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Comparation of Academic Integrity among Medical and Nursing Students

Komparasi Integritas Akademik Mahasiswa Kedokteran dan Keperawatan

Chamim Faizin1, Dr. dr. Wiwik Kusumawati, M. Kes2


Student of Medical and Health Science Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta


Department of Medical Education of Medical and Health Science Faculty of

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Background: Academic integrity is a professional conduct that should receive of attention
seriously which there are values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. Medical
professionals such as doctors and nurses were very close cooperation in the work, they are
should have a good of academic integrity, it starts from the world of course. Students of
medicine and nursing are required to have a good academic integrity to support their work later.
This study was to determine differences in students' academic integrity of medicine and nursing.
Methods: This study uses comparative analytic observational with cross sectional study. A
questionnaire of academic integrity from Musharyanti 2010 has been translated which taken
from questionnaire Roff, 2009. Based on this study involved 100 medical students and 70 nursing
students who were respondents in filling out the questionnaire. Dropout occurs because of lack
of accessories in charging so as to 84 medical students and 59 nursing students. Data analysis
was performed using Chi-Square test.
Result: No relevant differences in perceptions of academic integrity among students of medicine
and nursing with Asymp.Sig (2-sided) of 0.537 means that p> 0.05, which means there is no
significant difference. Perception both are equally good. There were significant differences about
opinion on the behavior of friends that nursing student is better than medical students with
Asymp.Sig (2-sided) of 0.000 means p <0.05. Behavior of academic integrity on nursing students
is better than medical students with Asymp.Sig (2-sided) of 0.000 means p <0.05. Nursing
students committed to academic integrity is better than nursing. On the behavior and
commitment, honesty value most in violation of academic integrity. As for the sanctions
academic integrity superior to medical students of nursing with Asymp.Sig (2-sided) of 0.000
means p <0.05.
Conclusion: There is no significant difference between the perceptions of students of medicine
and nursing, while there are differences related to behavior pandapat friends, behavior,
commitment and sanctions.
Keywords: academic integrity, academic fraud, medical students, nursing students

Latar Belakang : Integritas akademik merupakan perilaku profesional yang harus mendapatkan
perhatian serius dimana terdapat nilai kejujuran, saling percaya, keadilan, saling menghormati
dan bertanggung jawab. Tenaga medis profesional seperti dokter dan perawat yang sangat erat
kerjasamanya dalam pekerjaan harus memiliki integritas yang baik, hal itu dimulai dari dunia
perkuliahan. Mahasiswa kedokteran dan keperawatan dituntut untuk memiliki integritas
akademik yang baik untuk menunjang pekerjaannya nanti. Penelitian ini untuk mengetahui
perbedaan integritas akademik mahasiswa kedokteran dan keperawatan.
Metode : Penelitian ini menggunakan metode obsevasional analitik komparatif dengan
rancangan cross sectional study. Penelitian ini melibatkan 84 mahasiswa kedokteran dan 59
mahasiswa keperawatan yang menjadi responden dalam pengisian kuisioner. Analisis data
dilakukan dengan menggunakan uji Chi-Square.
Hasil : Tidak ada perbedaan terkait persepsi terhadao integritas akademik antara mahasiswa
kedokteran dan keperawatan dengan Asymp.Sig (2-sided) sebesar 0,537 berarti p > 0,05 yang
berarti tidak terdapat perbedaan yang signifikan. Persespi kedunaya sama-sama baik. Ada
perbedaan signifikan tentang pendapat terhadap perilaku teman yaitu lebih baik mahasiswa
keperawatan daripada kedokteran dengan Asymp.Sig (2-sided) sebesar 0,000 berarti p < 0,05.
Perilaku integritas akademik mahasiswa keperawatan lebih baik daripada kedokteran dengan
Asymp.Sig (2-sided) sebesar 0,000 berarti p < 0,05. Mahasiswa keperawatan memiliki komitmen
integritas akademik lebih baik daripada kedokteran. Pada perilaku dan komitmen, nilai kejujuran
yang paling banyak dalam melakukan pelanggaran integritas akademik. Sedangkan untuk sanksi
integritas akademik mahasiswa kedokteran lebih unggul daripada keperawatan dengan
Asymp.Sig (2-sided) sebesar 0,000 berarti p < 0,05.
Kesimpulan : Tidak ada perbedaan yang signifikan antara persepsi terhadap integritas akademik
mahasiswa kedokteran dan keperawatan, sedangkan ada perbedaan terkait pandapat terhadap
perilaku teman, perilaku integritas akademik, komitmen dan sanksi.
Kata kunci : Integritas akademik, kecurangan akademik, mahasiswa kedokteran,
mahasiswa keperawatan