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Trichinopoly Rayalu Arakiaswamy Thumboo Chetty was born of Catholic parents in A

pril 1837. His father, Desayi Royalu Chetti Garu, was the head of his caste. He
was an honourable and upright man, well versed in accounts and highly respected
by the Native Christian community in Madras. His mother, whose maiden name was K
itheri Ummah (or Catherine), was a woman of great piety; mildness, courtesy and
serenity marked her life ; and to her care and prayers in his tender years, Thum
boo owed the correction of the froward propensities peculiar to childhood.
He was the sixth child in his family; he had three elder sisters and one younger
brother and a sister, all of whom lived long enough to see his progress and adv
ancement and to realise the prediction of his beloved mother made at his birth,
namely, " The sixth, being male, will rise to be a great man and rule over peopl
e? He had, however, the misfortune to lose both his parents at the very early ag
e of twelve, but he was brought up, with great care and attention, by no less th
an five executors to whom the probate of his mother's Will was granted by the Ma
dras High Court, the principal of whom afterwards became his father-in-law. (pag
e 1; T. Royaloo Chetty)
The European Durbar at the Marriage of the Maharaja of Mysore.
This photograph of the European Durbar at the Royal Marriage taken in 1900 by an
unknown photographer, is from the Curzon Collection's 'Souvenir of Mysore Album
'.A durbar is the court kept by an Indian ruler; a public audience or levee held
by a native prince, or by a British governor or viceroy in India. This is a for
mal group portrait with Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar and his bride Maharani Prat
ap Bai seated beneath the canopy in the durbar hall, with European and Indian of
ficials gathered round. source : http://www.bl.uk.
Thumboo s marriage
Thumboo s marriage was celebrated (~ 1861), with great clat, in the Church of the B
lessed Virgin Mary of Refuge in Pophan s Broadway, Madras, of which the young coup
le were special benefactors and in which the exceedingly beautiful golden alter
(their subsequent gift) stands to this day admired for its excellent workmanship
. After returning from the church in a grand procession, accompanied by a large
number of relations and friends and residents of the town of Madras, the ceremon
ies and festivities at home were performed and kept up as usual for seven days,
terminating with the feeding of the poor and the presentation of cloths two of the
largest items of expenditure in a Hindu marriage
which generally entail a large
cost and considered unavoidable even in poor families, tradition enjoining the
same as a work of exemplary charity on such joyous occasions. (page 13; T. Royal
oo Chetty)
Family of T. R. A. Thumboo Chetty

Gazulu Lakshminarasu Chetty, (B 1806 - D 1868). Caste-man and kinsma

n of Thumboo Chetty. (P16)
Father : Desai Royaloo Chettiar (Desayi
Royalu Chetti Garu), head of his caste.
Mother : Kitheri Ummah (
or Catherine)

Executor + Father-in-law : Mr Ponnoo Chettiar married

Friend and Neighbour Kondasawami Naidu (P11)
T. R. A. Thumboo Chetty
(B --/04/1837
- D 19/06/1907 Bangalore)
Wife Rajamma
(B 1848-D 1934)
Three elder Sister Condammalle, Sinnamma
lle, Peria Ammahy and one younger sister Sinna Ammahy, one younger Brother Thana
sawmy Chetty
First Son
T. Rayaloo Chetty
First Daughter
Amarapatty Ammah
Son-in-law Saravyah Chetty
Second Son
T. Dharma Raj Chetty
Third Son
T. Sathya Raj Chetty
(Comptroller, Mysore Government)
Second Daughter
Sathiavathy Amma
Jagarayalu Chetty
Third Daughter
Dhanavathy Amma
B. Rajaiya Chetty
Fourth Son
Sir T. Thumboo Chetty,
Amatya siromani, Bernard Trichinopoly Thumboo Chetty,
Private Secretary to His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore ( Huzur Sec
retary ).
(B 1877 - D 1952)
Desopakarini, Lady Gertrude Thumboo Chetty (Selvavathy d/o S. Raj
arathnam Chetty)
Fourth Daughter
Baghavathy Amma
P.A . Samychetty

Father and mother of T. R. A. Thumboo chetty

Rayel Chetty and kitteriammalle
Brother and Sisters of T. R. A. Thumboo Chetty
T. R. A. Thumboo Chetty had three elder sisters and one younger brother and sis
ter, all of whom lived long enough to see his progress and advancement.

Condammalle married Savarirayal Chetty

Sinnammalle married Ponouchetty
Peria Ammahy married Arokiassamy Chetty
T. R. A. Thumboo Chetty married Rajamma
Sinna Ammahy married Arokiassamy Chetty
Dannassammy Chetty married Tayammalle

Children of T.R. A. Thumboo Chetty

While employed in the Legislative Department Thumboo Chetty's eldest son was bor
n and was called after the grandfather's name, Royalu Chetty, at whose christeni
ng there was great rejoicing. (page 17; T. Royaloo Chetty)
Thumboo Chetty s advent into Mysore was also contemporaneous with the birth of his
eldest daughter named Amarapathy, who bore a remarkable resemblance to her moth
er. (page 23; T. Royaloo Chetty)
In June 1868,
of sons to a
hters. Hence,
nd son in the

Mr. Thumboo Chetty's second son, Dharma Raj, was born. An addition
family is generally preferred to an increase in the number of daug
there was great rejoicing on the occasion of the birth of the seco
family. (page 32; T. Royaloo Chetty)

While in Kolar, Mr. Thumboo Chetty was blessed with a third son, who was named S
athya Raj, and whose birth was, in a couple of years, followed by the accession
to the family of two more daughters, named Sathiavathy and Dhanavathy, thereby e
nhancing the cares and responsibilities of their loving parents. (page 42; T. Ro
yaloo Chetty)
Subsequent to his appointment as Assistant Secretary to Government, Mr. Thumboo
Chetty was blessed with a fourth son, who received his father's name. He took th
e B.A. degree of the Madras University, taking Sanskrit as his second language.
(page 51; T. Royaloo Chetty). Trichinopoly Thumboo Chetty, T. Thumboo Chetty ent
ered the service under the Mysore Government in the year 1904 as an Assistant Co
mmissioner. He rose in the service and in 1914 joined the Palace Administration,
in 1922 occupied the high office of Huzur Secretary to His Highness the Mahara
ja of Mysore, and later occupied the High office of Private Secretary to His Hi
ghness the Maharaja of Mysore (1942 - 49).
In January 1882 Mr. Thumboo Chetty was blessed with a fourth daughter, Baghavath
y, who, by her accomplishments in music, contributed materially to his domestic
happiness and recreation during leisure hours. (page 69; T. Royaloo Chetty)
One feature of Telugu names, they often affix the termination "Amma", even for M
ale names. Ethnographic notes in southern India (1906), Author: Thurston, Edgar,
1855-1935, http://archive.org/stream/ethnographicnot00edgagoog#page/n634/mode/2

Source :
- The book "A brief sketch of the life of Raja Dharma Pravina, T.R.A. Thumboo Ch
etty" by T. Royaloo Chetty

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