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The Recruitment and Selection

Process of Pharmaceutical
Companies in Bangladesh: A Case

on RAK Pharmaceuticals

Management Level Employee.

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The Recruitment and Selection Process of Pharmaceutical

Companies in Bangladesh: A Case on RAK Pharmaceuticals
Management Level Employee.

Md. Wahidul Islam Khan
ID: 093011020

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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An Internship Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA)

Has been approved by


Professor Imran Rahman

Vice Chancellor
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Summer, 2013

19th August, 2013

Professor Imran Rahman
Vice Chancellor
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Subject: Submission of the Report for the Internship.
Dear Sir,
With due respect, I, Md. Wahidul Islam Khan (093011020), would like to inform you that, it is a
great pleasure for me to submit the Internship report on The Recruitment and Selection Process
of Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh: A Case on RAK Pharmaceuticals Management
Level Employee as a requirement for BBA program. While conducting the report, I have

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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gathered lots of knowledge about many unknown facts, Policy and Procedure of Recruitment and
Selection of Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh and also RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
HR Policy and other activities regarding Human Resource Management.
Therefore, I firmly believe that, this report will be able to meet your approval. I would really
appreciate to make further corrections where it seems necessary by you. Your kind advice will
encourage me to conduct more work in future.

Sincerely Yours,

Md. Wahidul Islam Khan
ID: 093011020

Table of Contents




Chapter One

Literature Review on Recruitment & Selection
Functional area of HRM
Pharmaceutical Industry Overview
Essence/Gist of Recruitment & Selection
Problem Statement
Objectives of Study
Rationale of the Study
Limitations of the Study
Methodology of the Study


Chapter Two

Company Background
Company Core Values
R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd


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Management Hierarchy
Market Share, Growth & Revenue of RAK


Chapter Three

HR Department of RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt.

Policy of Recruitment & Selection
Procedure of Recruitment & Selection for
Management Employee


Chapter Four

Findings Analysis


Chapter Five

Lesson I have Learned



This Report has been created in Compliance to University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh for the
requirements of the Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), Course BUS-499 (Internship).
It focuses on the Recruitment and Selection Process of Human Resource department of RAK
Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd because my major was also Human Resource Management at
university. In this organization my placement is in this field. This report describes my activities
in that organization and also how the organization helped me to learn and gathering work related
knowledge. Also how well I developed my skills and competencies throughout this Internship
experience. Mr. Tofael Ahmed, Senior Executive (HR & Admin) is my Supervisor and my
responsibilities mostly rotated around all the functional activities of the HR & Admin
R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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department. i.e. Recruitment and Selection, Employee Services and Admin and Separation of
employee. My main purpose of writing this report is to point out and understanding the existing
process of Recruitment and Selection of Management level Employee and evaluate the process
of Recruitment and Selection of employee with its existing policy, whether it is implementing or
not. Recruitment and Selection practices are the key factors to the entry point of human resources
which ensures the success and growth of the organization. In this report the detail chain and
sequence of activities belong from Recruitment and Selection Process for different level of
employee including Management level. Information has been collected mainly from primary
sources and also some secondary sources such as reports, HR manuals and policy book. RAK
Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. follows strict code of conduct for which it has to maintain a level of
confidentiality. In addition, some employees do not prefer giving out much information
regarding my report topic. I hope this report would help to understand the process of Recruitment
and Selection in Pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh from the perspective of an intern.

Chapter: One
1.1 Introduction:
In Bangladesh the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed and hi-tech sectors which
are contributing in the country's economy. According to the Drug Control Ordinance-1982, the
development of this sector was accelerated. The Professional Knowledge, Spirit of work,
Innovative ideas and thought of pharmacists, who are working in this sector are the role player or
key factor for the development of this industry. Due to technological advancement and
globalization this sector is well developed now, and it is exporting medicines to global market
including European market. This sector is also providing 97% of the total medicine requirement
of the national market. Most of all leading pharmaceutical companies are expanding their

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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business with the aim of expansion to the global market. Recently few new industries have been
established with high-tech equipment and professionals which will enhance the strength of this
sector. This is an amazing opportunity to work in a Pharmaceuticals company as an intern of the
Human Resource Dept. The experience is always vast and diverse in the pharmaceuticals
company in terms of gaining extensive knowledge of the Human Resource functions, Specially
Recruitment and Selection process of employee. Since all the Pharmaceuticals companies of
Bangladesh are practicing a standard Human Resource Policy for organization Success.
Human Resource practitioners and academics belief that an effective and efficient culture of
recruitment, selection and placement of people has an impact on survival, growth and
development of an organization (Ofori & Aryeetey, 2011). As the growth of an organization
completely involves expansion in employee numbers, consequently recruitment and selection
comes (Taylor, 2006). Ongori (2010), Recruitment and Selection practices are the key factors to
the entry point of human resources which ensures the success and growth of an organization.

1.2 Literature review on Recruitment & Selection:

History of Human Resource Management
The History of Human Resource Management is the strategic and coherent approach to the
management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who
individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the
business. The terms "human resource management" and "human resources" (HR) have largely
replaced the term "personnel management" as a description of the processes involved in
managing people in organizations. Human Resource management is evolving rapidly. Human
resource management is both an academic theory and a business practice that addresses the
theoretical and practical techniques of managing a workforce. Human resource management has it
roots in the late and early 1900's. When there are less labor then there are more working with
machinery. The scientific management movement began. This movement was started by Frederick

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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Taylor when he wrote about it a book titled The Principles of Scientific Management. The
book stated, "The principal of management should be to secure the maximum prosperity for the
employer, coupled with the maximum prosperity for each employee.Taylor believed that the
management should use the techniques used by scientist to research and test work skills to improve
the efficiency of the workforce. Also around the same time came the industrial welfare
movement. This was usually a voluntary effort by employers to improve the conditions in their
factories. The effort also extended into the employees life outside of the work place. The
employer would try to provide assistance to employees to purchase a home, medical care, or
assistance for education. The human relations movement is the major influence of the modern
human resource management. The movement focused on how employees group behavior and
how employee feelings. This movement was influenced by the Hawthorne Studies.
(Dessler, Human Resource Management)

1.3 Functional area of HRM:

Human resource auditing
Human resource strategic planning
Human resource planning
Manpower planning
Recruitment / selection
Management development
Compensation development
Performance appraisals
Performance management

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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Career planning / development
Staff amenities planning
Succession planning
Talent management
Safety management
Staff communication

1.4 Pharmaceutical Industry Overview:

Historically, the Drug Control Ordinance of 1982, some of the local pharmaceutical companies
improved range and quality of their products considerably. The national companies account for
more than 65% of the pharmaceutical business in Bangladesh. However, among the top 20
companies of Bangladesh 6 are multinationals. Almost all the lifesaving imported products and
new innovative molecules are channeled into and marketed in Bangladesh through these
companies. Multinational and large national companies generally follow current good
manufacturing practices (CGMP) including rigorous quality control of their products. The Drug
Act of 1940 and its rules formed the basis of the country's drug legislation. Unani, Ayurvedic,

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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Homeopathic and Biochemical medicines were exempted from control under the legislation. The
pharmaceutical industry was dominated by the foreign companies at that time. Even in the
Allopathic market there were extemporaneous preparations dispensed from retail pharmacies.
However, the pharmaceutical industry like all other sectors in Bangladesh was much neglected
during Pakistan regime. Most multinational companies had their production facilities in West
Pakistan. With the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, the country inherited a poor base of
pharmaceutical industry. (Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society)
In 1981, there were 166 licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country, but local
production was dominated by eight multinational companies (MNCs) which manufactured about
75% of the products. There were 25 medium sized local companies which manufactured 15% of
the products and the remaining 10% were produced by other 133 small local companies. All
these companies were mainly engaged in formulation out of imported raw materials involving an
expenditure of Tk 600 million in foreign exchange. In spite of having 166 local pharmaceutical
production units, the country had to spend nearly Tk 300 million on importing finished medicinal
products. A positive impact of the Drug Control Ordinance of 1982 was that the limited available
foreign currency was exclusively utilized for import of pharmaceutical raw materials and
finished drugs, which are not produced in the country. The value of locally produced medicines
rose from Tk 1.1 billion in 1981 to Tk 16.9 billion in 1999. At present, 95% of the total demand
of medicinal products is met by local production. Local companies (LCs) increased their share
from 25% to 70% on total annual production between 1981 and 2000.
(Banglapedia: Pharmaceuticals)

In 2000, there were 210 licensed allopathic drug-manufacturing units in the country, out of this
only 173 were on active production; others were either closed down on their own or suspended
by the licensing authority for drugs due to non-compliance to GMP or drug laws.
R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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They manufactured about 5,600 brands of medicines in different dosage forms. There were 1,495
wholesale drug license holders and about 37,700 retail drug license holders in Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh, the physical distribution of pharmaceuticals has evolved in a unique way.
Pharmaceutical companies distribute their products from their own warehouses located in
different parts of the country, as no professional distribution house is available.
Wholesalers play a limited role in this regard since companies supply goods to both retailers and
wholesalers. Export of pharmaceutical products is still in an infant stage, although a number of
private pharmaceutical companies have already entered the export market with their basic
materials and finished products. They export their products to Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar,
Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Yemen, Oman, Thailand, and some countries of Central Asia
and Africa. (Banglapedia: Pharmaceuticals)
The primary responsibility for drug quality control lies with the manufacturers. However, the
government's drug testing laboratories (DTL) and the Directorate of Drug Administration (DDA)
have the monitoring and supervising role. There are two government drug testing laboratories.
DTL at Dhaka is in the Institute of Public Health and the regional DTL at Chittagong is under
DDA. Drug administration is responsible for registration of drugs for marketing in Bangladesh
and for inspection of premises and licensing. (Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society)
In Bangladesh the annual per capital drug consumption is one of the lowest in the world.
However, the industry has been a key contributor to the Bangladesh economy since
independence. With the development of healthcare infrastructure and increase of health
awareness and the purchasing capacity of people, this industry is expected to grow at a higher
rate in future. Healthy growth is likely to encourage the pharmaceutical companies to introduce

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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newer drugs and newer research products, while at the same time maintaining a healthy
competitiveness in respect of the most essential drugs. Moreover the sector consistently creates
job opportunities for highly qualified people. Many established entrepreneurs of today started
with pharmaceutical companies in the country.

1.5 Essence/Gist of Recruitment and Selection:

Recruitment and Selection process is the function of human resource management which brings
the human resource in the organization (Ongori-2010). Bratton and Gold delineated in 2007,
recruitment and selection practices involve two interconnected and consistent processes. Ofori
and Aryeetey (2011) argued recruitment is the process of generating a pool of applicant to apply
for employment to an organization and selection is the process by which specific tools are used
to choose from a pool of applicants the most suitable one for the job taking into consideration.
Sources of recruitment are either internal or external which source the organization will use
depend on the human resources needs and objectives of the organization, as all the sources has its
merits and demerits (Ofori & Aryeetey, 2011). Dessler and Varkkey (2008) pointed, an
organization can hire internal candidate through job posting, rehiring former employees and
succession planning; and via internet, advertising, employment agencies, temp agencies and
alternative staffing, off shoring/outsourcing, executive recruiters, on demand recruiting services
(ODRS), college recruiting, referrals and walk-ins organization can hire external candidate. First
it is necessary to decide what positions to fill through personnel planning and forecasting
(employment or personnel planning is the process that decides what are the positions and the
process of filling those positions). Secondly the firm has to decide how it will generate a pool of
candidate i.e. what source the firm will use, internal or external and will assemble candidate pool
by recruiting internal or external candidates. Then the candidates have to complete application

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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forms and experience initial screening interviews. The firm will also use various selection tools
to identify promising candidates. Finally it is decided by the supervisor and other interviewer to
whom they would offer the job.

1.6 Problem Statement:

What are the Process of Recruitment and Selection in Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh
and evaluate the level of Implementation Practically with its Existing Recruitment and Selection

1.7 Objectives of the Study:

a) General objectives: Leading objectives of the report is to understand the Recruitment
and Selection Process of RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd Management Level
b) Specific objectives:
To know the existing process of Recruitment and Selection.
To evaluate whether the existing Process of Recruitment and Selection is working or

not practically in the enterprise.

To find out the problems and give recommendation on Recruitment and Selection

To submit the practical work as a paper work that I would like to learn in this 10
weeks Internship of BBA program.

1.8 Rationale of the Study:

a) To understand the process of Recruitment and Selection in Pharmaceuticals Companies in
Bangladesh and evaluate the level of implementation practically with its existing
Recruitment and Selection policies.
b) To provide the information of Recruitment and Selection Process of Pharmaceutical
Industries to the fresh graduates who want to start their career in Pharmaceutical

1.9 Limitations of the Study:

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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a) Limitation of time creates problem to make a good report.
b) Non availability of required information is another obstacle to create this report.

1.10 Methodology of the Study:

The nature of the report is basically exploratory and descriptive. The required information
would be collect from the following sources:

Primary Data Source: Interview to the respondents and Observation.

Secondary Data Source:

(External): Books, Articles, Journals, Web sites.

(Internal): Published documents of RAK Pharmaceuticals, Annual Report, and RAK Pharma
Web site.

Chapter: Two
2.1 Company Background:
Ras AI Khaimah (RAK) is one of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates and situated in the
northern part of the Arabian Peninsula. The visionary leader- His Highness the Deputy Ruler &
Crown Prince of Ras AI Khaimah, Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr AI Qasimi was the beginning of the
conglomerate- RAK Group. The name RAK derives from the abbreviated form of the name of
emirate itself. Dr. Khater Massaad, the group CEO played key role in the successes of the group.
He took initiative for RAK Ceramic- the flagship company of RAK Group, in 1989. By now the
company firmly established itself as one of the world's leading producers of high quality Ceramic
Wall & Floor Tiles, Gres Porcellanato, and Sanitary Ware and operates in more than 135
RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary company of RAK Ceramics PSC, UAE which has
started its journey as a ceramic company & incorporated its business in Bangladesh in November
1998. Within a very short time, RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Ltd. has become as the top &
largest producer of Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary Wares in the country. At this moment RAK

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

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ceramic is the undisputed number one company of its kind in Bangladesh and worldwide as well
in terms of both value and quantity.
RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. as a new venture of RAK Group comes into being in line with
the vision of diversifying its growth to serve the humanity in need of fighting back diseases to
restore healthy and productive life at an affordable price. The philosophy of excelling in all
endeavors which is the key to success of RAK group, the pharmaceutical venture is being
accomplished with state-of-the-art facilities in compliance with WHO and other recognized &
stringent guideline procedures. In terms of manufacturing quality products- RAK is very
confident to be standing out amongst all other companies operating in Bangladesh.
Total area of the premises of the manufacturing plant of RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited is
around 5.4 acres and it is situated in Sreepur, Gazipur- only 42 km away from its head office at
RAK Tower, Uttara, Dhaka. Following strict cGMP & EU guideline, RAK has set up two
separate & isolated manufacturing plants for cephalosporin & non-cephalosporin products which
reflect both its commitment to the quality of the products and care for the health of individuals.
The shaded area of plant consists of production floor, QC/QA laboratories, RM/Finished Product
warehouse and utilities of around 140,000 sf. for both plants.

2.2 Company Core Values:

RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited is committed to meets its core values mention in below:
Excellence through quality approaches to the process, product and services to provide
absolute satisfaction to the customer.
Excellence in the use of the best technology to reach continuously changing quality
Excellence in our role and responsibility, by creating in every employee the skills and the
will, the passion to excel by benchmarking to still higher levels of performance.

2.3 Management Hierarchy:




Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A/C, PPS, HR & Others

General Manager (GM)

Deputy General Manager (DGM)
Sales Division
Distribution Division

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Production Division

P a g e | 16


Sales Manager (SM)


Deputy Manager

Deputy Sales Manager (DSM)


Assistant Manager


Principal Officer
Senior Officer


Junior Officer



Distribution Manager (DM)

Deputy Distribution Manager

Deputy Manager

Assistant Sales Manager

Asst. Distribution Manager
Depot Manager (DtM)
Sr. Area Manager (SAM)
Sr. Depot In charge (SDIC)
Area Manager (AM)
Depot In charge (DIC)
Sr. Medical Promotion Officer
Officer, Depot (ODt)
Medical Promotion Officer
Asst. Officer, Depot (AODt)

Sr. Office Assistant

Sr. SR/ Sr. Data Entry Operator/

Store In Charge/



Assistant Manager
Principal Officer
Sr. Officer
Junior Officer
Assistant Officer
Sr. Office Assistant/
Supervisor/ Inspector

Office Assistant

Sales Representative (SR)/

Sr. operator/Sr. Lab

Store Assistant I/ Data Entry Assistant/ Sr. Store keeper/


Operator (DEO)/ Depot Accounts

Sr. Analyst/Sr. Mechanic


Sr. Office Messenger/

Jr. Sales Representative (SR)/


Store Assistant - II

Operator/ Lab
Assistant/Store keeper/
Analyst/Welder/ Mechanic


Office Messenger/Driver/

Cleaner /All casual

General worker(Daily)/
Packer/ Helper/ Office
Messenger/Canteen boy/
Cook/Driver/ Laundry Boy









Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd:

RAK Pharmaceutical Pvt Limited commenced its operation in 2009. Despite the superior sales
growth over the last three years, they are increasingly showing negative prot t. At the end of
2011, their net prot stood at BDT (292.07) million which is almost equal to the sales gure of
that year. Meager gross prot margin, Increasing operating cost and signicant nancial leverage
were the main causes to this inferior performance.
Now the concern is that when the RAK Pharmaceuticals could appear as a protable entity. Their
sales growth gure and prot margins are indicating that it would be difficult for them to reach at
breakeven within two to three years. However, their negative prot will decline over the years.
Reduction in loss will impact the consolidated Income Statement of RAK Ceramics positively.



Sales (BDT mn)



Capacity Utilization

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 17
Dry Syrup
(Source: RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, Annual Report- June, 2012)


To create a position in the market with strong marketing channel, and to reach to a sales level
that can offer economies of scale RAK Pharmaceuticals will need some more years. We see their
capacity utilization level is very low. Once they reach a desired sales level, one can expect RAK
Pharmaceuticals can generate industry average Gross Prot Margin of 40% to 50%, Net Prot
Margin of 15% to 20% and ROE of 20% to 25%.
Net Sales (BDT mn)
Gross Prot (BDT mn)
Operating Prot (BDT mn)
Net Prot/(loss) after Tax (BDT



Gross Prot Margin
Operating Prot Margin
Net Prot Margin
(Source: RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, Annual Report- June, 2012)


Chapter: Three
3.1 HR Department of RAK Pharma:
RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited follows a very modern and structured Human Resource
Policy. It has designed it HR policies along with the organizational needs and operation.
The HR department implements those policies in combination of corporate office, factory, depots
and zonal office. The HR department of the organization is consisted with as following:
Recruitment and Selection: Includes recruitment, selection, offer letter, appointment
letter, joining report, employee orientation, training, job confirmation, employee hand
book etc.

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 18
Employee Services: Includes general condition of employment, employee record,
transfer policy, travel expenses, dress code, meeting expense etc. It also covers the
organization & manpower development and occupational safety & health.
Salary and Wage Administration: The salary and wage administration covers the
payroll administration including leave, pay structure, benefits schemes such as medical,
insurance, gratuity, provident fund, increments, companies profit, festival bonus, leave
encashment, financial assistant , incase. It also covers Approving authorization includes
letter, memo, notice, leave application, requisition, various forms etc.
General Administration and Separation: The general administration and separation
covers the cessation of service which includes disciplinary measures as per Bangladesh
Labor Act 2006.
Industrial Relation: The Industrial relation is maintained mainly for the factory workers
who are working in the factory. It includes factory discipline, trade union, labor
association and employee demands etc.

3.2 Policy of Recruitment and Selection:

Organization Hierarchy: The Company has approved organizational hierarchy; HR & Admin
Department is responsible to communicate the employees of the company for their role and
responsibilities. M means Management staff and N means non-management staff. So the
Recruitment and Selection policy of RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is designed with two ways,
one is for Management Employee and another is designed for Non-Management Employee.
Recruitment and Selection: The recruitment for manpower can be for expansion, replacement,
(due to resignation/ separation) and additional purposes. The following are the sources where
manpower pooling can be achieved:
1. Through Manpower Consultants: Detailed job description, competency, qualification
requirement, remuneration package will be sent to the licensed manpower agencies and
will be responsible of manpower pooling. Interview will be conducted to potential
candidates at the venue fixed by the HR & Admin Department and also responsible to
gather the prospective candidates. Curriculum vitae together with the application form
will be screened and authenticity verified in order to assess the qualification and
suitability of the candidates.
R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 19
2. Through Advertisement in local Newspaper: As the need arises, job postings are being
done by sending advertisement to preferred advertising agencies or directly to newspaper
office for publishing. The location or slot of the advertisement will be decided as per
availability of categories. Applications will be short listed and only short listed candidates
will be contacted for interview either by letter or any available means of communication.
Venue for the interview will be decided depending upon the circumstances and availability of the
3. Through Website Posting: Aspirants who are willing to join our growing organization
can check in the various jobsites in the internet regarding available job vacancies and
they can post their detailed curriculum vitae and other credentials necessary provisions
are kept at website.
4. Employee referral: Referrals from the existing employees are also one of the sources

from which candidates for employment may be drawn.

Walk in applicants: Walk in applicants is being welcomed to submit or drop their CV
and seek any vacancies available in the company.








Management Employee:
For Entry-level Employees:
For entry level employees recruitment and selection process RAK Pharma follows the
following steps:
1. Department Head/ Supervisor needs to submit man power requisition by
filling the manpower requisition form.
Manpower planning is the system of matching the supply of people internally and
externally with the openings. Manpower planning must be a part of the company's overall
plan. All functional heads will make their manpower planning based on 3 years forecast
taking into consideration of the present strength; replacement in case of retirement and
additional requirements should be reflected in the 3 years forecast, manpower planning
duly approved by the managing director.
2. Department Head/ Supervisor needs to assess possibility to promote/ transfer
existing employees. Requisition shall be maintained chronological order.
Recruitment requisition should be raised by the concerned departmental head in
the prescribed recruitment requisition form with required information and forward
R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 20
it to HR department. HR department will complete its part and return it to the
concern department so that they can submit it to the managing director for
approval. Recruitment requisition for "Replacement" should also be raised with


sufficient justifications for replacement in the prescribed form.

HR needs to ensure Database heck or Role template for candidate.
The foundation for a successful new appointment begins with a role template and
analysis of person specification for that job. A role template and analysis of
person specification provides the foundation for stipulating the job title and salary
scale of the position. Person specification defines the education, training,


experience, and competencies required by the jobholder.

HR Department needs to publish advertisement for External Recruitment
sources and if it is from internal source then there is no need of
RAK Pharma gives preference both on internal and external source to appoint
candidates provided that the person is suitably qualified for the vacant or new
position and also meet the existing and future requirements. In case of internal
source appointments may be made by the way of promotion, upgrading or transfer
with the approval of the managing director and in this case job vacancies in RAK
Pharma will be advertised through internal notices. Promoting internal employees
on the basis of succession planning may also be looked into.
Whenever job vacancies are required to be circulated outside, it will be circulated
by publishing advertisement in national newspapers. The newspapers that are
widely circulated will be chosen for publishing advertisement. Depending on
circumstances, professional/employment agencies may be chosen to hire

employees on behalf of the company.

5. HR Department is responsible for receiving Job application from candidates
after the circulation of Job Opportunity.
HR department collects job applications against each vacancy announcement.
There should have a minimum time period for application receiving. The period
should normally be around ten (10) days.
6. Short Listing of CVs depends on following criteria:
a. Experience
b. Academic/ Professional/ Technical Education
c. Institution of Education
R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 21
d. Reference- Industry/ Personal
e. Convicted felony wont be considered
f. Third division is not acceptable except outstanding experience.
Short listing is done in the light of job specifications of a job. The method should be qualitative
one where managerial judgment plays important role. Before short listing of candidates for tests,
job criteria are set by HR and line manager. Short listing will be done by evaluating educational
qualification-whether the candidate has the required educational qualification, relevant job
experience and skills-how required skills-how far candidate's most recent job experiences and
skills match the job requirements of the position in question. For one position the number of
candidates for written test should not be more than ten (10) and the number of candidate in the
oral test should not be more than five (5) or as decided by the management.
7. To conduct final interviewThe board of interviewers shall consist of the persons as follows:

Preliminary Interview Board

Final Interview Board

1. Department Head of the Requisite Dept.

Managing Director and CEO

2. Department Head of Other Department

Head of HR & Admin Department

3. Representative of HR & Admin Dept.

Requisite Departmental Head

Interviews for senior category employees may be taken by the CEO. In rare cases, applicants are
being selected based upon the CV provided by them without conducting personal interview.
Potential candidate can be interviewed through mobile or landline communication.
In case of head hunting recruitment final selection may be accomplished by Head of HR &
Admin & CEO.
Questionnaire for Preliminary Interview:
a. Brief discussion about the candidates and exchange view
b. Completing Interview Rating Sheet
c. Make selection and forwarded to CEO; the recommendation may include turn down from
the current poll of candidates
d. Interview Rating Sheet along with CV and other documents of rejected candidates shall be
kept for future reference.

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 22
After short listing of prospective candidates, appropriate employment tests such as written tests,
oral tests and then presentation (not applicable for sales field force employees) will be arranged
to assess candidate's suitability for the position, HR and concerned department will jointly
organize the tests. Sometimes all these tests i.e. written tests, oral tests and then presentation are
taken in a daylong session through their assessment centre. RAK Pharma uses assessment centre
for entry and mid-level employees.
8. After all this steps Candidates have to go through with a Medical Check-up
followed by Company Doctor for confirm employment.
The job offer is contingent on passing medical examination conducted by the
company doctor, the medical examination is conducted once preliminary decision
for recruitment is made but the employment offer has not yet given. The purpose
for a medical examination is to obtain information on the health status of the
applicant being considered for employment and to determine whether the
applicant is physically and mentally capable of performing the job.
The cost of medical examination is borne by the company.
9. Reference Check:
Once a preliminary selection decision is made, RAK Pharma will verify certain
information as provided in the job application such as work experience, last
employment status etc. The purpose of reference check is to obtain factual
information confidentially about a prospective employee.
10. Appointment Letter:
On satisfactory result of medical check-up, the HR department will seek approval
from the managing director for the appointment of management staff. The
appointment authority of RAK Pharma will issue an appointment letter to the
selected candidate. The appointment letter must include job title, grade/step and
salary, nature of appointment (applicable for contract employee), place of posting,
name of section or department, effective date of appointment, probationary
period, conditions of confirmation and notice period, ending date of employment
(applicable for contract employee),benefits entitled for the position.
For Mid Level Employees:
The steps followed for mid level employee recruitment is almost similar to entry level employee
but the difference is that sometimes RAK Pharma doesnt take any written test or presentation

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 23
for mid level employees. In this level experience and market reputation of candidate is
For Top Level Employees:
For top-level position RAK also uses 2 sources, internal source and external source.
Internal source: For internal recruitment RAK focuses on talent review or succession planning.
Succession planning is a process through which the top-level vacancies are filled up. i.e.
executive employees are placed rightly in the right time. The purpose of talent review or
succession planning is to focus on the development of leaders to meet future business challenges
and to make key talent more visible across RAK. The process also ensures that organizational
changes are anticipated and successors identified.
External source: In case of external recruitment following steps are followed:
Analyzing market reputation: The process starts with analyzing market reputation. Market
reputation indicates the employees performance recognition for a particular position in the
Interview and experience checking: After analyzing market reputation the interview of that
employee is conducted and experience is checked. Interview is taken by the managing director or
the zonal head.
Reference check: Then reference is checked. RAK Pharma will verify certain information as
provided in the job application such as work experience, last employment status etc. The purpose
of reference check is to obtain factual information confidentially about a prospective employee.
If everything is satisfactory then appointment letter is issued.
Resumption Formalities:
a. The person to submit necessary documents with Joining Report and Job Application Form.
b. Information required by Accounts Department: Appointment Letter, Joining Report, Bank
Account Form within three days of joining which is responsible for new employees record
within payroll module.
c. Date of joining for Sales/Distribution department is effective from the joining date to the field
Employee orientation and Onsite training shall be arranged by the HR & Admin dept.
after receiving the Orientation Form signed by respective dept.

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 24
Probationary period:
The normal length of the probationary period is as follows:
A. For all employees: Six months & may extend further period of three months.
B. For Casual/Contractual staff: No probation period
Job Confirmation:
a. After successful completion of probation period, service contract shall be confirmed.
b. Job Confirmation Form shall be forwarded to concerned department head/ supervisor seven
days in advance before the date of expiry of probation period for necessary recommendation.
Refer Job confirmation form (HR07/07a.DOC).
c. J.C. F. duly filled and signed shall be submitted to HR & Admin Department three days in
advance before the date of expiry of probation period.
d. HR & Admin. Department will issue the letter of confirmation / non confirmation to the
concerned employees. Copy will be kept in personal file.
(Sources: RAK Pharma Employee Hand Book)

Chapter: Four
4.1 Findings:
RAK Pharmaceuticals Ltd. mainly emphases on internal and external sources
for recruitment.
Internally the organization discloses the positions of the job and announces it to all
current employees. Nature of the position and the qualification needs for the job is
described in the announcement so that the interested candidates can apply.
RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. recruits the relatives and dependents of the
employee for CV in some cases.
Another way to find applicants is through employee referrals by other
Informal communication among managers who can lead the
discovery for the best candidates who are working in other department in the firm.
Based on employee skills, educational background, experience of work employee
can be recruited in the organization.
For external sources the organization does advertisement, takes help from the
employment agencies (only for technology department), do campus recruitment,
arrange internship for the students, take employee from personal contact or by
employee leasing.

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 25
RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Company Ltd. Has a structured and standard
process. This is strictly followed by the selection board that is empowered by the
They first screen CVs. This process is done by some selective criteria which are
needed for the company. Then initial interview is held. After that selective
applicants are asking for written test. Those who are successfully passed the written
exam are called for final interview.
Once the recruitment and selection process is done then the employees are appointed
base on their job description.
The organization fills the position by promoting the present employees. But most of
the times it recruits from outside.
Interns are recruited based on their performance.
Sometimes RAK Pharma doesnt follow Organogram for new Employee
Recruitment. They recruit Executive instead of Sr. Executive.
Sometimes Recruitment Procedure is done before getting Manpower Requisition from
Authority. Same way sometimes company doesnt recruit candidates after getting
Manpower Requisition from authority.

4.2 Findings Analysis:

To identify the problems of HR department, I have gone through different procedures such asHR Audit Survey, Personal Observation and Interviews with the HR officials. But, Vie found
more indication in my onsite job experience. This is significant that there are some vital issues
which are currently HR departments dealing with. The problems are discussed below:
Problem 1:
The aggressive recruitment in the sales department in comparison with limited product line
brought lower retention rate of sales employees, increased administrative cost and caused burden
on the Human Resource Department to complete employee separation formalities.
Analysis: RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is comparatively new company in the Industry and still
in production of very limited products than the other pharmaceuticals companies. Thought, the
sales department adopted a strategy to increase its sales network through the nation which has
required aggressive recruitment of sales employees. But, sales employees couldnt achieve their
target sales due to the less brand image and limited product line. At the end of the day, significant

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 26
no. of employees switched their job to different company. Now, RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
is bearing the increased administrative cost brought by the lower retention rate and Human
Resource Dept. is under pressure of settlement work for those employees.
Problem 2: Due to the absence of integrated HR Information system, there is complexity in
maintaining Attendance log, Leave records and Expense records of employees which ultimately
hampers the salary calculation of employees and cause miscommunication with the Finance &
Accounts Department.
Analysis: The functional departments of RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. maintain their activities
with different software to manage their departmental information which is based on their own
requirement. As the Human Resource Department of RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. use the
software called Pixel the time curator to maintain attendance log, leave records and all other
related information. This software works in combination with the manual system existing at the
company. Sometimes, the combination of manual system and automated system brings
complexity for the accurate calculation of the attendance, leave and expense of the employees
which ultimately hamper the salary calculation of the employees that is taken care by the Finance
and Accounts Department. This type of complexity creates inter departmental chaos and make a
barrier between HR Department and Finance & Accounts Department for their efficient
Problem 3: Thought it is stated in the HR Policy of RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. that the HR
Department needs to maintain high involvement on the training and development of the
employees but the involvement is not regular in real. Generally, the functional department of the
employee takes care of the training and development.
Analysis: Manpower development is one of the main priorities for the every organization to
bring efficiency in their operation. No organization can survive in the industry without making
their employees well fitted for the competitive market. In RAK Pharmaceuticals, the training and
development of the employees has gone in control to the functional dept. of the employee. There
is no system developed to track whether the employees went under regular training program or
not. Sales Dept. is the biggest department in terms of employees. But the MPs get to attend ten
days (10) of training program organized by the Product Management Dept.(PMD) which is
sometimes not well monitored by the HR & Admin Dept.

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 27
Problem 4: Inter Department collaboration and co-operation is very weak in the RAK
Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Analysis: As a new company in the industry, RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is still little bit
disorganized in terms of management. Miscommunication is common scenario caused by
different facts. Realizing these facts, it is required for all functional departments to work together
for the betterment of the organization which is absent.
Problem 5: The settlement of employee account follows a very bureaucratic procedure which is
time consuming for completing separation formalities and puts pressure on the regular activities
of the Human Resource Department.
Analysis: Employee account settlement is the part of the General Administration and
Separation activities. To settle an account of the employee who is absconded, resigned or
intending to resign, it requires clearance from each functional department of the company. As
RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has no integrated management information system, it creates lots
of hustle to find out all the department related information of the employee and giving clearance
from each department. This bureaucratic system caused a significant no. of accounts on pending
to be settled. Finally, Human Resource Department is under all pressure to complete the
separation formalities and employees of the pending accounts are dissatisfied with the company.
This also caused bad reputation to company as the former employees are the sufferer and they
are working in different company of the same Industry.

4.3 Recommendation:
The recommendation for the Human Resource Department of RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is
as followed:
1. It is required for Human Resource department to involve more effectively in the training
and development activities of RAK Pharma Specially; Training focused on the
Leadership, management and Team work can increase inter-department trust and
collaboration for getting better candidates from internal source.
2. The recruitment and selection activities of RAK Pharma have to be based on the demand
& supply pool analysis.
3. RAK Pharma Recruit Executive instead of Sr. Executive position because of their
R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 28
4. RAK Pharma recruit employee before getting manpower requisition because of smooth
operation and absence of approval authority. Sometimes RAK Pharma doesnt recruit
employee because of documentation delay, Budget planning etc.
5. RAK Pharma needs to adopt integrated Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for
the department to maintain all the Human Resource information accurately.
6. The inter-department activities of the company have to be designed in a synchronized
way to ensure efficiency in the organization.
7. To reduce bureaucratic procedure, RAK Pharma needs to go for integrated Management
Information System (MIS) which will ensure the profit of the organization in a long run.
8. To survive in the highly competitive industry, RAK Pharma should implement internal
branding strategy that will increase the organizational knowledge of the employees and
the employees will get to align their personal goal with the organization goal.
9. Other Recommendation:
Checking Policy: When the candidates come for interview or written exam the authority
doesnt check the person with the picture that the candidates attached with the application
Using Third party: The Company can use 3rd party for the entire department to
reduce cost. And it is not possible all time to get the best CV, in that case 3 rd party
can help me.
Vacancy Fill up: Most of the time company filled the vacant position from outside. But they
can fill it by promoting appointment or suitable person in the organization.

Chapter: Five
5.1 Lesson I Have Learned:
To work in a RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is a great experience in terms of gaining knowledge
of corporate world and about the real job experience in life. It also helped me to learn about my
abilities, competencies and weakness as well.
At the beginning of my internship, I have been through an orientation program which was about
the organization, its history, functions, operations and product line. Later on, Mr. Tofael Ahmed
(Sr. Officer, HR) was assigned as my monitor who has given me brief description of the function
of each department of RAK Pharmaceuticals and introduced me with each department. He has
provided me with HR Manual Book and HR Policy Book for the deeper understanding of HR
Department which will be my working department. My working at RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt.

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 29
Limited started with the Recruitment and Selection activities where is was assigned to maintain
CV Bank, CV Screening, Attending Interview Boards and Rating the candidates of MPO/Sr.
MPO. Ive learned about the perspective of employers for recruiting employees, evaluation
procedure of candidates and how to assist an Interview Board while taking Interviews.
Then I have started my working experience with the section which takes care of the leave records
of the employees using the software Pixcel the Time Curator. I was assigned to collect Leave
Application Forms from the each department and maintaining those record within the employee
account for further approval by the HR Dept. I have learned to operate the software Pixcelwhile
working with this section.
At the last month of my internship, I was attached with section that was responsible for General
Admin and Separation activities. Here, I was assigned to create clearance package for the
employees who are absconded, resigned or about to resign. The package is included with
Settlement Form, Clearance Form, Resignation Letter, Joining Report, Offer Letter and
Attendance of the last month of the service etc. My job was to assist the responsible officer to
maintain each package with the employee file and collecting clearance from each department of
the company. Here, I have learned how to manage and employee account file following
Bangladesh Labor Code 2006. Ive also learned how to communicate with different department
and to get the job done. The most important thing Ive learned is how to work under pressure.
This is a great experience so far to work in such reputed multi-national company and having the
total corporate experience of real work environment. The achievement of RAK Pharmaceuticals
Pvt. Ltd. is great in terms of new company operating in the Industry.

5.2 Conclusion:
1Recruitment is an important issue for any organization. Recruitment and selection allows an
organization to assess the vacancy and choose the best personnel who will lead the
organization in future. So the organization should give more emphasize on selecting a
person. A person who can carry forwarded the organization in terms of development,
values and ethics. Mainly the precious resource for any organization is their knowledge
based efficient workers. The organizations should more cautious on this issue to ensure
the quality and ethics.

R A K Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

P a g e | 30
2From the above discussion we can easily understand that RAK Pharmaceutical is one of the
top mobile Company of Bangladesh. It covers the whole Bangladesh by its network.
There are many product and services of RAK is available in Market. At this moment the
company is in growing position. But the strategies of the company will make the
company number one mobile company of Bangladesh.
3So we can easily find out the Human resource practice, recruitment and selection process,
employee satisfaction and relations at RAK is a very developed and effective one. As a
multinational company for making the process more effective RAK should analyze the
recruitment and selection process of other multinational company of home and abroad.
That can make RAK perfect in recruiting people and the company will get efficient
professionals that will increase the productivity as well as revenue.

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