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Download & extract the game (DOWNLOAD HERE)

2. Install gSocial Club v1.1.5.6 Setup h from the folder gInstallers h
3. Copy files and folder from the folder gUpdate h to game directory
4. Copy all files from the folder gCrack h to game directory
5, (recommended steps) to prohibit access to the network firewall settings GTA5.
exe / or brute pull cable
6. First time when you run the game there will be an option pop up from your win
dows telling you to allow network access. what you do is uncheck anything you se
e and click cancel.
7. Use launcher.exe provided by 3DM to play, NOT playgtav.exe or any other exe
Note: Beta Crack v2 ? only work on WINDOWS 7 x64 & WINDOWS 8.1 x64, try it if yo
u want but this crack v2 may not work for you. This is a Highly compressed versi
on, nothing ripped (video and audio are untouched) only multiplayer removed beca
use you don ft need it
Tuts How to change language to english:
1. Open start menu type in gregedit h in the search bar and run it.
4. Open Wow6432Node
5. Open Rockstar Games
6. Select Grand Theft Auto V
7. At the right side double click gLanguage h and set it to en-US
8. Play the game
? Problem: social club not signed in while start the game
? Solution: delete social club from c:\program files. delete rockstar games fold
er from Documents. Re-Install social club using file from 3dm crack v2 AS ADMINI
STRATOR (right click, run as admin) re run launcher.exe, the game automatically
login as 3dmgame1
? Problem: err_gfx_d3d_int error
? Solution: This error is because you dont apply the update 1 correctly, from 3D
M Update 1 copy the gupdate h folder and paste in the game folder (where are the ot
her folders and executables).
? Problem: social club 1005 error
? Solution: if u want to solved the 1005 error make sure installed game path mus
t be english character for example : d:/programfilesx86 etc. dont ??OCU,)( like
? Problem: Social Club login prompt
? Solution: The problems is that your windows username contain non-standard char
acter like mine. Either you create another user account or follow this way to ma
ke it works.
1. launch gLauncher.exe h, check if there is a folder name gRockstar Games h inside yo
ur Documents folder.
2. After that, launch again gLauncher.exe h by administrator rights, you fll notice t
here is a new folder in gC:\Users\ h named similar to your windows username. Non st
andard character in your username will be replaced by this ?.
3. Copy folder gRockstar Games h in original Documents into this folder gC:\Users\\D
ocuments\ h.
4. Launch gLauncher.exe h by administrator rights, it should automatically log in 3
DM account.
? Problem: game crash when shooting while driving
? Solution: right click on GTA Folder ?> Properties ?> Security ?> Edit, check gF
ull Control h for your username and hit ok then ok.