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UNITED STATES OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS ——e ke Preventing Conflicts of taterest in the Executive Branch OGE Form 278e (March 2014) USS. Office of Government Ethics; 5 C.F.R. part 2634 | Form Approved: OMB No. (3209-0001) [Report Type: Year (Annual Report only) Date of Appaintment/ Termination: Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 278e) [Filer Information [Last Name First Name Mi [Position [Agen [Trump Donaia I [President of the United States of America [Other Federal Government Positions Held During the Preceding 12 Months: INIA [Name of Congressional Commitize Considering Nomination (Nominees only) INIA (subject to any comments below) = f Signature: . Date: 5 = om se_ SIE] 201% a of S88 i 8 mis Other Raven Conde 7 a ‘Signature: | Date: = yy =z? \ 3 2 \ Be l20u * S. Office of Government Etffies Cert fired): i Sine Das [Comments of Reviewing Oficiale Reviewed for Apparent Compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act RRR WEEE | ad i TREE EEE carer Uefa EVE EVH EVE PAE SUE EEE REFER BBL FER PREFER PEPER FERRER FERRER REF PRRE f vt ana see ne nthe pr og eri gat sisi rm, notin ene subnet he fly amin caes, Sees fr sess fon, ss una enna eth emilee org raion hp Ft nara Tea ate skenr “ae 40 feeroase estat i a hat eon heres Beri he ‘soi fia [seriocanst te heron eet Desi ete se fs — [tr rr ro CEE ere us aot fee — [te Trt ne a oie Teen ed ea ihe fat fesseran ert Tec es ‘eo ofrecer re i ieee aie aa tReet ————_—_— heron Fianna ear ‘at fra = i te nr fis aes elias ferton tie = ‘anata Te borage even a eon Became sane ict Serr ere te a rt fre eou sea re ome une ir —fricamaausrs a Teen ie arte ss [rica set her, ws Tete ar hes [racers = nero na ‘ane so [risen orcas fn CGS heron i “rst ‘aoe hes at nee Ox Tay Ces Cranes na ex mene eet anate cores nna Hee slag hens ea tment ‘ear res rome ere i iano es es [reat Sen ue irae ‘cane ies [roma oeegieate hese aes isin sree m7 hres te 1 ene eb [ran ea ea Ieee =m Sain ee, ea To |e teteagey eee Tae rare tte soe Iervea is Tarbes ar 72 |e eae ca “UE Tabada ‘mn fe eine ua Darter er ins ie sere cane ti ite ca Le a ‘onan hes a ue a aa ts aca cas Hi eu Te ssa nat es i ra semen ai [arr Peo OR FERRER EEE BREE R SIE FF | BBR GIs Ibs lols Bp IEE TE EVER EVE IE EVES EE |e EE | i (5B FF eal Pepe ee alae HERR i extemal une i en fr mp eg ep en a a i| EVE EE EEE EE EEE ] ‘aonnumetal unas ito ema poad Mme rege ero ge 5 fees Patan Sacer ue ent Trae eta Se te HererPeset ‘onset 258 tea nner fs Yr te esse ‘rae [ase ee Ie Yore “ ened oa fe Tenet herve te ise cued jaecnoeen herve ea ‘eater sae letra es ae ieee co re ny er ere Ta Fae ‘ses 0 ee err rere ere see “ite ere Frssnceeercnoman sae ase Fi ue ested nr aia ns pee Ses Fae ‘reas koe ‘ra Se Fetanttee erent a : nee Serra | eo = ere ue esse z an oes rane tis essa craiae Tee a Eevee rs ae er ue ‘rte ante Too ra ie et coreet Teas sr Teer ee Tea eg == ~temte 00 ae ea te seuss sm ts ea te este seo 7 oe a ro “ssa toe es tie “Fase ie Ta 7 ci Eeawa ‘se = a Baim a Tea fe Yr =i ines ea ier aos WE Oaei Uae ats Ce ERE ce Eee Eee BRP PRR R rake aE Eafe REE RRR RR lee EEE EEF iB ‘orn ome mea nth emote repr aman npti on igi 8 iron tom Oona acter teeny fly mantra, cnt S77 — ee ae = mi Fear a bre [racpaant fesvet esi ‘eres abe rer tas Pee [RENCE “ts reside arr tre Pett Tena Epitome ovis etre ae as se ever Tame Faecasce Est [rare P Ise essere es [Sst [ror ans Reo Eo nr hea Fae eu etfs toComr herent ue ta ‘ame Ss [i ag ae a he St —rmerese mee a {382s ae arto a rare nie sores arson are cau seer ‘ser [set [rons tre Sone 7 te om ‘erie? 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See instructions for required information. [Bers Name Page Nantel [Donald J Trams Mos [Part 2; Filer’s Employment Assets and Income fF Deserprion IETF Javiached schedule] Valve Tncome Amount (Part 2 -EXITIBIT A) Reference # [oo ao War Sreorcce TE Yoo [Bver SBD DE OGT jer [over sam OOT lundorveg Acsts commercial eal estate Location: New Yor. NY See atcha senedue [oo —}2OT Noms Wabaeh Verte TT 1 ae [Over $000,005 a [Overs 000 000 lUnceriing Assets resident! & commercial real state iseation: Chaps, I See attach weve esndo salen $742,005 loos ase NORTH CANONS Ta oa IS OL00T $25 OOD DOT ee (ortass an S20) LUnconyeg Assets: resent el eetate Location: Bevery as, CA [see tached schedule [506 — ee NORTH CANGH ENTER CORPORATION WR [or [STDOT STD [Rona (ores an S207) Value reported rafacts tank account hacing ony. Ents other otings ant assets are reported elsewhere: see etched lscnedule. Passthr entty. avery His, CA [tov —|eas UN Limited Parner WR [Oe ISS OOGET 425 000.00 — fant [STOSO ROT SEGRE |unsoryng Asses: comers real eto Location: New Yor NY [Se stiached schesile if [Coabamnans mveatnanis SRT WR Yas OCTET FEROS |oecerting Assets: ana |-seaton:Dorsican Repble See atached eenecui lat saas 2.000.009 To —|ouraryAparnos. LCE WR Yaa [ston sis aa ane (orToce an $2077 —, [ort —| Caan Proparts. Tre Wa [oar [ssocar -sioo Ra Nona Totes an S207) Underying Assos resist ol ostata Location: Nook VA See attached sched Jol JO Pace Acxuston, LC Wa lise Iso00go1 Fe no0,000 feast [sooner ST oCO DD \Underying Assets and, bling and tbe Ise: New York NY See atached schedule tothe renner oe petal is pen 206 [Part 2: Filer’s Employment Assets and Income [Description [tached shedale (Part 2- EXHIBIT A) {Referenced Vane income Type Tnsome Amount lois [DIT AEROSPACE TIC Jundering Assos: ara ltseaton New York NY see stiacneaeenesle wR je IsraoooeT-SEaaNOT [Nene (ortose an $2007 le iDIT HOLDINGS Ie ste aed reat tan acount ony. Exh cbr ngs ae Jeset are repo een see aaches eked, Hating coer, ew Yor, wr joer [ooo ooT =, o80 000 [rest Isso 00T “STOOD ag IbIT OPERATIONS GRILE Value reported ofects bank acount ony Jadicna! Undertying Assets ane locaton: Pam Beach, FL [see stacnaseenecule we ps ISTO FS Oo [Nene foros tan S200) jr [SIT OPERATIONS TILC nsering Aeets: arr Location: New York. NY [See stacr echecle [oar [over S50 000,005 jer [57000 ROT FE DOT TOE ie for GonNecr mL lunderving Assets: sera locaton: Pam Beach, FL se attached schocule we ss [sT00R ODT SE, DOO HHS Nore foreseen 5207) ca reer Wr fs [Rone (oross an S100) [orames Sinan oor-s,006 00 re JOT Howe MARKS INTERNATIONAL LLC Value reprtod reflects tank account nosing only. |Accinai Unoryng Asset lense dos wh RNA RESOURCES |croUP LTD, OORVA INTERNATIONAL LLC. HOMESTUDIO INTERNATIONAL SA, WONU CO LTD. value nat ready [iconse nlx, New York, NY: Se attached schedule, We ss [Rene (ortoss an 5,007) \evaies [sT.GOT FITTS tas JOT WARKS PONETIC Value roped rofics bank sccuant noting only |Addtonal Underying Asset tonse das wih ZERO G |APARTUENTS PRIVATE LTO, PREMSAGAR MOTELS PRIVATE [GnaTED- value ot easy asceraiabie. Leanee holder New Hor NY [Sen atached eenedle We lar [sor STOO eras [Hane (or ass Ta SOIT "We AcoMAeMNS SCHEDULE (ART 2-H ANIATEGRAL AR OFTHE ABOML AND SHOULD BE EADINCOIOUNCN THREW, apn esc ecu sre atone reno of peso ers Name Rnb] [Danas [Pare 7 Temp, : Filer's Employment Assets and Income [Description TEI attached schedule (Part 2- EXHIBIT A) IReterence# Te 058, Valve Income Type Tncome Amount je Exe Vertre TCE luncerying Aces raisenl renal popety Location: St Martin, Franch Wee indies [see atacned senedie Ta Yooe [sas con oT wan A oO Raa ST aO0 DOT ls Fy Seventh SveetAssooaies LC lUncerving Asses: commercial real atte Location: New Yar, NY See attaches eenecie WR [00 [over sea ooo [Over 55,000 000 i [Radeon Waretron aacsenes OP lUndering Astoe resident! reaestate locaton: New Yar, NY see atactod eonesiie WIT [sis 00r S000 (oto an S207) 30 [TRUMP NATIONAL GOLF CLUS -SUPTER lUnderying Actes: gol cis Location Jupter,€L See atachs eenesiie wT [over S00. [so ones revenue s17,903009 ar ILAMINGTON FaWicY FOLORSSUIS lUnderying Assets: tans Location: Bedminster RS se atcha echeaie TRY [svao00T $250,000 [Rave (ortese an S207) i [TRUMP NATIONAL GOLF CLUS BEDMSTER lundarying Asses: got cb Locaton: Beaminster. NI See atached schedule WR ia [Svar S50 T00.005 lat aes roverue 20,572.50 joa IwaR-A-LAGo clue. CLE lunaarying Assets resort Location: Paim Beach, FL see attaches senesule Rae [Svar S500 TOS les related revenue 529,705.48 lose [PRE FILL DEVELOPER IIS Undervng Actes: gol cub Location ine el NS [sco attaches Scheie WR ia SToD;00T = $260, a0 Iie (or Tocs an S207) lar [Seven Springs tLe [indertingAaset val estate lLoeston: Mi. Kisco, NY [see staches scale Svar SOOO ene (artes an S207) se ITRUMP TORNEERRY |Uncering Asses: go courses and resort ltocavan Tuber. Seotant see stiacnec scredula Wa TST [Over $50 00,000 or related revenue $16,106 95 lao L| "THE Ac ONPG SOULE ART > EIT AN NEHA ART OFTHE ABOVE AND SHOULD BEREAD I COAINCTON THERWIT, Gps in nore seuence are det thereon revo repre eso longe earth FT inerationa Reay WS [ate epoca bark stuck halng ony eon rhvg han nope oar we eth Wa fie [ssbonoT $3 00a I missions 3.050 Filer Name Page Nona] [Donaié Trump Tyofs8 [Part 2: Filer's Employment Assets and Income [> [Description [stashed sede (Part 2- EXHIBIT A) Reference Vale [income Type [come Amount 1) HO CENTRAL RESERVATIONS TIC lUnderiing Assets: hotel company Location: New York, NY See atached senedite isi [Sao STOO TOS None fries an B77 fost fic cna DeveLoPwENTIDC |Underying Aste: davoioer cation New Yak, NY [see stacne schon We IsraoT- sre DOT None (ortoss an S207) [bs5 —]ite Eoat61 Steet Company UF \unserbing Aste: esidoral eal estate Location: New York, NY |seeatacned renee Wa ios Isao ooT Sa aDDIDOO [Nove orione han 32077 [ous |The TROuP CORPORATION lUndorying Assets: management company ocatn: Naw York NY See atached sehede We [ver $0 600,000 |nanagemont and rasta cos ssn aS a aE FT Ava CONITY Value reported oes bank acount oly. Easy’ other hangs land aeets are ropoted ssewhete se atached schecule, Pass es ery, Naw York, NY ane aS Ten TOOT [pas] RUaP INTERNATIONAL GOLF LINKS ~BOONBEG lundering Assets: go couse and resort Locaton: Doonbeg, ireland 'see tached eehecule bir jsa00.0oT S25 000 Go si0.750.643 loa Jin comneRciac UL lUncerieg Assets: commercial roa estate Soe atachos eenedue pie JERROD oT, 000 [sr ooa aor se a05.000 [ss JT HOLONG CoMPANTTTC lUnderying Assets: hot! cond unt leat: New York NY Seo attach sone pais Irraoo0T Seana 0 Ison oT = Srcoa mE fig TRUMP NATIONAL GOLF CLUE lUnderting Assets got eae Ieaion Cnarat, NC se aftachadsenedue bas [FOOT = 305 BOO.OE oot rites reverse $14,125.30 [isd —TRUIP NATIONAL GOLF CLUB -HUOSON VALLEY lunderying Assets: gor cub Locaton: Hopowat Junction, NY [Se sacha eenecila wa pas sa00 oT Fes.000 To aot related revenue 5.5745 fost TRUMP NATIONAL GOLF CLUB PRICADELPHOR lundering Assets: got cub locaton Pi Hi [See atacno eehecule We paar san OOF FAS TOO DOT ot ited revenue ssesza) ‘He Acoso SOUDUME PART: BGT AM KTEGRAL ART OFTHE ABOVE AND SHOUD READ YCEANUNCTON TIREWT. apn mera sure ue tothe eno ede repre oge eae coh pain 0, FFices Name S| Donaia J. Tramp 18 OF SB. [Part 2: Filer’ Employment Azets and Income fF Description [EDF attached schedule ne [income Type Income Amount (Part 2 - EXHIBIT A) IReterence # isa — Re ToS CPST Tae Pre DoT $85,000 [Rona (arose an S207) |vsie recartad eteca bark account hong ony |acstonat Underiyg Asset none Location: Now York, NY: See aachad schedule lass ROW ons UN WIGR CORP Wa BT [aot -F¥s00 None fortose an $207) |vatue resets ates bank account noting ony. Ente oter oiings and astets are reported elouhero; soe atachod JschodulePase-hru en. Now York, NY last —frRuwP scons uc WR as Tne ese then S100) — yas [sis oor Seana lr mioas TOUCH Valu repre retets hank acount hating only JAdlional Uren ASS. ook dal wth Pata Puig LLC vats aot racy agcetsnabe oder of book contract. New York,NY, Ise stacnad eenede [ubienes 2017), [058 [TROMP CANOUAN ESTATETIC WR fear [oe ores an FT Lacan $t Vincort ane he Grenaines See attached schedule and sates $3,000,000 joss [TRUMP CAROUSEL LC WR BD jroo oT -sza0 p00 - [value reported eects bark account noaing ony. |aacronal Underiing Asset: operating agreement wth NEW YORK. (City DEPARTMENT OF PARKS & RECREATION - value not, Jasmine $702,965 lead asconsinabl |carousatopeatr, Now York,NY See atached seneduo jest —rRowe ces icc Waa [P00 ooT 50,500 000 — rane [st ooo aor $5 00000 Underyng Assets: commercial and residontal eal estate Location: New Yor. NY [See atachod senedue loos — TRON NATIONAL DORAL Wm ie [over 350,000 B00 Underyng Assets: go curses & reson seat: Mia, FL ‘See atachod schedule oot esoncetates $134,852,107 Joos [TROP FERRY PORT ULE Tam as [DOT = Sa oHA DT Underyng Assets operating soreoment wth NEW YORK CITY IDCPARTHENT OF PARKS & RECREATION - gl course Location: New York NY oor cetates revenue 37.30.34 See atachod eeneaua |;opering Oy: Apri. 2088) ‘me acon SCHEDULE (AKT 2- CNT AN MTIGHAL PART OFTHE ABOVE AO SHOULD SC READ COMLUNCTON THREW, Gaga umarc quence ue the reno reves repre en ologe ead on hs pan 206. Fer Name [Donais 1 Tramp [Part 2: Filer’s Employment Assets and Income iv eseription [tached schedule (Part 2-EXHIBIT A) IReference# Value [come Type Tncome Amount lass [TROP OCF ACOUISTHONS TOC Wx far [oe (ortoss an 31.0077 oot rited revenue 21.205] lett IFRUM HOWE MARRS Value reprtearetects bark account hosing ony lAdeliona Underying Asst lcense deal wth OOWNLITE INTERNATIONAL INC, GOURMET HOME PRODUCTS LLC, INORTHPOINT TRADING LLC. SIGN OF TIMES INC, TPS SAS {ae nt raat ascentanatie conse heer. New Yor, NY [se attach senate wa pT [one (ates an 57.0577 Fovates [pTon00T S000 00 TRUMP ICE Le We F TSO SOOT 413.330 [aed — | Rovae INTERNATIONAL GOLF LINKS - SCOTLAND [See atachod senedule TR aT [over 3,000 000 oor rites revenue 4.00763 [oro owe mateRNATIONAL GOLF CLUB FLORIO lUnderyng Assets: got uo Locaton West Paim Beach, FL [See atacrad ecnedule Tae ae [Son coT Sea mDH 00e pot rites revenue sistas [o71 fT ROMP INTERNATIONAL ROTEL WAWATILG [vate reported ofecte bark account heding ony. jan RONGATE AZREP EW LLC - value not ready ascertmable, Ceanes holder, Walk Ht See aiachad schedule |xastonal Underng Asset: maragement ahd losnse agreements Wi None eras han 51007) jovates |nanagement ees [sToo nor FAHD 000 2.402.462 [p72 [TROMP INTERNATIONAL HOTELS MARAGEMENTING unsnyeg esesmaragenetcorsey [sea atacnad eeneile We ior vee sen ONO management tees 33.3852 ROMP HARKS ASIA |unsering Assos: resident real state I.seaton Water Par Place, [seo atacnod sched le Wa fie [sso ooT ST oaa None fortes an $257) 5 [ara — freon wanes sraneoc woe |Vauereporied reacts bark account teding oy. Jacctenal Uncering Asset: loerse dea! wh ORTADOGU lorowoTwy TCAReT AS: vale not ead ascertinabia, Iicenee holder, New York, NY Wm fae None fortes han $70 Hoo 8aT Se a00 OT "Ne AccMPANING SCHEDULE PART 2-H AN ATEGRAL AT OFTHE ABOVE AND HOURD EE READIN CONRATON THEE. Gt ri evn re Fiers Name [Bonaie Tame IPare : Filer's Employment Assets and Income Page Numba 20 oF 58 F [Desription ler Tatachod schedule (art 2- EXHIBIT A) Reference Vaine Tiecome Type [income Amount la [ROMP WARKSTIC Value reported rtects bark scout lng only JAdionat Under ASSO Scense deal wih ELK LIGHTING ING - \stue not ready ascertanatle. License hacer, New York NY [see stacne schesise Ber Noe fortoss an $1007) fovaiies Isto0eT Sona 0 [oa ROP WARKS MATTRESS ULC |vatie reported refets tank account neana ny ladaonal Undorving Asst. Teance deal wh SERTA - val rot essay ascertinahle. License older. New York, NY [See atached ecnecuc| We Ey Nove (orass han S007) jevaiios Is ooa aor se DARIO fosr TRON? WARKS MENSWEAR |vato reports efacts bank account nokieg ont |acctanal Undering Asa icerae da! wth PUM CORP. PEERLESS CLOTHING INTERNATIONAL, PARLUXLTD, [OXFORD OPTHALMIC, RANDA ACCESSORIES - val ot ready Jscenainabie. License older. New Vor, NY [See attached soneaue fier [Rone ores than SOOT jaar [soo 00T ST. OOO DIT far [TRUMP MARKS NEW ROCHELLE IS Value repented retecs bank account heldng oy JAdcionat Unserving ASEet:eanse deal wh NEW ROG PARCEL [A LLC- value nt eadly ascertainable, License Nader, New See atached senesue pe Ron (oreas an 5.007) jovaer Sica cars. nan 00 [TRUMP ARKS PANAMA LLC [vate reportad reflects bank acount hodng on |adtional Underbing ASS leanse eal wih K GROLP [Ge VELOPERS INC. value ot realy sacertinable. License Inter, New Yoo, NY [see winches schedule We Ey ists 007 ssa oa jeraer [st ooo aor se 00,000 lorr [FROM ARS WARTS [value repaed reects Bank accaunt holting oni ladaonal Unserying Asset conse dea! wh IRONGATE AZREP- {BW LLC: value not eadly ascorbic Lesnae hole, New [see atiacnes senate pr Tene forlose an 51,0077 [ovaties Ison 007 ST. onO DO oar TROWP WAAKS WHITE PANS TIC sel eae atearae crane New Yow NY Sec che wx Bas sro S15 000 Nene (orloee an S27) [FRU NANT RESORT WANAGEMENT TLE [vee reported retacts Bank accu holing ony. lacastenal Unseryng Asset none Management company, Mami FL; See etached schedule pas [Sso00OT $000 000 Rone (oriass an S207) “we acovassn SCHEDULE ART 2-H A TERA PET OFTHE ABMS AMD SHOULD BE EAD CORUMCTIONTHERENTA. apn mara gun oath remove of soya eng apron at 236 Fie Name Page Numba] [Donia J Tiamp zr oF SB [Part 2; Filer’s Employment Assets and Income iv Beseripion [reached hed (Part - EXHIBIT A) Reference # pot — | ROR? WODEL MANAGEMENT ILC luncerying Assets: modetng agency, [see atacnessehece We Boe is coe aor $5,800,000 fist FROW® NATIONAL GOLF CLUS COLTS NECK lUnderng Assets: go eu Location Cats Neck Kd [see aches senedle Wr be [over seams 000 lot aod revenue $7512.88) [bss — Rov NATIONAL GOLF CLUS- WESTCHESTER Unsere Asses: gl es Location: Gravett anor, WY See atachad senede lar [over set 0007005 [go eae revenue 1031303) [051 —JTROWP NATIONAL GOLF CLUS- WASHINSTONDS LUnéoryng Assets: got cub Lseaton Potomac Fall, VA [see atacnos eenecul Wi las [over S50 000,005 [go sod revenue 17487, [oes teow ovo post oFFICE LIC |undening Assos: ote l.scaton Washington, OC [see tac echecle Wr far [oversea D0.005 IsTooooT sr aDO TIS [aay Yes Unvare CP COL Value reported reacts bark account heldng ony JAdouonalUnderying ASSL: none [See atache seneaie ba [Rove (orece ran 5.007) loeauty pageant retotes revenue and sale 40.2866 fos TRUMP PRLACEPARCTOC lUnderyrg Assat: commer ea esate [See atached soheduse or law Is oua nor Se aOD DOT [soo 087s o00 00 Gop TRUMP PARK AVENDELLC Undering Assets residential & commercial realestate Loeation: New York WY [sce atachod schedule. we fea [over S50 DTS conde eles over ss 500 00 $44,300.00 hag [TRUM PLAZA TLC lundering Asses: enidentl & commercial rel estate \Locaton: New vor. NY [See atiacho eonadio We jaar ISS DOO DOT SU TOOIOT [s.000 67 Fe 00,000 har — [Rowe PRODUCTIONS TIC lunderying Asses production company \Locaton: New Yor: NY IST OO TOT SAO DOD oroduction reverse. 590043 ‘TACOMA CHEAP 2-H SAN ITEGRLPARTOFTAE ABOVE AND SHOULD BE EAD CONLUNCTON THREW, Gn ural env he tothe reenal of evouy preter along egotabeo spar n2 [riers Name [Donalds Tramp [Part 2: Filer’s Employment Assets and Income lr [Description Er 2a oF Nom fiche shee (Part2- EXHIBIT A) Reference # Value [ome Tyre Tacome Amount up Restawanis |underingAscete retaurant Location: New Yor. NY {see tached eonedile We fo I Doo oaT Sema toad & beverage related} sas. 83.906202 ROMP RUFFIN TOWERTINC lUnderyng Assets: commercal real stato Location: Las Vegas. NV See ataches scneae We lee Ivar BCD BOS onde eles ctl lated revenue si8.222 $20,765, I RUVP SCOTSEOROUGH SOUARETIC. lundaring Assets resident real site locaton: Soatsbocugh Square. VA [ar DO GOTT OOO TOD hae RUMP TOWER COMMERCIAL TIC lunderying Assets: commercial real estate lation: New Yer, NY [see ata eenede we jaar er SEO BTDOT [Over ss a00.000 [FROM TOWER HANTONG WENTSER [vate ropotad eects bank account holsng ony. Ents oor okings and assets are reported eiveahere; se attached |scnease Pass ently. 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Tramp [23 OF | a ef [Pari 2: Filer's Employment Assets and Income 7 [Description EF [tached schedule (Part 2~ EXIUBIT A) eference # Vata [icone Tyre [income Amount hie ITROWP NATIONAL GOLF CLUB (OS ANGELES \Unserhing Assote: gol course and unsold Its Location Lo Angele, CA ee atiachod ecnedue Wr iso [over $50,005,000 oot rites revenue lane eas $15,535,108 s11270. 7 [WEST PALM OPERATIONS Ue [ie epore oes ank acai ni oy [AsienalUnering Ase hone ty sl por hans, Yost Wr far [sva01-FrE.00 a Toraes an SOT} hie harire COURSE LLC |i agra bk aside aston Onstage none: Ey on po mange acer be ie [carseat amp sona Ons tans FL Se ate chad Na be [oe (ors an 00) ot rated revenue 06.70 is |Waliran Rak Operators LIS |undesing Assets: oprating agement wth NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF PARKS & RECREATION -ion eating Anke |.ccaton: New York, NY See atached echecle We bre Ira. 00T $5,000 lee skating vnc siz.cotor7 ae ANAS Owners UC lunderving Assets commercial ral estate Location: Sen Francisco, CA [See atached seneaue re over a0 p00 [Sver Se aaO OT iar 200 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, A TENANCY IN COMMON lundenying Assets: commercial realestate Location: New York NY see attached seneate wa be [over Sao 30000 [Svar SS aDDOT ia Ia era RNA SSTRR Cy ansaaen CP Wa onSe Jecoseson Ent ert dect omership by fo) 1 Is Dono - 65, TIT lover $5,000 as [i poate rata Soirg Cran Pas LC WW ees Saco Jon eau nd rect wrap by te a) \Snering acts oneness [sean Bross RY a soa aaT Sao Iso car STo0a [arp Tower aprox | Undering Asse: resident realestate ee D0 [Rave (orees Pan S207) Underying Assets: residential ea estate Locator: Palm Beach FL js aaO DOT SS DOH GO isTsoaT ssa "HE ACCOMPANY SENEOULEPAR2 BAMA RTEGRA PAR OFTHE AROUE AO SHOULD REREAD CONNINCTEN THEW. Gaga marquee me othe rel of ey epre ems ole paral (riers Nae [Donald J. Tame [Part 2: File’s Employment Assets and Income i = fF [Description jE itched schedule (Part 2 - EXHIBIT A) Reference Vales Tacome Amount hae |undering Assos: escent realestate Locator Pam Beach FL we Is ooa maT Fe aO0 OT Isso oaT = ST0e aa rar [or Marke wore \uncerng Asses: toense de |cerstels JAWALA REAL ESTATE PRIVATE LTO, LODHA loeveLopens PRIVATE LTO Location New York Ise attached schacla. 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[value not realy esceranabe Wi a (ovaties soar soa “WE ACcoUain SeKEDUE PART 2 EXT A AN TEGRAL PAT OFTHE ROVE AND SHOULD HE READ CONRCTION THER, Gar nner eee arco theramcrn feu eaten nora eps on pt 2036 [riers Name Page Numba] Donal J. Tame [Part 2; Filer's Employment Assets and Income [25 of 58 [> Description Er tached sede (Part 2 -EXGIBIT A) Reference # Vane [recone Type Trcame Amount fis] [ROMP MARKS PRIUPPRES TOC |Undering ASB: oense deal \cenaee(: CENTURY CITY DEVELOPMENT CORP [cation New Yor, NY [see atacned sche [value not esdiy ascertainable wa Bsr (erates IST oaO OUTS. AON OT {39 | ROWP WARES STANFORD ULC |uederving Actes: cance dal |oensoo(e.33 BROAD STREET ASSOCIATES 1 |.soton: New Yar, NY [see stashed schedule [vee not ebay seeanable Ba revaes Is100007 ST O0O DDT ag [FROME WARES SONNY RLESTILE tering Assets: oense dal Ltonsoa(e: MICHAEL OEZER & NAOMI DEZERTOV l.caton: New Yar, NY [see attached eenesle. Value not resdiy ascertainable wa bar ravaties [soo Sars aOO DOT [TRUMP PANAMA HOTEL NANAGEWERTIIG lUndering Acre: management agreement cation: Naw Yark NY see atachad achadite [value not ready ascertainable wa |management 6s 1,200 s09 [isi | RUN TORONTO HOTEL WANAGEMENT CORP lundering Assets: Eeanto de Lcanste(): TALON INTERNATIONAL INC Location: New York NY [See stached scnedse [vase not ready saceainabie Wr jr management eos 011.004 fas fiw venToRe rece lranspertaton serves Location: Pain Bosch FL. [sce atacnesecnedle [vate not ready secertinble ca operating come 5243, faa — [Tramp Management ine |unserving Assets: management company Location Maninaset, NY [see atacnedschecula Value not easy ascertainable a co Imsnagerant eos 140, 45 [RITZ CARLTON HOTEL AT 172 CENTRAL PARK SOUTH eatin New Yor NY Vetus net rensysecrtinable a management feos $206,00 “Te acovanenNS SCHDUEPHET2 OORT A NTESRAL PER OFTHE ABOUE AND SHOULD REREAD IVCORUNCTEN THEW. 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Files Name Page Numba [Donais 1 Tromp [Part2; Filer's Employment Assets and Income [v—]Deseription [tached shed (Part 2 - EXHIBIT A) Reference Vale Tncome Type [ome Amount fag — [iri ke A Crampan lounsher:vanguare Press, s member of Perseus Books Lic luncening Assets: book Leeson’ New York, NY [vate not easy aecoranabie |Puoienes 2009) We roaes Ta [ike AA OTT Dear Jpuisher: Random House luntering Assos: book |.oeaton Now York, NY Value not easy ascertainable |Pusichoa 1987) We jevates Isso.007 “soo moo aa [Time To Gat Tough [pusher Regnery Pustshing lunderiing Astets: bok |vaoe not eoayacconatle |Puotshoa 2011) jerarer [SOO GOT STOTT fae — [Think Uke @ Bonar |pusteher: Random House lUnéeryng Assets: book |.ceaton: New York NY [vane not asayasceaiatie (Pushed 2004) Wx None foreseen S207) 50 —|the At The Comebace Jpuatsher: Random House lunderiing Aste: book Iocan New Yor, NY [vee not eaay ascertainable |evsisnos 1997) wa one (oriens an S207) Hs1 [wy We Want You Te Be ick Puntaher Plata Pubtshing LLC Underyng Assets: book \.soaton: New Yar, NY Natue not enay ascertainable (euanes 2006) We None fortene an 3207) [S| Tarp 1OT The Way to Suceeas [Palen Jon wey & Sons, ne |undering Astts: bok \oation New York,NY Value not esdiyascertsinatie |utenes 207), We Nove foriose an S207) [riers Name Bona J Tramp [Part 2: Filer's Employment Assets and Income awa | ly ]Deseription attached schedule (Part2~ EXIUBIT A) Reference # [income Type [ncome Amount 53 [Tre Arata Wo Daseve JPubienor: Renaissance Books luncering Astets: book |koento New York, NY ate not easy ascortinable |eubtchoa 2000 [None oreas tan SIOHY fsa |Nover Give Up Pustsher John Wey & Sons, ne. Undering Asats: book Lacan New York. NY [vaio not easy atcatainable (Pubiened 2008) we None fortens an $2577 55 Tha Bot asl Estata Avice Ever Racewed Pusher Troma Neen, Io. lundering Assets: nok Location: New York WY Value not esd ascersinatie (Pushes 208) We [Nene (oross a S207) sé [The Way To The Top Jpvoiener: Bi Ader Books | unser Assets: book Ikcoaton New York, RY Value not eacty ascertainable |Pubtchoa 2006 WK fora aso fis] — [row to Gat rich publisher: Random Howse |underyng Assets: book Location: New Yor. [vate not ready ascatinable (Pubisned 2004) we revaias ISSDOT $15,000 58 —]think ig ana Kiet Aas Puvtsher KarperColin Pubishers Underieg Aste book [Value not realy ascertainable (Pushed 2007) | 1 [None (oress than S207) 13 — [tramps Sunivng AT The Top Pusiser: Random House Underg Assets: book |.ceaton: New York NY Ivatue not realy ascertainable |Pustshed 1850) Wr oe fries an 3207) fai] SCREEN ACTORS GOLD PENSION Underying Aste pension Valve not radiyascertainatio We 100.50 “Te acconast SCHEAE OANT 2-4) ANTRAL ART OF DHE ABOVE ANOSHOUAD AE EAD INCOMINTION THR, Gapt sere cauce at threo reo pra toegestaan 20 [Fleer Name Page Namba] [Donaia 1 Tramp 28 oF 58 [Part 2: Filer’s Employment Assets and Income [Description [atached schedule (Part 2- EXHIBIT A) IReference Tncome Type [come Amount her [208 Producten We Cte Apprentice) Location: Bursank, CA leary ‘se. hse RCN ste: 024s or [peaking engagement 450, i [RATIONAL MOCTIFANILY HOUSING COUNGIT lost o«zans [speaking engagement 100,000 ier PEOPLES REALTY COMPANY LE baw: vane We sreaking engapement 100,00] ae IRASNFL INCORPORATED FOR SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS [america bate osous Wie speaking engagement 150,00 oy I HC Mani RESTAURANT HOSPTTALTY Vales roared retects bank acount hong ony Jestaurantoperatons at Trump National Deal oeston: wear FL We ie ot FeO OG os & beverane relate} see 7.807 32 {aval Energies Management re ale reported retects bank account hldng ony [adatcnal Undering Asset: none rity st up to provide tavel sence for Taanp cubs and resorts, New vork, NY; Se ates seneaue jane Ione (ortose an 57.0577 lerwce toes sr im [20 Wat Development Ansocate, LIC Valve reported roects tank account Fldng ony. Ents other hokings and assets are reported escuhera; see atached Jsrodule Pase-tru erty. New York, NY we aa OTST DOT [Roe (orToee an S207) Jeo WALL STREET COMMERCIAL ULC aie reported refcts bank account Moktng ony. Enis other hokings and acets are reported elewnere; see atached schedule Payrot company. New York NY wa oy I OTS, [Nove Cortese an S255) "We AcoMPseins SEOUL PART2- XIAN TEGRAL PAT OFTHE ABOVE AND SHOULD BE READ ICORUNCTON THERCWTH,Gapnmumerceque re du oth rere peered ogg Flere Nae [Bonais Tame ante] [Part 2: Filer's Employment Assets and Income Ir [Description [atached schedule (Part 2- EXHIBIT A) Reference # Tncome Type Tncome Amount is SY OUBATT GOLF MANAGERTIC” Vatuerpsces reficts bane account hang ony. ladon Undong Asse: management deal wth FRONTLINE |nveStiMENT MANAGEMENT CO LLC (AN AFFILIATE OF JoaNac)- value nat ready asersinaie Itanagement company Outs. UAE. See tached schedule We fosr is1s.007 S50 000 jevares isi ooa nor $5 000,000 i [BT TOWER GORGAONTIC Value repos roects bank account holding ony JAdsiional Underipng Anet loonee deal wh IREO PRIVATE LTO. aie not ready ascersatie [Licenge nldr,Gurgeon tna: See sached sched, a oar [soa nOT ST AOOIOT is [OPO HOTEL WARAGER LLC Walierpertadreets bank scount holding ony |sdatianal Under Aasat management company cation: wasmingten, OC Se atachod echedule ia isis o0F eso None fr toss ran S007) NAGAR ING. Nelis reported reects bans account holding ony. Ents ther okings an! assets ae reported elsewhere: see attaches seheaie. Enty soup to loase 757 om DIT Operations I LLC. Neve York, NY We Te ist oaF sis aoe arora ested everue s9.713603 ia BAKU SERVICES ILS Vie reported ratacts bane account hlng ony |aasticnal Undecying Astet management doa wh BAKU) [CENTURY LLC vate ot ready secerinabin Management company, Btu, Azeroajen See titached schedule. a [Rane or eas then STOTT |nanagement feos $223,169 ime HTC TEA DEVELOPWIENT LE Unserjng Ast: developer See stached sched We [S16 007 Sean [Nits (ortoss an SEY [riers Nene Page Nant] Dona Tame a0 of 58 [Part 2: Filer's Employment Assets and Income fF [Desription| TEIF attached schedate (Part 2- EXHIBIT A) Reference # Vater — Tome Type Tncome Amount i OT MARRS OUBATTLC Valve reported retecs bank scour lng only Jason Underyng ASEL beense deal wih OAMAG CRESCENT JPROPERTIES LLC - val not ready ascertained cane older, Dube UAE. Ses attaches sched We ia [Foor FET None (Toes an $2577 hao [TRUMP MARKS PUNTA DEL ESTELIC vee reponadretects bank acount hing ony JAsctona! underying ASB. conse deal win AETOS SA value conse oer Purta Del Est, Ungusy, See tached schedule, We fr [scar Fe0.000 jose IsTon aT FADO TOT ry [DT BALI TECHNIGAL SERVICES WANAGERTIC [value reported reflects bank account neang oy |Accrenal Undering Assat management deal wth PT BALL INIRWANA RESORT vise rt reac asceranabe Management company al, eanesa. See atachod schedule, We lar i ose as STOTT |management ees $09.0 |Undering Assets aera Location: Turney, Seatand [Sew attached seneduo ir Ero oy as [oT ENDEAVOR TULC |Unterving Assets aera Loeaton Palm Beach, FL [see atached teneaue far DOO TTT- SPE AOD DOS [Nine (oriaas an S207) isa [ST TOD TECHNICAL SERVICES WANAGERTIC aie repeted tolects bank account nade ony |acaionat Uncerving Asset management Joa wih PT LOO INIRWANA PARAHYANGAN value not eady secertainable, |anapoment company, Lio, Indonesia; See atached schedule, fro lone (arose than 51.007) |management feos 13,99 ies [oT MARRS BALES vats roporiad reflects bank account hosing ny Jactienal Underying Asso: cense deal win PT BALI NIRWANA [RESORT - value not easly arcnnsinabia. lense holder, Sal, indonesia, ee tached schedule We fair ie oa an STOTT jovaties [s¥c00 cor Fs 00,000 ies [OT WARKS UDOLLC |vste reported facts bank account hodng ny |aconal Underying Asta learen eal wih PT LIDO NIRWANA PARAHYANGAN valve nat rely ascernnbe Lense holder, io, Inanesia, See tached schedule, is ne ries an SLOT [ovate [SOOO GOT FE DOORS “we accompa SCHDULEART2-AHA'ANINTEGHAL AT OFTHE RENE ANOSHOWAD BE EAD CONUNCTN THEREWITH. Gt sme sain ae tt remo reo ered ars nage repre nth ata 06. Fees Name Tanbe] [Bonaia 1 Tromp [Part2: Filer's Employment Assets and Income [Description TEIF [atached schedule] Va Tacome Type [income Amount (Part2- EXHIBIT A) Reference # fs] [NOSE PAYROLL CONSTRUCTION TIC We fs [ssa STOO IOS [Re (or ose ts SOOT) Value reported reects bank account Noking ont JAditonal Underyng Asset rane Paral company, Sedmnsla NJ See atached schedule fs —[GRIPPLED AMERICA oy javaes jer Doo GOT Fema. Pubisher Theshos Eations lUndering Assets book Location: New Yor NY [vse not ready eecetinable (Pubiened 2015) ‘wees SOHDULE (HR 2- HHA AN ATERAL ART OFT ABOVE A SHOULD BE FEADINCEAWINCTON THER, Can ra een ed therencl af evn repe ams loge eae anh pan 6 1 Fer 28 (eh 201) Instructions for Part 3 Filer’ Name Donald J. Trump Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information [Part 3: Filer’s Employment Agreements and Arrangements fe [Employer or Party [Cig/State [Status and Terms TT sereen Actors Guild - Producers Burbank, CA Pension Plan for Motion Picture Actors; payments received on a monthly basi. July 2011 i iz (1 Far 278 Mac 2016) Instructions for Part 4 Note: This is public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information [Filers Name [Donald J. Trump Patt 4: Filer's Sources of Compensation Exceeding $5,000 in a Year [Source Name [Brief Deseription of Daties NA (008 Fem rt (ue 206 Instructions for Part S Note: Thiss a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information. riers Name Page Number Donald J, Tramp 34 oF 58. Part 5: Spouse's Employment Assets and Income Desricon [come Tape insta CL a a oT aT TET er deriva Aes: nace Seater Now or IMELANIA MARKS ACCESSORIES ULC Wk jroyaltes [578,001 - $50,000 Undertying Assets: licensing agreement Licensee(s): MZ BERGER & COMPANY LLC Location: New York, NY Value not readily ascertainable 3, [MELANIA MARKS ACCESSORIES MEMBER CORP Wa INone (or less than S207) oass-thru company for MELANIA MARKS ACCESSORIES Lucy Location: New York, NY Value not readily ascertainable Iz [MELANIA MARKS SKINCARE LLC Wa ovate None (ertess than S207) Underlying Assets: licensing agreement Licensee(s): NEW SUNSHINE LLC Location: New York, NY Value not readiy ascertainable IMELANIA MARKS SKINCARE MANAGING MEMBER CORP | NA INone (or Tess than S207) (pass-thru company for MELANIA MARKS SKINCARE LLC) Location: New York, NY Valve not readily ascertainabie [727 SAUL TR |87,000 001 - $5,000,000 None (orless than $201) Underlying Assots: residential reat estate Location: New York, NY. [721 33H Holdings LLC WR [None (ortess than $207) {iass-tnru company for 721 33H LLC) Location: New York, NY Value note readily ascertainable (ct Fe 78h 2014) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or fami member names. See instructions for required information. ers Name Donia Tam Part 6: Other Assets and Income FF [Desepion faeme Type 7 Texacenocns ossoan rumo Soe ee 2 eawon acger euno Y | Novwsereesen 1000 | Centalgan | stona0r” sv oonan0 5 Ieanow cua carruno Y | Newwseresstan ico | Centalgan | _stoo001-sroon000 7 laxron ospontumny uno ¥ | Novwioressmensiaon | Centargan | _ston00r S100 5 Ieanon roayeco crown uno Y | Noww@criessmansicoy | Castargan | _stono0t- 81000000 © leanon nremaniona, cnown amo Y | Nowieriessmansia09 | castargan | st0000r- 00000 7 leanow nem. estare runo ¥ | None oresstan sian | OMS CFT ssop 01s 00000 * leanow ewenaine uanvers eno wor | Nowe ries hn 5.00% Tere orlas han 3207 © [paRON ener aslo nesounces runo + | nove orestten 51009 Tore (orloas han 8200 7 leanow evencine uancers uno retax 7 | Neve toressan aon | captargan | ss0001-s100.0 11 lean Growne FUND [None orteashan 1,003) | MFRS, CTT S509 .01 000000 7 leanon pantwens Funo | none eriesimans1 aon | mts RET Top 01-000 000 13 [RS DNERSEIED CREDIT STRATEGIESFUNOTP (| con aor s5000000 ve ores an 201 17 leau.son paRTueRs LP ¥_[ sr 000.001 ss0on000 | MESS DMEents T5000 ,000000 ve [MOOCEAN CREDIT OPPORTUNITY FUROTF ©] sxaon01- 5.000000 | Tress Dinas | s15001 35000 19 SEC Cee eas See Sanaa) NIA | $1,000,001 - $5,000,000 Interest $2,501 - $5,000 lAccOUN’ (GE For 27h 2014) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is @ public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information Filers Name [Donald J. Trump [Part 6: Other Assets and Income rage Number [36 of 58 20) een cena ereeene es cnies wa | $5,000.01 - $25,000,000 Interest $50,001 - $100,000 2 | wa] $1,001 $15,000 Interest 201 - $1,000 2 | ovewest BANK - MONEY MARKET wa] 315,001 - $50,000 None (ot less than $20") 23 |e\oNATURE BANK - CHECKING wa] $100,001 - $250,000 interest $1,001 - $2,500 24 | BANK UNITED, NA- MONEY MARKET NA) — $100,001 - $250,000 Interest '$5,001 - $15,000 25) Se eeneet toenail NIA 315,001 - $60,000 Interest None (or less than $201) 26 |iyveSTMeNT iN GOLD nwa | $100,001 - $260,000 None (or less than $201) 27] pert ee eenee nen nccoe twa] $25,001 - $50,000 None (or ess than $201) ‘BARCLAYS BANK - BROKERAGE ACCOUNT = HOLDINGS 1 [ALLIANZ SE SPONSORED. NA $1,001 - $15,000 None (or less than $201) 2 ater inc NIA $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends, Capital Gain} $1,001 - $2,500 3 [up piuuiron etc wa] $1.001- $15,000 Dividenes $201 $1,000 4 [CeNTURYLINK INC NIA $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 3 |crrigroup Inc NEW NA $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends ‘None (or less than $201) ® |CONOCOPHILLIPS NIA ‘$1,001 - $15,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 7 |FREEPORT MCMORAN INC. NIA $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 ® lceneran ELECTRIC COMPANY wa] $1,001-$15,000 _[Dividands.Capital Gain] $1,001 - $2500 9 | GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLC ‘NAL $1,001 - $15,000, ‘None (or less than $201) To) ene ee wa] $1,001- $15,000 Dividers ‘8201 - $1,000 (0 Fam 278 (ch 206) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information. U fivreRNATIONAL PAPER wa] $1,001 $16,000 Dividends 18201 - $1,000 12 TkinoeR MORGAN INC DE nwa] s1,001-s18,000 None (or less than $201) 3 Ieverure inc wa] $1,001 - $16,000 None (or less than $204) 14 lorance SPONS ADR wa] $1,001 - $16,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 1S [prizer inc NA $1,001 - $16,000 "None (or ess than $201) 16 TpRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC wa] $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 17 JrayTaeon COMPANY NEW NA $1,001- $15,000 [Dividends,Capttal Gain] $1,001 - $2,500 fe) |S een erat wa] $1,001 - $18,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,800 19 lowiss Re LTD wa] $1,001-$15,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 20 Irevenor ASA wa] $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends None (o less than $201) 21 frovaLsa nwa] $1,001 $15,000 Dividends 8201 - $4,000 22 [VANGUARD HIGH Dividend Vield ETF Y $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 23 |verizon COMMUNICATIONS wa] $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 24 WAL-MART STORES INC wa] $1,001 - $15,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 25 TaGriumINccoM TWA | None (ortess than $1,001) [ivdends.Capital Gain] $204 - $1,000 26 |vaLERO ENERGY CORP NWA | None (ores than $1,001) [Dividends.Cepital Gain] $2,501 - $5,000 COPPENHEIMER- BROKERAGE ACCOUNT - HOLDINGS 1 TINDER MORGAN INC DE wa] $1,001 - $15,000 ‘None (or fess than $201) BN | Prenetneencren tremens te y $15,001 - $50,000 ‘None (oc less than $201) (005 Fer 27 (ach 2014) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information Part 6: Other Assets and Income | ADVANTAGE BANK DEPOSIT NA 318,001 - $50,000 ‘None (or less than $201) “ Ihowrncesovsorsiavnaenno ae | ¥ | Soon ssa | ORGS | aise. smo 10 lament ING 1A | ‘None (or less than $1,001) |Dividends.Capitat Gain] $50,004 - $100,000, | (ce Foon ech 2038) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information, Flees Name [Donald J. Trump Part 6: Other Assets and Income 22 | yahoo INC NWA | None (or less than $1,001) | Capital Gain '$50,00t - $100,000 23 \iga inc NA | None (or less than $1,001). |Dividends.Capital Gain] $100,001 - $1,000,000 DEUTSCHE ASSET & WEALTH MANAGEMENT AIG 7 BROKERAGE ACCT - HOLDINGS. I poneriencetneenen eens wa | $50,001 - $100,000 Interest $201 - $1,000 2 |hoVANCE AUTO PTS ING COM Na] $15001- $50,000 None or less than $20") ALPHABETINC COMCLA na | $50,001 - $100,000 Non (or lss than $201) 7 wa | $50,004 - $100,000 ‘None (rls than $201) 5 |amazon COM INC COM wa | $50,00t- $100,000 None (or less than $204) © [AMERICAN WATER WORKS COM NA} $15,001 - $60,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 7_|aMeRIPRISE FINANGIAL INC COM Na] $50,001- $100,000 Dividends $2,501 - $5,000 8 lameTeK Inc NEW COM wa] $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $201 $1,000 9 |nppte mc com wa [$100,001 - $250,000 Dividends $2,501 $5,000 10 |appte ine BOND WA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $5,000 11 Toeine co com twa | $80,001 - $100,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500) 7 twa | 515,001 - $50,000 Dividends $201 - $7,000 13 [aranvxeR nvm. ine com wa[ _$1,001- $16,000 None (or less than $201) & Teroapcom LIMITED COM wa | $16,001 - $50,000 None (or less than $201) 1S |ceLGeNe coRP COM wa | $100,001 - $250,000 None (or less than $208) '6 |cHEvRoN CORP com wa | __ $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $2,501 $5,000 (ci Fan 278204) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information, Filer's Name Donald J. Trump Other Asseis and Taeome [zeros IF [Vater [income Te 40 of St FE] eee coe twa] $15:001 - $50,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 18 lomenaup inc com wa | $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 i) INA | None (or ess than $1,001) Interest 82,801 - $6,000 5 a eeeeean wa | $15,001 - $50,000 None (or less than $201) | ee wa] $15,001 - $50,000 Dividends ‘$201 - $1,000 22 comcast CORP BOND INIA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 23 |conaGRA ING COM wa] $15,001 - $50,000 None (or less than $201) 24 [costco WHSL CORP NEW COM wa] $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends 82,501 - $5,000 25 |oROWN CASTLE INTERNATIONAL CORP REIT Coy Drvicends ea 26 [DEUTSCHE X TRACKERS MSCIEUROPEHEDGED | _y | — $250,001- $500,000 | Dvidends,Capital Gain] $15,001 - $50,000 IHEDGED EQUITY FUND ETF 2 [DEUTSCHE x TRACKERS MECI JAPAN HEDGED Y | $100,001 -$250,000 Dividends.capital Gain] $5,001 - $16,000 28 |piscovER FINANCIAL SERVICES COM i eee Drwidends ena 2 eee nwa] $15,001 $60,000 None (or less than $201) 20 becouas ine com twa | $80,001 - $100,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 Bisel wa] $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 2 wa | _ $50,001 - $100,000 ‘None (or ess than $201) 5 eee wa | $90,001 - $100,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 4 wa | $100,001 - $250,000 Dividends $5,001 - $18,000 IGENERAL ELEC CO COM (GE Fam ee 2018) Instructions for Part 6 Filer's Name [Donald J. Trump Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or fami member names. See instructions for required information. fe [Deeripion [FF [Valse [Income Type___[ncome Arornt | 35 |oeneRAL ELECTRIC CO BOND. NA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 25] een ee NWA | Nene (or less than $1,001) Capital Gain $201 - $1,000 2 eee Na | $100,001 - $250,000 Dividends $2,501 - $5,000 38 |Hica HOLDINGS INC CoM NA} $18,001 - $50,000, Dividends $2,501 - $5,000 39 |Home DEPOT INC COM WA} $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 40 irurr inc com nA} $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 at esen S SEER CRD nae Y | 250.001 - $500,000 Dividends $5,001 - $15,000 fal) | Peecneaneee eco con Na | $100,001 - $259,000 Dividends $2,501 - $5,000 43 | p MORGAN CHASE & CO BOND NA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 44 |JaRDEN CORP COM wa] $15,001 - $50,000 "None (or less than $201) 45 | JohiNSON & JOHNSON com wa] $100,001 - $250,000 Dividends $2,501 - $5,000 46 |krogeR co com NWA} $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 $7 |. BRANDS INC COM wa] $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $5,001 - $15,000 48 |ckesson HBOC INC Com wa] $100,001 - $250,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 49 |EAD JOHNSON NUTRITION COMPANY COM wa} $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 50 | meoivaTiON ING CoM wa | $50,001 - $100,000 None (or less than $201) 51 [Merck & co INC COM wa| $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends 92,501 - $5,900, 52 |morosorr core com wa | $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends 52,501 - $5,000 53 |NEXTERA ENERGY INC COM NA ‘$50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 (0268 Fam 7 ee 204) Instructions for Part 6 Hote: This is public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information, FFiter's Name [Donad J Tramp [Part 6: Other Assets and Income fe [Description [EF [Value income Type S Inike inc cu 8 Na | $100,001 - $250,000 Dividends ‘81,001 - $2,500 $5 INORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP COM nwa | $60,001 - $100,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 | ee Na | __ $15,001 - $50,000 "None (or ess than $201) 57 PARKER HANNIFIN CORP COM NA $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends. $1,001 - $2,600 38 |pepsico inc com Nia $50,001 - $100,000, Dividers '$2,601 - $5,000 5 IA | None (or less than $3,001) Interest $2,601 - $5,000 69 lpepsico INC BOND. NA | None (ortess than 1,001) | Capital Gain $201 - $1,000 61 lpeizer Inc COM wa] $18.01 - $50,000 Dividends 1,001 - $2,500 eee A] 818,001 - $60,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 Ga] |Pnocrenteaaere oa eo 1A | None (or ass than $7,001) Interest 36,001 - $16,000 &4 TpRUDENTIAL FINL INC COM nwa] $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $2,601 - $6,000 SS |aire aio cone com wa] $18,001 - $50,000 "None (or less than $201) $6 ROPER TECHNOLOGIES INC COM Na | $80,001 - $100,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 67 |SALESFORCE COM INC COM ‘wa | __ $15,001 - $50,000 None (or less than $201) 6 |sciLumBERGER LTD COM COM wa] $15,001 - $50,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 © |SEALED AIR CORP com NEW wa] $60,001 - $100,000 Dividends $4,001 $2,500 70 |syine Puc wa | $15,001 - $50,000 None (or les than $20") 7! Tsmucker J MO COM NEW. wa] $15,001 - $50,000 ‘None (or less than $201) 7 |rwosite us inc com wa] $18,001 - $50,000 None (or less than $201), (OG Fen 278 ch 214) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information. Filers Name Donald J. Trump Part 6: Other Assets and Income 73 | re KRAFT HEINZ COMPANY COM wa] $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends '$2,501 - $5,000 74 THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC COM NWA | $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 7 NA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $6,001 - $18,000 76 |r3x Cos INC NEW COM wa | $60,001 - $100,000 Dividends $4,001 - $2,500 7 wa] $18,001 - $50,000 Dividends $201 - $1,000 78 WF coRP com twa] $15,001 $50,000 Ovidends $1,001 - $2,500 [7 sane ou cou ee wai 00 80 |weus FARGO & CO NEW COM wa] $50,001-$100,000 Dividends $2,501 - $5,000 St) ee Eoee ee rtoonl wa] $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends ‘None (or fess than $201) 82 |ABERDEEN GLOBAL HIGH INCI | None (or less than $1,004) Dividends $5,004 - $15,000 83 ACCENTURE PLC-CLA WA | None (or tess than $1,001) Dividends $201 - $1,000 84 | AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT BOND. NIA |_None (or tess than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $5,000 85 |aMcen INC BOND WA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $6,000 86 | ADARKO PETROLEUM CORP WA | None (or ess than $1,001) Dividends $201 - $1,000 87 |ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV WOR BOND NVA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $5,000 88 LanTHEM INC NWA | None (or ess than $1,001) Dividends $201 - $1,000 89 |avaGO TECHNOLOGIES LTD WA | None (or loss than $1,001) Dividends $201 - $1,000 90 [Bank OF AMERICA CORP BOND INIA | None (or loss than $7,001) Interest 35,001 - $15,000 91 JpRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB CO NIA | None (or tess than $1,001) None (or fess than $201) (008 For 7 Mach 2016) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or fami Filer Name [Donald J. Trump member names. See instructions for required information, Part 6: Other Assets and Income Income Type © |puRLINGTI NORTH SANTA FE BOND TWA | None ortess than $1,001) | interesCaptal Gains | $2,501 $6,000 95 [caiFORNIA RESOURCES CORP WA | None (ores than $1,001) None or less tan $208) 9 |caTERPILLAR FINANCIAL SE BOND NIA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $1,001 - $2,500 95 fogca-COLA CO/THE BOND. NA | None (oriess than $1,001) inteest.Capital Gains { $1,001 -$2.600 1.26 evs HEALTH CORP BOND NWA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 97 |oick’s seoRTING GOODS INC NA | None orless than $1,001) | Dividends $201 - $1,000 9 [exeepa inc TNA | None (or tess than $1,001) [Divdends.Captal Gain] $6,001 1,000 99 |roRo MOTOR CREDIT Co LLc BOND TWA | None (or tess than $1,003) Interest 32.501 - $5,000 100 gcomara POWER COMPANY BOND WA [None orleos than $1,003) interest $6001 $16,000 101 Jgouomaw sacks GROUP INC BOND WA | None or ss than $4,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 102 uauuteuRTON co WA | None orless than $1,001) | idends 8201 - $1,000, 103 | NeWLETT-PackaRD co BOND TWA | None (or tess than $1,007) Interest 82.501 - $5,000 104 ram CORP BOND WA | None ores than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $5,000 105 nerEL CORP BOND WA | None ores than $1,001) Interest $1,008 - $2,500 106 wr. BUSINESS MACHINES CORP WA | None or less than $1,008) [Dividends Capital Gain] $1,001 32.500 107 iS HARES MSC PACIFIC EX JAPA | None eriese than s.00%) | oidends 52.501 $5,000 108 |5 sMUCKER CO/THE WA | None (or less than $1,001) ‘None (or less than $201) 109 f YONDELLBASELL INDU-CLA WA | None for fess than $1,001) {Dividends,Capital Gain{ $2,501 - $5.000 110 MCDONALD'S CORP RoND TWA | None (or tess than $1,004) Interest $5,001 - $1500 (0c Fa 27 (Ma 204) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form, Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information. Fiter's Name Page Number [Donald J. Trump 45 0f 58 Part 6: Other Assets and Income [ePserintog nero! $5001 -$15000 1" |MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL BOND INA | None (or ess than $1,001) "None (or fess than $1,001) |Dividends,Capital Gain] $5,001 - $15,000 MONSANTO CO MORGAN STANLEY BOND NA } None (or less than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 Dividends $1,001 - $2,500 114 loccrDENTAL PETROLEUM CORP NA | None (or less than $1,001) ‘None (oF less than $1,001) Dividends $201 - $1,000 [PARAMETRIC EMERGING MRKTS-L NIA } None (or fess than $1,001) |Dividends,Capitat Gain] $6,001 - $16,000 [PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL NWA | None (or loss than $1,004) "None (or less than $201) PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES CO 118 IReGAaL BELOTT CORP NA | None oriess than 1,009) | Dividends $201 - $1,000 109 [cr was (CHARLES) CORP WA | None orless than $1,001) |ivdends,Captal Gain] $5,001 - $15,000 120 sranwoOD HOTELS & RESORTS wa | None (or fess than $1,001) Dividends, Capital Gain] $16,001 - $50,000 121 |raMe WARNER TNC BOND TWA | None (or fess than $1,001) interest, $5,001 $15,000 lUNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP BOND wa | None (or tess than $1,001) Interest ‘$2,501 - $5,000 123 Jug TREASURY NOTES/BONDS 1A | None (ortess than $1,001) interest, Capital Geins| 1,001 -$2,500| 124 IVALERO ENERGY CORP. Nia | None (ortess than $1,001) | PWidends.cante '$5,001 - $15,000 125 | wachovia coRP BOND NA | None (or fess than $1,007) interest $5,001 - $18,000 126 wat DISNEY CorTHe wa | None (ortess than $1,001) | Dividends $201 - $1,000 127 | ACCENTURE PLC-CL A NWA | None (or less than $1,001) | Capital Gains $16,001 - $50,000 128] carerUstON CORP OM NA | None (orless than $1,001) | Capital Gains ‘515,001 - $50,000 129 lepay INC COMMON WA } sone (ertess than $1,001) | Capital Gains ‘$16,001 - $50,000 Far 78 (Mach) Instructions for Patt 6 Note: This ig a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information, Pilers Name [Donald J. Trump [Part 6: Other Assets and Income fz [Beserindon RIE [Value [lncome Type [income amore | 130 ps puanaceurieas ine com TWA None oress an 81,007) | Cepial Gare | $5001 815.00 731 [pao ALTO NETWORKS ING com WA | Nowe ores wan ,00 | CapiaiGane | S18001- 360.000 722 yawane ine com WA | Nowe ores han 000) | canta Gane ‘001 32.800 SETTSCHE ASSET WEALTH MANAGEMENT AZ BOND ACOOUNT “HOLDINGS 7 [omemcan express oreo wa | ssn01 1200900 ae 3500151600 > laveve ne wa | $500.03 000,000 inert S001 2500 > Iarar wo Wa | $600001- 1 00.00 imrat | None for iens an $200) 7 Tasnx or wovaccona wa | $500,001 800.000 re $5001 815000 5 lecaxanune varsawav om wa | $s00.07 $1,000000 ine S001 42500 © las parton ravusat0 Wa | $600.01 8.000000 Tone ores an 201) 7 leareapuan enone se wa | 86000017 500.000 vat ‘2501-000 © louevaon cone wa | ss0000%- 00000 teat S201 ssa00 © lemmonoup me wa | s80000% 10000 reat 2501 $5000 7 lcomoasr cone wa | 5200.00" $1,000.00 va 35001-51600 |! JoeuTscHE MONEY MARKET series insTiTUTION sH | NA | _ $500,001 - $1,000,000 cee) $201 - $1,000 7 lecouas ne wa | _ $500.00 8.000000 one arene han $201) 1 Treo none wwowooumwr wa | _ $800.00. 81.000000 one orn an $201) v= rono ute cr co nr wa | 580.001 81,000.00 re $18.00 $50000 1 a7 201) instructions for Part 6 Note: This is 8 public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information. Flees Name SS een [Donald J Tramp [a3 oF 58 Part 6: Other Assets and Income fe scrnton “TEI [aloe Tlucome Type__[fncome Amanat TS [cotowan sacnecnourmosnaioanan | WAY _ s500001- 200000 rarest 15.001 $50 000 16 leooate wo wa | $800.00" $1000.00 iret $00" $16,000 77 lew cone wa | $800,001 $1200.00 ‘nore! 3.01 $15.00 18 lms px necows oeveror wa | s500.001-$1900000 None (ras han S201 7 [yp moncan ounse aco wa | _ss00001 #1200000 vara 315001 850000 2° [you DEERE caPiTAL cone wa | ss00.07- $1900.00 rast 3250136000 2 Ioncan sraner wa | ss000% $1200.00 ra 6.00" 16000 2 loccipenta permacou con wa | 8800.00" $1.900.000 Test 3.001 $16,000 23 lpepsico inc. Nia | $500,001 - $1,200,000 None (or less than $20) > |oval sank or Gannon wa | 8.007008 ~ 8000000 Tove ores than $201) 25 hromono oownrow san wa | ss00.00 $1900.00 Tara $101 #2500 26 hrova. 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See instructions for re Interest $5,001 - $16,000 35 |oonaGea Foops INC NIA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $201 - $1,000 36 leanne mae NIA | None (or fess than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $6,000 37 |cenenat ELEC CAP CORP NA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $16,001 - $60,000 Seo NA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $201 - $1,000 39 [yeastey COMPANY NA | None (or fess than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 40 [home DEPOT INC NVA | None (or less than $7,004) Interest 15,001 - $50,000 41 usec FINANCE CORP NIA | None for ios than $1,004) Interest $5,001 - $18,000 22 (reise co N/A | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $1,001 - $2,500 3 |eroceR cope NA | None (or tess than $1,001) Interest $18,001 - $50,000 4 [wa wre pouuTN-178 NAA | None (or fess than $1,001) Interest $1,001 - $2,500 45 |wcooNALD’s coRP WA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $5,000 46 | we0co HEALTH SOLUTIONS WA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $2,601 - $8,000 47 |cROSOFT CORP A | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $2,601 - $5,000 48 |yecuNTVERSAL MEDIA LLC Nia | None (or ess than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $5,000 49 |prauurPs 6 WA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $1,001 - $2,500 50 |pRocTER & GAMBLE CO/THE WA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $1,001 - $2,500 51 province oF QUEBEC WA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest 15.001 - $50,000 52 |REYNOLDS AMERICAN INC NIA | None (or fess than $1,001) Interest $2,501 - $5,000 quired information. (208 Fm 28 uc 204) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information, Filers Name 33 Donald J. Tramp [Part 6: Other Assets and Income Pe a ie net ISANOFL None (or less than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 54 | ore INTERNATIONAL FIN NIA | None (or fags than $1,004) Interest $816,001 - $50,000 55 | rRANS-CANADA PIPELINES NIA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest 182,501 - $5,000 56 UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC NA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest ‘$2,501 - $5,000 57 |veRIZ0N COMMUNICATIONS NA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $15,000 58 |WaL-MART STORES INC NA | None (or less than $1,001) Interest $5,001 - $16,000 59 Westpac eANKING CORP NIA | None (or Jess than $1,001) Interest $6,001 - $16,000 “JP MORGAN CLEARING CORP - BROKERAGE ‘ACCOUNT - HOLDINGS: | Tapete, ine wa | $500,001 - $1,000,000 Dividends $815,001 - $50,000 ees Na | $100,001 - $250,000 Dividends $5,001 - $15,000 MICROSOFT CORP NWA} $250,001 - $500,000 Dividends $85,004 - $15,000 4 lpepsico inc NA} $100,001 - $250,000 Dividends $5,001 - $18,000 5 _|GLOBAL FASHION TECHNOLOGIES. ni $1,001 - $18,000 None (or less than $201) GG] etiecnron conenen wa} $80,001 - $100,000 Dividends 81,001 - $2,500 enone NA} $50,001 - $100,000 Dividends $82,501 - $6,000 8 wa | $100,001 - $250,000 Dividends $82,501 - $6,000 PHILLIPS 66 COM (0G Foes 786 Mec 2016) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a iblic form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or fa ily member names. See instructions for required information. [Filers Name Donald J. Trump [Part 6: Other Assets and Income Description Family Trust 1° ace 35,061 - $16,000 | lena WARE CAP FD y $1,001 - $15,000 2. |JPWUS LARGE CAP CORE PLUS FD.SEL ci $15,001 - $50,000 3 _|NEUBERGER BER MUIC OPP.INS ¥ ‘$18,001 - $60,000 4 |primecar oovssey stock FO y $15,001 - $80,000 5 |SPR Sap 500 ETF TRUST Y $15,001 - $£0,000 © |iSHARES RUSSELL MIDCAP INDEX FUND ul $15,001 - $£0,000 7 JM MID CAP VALUE FD- INSTL au $1,001 - $16,000 8 [ARTISAN INTL VALUE FD- ADV y $1,001 - $15,000 9 JDEUTSCHE X-TRAGKERS MSCI EAF a $1,001 - $15,000 10 loonGe & COX INTL STOCK FO. Y $1,001 - $18,000 1 |isHARES MSGI EAFE INDEX FUND. u $1,001 - $15,000 |? |VaNGUARO FTSE EUROPE ETF y $1,001 - $16,000 13 TROWN ADV JAPAN ALPHA OPPS y $1,001 - $15,000 14 | JPM GLBL RES ENH INDEX FO-SEL, uv $15,001 - $80,000 15 [JPM TAX FREE MMKT INST SWEEP FD #840 bs $1,001 - $15,000 16 | Jeu INTERM TAX FREE BD FC- INSTL Y $1,001 - $15,000 17 |sem SH INT MUNI BD FD- INSTL a $15,001 - $50,000 Entries marked with * aera incorporated into the 2025 report tosmend that report i Far 28 (ch 208) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a publ '8 |aLAcKROCK HIGH YIELD PT: BLAG v $1,001 - $15,000 19 IDOUBLELINE TOTL RET BND v $1,001 - $15,000 20 TpRUDENTIAL TOTAL RETRN BND-Z y $1,001 - $1,000 21 |VANGUARD INTM TRM INV G-ADM Y $1,001 - $15,000 |EATON VANCE GLOBAL MACRO-1 Y $1,001 - $15,000 23 [EQUINOX FDS TRIPM SYSTMATC | y $1,001 - $1,000 24 |GOLDMAN SACHS STRAT INC-INT Y $1,001 - $15,000 25 GOTHAM ABSOLUTE RETURNANS. a $1,001 - $15,000 26 | MATTHEWS PACIFIC TIGER FD-IS YY | None (or less than $1,001) 27 |ASTON RIVER RD DIV ALL CAP- Y_ | None (or tess than $1,001) 28 |ypM MID CAP VALUE FD - INSTL Y_ | None (or tess than $1,001) Family Trost Drang CARRY | as aot- 18000 | Jen LARGE CAP FD. Y $15,001 - $50,000 2. [JPM US LARGE CAP CORE PLUS FD-SEL Y ‘5,01 - $80,000 5 _|NEUBERGER BER MU/C OPP.INS v {$16,001 - $50,000 4 |primecap opyssey stock FD Y $15,001 - $50,000 5 |sepR sap 500 ETF TRUST Y $15,001 - $60,000 § |isiaRES RUSSELL MIDCAP INDEX FUND y $18,001 - $0,000 rvies marked with * are hereby incorporate ino he 2035 report to amend that report (ct Fen 278206) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information, Part 6: Other Assets and Income fen er JPA MID CAP VALUE FD. INSTL $15,001 - $50,000 8 [ARTISAN INTL VALUE FD- ADV Y $15,001 - $60,000 9 |DEUTSCHE X-TRACKERS NSCI EAF ¥ $15,001 - $50,000 10 IponGe & Cox INTL STOCK FD Y $1,001 - $15,000 11 hiskaRES MSCI EAFE INDEX FUND. Y $15,001 - $60,000 2 | VANGUARD FTSE EUROPE ETE ¥ $1,001 - $16,000 13 | BROWN ADV JAPAN ALPHA OPP.IS Mf $1,001 - $45,000 | [sew GLeL RES ENH INDEX FO-SEL y $18,001 - $50,000 15 |p TAX EREE MMIKT INST SWEEP FD #040 wa | $15,001 - $50,000 16 [pia INTERM TAX FREE BD FC- INSTL Y $1,001 - $15,000 17 [ype SH INT MUNI BD FO- INSTL Y {$15,001 - $50,000 18 JpuackROck HIGH YIELD PT: BLAC y $1,001 - $15,000 '9 lpouBLeLINe TOTL RET BND-! y $18,001 - $50,000 20 PRUDENTIAL TOTAL RETRN BND-Z ¥ $15,001 - $50,000 21 VANGUARD INTM TRM INV G-ADN Y ‘$1,001 - $15,000 22 JEATON VANCE GLOBAL MACRO-1 Y $1,001 - $15,000 23 |eQuiNox FDS 1R IPM SYSTMATC | y $1,001 - $18.000 24 |GOLDMAN SACHS STRAT INC-INST. Y ‘$1,001 - $15,000 25 [oTHam ABSOLUTE RETURNANS x $1,001 - $16,000 nies marked ith 2rehereby eorpcated int the 2025 report to amend that report OG Ferm 278 (heh 88) Instructions for Part 6 Filer's Name Donald J. Trump [Part 6: Other Assets and Income [a [Description Note: This is @ public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information, 26 | MATTHEWS PACIFIC TIGER FD-IS Y_ | None (or tess than $1,001) 27 |ASTON RIVER RD DIV ALL CAP-1 ¥ | None (or ess than $1,001) 28 |eM MID CAP VALUE FD - INSTL Y_ | None (or less than $1,001) Family Trust 3* Dien, Capt paneieieoan | [eM LARGE CAP FD. Y $1,001 - $15,000, 2 [JPM US LARGE CAP CORE PLUS FO.SEL y 315,001 - $60,000 3 |NEUBERGER BER MUIC OPP.INS y $18,001 $50,000 4 |primEcaP ODYSSEY STOCK FO. a $15,001 - $50,000 5_|sPoR Sap 600 ETF TRUST Y ‘$50,001 - $100,000 6 TISHARES RUSSELL MIDCAP INDEX FUND Y $18,001 - $50,000 7_|.eta n> CAP VALUE ED-INSTL y $45,001 - $50,000 8 | ARTISAN INTL VALUE FO- ADV v $15,001 - $50,000 9 |ASTON/PICTET INTERNATIONAL! Y $1,001 - $15,000 10 DEUTSCHE X-TRACKERS MSC! EAF ea $1,001 - $15,000 1 |pooGE & COX INTL STOCK FO Y ‘$15,001 - $50,000 12 los NovE OF NOTES EAFE aSKT 2/3/17 NWA] _$1,001- $16,000 3 Y $15,001 - $50,000 ISHARES MSCI EAFE INDEX FUND tres mark wth * are hereby incorporate nt the 2015 report tosmend that epee saunas [Part 6: Other Assets and Income VANGUARD FTSE EUROPE ETF $1,001 - $15,000 18 |arown ADV JAPAN ALPHA OPP.IS Y $1,001 - $15,000 16 [JPM GLBL. RES ENH INDEX FD-SEL y $15,001 - $60,000 17 EATON VANCE GLOBAL MACRO-I uv $1,004 - $15,000 18 |Equinox FDS TR IPM SYSTMATC | Y $1,001 - $15,000 19 | GOLDMAN SACHS STRAT INC.:INST y $1,001 - $15,000 20 |GoTHAM ABSOLUTE RETURN-INS v $1,001 - $15,000 2! [Jeu TAX FREE MMKT INST SWEEP FO #640 NA [$15,001 - $50,000 22 |p INTERM TAX FREE 8D FC- INSTL a $18,001 - $50,000 23 [Jeu SH INT MUNI BD FD. INSTL Y $15,001 - $50,000 24 |LAckROCK HIGH VIELD PT: BLAC. ca $1,001 - $15,000 25 |DOUBLELINE TOTL RET BNO Y $818,001 - $50,000 26 IPRUDENTIAL TOTAL RETRN END-Z Y $15,001 - $60,000 27 IVANGUARD INTM_TRM INV G-ADM Y $31,001 - $15,000 28 MATTHEWS PACIFIC TIGER FO-IS Y_ | None (or less than $1,001) 29 TASTON RIVER RD DIV ALLCAP-1 | None (or ess than $1,001) 30 [JPM MID CAP VALUE FD - INSTL. Y | None (or less than $1,001) ries mathe wth renereby incorporating the 2015 root to amend that pert (6 Fam 27 Mac 2010) Instructions for Part 6 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information. Fiter's Name Donaig J. Tramp Part 6: Other Assets and Income Page Number ‘55 of 58 [EXE [Watee Frcs Trpe_Tacome Aroont | “The Fred C. Trump Decemiber 16, 1076 Trust. F/B/O Donald J. Trump (PRR rna tenance eon NIA | _ $1,000,001 - $5,000,000 Interest $1,001 - $2,500 (008 Fem 278 Mach 016) Instructions for Part 7 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instcuctions for required information. [Filers Name Page Number Donald J Trump [Part 7: Transactions [Tipe Date (Ge Fore 278 March 206) Instructions for Part 8 Filer Name Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information. Donald J Trump Part 8: Liabilities [Type [Amount [Year Incurred [Rate Term “Tramp Tower Commerc TLC ~ 2.00% Cader onl France 10 =coms owrssomnoow | 2012 “00% | Natwesin 022 Coad Copel Frare LOC) “ial Set c-fon | owrse000000 | 2018 30% | Mewes n2tes Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas | Trump National Doral - mort, ‘Over $50,000,000 2012 ROR aL co ‘Matures in 2023 Lathan E acetate es Prime minus 75% Daische Bank Tt Company Aeneas | Trump National Oval-morgage | Ss000001-sz5c00000 | zor | GEOR* 178% 9" auresinaaza ie Banca Now Yor Won Tt Coan Fy Se Svea soos 10 : mee aga fy Seer Sea ASRS TC oop aor sa5000000 | __ 1988 728% | Mawes wani7 Tests Savnge Bonk [Tramp Pa AveseLC- morgage] s5.000001-#25000000 | 2010 320% | Wewesin2020 ?. Ladder Capital Finance LLC ‘Trump Plaza LLC - mortgage $5,000,001 - $25,000,000 2014 3.850% Matures in 2024 fs “rs Naosal Ca CU Cs ray Bank FRRSTSRTEDCA | sc ecoani sasomow | ae zs | Watwesin 2028 5] cha chase Ta range eos] Tp aor Ga successor in interest to Bondy Way Washingion DC LLC merigage | $5.000.00% - $25.000.000 2009 5.500% Matures in 2028 ol Bank Arca Seven Spings-mergage | 38000001- sa an0000 | 2000 000% | Mewes in 2049 UBS Real Esateinvcinents ne | THT Commercial LLG~meruege | $5,000001 25000000 | 2008 eran | wawesmanre ier ynen Gt Saparaton | 10648 ocean h-nongage | asog0r-sommo00 | wa | SRPORBLBOR | ares 200 Very Gat Cpaaon | 124 Wooaaye Road mangas | _sronaor-saeno00 | eas | S*PORRUBOR™ | yanresn 010 icag Unt Aouien LLG Tat Ghcage-inghgtean | Ove ssoanoon | aoe | Panes | Spa non Dasche ank Tus Company Anetzas | TWTGneage-tem an | sahoon001 seoan0000| 012 [ UBOR?20™% =) ates nzo24 Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Trump Old Post Office - loan Over $50,000,000 2015 LIBS on Ed Matures in 2024 [() Mortgage was refinanced after the close of tne reporting period In 2016; the prior creditor and terms were disclosed on Line 2 ofthe 2016 report. NOTE: Reporting date for iablites is April 15, 2016 per 5 CFR 2634 308(0)3), [ (ci Fam 274 (uch 204) Instructions for Part 9 Note: This is a public form. Do not include account numbers, street addresses, or family member names. See instructions for required information, Fiter's Name Page Number [Donald J Trump, 58 of SB [Part 9: Gifts and Travel Reimbursements Source Name [City/State [Brief Description NWA Tits ar en dV POT ERTTOTT A ATTACHED SCDOT “sown ae ee omen! amet = soon can id on owen eo oe oo — = Bune *emtbometatasie ~ — =o = moves Shae = = «amu smetcomenaa ie nr gente "seme + amasenuis — oe pe a a _— a DEMARKS Jensey errrLLee) omer pence (i a > Bruaexs svereR 648) one — Fh oon i 7 BEMaaKs PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL LL omy ‘soem Py * DIMARKs PRODUCTS WIERNATONAL MEMBER CORP 8) wma ‘ome ‘om ‘ewmeneneein: Entiat ‘reine ies om a : onan. ramcne mien coma om — = Sue onmmsraauc —s oo Fes — (17 DI-MARKS PUNE MANAGING MEMBER CORP ‘17) " onanssonanic-m omen pe Fas ncaa: tn + oxamas race cea om — = = ee ane —— sprouse owen eo rcs mo euscn con Nar Mart 135 DT MARKS RIO MEMBER CORP "4) " = a — cae Saw mot =s = pumas conse a om — *, = (8 DT MARKS VANCOUVER MEMBER CORP *4) = ™ cae aoa Sees Se aes Be ee = re os ES oun meseone en Ait A Fs a a TRS aT A PCH SOT smiremt Basen = = prTowes euroaou ite wma povwene ‘uae te ' DETONER GURGAON MANAGDa KEMRER CORP“ ome genie tune at nomrinientns = ca 1 DI VENTURE LLC 121 ome omen ‘we DIV WENTUE ManAciva WEBER CORP. 0) “eee owmey graeme ‘ame a oma omens oe te = Fa oh sae Venue 11.64 ent omnes ane tol 7 Excel Venture LCorortion 1) met some mo oy oes nae aa ‘ie excl Venues c omer pm nme ad BtteSoven Monagesent omy) roan iies tant omen cs “ee 1 Ete Saventh Seat Associ Lc ome omen 2 sempre enue so sr mew@er ive 0, emt: somes tt Pt mone tet Sama ‘a oe EUGHTS meh ome: oma fe a 18 FLORIDA PROPERTIES MANAGEMENT LE 12) ont — Sie ont a, 1 Got Productions LL¢ 181 1 Got reduson Member Cop t ome somata rower emt 197 Got erento Sotend Lmied Yt) meaty Qennie meme tn ct 1 HELICOPTER AI SERVICES Wo comesby: omen 9 Monae Han.) mms ome ‘ne futon vine Asocntes LP 1 mae omm 3! 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