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(eBIRForms) was developed primarily to provide taxpayers with

an alternative mode of preparing and filing tax returns that is
easier and more convenient. The use of eBIRForms by taxpayers
will improve the BIR's tax return data capture and storage
thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the filing of tax
returns. Through the use of the downloadable eBIRForms
Software Package (also known as the Offline Package), taxpayers
and Accredited Tax Agents (ATAs) will be able to fill up tax
returns offline and submit it to the BIR through the Online
eBIRForms System.

Requirements For Regis

a. Printed e-mail enrollment notification
b. 2 Valid IDs
c. Letter of Intent
d. Board Resolution authorizing any of the two (2) officers
designated to file the return under Section 52 (A) of the Tax
Code or Asst. Treasurer of the Corporation) (President of other
principal officer and Treasurer)
*If you have an authorized representative, representative
should also present the following:
a. Authorization Letter
b. 2 valid IDs of authorized representative
Saves time because of automatic computations and autopopulated fields

Easy to use

Lessens human errors because of the validation feature

Available even to those without consistent internet connection

Captures taxpayer data


With eFPS, taxpayers can avail of a paperless tax filing experience and can
also pay their taxes online through the convenience of an internet-banking
service via debit from their enrolled bank account. In addition, since eFPS is
available on the Internet, taxpayers can file and pay for their taxes anytime,
anywhere as long as he or she is using a computer with an internet

uirements For Registration

a. Letter of Intent
b. Secretary Certificate/ Board Resolution ( stating the name , position, and
email address of authorized user-max. of 3 users
c. Zerox copy of COR
d. Xerox copy of Form 0605
e. Xerox copy of the front page of SEC
f. CMS (Case Monitoring System) Print out from Collection Section

Convenient to use - it is quick and simple to use, as well as secure.

Interactive - information exchange is immediate and online, users get

immediate feedback from the system when enrolling, e-filing or
performing e-payments.
Self-validating - errors are minimized because all of the information
supplied by the taxpayer is validated before final submission.
Fast - response or acknowledgment time is quicker than manual filing.
Readily available - eFPS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
including holidays.
Secure - return and payment transactions are more secure, as all data
transmission is encrypted.
Cost effective - processing cost of returns and payments is minimized (e.g.
receiving, pre-processing, encoding, error-handling and storage).