ayurveda of East.

However, the actual sustenance of life is much beyond food/water. It

exists in Air we Breathe. It carries energy and information of the whole
system of which we are part. This is the second vital faculty to sustain
life. They both are essential. The East speaks this in terms of
Pranamaya kosha. The Prana moves between right and left of the
body and connects the internal world with external world. It works to


balance the system from within, in relation to the cosmos in which it

lives. In short, Prana takes external information into the body and takes
the internal information out. The Annamaya Kosha and Pranamaya
Kosha together sustain the body. When the energy flow within the
system is blocked, it accumulates as negative energies in various parts
of the body. The yoga and breathing techniques that east developed
helps flush this energy. The air is carrier of information.
Both sound and light carries energy. In short, the information of the
cosmic system in which life exists is perceived by the living system in
the form of light [heat] and sound. Humans are is capable to hear and
see sound and light from a small portion of the light and sound
spectrum. The science has evolved to know the cosmos is energetic. In
short, it is light and sound waves. The question now is from where the
light and sound wave emerged and how it emerged. Scientists are
increasingly becoming aware that it is related to life, specially human
heart and mind. Bible tells us that His word and His light creates us.

The east understood the importance of human mind. The most

vital aspect of life is the energy and information that comes
from the mind and influences the above two faculties. This is

called Manomaya Kosha. It is the field of energy and

information from within. This energy said to have basically three
dimensions, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the
unconscious mind. It is said to evolve to take ten dimensions. Mind is
negative and is connected with time, space and causality. The literal
meaning of Manas is that by which you cognize, perceive and
understand. Perception, cognition and understanding are the basic
and primary qualities of the mind.
Mind oscillates between past present and future. Now this mind can be
brought closer, that is to say, time, space and causality can be brought
closer. When we are on the external conscious plane, the distance
between time, space and causality is long and when you are in
meditation, then the gap between time, space and causality is very
short. In fact when mind stops, time stops. Our mind is part of the
Cosmic Mind. When it become self, pride and material centered, it distances
from the Cosmic Mind.

A mind can be positive or negative. A self-centered mind is negative. It

creates huge disorder and destruction. The west that thinks that


universe is material, wrongly thinks the universe is independent of

mind. The reality is that mind creates the space-time in which we live.
The world we see is the product of negative mind of humans, which is
self-centered, and does not hesitate to take any path for selfadvancement. Unless the mind is transformed and initialized, the
world cannot see peace and order.
Liberation of mind from all schools of thought becomes essential for
the transformation of the individual. In the name of religions, in the
name of Gods, we are bound to one or other school of thoughts, and
we exist as slaves. Science came as hope, but it too split into various
schools and fail to see the oneness. We are part of living universe,
a Cosmic Man, which has a heart and mind. All humans souls
have divine flicker and wishes to return to his glorious communion with
Truth or God.
The Bible becomes simple and science, when we visualize two heart
and minds, one that is not self-centered and another that is selfcentered. The self-centered heart and mind is depicted as evil in
scriptures and is understood as the cause of time direction to death.
The anti-dote to it rightly visualized as Christ and His Calvary sacrifice
that released the spirits that creates.
When this union of soul with God Soul is denied and when
humanity is distanced from Truth, he becomes restless and
thus, individuals around the world, communities and nations
are becoming restless and are taking violent self-destructive
paths. Our mind increasingly is made to be a slave to material world
by evil heart and minds, which have crept into all institutions that
govern humanity. These minds have distanced us from truth such that
individual and institutional with self-interest can rule over humanity.
Christ came and became a sacrifice essentially to liberate us from this
slavery. Even the institutions that formed in the name Jesus also
became target for evil minds. Possibly God knew this beforehand and
thus Jesus said He will come again to liberate Good and justified
people. The hope of humanity exist in the fact that the battle is
already won in spiritual realms, what is left is its manifestation in
physical realms. Spiritual realm is not easily amenable to humans and
thus humanity exists in confusion. But this confusion dissolves when
Truth Emerges


The quantum theory based on ratios that we visualized, denies

tendency of the system leading to absolute 0 or absolute 1. This
means Jesus came to earth when 3/4th of souls in heaven deserted Him,
in favor of the opposite. This is also true for earthlings. This means
there were some people left in heaven and earth, who are poised to fall
but has not yet fallen. Jesus selected His disciples out of these people.
Those who were anointed on the Pentecostal day, those whom the
disciples could anoint also belonged to this category. In short, Christs
spirit released managed to generate a core group of anointed souls
who by their sacrifice, built an undefeatable spiritual force. They and
millions of believers who believed and died to Christ has formed core
force supporting, the system. Much of traditional Christian population
has come to believe that this core group includes priest and bishops,
who served in sanctum sanctorum and preached Bible to them. Bible
and common sense speaks otherwise.
The Pentecostal awakening to the Spirit of Christ predicted in Bible
probably began in first part of last century. It has grown in waves. The
hope for the world exists in this wave and nothing can stop it.

The fourth faculty is Vijnanamaya Kosha. It means

knowledge and awareness. It is the field of Psyche and has
three Levels, Thinking, will and feeling, which translates into
Knowledge, devotion and action. When the spirit of Christ leads
humanity to this level, the veils or the psyche that religious schools
have built on the population begins to break down. We all know that
religious institutions are powerful institutions. Nobody who countered
these institutions have survived. The powerful Jewish priest thus killed
Christ. Later His disciples were killed. Later organized Christianity in
filtered by evil minds did the same. The teaching of Christ says they
can only kill the physical body, but no the spirit. The world since Christ
has evolved in His Spirit or information. We are living in information
era poised to Quantum leap into knowledge Era. Information is
random; knowledge is proper arrangement of information. The
foundation for such arrangement is what we discussed.
Vijnana has two meanings: external science and also inner experience.
The mind that has its eyes on the external object is what has created
the present Science, but Vijnanamaya kosha has its eye on the


universe within. Modern science deals with only one part and gives
least importance to the experience part that is crucial.
The ancient east in contrast through meditation transcended the mind
and its polar existence to focus its power to inner world. Thus they
spoke of inner conscious field and intelligence. This is the first level to
minds quest to know Truth. The second level is to gain communication
with Universal Consciousness and Intelligence, where mind understand
the oneness. One who enters this level gains power of various orders.
Here too it fails to Know Truth. This is so because it enquires Truth with
motive or intent. The powers one gain in this process is prone for loss,
when it is used for self.
Since mind is essentially negative, Truth is beyond Adult minds. Every
Adult mind seeks Truth with intent. Thus scriptures say that Truth
cannot be sought.
In short, an adult mind seeks the truth with a motive. However, at the
18th gate, the seeker sees death thus he utters, This is Not. Every
individual is given choice to return or accept it. I feel Christ meditated
for 18 years to overcome the Natural tendencies of flesh and as He
entered the 18th door, He encountered the same. The difference is that
He took the Choice of becoming the sacrificial lamb; such that He could
conquer time and death restore the Kingdom back to God the Father. In
Hindu philosophy there is reference to Character called Nachiketa who
goes after death and defeats death.
This means Truth Exists with God and the Spirit that Christ released. It
cannot be sought by any human mind but is going to come as Grace at
an appointed time for an appointed purpose. The great conclusion we
can make is that the corrupted environment, corrupted air, corrupted
society all comes from within. When inner thought is set right,
everything begins to gain order. However, this is impossible for
humans. Thus, God manifested to release His Spirits to change our
It is time Christianity as a religions built on Christs name to make an
introspection of its inner core. The members of this religion instead of
growing in Spirit of Christ, and bring qualitative transformation in
individual [bring individuals to New Born Experience] are more
engaged in quantitative and material growth. Most exist in the lowest


level of Annamaya Kosha. Even their knowledge of this realm is

limited. All that the Religion called Christ has done is to keep afloat the
memory of Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice. Except for few who are
part of Charismatic movement all exist in material level. They have
even failed to evolve to second level, which gives life to individual.
What is worst is that they resist people awakening beyond their
religious institutions, and spreading Good News and transforming
people. This, in spite of the fact, that it is clearly written in their own
spiritual scriptures that, the Spirit of Christ will pour out on all. It is
time religion called Christianity surrenders it ego and let the Christ
spirit transform the institution. Nothing can stop the Spirit of Christ
awakening Humanity. I see some hope in Present Pope, but we have
wait and see whether he will wilt under the evil minds or emerge to lift

The fifth faculty or world is called Ananadmaya

Kosha. This is the ultimate Holy Union. This is the stage
in which atma (the Self), dissolves in higher self and experiences the
eternal bliss, a perfect state of peace, comfort, stability. This is the
ultimate foundation of all life. It is in this state we communicate with
Higher or the Universal Self and gain the understanding of Nature and
God. Truth to humanity reveals in this union. It is state in which one
become the body of God and work for HIm.
This Union is what Christ calls for. It should be recalled that
time is inevitable, but time affects the body not soul of the
Cosmic Being. Since Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice, a new
body is being formed for the Cosmic Being. We are called to
translate into it. Holy Spirit or Brahman is doing this
translation process. You are free to rise up or go down in His
The spiritual deterioration actually begins from spiritual institutions.
These powerful institutions, in time become ego and self-centred and
loose connection with God. The manifestation of ego, self in spiritual
institutions leads to deterioration of kingdom of God. The people
therein become inaccessible to God. Thus, Jesus chose ordinary than
the learned clergies. Even the present awakening to Christ also started
through ordinary people. The Good News is that it has spread into
traditional churches.


This union of individual with spirit of Christ is new birth experience. It

can be of different order. We discussed it. No one can step into NEW
LIFE and come light without the call of God. I believe all have call.
However, most fail to rise up to higher levels. They exist in second and
third level. Nobody can works for God and His Kingdom unless one
grows beyond the fourth state and enter the fifth. No one can call
himself anointed unless he has new birth experience of this level. No
amount of studying Bible, the work at Sanctum Sanctorum can ensure
a New Life. New Life manifest when one surrenders once ego and
self and reduces himself. Much of Christian priest fail in this process.
The kingdom of God Emerges when Truth Emerges.

This means that

Every time we take a piece of bread, drink water, we are
Communing with the Creator. The whole universe is
supported by the Spirit of God
At higher level, through the Air we breathe and the
sounds we hear [Words and Music], we commune
with Creator or God. If any person who speaks God
has personalized or institutionalized [religious]
interest, we can consider it as negative. It
influences listener and the environment in a
negative manner. The listener un-consciously
fallows the leader. The religious leaders who work
for the institutions need to awaken Truth if the
world has to see peace and order. It is not the
institution that is important but the spirit behind
the institution.
The sound we make and words we speak is related to thoughts. Thoughts
can have positive power or negative power. Thus, scriptures write

that universe is thought projection of Mind of God . Attentive

seeing, hearing, sensing, breathing all becomes important to survival. The
animals have inculcated capacity to perceive the thought of other animals.


They thus distinguish the enemy. They can perceive a hungry lion and the
one that is fully loaded. All this are written in scriptures. The plants can
sense change is energy and information of the system. In contrast human
mind that is self-centered is negative.
Thoughts can be positive or negative; it comes from the inner space of heart
and is expressed through the mind. A self-centered heart can never produce
thoughts that are positive, it ends up using all powers of his mind for self.
Aldult humans are self-centered. Thus, human mind fails to see the non-selfcentered Heart and Mind of God or Cosmic Man or Son of Man. Thus
Scriptures say you have to be like a Child or should be reborn through the
Spirit of God to enter the Kingdom
We need to understood ourselves as cell of His Body

God lives through us and we live because of Him.

God lives by Communion with us; we in return are
supposed to do the same with Him. Time direction to
death manifests when we fail Him. This is the
substance of all scriptures.
It is inevitable that when the body of Cosmic Man or Purusha or God
deteriorates because of His people in time, He is forced to recreate and
restore it. According to laws of Nature, this can only happen through
TRANSFORMAITON. The Spirit that Chris exposed to the world is creating New
Spiritual Body. He has exposed Gods Heart and His Mind. He is Transforming
and Translating us on to His spiritual body and giving us New Life. The Good
News and Hope for the world exist in Calvary. Jesus and Calvary is not a
religion it is way of Life.

Where Organized Christianity is failing

The problem with organized Christianity is that it is failing l to grow in the
Spirit of God that Christ released. Christ showed the path how to commune
with God the Father. He had a purpose when He became sacrificial lamb. The
traditional Christianity still exists in first level [Annamaya Kosha]; as the
world has evolved to third and is poised to enter fourth level. It still shows
the Bread and Wine that Christ gave as remembrance and binds people into
four walls. Except for few, large number of priest actually exists with a
negative and material centered mind. They were supposed to grow in spirit


of Christ and work to transform people. In short they were supposed to help
people connect to the consciousness and walk the path of truth and justice.
At the least level, they are supposed resist people going the opposite way.
Unfortunately, they have failed in their duties. They have become slaves to
money and material development, thus causing the deterioration of the
The world has evolved to understand that behind matter, energy or spirit
exists. There is no value to the food, unless its energy is released by fire. The
priests have failed to acquire Holy Fire and speak the words with power
to awaken humanity and give them New Life. Most exist in first level.
Only few who fallowed Pentecostal movement and adopted Charismatic
movement has moved to second and third levels. The core of Christianity still
exists directed towards money and power at all cost. Thus, they are failing to
make people connect to the consciousness and walk the path of Truth and
Justice. In fact I see them leading the opposite way.
Religion and cultures creates boundaries, much of these boundaries are often
created with Good Intent and was a need of the time. However, evil mind in
time infiltrate the religious realm. The Holy Spirit is Light, it is Knowledge, it
is an expanding force, and nothing can bind it. It is beyond evil minds. As
written in Bible it is awakening heart and minds of people. The evolution
force is breaking the veils of ignorance put on human minds. Science has
great contribution towards it. God and Good News cannot reach out to the
world and manifest onto a lasting Platform unless we evolve it beyond
religions into a Science. Both science and religions have to evolve into Light
and Knowledge to bring order to heaven [environment or space] and earth
[The material reality embedded in it]
Intellectually, both the core of science and spiritually are in the third phase of
evolution, poised to make a shift into fourth phase, where information era
gives way to knowledge era and humanity moves to the final state of
happiness in Glory of God and Light. Jesus compared it to Pregnant woman
having labor pain. There is uncertainty in the core of Science and in New
spiritual awakening. The organized Christianity and its culture and
practices are lagging behind at the first stage of Annamya Kosha.
What Christ instituted was resistance such that humanity does not fall below
into dark pit. He created a core group who works for Him, who resist further
fall and creates a force that grows against the material force tending to black


Spirit of Christ came back on 50th day and took over leading the disciples to
next phases and this Spirit of Christ is still working to awaken people. I
believe a core group, though small in number, has always been working for
Christ honestly. The spirits of these souls released are working one with
Christ, ensuring that evil minds can never succeed. The Truth is that we all
have speck of Divine spark within all of us. We are called to awaken in Christ
and come alive. Organized Christianity and people in it instead coming alive
and calling peoples attention to this Truth, are engaged in exploiting them.
We are being called to awaken to the Spirit of Christ and find freedom.
Science much the same way as religion is failing to grow. The
famous physicist Dr. Micho Kaku rightly called modern
civilization type Zero Civilization living on energy obtained
from dead plants [Ref-73]. To refresh our memory of Christ,
we have been eating Flesh and drinking the blood of Christ for
last 2000 years. We have been listening to the words of God,
yet we are failing to come alive and take New Life. As
predicted in Bible it is happening now. However, this
awakening is yet to break the womb and come to light, such
that all beyond religions awaken.

The knowledge of East as Superior knowledge that can

lead us to knowledge era or Golden Age
Much of Eastern knowledge, its culture and practices are an elaborated
expression of the above quantum fundamentals. East especially India had in
depth knowledge of Life. They had knowledge how it is created, sustained
through food, sound and energy. India had knowledge of all five worlds and
the Holy Spirit or Brahman. They knew the dark world below and the Light
world that exist above the fifth world.
The Ayurveda, yoga, pranayama, meditation and such culture and practice
they derived are much more superior to western civilization and its spiritual
schools. The spiritual schools of west, headed by Christianity are at the
lowest level and it is filled with people whose minds and thought are in
slavery to darkness. They speak one and practice the opposite. The
deteriorated world we live in is direct reflection of these people. The words of
Jesus in Mathew 23 speak it. The modern day religion called Christianity is a
compromise with the old culture and practices of Jews who sacrificed Christ.


The return of Christ is written as light emerging in East. No wonder the CERN
the biggest experimental facility of Science has Idol of Shiva at its head
We are supposed look to the Divine and hold His Light such that darkness
does not grow. We are supposed to be warriors of light serving the Divine. In
short, we are supposed to connect to the consciousness and walk
the path of Truth and Justice. It is much better that one remains in
the middle than growing towards the Light with self-centered intent
either personal or as part of religious institution.
All scriptures find the cause for deterioration of the Kingdom of God to
people in spiritual institutions. Hence, Judgment in Bible says that people in
the front will find themselves at the back. The time and situation is calling us
to awaken beyond religion to Know Truth and manifest Kingdom of God.
Christ manifested when 3/4th of the souls from His kingdom became selfcentered and slave to money. We world today exist directed to zero state
[End time]. By grace many has changed direction and evolved to second,
third, fourth and few to the fifth level, the ruler of this world is still is
darkness. The flow direction of the whole system Changes when sufficient
number souls by Grace enter the Vijnanmaya Kosha. This then manifests
into Golden Age or Kingdom of God

The Spirit of God Released through Christ and His

Calvary Sacrifice is awakening Heart and Mind of
humanity, giving it New Life and Illuminating His
intellect such that His Kingdom can manifest on
Earth and Heavens. I salute from the depth of my
heart, all people who are connected to the
Consciousness and walk the path of Truth and
Justice. All people who speak God with positive non
self-centered mind [Individual or Institutional]
The communion with God is not a phenomenon restricted to a religion called
Christianity. God is Love, and Truth and Justice. A mind that is aligned with
external world and exist as slave to it, cannot commune with God. Anyone
connected to consciousness and walking the path of Truth and Justice is
already in His field and serving Him. Higher-level of communion gives higher


status in His World. However, when the power is used for self it leads to fall
of the Soul. Scriptures thus speaks that kingdom God falls because of His
own people.

All that Priest, clergy and workers of Kingdom Gods

need to do is help people connect the Consciousness
and walk the path of Truth and Justice. At the
minimum level, they need to resist people going the
opposite way.
When all priest failed, God manifested as Christ became the High Priest,
He by His Self-Sacrifice, showed the way to conquer time and death. The
Spirit He Released is awakening humanity. Nothing can stop now people

My Humble Appeal
I know that as I take a stand and criticize my community and
religions as a whole I am in for trouble. I have failed to bring
my own people beyond slavery to religion and take conscious
path. One has gone to the extent to be party to bunch of
clergies desecrating Sanctum Sanctorum. It does not matter
to me losing all. What matters to me is that I stay in my path
and my conscious call. I am not interested in debating to win;
I am not here to prove anything. What makes me connect to
you all is a compassionate conscious call. Our Earth and
humanity is in endangered state. The money you have
accumulated, the house you built, the education you gave to
the children will fall short to create a future. We are entering
the darkest period of History of time where only True or
Higher Knowledge from Spirit Christ can save us.
Earth is already stressed with exponential increase in heat. The ratio of
energy to matter is favoring energy and climatic cycle is gaining immense
power. We are in for huge destruction by fire, wind, flashfloods/snows,
Earthquake and volcanic eruptions. Our intrusion in to night cycle in which
Earth cools, exponential loss of greenery and increased CO2 is upsetting yet
another vital ratio of O2 to CO2 is favor of CO2. Mass death of fish and birds


reported are signs of danger coming. We are heading to a biosphere

collapse. We are being trapped in our self. Pride and material centered evil
Even Life giving God is not left out of our self and material centered
attitude. Temples and Churches, have become market and places of our
struggle for power and wealth. It is time we awaken to Truth of Nature and
its functioning as well as Truth of God beyond religions if we are to survive
on Earth.
We not only need to awaken to our consciousness and Truth,
but have immense responsibility to sustain the Truth and
Kingdom of God. This means we have to change the
foundation of modern technologies that is releasing huge
amount of heat into the environment and making it unstable.
We need to advance our knowledge of life and health to bring
health to individual, community and the world population. The
key is to look to life.
Three decades have gone by as I lived in wilderness all alone, swimming
against the tide and staying with my consciousness. The first part of the
path was uncertain one; however once I had New Birth Experience, the path
became rooted in certainty. I am not special; I am sinner, just another
human being like you all, with my own dreams and aspirations. I dreamed to
travel and see the beauty of Nature. I had sacrificed all of it, once being
connected to the consciousness and began to perceive a conscious call. I am
called an idiot for leaving lucrative career; I am called a fool for living
selflessly, for standing against evil minds in our institutions.
In spite of three decades going by, my dreams are alive in me. However,
they are not bigger to me than my conscious call. There is no regret for lost
years. If His will permits I still dream experimenting those innumerable idea
that Nature revealed and bring it out to mainstream so that it can help
humanity live a Nature compatible way. As such, they are only dream of a
lonely person moving on a deserted road, tagged as a fool by all including
my own people.
I strongly believe that if Earth and humanity has to survive, one need to grow
beyond religions. We need to advance science and see the beauty in ancient
philosophies, especially of the East. We humans need to introspect and come


into self-realization and know how we are influencing the cosmic system and
being influenced by it.
If any one of you find substance in my help share and viral it up.

Note -References makes little bit obsolete in world of information is at
fingertip. 30 year down the lane, tired and moving alone, I have lost much
energy and enthusiasm left in me to dig back to give every thought, every
books and reference that molded me. Since I am weak in mathematics,
since I have not understood of mathematics of the scientific schools, since I
fallowed them by them conceptually I am including some videos that brings
the development of ideas in science and where it stands. I am also choosing
some school of thought that I came across that have parallel thinking to what
is unfolded in me
1] School of Russel Walter
2] School of Nassim Haremein
3] Perimeter Institute of science and people like, Dr. Neil Turok,
Prof. Paul Steinhardt, Prof. Burt Ovrut, Dr. Lee Smolin and so on. I
also some people from Princeton University speaking elegantly on
emerging thinking
Science of Walter Russell
1] http://www.walter-russell.de/en/Naturwissenschaft.php
2] A New Concept of the Universe", by Walter Russell, part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WjSC99ih9Y 3] A New Concept of the Universe", by Walter Russell, part 2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeCbDu8SeHI Nassim Haremain
He has school called Resonance Project He speaks of fruit of life, seed and
life and such fundamental geometry and connected universe. He speaks of
spin. But I have not come across him speaking the cause of spin, spiral
motion and how it manifest. I differ with him in that I see a fundamental nonequilibrium design that is built on ratio and perceive how black hole develops
4] The Truth About The Universe... Nassim Haramein


5] Nassim Haramein - Secrets of the Universe
6] Nassim Haramein: Resonance, Black Holes, Sacred Geometry and Unified
Field Theory
7] Nassim Haramein Double Torus Figure - https://www.youtube.com/watch?
8] How to Create Reality

The Perimeter, Princeton and discussion among top

9] The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything - Neil Turok Public Lecture
[Perimeter Institute] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1x9lgX8GaE
10] Lee Smolin (Perimeter Institute) on Time Reborn
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATxi0_-7HqQ 11] The Cosmic Gift of Neutron Stars https://www.youtube.com/watch?
12] Perimeter Public Lecture: String Theory Legos for Black Holes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlDd2HtFfPU&nohtml5=False
13] Physics of Information - Quantum Entanglement, Black Holes and
Holographic Universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIJ44AtCCi8
14] Black Holes and Holographic Worlds
14A] Hawking radiation
14 B] Black hole information paradox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSyDFH6q2o4
14 C] Black Hole wars - Leonard Susskind
15] End of Physics -Ted Talk


16] Paul Dirac on Dimensionless Physical Constants

17] Schrdinger's Cat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?
18] Astronomy's New Messengers
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgi8z0fB6PI [ speaks of fundamentals of
science origin]
19] Beyond Einstein: In Search of the Ultimate Explanation
20] Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace
21] The Absolute Beginning of the Universe is Unavoidable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdlte6U6iNA
22] Rebooting the Cosmos: Is the Universe the Ultimate Computer?
23] Brian Greene and Alan Alda Discuss Why Einstein Hated Quantum
Mechanics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HneFMBvZj4&index=3&list=PLKy-B3Qf_RDUE9zyHUsqy8jnTytviU7EH
24] Filling the Big Gap in Einsteins Theory | Paul Steinhardt | TEDxCLESalon
25] Nima Arkani-Hamed Public Lecture: Quantum Mechanics and Spacetime
in the 21st Century - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U47kyV4TMnE
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34] Dr Quantum: Wave particle duality and the observer!
35] Is the Universe a Hologram?
36] The Holographic Universe (Part One)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMBt_yfGKpU [ part -1]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU6yCD_sEvU [part-2]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah-vvVVgYmA [part-3]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L6kLsC55Bg [part-4]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah-vvVVgYmA [part-5]
36A] Ilya Prigogine
36B] Ilya Prigogine: Science, Religion and the new Utopia,
36C] What is Epigenetics? with Nessa Carey
36D] Bruce Lipton Epigenetics
36E] The Future of Consciousness: Stuart Hameroff at TEDxTucson

37] Quantum Entanglement Documentary - Atomic Physics and Reality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFvJOZ51tmc


[ Speaks the Great conflict between Bohr and Einstein The split point in
38] BBC Documentary - Atom 1: The Clash of the Titans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfBYUhiIVII
39] Dancing in the Dark The End of Physics - BBC Documentary 2015
40] Order out of chaos full documentary
41] The Fabric of the Cosmos Quantum Leap - Science Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci_uwcfqbUc
Quantum Leap [Full Documentary]

42] The Elegant Universe: Welcome to the 11th Dimension (Full HD

Documentary) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2MpJVw8A3s
43] Albert Einstein's Big Idea Nova
44] Black Holes, Wormholes, and Time Travel
45] Welcome To The 11th Dimension Documentary
46] Holographic Universe FULL movie
46 A] Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

Philosophy and religion

47] Plato - The Allegory of the Cave - (The Matrix) Animated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQfRdl3GTw4
47A] The Tao of Physics


48] BBC Documentary Christianity: God and the Scientists BBC Horizon
Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDKvKZ97THI
49] Theory of DNA Science MESSAGE FROM GOD BBC Science Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOP94wRSeZ4
50] Ancient knowledge full video
50A] This will change your life, true knowledge of consciousness a MUST SEE
for the human race
5i] Holographic Universe from - Bible preachers
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWplE0TkgKQ [Part-1]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd2BSzWN2V4 [Part-2]
52] The Sacred Geometry of The Universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYqGdMKzwbg
53] Quantum Physics - Universe & Consciousness
54] Latest Scientific Evidence for God's Existence - Hugh Ross, PhD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4EaWPIlNYY
55] God's Existence Documentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?
56] Beautiful Minds - James Lovelock - The Gaia Hypothesis / Gaia Theory
57]James Lovelock - A Final Warning: by Nature Video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Vip-PbuZQ 58] The Vanishing Face of Gaia

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg7Jt_Yzl1o [ part-1]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViyIxrKJ4tE [part-2]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XowvcrOl0DY [part-3]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzprwVtPp9Q [part-4]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NephEUelu3A [part-5]


59] The Gaia Hypothesis

60] James Lovelock Explains Gaia Hypothesis on The Sacred Balance (TV)
61] The Gaia Hypothesis


62] Has Science Made Nature and Life Complex as Religions Made God
Complex https://www.scribd.com/doc/254155717/Has-Science-MadeNature-and-Life-Complex-as-Religions-Made-God-Complex
63] What is consciousness?
64] Mind Science, Consciousness, and the Quantum Universe Science
65] Spirit of Eastern Wisdom: The Intelligence Within
66] The Great Cycles or 'YUGAS' Isha Fondation- Sadhguru
67] New Results from CERN Indicate There Is Something Very Wrong With
Particle Physics
69] BBC Science Documentary* Understanding Electromagnetic Primer Fields
*Full HD, Discovery
70] Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity -- Jim Al-Khalili BBC Horizon
71] Secret Life of Isaac Newton (HD) - Full Documentary
72] Electromagnetism: A Brief Big History (H2) | Big History Project
73] Michio Kaku 3 types of Civilizations


74] BBC Parallel Universes

75] Scientist have created mini black hole https://www.facebook.com/humansofthefuture/videos/61702026845
76] No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

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