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Contoh Soal TOEFL Structure

1. _____ the demands of aerospace, medicine, and agriculture, aengineers, are creating exotic
new metallic substances.
(A) Meet
(B) Being met are
(C) To meet
(D) They are meeting
2. _______ James A. Bland, Carry Me Back to Old Virginny was adopted is the state song of
Virginia in 1940.
(A) Was written b
(B) His writing was
(C) He wrote the
(D) Written by
3. Mary Garden, ______ the early 1900s was considered one of the best singing actresses of
her time.
(A) a soprano was popular
(B) in a popular soprano
(C) was a popular soprano
(D) a popular soprano in
4. In the realm of psychological theory Margaret F. Washburn was a dualist _____ that motor
phenomena have an essential role in psychology.
(A) who she believed
(B) who believed
(C) believed
(D) who did she believe

A. Contoh Soal TOEFL Written Expression

16. On Ellesmere Island in the Arctic one fossil forest consist of a nearly hundred

large stumps scattered on an exposed coal bed.


17. The surface conditions on the planet Mars are the more like the Earths than are

those of any other planet in the solar system.

18. The midnight sun is a phenomenon in which the Sun visible remains in the sky

for twenty-four hours or longer.

19. The Humber River and its valley form a major salmon-fishing, lumbering, hunting,

and farmer region in western Newfoundland, Canada.


Pembahasan Soal dan Jawaban

A. Structure
1. Jawab

: (C) To meet
: the demands of aerospace

Pembahasan : Pola infinitive phrase: to infinitive + object of to infinitive

Kalimat tersebut menyatakan tujuan atau maksud. Maka dibutuhkan to
infinitive prhase.
Sehingg pilihan phrase yang tepat untuk mengisi rumpang tersebut adalah to
2. Jawab

: (D) Written by
: James A. Bland

Pembahasan : Kalimat di atas membutuhkan Adjective Phrase untuk menerangkan kata

benda Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.
Frasa ajektif yang paling tepat adalah Written by. Mengapa disebut frasa
ajektif, karea past participle (v3) yang
tidak ditemani bentuk be atau have adalah sebuah ajektif.
3. Jawab

: (D) a popular soprano in

: Mary Garden

Pembahasan : Kalimat pada soal membutuhkan Appositive Phrase. Mary Garden dan
appositive phrase (a popular soprano)
memiliki makna yang sama. Maka jawaban yang tepat adalah a popular
soprano in.

4. Jawab

: (B) Who believed

: a dualist

Pembahasan : Pola adjective clause : (Conj. + S + V).

Untuk menerangkan kata benda a dualist maka klausa yang tepat adalah who
B. Written Expression.
16. Jawab

: (B) a nearly
: hundred large stumps

Pembahasan : a nearly -> nearly

Kata a nearly tidak memerlukan indefinite article/determiner a, karena kata
benda stumps adalah plural.
17. Jawab

: (B) The more

: the planet Mars

Pembahasan : the more -> more

Pola comparative: more ___ than ___
Maka seharusnya tidak perlu definite article the tapi cukup more saja.
18. Jawab

: (B) visible remains

: the sun

Pembahasan : visible remains -> remains visible

Kata the sun dalam anak kalimat di atas memerlukan predicate bukan noun
phrase (visible remains).
Yang tepat seharusnya remains visible.
19. Jawab

: (D) farmer
: and

Pembahasan : farmer -> farming

Konjungsi and digunakan untuk menghubungkan kelas kata yang sederajat.
Karena sebelum and bentuk
katanya adalah gerund maka kata farmer seharusnya diubah dalam bentuk
gerund juga yaitu farming.
Structure and Written Expression
1.A three-foot octopus can crawl through a hole ------ in diameter.
(A)than one inch less
(B)less than one inch
(C)one less inch than
(D)than less one inch

2.------ adopted the decimal system of coinage in 1867.

(B)When Canada
(C)Canada, which
(D)There was Canada
3.Generally, the representatives ------ a legislature are constitutionally elected by a broad spectrum of
the population.
(A)who they compose
(B)who compose
(C)had compose
4.The Actors Studio, a professional actors workshop in New York City, provides ------whereactors can
work together without the pressure of commercial production.
(A)a place and
(B)a place
(C)so that a place
(D)a place is
5.------ that life began billions of years ago in the water.
(A)It is believed
(B)In the belief
(C)The belief
6.By 1872 the United States had 70 engineering
colleges, ------ astonishing expansion credited largely to the Morrill Act of 1862.
(C)to which
7.The artist Romare Bcarden was ------ whose yellows, deep blues, and fuchsias contrasted strongly with
photographic gray in his bright collages.
(A)with a gift for color
(B)a gifted colorist
(C)a gift with colorful
(D)gifted with coloring
8.The most important chemical catalyst on this planet is chlorophyll, -------carbon dioxide and water
react to form carbohydrates.
(A)whose presence
(B)which is present
(D)in the presence of which
9.One theory of the origin of the universe is-------from the explosion of a tiny, extremely dense fireball
several billion years ago.
(A)because what formed
(B)the formation that

(C)that it formed
(D)when forming
10.Roads in the United States remained crude,------- with graved or wood planks, until the beginning of
the twentieth century.
(A)were unsurefaced or they covered them
(B)which unsureface or covered
(C)unsurfaced or covered them
(D)unsurfaced or covered
11.Portrait prints were the first reproductions of American paintings ------- widely distributed in the
United States.
(B)that which
(C)that being
(D)to be
12.Abigail Adams was prodigious letter writer, ------- many editions of her letters have been published.
(C)in addition to
(D)due to
13.In geometry, an ellipse may be defined as the locus of all points -------distances from two fixed
points is constant.
(A)which as the sum of
(B)of the sum which
(C)whose sum of whose
(D)whose sum that the
14. -------at the site of a fort established by the Northwest Mounted Police, Calgary is now one of
Canadas fastest growing cities.
(B)It is built
(C)To build
(D)Having built
15.An image on a national flag can symbolize political ideals that -------express.
(A)take many words to otherwise would.
(B)would take to many otherwise words
(C)many words to take would otherwise
(D)would otherwise take many words to
Answers for the structure and written expression section:
1.(B)less than one inch
2. (A)Canada
3. (B)who compose
4. (B)a place
5. (A)It is believed
6. (B)an
7. (B)a gifted colorist
8. (D)in the presence of which

9. (C)that it formed
10. (D)unsurfaced or covered
11. (D)to be
12. (B)and
13. (C)whose sum of whose
14. (A)Built
15. (D)would otherwise take many words to

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. The notion of the state and the notion of war are said ---- in ancient Sumer and later Egypt.
A) to be emerged
B) to have emerged
C) having been emerged
D) being emerged
E) to emerge
2. The guitar is an instrument that ---- around since the 1500s, but it ---- several big transformations
during its history.
A) had been / has undergone
B) was / underwent
C) has been / has undergone
D) would be / was undergoing
E) has been / undergoes

3. You ---- what you heard as it was highly confidential.

A) must not have repeated
B) might not repeat
C) shouldn't have repeated
D) needn't be repeated
E) don't have to repeat
4. I never forget ---- my temper when my wife shouted at me, although now i regret ---- so.
A) to lose / doing
B) losing / having done
C) having lost / to do
D) to have lost / to have done
E) being lost / having been done
5. When the tower ---- to the public a decade ago, officials said it ---- open again in just a few years.
A) closed / had been
B) was closed / has been
C) would be closed / would be
D) was closing / was
E) was closed / would be
6. Women's Aid is a UK charity ---- aim is to end domestic violence against women and children.
A) who
B) whose
C) which
D) what
E) whom
7. James was so busy ---- for the exam that he didn't have time ---- with his friends.
A) to study / to spend
B) having studied / spending
C) to be studying / being spent
D) being studied / spending
E) studying / to spend

8. Some people don't know ---- they're meeting their daily requirements through their diet.
A) which
B) why
C) where
D) whether or not
E) whatever
9. ---- smoking can reduce the risk of ---- many smoking related illnesses.
A) To give up / being contracted
B) Giving up / contracting
C) To be given up / contracting
D) Giving up / to contract
E) Being given up / being contracted
10. Heavy metal had its peak popularity in the 1980s, ---- many of the now existing sub-genres first
A) why
B) at which
C) where
D) that
E) during which

Jawaban Soal Tes Toefl PBT Online Terbaru Gratis

1. B) to have emerged
2. C) has been / has undergone
3. C) shouldn't have repeated
4. B) losing / having done
5. E) was closed / would be
6. B) whose
7. E) studying / to spend
8. D) whether or not
9. B) Giving up / contracting
10. E) during which
Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences
1. Mother Theresa dedicated her life for those ---- were iii, poor and lived on the streets of Calcutta.
A) where
B) who
C) when
D) whom
E) which
2. The television and motion picture industries fail ---- the dangers of drug abuse accurately.
A) to be portrayed
B) having portrayed
C) to portray
D) being portrayed
E) to have been portrayed
3. I seem to remember that the last time we met I did most of talking, so perhaps I should let you ---the talking this time.
A) to have done
B) do
C) to do
D) doing
E) having done
4. Archaeologists are planning ---- the mummy of Tutankhamen to solve the mystery of his death.

A) removing
B) to be removed
C) having removed
D) to remove
E) being removed
5. Plan to study your most difficult or challenging classes during the time of the day ---- you are most
A) which
B) whose
C) when
D) whom
E) who
6. The anticipation ---- biological and chemical weapons would be used caused unprecedented stress for
the troops.
A) which
B) that
C) where
D) why
E) when
7. The illness we call a "cold" is not related to ---- appropriately you dress for the outside temperature.
A) what
B) when
C) how
D) which
E) why
8. In ancient times, thieves were punished severely by cutting the hand ---- was used while stealing
from the wrist.
A) whose
B) which
C) who
D) when
E) where
9. Everyone needs ---- down by having a family because it is important for civilization to continue.
A) to settle
B) settling
C) being settled
D) to settling
E) having settled
10. It is not right to burden a friend with a problem ---- you can solve yourself.
A) whom
B) why
C) who
D) that
E) whose

Jawaban Soal Tes Toefl Gratis ITP/PBT PT Telkom Terbaru


B) who
C) to portray
B) do
D) to remove
C) when
B) that

7. C) how
8. B) which
9. A) to settle
10. D) that