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This Agreement has been entered into BETWEEN (1) Sri SURESH RAMAKRISHNA
SALIGRAM, age about 58 years, occupation: Business, Residing at #52, Kaveri-Krishna,
Mitra Vishal Park, Vidyanagar, Hubli-580031. Herein after called the Lessor (which terms
and expression shall mean and include his heirs, legal representatives, successors,
administrators, assigns etc. ) OF THE FIRST PART.

1) M/S. SHRI LAXMI ENTERPRISES by its partners 1) Mr. Sumath Kumar S/o.
K.V.Naik, Age: 43 years, Occ: Business, R/o: 168, Maruthi 1 st stage, Mico Arikeri
Layout, Banerghata Road, Bangalore-560076, 2) Mr. Sunil Kattimani S/o. Late
Neelkanth. S. Kattimani, Age: 40 years, Occ: Business, R/o. Neelkanth Nivas, Plot
No.16, 5th cross, Kusumnagar, Kelgeri Road. Dharwad- 580008.

Herein after called the LESSEE (which terms and expression shall mean and include
his heirs, legal representatives, successors, administrators, assigns etc.) OF THE SECOND

WHEREAS the First party is the absolute owner of the property comprised in CTS ward
extension, CTS ward Extension, CTS No. 3700/B of Hubli.
WHEREAS The Second party is desirous to take the shop in First floor. The shop measures
33 X 15 = 500 Sqft bounded by.

East: Parking Area.

West: Ganeshwar Digital Prints.
North: Staircase leading to Second Floor.
South: Sirur Park Road.

The First party is Desirous to letting out the same to the second party upon the following
terms and conditions; mutually agreed upon.
1) The First party has agreed to let out and the second party has agreed to take the shop
for rent on the First Floor referred to above for the period of Five years on a agreed
rent of Rs. 15000/- ( Rupees Fifteen Thousand Only) per Month. The Second party
has paid today Rent of June 2016 one Months rent of Rs.15000/- in advance to the
First party. The Monthly tenancy commences from 1 st day of each Month and ends on
the last day of the same Month. The Second Party has also agreed to increase the rent
of the scheduled property by 15% ( Fifteen Per Cent) of then existing rate of rent after
three year. The details of enhanced rent is as under :01-06-2016 to 31-05-2019
Rs. 15000 per Month.
01-06-2019 to 31-05-2021
Rs. 17250 per Month.
2) The Second party has paid a security deposit of Rs. 200000/- ( Rupees Two lakh only)
to the First party under Check No. 237913 dated on 06-05-2016 drawn on Vijay Bank,
Malleshwaram Branch, Bangalore. The First party acknowledges receipt of the same.
The said deposit is refunded after handing over the vacant Possession of tenanted
premises without Interest.

3) The Second party has agreed to take the shop on Rent to run DTDC Courier Service
Business only. The second party has agreed that he will not run any illegal Business in
the shop.
4) The First has agreed to pay the property tax. The First party has permitted the Second
party to make interior alterations at their own cost to suit the Business of the Second
party. The Second party has agreed to handover the vacant possession of the said
property in the Good Condition by removing all the alterations made by them without
claiming any compensation for the same. It is agreed by both the parties that the
Second party will have to Pay Electricity charges.
5) That the First party has no Objection to take water supply facilities from HDMC
Hubli at the expenses of the Second party. The Second party shall have to pay the
subsequent water charges to HDMC Hubli.
6) The lease hold premises is having separate electricity connection of 2 KVA with
Single phase under Meter bearing No. RR411201-C. In case of any dispute, litigation,
Civil or Criminal pertaining to the KPTCL connections, disconnection etc. The
Second party alone is liable for such actions Civil or Criminal at their own cost and

7) The Second party has agreed to pay the rent in advance every month on or before 5 th
day of that particular Month by way of Cheque after deducting the income tax (TDS)
as applicable from time to time. The requisite TDS certificate for such deduction will
be issued by the Second party to the First party punctually and regularly. If the Second
party fails to pay the agreed rent for two months, the First party has got right of reentry of the premises let out. If the Second party makes breaches of any of the terms
now agreed. The First party has got right to exercise his right of re-entry.
8) Service Tax if applicable, on rent shall be borne by the Lessee alone. Any
Government Tax on rent, VAT ( By whatever name called) applicable or levied upon
the rent shall be borne by the lessee and in case the same are paid by the Lessor, the
lessor shall have right to be reimbursed from the Lessee.

9) The Lessee shall not sublet or assign the schedule property or any part there of to any
third person during the subsistence of lease. The lessee shall not enter into any
partnership to carry on their Business in Lessor Premises. However their agreement
shall bind only between the Lessor and the Lessee herein.

10) The Lesssor reserves his right to enter the leasehold premises himself or his agents or
authorized persons who enter and inspect the condition of the schedule property
during all reasonable hours with the prior intimation and leave the defects thereof.
11) The Second party shall use the premises let out to her without causing any
inconvenience and disturbance to the adjoining tenants of the First Party.
12) The Second party has agreed to carryout Business activities within the premises let to
them so as not to cause any inconvenience to the other tenants.
13) In case either of the party intends to revoke / cancel lease prior to the specified period
of 5 years (Five years) such party shall give at least 3 months prior notice to the other
14) The Second party has agreed to keep the shops in a tenantable condition as a man of
Ordinary Prudence.
15) The partied hereto have entered into this agreement i.e. Lessor and Lessee of their
free will and wish as knowing well in their vernacular language properly.
16) The said Lessor should give the necessary signature as and when required /
necessary by the Leases for the purpose of obtaining License from the concerned

17) This deed is prepared and executed in two sets. Both the parties have retained each
copy with them. Both the copies are treated as original.

agreement on this 01-06-2016 at HUBLI.